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  • Missing MH370: Hijacking Not True, Lead Investigator

    03/15/2014 2:03:17 PM PDT · 39 of 42
    generally to Progov

    IMO, plenty of governments know more than they are telling. With all the technology and monitoring going on, I find it impossible to believe that this plane “disappeared” and no one knows where.

  • Justice Scalia: 'Constitution is not a living organism'

    03/15/2014 2:00:35 PM PDT · 23 of 24
    generally to Pollster1

    Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    Your stretches are not stretches at all. The founding fathers wanted to protect our freedoms. New technology does not create loopholes in those freedoms; it creates expansions of them.

    I would add that as far as the 2d amendment goes, the citizens right to keep and bear arms should include anything that the government might have in its arsenal. Part of the purpose of that amendment is so that I can protect myself from the government. We should not cower in fear at the superior weaponry available to the government. And yes, I would not be too keen on my next door neighbor building a nuke. I haven’t quite thought that through. But since we are nowhere near that point, I figure I have some time to mull it over.

  • Malaysian leader: plane's disappearance deliberate

    03/15/2014 1:50:53 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    generally to Veto!

    I think the key to the mystery is not where, but who. Who was on the plane? Who was either behind them or wanted them dead?

    I would also bet that several countries have intel that tells them exactly what happened to the plane, but they don’t want to reveal that they know. ...or maybe they were responsible.

  • War on Women

    03/12/2014 5:38:14 AM PDT · 6 of 10
    generally to kearnyirish2

    I don’t think financial responsibilities are confined to one sex. Even if a woman is married to a responsible, loyal husband and she stays home to raise the kids, she needs to be financially responsible. They need to be responsible as a couple, as well, and plan for the possibility that one of them dies. Would you want your wife to be financially unprotected and financially clueless if you died? Would you want your husband to be unprepared to raise the kids or take care of the house?

    The points about subsidizing a generation of non-American children is excellent, but can’t be used by conservative politicians without accusations of racism.

  • David Jolly wins race for U.S. House District 13 seat

    03/12/2014 5:22:15 AM PDT · 24 of 28
    generally to ozzymandus

    “Republicans fell short of their normal margin”

    See the spin? They still try to make it sound like a negative for the Republicans even when they win. If the situation were reversed, they would be crowing about the Dem victory. They would probably throw in something about R dirty tricks or R spending. They would call it a mandate on whatever issues were prominent in the campaign. They would definitely use it as an opportunity to propagandize on their pet issues.


    03/09/2014 3:28:52 PM PDT · 28 of 31
    generally to joethedrummer

    Very sad. That’s a sign that the intimidation is working. People are afraid to go to a movie that doesn’t suck up to the Dear Leader. But it’s not totally working, because they are still going. So there is hope.

    I think the intimidation and pressure are getting more intense, but I also think people are starting to push back. The more people push back, the easier it is for others to join them.

    I remember being the lone wolf in 2008. I stopped eating lunch with many of my colleagues because I was either shouted down or ridiculed for daring to say anything negative about 0vomit. (No, I didn’t call him 0vomit in mixed company. I stuck to facts. The 0vomit supporters did not.) They did not want to hear the truth.

    The liberals (and some swing/independent/formerly conservative voters) were like teenagers with a crush and did not want to hear anything that might pop the bubble of their big love affair. (But honey, he’s never had a job. Sweetheart, she is lying to you and has always cheated on every boyfriend she’s ever had. I think he might be gay. Are you sure you want a relationship with someone with such drastic religious differences? Look who his friends are. I think he has some serious psychological issues that would make a relationship difficult. Liberals: But Mom, Dad, you just don’t understand. I love him. He promised to always love me and take care of me. Look, he gave me a present - a phone.)

  • Obama IRS Hires Al-Qaida Spy (Weiss Russell)

    03/08/2014 7:03:58 PM PST · 27 of 27
    generally to Ditto; faithhopecharity

    I hope and pray that the next President is honest, conservative, and not afraid to clean house.

    First order of business is to get rid of all the anti-American appointees and the people they have hired, many going back to the Carter years, but the worst ones from the Clinton and 0vomit years.

