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  • Crittenden Regional Hospital to close next month (another Obamacare casualty)

    08/26/2014 4:34:54 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    GailA to DCBryan1

    Which means the over used Memphis Reg Med center will take another hit. AR already is slow or no Pay @ Memphis hoapita;, which is the only Public hospital. Over loaded with illegals and welfare queens.


    08/24/2014 1:26:20 PM PDT · 46 of 51
    GailA to COUNTrecount

    does this include her $3+ BILLION in clothing, and pay for the kids as her aides?

  • Remington to layoff 105 by week's end (Due to NY SAFE Act, business conditions)

    08/24/2014 3:51:25 AM PDT · 7 of 43
    GailA to 2ndDivisionVet

    Move to Tennessee we love guns & gun manufacturing, lots of hunters! We need the jobs.

  • Violent Crime, Not Police Abuse, Is The Real Threat To Black Americans

    08/23/2014 6:50:58 AM PDT · 14 of 14
    GailA to GailA

    Your help is request for justice for this 8 year old little girl, she has been denied justice for 20+ yrs. All APPEALS both state and Federal are EXHAUSTED. Our RINO Gov won’t sign the execution order 2 juries handed down. And the courts upheld.

    Ashley Nichole ‘Nikki’ Read, age 8, RAPED and KILLED by david keen. 24 yrs ago. He has been on TN Death Row for 20 yrs. ALL State and Federal Appeals are run out. Yet TN Gov Bill Halsam (RINO) refuses to set an execution date or sign the exectution warrant.

    Nickki was raped, strangled with her own Shoelaces, and thrown in the river still alive, where she finally drown to death. 24 Yrs of waiting for Justisce, is obscene.

    Tell TN Governor to do his Constitutional Duty, that 2 juries decided was the right course of action. Death Penalty.

    615) 741-2001

  • Violent Crime, Not Police Abuse, Is The Real Threat To Black Americans

    08/23/2014 6:46:55 AM PDT · 13 of 14
    GailA to richardb72

    Top one is the latest Recidivism study, second is the Parole and Probation, which is the most recent very telling true state of crime, but old. Recidivism was 62% under GHB, climbed to 68% under Slick Willie. These do NOT include the 11 month 29 day facility for minor felonies. That Recidivism rate is jurisdiction/location dependent. Memphis Penal Farm is 85%. After that I lost all my links when we changed computers.

    These offenders had accumulated 4.1 million arrest charges before their most recent imprisonment and another 744,000 charges within 3 years of release.

    “When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt,
    but protects the corrupt from you -
    you know your nation is doomed.”
    -Ayn Rand

    Older study, but invaluable info. Probation and Parole:
    Keep in mind the sampling was just 45%, they originally committed 25,900 crimes, when placed early release under ‘community’ supervision for parole and probation they then committed another 74,400 new crimes. That folks adds up to 100,300 crimes, and many times more than in victims. As there are multiple people affected when a child is raped or a person murdered.

    This is an older study as there are no newer ones, this gives you a big idea of just how many additional early release of criminals to parole and probation cause.

    The last Tennessee Recidivism study done a decade ago showed that blacks served LESS time than whites who committed the same crimes.

  • Let’s Privatize Medicare

    08/23/2014 6:33:19 AM PDT · 11 of 13
    GailA to ClearCase_guy
    Totally agree.

    We are in the TOTAL government controlled medical care system of Medicare A/B with Tricare Life (Ret. Military over 65) as secondary. No visual aids, hearing aids, or dental care. All that comes out of our pockets.

    They control your meds, will over ride your doctors DAW script for a generic you are allergic to, or does not work, where you get them, and when what test are run, restrict certain procedures like back nerve blocks to 3 per year. And each year there are changes. PSA for men is every 2 yrs. Bone Density test even for those with full blown Osteoporosis is every 2 years. Both Mammograms and Bone Density base line test should be at 40 at the very least. Bone Density testing every 2 yrs until a woman is past Menopause or shows signs of OP. Then yearly just like a Mammogram. Those of us with full blown OP should be having Bone Density test yearly, not every 2 years, it leaves our doctors guessing if the treatment is working or not for 2 yrs.

    And since all OP Drugs come with FDA warnings, It is important to have the testing.

    The 2 big items Seniors rely on the most are eye glasses and hearing aids. And NEITHER plan pay a dime toward these very expensive items. Co-pay would be a welcome addition for them. I don't expect them free, but after all the money we have shelled out in Medicare taxes there should be some provision for these items with a Co-pay.

