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  • The Dishonest Trumpeter Narrative: ... (how it works) And all he got was this ZOT!

    03/25/2016 7:57:14 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 271 replies
    FULL TITLE: The Dishonest Trumpeter Narrative: “We Switched from Cruz to Trump After Chicago!” Is a Lie ... When Trump people wage psychological warfare, we must remember that it’s phony and dishonest like the man himself — as I will prove in this post. Let’s go straight to their phony psychological warfare. Trump people have been pushing a narrative that says: “I was for Cruz until he failed to support Trump’s free speech in Chicago on March 11. Now I’m all in for Trump.” This narrative is a lie from top to bottom. First, let’s look at some of the...
  • Donald Trump’s vile response to fake #CruzSexScandal smear piece; Michael Savage responds

    03/25/2016 4:32:28 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 96 replies
    New Zeal ^ | March 25, 2015 | Renee Nal
    A disgusting article at the National Enquirer claims Ted Cruz cheated on his wife, which evidently spawned the hashtag #CruzSexScandal. The allegations, of course, are fake. And this author will eat her car if proven wrong. That is a promise.On Facebook, Donald Trump responded to the fake story by saying he did not read it, and in his typical statesman-like manner continued: “Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence.” Not surprisingly, National Enquirer CEO David Pecker...
  • Was This News Editor Fired for Headline Criticizing Obama!?

    03/25/2016 1:02:04 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 45 replies
    Fox News ^ | August 2, 2013
    ..."The paper has said Johnson changed the headline after a previous one was approved for publication, going around normal procedures."
  • Ted Cruz: Our Last, Best Hope

    03/25/2016 11:40:32 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 62 replies
    PJ Media ^ | March 25, 2016 | DAVID P. GOLDMAN
    <p>America needs something better than a feedback loop for popular resentment. We need a real leader. America's elite is arrogant and corrupt, but the state of the American people is just as alarming. America had 90% adult literacy in 1790, when only half of Englishmen and a fifth of Spaniards and Italians could sign their names. We had the best educated, most motivated, and healthiest workforce in the world by an overwhelming margin.</p>
  • National Enquirer story claims Ted Cruz has had 5 mistresses (I'm smelling DESPERATION)

    03/25/2016 10:20:51 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 194 replies
    American Thinker ^ | March 25, 2016 | Thomas Lifson
    ... The way the story is phrased (“reports say”, “claimed an insider”) is distancing the magazine from the charges, which is quite different from its presentation of the Hart and Edwards scandals. The Enquirer has been openly supporting Donald Trump. So I take this with a tablespoon of salt grains...
  • Fox Poll: Millennials choose Cruz over Clinton, Trump

    03/25/2016 8:56:02 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 36 replies
    Red Alert Politics ^ | March 25, 2016
    Fox News’ latest poll shows Senator Ted Cruz jumping to a massive 14 percent lead over Secretary Hillary Clinton among voters under the age of 35. The same poll shows Trump losing the same younger demographic to Clinton by more than 20 percent — despite Clinton having a 67 percent unfavorable rating among these voters. Cruz’s lead among young voters is fueling his general election chances in November. In this poll, Cruz defeats Clinton 47 percent to 44 percent in the general election; Trump loses 49 percent to 38 percent. In 2008 and 2012, President Obama won younger voters by...
  • HILARIOUS. Ted Cruz Wins More Louisiana Delegates Than Donald Trump

    03/25/2016 8:16:55 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 153 replies
    Red State ^ | March 25, 2016
    Despite a daunting lead in the polls’ Donald Trump ekes out a narrow win in the popular vote and splits the delegates evenly with Ted Cruz, ten and ten: But the fight is not over. According to the Wall Street Journal (hidden behind a paywall) Ted Cruz now has at least ten more delegates from Louisiana than does Trump. Via Daily Caller: ...
  • ‘#FakeToughGuy’: GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Shames ‘Tiny Little Man’ Donald Trump For Attack On Heidi Cruz