    Second on the agenda is to clean up the judicial system.

  • Philadelphia Judge Issues Ruling That Could Give Anonymous Online Commenters Second Thoughts

    03/08/2014 10:01:31 AM PST · 76 of 79
    generally to PaulCruz2016

    Tough issue to find balance on.

    I would strongly object if someone called me a pedophile or made any other false accusation. Would I fight it in court? I guess it depends on the damage it does. If it were a run-of-the-mill troll, it’s not worth the effort. Everyone knows what a troll is and does and they are not to be believed.

    If a false online accusation took hold and gained credibility, affected my reputation, threatened my job, hurt my family, or something similar, I would go after the person in court.

    Maybe the key question is : Who is hurt by the accusation? Usually, it’s the accuser who looks like a nasty, petty liar. In that case the victim suffers little harm. But sometimes, the false accusation sticks and/or damages the victim. Then I think there is a better case.

    How about Tina Fey calling Sarah Palin stupid in so many SNL sketches, making Americans believe she thought she could see Russia from her house? They did damage.

    How about the NYT accusing McCain of having an affair? That did damage. It wasn’t retracted until it was too late.

    How about the guy accused of planting the Atlanta Olympic bomb or the guy accused of sending anthrax? Severe damage.

    How about Harry Reid accusing Romney of not paying his taxes? That did damage.

    I don’t know enough about this case. Was the troll just flinging random accusations, trying to make something stick? Was he just name-calling? (It seems to me that “pedophile” goes beyond name-calling. “Stupid” is name-calling. “Pedophile” seems more targeted.) Did he pick that particular term for a reason - either because there is truth to it or because he wanted to inflict maximum damage? Too many unknowns.

  • Embattled IRS official Lois Lerner’s husband’s law firm has strong Obama connections

    03/08/2014 9:43:48 AM PST · 18 of 39
    generally to Vaduz

    Well, lets’ hope that Lerner, her husband, and anyone else connected to this is soon convicted.

  • Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval [Disapprove Just Hit an unprecedented 55%]

    03/08/2014 9:41:46 AM PST · 84 of 84
    generally to Aria

    IMO he is probably insulated from a lot of this information. I don’t think his poll numbers are mentioned on sports broadcasts, posted at the golf course, or announced during his parties. So where would he find out about them? Can you imagine anyone on his staff saying “BTW, Barry, 55% of Americans think you’re horrible.”

  • As Promised, the Limbaugh Take on the Teen Suing Her Baby Boomer Parents

    03/07/2014 5:50:38 PM PST · 29 of 48
    generally to snoringbear

    I think you’re on to something.

    I think the friend’s dad is worth checking into. Before meddling in another family’s private lives, I’d have to be very, very, very sure that I was helping and not making the situation worse.

    I’d protect a child from an abusive parent, but not from a parent who has rules the child simply dislikes. That would be every teenager on earth. Setting and enforcing household rules (like curfews or study rules) or failing to provide expensive toys is not abuse.

  • IRS to turn over Lerner emails in tea party targeting probe

    03/07/2014 5:36:11 PM PST · 27 of 28
    generally to cripplecreek

    My thoughts exactly. Also, she had a long talk with DOJ after her non-testimony. My assumption is that they were advising her how to weasel out of things.

    I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. My bet is that people very high up are covering for her and helping her strategize. That will last until she can be thrown under the bus to save their skins. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were pumping her for info to help them do the scrubbing, and she is thinking they are protecting her but in reality, they are only interested in scrubbing what might bite someone higher up. 0vomit in particular.

    There is no honor among thieves.

  • Darrell Issa seen plowing ahead with IRS probe amid new evidence (Elijah Cummings deeply saddened)

    03/07/2014 5:24:26 PM PST · 65 of 69
    generally to stilloftyhenight

    My vote is to start with DOJ. Second is IRS.