    I just shelled out yesterday on top of my Medicare monthly payment, $3,400 for a pair of base line 6 channel wireless hearing aids, middle of the road product and pricing, they are a 30 day trial at least, and if they don't work right I can choose another model and start the process over. That takes a big bite out of our retirement. Hubby is next in line for them if he can get Service Disability eligible as his hearing loss is Jet engine caused. He does NOT QUALIFY for VA health care, 2 SS checks and a Navy pension puts you over the threshold of $38,000 VA allows.

    Eye glasses must be replaced yearly, and they are always around $4-500 as I require higher end lenses than the box stores offer.

    Isn't government run health care "wonderful"?

  • Almost 8,000 Navy chiefs face ax

    08/21/2014 7:49:00 AM PDT · 78 of 80
    GailA to DH

    You nailed it DH. Hubby would have made E9 if not for a traffic accident that had him in hospital when Eval promotions were being done, and been a Ret. MCPO, instead of a SCPO.

    Hubby started as a E1 at 18, 20 yrs later retired as a E8 SCPO. He was on the Midway when they pulled the Ambassador out of Nam, off the coast of Cuba during the Missile Crisis, worked the Flight Deck on his other cruises. Then Taught A/B schools in between. Kept the Communication gear operational along with his other duties.

    He didn’t sit on his can drinking coffee. He WORKED during working hrs. Yes he might have had a cup of coffee doing his paper work. But even civilians do that. It was the way they stayed awake when pulling more than a 8 hr shift.

    He EARNED his RANK, it was not handed to him.

    Only those who went to college are basically handed their first rank after boot camp.

    There have been purges of the Military after wars for as long as we have had a Military, but not at this high a level. It got so bad under the Peanut Farmer, Reagan had to nearly totally rebuild the Military along with fighting the Cold War. It got bad under Slick Willie, and GWB had to correct that. Now 0 is decimating our Military to make room for ILLEGAL INVADERS. You have to look for the motive behind the purging.


  • The Indictment of Rick Perry is a Sham and a Shame ["hogwash"]

    08/19/2014 2:46:55 AM PDT · 7 of 20
    GailA to Mark17

    Nothing a Rat or RINO does surprises me.

  • Wal-Mart launches new primary care clinics in South Carolina

    08/13/2014 4:58:31 AM PDT · 25 of 39
    GailA to octex

    For younger healthier people it a great idea. Even seniors who don’t have serious medical conditions. I fall into the later category. So I have a regular dedicated Gastro, ENDO, and Internist, and and a established ENT and a skin doc when needed.

    For those of us with multiple health issues, having a mainline PCP is necessary. But with a dual system I can choose what is needed. My PCP is not open on weekends or after hrs, and it takes a week or more to get an appointment. So there is a need for the walk in’s. I’ve always gotten good care from them. With a follow up with the PCP if required.

    They don’t like the walk in’s because they have proved it can be done cheaper and with the same quality of care.

  • Wal-Mart launches new primary care clinics in South Carolina

    08/13/2014 4:43:48 AM PDT · 22 of 39
    GailA to Between the Lines

    Kroger’s has the “Little Clinic” with a NP, but it only takes care of small stuff, like infected insect bites, or a school physical, stuffy noses, small cuts, flu shots.

    I’ve used them, a couple of times for infected insect bites, the visit and the cost of the script goes on your gas points. They even take Medicare and Tricare Life. Beats the Minor Med, that I by pass, If I’m at the point I need care beyond what the Little Clinic can handle it is ER time with a usual 3-4 day hospital stay.

    I’ve tried using the Minor Meds, but usually they send me on to the ER. So now I just by pass them.

    As long as they use doctors and a NP it would not be a bad deal.

    Youngest son hurt his foot, went to a Minor Med, they did xrays. Then they sent him to a ortho, who could NOT open the CD to access the xrays, and had to do more. Double stress fractures. We used Campbell Clinic (Ortho) after hours clinic for that as it would take 2+ weeks for him to get a regular appointment. He has a return visit in 2 weeks, and sees a Ortho of the foot in a month. He has Athena and the co-pay was $75 per place because of the xrays.

    I can see more specialist going this route. And yes PCP can go this route, for after hours and a Sat if they have more than 1 Internist on staff or a few NP’s. Rotate out the after hrs and Sat. So you don’t have burn out. There is always a need for after hours and weekend doctor visits because of life’s unexpected stuff, that your regular PCP could take care of that does not need a ER visit.