    03/24/2016 8:52:27 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 303 replies
    Twitchy ^ | March 24, 2016
    ‘#FakeToughGuy’: GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Shames ‘Tiny Little Man’ Donald Trump For Attack On Heidi Cruz,,,
  • Watch Ted Cruz Spank the Media on “Moderate Islam”…

    03/24/2016 2:42:21 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 53 replies
    Louder With Crowder ^ | MARCH 24 2016 | STEVEN CROWDER
    Regardless of your GOP draft pick, it’s always fun watch Ted Cruz talk to the mainstream press. They inevitably think they can trip him up with false narratives, and every time he flips it and throws it back on them...
  • Rush: Establishment Support of Cruz Means Conservatism is Winning

    03/24/2016 1:05:55 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 101 replies
    Conservative Review ^ | March 24, 2016
    On Wednesday during his radio program Rush Limbaugh responded to a caller claiming Ted Cruz is not an outsider and is “buddying up” with the establishment. Limbaugh clarified to the caller that Cruz is not the hypocrite – the establishment is.Listen to the full clip here: Below are some excerpts from the transcript: RUSH: I just saw there's a caller on line calling me delusional?  CALLER:  I think, sadly, what you all fail to realize is that perpetually you're painting Ted Cruz as an outsider.  He paints Ted Cruz as an outsider.  The Tea Party tried to paint him as an...
  • Cruz: I Will Win Nomination At Convention ‘One Way Or The Other’

    03/24/2016 9:16:40 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 191 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | March 24, 2016 | KERRY PICKET
    NEW YORK — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz cr97% claimed that if nobody manages to earn the needed 1,237 delegates prior to the Republican National Convention, he will win the nomination “one way or the other” at the convention. Cruz rallied supporters at the Women’s National Republican Club in midtown Manhattan Wednesday afternoon in an effort to win over New York voters. Although the Texas Republican received cheers for the shots he took at New York Democrats, he was later asked by reporters how he could possibly smooth over relations with Empire State residents after describing Donald Trump as having “New...
  • Fox News Poll: Cruz and Kasich Lead Hillary, Trump Down Double Digits

    03/24/2016 8:53:24 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 85 replies
    Townhall ^ | March 24, 2016 | Guy Benson
    Fresh polling from Fox News confirms an emerging trend: While his GOP rivals poll competitively or ahead of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump consistently trails her by a substantial margin. The new national survey shows Ohio Governor John Kasich -- who has no mathematical path to the nomination -- leading Clinton by a whopping 11 points (51/40), with Texas Senator Ted Cruz edging the former Secretary of State by three points (47/44). By contrast, controversial real estate tycoon Donald Trump trails Clinton by 11 points (38/49). Roughly half of registered voters say they'd be "scared" Trump wins the...
  • Pamela Geller: Cruz for police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods

    03/23/2016 4:17:42 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 71 replies
    PamelaGeller.Com ^ | March 23, 2016 | Pamela Geller
    (FULL TITLE) Cruz: “In the wake of Brussels, we don’t need another lecture from President Obama about Islamophobia,” Cruz for police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods Thank you, Mr. Cruz. Obama lecturing us, yet again, on islamofauxbia is like FDR lecturing America on naziophobia after attacks on various European cities.Ted Cruz is calling for law enforcement to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods. Ted Cruz on Tuesday called for law enforcement to step up their policing of Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. in the wake of terrorist attacks in Brussels, comparing it to police boosting their presence in areas with known gang...
  • Why a Contested Convention Favors Cruz

    03/23/2016 12:01:56 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 103 replies
    National Review ^ | March 23, 2016 | ELIANA JOHNSON
    Meet Curly Haugland, former chairman of the North Dakota Republican party and current Republican national committeeman. Haugland is one of just 112 delegates who will arrive unbound to this summer’s Republican convention in Cleveland, free to cast a vote for any candidate he chooses on a first ballot because North Dakota does not hold a primary or caucus. That makes him a particularly valuable asset to the still-dueling presidential campaigns...
  • Ted Cruz: “Trump Threatened My Wife” [VIDEO]

