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  • Rumors fill the void as Andrea Tantaros vanishes from Fox News.

    04/28/2016 2:39:41 PM PDT · 23 of 113
    George Varnum to HarleyLady27

    Would I be out of line by thinking President Trump’s Press Secretary?

    The lady has long been my favorite “Newsbabe” on Fox.

    Greg Gutfeld seems more outspoken than she typically is though; I can’t see them canning her while leaving him alone(?)

    Was it something in her book?

    Wonder if there is more to this than meets the proverbial eye?

  • The NO Rush Limbaugh Show,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,EDT,WOR AM,April 22,2016

    04/23/2016 7:31:04 AM PDT · 76 of 82
    George Varnum to LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget

    I’ve cooled off on Rush quite a bit over the past couple of years.

    Lately when I tune in out of curiosity I usually get an ad or some diatribe about football or golf, or whichever team sport is in season.

    Fine; it’s his show, he can talk about pudding recipies in between 80% “profit breaks” for all I care; I’ll just go listen to something else or surf the internet in stead. There are plenty of options out here.

    Id really like to see him hand the whole show over to Mark Stein who subs for him occasionally, has an actual sense of humor instead of a list of trite memes, and is as enertaining and informative as Rush used to be back in the day.

  • 1/29/2016 Large Northwest Pacific Earthquake M7.2 strikes Kamchatka Russia

    01/30/2016 10:38:03 PM PST · 8 of 8
    George Varnum to sagar

    Take the link to Dutchsins’ site and I think he makes mention of it somewhere. IIRC he was within 2 days and a couple points magnitude of the quake and real close on location.
    The guy is uncanny.

    Now he’s warning people to look out around the Yellowstone Craton and mid west, especially around dormant volcanoes and fracking sites.

    He’s also expecting more activity in Nepal around the Himalayas after the 7.1 recently in NE Russia.

  • 1/29/2016 Large Northwest Pacific Earthquake M7.2 strikes Kamchatka Russia

    01/29/2016 10:00:07 PM PST · 1 of 8
    George Varnum
    'Dutchsinse" predicted the Japanese Fukashima mega quake of 2011 within a couple of days - he's got a unique system that has a lot of "professional" Geologists stumped.
  • Breaking Burns Oregon: Reports of Shots Fired - Casualties and Hospital Lockdown

    01/26/2016 6:51:06 PM PST · 55 of 179
    George Varnum to Jet Jaguar

    I’m still getting it in ragged bits and pieces a couple of seconds ata time - can’t really tell what’s going on though.

  • The NO Rush Limbaugh Show, M-F, 12noon-3PM, WOR-AM, Mon Dec 28, 2015 - Fri, Jan 1, 2016.

    12/28/2015 1:29:27 PM PST · 47 of 134
    George Varnum to PennsylvaniaMom

    As much as I hate to admit it, I like STEIN a lot better than Rush and wish he’d take over the show entirely - I might go back to listening to it.
    Rush’s cliche’s are getting really old and I miss the parodys he used to run.
    Seems as though he spends as much time pitching his books as he does enlightening or educating the audience.

  • Media Hides Key Detail in the Virginia School District’s Islamic Lesson Controversy...

    12/20/2015 3:34:57 AM PST · 56 of 60
    George Varnum to Travis McGee

    Most Muslims don’t have a clue what’s really in the Q’Ran, Hadiths etc., and stay with Islam because they’d be murdered if they try to escape.

    What kind of a religion has to be propagated and maintained at the point of a bloody sword, anyway?

    Yeah; I know the Catholic Church did that too, for over a thousand years... but they eventually got over it.

    Islam, obviously, never did.

  • All schools shut down in Augusta County, Virginia, over Islam homework

    12/19/2015 8:04:04 AM PST · 109 of 266
    George Varnum to mumblypeg; wintertime

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    wt: welcome to the club; I know the feeling well.

    Had much desired a career in teaching, but as soon as the system found out I was a conservative Christian (as much as I tried to be discrete about it) they summarally fired me as a Special Ed. Tech, no cause given... but I knew.
    So much for that career.

    Yeshua (Jesus) told us to expect persecution if we truly follow Him - and He wasn’t just a-kiddin’ now was he?