    It will fill a niche as our hospitals are over run with ILLEGALS and welfare queens.

    I have to solve the issue of how I’m going to pay for very costly hearing aids. I’ve priced them. Factored in the travel, and up keep, and the cheaper ones from places like Costco don’t fit the bill. We live in the boonies, it’s a 2 hr round trip drive. Medicare nor Tricare Life cover these necessities beyond the audio testing.

  • Lamar! Win Not Reassuring!

    08/13/2014 4:03:12 AM PDT · 13 of 13
    GailA to duffee

    That is as good as the aarp stuff I do. I stuff their prepaid envelope as full as I can get it and mail it back to them, with YOU RUINED MEDICARE! Written on it. LOL

    Am going to start doing the same to national gop about the RINOS. I only give to FR, Church, Heritage and a candidate I choose. SS money does not go far.

    And it will go even less far as I now have to buy hearing aids this year. You’d think Medicare with a co-pay would pick up at least part of the high $$ cost of them and eye glasses, but they don’t. And I buy new glasses yearly due to vision changes from Fibromyalgia. And those suckers are not cheap either. No box store for me, tricky prescription, and cut, so I have to buy the high end lenses by Ziess.

  • British Smokers Being Denied Treatment by State-Run Healthcare Service

    08/13/2014 3:56:22 AM PDT · 90 of 92
    GailA to Sicvee

    For us it’s nearly a 2 hr round trip. We live in the boonies.

    We use Discover on everything.

    The style I’ll need cost a lot more that $2500 per Costco prices I looked at them. We get gas at Kroger’s using gas points. I buy a lot of gift cards because we have 6 grands and 5 gg grands for BD and Christmas. If we travel or eat out. Right now they are 4 times the point value. We usually have at least a $1 of a gal for a tank. Hubby fills my car from a 5 gal can, then fills both his car and the can. We usually save about $24 that way.

  • Lamar! Win Not Reassuring!

    08/12/2014 10:35:12 AM PDT · 10 of 13
    GailA to WilliamRobert

    We had a McDaniel’s situation. Dem cross over voting to make sure the RINO won. The other gop guy got like 1%, as he really did not run a campaign, and is not known outside Shelby Co.

    Carr ran a local state rep campaign, not a US Senate one. Totally ignored W TN. The few times he deigned to visit was at night and RSVP to big donors. 1 Day time hours notice, work day event at a local eatery. Huey’s. Which really quashed turn out. Noting designed to draw Military, Retired Military or Seniors. And this 3 county area is heavy with all 3. With lamar’s votes on Veterans Pensions, Carr failed to take advantage of it. Just as he failed to counter lamar’s 0’care ad. He could have pointed out it was lamar’s cloture vote that let the beast out of committee to become law. And that lamar supports it even though he knew it would raise cost.

  • British Smokers Being Denied Treatment by State-Run Healthcare Service

    08/12/2014 10:26:13 AM PDT · 88 of 92
    GailA to Tax-chick

    Since I live in a level 8 pain 24/7/365, due to spine degeneration, I took 10 MG Lore Tabs a pink pill, before bed so I could at least sleep a few hours. The generic was ok.

    But when they dropped the Tylenol content, Lore Tabs became NORCO. And went to a yellow dye, first pill and I had a massive Vertigo attack in 10 mins lying in bed thankfully, and ended up staggering to the bath room for my anti-nausea med it took 2 tabs of it to get the nausea under control, lost a night’s sleep, and triggered a Meniere’s attack for 3 days following it, which meant ear pain, high pitched ear ringing, and living on Anti-vert, the nausea pills, and a extra Valium. NO DRIVING. All that med makes you to doped up to drive. Had to live on chicken noodle soup as I stayed sick to my stomach despite the med for it.

    The Little Clinic at Kroger’s is good for invected bug bites and a round of predisone, but that is about all it is good for. I won’t even use a Minor Med, 1 bad experience there and I don’t trust them. ER it is, and is usually necessary. But hospitals have gone almost total generic meds. Along with MOOCH’s food plan for the kids. CRAP food is what I call it. Not fit to eat.

    Politicians need to keep their hands out of medical practice, they are NOT qualified to handle.