    03/23/2016 9:13:08 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 281 replies
    Red State ^ | March 23, 2016 | Sara Gonzales
    Ted Cruz spoke to Chris Cuomo this morning on CNN about the Twitter battle that took place between the two of them last night on Western Tuesday. This is what he had to say: TRANSCRIPT Cruz: But what Donald did last night, and listen, youÂ’re in New York, youÂ’ve seen this a lot. When Donald gets scared, when he gets angry, when heÂ’s threatened, he begins yelling, he begins screaming, he begins often cursing, and he begins trying to be a bully. So last night Donald threatened my wife, he went directly after my wife. And I gotta tell...
  • No, Ted Cruz did not blame Donald Trump for #BrusselsAttacks

    03/23/2016 8:40:27 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 34 replies
    New Zeal ^ | March 22, 2016 | Renee Nal
    In the wake of the horrific Islamic terror attack in Brussels, Belgium that claimed the lives of 30 people, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz made the point that now is not the time to abandon NATO, despite comments to that effect made by Donald Trump reported just yesterday.Brussels is where NATO is headquartered, and is also significant for being the capital of the European Union. Without NATO, Europe will be left virtually defenseless against Russian military aggression. The Washington Post delved into Donald Trump’s “unabashedly noninterventionist” foreign policy strategy yesterday. Trump questioned the wisdom of U.S. involvement in NATO, which...
  • The Latest: Ted Cruz takes all of Utah's 40 GOP delegates

    03/23/2016 8:22:31 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 97 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | March 23, 2016
    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's big win in Utah means he will get all 40 of the state's delegates to the Republican National Convention. Cruz has a very limited path to clinch the nomination before the party's convention this summer. But if he can start winning more contests, he can stop front-runner Donald Trump from doing so. Trump won the most delegates on Tuesday, picking up all 58 in Arizona's Republican primary. Republicans also caucused Tuesday in American Samoa, where Trump and Cruz each picked up a delegate. Ohio Gov. John Kasich was shut out for the night, leaving him with...
  • Trump Leads in Arizona, but if There’s an Upset . . . [Trump was right!]

    03/22/2016 12:22:52 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 210 replies
    NRO ^ | March 22, 2016 | John Fund
    Donald Trump was the clear favorite in today’s winner-take-all Arizona primary, even before the Brussels terrorist attacks. The immigration issue and the flood of early voters favors him, as does the fact that some of those early voters will have cast ballots for Marco Rubio before he dropped out last Tuesday night. If they had known Rubio would no longer be a candidate, many of those voters might have gone with Cruz. But polls have been tricky and often erratic this year (think Michigan and the surprise win of Bernie Sanders). For example, the latest poll showing a 14 point...
  • Cruz dominates latest WORLD survey

    03/22/2016 11:53:11 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 46 replies
    World Magazine ^ | March 22, 2016 | J.C. DERRICK
    WASHINGTON—Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, dominated WORLD’s ninth evangelical insiders survey, which found a large majority of participants ready to vote for a third-party candidate if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. The new findings are part of a monthly survey of 103 evangelical leaders and influencers, 81 of whom participated in March. The results are not scientific or representative of all evangelicals but provide a glimpse into how some influential evangelicals are leaning in the 2016 presidential race. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida came out on top in the first eight surveys, but after his exit from the race last...
  • Cruz Hits Trump on NATO 'Surrender' in Wake of Brussels Attacks

    03/22/2016 10:42:29 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 109 replies
    Newsmax ^ | March 22, 2016 | Sandy Fitzgerald
    GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz said Tuesday that Donald Trump was engaging in a "pre-emptive surrender" to Islamic terror by calling for a "withdrawal" from NATO on the eve of the Brussels terror attacks. On Monday, Trump told CNN that the U.S. should greatly reduce its support of NATO. "It's too much and frankly it's a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea," Trump said of the US-European security alliance. Cruz said he found it "striking" that the terror attacks occurred on the day after his rival candidate Donald Trump called for reducing the U.S....
  • Attacks In Brussels ‘The Fruit Of A Failed Immigration Policy’

    03/22/2016 10:19:57 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 31 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | March 22, 2016 | ALEX PAPPAS
    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz cr97% says the attacks in Brussels are the result of “a failed immigration policy in Europe” and called on the United States to review its policies to “prevent radical Islamic terrorists from coming to America.” “The attack in Brussels is in many ways the fruit of a failed immigration policy in Europe that has allowed a massive influx of radical Islamic terrorists into Europe,” Cruz told reporters during a press availability in Washington. “Europe is in the process of allowing policies to fundamentally threaten the safety and security of its citizens. That is a mistake.”...
  • Cruz: Finally, A President Committed To Really Fixing It!