  • All schools shut down in Augusta County, Virginia, over Islam homework

    12/19/2015 3:28:43 AM PST · 94 of 266
    George Varnum to mumblypeg

    The communists have been using our shcools to steal our children’s minds and hearts for over 50 years now.

    It seems that they have now passed the job of indoctrination off to the Muslims in order to steal their precious souls.

    The words we speak have great spiritual significance.

    We can speak damnation, (blasphemy of the Holy Spirit) or we can speak salvation:

    Romans 10:10 ~ “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

    We can be sure that following this “calligraphy” lesson will come a “pronouciatioin” lesson in which kids will be coerced into speaking apostasy on behalf of Allah by reciting (confessing) Shahada.

    They already take “field trips” to Mosques and have them bow and pray to the Kabaa in Mecca - idol worship.

    When was the last time they took them to a Cathedral to say the Rosary or to a Baptist Church to recite the Sinner’s Prayer, or *gasp* to a Synagogue to recite the Shema?

    I’d tell my child to watch for this Islamic seduction and when presented with it, instead of reciting Shahada, start reciting the Lord’s prayer or Shema as loud as they could, and keep it up until physically dragged out of the school - then I’d sue whoever laid a hand on them. Getting other kids to covertly record the situation might be helpful.

    Others might consider doing something else to them, but I’ll leave that up to you.

    Resistance needs to be organized.

    The forces of darkness stalking our kids certainly are.

  • All schools shut down in Augusta County, Virginia, over Islam homework

    12/19/2015 2:59:13 AM PST · 93 of 266
    George Varnum to Uncle Miltie

    Great illustration!

    Might wanna be careful roasting a Muchmett over a burning Q’Ran though; he’s liable to detonate on ya!

  • Syed Farook’s Neighbors Didn’t Report ‘Suspicious Activity’ For Fear of Profiling

    12/03/2015 11:18:19 AM PST · 11 of 47
    George Varnum to Bryanw92

    Look what happened to the Teachers and Police Officers who “Said something” when Achmett Clock Boy brought his menacing looking contraption into school.

    Last I heard they were getting sued for $15 Million and being forced to submit to “Sensitivity training” - ie re education camp / PC brainwashing.

    Most people now know about Muslims what Chicago Residents knew in regards to the Mob; even if you think ya see sump’n, ya don’t see nuttin! Not if ya know what’s good for ya anyway!

  • 14 Windows 10 problems… and how you can fix them forever

    11/27/2015 5:13:09 PM PST · 9 of 45
    George Varnum to Utilizer

    I’m running W-7 and getting regular pop ups bugging me to upgrade to 10.
    Now that it’s been out for a while and horror stories seems to be diminishing I’m tempted, but a little leary of reported spyware issues.
    Not that it matters I suppose, as “Ivan” knows evrything I’m doing all the time, and so does any quasi competent hacker with the slightest bit of interest.

    One thing that worries me is reports that 10 will seek out and destroy any non MS OS on the system - such as LINUX, which I have dual booted on to a partition on my HD. Is that so? I don’t want MS to hold a monopoly on my laptop.

    Apparently i have to log in to my new install of w-10 with my system PW, which I’ve forgotten and can’t remember where I wrote it down. That might be a problem, eh?

  • "Word On The Street" US SPEC Ops Firefight Russians In Syria "Unconfirmed"

    11/06/2015 9:13:10 AM PST · 60 of 67
    George Varnum to Riley

    A. JONES is certainly not among my more credible sources of intel!

    I’m hoping someone with access to local intel can weigh in.

  • "Word On The Street" US SPEC Ops Firefight Russians In Syria "Unconfirmed"

    11/06/2015 7:42:22 AM PST · 22 of 67
    George Varnum to acw011

    Pastor Paul is a rather colorful character - one of the “You Tube Prophets” I like to follow more for entertainment than actual eschatological insight - but he has his connections and sources, and sometimes is on to stuff before the media lets the herd in on it.

    I fully concur with the “Wait and see” sentiment; also hope that this is a false alarm - but as crazy as things have been lately, who the blazes knows?