  • British Smokers Being Denied Treatment by State-Run Healthcare Service

    08/12/2014 6:10:57 AM PDT · 85 of 92
    GailA to Sicvee

    Hearing aid cost is based on model you choose, and so is the cost of the batteries. Then you have the upkeep does Costco do that?

    Is that per pair or 1 ear? We don’t belong to Costco, or Sam’s. No need for 2 old people to use them especially since we’d have to drive close to 2 hrs round trip to one. We live in the boonies.

  • British Smokers Being Denied Treatment by State-Run Healthcare Service

    08/12/2014 6:03:35 AM PDT · 84 of 92
    GailA to Tax-chick

    I feel the same way. Especially being stuck with full gov’t control of my own health care.

    How can my doctor give me the best health care if he can only run bone density test every 2 yrs, and not before age 60? By then it is to late.

    Nor do I like being told where I can get my meds from. Especially when the company is known for Fraud and over riding DAW scripts with generics I am allergic to. I only take 1 name brand script, Synthroid. the Generic does not have enough of the hormone, and the fillers cause allergic reactions. Lack of Thyroid hormone causes bone density issues. Same goes for to much of the hormone. It’s a fine balancing act that takes a ENDOCRINOLOGIST, a good one to keep on top of. I use Internist for years and was under treated as they don’t have the knowledge to treat an Endocrine issue.

  • Obamacare Enrollment Is Sinking Rapidly

    08/12/2014 5:56:43 AM PDT · 18 of 22
    GailA to Fester Chugabrew

    Well we won’t achieve that unless we can vote out the stinking RINOS like lamar alexander, bob corker and their ilk.

    This old saw a lesser evil is more acceptable than to real evil is not rational thinking. Evil is Evil, no matter if it has a R or a D after their name.

  • Freeper Input needed. Does Anyone Here Breed Dogs? Looking for Information on Getting Started

    08/11/2014 6:39:30 AM PDT · 130 of 181
    GailA to Chickensoup

    This is what Bing images brings up. Looks to be a full grown English Shepard with the colors you stated. Beautiful dogs.

  • Freeper Input needed. Does Anyone Here Breed Dogs? Looking for Information on Getting Started

    08/11/2014 6:30:57 AM PDT · 129 of 181
    GailA to Chickensoup

    The breeder I know will tell you:

    You will need at least 1 male, and several females, look for at least a male from a championship line, females too if you can afford it. Be sure they are all of good breeding. DO NOT over breed your females. 1 litter a year is enough. Which is why you need more than 1 female if you want to be a breeder. All should be AKC registered.

    Learn to give puppy shots and worming, how to remove dew claws and dock tails if that is the breed you choose, well worth your time to do so. Cuts the Vets bills.

    And a big back yard where you can establish a kennel that is properly heated and AC. And a run for the dogs to play in. This is not an in your house type of business.

  • Atheist Group Forces Diner to Stop Offering Discount for Praying

    08/11/2014 6:10:41 AM PDT · 39 of 41
    GailA to NKP_Vet

    Why do you need a discount to pray? It’s Biblical, puts one in mind of the Pharisees show offs. Praying is free no discount is needed.

    I can enter any eatery and humbly pray over my food. I don’t need to make a show piece of doing so. Or need a discount to do it. I do it because I love my GOD.

    Rather give a discount to Seniors, Military and Retired Military.

    It is nice they wanted to do so, but it was not a necessity to a true Christian.

  • In the Future We’ll All Be Renters: America’s Disappearing Middle Class

    08/11/2014 6:00:51 AM PDT · 23 of 36
    GailA to montag813

    Step daughter is a IT specialist, hers was a dead end job, for a idiot who worship krisna, she got fed up and quit. But she had a plan, start her own business.

    Started her own business just as 0 started destroying the American Economy. When companies let their IT departments go, she was there to fill the void. Now she is ready to hire a PT person, she has built up such a good strong repeat business clientele. And continues to grow her business with great service. She is smart and trades IT service for repair work on her home, or doing her books.

    No one was doing in home IT work for seniors, she is filling that niche too. She will come in and set up your TV, computer, and sound system and for most home computer users she recommends free proven software like Malware or AVG.

    She is single, has been in her own home for over a decade, buys her own cars, pays for her health care, home repairs, her dad can’t do any more.

  • 25-Year-Old Planning to Marry Charles Manson Says “It’s What I Was Born For”

    08/11/2014 5:36:21 AM PDT · 40 of 75
    GailA to nickcarraway

    SICKO, needs a shrink.

