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  • Trayvon Martin rallies planned to protest George Zimmerman verdict

    07/14/2013 9:53:25 AM PDT · 71 of 116
    FryingPan101 to 101stAirborneVet

    Close your eyes and pretend you’re watching an old movie under those eyelids starring Barak Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Susan Rice, Juan Williams, NAACP, Black Panthers, Colin Powell, Calypso Louie, Congressional Black Caucus. Supporting cast includes all political folks who are on shaky ground. Add a few talk show hosts who are afraid to lose sponsors and keeping trying to push the theory that Trayvon was walking close to the buildings because it was raining and he didn’t want to get wet! Just a big mistake, says Sean Hannity! Yeah, Right? Sean also goes so far as to say he’s SURE that Trayvon would have grown up to be a good citizen if he had lived. What a kiss-up. Turn the radio off. The movie we’re being forced to watch unfold is an old Charlton Heston Classic series. I refuse to do anything but shrug.

    (Donation to FreeRepublic to be made soon.)

  • Congratulations to Jim Robinson for His Political Sagacity Overwhelmingly Accurate

    11/10/2012 3:22:46 PM PST · 16 of 250
    FryingPan101 to lbryce

    I’d like to congratulate Jim, too. This elite site is one of a kind and I’ve enjoyed it for a very long time.Mi really wanted to belong. I was a Rick Perry supporter and then a Mitt Romney enthusiast. These two fine men have achieved more in their life time than any thousand men. The two don’t even agree with each other but I found enough strength in them to bring me to their causes. I don’t have enough in common with most of the members of FReeRepublic to continue. I wanted to leave with an understanding of that rather than in anger. Now that I see all the voter fraud being exposed, i think Governor Romney never had a shot no matter how many of you stayed home. I don’t see what anyone won allowing Obama to regain the White House. I’ve found a few places to go where I’ll be comfortable but there will never be another FReeRepublic. I wish all, well, most , peace.

  • The Voters Who Stayed At Home

    11/09/2012 7:22:46 AM PST · 63 of 100
    FryingPan101 to Leep

    Your post has a familiar ring. “Hell no, we won’t go.”....and it’s ok because. Nobody thrust Romney on us. We had more people from every persuasion in our primaries than ever in history. Sarah Palin could have thrown her hat in and she didn’t do it. Instead she sat in the comfort of a tv studio and piously declared two of our distinguished candidates were involved in capital cronyism. She and her husband had it her way in South Carolina. Newt wasn’t really their guy, SHE was their guy, but they endorsed him based on anyone but the other guy. If an American citizen didn’t vote, there is no excuse. A former SEAL painted a target in Benghazi. No one came.We painted a target and people stayed home. I could throw up.. The kids stationed in Afghanistan needed us to cover their backs. They needed us to come out. You sit there giving excuses for those who failed them. . Mitt gave his all. He would have put our economy on track so those kids could have jobs when they get home. Paying attention to the creation of jobs is far more important than paying attention to the few who call themselves Gay. Mitt has five children and sixteen grandchildren. You think he SUPPORTS abortion, for God’s sake?? Mitt and Paul gave everything to this campaign and would have fought like hell to right our lost ship. You blame Romney for not “seriously including” your buddies. How sick is that? In the meanwhile, investigations into Fast and Furious and Benghazi will stall now. I don’t think I can stomach you “understanding” types anymore. You’re as bad as the 47%. What did the non voters achieve? What do they tell their kids?

  • Clinton vs. Rice is U.S. best bet for 2016 (Women are better managers, leaders)

    11/09/2012 6:23:23 AM PST · 9 of 47
    FryingPan101 to sockhead

    “Rice is not a conservative. We will lose.”

    Exactly. That’s set in stone. If they build it, they won’t come.

  • The Voters Who Stayed At Home

    11/09/2012 6:16:59 AM PST · 43 of 100
    FryingPan101 to LD Jackson

    Well, the way I see it, is we painted the target....and they didn’t come.

  • What luck! Obama won dozens of Cleveland districts with 100% of the vote.

    11/08/2012 10:22:26 PM PST · 64 of 90
    FryingPan101 to Longbow1969

    I agree with every word you wrote, except I went Romney after Perry dropped out.

  • What luck! Obama won dozens of Cleveland districts with 100% of the vote.