    I wonder if RU blames the US / CIA for taking down their airliner? It wouldn’t surprise me any if they did!

  • "Word On The Street" US SPEC Ops Firefight Russians In Syria "Unconfirmed"

    11/06/2015 7:31:38 AM PST · 1 of 67
    George Varnum
    Unconfirmed as of now, but Begley is reporting that US Special Forces have landed and promptly gotten into a fire fight with Russian troops on the ground!

    Has anyone heard anything about this?

    If true, things could escalate out of control very quickly.

    I can't help but wonder if this has been pre arranged between Putin and our Caliph in the rainbow Rebbat?

  • Violent clashes break out throughout Arab towns in Israel

    10/09/2015 10:43:22 PM PDT · 26 of 28
    George Varnum to Lurker

    Your wish may have been realized, at least in part last night.

    Ham-ass declares Entifada III is ON!

    So bring it, Muchmett....

    They did. Or at least they tried...

    6 Palis shot dead, 50 wounded.

    It’s a start, ain’t it?

    Now about that golden wart up on the Temple Mount that Jews are getting excluded from and haven’t been allowed to pray up there for years... Might we see a change in that policy... or even a re arrangement of real estate up there?

    Stay tuned; this is sure to get interesting.

  • Huge fire hits largest mosque in Britain

    09/26/2015 4:51:19 PM PDT · 137 of 148
    George Varnum to Pearls Before Swine; ROCKLOBSTER

    Re your 28 - 30; My thoughts exactly.

    I hope they got it under control before any of the serious ordnance started cooking off...

    How many Mosques do you suppose don’t have an arsenal in the basement, ready to issue out to the young, muscular, tough as nails “Asylum Seekers” pouring into our cities by the thousands?

    Did you hear about how some Christian Police Officers told Avi Lipkin about responding to a burglar alarm in a US Mosque and finding the basement full of AK-47s?
    (go to about the 46 minute segment)

    BATFE told them they were all registered and legal. Leave them alone; just move on.

    Suspicions at least confirmed.

    Now I suspect that US Taxpayers probably bought those carbines (which I expect are select fire, although he didn’t say) for them, and the Obama JUST-US Dept. likely issued them out, a-la F&F.
    If not, the Saudis could afford to arm every man of a Jihad Army capable of running over our disarmed domestic Military like the Sioux leveled Custer, preliminary to capturing all their weapons systems - like they did in Iraq.
    What do you suppose ISIL will do with all those tanks, cannon, gunships etc. after their black flag victory parades through the streets of our cities with them?

  • Al Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Declares War on ISIS 'Caliph' Al-Baghdadi

    09/10/2015 10:51:41 AM PDT · 20 of 29
    George Varnum to Rusty0604

    Isn’t this kind of like a grudge match between the Joker and Darth Vader?

    Good luck trying to figure out whose on whose butt vs. who is on whose throat over there.

    Emnity and alliance seems to shift with the weather; about the only constant is their hatred for Jews and Christians and obsession with taking over the whole Planet for Islam... Their version of Islam, of course.

  • LA Times story: US not doing enough for refugees, but look what creeps in at the end (a warning!)

  • Clandestine Gay Marriage Performed in White House Against Obama's Wishes

    07/07/2015 11:46:38 AM PDT · 33 of 35
    George Varnum to SeekAndFind

    Kind of like sacrificing a pig on the Altar of the Jewish Temple, I would opine.
    I might even go so far as to call it a “desecration” of a place that was once considered a sacred, holy, or at least blessed edifice.

    A form of an “Abomination of Desolation” perhaps?

    Any Church that conducts a perverted “wedding” regardless of it’s secular legality is, IMHO, desecrated.

    This is why I think the Sodomites are so obsessively intent on forcing each and every Christian Church to perform such abominations, so as to negate their spiritual power.
    They know what this is all about better than most Churches do.
    If they have their way, no “temple”, Church or Synagogue will be left undesecrated.
    Note how they don’t seem at all concerned about doing this to Mosques; either they are afraid of the Muslims who probably won’t bend over and submit to them or they aren’t at all worried about their spiritual power and aren’t wasting their time on them.

  • Who came out against Facebooks rainbow flags?