  • Darrell Issa seen plowing ahead with IRS probe amid new evidence (Elijah Cummings deeply saddened)

    03/07/2014 5:22:59 PM PST · 64 of 69
    generally to Starboard

    I didn’t watch, but if you’re correct, I’m betting the fear was from something more than failure to get re-elected. Do you suppose he has something to hide in all this? Or perhaps he was given marching orders and threats of what would happen to him if he disobeyed orders. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

  • RT Anchor Quits On Air in Protest of Network’s Propaganda

    03/06/2014 4:28:59 AM PST · 21 of 26
    generally to DesertRhino

    Maybe this will give the idea to some of the MSM reporters. See? It can be done. You can stand up for the truth and against propaganda!

  • Fed-Up Veteran Warned Lawmakers on Gun Registration: ‘I’m Telling You Right Now, I Will Not Comply’

    03/04/2014 4:15:28 AM PST · 17 of 19
    generally to Paulie

    My observation is that they go after easy targets who are no threat, not targets that are a real problem. So they’ll go after the upstanding citizen with an unregistered gun, not the dangerous thug with a stolen gun. The same way they’ll go after a little old lady who is going 10 mph over the speed limit, not a gang member who is dealing drugs.

    The easy targets are a great source of revenue and no danger to anyone, least of all law enforcement. The gangbangers are a danger to everyone, especially an officer trying to arrest them.

  • Fed-Up Veteran Warned Lawmakers on Gun Registration: ‘I’m Telling You Right Now, I Will Not Comply’

    03/04/2014 4:10:33 AM PST · 16 of 19
    generally to Bshaw

    If 0vomitcare is an example, then they can start prosecuting non-compliant gun owners after they finish prosecuting non-compliance with 0vomitcare.

    There are millions of people who have not signed up for insurance, and the government looks the other way.

    (No, I”m not in favor of 0vomitcare or any other forced purchase. Just pointing out the hypocrisy.)

  • Are Liberals Less Selfish Than Other People?

    03/04/2014 3:57:39 AM PST · 17 of 44
    generally to Old Yeller; markomalley; ClearCase_guy; old and tired; caver; DeaconRed; livius; dennisw; ...

    “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. And unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone, not interfering with them.” - Oscar Wilde

  • Patty Murray and Harry Reid Attack the Victims of Obamacare

    03/01/2014 4:58:21 AM PST · 30 of 39
    generally to generally

    Lunchbucket Joe gets to cast tie-breaking votes in the Senate, so he might still qualify, but 0vomit is now safely out of contention. (Of course he wins hands down as dumbest president ever.)

  • Patty Murray and Harry Reid Attack the Victims of Obamacare

    03/01/2014 4:55:51 AM PST · 29 of 39
    generally to llevrok

    I find that hard to believe. There must be a lot of competition for those votes. What about that guy who thought Guam might tip over? What about Maxine Waters? Now that Biden is VP, is he out of contention?

  • Spike Lee’s Racism Isn’t Cute: ‘M—–f—– Hipster’ Is the New ‘Honkey'

    03/01/2014 4:51:50 AM PST · 10 of 36
    generally to Rummyfan

    The racial grievance industry guarantees its existence with two conflicting demands that can never both be satisfied:

    1. It is racist to have all-white neighborhoods, schools, businesses, sports teams, or organizations, therefore they demand that all of these be fully integrated so there are no “under-represented” minorities in them.

    2. It is racist for whites to move into a black neighborhood, attend a traditionally black school, join a black organization or business. Doing so encroaches on “black culture.”

    Since it is impossible to have all-black neighborhoods and at the same time have proportionate representation of blacks in all neighborhoods, it is guaranteed that the community agitators in this country will never run out of grievances to agitate against.

  • Chicago PD Believes It Can See The Future, Starts Warning Citizens About Crimes They Might Commit

    03/01/2014 4:42:08 AM PST · 8 of 26
    generally to Slings and Arrows

    “an environment where police can show up at anyone’s door at any time for any reason.”

    Creepy, very creepy.

    The same people who think this is a good idea think that it’s racist to profile Muslims in airport security lines.

    What could go wrong?

  • FBI Report: Early 2013 Crime Decrease Coincides with Gun Sales Boom

    02/22/2014 6:00:33 PM PST · 13 of 20
    generally to Antihero101607

    I’m not holding my breath waiting for the MSM to jump on this news story.