    11/08/2012 10:18:21 PM PST · 62 of 90
    FryingPan101 to Rusty0604

    “I think they were supposed to be able to check the machines before voting began to make sure no votes had already been recorded.”

    I’m sure you’re right. I have to claim complete ignorance on this matter....maybe on a lot of matters.

  • What luck! Obama won dozens of Cleveland districts with 100% of the vote.

    11/08/2012 10:15:31 PM PST · 61 of 90
    FryingPan101 to WildHighlander57

    This seems a little innocuous, but I think it’s part of what I saw on PBS from Ohio.

  • What luck! Obama won dozens of Cleveland districts with 100% of the vote.

    11/08/2012 10:07:49 PM PST · 51 of 90
    FryingPan101 to WildHighlander57

    “Did somebody hack the machines?”

    Well, I don’t think PBS would broadcast it if it had that capacity. This was sophisticated technology that was explained as get out the vote equipment. It collected so much information about voters, it was unbelieveable plus it created almost a friendship between the volunteers and the voters. The volunteers knew everything about the voter, even special needs, so the voters in the neighborhoods trusted the campaign workers from Obama’s camp. There was never a doubt who they would all vote for. The apparatus had been in place since Obama’s first election....4 years. Romney couldn’t get any technology on the ground with volunteers until he won the nomination. A few months at most. As far as fixing the machines? They forcibly removed our court appointed poll watchers. Even though a judge ordered them back, anything could have happened in a short time they were gone.

  • Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?

    11/08/2012 9:57:03 PM PST · 153 of 169
    FryingPan101 to clyde blunt

    “No offense but I paid for my right to not vote in blood in 1970.”

    Yeah. Well. Everyone in my life did. My husband was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart that particular year. I have nephews in Afghanistan right now too. I appreciate everyone who voted to protect them.from this anti-military regime.

  • What luck! Obama won dozens of Cleveland districts with 100% of the vote.

    11/08/2012 9:32:31 PM PST · 11 of 90
    FryingPan101 to Kevin in California

    Kevin, I watched a PBS special on the computer program they were using in Ohio for Obama a week before the election. It controlled their ground game. I tried to tell everyone about it before the election but everyone thought it was just a simple tracking app. I think this set-up even knew the color of someone’s eyes and who they were related to and lived by and shopped with and God knows what else. The beautiful young lady who was the director of that campaign operation was black and confident no one could come close to matching it. She showed how it worked and it had been in operation for four years...always improving. It scared me to death. When it looked like Romney might take Ohio, I didn’t give this thing another thought until. There is something insidious about the whole operation. It’s not illegal, just insidious. They were very proud of it.and claimed that the Republican Party was years behind in technology.

  • Guess who may become Secretary of Defense (rhymes with Bagel)

    11/08/2012 7:43:16 PM PST · 12 of 37
    FryingPan101 to Nachum

    Oh my God.

  • Credit Repair Services (Help please)

    11/08/2012 7:13:59 PM PST · 28 of 60
    FryingPan101 to yldstrk

    “it’s called filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy, one simple monthly payment”

    Best way. Then let time take care of everything else.

  • You Ready to Get Serious Now? You Ready to Listen? (Ann Barnhardt)

    11/08/2012 7:08:05 PM PST · 18 of 59
    FryingPan101 to hinckley buzzard

    “Barnhart is going to be penniless and in prison sooner or later. If you want to join her, just follow her directions here.”

    You’re absolutely right. I remember when this kind of activity started up in Las Vegas in the eighties. Talk radio egging them on. Bo Gritz, etc. protest meetings everywhere. Funny thing is, the IRS agents were sitting there in blue jeans right next to the protestors. A lot of ugly things happened in that movement and I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone.

  • Credit Repair Services (Help please)

    11/08/2012 6:55:57 PM PST · 20 of 60
    FryingPan101 to VastRWCon

    It’s happened to a lot of people. The credit bureaus, each one, have a wealth of knowledge on the subject on their individual websites. Also, the website of consumer advocate, Clark Howard,, has a lot of advice and you can ask questions of a professional. if you’re looking to consolidate everything, you have to find someone who can loan you the money. With bad credit, it’s not wise to do that. You end up working with loan sharks. Unfortunately, the only other solution is to do it through an attorney....a form of bankruptcy. If your daughter chooses not to pay anything, they’ll drive her nuts with collections for the next twenty years. The main thing is to get a plan, stick to it, and be patient. I would check out Clark Howard. Sometimes the creditor will entertain an offer just to be able to close the account.

