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  • WV: Public Comment Period Open for "Dangerous Wild Animal" List

    07/17/2014 12:04:12 PM PDT · by gieriscm · 36 replies
    WV Secretary of State / USARK ^ | 7/2/14 | WV Secretary of State
    In lieu of a public hearing, a comment period has been established during which any interested person may send comments concerning these proposed rules. This comment period will end on August 1, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. Only written comments will be accepted and are to be mailed to the following address: WV Department of Agriculture 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East Charleston, WV 25305
  • Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) - It's not about Trade, it's about Control

    04/17/2009 5:47:33 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 3 replies · 376+ views
    Front Sight Magazine ^ | May, 2009 | Robin Taylor
    If you're lucky, you have never heard of the "International Trade in Arms Regulation" treaty, or ITAR. Administered by the State Department through something called the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), this treaty is supposed to keep track of "defense" exports. Unfortunately, what you don't know is about to hurt you. Unintended Consequences DDTC's ITAR process hummed along out of the public view for years, focusing on the major international trade in firearms and military equipment until President Bush II moved to make the directorate 75 percent self-funding. In one fell stroke, he gave the agency the power to...
  • Heller Case on Radio Show Today

    04/04/2009 9:25:00 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 7 replies · 479+ views
    self ^ | 04/04/2009 | self
    Dane von Breichenruchardt and Dick Heller are going to be on The Micro Effect radio show today at 3 pm EST to discuss the next Heller case. You can listen live at the site.
  • WV Voters: Contact Del Webster re HB 3007 (mine)

    03/24/2009 9:46:50 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 22 replies · 618+ views
    Delegate Miller's Web Site ^ | 03/24/2009 | Delegate Jonathan Miller
    Below is a message from Delegate Craig Blair. He needs your help to get House Bill 3007, the Random Drug Testing of Welfare, Food Stamps, and Unemployment Recipients Bill, passed... It is with a heavy heart that I must report that Chairperson Carrie Webster believes that there is not enough public support to take up and consider House Bill 3007, the Random Drug Testing of Welfare, Food Stamps and Unemployment Recipients bill. In a recent article, she stated, "her office had not received no calls or e-mails on the issue". In the same article she stated, "If it is really...
  • Wait a second... you want to blame ME for the financial crisis?

    03/22/2009 7:42:24 PM PDT · by gieriscm · 40 replies · 1,402+ views
    ARFCOM GD Board ^ | 03/22/2009 | Austrian
    I currently manage a medium sized hedge fund (long/short equity). The current populist uproar is absolute insanity. I don't know how else to say it. You are never going to legislate away greed. Period. It is part of the human psyche. That's all there is to it. You can either fight it, or use it. Incentives work. This is why. Let's step back a minute and think about why and how this happened: 1. Starting back in the 1970s Congress addressed discrimination in mortgage lending (which was really a serious problem) with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975. This...
  • Liberals Use Supreme Court Gun Case to Bolster Other Rights

    02/24/2009 8:00:09 AM PST · by gieriscm · 29 replies · 1,346+ views
    Legal Times ^ | 02/24/2009 | Tony Mauro
    The Supreme Court's 2008 ruling in D.C. v. Heller was a constitutional earthquake, breathing life into the Second Amendment as a guarantee of an individual right to bear arms. But the aftershock of that decision is beginning to transform the constitutional landscape well beyond gun rights, in ways that have liberals cheering and even joining hands with one-time adversaries like the National Rifle Association. In a follow-on case pending before the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a progressive legal group and liberal law professors including Yale Law School's Jack Balkin earlier this month joined gun-rights advocates in urging that...
  • Ex-official's guns legal, lawyer says

    01/12/2009 9:24:38 AM PST · by gieriscm · 15 replies · 906+ views
    Press of Atlantic City ^ | 01/10/2009 | Steven Lemongello
    The attorney for former Northfield zoning official Stephen Goldstein - arrested last year on multiple weapons charges after police discovered an Uzi and what they said was a "sawed-off" shotgun in his house - said Friday that the reason prosecutors decided to offer a plea deal on lesser charges was that both guns were actually legal. Atlantic County Prosecutor Ted Housel, however, said the Uzi was not legal but that Goldstein might have honestly believed it was due to confusion over its registration status. As for the shotgun, "It fell (inside) of the legal parameters by an inch or so."
  • SureFire Files False Advertising Lawsuit Against Advanced Armament Corp

