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  • Infallibility

    05/21/2012 12:47:13 PM PDT · 174 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos; xone

    On Judgment Day, I will have to answer to Jesus Christ.

    Let me quote Sarah Palin again, “If I die, I die; so be it!”

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    05/21/2012 9:37:42 AM PDT · 172 of 181
    gghd to swampfox101; Religion Moderator; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos; xone

    Self-pope: All of us Roman Catholics will treat you like the Roman Catholic Pope is treated =

    You can wash our >feet.

    Name the time & place = we’ll show up.

    A warning, self-pope = I gots me some real man-feet = big >super-stinky feet with hairy-ugly man-toes.

    The Pope provides the soap & water + the towel to dry our feet. (you will need some >smelling-salts when I take off the shoes & socks from my >man feet.

    Self-pope = your new title can be ‘feet washin’ self-pope’ as it has a nice-sound to it = a life of service instead of snark.

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    05/21/2012 7:40:57 AM PDT · 168 of 181
    gghd to swampfox101; Religion Moderator; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Please see comment #155. On freerepublic, the ‘Self-Pope’ be a ‘Self-Pope’ whether the ‘Self-Pope’ believes in popes or not.

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    05/21/2012 7:34:14 AM PDT · 167 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    This is a question about the guidelines on freerepublic for Religion Moderators:

    1. Is it permissible to ask for another persons’ qualifications to make ‘pope like’ pronouncements about the Christian scriptures?

    2. There many people in the world who are not schooled in a religious institution. They are actually just >self appointed experts.
    Harold Camping is a perfect example of such a person.
    There is a long list of public figures both famous & infamous, who work as Protestant ministers or have pretended to be Protestant ministers, yet have NO NO special education concerning the Bible or religion.

    I bought a $1 Bible at the OneBuck&noMo’ store. It’s a Protestant NIV Bible. Amazing price & I bought it to carry in my work truck as I didn’t want to risk ruining a more expensive Catholic Bible. (It’s always good to be able to ‘study on the word’ when you can.)

    The point of the points 1 & 2 is: For one dollar someone can buy a Bible & pretend to be a ‘Biblical-scholar’ just by quoting scripture. Anyone that has read the Bible can see in anti-Catholic comments that many people posting have >NO NO understanding of the Bible.

    3. Have the Religion Moderators considered allowing Roman Catholics to be able to specifically ask anti-Catholic posters their specific qualifications?
    Looking over numerous anti-Catholic comments it is possible to see that someone can spout complete anti-Catholic nonsense & claim scripture as its basis.

    4. It’s bogus & deceitful for freerepublic to allow such nonsense to occur without allowing Roman Catholics to ask for ‘qualifications’ & to ‘specifically’ point out, what the poster is saying is complete nonsense.

    5. The point being: ‘Someone for $1 can buy a Bible, quote scripture, pose as a Bible-believing Christian, spout complete nonsense & post anti-Catholic comments on freerepublic.
    Roman Catholics are not allowed to actually question the ‘posers that be posing.’

    6. As a Roman Catholic it does not seem to be very equitable to me. After all, Roman Catholics have a >visible Church that has been in existence for >2,000 years, have >actually written the Bible as inspired by the Holy Spirit & has a gazillion (at least) books & articles explaining Catholic teachings.

    7. There seems to be a difference between a ‘poser’ with a $1 Bible. & The visible = 2,000 year old Church with 1.2 BILLION people formally Baptized into it.
    The Roman Catholic is obligated to post authentic teaching. The poser with a $1 Bible can post whatever suits his fancy that day & use scripture inappropriately to write anti-Catholic comments.

    8. Being able to ask questions of anti-Catholic commentators may shine the True Light of Eternal Truth onto the comment section of freerepublic threads.

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    05/21/2012 6:40:53 AM PDT · 165 of 181
    gghd to swampfox101; Religion Moderator; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Actually, I’m addressing the Religion Moderator for clarification on the ‘guidelines’ on freerepublic that seem to apply to Roman Catholics >only.

    The other Monikers are included for the sake of politeness to let some people know about a discussion taking place on this thread.

    I believe in the ‘comment box’ I’m suppose to address you as the ‘The Self-Pope’ & I apologize to the ‘The Self-Pope’ for any confusion.

  • Infallibility

    05/21/2012 5:58:58 AM PDT · 163 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    This comment for the Religion Moderators is NOT NOT alluding to anyone in this thread. It is a general observation I’m making about people that attack or mock the Roman Catholic Church.