  • British Smokers Being Denied Treatment by State-Run Healthcare Service

    08/11/2014 5:30:57 AM PDT · 27 of 92
    GailA to Tax-chick

    Gastric by pass, literately saved my Son In Law’s life. He was pushing 400 lbs, he is a big man, big bones, and should weigh 200 lbs. He had heart trouble, diabetes, back and knee issues. Since his surgery, he had the type that let you lose slower so plastic surgery would not be needed for the folds.

    He is now down to the 200 lbs, and his health has improved vastly, now no more insulin shots, knees won’t need surgery, Back issues gone, and his BP is normal once more so he is only on a maintenance dose for that. Instead of taking 30 pills a day he is down to 7, and working them down to a basic 3.

  • British Smokers Being Denied Treatment by State-Run Healthcare Service

    08/11/2014 5:19:33 AM PDT · 25 of 92
    GailA to markomalley

    If a government can tell you what meds, what doctors, and where to buy the meds, what test and how often the test are done. You have arrived at government controlled health care similar to the Brits 1 provider system.

    We are in that boat. Medicare and Tricare Life (Retired Military over 65). And it SUCKS big time!

    It does not cover the costly things, even with a co-pay system like eye glasses or hearing aids which most people over 60 need. I’ve been pricing hearing aids, All are now digital, $3,000-6,0000, they are not rechargeable, and those tiny 1 -2 day batteries are quite expensive.

    And I’ll probably have to purchase a separate insurance policy for the cleaning and repair of them. As that is not covered either. I don’t mind a reasonable co-pay, but at my age having to foot the entire bill really bites big into my retirement money. I thought my yearly $500, glasses were expensive enough ( I wear special lenses that don’t come cheap), this is many thousands worse on my retirement.

  • Tea Party Losing Every Senate Battle And Winning The War

    08/10/2014 6:13:07 AM PDT · 42 of 43
    GailA to jch10

    Believe me it was a poorly run campaign, he didn’t want to travel more than mid and E TN, nearly totally ignored W TN. No signs, 1 or 2 tv ads, no counter lamar ads, he “wanted family time” was the big excuse he didn’t get to this end of the state but 4 times all but 1 were RSVP donor. The last was a weekday, short notice, limited space Huey’s, people who work, have appointments, are not available. No Saturday day events where seniors could go. Many seniors do not do night driving from rural areas. It is dangerous.

    Then he did not appeal to the Military at all. And that would have made a huge difference as this 3 county area is full of Retired Military with a Military base.

  • What is Frugal?

    08/10/2014 6:07:16 AM PDT · 31 of 59
    GailA to EC1

    Good tip, never thought of it as we don’t have a pool or hot tub.

    Yes the freezer rotation is a pain. I try to move last year’s forward as the new season begins and the freezer is low, and put this year’s in back as we use out of it.

    But I still have a stock of canned goods too.

  • California Lawmakers Scramble To Help Patients Cut Off From Doctors By Obamacare

    08/10/2014 6:02:52 AM PDT · 19 of 26
    GailA to lowbridge

    They think their access has been short sighted, wait until they are total Government health control.

    We are both Medicare and as a Retired Military over 65 our Secondary is Tricare Life. 0’Care robbed Medicare to pay for it, DOD Issued MANDATES on 4/14/14 that restricts where we can buy our daily meds. Medicare limits test, and procedures. Test that should be run yearly are now every 2 yrs, nerve blocks for bad backs have been reduced to 3 per year. Live with the pain.

    Osteoporosis is one of the fastest growing aging issues. Much could be done to prevent it or reverse it if caught sooner. First Bone Density test should be done the same time as first Mammogram. If normal, every 2 yrs until 50, then yearly. Once diagnosed it should be a yearly test just like a Mammo is. The inclusion of a 1000 UI D3, 1000 mg NON rock form Calcium, half that value in Magnesium Cheleated, NOT Oxide bound, and Collagen 1000 mcg with 100 mcg K2 Complex are a must for any man or woman over 40 to stave off OP. Once you hit 60 these doses need to be upped. Check with your health care provider.

    And don’t let them con you that the OP drugs are the best route, there are a ton of side effects that go with the drugs, some of them KILL very slowly and painfully...kidney failure, A Fib, Jaw Degeneration, bone pain, skin infections, UT/Bladder issues. Read up on the drugs before you decide to take on. Better to prevent it. Your bones are made up of vitamins and minerals, not a drug.