    Santa Ana, CA – SureFire, LLC manufactures gun silencers (suppressors) and other related products for use with firearms. SureFire filed a Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. 1125(a), false advertising claim at the Central District of California (Santa Ana Division) against Advanced Armament Corp. (“AAC”). The lawsuit arises out of a comparative advertisement by AAC which features cutaway views of two side-by-side silencers. The advertisements have allegedly been published in magazines such as Combat Hanguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, and Tactical Weapons. The complaint alleges that although the pictured product is identified as a “Competitor Brand Silencer,” it is immediately...
  • Two Northern Virginia Gun Range Owners Support Anti's?!?!

    12/19/2008 8:57:43 AM PST · by gieriscm · 24 replies · 1,677+ views
    self | 12/19/2008 | self
    Is there something in the water in northern Virginia? From Chantilly, VA: Blue Ridge Arsenal owner, on CBS News: Then there's a new range that opened in Ashburn, VA just a few weeks ago. The place is called the Silver Eagle Group. Pricey place, think country club atmosphere except there's an indoor range instead of golf course. Here are the recent campaign contributions of SEG's owners: Marquez, Scott HERNDON, VA20171$400 05/12/2008 P HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT - Democrat Marquez, Scott HERNDON, VA 20171MVM, Inc./Security Services$2,300 01/28/2008 P GERRY CONNOLLY FOR CONGRESS - Democrat (1) Marquez, Dario Jr. MVM...
  • D.C. Gun Regulations Finalized

    12/17/2008 9:17:57 AM PST · by gieriscm · 19 replies · 1,235+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 12/17/2008 | Gary Emerling
    The D.C. Council on Tuesday gave final approval to regulations governing guns in the District, six months after the Supreme Court struck down the city's decades-old ban on handguns. "It's been a pretty comprehensive effort, and I think we've got a good, balanced program that balances safety with the Second Amendment right to have a handgun for self-defense in the home," D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles said. The council unanimously passed legislation requiring D.C. gun owners to register their weapons every three years and go through a background check every six years.
  • Washington, DC Proposed Gun Regs Worse than Reported!

    12/08/2008 5:20:50 AM PST · by gieriscm · 25 replies · 1,392+ views
    12/08/2008 | self
    A BILL 17-843 IN THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA To amend the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 to revise the definitions of the terms firearm, machine gun, pistol, and sawed-off shotgun, to add definitions for the terms assault weapon, intrafamily offense, magazine, and place of business, to provide a self-defense exemption for temporary possession of a firearm registered to another person within the registrant's home, to provide for the registration of pistols for use in self-defense within the home, to prohibit the registration of assault weapons and certain designated unsafe firearms, to increase the time period for...
  • Dems Want to Data Mine e-4473 Information

    10/28/2008 9:08:23 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 54 replies · 2,169+ views
    The Outdoors Wire ^ | 10/27/2008
    The Outdoor Wire has confirmed from confidential sources that the "transition team" for the Democratic candidate has already begun looking into the current approval system for firearms transactions. It seems the digital recordkeeping approval recently granted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has piqued their curiosity. With a virtual Form 4473 in existence, we should be on the lookout for a new record-keeping initiative that will "simplify" the hassles of off-site digital record storage by allowing FFLs to, say, store the information on secure governmental servers. Of course, the government will never access the information.
  • New 4473's - Important Changes for Stripped Receivers

    10/22/2008 7:12:39 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 53 replies · 2,479+ views
    ATF | 10/22/2008 | self
    The new ATF 4473's are arriving at gun dealers around the country. The new yellow forms are supposed to be used no later than November 15. There is an important difference between the new forms and the old forms. The old forms only differentiated between "Long Gun" and "Handgun". The new forms have another category "Other" which covers stripped receivers. From the instructions that go with the new form: If a frame or receiver can only be made into a long gun (rifle or shotgun) it is still a frame or receiver not a handgun or long gun. However they...
  • CA Law Enforcement: Please Help Support Nordyke RKBA Incorporation