  • The Bacon Weave Taco

    02/22/2014 5:58:27 PM PST · 29 of 49
    generally to JoeProBono

    A balanced meal! Taco for the main course and bacon/banana for dessert. Yum!

  • The Bacon Weave Taco

    02/22/2014 5:55:51 PM PST · 28 of 49
    generally to Mount Athos

    Looks delicious! Two, please!

  • FDA pulls cigarette brand from stores

    02/22/2014 5:54:00 PM PST · 36 of 80
    generally to Gabz

    I despise breathing cigarette smoke. I also despise having to pay higher insurance rates in order to cover smoking-related diseases. But I support the freedom of others to make the choice whether or not to smoke. (Just don’t force me to breathe it or pay for it.)

    I’d prefer that people choose not to smoke, but I’d prefer even more that the government get out of our private lives. Why are libs “pro-choice” on abortion, but not pro-choice on smoking? And can you imagine the uproar if tattoos and piercings were banned (in the interest of health, of course)?

  • FDA pulls cigarette brand from stores

    02/22/2014 5:43:40 PM PST · 33 of 80
    generally to jespasinthru

    I agree with the point you are making but have to pick one nit. There have been accidents caused by cigarette smoking, but not because the smokers were impaired as they are with pot. Most cigarette accidents are caused by inattention to driving (similar to those caused by fiddling with the radio or eating while driving). I have also heard of lit cigarette butts thrown out the window flying into the car/truck behind and starting a fire or injuring someone.

    Your bottom line I totally agree with: reefer makes you stupid and lazy, and it destroys your ambition. Maybe that’s why the libs are so in favor. It’s easier to control sheeple with no ambition.

  • FDA pulls cigarette brand from stores

    02/22/2014 5:32:51 PM PST · 27 of 80
    generally to driftdiver

    >>Just to make sure I understand. Smoking tobacco is bad, smoking pot is good. Right?

    You nailed it.

    I am really surprised by this insofar as the liberals never met a tax they didn’t like. They must not be getting sufficient kickbacks from the company in question.

  • Boy (10-12 Years Old) Robs Ice Cream Truck at Gunpoint in San Diego

    02/22/2014 2:59:44 PM PST · 7 of 37
    generally to DogByte6RER

    “we can interfere”

    Maybe “intervene” would be a better word choice.

  • (Mark) Steyn countersues Mann for 10 millon dollars

    02/22/2014 2:29:16 PM PST · 41 of 44
    generally to Mr. K

    I’m guessing that Steyn had to wait until Mann had piled up sufficient offenses. Some things require time. For example, if Steyn asked Mann to produce documents, it would be unreasonable to complain the next day that he had not produced them. But after a certain point, it becomes obvious that Mann is obstructionist and/or hiding something.

    At any rate, I hope Mark Steyn wins big.

    The left has long used the courts to harass and bully. It’s good to see someone fighting back.

  • Freeper Past Your Eyes Has passed

    02/22/2014 8:05:10 AM PST · 7 of 24
    generally to Little Bill

    RIP, fellow FReeper. May God comfort and bless your loved ones.

  • First ‘smart’ pistol hits shelves in California.

    02/22/2014 7:49:06 AM PST · 72 of 106
    generally to carriage_hill

    If it needs a digital handshake to work, then it can be digitally disabled - by the government, by cops, by predators.

    No, thanks. I’ll stick with my dumb gun.

  • Snowball Thrown at Officer Draws Felony for Boy, 13, Outrage From Residents

    02/22/2014 7:28:01 AM PST · 61 of 83
    generally to Recovering Ex-hippie; doc1019

    I’d like to hear the whole story, too.

    I’d be willing to bet money that the incident didn’t start and end with a single snowball being tossed.

    Maybe the cop was a jerk. Maybe he was a good guy who over-reacted. Maybe the snowball was the last straw in a long series of taunts and harassment.

    What passes for reporting in most of these stories strikes me as propaganda for one side or the other. Real reporting would answer the basic questions that any average reader would have. It wouldn’t advocate for one side or the other. This article seems to be trying to make the kid look like the victim.