    Nutrition for Healthy Skin: Silica,
    Niacin, Vitamin K2, and Probiotics

    Benefits of Probiotics

    B 12,

    Fertility B12

    B 6 http://usö

    This is a Brand NEW study.
    Cholesterol : Dietary guidelines are wrong on saturated fats, claims cardiovascular researcher


    Chronic pain linked to vitamin D deficiency in men

    zinc & Copper imbalance

    Collagen Role in Body

    This is what your doctor won’t tell you about the OP drugs.

    Reclast UPS kidney failure, A FIB risk.

    Safety update for osteoporosis drugs, bisphosphonates, and atypical fractures

    Black box warning Foreto (BTW this drug reverses gains when treatment course is finished)

  • What is Frugal?

    08/10/2014 5:29:12 AM PDT · 27 of 59
    GailA to miss marmelstein

    Heritage is genetic, I live in TN, and my heritage is Scot Celt with a dose of a few others thrown in. And I’m told I’m a tight wad. No, I want value for any product I buy. And most are over priced. My boys bulked at the off brands. I fixed that. Bought a bottle of the name brand ketchup, or mustard and kept pouring the store brand into it. They never caught on.

    I do opt for higher end on some products as there is better quality, longer lasting like shampoo. But I still keep bars of Fells Naphtha bar soap as it is a good all purpose soap, and works on bug bites sting/itching. I still have my grandma’s caner and her cast iron fry pans. All in good condition.

    It has to be on sale, have a coupon or give gas points. Then I load up on gift cards for BD and Christmas. Did my Christmas shopping for 6 grands and 5 great grands and hubby in 10 mins at Kroger’s with gift cards, at 4 times the gas points. We had a $1 off to tanks of gas that month up to 35 gals. Hubby fills my car from a 5 gal can, then takes it and the smaller ones to the Kroger gas station, fills them and his car, last month he had two $1 off fills, that saved $22-24.

    I have a well stocked freezer, and pantry that is rotated. Dry goods like paper can go in the garage along with cleaning, soap, and other items not subject to heat. I buy long term storage stuff, freeze my own garden veggies, that is what my freezer is dedicated to. It’s a pain to rotate each season. But it has to be done or you get freezer burn and a waste of your time and product.

    Take time to properly prep meat and it last longer in the freezer. You can take advantage of sales that way. Again you have to rotate. I find dating helps to that easier.

    Short term storage is the harder thing to do. Bleach only has a 6 month life span. And it is my favorite cleaning product.

  • What is Frugal?

    08/10/2014 5:07:26 AM PDT · 25 of 59
    GailA to ctdonath2

    Don’t get to use to them the LED are going to replace them.

  • Tea Party Losing Every Senate Battle And Winning The War

    08/10/2014 5:01:24 AM PDT · 41 of 43
    GailA to fieldmarshaldj

    It would have been higher if he’d run a better campaign. Closed donor RSVP, no signs, little literature, that mostly going to a base list. No letting others know of his own conservative record in the TN State Legislature. No Sat campaign stops in W TN.

    MAN doesn’t understand people WORK Mon-Fri for the most part, you hold Sat afternoon events if you want more than just already committed donors to show up. And give plenty of notice.

    Flinn was a total unknown out side shelby co and did not really campaign.

    You could have run a better campaign. When you don’t have the $$ you get resourceful.

  • Almost 20 percent of people near retirement age have no retirement savings

    08/10/2014 4:55:42 AM PDT · 53 of 54
    GailA to jch10

    He is in the process of going through the disability end, took a year to get the appointments. So far they are dud ones that took a big chunk of the day for useless tests not related, that has noting to do with his hearing or retinitis. That comes next month when he sees the internist type dr.

    We got a FLAT NO you make to much statement even when the former ENT who was once a VA Doc said it was typical flight deck hearing loss.

  • Man Who Takes His Hospital Gurney Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru Shows Us What Dedication

    08/09/2014 5:52:07 AM PDT · 13 of 13
    GailA to Moonman62

    Need to tell that to Delta Medical Hospital in Memphis, their liquid diet was a inch of fat in over salted tainted bad smelling gag a horse broth 3 times a day. I made them remove it as soon as it was delivered, and I removed the juices the only thing usable on the tray. I kept telling them I was on a salt restricted diet for Meniere’s. And got ignored.

    BTW they did not even have a pillow for you, you had to provide your own.