    10/03/2008 5:37:37 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 4 replies · 916+ views ^ | October 3, 2008 | Bill Wiese
    The ongoing Nordyke case being heard in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has very favorable chances of getting the 2nd/RKBA "incorporated" under the 14th Amendment. This is the case that brings Heller out from just D.C. This case wpn't just be about California: it's a key step to 'locking in' the 2nd nationally. Some Law Enforcement associations - or at least their political leadership - will be opposing Incorporation of the 2nd Amendment. We suspect that isn't the position that most line officers, deputies and chiefs actually support. Thus, in support of the Nordyke appeal, we urgently need members...
  • Audit: ATF lost 76 weapons, hundreds of laptops

    09/17/2008 6:20:54 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 28 replies · 216+ views
    Associated Press via Yahoo ^ | September 17, 2008 | LARA JAKES JORDAN
    WASHINGTON - The ATF lost 76 weapons and hundreds of laptops over five years, the Justice Department reported Wednesday, blaming carelessness and sloppy record-keeping. ... "It is especially troubling that that ATF's rate of loss for weapons was nearly double that of the FBI and DEA, and that ATF did not even know whether most of its lost, stolen, or missing laptop computers contained sensitive or classified information," he added. ... Compared to weapons loss rates for the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration, the ATF misplaced almost twice as many guns. ... The Justice Department's report can be found at:...
  • (DC) Mayor Fenty, Council Announce New Emergency Legislation to Amend the District's Gun Law

    09/16/2008 11:44:18 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 23 replies · 306+ views
    Washington, DC Mayor's Office ^ | September 15, 2008 | Washington, DC
    Today Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, joined by members of the Council of the District of Columbia and Acting Attorney General Peter J. Nickles introduced new emergency and temporary legislation to further amend the District’s firearms laws. “This new legislation is the second step in the process to do all that we can to minimize handgun violence in the District,” said Mayor Fenty. “These actions will continue to protect our citizens from gun violence while respecting the Second Amendment.” “We believe that any legitimate concerns by Congress on District gun laws should satisfied by the new laws,” said Acting Attorney General...
  • The bill for Heller: $3.5 million

    08/26/2008 7:28:42 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 22 replies · 238+ views
    SCOTUS Blog ^ | 08/25/2008 | Lyle Denniston
    Lawyers who won the historic Second Amendment gun rights case in the Supreme Court — District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290) — on Monday asked a federal judge to award them more than $3.5 million for attorneys’ fees, plus $13,215.30 for expenses and court costs. In a motion and memorandum filed with U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the attorneys said that they had achieved “one of the most profound and important victories available under our system of justice.” Their argument also suggested that this was a David vs. Goliath clash, with the attorneys on their far side far outnumbered...
  • State Dep't Proposes ITAR Fee Increase

    08/18/2008 10:58:04 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 10 replies · 804+ views
    Federal Register | 08/18/08 | Federal Register
    Attention Firearm and Ammunition Manufacturers and Exporters! The State Department has proposed raising the annual ITAR registration fee to $2,250. If you have *any* export activity, the minimum fee will increase to $2,750. If you apply to export items more than 10 times, the fee will be $2,750, plus $250 per export application over 10. In the final coup d' grace, State is proposing that the annual registration fee equal 3% of the total annual value of a company's export. If Dillon Aero exported 10 M134's and the export totalled $1.3M, the annual registration fee for the following year would...
  • Mugshot released of Boy Scout leader accused of sending porn to 14-year-old

    01/29/2008 4:52:55 AM PST · by gieriscm · 18 replies · 347+ views
    WIS TV ^ | 01/24/2008 | Brandi Cummings, Chantelle Janelle
    Mugshot released of Boy Scout leader accused of sending porn to 14-year-old Man accused of sexual text messages to child. Stewart Moore reports. ELGIN, SC (WIS) - An Elgin man is under arrest after officials say he sent sexual text messages to a 14-year-old boy. Elgin Police Chief Harold Brown says Russell Spitzer "had given him some porn sites, mostly gay porn sites, had discussed sexuality with him." An investigation started in late 2007, when Chief Brown says the boy's father returned from his military service overseas and learned that a relationship had started with his then 13-year-old son and...
  • DoJ Report on BATFE NFRTR Accuracy