  • He'll Take Your Truck with His Pen and His Phone

    02/22/2014 6:43:36 AM PST · 37 of 55
    generally to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin; Kaslin; griswold3; abclily

    0vomit, in his vast ignorance, is going to make the situation worse. Apparently he is unaware of Jevon’s Paradox.

    See link:

    The more efficient you make things, the greater the demand for fuel. If he succeeds, he will increase fuel consumption, not decrease it.

    Taxes work like this, too. Another thing 0vomit and the liberals don’t understand. Raise taxes, lower revenue. But they are not really interested in the environment or in paying the bills. They are interested in punishing their enemies (the “rich” - but only if they are conservative and productive) and they are mostly interested in power and trying to tell other people how to run their lives.

    “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. And unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone, not interfering with them. Selfishness always aims at creating around it an absolute uniformity of type. Unselfishness recognises infinite variety of type as a delightful thing, accepts it, acquiesces in it, enjoys it. It is not selfish to think for oneself. A man who does not think for himself does not think at all. It is grossly selfish to require of one’s neighbour that he should think in the same way, and hold the same opinions. Why should he? If he can think, he will probably think differently. If he cannot think, it is monstrous to require thought of any kind from him. A red rose is not selfish because it wants to be a red rose. It would be horribly selfish if it wanted all the other flowers in the garden to be both red and roses.” - Oscar Wilde

  • IF IT'S NOT A RUNAWAY, IT'S NOT A REAL GRAND JURY (Do "The People" Own 5th Amendment Grand Jury?)

    02/22/2014 6:32:29 AM PST · 9 of 44
    generally to xzins

    I liked the Scalia quote, too.

    IMO, one of the main reasons that the government (particularly the judicial system) is oppressive and out of control, is that most of us don’t have time (or interest or patience) to plow through long and complex things like this article, unless they are directly and immediately affecting us. The court and the legislators bury unpleasant, unpopular, and objectionable things in mountains of legalese that few people ever see. This article is similar. Not a slam on the article, just an observation.

    P.S. Thank you for your service. God bless you!

  • Do Liberals Care if Third World Illnesses Infect Americans?

    02/13/2014 6:18:07 AM PST · 33 of 36
    generally to Logical me

    I don’t believe that the majority of liberals are quite as evil as wanting to destroy America and/or civilization. I think they fall into several categories.

    1. Small percentage who are evil and want to destroy America, capitalism, anything good. These are the bitter, vengeful, self-loathing few who in turn hate others and want to drag everyone down to their level or lower.

    2. Small percentage who wield power. Some in the power hungry group are also in group 1. These people want power at all costs. So long as they are in power and telling others how to run their lives, they are satisfied. The damage they cause is of no consequence to them. Sometimes the damage is intentional. Sometimes they are just too stupid to realize the consequences of their policies and actions. This group includes most politicians, media bigshots and liberal celebrities.

    3. Large percentage are in the deadbeat class. They just want free stuff. I was going to say that as long as they are getting free handouts they are satisfied, but that isn’t true. It’s never enough. They always want more. Some of these people also fall into group 1. Anyone who is milking the system, taking when they could choose to be productive, is in this group.

    4. “social justice” voters. This group includes the people with “white guilt”, the people who who are well-meaning but clueless, and many who are single issue voters who can see nothing outside of their pet issue which could be abortion rights, civil rights, the environment, or many others. Most of these people are well-meaning (even if they are wrong on the issue). They vote their emotions and are oblivious to facts, especially to the fact that their votes often work counter to the cause they support. For example, they think they are “curing” poverty by enacting ever more generous welfare laws, when they are actually creating more and more poverty and dependence. These are people, who if they have kids, never discipline them, then wonder why they turn out to be bratty/nasty or dysfunctional after being raised by parents who were always “nice” and gave them everything they wanted. This group includes most of the activists who aren’t making money from their activism.

    5. This group wants to make the world a better place, much like group 4, but there are a lot more of them. They differ from group 4 in that they want someone else to do all the work and to pay for the “better world”. Other than voting, they aren’t willing to expend any effort or time or money on what they supposedly believe in. Much more guilt and much less genuine concern in this group.