  • Man Who Takes His Hospital Gurney Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru Shows Us What Dedication

    08/09/2014 5:46:10 AM PDT · 12 of 13
    GailA to Dallas59

    You nailed it! What is that brown stuff that looks like dog poop?

    Who would want hospital crap food, especially since it has moved to MOOCH’s Kids Lunch food.

    My last 2 visits to the hospital were nightmares. First one was liquid diet for 3 days, only thing usable was the juice. Broth was full of fat and salt and smelled of tainted food. Red DYE pop cycle and jello I’m allergic to. The salt along would have triggered a Meniere’s attack. It did no good to tell the stupid people it was inedible for those reasons.

    Second visit was regular food, but it was NOT colon friendly, and was so vile and cold, that even a Ret Military SCPO would not touch the tasteless crap. How do you ruin frozen French Toast. You toss it frozen on a plate, let it thaw, then send it to the patient. No margarine, no syrup, just a gooey sloppy mess that was inedible.

    Thank God for Burger King and Subway, hubby kept me fed from there for 4 days.

  • Almost 20 percent of people near retirement age have no retirement savings

    08/09/2014 5:32:27 AM PDT · 43 of 54
    GailA to Utilizer

    More like 50% if you count in the state taxes and fees which is another name for a tax.

    My boys are subsisting, 1 is married, with 1 kid, she can’t work, in the process of Chemo for Breast Cancer, and he has to work PT or she has not health care. His job full time with ins job was one of the first waves of big lay offs.

    My youngest makes a whopping $15 an hr, lack of education. That is 1 area you can’t force them to get after they leave home.

  • Almost 20 percent of people near retirement age have no retirement savings

    08/09/2014 5:26:28 AM PDT · 40 of 54
    GailA to doc1019

    When you spend your working years at a career that does not pay well, but promises to take care of you in the end you find a lot of this.

    We have scrimped and saved for years. His 20 year career in the Navy starting as a E1 ending as a SCPO, was never a high pay job when you have children.

    Higher prices, more taxes, are slowly eating away at our savings too. We knew we were going to have to have hearing aids for him this year because of the flight deck hearing damage. Because we have 2 SS checks and he has a pension, VA does NOT provide any healthcare. We did not expect to have to double that with hearing aids for me due to inner ear damage.

  • Tea Party Losing Every Senate Battle And Winning The War

    08/09/2014 5:10:09 AM PDT · 26 of 43
    GailA to fieldmarshaldj

    Field, you could have run a better campaign than Carr ran. I thought it stunk. He ignored the small donors, Seniors, Military, Ret Military. And W TN. Stuck to his own stomping grounds in Mid to East TN and big donors.

  • Tea Party Losing Every Senate Battle And Winning The War

    08/09/2014 5:06:43 AM PDT · 24 of 43
    GailA to Finalapproach29er

    He votes 62% dem does that answer your question? He is also a oath breaker, he promised in a book he wrote 2 terms and out. He never was a conservative. He just was the lesser of 2 evils when he ran the first 2 times. The Dem was 100% socialist.

  • Tea Party Losing Every Senate Battle And Winning The War

    08/09/2014 5:04:23 AM PDT · 23 of 43
    GailA to 2ndDivisionVet

    Carr ran a ho hum state rep election campaign, not a state wide US Senate campaign. Almost totally ignored W TN, what few stops he made were RSVP last minute ones. 1 open one with just hours notice on a work day. I drive Hwy 51 from Atoka in Tipton Co to Bartlett TN often not 1 sign up. Not even during early voting. No yard signs. No counter ads to lamar. He needed personal time with family, well that goes by the wayside during an election campaign that just takes a few weeks unless you have a dying relative.

    He did not hit on lamar’s Military votes, and W TN is a large Military retirement area.

    People can’t just take off work, cancel appointments, etc to see a man who should have done a Sat after noon stop in a location designed to draw from a 3 county area. Much of which is rural.

  • Happy Anniversary, 'Little Boy' And 'Fat Man

    08/09/2014 4:55:32 AM PDT · 5 of 14
    GailA to right-wing agnostic

    My Dad served in 5 major battles in the Pacific including the retaking of the ROCK. If not for the decision to drop the bombs I might not have had a dad.