    12/14/2007 12:13:32 PM PST · by gieriscm · 9 replies · 265+ views
    Department of Justice ^ | June, 2007 | DoJ
    RESULTS IN BRIEF We found that since 2004, the NFA Branch has improved significantly the timeliness of both processing NFA weapons applications and responding to customer inquiries. However, continuing management and technical deficiencies contribute to inaccuracies in the NFRTR database. For example, NFA Branch staff do not process applications or enter data into the NFRTR in a consistent manner, which leads to errors in records and inconsistent decisions on NFA weapons applications. In addition, the NFA Branch has a backlog of record discrepancies between the NFRTR and inventories of federal firearms licensees that were identified during ATF compliance inspections. Further,...
  • Transcript: Talkin' To America - Interview with Len Savage

    12/11/2007 7:44:11 AM PST · by gieriscm · 2 replies · 247+ views
    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ^ | 12/06/2007 | Aaron Zelman/Len Savage
    Len Savage: ...In The Gang, we talked about how after a court case, US v. Wrenn, that the ATF reconsidered a couple of my products and by reclassification which is a handy little tool they have to lean on people on me who exercise their right to free speech. What wasn't talked about The Gang was that I had a phone call with the gentleman, Mr. Nixon, that we discussed in The Gang but what wasn't said is that we had a phone call right after the Wrenn trial where I was in no uncertain terms warned not to post...
  • Amendment to HR 3093: BATFE Funding

    07/27/2007 7:14:35 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 17 replies · 686+ views
    Rep Gingrey | 07/27/07 | Rep Gingrey
    AMENDMENT TO H.R. 3093, AS REPORTED OFFERED BY MR. GINGREY OF GEORGIA At the end of the bill (before the short title), insert the following: TITLE VII—ADDITIONAL GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 701. None of the funds appropriated by this Act may be used by the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to pay the compensation of employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to test and examine firearms without written and published testing standards.
  • VCDL Alert: Tragedy at GOA

    08/01/2006 6:14:58 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 30 replies · 4,741+ views | July 31, 2006 | VCDL
    From: VCDL President Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 8:48 PM Subject: VA-ALERT: Tragedy strikes GOA --------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe or change your email address, please follow the directions at the end of this message. --------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry to bombard everyone with another alert item, but this one is time sensitive. Erich Pratt, who is the director of communications for Gun Owners of America and son of GOA's Executive Director, Larry Pratt, has just lost his 23 month old son in a tragic drowning accident. (Shortly before his death little Luke Pratt was last seen throwing a baseball in his yard and happily...
  • Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC Endorses Staton for Senate (S33)

    01/12/2006 11:05:24 AM PST · by gieriscm · 3 replies · 184+ views
    VCDL-PAC ^ | Jan 11, 2006 | VCDL-PAC
    From: Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 8:37 AM To: Subject: VA-ALERT: VCDL-PAC Endorsement -- Senate District 33 Dear VCDL Activists: This Monday, Jan 16, a primary election will be held to determine the Republican nomination for the Senate in District 33 -- parts of Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. VCDL-PAC has endorsed pro-gun MICK STATON in this race. Mick has answered the VCDL survey strongly in support of gun owners' rights. He deserves to be the next Senator from District 33. Only by electing people like MICK STATON will we be able to repeal the "restaurant ban" and enact...
  • Special Election Alert (VA S33)

    12/26/2005 3:55:12 PM PST · by gieriscm · 5 replies · 373+ views
    Staton for Senate Campaign | 12/24/2005 | Mick Staton
    By now you may have heard the news about Senator Bill Mims (R-33) accepting the position of Chief Deputy Attorney General. While his departure will surely be a loss for us in Loudoun County, we are thankful that one of our own will be assuming such enormous responsibilities for all of Virginia. With the tough losses we experienced in Loudoun County in November, I cannot stress the importance of retaining control of this seat. We must ensure that we continue to be represented by someone who steadfastly upholds the values and principles of the Republican Party. That’s why I’m running...
  • Key gun lobby sits out election (VA Gov Race)

    10/03/2005 6:19:15 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 7 replies · 647+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 10/1/2005 | By Christina Bellantoni
    A key Virginia gun rights lobby said yesterday that it will not endorse a candidate in the gubernatorial race but is urging its members not to sit out the election, as many did in 2001... Mr. Kilgore will not be seeking the group's [VCDL's] endorsement, campaign spokesman Tucker Martin said. "While we have great respect for the members of the VCDL, their President Phillip Van Cleave unfortunately has no credibility on Second Amendment issues and that is why we did not participate," Mr. Martin said, declining to elaborate.
  • NBC/ VPC .50-cal Story Sunday Night (BARF ALERT)