    07/01/2015 9:23:58 PM PDT · 18 of 52
    George Varnum to Chickensoup

    This video is a bit long but Perry STONE is on FIRE over this, and explains a lot of things surrounding the sodomization of Omerikka, including how the Devil is using a counterfeit rainbow with only 6 colors, while God’s original covenental rainbow with Noah has seven; the ancient Hebrew number of completion.

    Perry Stone addresses Supreme Court Decision for “gay “marriages” ~ 6-26-2015:

  • Windows 10 to be released by Microsoft in July (7/29)

    06/01/2015 12:21:45 PM PDT · 14 of 71
    George Varnum to jazusamo

    Wife got the notification on her laptop and asked me about it. I have not, and we’re both running W-7.

    After hearing people wail about what a horrible downgrade W-8 was and how they were locked out of reverting back to W-7 I am determined to sit back and observe from a distance for a while before committing to any such “upgrade”.

    W-7 isn’t all that bad, although I still think I liked XP better.
    Kept XP on the old tower down cellar as a back up, and as long as I keep redundant AV on it and don’t play around risky web sites or open mystery links don’t have any issues with security with it.
    If MS still supported it I’d still be using it as primary OS.

  • Vatican appointee says gay sex can express Christs self-gift

    05/21/2015 3:59:52 AM PDT · 57 of 350
    George Varnum to Post5203

    Does anyone know how credible this “LifeSite News” is?
    I’m not familiar with it and don’t currently use it as one of my intel sources.

    Until this report is confirmed by another source which I have come to consider reliable I’m going to have to take it with a bit of salt.

    If it is credible, however, then a lot of Protestant’s suspicions of the RCC’s role in end time prophecy will proceed a long way towards confirmation.

    Not every Eschatologists accepts the premise that the Church (and perhaps not just the Roman Church at this point, but all apostate churches) is represented by the prophetic “Mystery Babylon” in the end times, but if it is, then adherants would do well to seriously consider Yeshua HaMoshiach’s (The Lord’s real Hebrew Name) admonition as recorded by St. Yochannan (John) in the Revelation:

    Revelation 18:4 ~ “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

    There is a serious persecution about to be unleashed against what’s left of the European and American Church, much as it is being poured out upon the Churches in the Middle East and parts of Africa at the hands of the bloodthirsty ISIL Muslim barbarians.

    Many Christians wonder why God seems to have lifted His sacred hedge of protection and mercy from around these suffering and often slaughtered Saints.

    Could this lethal persecution possibly have something to do with one of those “plagues” the risen Yeshua was mentioning in Revelation?

    How have these Middle Eastern Christians been treating Jews lately, I wonder?
    Are they living and ministering Genesis 12:3 do you suppose, or have they been doing what most of the “Christian” Church has been doing for the better part of 2000 years; persecuting Jews and pouring contempt on Israel as well as competing denominations?

    Some reports are claiming that participation in “organized religion” and the denominational Churches is declining all over Christendom, with those who tenaciously cling to the Faith alternatively fellowshipping in almost underground home and small group loosely organized gatherings outside of the approved ecclesiastical environment.

    Could this be a sign of the times - part of the great “falling away” that the Apostle St. Shaul (Paul) predicted?

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 ~ “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away (Gk. “Apostacia)” first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;...”

    Could such a “falling away” represent an abandonment of the infiltrated and compromised “Babylon” of the perverted Church establishment by a faithful remnant under the conviction of Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit)?

    If indeed what we are seeing is the beginning of a fulfillment of the Revelation, then it would strongly suggest that the “End Times” are indeed upon us and time for repentance and reconcilliation is short.

    Mara Natha!

  • US, Israel exploring arms package to 'compensate' for Iran deal (more F-35s?)

    05/20/2015 5:25:34 AM PDT · 6 of 6
    George Varnum to Norm Lenhart

    Here’s an idea; if the USAF wants to retire our A-10 Wart Hogs, how about giving a bunch of them to Israel?

    I bet the IDFAF would put them to good use.