    03/22/2016 9:32:53 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 60 replies
    New Zeal ^ | March 21, 2016 | Lloyd Marcus
    Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has been traveling state-to-state, boots-on-the-ground campaigning for Ted Cruz in caucuses and primaries. After campaigning for Cruz in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we joined a rally led by Heidi Cruz. In her speech Heidi shared how Ted fell in love with and memorized the U.S. Constitution as a teenager. Ted also memorized large portions of the Bible. Against all odds, experts and polls, Ted resoundingly won his bid for the U.S. senate. Heidi cited her husband’s courage. He went to Washington as a Texas Senator fully committed to staying loyal to the Constitution and the voters...
  • Cruz knocks Trump over Palestine

    03/21/2016 9:08:04 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 139 replies
    The Hill ^ | March 21, 2016 | Ben Kamisar
    Sen. Ted Cruz landed an immediate blow on GOP presidential rival Donald Trump, who spoke before him Monday at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference, for how the front-runner referred to the Palestinian people. "Let me say at the outset, perhaps to the surprise of the previous speaker, Palestine has not existed since 1948," Cruz said to lead off his speech in Washington. Trump repeatedly referred to the Palestinian people as "Palestine" during his remarks just minutes before Cruz. Neither the United States nor Israel recognizes Palestine as a country...
  • Trump Complains America Leads Too Much, Wants Diminished Role in NATO

    03/21/2016 2:36:29 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 115 replies
    Washington Free Beacon ^ | March 21, 2016 | Stephen Gutowski
    Trump Complains America Leads Too Much, Wants Diminished Role in NATO Calls America a 'poor country' Republican front-runner Donald Trump expressed his distaste for how often America takes a leadership role in international affairs on Monday. Trump was specifically upset with the role the United States plays in NATO. “Ukraine is a country that affects us far less than it affects other countries in NATO, and yet we’re doing all of the lifting,” Trump told The Washington Post. “They’re not doing anything. And I say, ‘Why is it that Germany’s not dealing with NATO on Ukraine? Why is it that...
  • CAIR Attacks Ted Cruz for Placing ‘Infamous Islamophobes’ on Security Team

    03/21/2016 2:25:25 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 40 replies
    Breitbart ^ | March 20, 2016 | MICHELLE MOONS
    The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) — the organization labeled a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates — is calling on 2016 Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) cr97% to remove individuals from his national security advisory team which CAIR has labeled “infamous Islamophobes.” Cruz announced his robust 23-member national security coalition on Thursday. On Thursday, CAIR released the following declaration: ...
  • John Kasich: Agent of Chaos

    03/21/2016 1:06:15 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 23 replies
    Conservative Review ^ | March 21, 2016 | Nate Madden
    John Kasich appears to have tapped into a special kind of madness. In the course of a single weekend, the Ohio Governor and presidential candidate’s public statements have only served to stoke confusion about what his actual end game is.First off, he’s campaigning in a state where he can’t possibly win. As CR’s Daniel Horowitz writes: Ted Cruz is polling just above the 50% mark in Utah, the threshold needed to win all of the state’s 40 delegates this upcoming Tuesday.  Yet, John Kasich, who has no chance of winning a single remaining state, much less the nomination, is trying...
  • Cruz team targets Trump-Putin lovefest

    03/21/2016 12:43:36 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 60 replies
    Politico ^ | March 20, 2016 | BENJAMIN ORESKES
    Ted Cruz's foreign policy team is taking aim at Donald Trump's bromance with Vladimir Putin as it courts wary anti-Trump elements within the Republican establishment. Daniel Vajdich, a member of Cruz’s recently announced national security team, blasted out an email last week inviting “GOP Russia hands” to join a Ted Cruz Russia Working Group, slamming Trump’s praise for the Russian president last year and asking for help “pushing back against Donald Trump’s dangerous Russia policy.” ...
  • Wisconsin Assembly Majority Leader Steineke backs Cruz