    It seems some people are posting on a >Catholic thread out of sheer >Malice. There is NO NO NO attempt to have a religious dialogue.

    Let me quote a Jesuit Priest from a Catechism, the Priest wrote himself. (The Priest wrote a number of books & articles)
    >In part, “Pastoral Psychologists...have also connected homosexuality with disoriented relations between child and parents, and with imbalance sense of guilt, >exorbitant >malice, and inner depression.”

    The Roman Catholic Church has 1.2 billion people alive today that have been given a ‘Catholic Baptism formally.’ The Catholic Church has a problem with homosexual activity by people in the Church. (It’s in the news.)

    The Roman Catholic Church teaches that God loves >everyone & homosexuals can enter Heaven too. The sin is in homosexual activity NOT NOT with being a homosexual.

    The old chestnut: God loves the sinner and hates the sin.

    At the moment in the USA, homosexuals are attacking the institutions in our society. The Roman Catholic Church as representing Jesus Christ has repeated pointed out that homosexual activity is a sin.

    There are numerous places where the Catholic Church is being >attacked for its Biblical opposition to homosexual activity.
    It’s in the news that homosexuals are continually attacking & mocking the Catholic Church.

    1. Do the Religion Moderators actually look for >malice in any comments that >attack & mock the Catholic Church?

    The ‘thick skin’ policy on open forums seem to apply to ‘The Catholics Only.’ BUT, Exorbitant Malice seems to be in a number of the anti-Catholic postings as there is just mocking & hatred with NO NO intent to dialogue about religious beliefs.

    2. Does freerepublic permit >malice in the comments posted on any of the threads?

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    05/20/2012 11:06:26 PM PDT · 160 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Religion Moderator, you have permission to look at >all my comments on freerepublic.

    I don’t typically address comments such as is found in #158.

    I don’t know with certainty swampfox’s opinion of Jesus Christ. It’s for God to look into swampfox’s heart.

    The comment was >not offered to offend >But to make a needed point.

    In Catholic Church & much of Christianity = The Church is considered the Body of Jesus Christ. & To insult the Church is to insult Jesus Christ.

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    05/20/2012 10:57:23 PM PDT · 159 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    What is the Religion Moderator’s opinion of post #158?

    Are >Catholics able to post comments in the same manner as Catholic-haters?

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    05/20/2012 10:53:48 PM PDT · 158 of 181
    gghd to swampfox101

    Self-pope of an armchair church that despises Jesus.

  • Infallibility

    05/20/2012 10:52:17 PM PDT · 157 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Please refer to post #147 & #148. I personally interpreted those two posts as a >gloating comments as though >swampfox considered the Religion Moderator to be choosing his side in a dispute against a >Catholic.

    The comment ‘who’s crying...’ leads me to think >swampfox was the crybaby in this dispute.

    + Rather than a long comment where I use swampfox’s name, it appears I can make short ‘snarky’ comments based on your guidelines & what is permitted to >Catholic haters.

    For instance:
    I could simple address the comment to >swampfox & then in the body of the comment say,
    Self pope of a church that despises Jesus.

    Since swampfox was allowed to post such a comment without admonishment in #130, let me demonstrate it for you.

  • Infallibility

    05/20/2012 10:41:29 PM PDT · 156 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Thank you for your reply:

    As I understand your reply. I can refer to members of the swampfox armchair church as that is the only possible way to identify swampfox-armchair-church from the other ‘self-churches’ in the world.

    Example: Many Churches in the world use a modifier to distinguish their church from other churches with the same name = Baptist, free-will Baptist, Southern Baptist.

    Self-pope can be numerous people. & I do not see in freerepublic guidelines where using a person’s name is prohibited = especially when that person is addressed with an honorable title of pope.

    I do believe, freerepublic should encourage clarity of thought as one of its goals. Self-pope in a series of comments does not lead to ‘clarity’ when addressing a particular church such as swampfox’s ‘self-pope armchair church.’

    The Religion Moderator has mentioned to >me specifically about being offended with insults to my Church.
    To set the record straight: I would like the >same latitude to address the pope-name people of other churches.

    As I have said before: There seems to be an animosity towards the Catholic Church & >Catholics which allows >hate mongers to hate >Catholics with impunity.