    Might have to call them something else though; I don’t think Wart Hogs are Kosher.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Black suspect chased, shot in riot-scarred Baltimore [FOX update: No one shot]

    05/04/2015 1:16:17 PM PDT · 124 of 188
    George Varnum to Oldeconomybuyer; ROCKLOBSTER

    I saw the close in on that revolver on FOX as the Officer was standing over it.

    It appeared to be a single action, of the basic M-1873 type, with a flat top strap and target sights - possibly a Ruger although they have been made my a zillion replica and knock off producers.
    About a 7.5” barrel, fluted cylinders, possibly a .357 but it’s hard to tell.

    Single actions are notorious for the way they are balanced; when dropped they almost invariably roll and land on the hammer spur, and unless equipped with a modern firing pin block safety device they will, if a loaded round is under the firing pin, go off.

    So many Cowboys shot themselves with their own revolvers when they jounced out of the holster that they took to loading “five beans in the wheel” leaving the hammer down on an empty chamber.
    They would only top it off if they knew they were about to get into a gun fight.

    I suspect that the perp dropped his piece when he saw the cop had the drop on him or was tazed; it landed on the hammer on the pavement and discharged.

    Probably the only round fired in this affair.

    Bullet probably went up at about a 40 degree angle and hopefully landed a couple of miles away harmlessly.

    It may have tagged the perp in the leg or butt (where they usually get you when you drop a SA) or it may have just nicked him.

    It will probably take a few days for the truth to out... if it ever does.

    I don’t think the police are going to be “gunning” any Black yutes “down” any time soon if they can possibly avoid it.

  • What are the individual strengths of Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul?

    04/03/2015 10:35:04 AM PDT · 25 of 61
    George Varnum to pinochet; ROCKLOBSTER

    I like Cruz, but have some lingering reservations.

    What’s this about his Wife’s ties to the “North American Union” / NAU-enabling CFR task force?

    During his coming out speech he seemed to really be straining to come accross as “Reganesque”, and as impressive is it was I’m not sure that he entirely pulled it off.

    Is Cruz the best we can come up with? Maybe he is.

    Can he win with both the GOP-e and the Democrat machines doing their best to destroy him every step of the way?

    I’m convinced that the GOP-e would rather see a Hillary or Biden in the WH in ‘16 than any real Constitutional Conservative - especially a Christian.

    As someone has already pointed out in retort to my skepticism - hardly anyone thought that Reagan stood a chance of winning, either - so who knows?

  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 5:20:28 PM PDT · 362 of 372
    George Varnum to 2sheep


    Apparently and ironically, although homosexuality is forbidden under Sharia Law, it’s a pretty common practice in Islamic culture from what Veterans of the Sand box have told me.

    When one of my buddies inquired of a local Afghani why all the “Man-love” if Islam forbids homosexuality, it was explained to him that it was only homosexuality if the men involved were in love with each other.
    As long as there was no emotional attachment and it was just a sex act for their personal gratification, no harm nor foul.

    There is a lot about the Islamic mind that boggles that of the Kafir, and that’s one of them.

    So if this guy was a flaming out and proud gey, it might not preclude his devotion to Islam at all.

    Just remember who the common spiritual entity is behind both Islam and Sodom, and that should explain a lot.

  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 4:58:34 PM PDT · 357 of 372
    George Varnum to HereInTheHeartland

    Well lookie here:

    The co-pilot of the Germanwings Airbus was a convert to Islam

    According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.

  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 11:54:54 AM PDT · 352 of 372
    George Varnum to the OlLine Rebel

    I fully expected the name calling Islamic apologist trolls to pounce on me, and you sure don’t disappoint.

  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 10:43:13 AM PDT · 350 of 372
    George Varnum to Toespi

    My source said it was hard to understand the French under the Translators MISintrpretation during the FOX interview, but pretty sure he said the Co Pilot was a “SUFI”.
    Isn’t that one of the more radical splinter sects of Islam?

    Can anyone in here connect with French media and find out what we’re not supposed to know?

    I’m beginning to wonder if that French Prosecutor who spilled the proverbial beans in his native language on FOX will be seen or heard from after tomorrow?

