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  • The Imaginarium of Barack Obama [Victor Davis Hanson]

    11/12/2012 9:21:26 PM PST · 14 of 15
    GlaucusRising to Sans-Culotte
    Ripples of Battle wasn't bad, either. It focused on the battles of Okinawa, Shiloh, and Delium, as well as their aftereffects--your typical, compelling Hanson read.

    11/09/2012 8:43:04 PM PST · 17 of 30
    GlaucusRising to MrChips

    After feeling sick to my stomach for the last few days, I broke down this morning and wept—didn’t know I had it in me or where it came from. This election was a big deal because before we could rely on the idea that America made a mistake, and didn’t know whom they were electing. Now it’s clear that they did, which reveals a much bigger problem. Anyway, after pulling myself together, I remembered that this country faced even worse odds at Valley Forge, and that the biggest disservice I could give is to mope around and give up, pondering where and how I’d immigrate. We’ll evidently have to undergo a major restructuring, it’s true, and the country will face a decline—not a fall—in the mean time. The liberal preponderance seems monotlithic, but we’ll finds cracks that exist or will form as this mess continues—and all our old lessons, our history, our institutions will be there waiting for us when people see the fruits of statism. We’re different. We’re not Russia or China and never will be. Those countries were founded by despots, no matter the effort, their political tradition inexorably veers back to their roots—there’s no culturally rooted sense of freedom. We were founded on the principles of liberty, free enterprise, small government, and the devolution and separation of power. No matter how hard people try, they can’t change our fundamental nature. When the money dries up, we’re not returning to Czarism—we’re going to roll up our sleeves, and awaken our dormant, default programming. Right now, our job is to keep our chin up, rest up, resupply, and weather the cold winter. Thanks for your post.

  • Our Values Do Not Need to Be Moderated, They Need to Be Clearly Articulated

    11/09/2012 4:32:11 PM PST · 6 of 38
    GlaucusRising to tsowellfan
    I don't think the problem is that people naively misunderstand conservative positions. They misrepresent them to rationalize taking up a feel-good package that offers free stuff to the poor, and absolves the well-to-do of any guilt for their own hypocritical lifestyles. It's a little optimistic to think that this voting trend has been one big mistake, and people just didn't know what the other side was offering. People aren't dumb as much as they are immoral. In the Soviet Union, people knew the system was horrible, but no one was willing to give up their privileges, first--so they all miserably carried on until there was nothing left. That said, on the personal responsibility front, it would be nice to start chipping away at the Marxism being taught in the public schools and universities. Articulating positions over there would go a long way in trickling down some sense to the rest of society.
  • There Will Be Amnesty, Folks

    11/09/2012 4:13:15 PM PST · 28 of 46
    GlaucusRising to Kaslin

    With our country’s finances going the way they are, I think this issue will solve itself in a few years. Hopefully, the GOP will just pay lip service and drag their heels until it becomes a non-issue.