    03/21/2016 12:06:28 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 23 replies
    ABC 27 ^ | March 21, 2016
    <p>MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin state Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke has endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for president. The Republican Steineke had been a supporter of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio before he dropped out of the race last week.</p>
  • Gov. Herbert endorses Ted Cruz for president

    03/21/2016 11:22:35 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 55 replies
    Fox13 ^ | March 21, 2016 | David Wells
    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Governor Gary Herbert endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president Monday morning. Herbert confirmed his endorsement for Cruz at a signing for H.B. 27 – a bill that adds an “In God We Trust” license plate as one of the standard options available to Utah residents.
  • What to Expect in Utah and Arizona on Tuesday

    03/21/2016 10:07:00 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 50 replies
    PJ Media ^ | TYLER O'NEIL
    Two more states vote on Tuesday, Utah and Arizona. After Donald Trump's big win last week, many might expect him to win big here, too. That might happen in Arizona, but don't bet on the Donald winning Utah. Trump leads the polls in Arizona, the biggest remaining winner-take-all state in the GOP primary -- with 58 delegates up for grabs. Arizona has a closed primary, however, which means that only registered Republicans can vote -- a style that has tended to help Ted Cruz. Word on the ground in the state gives Cruz and Trump nearly equal odds of winning....
  • Cruz: Obama's Cuba Trip Signals Abandonment of Political Prisoners

    03/21/2016 9:51:27 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 15 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | March 21, 2016 | Chris Deaton
    Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday that President Obama's trip to Cuba indicates that the world has abandoned political prisoners held under the country's communist regime. Cruz, a Cuban-American and an original critic of the United States' detente with the island nation, wrote in a Politico op-ed that the media spectacle of the president's visit will cast a shadow over the reality of humanitarian conditions there. "[P]olitical prisoners languishing in dungeons across the island will hear this message: Nobody has your back. You're alone with your tormentors. The world has forgotten about you," Cruz wrote. "They will not be on TV,...
  • Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz can stop Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

    03/21/2016 9:27:58 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 57 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | March 20, 2016 | Carly Fiorina
    Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz can stop Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I ran for president because I believe it is time to take our country back from Washington and restore power to the people. I still believe that. In fact, I believe it more than ever. It is time to challenge and reform the system that has put too much economic and political power in the hands of too few. It is time to put a real constitutional conservative in the White House. My husband and I live in Virginia where we had a primary recently. While my own name...
  • Ted Cruz's big week

    03/21/2016 8:39:41 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 143 replies
    CNN ^ | March 21, 2016 | Theodore Schleifer and Sunlen Serfaty
    (CNN)One year ago this week, Ted Cruz became the first of 17 candidates to argue that he could unite the Republican Party behind him. Now, he has his a chance to prove it. On the anniversary of a presidential launch that knew nothing of a man by the name of Donald Trump, contests and converts won of late will offer the clearest signal yet of whether he can indeed consolidate the anti-Trump movement and eventually defeat the billionaire front-runner. Cruz is favored to win this Tuesday's caucuses in Utah and is hopeful of sweeping the state's 40 delegates by eclipsing...
  • Ted Cruz raised more in one month than longshot John Kasich did in his entire campaign...

    03/21/2016 8:14:46 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 50 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | March 21, 2016 | MATT HUNTER
    *Senator for Texas made $12million in fundraising donations last month *The total eclipses John Kasich's entire campaign haul since the summer...
  • Horowitz: 8 Key Observations from Cruz's Super Saturday Win

    03/06/2016 2:15:57 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 88 replies
    Conservative Review ^ | March 6, 2016 | Daniel Horowitz
    For most non-political junkies last night was just another quiet Saturday night. However, in the world of politics, which will determine the trajectory of our country for the next four years, last night might have been the turning point. If Cruz winds up upsetting Trumpmania in this election, last tonight’s largely overlooked contests will have been the Battle of Midway of this nomination war... Here are the 8 key outcomes: 1. Cruz is surging... 2. Rubio/Kasich playing spoiler... 3. Rubio is out of luck... 4. Kasich is the new Rubio... 5. Closed caucuses/Primaries matter... 6. Early voting is a killer......
  • Cruz Louisiana Rally: A Throwback To Saner Times