  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 10:11:56 AM PDT · 348 of 372
    George Varnum to pfflier

    Even AP is fessing up now:

    Alone at controls, co-pilot sought to ‘destroy’ the plane:

  • Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit before crash in France

    03/26/2015 8:21:26 AM PDT · 346 of 372
    George Varnum to varialectio

    Just spoke with a Friend who is conversant in French; she just saw an interview on FOX with a French Prosecutor who revealed (in French) that the Co Pilot of that doomed German plane was a Sufi Muslim, converted in Germany and a member of a terrorist cell associated with the 9/11 gang.
    The Translator conveniently left that part out of the English translation.

    If that’s true it would confirm my suspicions, as well as raise some salient questions;
    If this dude was a know member of a terror cell, what the Gehenna was he doing aboard that plane, never mind in the cockpit??!!

    Also heard on FOX that while this Saheed was in training, he took an extended sabbatical for some reason.
    Gee; I wonder if it was during the Haj by any chance?

    Did anyone else who poly-vues le Frace’ catch that interview?
    Is it still up on line or has it been scrubbed?

  • Copts beheaded in Libya, Copt burned alive in Egypt

    02/19/2015 10:22:24 AM PST · 4 of 7
    George Varnum to Sean_Anthony

    Al Sissi seems to be cutting the Copts a little more slack than Morsi did, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for Egyptian “Police” to do much to protect or avenge ongoing Muslim savagry against them any time soon.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that he was upset over the slaughter of the 21 Christian Martyrs in Libya, but not at all surprised that the Obeyme regime is trying to suppress their reaction against ISIL and refuses to share intel with them.

    Read something recently where Jordan and Egypt were forming a coalition with Israel to combat the Black Flag gang...
    with their combined talent they might not need Caliph Obeyme or his CIA.

    The buzzards, I suspect, are gathering for the feast.

    Are they circling over the plains of Meggido yet?

  • Russian bomber flew inland over Cornwall, witness claims

    02/19/2015 10:11:09 AM PST · 14 of 27
    George Varnum to skeeter

    I’ve been looking up halfways expecting to see one over Maine.

    Those counter rotating turboprops must make a fairly distinctive sound, don’t they?

    They look a lot like a B-52 with 4 blenders strapped on to the wings.

    What is that long rod sticking out of the nose - electronics or a cannon?

  • US Army Veterans, Westerners Join Christian Militia to Fight ISIS

    02/15/2015 2:54:49 PM PST · 8 of 10
    George Varnum to KarlInOhio

    If this Warrior survives and returns to the US I would not be surprised if Obama’s gestapo is waiting for him at the airport and he spends the rest of his life in a federal prison.

    When and if the fight is over there his best bet would probably be to try to seek political asylum and refugee status in Israel and join the IDF.

    He is likely committed for the duration at this point.

  • ISIS SEIZES RAMADI CITY 300 US Marines Trapped at Base Contact With Base Lost

    02/12/2015 4:52:07 PM PST · 254 of 350
    George Varnum to Talisker

    RE #187; Now there’s a whole flock o’ whoop-ass!!!

  • Likud Press Conference to Expose Obama-Labor Link

    02/03/2015 5:41:53 PM PST · 26 of 27
    George Varnum to Kenny Bunk

    Kenny Bunk as in the Dirigo State?
    If so, I’m just a ways North up heah in Monmouth.

    I have been familiar with the Obeyme/Odinga connection for quite some time.

    Our Caliph has a long track record of sticking his Islamofascist dingus into the affairs of other countries in order to overthrow their governments and convert them into hard core Sharia dominant gulags where Christians are exterminated or persecuted to extinction. That’s what his whole “Arab Spring” operation was about, and it seems to have succeeded, by and large. His Muzbroze lost Egypt but I’m sure his shills, spooks and rumpswabs are running around over there skulking about for ways to take it back for them so Egypt can get back on the task of wiping Israel off the map. If he can overthrow Israel from within - as he’s currently trying to do - it will save the Ummah a lot of ordnance, but I don’t think God is ready to let that happen just yet.

  • Likud Press Conference to Expose Obama-Labor Link

    02/01/2015 8:47:24 AM PST · 24 of 27
    George Varnum to Kenny Bunk

    How well I remember the Odinga debacle.