  • VANITY..Romney was so weak Ron Paul could have won the Presidency.

    11/08/2012 4:31:34 PM PST · 36 of 68
    FryingPan101 to Orange1998

    Hmmmm. I don’t agree with a thing you said. I tend to look at the man’s family, achievements, and contributions in life. I tend to be impressed with his business successes. being a leader, He would have called upon the captains of industry. I think he would have put the economy on the right track, rebuilt our reputation abroad by strengthening trade, established a great business climate for investors, and laid the foundation for good will across the country. Then, he probably would have turned it all over to the next president and he would have gone on to his next station in life. Someone might have looked and said, “Who was that masked man?” he would never have asked for a thing. If he received anything afterward, he would give it away.

  • TX 23: Canseco continues to contest race outcome

    11/08/2012 4:18:59 PM PST · 4 of 4
    FryingPan101 to DFG


  • Boehner: Obamacare is law of the land, Ryan not the GOP leader ("slept like a baby" after Obama won)

    11/08/2012 4:17:11 PM PST · 25 of 93
    FryingPan101 to Arthurio

    Well. What can you say?

  • Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?

    11/08/2012 4:13:19 PM PST · 126 of 169
    FryingPan101 to Alaska Wolf

    “How did Romney do in Florida this election?”

    Certainly not very well. I guess Rubio couldn’t help Romney. Maybe no one could have.

  • Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?

    11/08/2012 3:56:56 PM PST · 121 of 169
    FryingPan101 to DManA

    “Your plan is to put out vinegar, wait for flies. Brilliant.

    Oh I dare to think differently.”

    Nope. After this cycle, I don’t have a plan. You can think differently if you dare but we don’t have patriotic citizens like we once had. The numbers are finally coming in from the election and it looks like millions of evangelicals not only stayed home but millions actually voted for Obama at the polls. He also got fifty percent of the Catholic vote. Conservatism will never appeal to those people. I forgot that there are huge pockets of evangelicals even in my town who handout literature on how evil Mormons and Catholics are. Conservatism means nothing to them. Their members are all poor and get government subsidies. Your plan is as good as any. I’m just staying put where there are people like Mitt Romney.

  • Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?

    11/08/2012 1:58:46 PM PST · 69 of 169
    FryingPan101 to Alaska Wolf

    “Just taking a stab in the dark here..hows about the GOP running a conservative?
    Got any suggestions?”

    Oh sure. Marco Rubio who thinks Republicans should address illegal immigration?

  • Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?

    11/08/2012 1:52:21 PM PST · 62 of 169
    FryingPan101 to DManA

    “the GOP would wither.”

    How dare you. I don’t plan to wither. Go on and start your own party. It’s a good idea. I’m staying with the GOP. Mitt was as near perfect an American citizen, family man, business man, patriot as you can get. He had a great plan. Oh, when you start that new party, Get instructions from the Libertarians....or maybe call Ross Perot. Once the Liberals and media finish explaining to the general public what kooks you are, we’ll see.

  • Why Did Three Million Republicans Stay Home?

    11/08/2012 1:42:04 PM PST · 50 of 169
    FryingPan101 to DManA

    Well, I don’t completely understand. All I’ve heard is excuses and finger pointing from those who stayed home, voted for a lesser candidate, voted for themselves, voted for none of the above, whatever. This is not what my Dad, husband, brothers, et al fought for. Stay home? Vote for yourself? When there are kids, to include my nephew, sitting in Afghanistan and Big Sis may be our next Attorney General? NO! You crawl on you rotten knees until they bleed to get to a polling place and you try again and again. And again...until one generation gets it. Until someone understands that the wife of the president’s best friend called us “Mitches” and we’re not allowed to call her anything!!! I’m sick for my family. For those of you who stayed home or voted for yourself, I don’t give a damn about your family. Go ask Obama for help. You’re not Mitches.

  • Those 2012 Election Numbers – I Think An Apology Is Owed To Sarah Palin

    11/08/2012 7:16:50 AM PST · 50 of 62
    FryingPan101 to Colofornian

    I admire your ambitious research. I admit I commented based only on gut feeling and what I experienced as a result of what I saw happening in small circles of evangelicals whose activities were transparent. I stand corrected regarding the broader charge I made.