    I also suspect that >swampfox was the true >crybaby in this discussion about >pope-swampfox’s armchair church. Pope-swampfox was not here to discuss any religion dispute. I personally thought pope-swampfox was here to >hate.

    The standards the Religion Moderator has set in this thread are NOT completely set out in the guidelines. Do the Religion Moderators have a >separate guideline sheet or do the Religion Moderators ‘make things up’ as they go along with specific general items set by the guidelines.

    I ask because there does seem to be a general tolerance for hate mongering against >Catholics with supposedly >prohibited pronouns. BUT, when a Catholic uses the same pronoun against a hate-monger, the moderator steps in to the thread.

    Please compared post #130 with the comment I was admonished about.

  • Infallibility

    05/20/2012 9:53:12 PM PDT · 154 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Thank you for your reply.

    As I understand your reply:

    1. I’m allowed to criticize ‘the pope of swampfox’s armchair church.’

    2. I’m allowed to say ‘pope-swampfox’s armchair church teaches false doctrine.’

    3. I’m allowed to say, ‘the pope of swampfox’s armchair church sounds similar to ‘Harold Camping of end of the world fame.’

    + I have >specifically heard Harold Camping on his Radio Programs make specific anti-Catholic statements. & Harold Camping has professed a Predestination view of Salvation with a very limited number of people entering Heaven.
    As you must have read comment #130 by now, pope-swampfox thinks only 6-8 million people are part of the ‘Lord’s Church.’
    That is an amazing >exclusionary number out of 7 Billion people on earth.
    As an observation, that number sounds more like a >cult-religion. Cults are discussed on freerepublic. = Please, don’t consider it a ‘personal statement’ directed to someone. Please consider it simply a descriptive term found on freerepublic.

    4. When people deny membership in >any visible church, the only option left is to refer to them as ‘their name & armchair church.’ ‘Or as pope-name.’

    5. Pope-swampfox was posting as the authority on scripture. That’s why I referred to him as ‘pope of scriptures’ & ‘pope of his armchair church.’

    Religion Moderator, I did NOT NOT see in the guidelines where ‘asking a question over & over was considered
    badgering.’ I thought it was extremely deceitful for pope-swampfox to deny any >visible church & then complain when we asked him (as pope of his own church) about his views.

    I repeatedly ask deceitful pope-swampfox to explain where he learned his view of the scriptures. The fact he was so evasive about radio-preachers led me to ask the question 3 times.

    Also, as a general question:
    ‘Are Religion Moderators members of a church or Religion that is hostile to the Roman Catholic Church.’
    In my opinion based on two admonishments & viewing numerous comments by people that >hate the Catholic Church, there is a definite animosity towards the Catholic Church by at least one if not more Religion Moderators.

    For the record: I was arguing with pope-swampfox as though he was a >pope of sorts. = The pope of his peewee armchair church & pope of the scriptures.

    In the Roman Catholic Church, the title pope is one of honor. I do believe that pope-swampfox should be honored when Catholics refer to him as pope!!!

    Thank you for your time. It’s a difficult job trying to be a Religion Moderator on a Roman Catholic thread where >hate-mongers are allowed to post insults against Catholics & the Catholic Church with impunity.

  • Everybody Draw Mohammed Day 2012 Public Service Announcement

    05/20/2012 1:25:19 PM PDT · 6 of 12
    gghd to procrustes

    Before anyone makes an attempt at drawing Mohammed. They should read freerepublic thread: “Why invent Mohammed,” May 18, 2012.
    Maybe, Mohammed didn’t exist as currently depicted.

  • The Corporal Works of Mercy [Catholic Caucus]

    05/20/2012 1:04:35 PM PDT · 4 of 7
    gghd to Salvation

    RE: Matthew 25. Straight from the Heart of God into your heart. & Then, through your hands & computer to our computer screens. Praise God.

    I heard a Priest from Kenya on EWTN say something like this, “The longest journey anyone can make is moving the Word of God from the brain down into the heart.”

  • The Spiritual Works of Mercy [Catholic Caucus]

    05/20/2012 12:58:10 PM PDT · 4 of 11
    gghd to Salvation

    RE: To bear wrongs patiently. Sometimes the Vicar of Jesus Christ makes available a Plenary Indulgence for >baring a Sword & banging on heads.

    Jesus Christ had great zeal for His Father’s house. Jesus braided a whip & then drove out the money-changers out of his father’s house.

    There are a large number of people that have turned Religion into a money making business. It’s based on a >’send me your money’ type of religion. The ‘Prosperity Gospel’ is the most egregious example.