    I fully expected the same level of bloodshed here in Omerikka had Obama failed to steal either one of his elections.

    Ferguson and associated “unrest” could have just been a small micro warning of what to expect if the Communist / Islamic coalition does not get their way.

    I like your article; mind if I steal it? Who should i give credit to?
    If you didn’t write it, do you have a link to source?

  • Cop Who Shot Off His Own Finger Points the Finger at Gun Shop

    01/21/2015 5:19:01 AM PST · 29 of 83
    George Varnum to Pollster1

    During my training to be an NRA certified Range Safety Officer, the Instructor told us that anti gun anti freedom useful idiots were going to gun shows and when no one was looking sneaked live rounds into guns they were “looking at” hoping to cause just such an accident in order to advance their agenda.

    I have very little doubt but what they prowl around gun shops as well.

    Don’t put anything past these shills, and counter them with obsessive compulsive SAFETY procedures at all times!

    The left has an Army of highly motivated shills out there, to include most of the “Students” in the academic gulags. If you are ever in a Gun Shop and see someone of college age hanging around, keep a close eye on them!

  • Muslim Leaders to Hold Stand with the Prophet Rally in Texas

    01/15/2015 4:37:52 PM PST · 169 of 172
    George Varnum to Big Red Badger



  • Muslim Leaders to Hold Stand with the Prophet Rally in Texas

    01/14/2015 1:42:43 PM PST · 160 of 172
    George Varnum to Big Red Badger

    Do we have the same name?

  • Muslim Leaders to Hold Stand with the Prophet Rally in Texas

    01/14/2015 1:33:44 PM PST · 159 of 172
    George Varnum to WayneS

    Re “..herd of pigs loose in the convention hall...”

    Get caught pulling a “racist hate crime” like that and you’ll never see the outside of a federal cage again.

    Chances are your cellmate will be a randy 400 lb. Muchumaddean, too.

  • Muslim Leaders to Hold Stand with the Prophet Rally in Texas

    01/13/2015 7:13:31 AM PST · 124 of 172
    George Varnum to Eleutheria5

    Re your #106: “There will be a counter demo. They will attack it.”

    If what typically happens in Euristan is any indication, the Police will go out for donuts or stand there picking their butts while the Muzzies beat on the counter protestors.

    As soon as the Kafir start defending themselves and whooping Muslim tail, however, suddenly legions of gendarmes will appear as if from no where and go to work on the Kafir, hauling them off (after a good gassing, tazing, and beating) to jail where they will be stripped, draped with a paper hospital johnnie and pitched into a cage full of swarthy, woody Muslim bucks. At least that’s what they do in England.

    Anyone who thinks they are going to put this Jihad down using their tactical options had better plan on overthrowing their own bloody government first... and good luck with that, Rambo!

  • Muslim Leaders to Hold Stand with the Prophet Rally in Texas

    01/13/2015 6:56:48 AM PST · 119 of 172
    George Varnum to driftless2

    Re yur #76: “In the spirit of the event, they’ll launch a few rockets at a synogogue,...”

    I hope you’re joking, but I do suspect that this “rally” will more than likely morph into a “demonstration”, which in turn will require very little provocation (and a sign defaming the prophet or a slice of bacon tossed into their midst will probably do it) to escalate into a riot.

    These Islamicists are more likely than not spoiling for confrontation, and at the very least intimidating the local Kafir.

    If and when they do go ballistic, we might get to see how that whole Cowboys and Muslims thing works out.

  • The Boehner for speaker whip count [14 against so far]

    01/05/2015 1:28:47 PM PST · 150 of 487
    George Varnum to tennmountainman

    Re your #76:

    “Has anyone been fired, retired, gone to jail over what Gowdy’s Committee has discovered?”

    I’m not holding my breath, nor am I expecting any of this “Bombshell evidence” about Caliph Obeyme’s foreign born criminal usurper Saudi plant domestic enemy status to make a piddle spit of difference either.

  • The Boehner for speaker whip count [14 against so far]

    01/05/2015 1:13:30 PM PST · 137 of 487
    George Varnum to Jim Robinson; ROCKLOBSTER; mainemom

    I just got a call back from “Matt”, Congressman Bruce Poliquin’s Campaign Manager and I assume current Congressional Staff Member - Chief of Staff perhaps (?).