  • Herman Cain Calls for Creation of Third Party

    11/08/2012 6:55:14 AM PST · 47 of 124
    FryingPan101 to Hojczyk

    This would be an exciting move for a huge segment of society and the voting public. I, for one, would welcome it. The Democrat Party has no enemy within itself. That’s why it has no ideas or solutions. It really is a plantation of filthy-mouthed, in -your -face zombies. They don’t teach their children acceptable values or work ethics.
    I will stay in the GOP simply because I’m not a pioneer at my age and would be more likely to support the soumd fiscal proposals of someone like a Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I think they were wonderful. Weighty issues appeal to me like defending our nation, taxation, education, English as the only approved language, and our roads and highways. I don’t give one single hoot about the social issues of modern day America or the feelings of one religious belief over another. I want our red state life back before we had to be called red state blue state.
    A new party might be just the thing needed to identify everyone’s criteria for leadership.

  • Mark Levin Gives "Unvarnished Truth" On Romney Loss

    11/07/2012 7:49:51 PM PST · 40 of 113
    FryingPan101 to sockhead

    Sounds good. Unfortunately it doesn’t change who has the senate and the presidency....and who started work today on their computer models to take the house in two years. They may win, But we won’t stand for it.

  • Those 2012 Election Numbers – I Think An Apology Is Owed To Sarah Palin

    11/07/2012 7:34:19 PM PST · 31 of 62
    FryingPan101 to rovenstinez

    Evangelical or Christian Conservatives refused to come out and vote for a Mormon. That’s all there is to it. Billy Graham tried to convince them at the last minute because there was so much at stake. For the most part, even with manufactured press releases saying otherwise, they stayed home, voted for unknown candidates, or themselves, or any variety of other candidates. Ask many of our own FReepers what they did. Sarah had the Christian Conservative block firmly in her corner when she was with McCain. It’s an important, powerful block. Otherwise McCain probably records the lowest turnout in history. I don’t think the two campaigns can be compared except for presence of or absence of the Christian conservative voting block. It chose Obama rather than voting for a Mormon. I’m pretty sure the Christian Conservative movement will soon make a decision to form its own party or will demand the controlling interest in one of the major parties. That will be good for everyone.

  • Gov. Rick Perry, 2016 & the Future of Texas

    11/07/2012 3:02:12 PM PST · 40 of 72
    FryingPan101 to wk4bush2004

    “Frankly, I would support getting a coalition behind Gov. Perry for 2016 to take back the White House”

    In a New York minute. I would give up everything I own. He was our guy. I donated to his campaign. When the good conservatives ridiculed him and chose not to support him in South Carolina and he dropped out,I supported Romney with all my heart.I donated to his campaign. When the good conservatives spat and turned their backs and chose not support him nationally, I went into a state of depression and there I remain reading all the sick excuses from those who deserted the cause for a cause of their own so that Obama could stroll back in. I would give the last days of my life if Rick could lead us out of this abyss for the sake of future generations. I confess to being a drama queen. I’m sure we would never leave the union but if we did, there would suddenly be a lot of believers in work and Mitt’s plan. The Little Red Hen. They probably would even want to follow. Anyway, not in my lifetime.

  • No Regrets, No Apologies

    11/07/2012 11:55:50 AM PST · 32 of 45
    FryingPan101 to Randy Larsen

    I think it would be a good idea for social and religious-based conservatives to form their own party. We would have a better idea of what works. Sarah would be an exceptional leader. The Republican Party was never a party involved in many social issues and that’s fine with me. I’ll stay. Fiscal conservatism fits on my plate. I hope it happens.

  • Hope the Romneybots and Establishment Republicans are proud of themselves

    11/07/2012 11:48:32 AM PST · 69 of 82
    FryingPan101 to Mudcat

    “We have 2-3 years to find a conservative, evangelical Latina.”

    I know a few, but they were saved. Could pose a problem.

  • No Regrets, No Apologies

    11/07/2012 11:36:44 AM PST · 20 of 45
    FryingPan101 to EveningStar

    I have a short memory. Who was “the man WE wanted” exactly? And if WE wanted him, why didn’t WE get him exactly? When the primaries started, I only wanted Rick Perry. When he dropped out, I only wanted Mitt Romney.
    I got the man I wanted. I’m proud of him. Who did you guys want?