  • Amy's Place ... Poetry and Potpourri ... June, 2014

    08/09/2014 4:37:28 AM PDT · 875 of 1,272
    GailA to LUV W

    Every time I see that graphic I think of the song 50 K names on a wall. George Jones

    While there were actually 58,209, who died. I’m not sure if Lt Col Hal Moore’s men were among the official count as they went in before the actual decoration of war. They have their own panel I think.

    la Drang was the first real battle. Nov 14, 2005 - Hal Moore, were dropped by helicopters in the Ia Drang Valley and were ... The story of these battles was later told by Lt. Gen. .... All laughed nervously when confronted with the cold statistics that measured a second lieutenant’s combat life ... Panel 3-East, of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington

    Nineteen, by Taylor Hicks

  • Doctor: Elderly People Should be Left to Die, Their Quality of Life is Too Low

    08/08/2014 7:34:00 AM PDT · 34 of 83
    GailA to Slyfox

    The same goes for those in the USA who are stuck in nursing homes. The more often a patient is visited, the better care they get.

    Have a living will in place, and be sure you can trust the younger person you assign as your protector.

  • what's your favorite tool in your toolbox?

    08/08/2014 7:29:55 AM PDT · 79 of 166
    GailA to TurboZamboni

    drill, with all the goodies. I have my own. Hubby has his. He scatters his, I keep mine in the box where I can find them.

    I use a small soft strap wrench for the kitchen and the medicine chest for those stubborn lids.

  • 2014 Tennessee Senate Primaries Results

    08/08/2014 7:22:41 AM PDT · 61 of 68
    GailA to fieldmarshaldj

    We also lost Rep Tony Shipley, a good conservative. Who is this Bud Hulsey who beat him?

  • Why Lamar Alexander’s vote for immigration reform didn’t sink him

    08/08/2014 7:21:17 AM PDT · 25 of 28
    GailA to jch10

    He will be 80 next go round, and ready to retire. They will put up another RINO. And the 2 conservatives will cancel each other out. Conservatives have to learn when they trail in the polls to pull out, let the leader take the votes and just maybe we can win against a RINO.

  • Why Lamar Alexander’s vote for immigration reform didn’t sink him

    08/08/2014 7:18:26 AM PDT · 23 of 28
    GailA to cotton1706

    This was the same situation as cochran and McDaniels with cross over voting to keep the RINO.

    But you have to admit Carr ran a pathetic campaign. He ran as a state rep not as a US Senator, no counter ads, no signs for W TN, ignored W TN, did RSVP visits only 1 open one, with just a couple hrs notice.

    Man, people have plans they can’t cancel at the last second to come hear you. Many of us have scheduled appointments, or work. Try doing a Saturday day time event. And go after the small donors, not just the big ones.

    Many on the TN Profile page could have run a better campaign than Carr did.

  • 2014 Tennessee Senate Primaries Results

    08/07/2014 6:56:47 PM PDT · 30 of 68
    GailA to Steelfish

    Steel, that was a given, Carr ran a bad campaign, he ran as a state rep, not as a US Senator, ignored W TN, Seniors, retired Military, and did not counter lamar’s ads. Flinn is unknown out side Shelby Co.

    You have to have a candidate that is prepared to run a full state wide campaign, Carr was not willing to do so.

  • Lack of immigration reform could hurt baby-boomer retirees, Graham says

    08/07/2014 6:52:17 PM PDT · 27 of 38
    GailA to cotton1706

    Abortion has killed off the next generation of US Citizen workers, and the middle aged ones are looking for work or trying to hold on to what they have, younger, GOOD LUCK finding a job if you have not higher than HS skills. You can’t compete with the ILLEGALS.

  • Five years after recession, most households still not better off

    08/07/2014 6:49:46 PM PDT · 3 of 15
    GailA to Citizen Zed


  • Down to the Wire Prediction in Key GOP Primary (Tennessee)

    08/07/2014 7:41:34 AM PDT · 15 of 31
    GailA to Beagle8U

    Memphis carries Shelby Co as the city vote can out vote the County residents. The race that worries me is Shelby Co mayor. Lutteral has been a good mayor, dedra malone is a dem, and very liberal. If she were to take that seat, Shelby Co is in MORE trouble that the school system issue ever brought them to.

  • Down to the Wire Prediction in Key GOP Primary (Tennessee)

    08/07/2014 7:38:15 AM PDT · 14 of 31
    GailA to Beagle8U

    Split primary, you declare party, that is the ballot you vote. So both parties vote at the same time. But all judges are on both ballots. Best advice is vote NO RETAIN. Especially Connie Clark, Sharon Lee and Gary Wade, 0’care lovers.