    06/17/2005 12:56:17 PM PDT · by gieriscm · 19 replies · 1,046+ views
    VPC Email Alert | 6-17-05 | VPC
    Dear Violence Policy Center Action Network Member: This Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern time, NBC News' Dateline is scheduled to run a story on the threat posed by 50 caliber sniper rifles. The VPC worked closely with Dateline on the piece. Also, yesterday by a vote of 278 to 149 the U.S. House of Representatives defeated Representative Jim Moran's (D-VA) amendment to ban the export of 50 caliber sniper rifles. Thank you to everyone who called their Member of Congress this week in support of the Moran amendment. To see how your Representative voted, click here:,0,3424527.story While disappointed in...
  • Gun Enthusiasts Get Ugly in California Legislative Push, Lock State Agents Out of Training Facility

    06/08/2005 7:03:16 PM PDT · by gieriscm · 99 replies · 2,088+ views
    US Newswire ^ | 06/08/2005 | Amanda Wilcox of the Million Mom March
    Gun Enthusiasts Get Ugly in California Legislative Push, Lock State Agents Out of Training Facility 6/8/2005 2:00:00 PM To: National Desk Contact: Amanda Wilcox of the Million Mom March, 530.432.2171, Peter Hamm of the Brady Campaign, 202.898.0792 SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 8 /U.S. Newswire/ -- A shooting range here has announced a ban on use of its shooting facilities by employees of the California Department of Justice because the Department is supporting two bills in the State legislature that the club opposes. The bills represent groundbreaking new ballistic identification systems which would give police new crime solving tools. Each would set...
  • Stewart Case Goes to Conference June 9 (USSC, RKBA)

    06/08/2005 6:42:11 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 57 replies · 831+ views
    USSC ^ | 06/06/05 | USSC
    No. 04-617 Title: United States, Petitioner v. Robert Wilson Stewart, Jr. Docketed: November 5, 2004 Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Case Nos.: (02-10318) Decision Date: November 13, 2003 Rehearing Denied: June 10, 2004 ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aug 27 2004 Application (04A176) to extend the time to file a petition for a writ of certiorari from September 8, 2004 to October 8, 2004, submitted to Justice O'Connor. Aug 30 2004 Application (04A176) granted by Justice O'Connor extending the time to file until October 8, 2004. Sep 28 2004 Application (04A176) to extend further the...
  • USSC Ruling on Raich (Medical Marijuana) Due This Morning

    06/06/2005 4:41:40 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 84 replies · 1,499+ views
    ABC TV News (DC Local) | 06/06/2006 | self
    The local, Washington DC affiliate of ABC News (Channel 7) reported that the USSC ruling on the Raich medical marijuana case would be released this morning.
  • Anti-gun activist arrested after firearm found at home

    03/01/2005 7:46:35 AM PST · by gieriscm · 62 replies · 1,928+ views
    State Journal-Register Online ^ | 03/01/2005 | JASON PISCIA
    A Springfield woman who began lobbying against gun violence after her son was shot to death in 2002 was arrested last week when police allegedly found an illegal gun and drugs in her home. Annette "Flirty" Stevens, however, said Monday she's innocent, and the arrest is an attempt by police to get her to give up information about unsolved crime in the city. The handgun, which had a scratched-off serial number, and drugs allegedly were discovered Friday morning inside Stevens' home in the 2500 block of South 15th Street. Authorities said they obtained a search warrant for the residence as...
  • Schools Official Assails 'Gay Lifestyle'

    02/03/2005 6:01:08 AM PST · by gieriscm · 122 replies · 1,977+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 02/03/2005 | Maria Glod
    A Fairfax County School Board member has sent letters to the district's 24 high school principals urging them to ensure that students hear the views of people who believe that homosexuality is a choice and a "very destructive lifestyle." In a Jan. 30 letter, Stephen M. Hunt (At Large) asked the principals to host speakers with an "ex-gay perspective" and offer students, teachers and counselors literature provided by the conservative group Concerned Women for America and other organizations. "Children are being taught that homosexuality is normal and natural. It is neither," Hunt wrote. "To state that it is normal or...
  • IL Supreme Court Rules in Beretta's Favor, Chicago Loses (mine)

