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  • Left and Right Unite Against Hollywood's Failed SOPA Overreach

    01/20/2012 4:33:56 PM PST · 11 of 13
    Gomez1960 to Democrat_media

    There’s only one person on this planet I trust and that would be me. My own common sense precludes someone else’s idea of what constitutes knowledge or information. I know what I need to know and I refuse to spend a second of my time worrying about some abstract “threat” coming my way because pirates have been dealt a hindrance to their free reign of thievery.

    I love the assumption you make regarding my supposed support of governmental regulation of the internet. But not as much as the quantum leap you took in declaring me against liberty and freedom.

    See, this is a perfect example of over-reacting to the written word of someone you do not know. Knee-jerk reactions are for the young, unintuitive or the corrupt, and you adequately missed the sublime sarcasm of my comments.

    I give readers the benefit of respect by not explaining beforehand which sentences are my factual beliefs or those of which are dry wit. But I stand by my observation that this hulabaloo is much ado about nothing - another example of government action being assigned all sorts of subliminal and ulterior motives by people who aren’t part of the decision-making loop. Just because one doesn’t have proof of something doesn’t mean that irresponsible accusations should abound.

    If history has proven that ulterior motives and conspiracies CAN occur, there is also no reason to expect them to at every instance of regulation.

    Regulation is a tool to protect property owners, and whether any of us like it or agree with it or not, it’s here to stay because of miscreants who feel they have an obligatory right to complete and utter freedom. It is they who are in the drivers seat - not the government.

    If what we’ve become as a species is one that sits around debating everything and then deciding that inaction is the best policy because of our imagined fears - then we have no future. Progress comes in fits and spurts and I can guarantee you every time something is changed to protect someone other than ourselves, there will be someone somewhere who feels the sky is falling.

    This is simply an act to protect the property of those who author the very art that many are afraid of losing to censorship.

    Nothing more.

    Nothing less.

  • Left and Right Unite Against Hollywood's Failed SOPA Overreach

    01/19/2012 4:13:02 PM PST · 7 of 13
    Gomez1960 to transducer

    So.....let’s see if I got this straight. The Lefties aren’t upset so much over the anti-piracy legislation as they are about the unfounded fantasy that anything short of every freedom of expression under the sun would suggest they have no other means of expression, communication or information gathering. And, by extension, the big, bad United States government is out to abolish anything artistic, cultural and educational in their quest to make automatons out of us all.

    Not to mention we’re all inching closer to belting out “March of the Volunteers” at baseball games simply due to the government enforcing the proprietary rights of the entertainment industry. How the government gets accused of being in the Dark Ages (while adapting to technological advancements and the threats that are imposed upon us all as a result) is beyond me.

    The Native Americans did just fine with smoke signals. The animal kingdom does as much with less.

    Aren’t these eggheads supposed to be the all-knowing book readers and bra burners who think the rest of the world is populated by knuckle-dragging grunts who can’t string a sentence together?

    Personally, with the crap that seeps from Hollywood and the detritus that pervades the wire, I wish they WOULD start censoring - if only for the improvement of programming quality.

    The internet is worse. I’m so sick of having to stay on top of all the anti-virus software and control features on my PC, because the net has become an uninhibited jungle full of cretins who love their right to view all and see all while doing their abject best to spoil the whole enterprise for the rest of us.

    “Hack The Planet” is their credo and every damned one of them are opposed to the latest that the House will vote on because - God forbid - they may have to exercise self-control for a moment of their lives, and actually pay for something.

  • 'America is MORE racist under Obama': Morgan Freeman slams President's Tea Party critics

    09/25/2011 2:34:18 AM PDT · 88 of 89
    Gomez1960 to MrB

    I wonder how many African-Americans based their vote on what the candidates brought to the table instead of their skin color. My guess is that a great majority of Obamaphiles voted for him because he was anything but Caucasian.

    I then wonder if they’d be so quick to call themselves racists.

  • Herman Cain, presidential candidate, hits back at Morgan Freeman for calling Tea Party 'racist'

    09/25/2011 2:34:08 AM PDT · 28 of 31
    Gomez1960 to SeekAndFind

    I wish Morgan would crawl back into his wormhole.

    I love how these race-card dealers whine and complain whenever an African-American is subjected to the same game rules as any Caucasian. They expect the world to suddenly abandon typical rules of political engagement just for them and then accuse any action that strays from their idealist expectations as being racially motivated.

    But I don’t get upset. After all, he’s merely an actor, caught up in the “pity us” act.