  • Ray Nagin convicted, guilty of 20 charges

    02/13/2014 3:32:55 AM PST · 145 of 172
    generally to PowderMonkey

    You may well be correct. But right now I’m schadening the heck out of this freude.

  • Ray Nagin convicted, guilty of 20 charges

    02/13/2014 3:31:26 AM PST · 144 of 172
    generally to Williams

    I think you raise a reasonable point. Contrarians with facts and new points of view are welcome by me!

    I don’t know the details in this case, but I think it’s still likely that money paid after he is out of office is still a bribe. Unethical behavior is still unethical, regardless of whether there is a legal loophole. I know of a local case where a government official was given a very high-paying (close to $1M/yr) private sector job after he was out of office. I have little doubt it was because he steered high dollar contracts to the company that later employed him.

  • Benghazi e-mail finally answers the basic questions: Who knew what, when?

    02/11/2014 3:23:52 AM PST · 42 of 63
    generally to rockinqsranch

    That’s an excellent point.

    Another factor that I can’t believe people miss is that 0vomit admin officials keep repeating that there would not have been enough time to send a rescue party. How could they have known in advance how much time there would be? During an attack and/or hostage situation, you have no way of knowing when it will end. (Unless perhaps you planned it yourself.)

  • Prostituting Science

    02/11/2014 3:17:12 AM PST · 11 of 40
    generally to Elsie

    An additional factor:

    I can remember experiments in high school physics where we had to roll balls down a track and time how long it took them to reach certain points. As you might imagine, clicking a stopwatch at exactly the right instant was as much art as science. It required good attention and good reflexes.

    I knew what the answers were “supposed” to be, but I dutifully did the experiment as designed and was not surprised to have some data points that didn’t perfectly fit the expected curve. Other students, who knew what the outcome was supposed to be, faked their data, so that it would exactly match the acceleration curve. To my surprise, they got better grades because they had the “right” data. The teacher was apparently too stupid to understand concepts like experimental error. He rewarded students who lied to make their “data” fit.

    I wonder how much of that went on in other schools across the country. I wonder how often that still happens today in schools and in real laboratories.

  • Obama: It's Putin's "schtick" to look like tough guy

    02/08/2014 6:00:03 AM PST · 27 of 110
    generally to miss marmelstein

    Some great comments by my fellow FReepers on this thread so far.

    I can’t say I admire Putin, but I think his anti-propaganda approach is very sensible. (If they are born that way as so many claim, then they shouldn’t need to recruit.)

    0vomit’s schtick is to look like a pansy, a stoner, and a person whose IQ is just barely high enough to read the teleprompter and keep from drooling on himself.

  • 9/11 Truther Rosie O'Donnell: My Son Joined the Military to 'Annoy' His 'Left-Wing' Mother

    02/07/2014 2:40:42 PM PST · 10 of 89
    generally to Kaslin

    Wait a second. I thought that according to the leftwing, that children belong to all of us! Now she’s upset that he wants to do something for all of us?

  • Deportation in hit-and-run tragedy would be a mistake: Editorial

    02/07/2014 2:34:41 PM PST · 3 of 17
    generally to moonshinner_09

    When liberals want to “prove” a point about why we should be coerced into providing money for welfare, food stamps, free education, amnesty, foreign aid, health care, needle exchange programs, AIDS research, housing subsidies, and a host of other things that we are forced to pay for against our will, they trot out one isolated bleeding heart story to demonstrate the good that they intend/pretend for the program. We are supposed to happily fork over more and more of our hard-earned money because they are able to cite one example of a poor child who grew up to be a neurosurgeon or whatever. But when the shoe is on the other foot, and someone points out a negative example, they cry “foul.”

    If both sides were to sit down honestly and look at the real costs and the real results of these programs, most or all of them would be canceled. “If just one life is saved, it is worth it” is a boatload of nonsense unless they are also willing to accept the argument that “If just one life is lost it is not worth it.”


    01/29/2014 8:41:07 PM PST · 48 of 66
    generally to Bullish

    You are exactly right.