    We could have run Barack Obama and we would have lost.

  • Im so sorry that Obama was re-elected

    11/07/2012 11:22:07 AM PST · 4 of 9
    FryingPan101 to The Sons of Liberty

    I’m sorry too. When it comes down to why, I think a lot of people will be stunned. The friends of my grandchildren who are of age to vote and are all university students, all voted for Obama. All of them. Many are members of campus Christian groups. The truth to them is this. They all know someone who is Gay or Lesbian. They think they should be allowed to marry. For them, it was one issue.... aside from they like Beyonce and would like to have her do a song with Obama.

  • Hope the Romneybots and Establishment Republicans are proud of themselves

    11/07/2012 10:29:30 AM PST · 54 of 82
    FryingPan101 to Trueblackman

    “West was redistricted out and Romney on the hand was weak from the start and could not appeal to Conservatives like me, give the record of the Bushes and McCain.”

    Shouldn’t matter. If you’re right, you’re right. Excuses. Romney could not appeal to you? What? Could it be You’re just the wrong kind of Conservative and don’t have your priorities straight? Romney weak? Ryan weak? Maybe you’re not a Conservative at all. Maybe you’re just a dime-a-dozen judge. I know I’m being forced to re-examine my priorities which have been focused on no social agenda, only the Constitution.
    Stop blaming people. Rove and Bush, indeed. Sounds like liberal hogwash. Especially aimed at this wonderful Republican ticket. What a cowardly disgrace. I know. I know. Holy grail. I’m gone.

  • Hope the Romneybots and Establishment Republicans are proud of themselves

    11/07/2012 10:02:33 AM PST · 45 of 82
    FryingPan101 to Trueblackman

    I don’t know if I could be more proud of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan if I tried. I could cry at their courage. Having lived my whole life in the company of some of the finest of military men, I recognize the guts it takes to throw yourself into battle come what may. They gave it all. They spent every bit of themselves, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially. Day after day and night after night these two men and their families dedicated themselves to the nation they love. Only to be told by those who didn’t go, that they didn’t do enough. They didn’t think the right way enough. So, the old anti-war chant “Hell, no, we won’t the polls to vote.” comes into play. As they fought for us and our Constitution, fourteen million zealots stood on the sidelines.......watching. This must have been a nightmare for Evangelicals. What to do? Help these two brave warriors who each belong to what Evangelicals call cults (Mormonism and Catholicism) or do we stand there? It must have been hard to explain to the kids how one can turn away from the battlefield while screaming “Leave no man behind.”Five hundred former generals and admirals supported them thru public declaration. Athletes and hopeful Hollywood put their name on endorsements. Romney and Ryan gave us everything they had. They had no flaws in their character. They had wonderful families to be role models for American kids. But Evangelicals,( who attacked Rick Perry also, but supported Newt Gingrich in South Carolina) decided to eat popcorn during the most historic election of our lifetime. They stayed home. Am I proud of Romney and Ryan? You bet.

  • The Biggest Liar Wins

    11/06/2012 8:52:47 PM PST · 3 of 4
    FryingPan101 to NowApproachingMidnight

    This was not Romney’s fault. This was technology. PBS laid it all out in a tv special about the stealth computerized campaign of Obama’s over the past four years. We already have third parties. Gary Johnson caused all kinds of hell here.

  • The End of an Era....or not?

    11/06/2012 8:48:11 PM PST · 43 of 48
    FryingPan101 to Pox

    Romney generated PLENTY of enthusiasm.

  • The End of an Era....or not?

    11/06/2012 8:46:32 PM PST · 42 of 48
    FryingPan101 to Clump

    It would be a start I would fight to be part of. No Californians!

  • The End of an Era....or not?

    11/06/2012 8:44:47 PM PST · 41 of 48
    FryingPan101 to MikefromOhio

    Mike, come on. Unless we actually divide the nation by land, there is no way to change anything. Like Mark Levin said, “We really are two countries. One Red. One Blue.” We are their slaves now.

  • The End of an Era....or not?

    11/06/2012 8:26:45 PM PST · 36 of 48
    FryingPan101 to bt_dooftlook

    He was well financed by the Democrats.

  • The End of an Era....or not?