    11/18/2004 12:41:45 PM PST · by gieriscm · 11 replies · 711+ views
    IL Supreme Court ^ | November 18, 2004 | IL Supreme Court
    THE CITY OF CHICAGO et al., Appellees, v. BERETTA U.S.A. CORPORATION et al., Appellants. Opinion filed November 18, 2004. JUSTICE GARMAN delivered the opinion of the court: The tragic personal consequences of gun violence are inestimable. The burdens imposed upon society as a whole in the costs of law enforcement and medical services are immense. In the present case, the City of Chicago and Cook County, in an effort to stem the rising tide of gun violence and to recoup some of the expenses that flow from gun crimes, have sued 18 manufacturers, 4 distributors, and 11 dealers of handguns...
  • Stewart Deadline Extended Again - USSC

    09/29/2004 6:23:45 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 5 replies · 369+ views
    United States Supreme Court ^ | September 28, 2004 | United States Supreme Court
    Stewart Docket Yesterday the government was granted another 30 days on their extension to file their appeal to the USSC. The new deadline is now November 7th. This is just idle speculation on my part, but... What if the Feds are waiting to file until they see the results of the election? It's already common knowledge that several USSC justices will be retiring soon. What if they're waiting to file until they find out whether these replacements will likely be pro-RKBA or anti-RKBA? If Kerry wins, the Feds file and hope that at least one pro-RKBA justice on the USSC...
  • Saved by Their Fire Escape Plan

    04/12/2004 4:19:49 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 133+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 04/11/2004 | Rosalind S. Helderman
    Family With 10 Children Fled Burning Lovettsville Home as Practiced As flames engulfed their three-story Lovettsville home early Wednesday morning, the Mason family's 10 children worked methodically to get one another to safety... In the emergency, each child followed an intricate and well-rehearsed fire safety plan, and authorities credited that strategy with saving their lives this week... By the time firefighters arrived, the entire Mason family was waiting, safely assembled at the family's prearranged meeting place... "Knowing how to behave in a fire saved the lives of at least several of my children," he said. The family, which has been...
  • Loudoun County (VA) Republican Delegation Supports Ending AW Ban

    06/01/2003 3:26:16 PM PDT · by gieriscm · 13 replies · 230+ views
    me | 6/1/03 | gieriscm
    Today the Republicans in Loudoun County, Virginia, held a convention to select nominees for various county-wide offices. 1,357 delegates attended. Several resolutions were also passed, including the one listed below that I introduced. It, along with the following cover letter, will be mailed to the appropriate elected officials on Monday. June 2, 2003 President George W. Bush 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Sir: On May 31, 2003 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. the Loudoun County Republican Committee convened a convention to select nominees for nine county-level offices, including members of the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, and...
  • Congressman Frank Wolf to Hold Town Meetings in Herndon, McLean VA on 1/25/03

    01/21/2003 7:06:19 PM PST · by gieriscm · 2 replies · 415+ views
    Congressman Wolf's Office | 1/21/03 | Dan Scandling
    For Immediate Release Contact: Dan Scandling, (202) 225-5136 WOLF TO HOLD TOWN MEETINGS IN HERNDON, McLEAN ON JANUARY 25 Washington, D.C. - Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) will hold Town Hall meetings in Herndon and McLean on Saturday, January 25. The meetings times and places are: -- Herndon -- 9 a.m. Herndon Town Council Chambers 765 Lynn Street -- McLean -- 11 a.m McLean Governmental Center 1437 Balls Hill Road Both meetings are open to the public. Wolf usually opens with a few brief remarks then takes questions from the audience. Del. Tom Rust will be Wolf's special guest at the...
  • Virginia Gun Owners - SB698 ALERT

    01/13/2003 7:41:37 PM PST · by gieriscm · 17 replies · 542+ views
    VAHV Email Alert List ^ | 01/13/2003 | Gail Horne
    Okay folks, This is "It"!!! VAHV had several Board members lobbying the Senate Courts of Justice committee today to determine if SB698, (designed to close the gun show loophole in Virginia) really had any kind of real chance. They have just reported back that if we can flood the offices of the committee members tomorrow with phone calls and faxed letters, then the bill does in fact have a real chance. YOU ARE NEEDED!!! Please take a moment and make a phone call and or send a fax. Simply say that you hope that you can count on your legislative...
  • Virginians - SB698 Hearing on Jan 15