    Does your brother have a spare room? Seriously, I would move if there were a less socialist, less corrupt country to move to.

  • Meet myRA: Obama offers IRA plan details

    01/29/2014 8:37:25 PM PST · 97 of 142
    generally to NorthMountain


    How do we stop this without an armed revolution? Voting seems to have no effect. Once the politicians from either party (with very few exceptions) get to Washington, they become our “elite masters” to whom the rules no longer apply. They see citizens as a source of votes and revenue - nothing else.

  • Conservative website shuttered after libel ruling [Free Dominion]

    01/29/2014 8:33:14 PM PST · 189 of 351
    generally to Entropy Squared

    How sad that is.

    Can the Canadian government interfere with foreign websites? Why don’t they just post anonymously somewhere else? Here, maybe???

  • Endorsement of Wendy Davis Triggers National Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies

    01/29/2014 8:24:01 PM PST · 40 of 70
    generally to DemforBush

    Me, too. I usually bring my lunch to work, but I had one of their subs today. Should I be getting my lunch somewhere else?

  • Heroic New York boy gets firefighter funeral

    01/29/2014 8:20:44 PM PST · 13 of 16
    generally to Domandred

    Dear God, welcome this brave and selfless child into your loving arms.

  • GOP lawmaker SLAMS Rachel Maddow: ‘Stop being a cheerleader and be a journalist’ [VIDEO]

    01/29/2014 8:18:00 PM PST · 38 of 48
    generally to Baynative

    A little leak in the dike (no pun intended) and pretty soon the wall erodes and the water comes rushing in. We’re seeing some of those walls beginning to crumble.

    It will be interesting to watch as the cheerleaders of today try to spin their attitudes in the future when it is proven what a fraud 0vomit really is. (”I was just hired to read the news. I didn’t write it.” “I had to toe the company line if I wanted to keep my job.” “I was always a little suspicious, but I didn’t have any solid evidence.” “I’ve always supported my country and whoever the people elect.” - just a few samples of what to expect from the complicit media in the days ahead)

  • Live! [Archived] Tea Party Response to SOTU by Senator Mike Lee

    01/29/2014 5:29:48 AM PST · 93 of 112
    generally to 4Liberty

    For me, not so awesome.

    There was much to like about the speech. It was good overall, but here are the points that concern me (from memory):

    1. He talks a lot about income inequality as if it were a bad thing. This plays into the class envy that the dems love so much. There will always be income equality and I see nothing wrong with it unless it is the product of cronyism or government stealing from the middle class to further enrich the already rich. Otherwise income inequality comes from inequality in hard work and willingness to take risks. Some of it comes from inequality in intelligence, skills, talent, good looks, and luck. If we were all exactly equal with no hope of getting ahead, no one would make an effort to get ahead and we would have no innovation or advancement.

    2. He recites a litany of bills being introduced to address various problems. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Typical politician. Introduce another bill to fix things. I didn’t hear any mention of repealing crappy legislation that we’ve already been saddled with. I didn’t hear any mention of getting the government off our backs and out of our lives. Just more bills to fix what the earlier bills screwed up.

    3. De rigueur mention of “diversity.” He still has to be politically correct and pander. IMO, “diversity” is just as often a weakness as it is a strength. Maybe more often. Diverse ideas are great when groupthink prevents innovation or sometimes even recognition of reality and facts. Diverse ideas are great when you are brainstorming. (But when you are finished brainstorming, you pick the winners and discard the losers. Please note that I am not advocating discarding the “losers” when they are people. This is not code for eugenics or anything like that. I am talking about ideas. But I also believe that employers should be free to hire based on ideas (education, skills, competence) and not on quotas for “diversity.”) Diverse ideas are a disaster when you have to entertain every hare-brained idea because you don’t want to risk hurting someone’s feelings. Balance is key. Having diversity foisted on us for the sake of political correctness is a bad idea.

    Those were the main 3 negatives that struck me. They are not unique to Lee or the Tea Party. They are promoted much more strongly by the left. I’m hoping the Tea Party will move away from those positions.