    He is using his personal cell phone number until they get their offices set up and running over the next few days; in the meantime the contact numbers for former Congressman Mike Micheaud will remain active, as they go with the office and don’t change with the occupant thereof.

    The long and the short of it is that Bruce will be voting to keep Speaker John Boehner in office, as that is what he feels is best for the Constituents of the Second District.
    Obviously we disagree about that.

    The other contenders, he feels, are non viable.

    Yolo is a virtual unknown (I’ve never heard of the guy) and Louis Gomert “has no chance of winning” (where have we heard that before?).

    Not quoting Matt here, but I get the impression that BP regards Gomert as a Radical Right Wing Extremist of some sort who might go off and say something that would offend someone and embarrass the hell out of the Establishment Country Club elite, and we all know we simply can’t have that, now can we?

    Apparently the GOP National Committee had dedicated $600,000 to Bruce’s campaign, but then yanked it back shortly prior to the election.

    Yet his loyalty seems to remain firmly with the establishment.

    Go figure, Maine.

    I still respect and like Cong. Poliquin, but I’ve gotta tell ya; I’m wikkid disappointed right now.

  • Fintona, County Tyrone: 80-metre wind turbine collapses ('unusual' event as winds were light)

    01/03/2015 9:51:08 PM PST · 48 of 54
    George Varnum to E. Pluribus Unum

    Don Quiote finally SCORES!!!!

  • Is anybody watching the History Channel's Revelation: The End of Days?

    12/30/2014 8:09:01 PM PST · 51 of 109
    George Varnum to P-Marlowe

    You lasted longer than I did.

    Looks like a junior high school cinematography project gone horribly wrong.

    Seen a lot better end times prophecy dramatizations on You Tube.

    Was looking forward to it, but it was a major disappointment.

    Bloody awful.

  • The NO Rush Limbaugh Show,M-F,12NOONPM-3PM,EST,December 29-January 2,2014-15,WOR AM

    12/29/2014 8:32:27 AM PST · 14 of 371
    George Varnum to NonValueAdded


    I used to be an avid Rush fan, but he’s been losing me over the past year or two; his show is becoming one long infomercal for his books, tea, and whatever it is he happen$ to be pitching, frequently interrupted by annoying ads, with long worn out, painfully trite cliché’s scattered about like leggos blocks strewn across the parlor floor.

    Some listeners might enjoy his long drawn out bloviations about golf and football; I do not.
    They have stations dedicated to sports; if I want to hear about sports that’s what I’ll tune in to.
    As soon as rush starts on one of his sports rants I jump on the frequency dial and find something else to listen to.

    Very seldom do I tune him in at noon time, and when I do it’s often not for very long.

    The only time I actually enjoy the show any more is when Mark Stein is sub hosting, and then its’ a hoot.

    As much as I hate to say it, I really wish that El Rushbo would go into well deserved retirement and let Stein inherit the whole show.

    If that ever happens, I’ll be back.

  • Protesters Near Ferguson Injure Cops with Bricks, Explosives After Officer Kills Armed 18-Yr-Old

    12/24/2014 11:10:22 PM PST · 32 of 43
    George Varnum to Salvation

    How many of the Africanesque residents of this and other cities, percentage wise, are Muslim “Converts” do you suppose?

    How closely are the inner city Jihad cells associated with the street gangs?

    Islam is apparently aggressively proselytizing in the prison system and a lot of the inmates are coming out Muslim.

    How many of the perps involved in attacks on Police in NYC of late just happened to be of the “Allahu Achbwah” persuasion?

    The Muslim influence in Ferguson wasn’t all that subtle IMHO and I would be surprised if the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t involved in organizing and promoting a lot of this “racial discord” in order to advance an “American Spring” revolution and take over.

    Can there be any doubt that Caliph Obeyme and his regime are right on board with the American Spring Islamic revolutionary agenda?

    The Communists who were behind all the riots in the 1960s and 70s are still in the game but now allied with the Islamic Supremacists.

    It’s a little more complicated now, but every bit as dangerous.