    Proverbs 21: 6, ‘He who makes a fortune by a lying tongue is chasing a bubble over deadly snares.’

  • A bikers point of view

    05/20/2012 12:11:09 PM PDT · 2 of 17
    gghd to Halo-JM

    Good video.

    + The people running the government are presented to us as the ‘best/brightest/smartest’ = Our government leaders are intentionally destroying the USA as we know it.

  • Infallibility

    05/20/2012 11:37:31 AM PDT · 151 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Thank you for being a Religion Moderator.

    Why was swampfox allowed to say, “It’s >You, the Catholic Church and the pope that >”dispise” Christ & His word?”
    Yet, I was warned for saying, “you don’t understand it.”

    There seems to be >a great difference in the two comments.
    Your answer does not explain it.

    As to choosing sides:
    Please see swampfox comments #147 & 148.
    Religion Moderator, >I believe you choose sides when Roman Catholics are defending their Church.

    Please review: comment #130 again.

    In fact, I would ask you to go back and re-read all of swampfox’s comments. I see them as >personal attacks.

    Do you the Religion Moderator see swampfox’s comments as expressing the love for Jesus Christ?

    Religion Moderator, if you have read all of swampfox’s comments = you’d realize ALL my comments are about his ‘armchair church.’ Swampfox is presenting himself as the >only member of his church. Swampfox is presenting himself as ‘the pope of his armchair church.’

    I keep asking ‘the pope of swampfox’s armchair church’ to explain his religious beliefs & his faith formation. I’m very curious how swampfox became ‘pope of his armchair church.’ I consider it to be a legitimate question.

    I also, think people that claim ‘Christianity’ as their religion should NOT NOT be deceitful as to their >religious beliefs & their faith formation.

    Religion Moderator: Why can swampfox >attack the Pope of the Catholic Church but we are >admonished for asking questions of the ‘pope of swampfox armchair church?’

    Also, just looking at comments #147 & #148, it appears as the though the ‘pope of swampfox’s armchair church,’ thinks you have sided with him.

  • Infallibility

    05/20/2012 10:38:36 AM PDT · 146 of 181
    gghd to Natural Law

    Thank you for your >EXCELLENT Catholic advice.

  • Infallibility

    05/20/2012 10:27:50 AM PDT · 145 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Thank you for your reply. & Thank you for being a Moderator.

    I’ve looked at the guidelines before, and it didn’t answer basic questions I asked.

    1. Are Roman Catholics judged by a different standard than other people on freerepublic by the >Religion Moderator?

    2. Do Religion Moderator choose sides when someone attacks the Catholic Church?

    3. Why was swampfox101 allowed to make personal attacks? Was my observation more dire than his attacks?

    4. Thank you for telling me that the Religion Moderator responds to >complaints.

    My observation: Swampfox101 was enjoying throwing hateful-rocks at >me, other Catholics & the Catholic Church. But, he was unwilling in a deceitful manner to explain his ‘religion’ & his faith formation.

    There are a lot of evil-crybabies in the world.

    Deceitful people do not want to answer these questions:

    1. Do you believe in Predestination?
    2. Are you ‘Born Again’ & baptized by the Holy Spirit?
    3. Is there an >actual real church we can see with our own >eyes that teaches the >Truth from Jesus Christ? Or, are you the ‘pope of your own armchair church?’
    4. Are your religious views formed by a preacher on the >radio.

    There is an >infamously >wrong radio-preacher by the name of Harold Camping on Family Radio Stations. Swampfox101 sounds a lot like ‘Harold, the world is going to end >twice now!!! so it’s time to >>>>send me your money—, Camping.’

  • Infallibility

    05/20/2012 9:22:36 AM PDT · 142 of 181
    gghd to Religion Moderator; swampfox101; Salvation; Natural Law; Cronos

    Thank you for being a Moderator.

    Another question:

    Does the Moderator read >all comments? Or, does the Moderator just respond to complaints?

    I believe Swampfox was being asked to >explain his views & he has been avoiding that as he is constantly >hating on Catholics & the Catholic Church.

    I do not think swampfox is actually a Christian in the commonly understood use of the word. My opinion is swampfox has the religion of >hate, particularly for catholics & the Catholic Church.

    1. How does the Moderator respond to comments in a thread? There are numerous >personal attacks by swampfox that received no >public scolding.