    01/08/2003 3:39:59 PM PST · by gieriscm · 7 replies · 193+ views
    VAHV ^ | 1/8/2003 | Gail C. Horne
    SB698 will be heard in committee next Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 2:00 pm in Senate Room A of the General Assembly Building. We need MANY bodies there to let the committee members know that this bill has wide and diverse support. If you are able to come to show support, please do so. We anticipate that the other side will be well represented and we need to let the legislators know that common sense people want common sense legislation in Virginia. Thank you, Gail C. Horne Executive Director Virginians Against Handgun Violence
  • Virginians Against Handgun Violence Email Alert (SB698) - BARF Alert

    12/09/2002 4:47:45 PM PST · by gieriscm · 13 replies · 121+ views
    VAHV Email Alert List ^ | 12/09/2002 | Gail Horne
    Dear Friends, Virginians Against Handgun Violence will be hosting a press conference tomorrow (12/10/2002) to announce the introduction of SB698 by Senator Henry Marsh, III. SB698 will bring criminal background checks to all sales at gun shows in Virginia. VAHV worked closely with the Million Mom March and Senator Marsh to craft this important legislation to close the gun show loophole in Virginia. Closing Virginia's Gun Show Loophole Press Conference Tomorrow Tuesday, December 9th 11:00am-12:00am House Room 5 State Capitol Building Richmond, VA Things You Can Do: 1. Come and attend the press conference and show your support. 2. Look...
  • Virginia: Guns in State Parks

    12/01/2002 8:37:13 AM PST · by gieriscm · 16 replies · 2,289+ views
    Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation 203 Governor Street Suite 302 Richmond, Virginia 23219 November 13, 2002 REGULATORY NOTICE Public Comment Period on Petitions to Amend or Repeal the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s State Park Regulation on Firearms in Parks (4 VAC 5-30-200) PETITION INFORMATION: Some members of the public have formally petitioned the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to consider two regulatory changes to the State Park Regulation on Firearms in Parks (4 VAC 5-30-200). One of these would effectively repeal the Department’s existing regulation and thereby allow for open carry of any firearm in State Parks...
  • Special Guns and Terrorism

    11/13/2002 3:48:04 PM PST · by gieriscm · 4 replies · 53+ views
    Coming Up on NOW With Bill Moyers... On Friday, Nov. 15, 2002, at 9 P.M. ET/PT on PBS (check local listings at In America terrorists can get guns in large part because of loopholes in federal law regulating firearms that have been pushed through by the gun lobby. A review of hundreds of federal terrorism cases reveals a clear pattern of terrorists using the United States as an open market for gun trafficking. But if loopholes in the gun laws are allowing terrorists to purchase guns, why did Attorney General John Ashcroft limit the FBI's power to use gun...
  • VA-ALERT: First VCDL Gun Show in Roanoke! Help needed!

    07/10/2002 4:12:54 PM PDT · by gieriscm · 3 replies · 271+ views
    VA-Alert ^ | 07-10-2002 | VCDL
    On July 27-28, the Virginia Citizens Defense League will officially expand into southwest Virginia through our booth at the C&E Gun Show, Salem Civic Center. Our objective is to establish a local network of gun-rights activists. The Problem: We currently have no network of people there from which to draw volunteers to help with the booth. So if YOU are getting this message and live within driving distance of the Salem/Roanoke area, WE NEED YOUR HELP! If YOU have friends or relatives in the area who can put you up for the night if you work a shift, WE NEED...
  • Virginians: Richmond Times-Dispatch Seeking Firearm Self-Defense Stories

    04/11/2002 7:34:33 PM PDT · by gieriscm · 10 replies · 150+ views
    Richmond Times-Dispatch | 04/11/2002 | VCDL
    Gordon Hickey, a Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter, is looking for people to possibly interview who have used guns previously to defend themselves or their property here in Virginia. Doesn't matter if you actually had to shoot or only display the gun. It must have happened here in Virginia. No guarantee he will get back to you, but if you would like to contact him, here is his e-mail: If you have had such an incident, I suggest you get back to him quickly. You might give him a very brief summary so he can decide if it is something he...
  • Virginians - Contact Your Delegates! (mine - gun control - barf alert)