    11/06/2012 8:24:04 PM PST · 33 of 48
    FryingPan101 to MikefromOhio

    I only want to say that Governor Romney ran the political race of a lifetime. I’m so grateful I witnessed it. It may be the last of its kind. The campaign of Obama and the scumbag vice president was a stealth, computerized ground game, not unlike any you can purchase in the stores. It had been perfected over the course of four years. They tied people from cities together in every category and made families of them, units, who guarded each other. They ultimately voted for a common cause.....themselves. They checked on each other and made sure all their “buckets” we’re current and plans working. They discarded no one......because they knew everyone wants to belong to a group, a club, a family. If someone had an abortion early in life, or was divorced or abandoned, or uneducated or unskilled, they weren’t heaped onto a pile of trash. The members were happy with the small joys government bestowed on them with your money. All they had to do was vote. They don’t know any other way and we don’t bother to teach.
    My life is changed forever after seeing everyone work so hard to get a good man into office. I expect the Muslim Brotherhood to have offices on every corner now. I expect Obama to thumb his nose at Benghazi and to accommodate Putin. I expect Israel to have to protect herself. I think this may have been our final election. Why would I want to listen to blah blah blah talk radio anymore? Our own rip the skin off of our own based on religious beliefs? Divide and keep dividing? What bothers me most is, I don’t know anyone in my life who isn’t like me. I’ve taught my children to me like me and they theirs. The people who won are aliens....or maybe I am. I don’t see Conservatives regrouping.

  • What If

    11/05/2012 4:30:16 PM PST · 77 of 79
    FryingPan101 to Biggirl

    “Just to let you know, the top two talk radio show hosts is NOT Rush Limbaugh and George Nooney, but Rush Limbaugh, than Sean Hannity”

    I can concede that with a certain degree of grace, I guess. Rush is number one in every category measured by every organization in the industry. The list (one of many) I was looking at included every ideology but also included “overnight” broadcasting. It had Beck #2, Sean #9 and Noory #8. I probably put too much emphasis on the position of influence when I meant to draw attention to the vast numbers of listeners who are hearing misleading information. I appreciate you taking the time to correct me.

  • Monday Morning (Noonan: It's Romney)

    11/05/2012 1:59:14 PM PST · 63 of 80
    FryingPan101 to Ohioan

    Ohioan, in concert with your advice, I am skeptical.

  • Monday Morning (Noonan: It's Romney)

    11/05/2012 12:45:02 PM PST · 24 of 80
    FryingPan101 to erod

    Erod, I hope you find a job worthy of you.

  • Rush To Play Video I Emailed Him

    11/05/2012 12:41:11 PM PST · 36 of 40
    FryingPan101 to Catsrus

    Isn’t that great? Kudos. I heard it.

  • Monday Morning (Noonan: It's Romney)

    11/05/2012 12:36:05 PM PST · 14 of 80
    FryingPan101 to RoosterRedux

    In honor of Mitt’s ability to appeal to a full spectrum of voters, I wil have a fresh pot of coffee. It didn’t escape my attention that the media has spoken to coffee manufacturers and coffee shops who wonder if Mitt will take away their businesses because he’s Mormon. They stop at nothing. They’re nuts.

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Possible good news regarding our server

    11/05/2012 11:48:42 AM PST · 24 of 160
    FryingPan101 to Jim Robinson

    Exciting news. Last night I couldn’t get on and trouble shooting provided the following: FreeRepublis is online but is not responding.

    I know the bugs will work out.


    11/05/2012 7:20:27 AM PST · 31 of 38
    FryingPan101 to US Navy Vet

    Oh! Good luck, Mrs US Navy Vet! Do it! Praying for you guys.

  • Hecklers interrupt Obama's Cincinnati rally (Libtards can dish it out but can't take it)

    11/05/2012 4:32:14 AM PST · 21 of 29
    FryingPan101 to gotribe

    I don’t like Stevie Wonder. There. I said it.

  • Vanity - Sen Rob Portman(R-OH) on Bill Cunningham last night

    11/05/2012 4:26:56 AM PST · 5 of 13
    FryingPan101 to prisoner6

    I can’t stand listening to him but I do. Portman was a rock last night. Quietly confident.

  • U.S. general: Obama paralyzed by fear (MOH recipient)

    11/05/2012 4:10:08 AM PST · 8 of 36
    FryingPan101 to neveralib

    Powerful post.