    03/06/2016 1:41:51 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 36 replies ^ | March 6, 2016 | Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
    I saw America that night, folks – the America I grew up with in Pumphrey, Maryland, a black suburban community outside Baltimore. The unspoken philosophy of our tiny all black community was education, hard work, respect for elders and God. Pumphrey birthed numerous successful blacks. My sister-in-law’s brother Butch Keaser from Pumphrey was the first black wrestler to win an Olympic medal. We kept score at sporting events in Pumphrey. There were winners and losers. Such is real life. Rev. Lemon was pastor of the Baptist church. My dad, Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus, was pastor of the Methodist church. Pete...
  • Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both release their tax returns as they accuse Trump of hiding his behind...

    02/28/2016 9:58:22 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 104 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | February 28, 2016 | Kalhan Rosenblatt
    Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have released their tax returns for the last four years and the last five years, respectivelyThe Republican presidential candidates made the documents public as they mount attacks against front-runner Trump for not disclosing Trump is hiding up to five years-worth of his returnsTrump is being audited and said that's why the documents haven't be releasedThe audit 'makes it even more important for him to release his taxes', Cruz argued on a Sunday broadcast of 'Face The Nation' ...
  • Ted Cruz: Donald's positions are identical to Hillary's

    02/27/2016 11:20:12 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 134 replies
    Fox News ^ | February 26, 2016
    Ted Cruz: Donald's positions are identical to Hillary's
  • Establishment GOP Shifting to Trump

    02/27/2016 9:52:14 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 152 replies
    Breitbart ^ | February 26, 2016
    When Chris Christie threw his support behind Donald Trump, Washington gasped...
  • The Trump University Scam

    02/27/2016 9:18:44 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 177 replies
    Patterico's Pontifications ^ | February 26, 2016
    "If you’re supporting this man after hearing this, I don’t know what to say"...
  • Finally! Some valid reasons to vote for Donald Trump

    02/27/2016 8:41:26 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 103 replies
    Washington Times ^ | February 25, 2016 | Steve Deace
    ... Warning: these will not raise your I.Q."Ted Cruz is a fake Christian who doesn't tithe enough, so I'm voting for Trump who rejects God's forgiveness.""I hate Marco Rubio because he was for amnesty, so I'm voting Trump who donated money to help most of those gang of 8 guys elected.""John Kasich is pro-Obamacare so he sucks, that's why I'm voting Trump, who's for single-payer healthcare.""I hate the GOP establishment always betraying conservatives so I'm voting Trump, who's to the Left of them all.""I hate low-information voters that's why I'm voting Trump even though I don't know where he stands...
  • Rep. Mo Brooks: Ted Cruz has the best plan for economic growth

    02/27/2016 8:19:57 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 65 replies
    AL.Com ^ | February 27, 2016 | Congressman Mo Brooks
    By Congressman Mo Brooks, who represents the 5th congressional district of Alabama and serves as the Alabama State Chairman for Cruz for President. Many candidates have made their mark focusing on the Obama administration's past mistakes, and there are a lot of them. But now it's time to look to the future. As this campaign goes on, voters will begin to focus on who has the best plan for dramatic economic growth. It's clear that Ted Cruz's pro-growth policies are the best to increase employment and wages for Americans. The Obama administration likes to tout an unemployment rate hovering above...
  • Report: Trump ‘openly praising’ Harry Reid on campaign trail

    02/26/2016 9:19:36 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 138 replies
    New Zeal ^ | February 26, 2016 | renee nal
    Free Beacon writer Stephen Gutowski tweeted on Friday that presidential candidate Donald Trump was "openly praising" Senate Minority leader Harry Reid "for attacking Romney over his tax returns when Romney was running against Obama." Trump's praise for Reid comes in the wake of criticism of Trump by Senator Ted Cruz during Thursday's GOP debate in Houston for "funding Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi." Via the Washington Post, in response to Trump's assertion that Cruz is not well-liked in D.C., Cruz responded: ...
  • Trump Peddles Bogus Statistic to Defend Planned Parenthood