    01/31/2002 4:58:28 PM PST · by gieriscm · 24 replies · 256+ views
    Virginians Against Handgun Violence ^ | 1/31/2002 | GAIL C. HORNE
    I know that we asked for your phone calls and emails on HB 952, "Guns in Bars" bill, just days ago, but I am now asking for your help in the form of being present at the Militia and Police Committee Meeting this Friday, February 1, 2002 morning at 9:00 am. This committee meets in Conference Room C on the first floor of the GAB. I am told by our lobbyist that if we can muster an impressive presence at this meeting to indicate opposition to the bill that we in fact have a small chance of defeating this bill ...
  • Masked Man Robs Middleburg (VA) Couple

    01/23/2002 2:48:39 PM PST · by gieriscm · 25 replies · 85+ views
    Loudoun Times-Mirror ^ | Jan 22, 2002 | Jon Echtenkamp
    A Middleburg area husband and wife fiercely fought off a masked man who broke into their house in the dead of night Monday, the Sheriff's Office reported. The wife tore off the invader's black ski mask, and the husband broke a rifle in half hitting him while trying to free his wife from the man's grasp. But the robber escaped with a safe that contained an undisclosed amount of cash, authorities said. The incident happened at about 3:30 a.m. in the 22500 block of Sam Fred Road about two miles northeast of Middleburg, authorities said. The woman of the house ...
  • Virginians - Alert - Anti-Gun Bill Before M&P Committee Tomorrow!

    01/17/2002 3:01:32 PM PST · by gieriscm · 27 replies · 526+ views
    MMM | 1/17/2001
    This is from the Northen Va. chapter of the Million Moms: This is an urgent message to all MMM advocates who care about protecting our children while they are in school. The VA Militia, Police and Safety Committee will vote this Friday, January 18, at its 9:30 am. meeting on a bill that would establish "gun free school zones." Please take a minute tomorrow to call and/or email the chair of the committee, Delegate Beverly Sherwood. She represents Winchester and is very much opposed to this bill. The committee is stacked against us. Please tell Delegate Sherwood that you want ...
  • Help Ensure the 1994 "Assault" Weapon Ban Sunsets

    12/29/2001 5:20:14 PM PST · by gieriscm · 34 replies · 660+ views
    self | 12/29/2001 | gieriscm
    Anyone interested in ensuring that the 1994 semi-automatic rifle and standard-capacity magazine bans sunset, please contact me at I have some ideas to bring it about, and would like to start an email list (moderated, by invitation only) to discuss others. This list will not include yet another debate on whether or not the ban will expire in 2004; its purpose is to discuss strategy and plans for making sure that our legislators realize that letting the ban sunset is in their best interest - at least, if they want to keep their jobs. Again, email me if you ...
  • Father of Columbine Victim Targeted by Pro-Gun Group (BARF ALERT)

    11/20/2001 3:59:09 PM PST · by gieriscm · 5 replies · 9+ views
    The Tyranny Response Team, a national group opposed to gun control, is accusing the father of a student killed in the Columbine High School shooting massacre of "crimes against American civil liberties," the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Nov. 19. On its website, the Tyranny Response Team posted a wanted poster that reads, "Wanted: For Crimes Against American Civil Liberties," picturing gun-control activist Tom Mauser. Mauser's 15-year-old son, Daniel, was shot and killed during the April 20, 1999 Columbine attack. The poster calls Mauser "unstable" and "known to get violently angry." It also describes him as "a danger to himself and his ...
  • Tears Down the West Side Highway

    09/25/2001 7:21:06 AM PDT · by gieriscm · 19 replies · 162+ views
    Mike's Message ^ | 9/22/01 | Michael Moore
    Dear Friends, The drive across New Jersey has been the longest portion of this trip across America. It is only 60 miles to New York City and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. I had just pulled off the road in Allentown, PA, to throw some cold water in my face. Kathleen and I have grown very silent. It is the dread of what is ahead. As we cross the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan, the plume of smoke from the lower part of the island hovers, bright blasting searchlights attempting to crash through it. The college radio ...