    02/26/2016 7:57:32 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 66 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | February 26, 2016 | JOHN MCCORMACK
    After undercover videos released in July showed that Planned Parenthood was involved in the trafficking of aborted baby body parts, Donald Trump said he wasn't sure if the Planned Parenthood should lose all of its federal funding. He later shifted, saying: "I wouldn't do any funding as long as they are performing abortions." Trump has stuck to that line, but he has also offered a lot of aid and comfort to Planned Parenthood by arguing it does "wonderful things." At Thursday night's debate, Trump said that "millions and millions of women — cervical cancer, breast cancer — are helped by...
  • Trump: I Hired Foreigners to Do Jobs Americans Wouldn't Do

    02/26/2016 6:43:32 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 148 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | February 26, 2016 | SHOSHANA WEISSMANN
    Following Thursday's Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump discussed an instance in which he had to hire foreign workers. "It's almost impossible to get help. And part of the reason that you can't get American people—you know, they want full-time jobs. This is a 4-month 5-month job." Watch the full clip here: ...
  • Marco Rubio: Our issue is not with Islam

    02/26/2016 5:17:22 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 96 replies ^ | February 25, 2016 | Pamela Geller
    This is one very excellent reason (among many) why Marco Rubio (aka Jeb 2.0) should not be our nominee. The fact is that the Islamic doctrine of jihad (holy war) is very much the problem.And as for his asinine response on the gun-range -- here is the back story on that: Muslim Who Is Suing Gun Range Demanded CAIR Float for Veteran's Day Parade.In his response, he shows an astonishing ignorance that is unforgivable considering the danger jihad presents and the human toll it has taken "Marco Rubio: It Is 'Wrong' And 'Immoral' To Ban Muslim-Americans From Gun Ranges," by...

    02/26/2016 4:29:52 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 116 replies
    Marco Rubio and Donald Trump might be fond of calling people liars, but that doesn't allow them to hide from the facts. They can't handle the truth about their record of supporting liberal policies...
  • Cruz: Trump Can’t Beat Hillary Because He Agrees With Her and Can’t Attack Her

    02/26/2016 4:02:03 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 233 replies
    Breitbart ^ | February 26, 2016 | IAN HANCHETT
    Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) cr97% argued fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump can't beat Democratic candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because he "agrees with Hillary Clinton and can't take it to her" during Thursday's GOP presidential debate on CNN. Cruz said, after stating he would release his tax forms, and that if Trump is being audited, it gives more of a reason for him to release his tax returns, because the voters should know if there is fraud, "[I]n the last 10 polls on Real Clear Politics he's [Trump's] lost to Hillary on eight...
  • Cruz Is Correct: Trump Supported Hillary’s Libya Debacle

    02/26/2016 10:56:01 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 109 replies
    Breitbart ^ | February 26, 2016 | JOHN NOLTE
    During Thursday night's debate in Houston, Texas, Donald Trump denied having ever supported the Obama administration's efforts to remove Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi from power. The record on this, however, is clear. In the run-up to what would be a massive foreign policy debacle (with Hillary Clinton as its chief architect), the Republican frontrunner vocally supported American intervention to topple the dictator. From the debate: ...
  • Deace’s debate scorecard: Cruz and Rubio have big rally inning

    02/26/2016 10:31:42 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 39 replies
    SD.Com ^ | February 26, 2016 | Steve Deace
    Regarding tonight's debate, it was a good night for both Cruz and Rubio because it helped them change the narrative. Cruz has had a bad couple of weeks in that department, but tonight should guarantee he wins Texas and a lot of the delegates there. And frankly that's more important to him than winning close states elsewhere and here's why -- the proportional delegate allocation. For example, in 2012 Santorum won 11 states but only 245 delegates total, or just about 80 more than Ron Paul. The game is delegates, not states (see my previous post on this today). Cruz...