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  • Questions regarding when life begins (Vanity)

    02/13/2013 8:42:22 AM PST · 78 of 79
    GreenEyedGal to US Navy Vet

    That’s the truth!

  • Questions regarding when life begins (Vanity)

    02/13/2013 8:22:26 AM PST · 76 of 79
    GreenEyedGal to KittenClaws; Morgana; Intolerant in NJ; Banjoguy; BwanaNdege; onyx; Rockingham; stuartcr; ...

    Thanks to most of you for your responses. I’ve written my piece and used a lot of what you all offered (you can read it at if you want). I especially loved the TED Talk video.

    One or two of you said I was buying into the pro-abortion premise, either by asking questions or writing the piece (I can’t remember which). I couldn’t disagree with you more. It is absolutely imperative that we know what the left is saying in order that we give informed, measured, rational and logical answers. I also believe that when we conservatives answer, we must speak the blunt truth. Specifically, we cannot afford to soften language as it relates to abortion. There are so many people who are pro-abortion because they have never truly considered what it is and what it does. They reach a certain point in their thinking and stop because to go further would lead to discomfort and conviction. It is our job to push them beyond that point and I believe that’s what I’ve done, and of course, what I will continue to do in my efforts to end abortion.

    After I had written my piece, I came across this one,, which is an absolute indictment of anyone who supports the right of women to abort their children. I hate to say it’s better written than mine, but I think that just might be the case!

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and help me form my own thoughts and what I wanted to say. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to have a group of conservatives with which to discuss issues and reaffirm and reinforce the things I believe. The number of voices out there who contradict my values and beliefs is overwhelming and sometimes depressing. It’s so refreshing to belong to a group that goes against the grain!

  • Questions regarding when life begins (Vanity)

    01/22/2013 11:45:34 AM PST · 41 of 79
    GreenEyedGal to exnavy

    Does the belief that life begins at conception require the belief in a Creator God? I happen to believe in a Creator God, but I’m looking for a way to explain things in a way that is logical that will lead people who don’t necessarily believe in God to think about this very important issue. We could discuss the fact that if you don’t believe what the Bible says or in God, it’s impossible to truly value life (I am pretty sure this will offend some, but it can’t be helped). But we have to start somewhere. We have to get people thinking. We have to change the change the way this country views life in the womb or we’ll be talking about 60,000,000 aborted since Roe v. Wade before you can blink. I’m overcome with such grief when I think about all the children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers we’ve killed since 1973. And our society is so calloused about it. So if we can make inroads through logic, we can add Creator God into the argument. I think one follows the other. Certainly, if you truly believe in a Creator God, you will come to the realization that life begins at conception. I believe it’s possible to move hearts and mind by attacking it from the opposite end, too.

  • Questions regarding when life begins (Vanity)

    01/22/2013 11:34:11 AM PST · 34 of 79
    GreenEyedGal to onyx

    But a heart beat doesn’t start until about 18 days after conception (I’d always heard 21, but three days give or take - point is, it begins very early after the act of conception). In the development of my thoughts, I know that every cell in the body, skin, hair, bone, eye, kidney, liver - you name it - is a diploid cell. The two chromosomes contained therein contain two sets of DNA, one set from each parent. They split evenly to reproduce. I know I’m skipping over stuff, but I’m crunched for time. With reproductive cells, haploid cells, they require another haploid of the opposite sex to survive and reproduce. And when it joins with another haploid, the resulting cell has its own DNA. Its DNA is not identical to its mother or its father. Its DNA is all its own. To me, having your own unique DNA is the beginning of life. And then that one cell with its own unique DNA splits and becomes two, then four, eight, 16, 32, 64 and so on. If it’s not living, the number of cells wouldn’t reproduce exponentially, would they?

    This is one of the reasons I would REALLY love to hear from a biologist or medical expert. I’m not clear on all the science, but I’m pretty sure it proves that life begins at conception.

  • Questions regarding when life begins (Vanity)

    01/22/2013 10:59:43 AM PST · 14 of 79
    GreenEyedGal to Revolting cat!

    Because all is vanity?

  • Questions regarding when life begins (Vanity)

    01/22/2013 10:49:39 AM PST · 1 of 79
  • The Paris of the West and the Vast Wasteland That Remains

    01/04/2013 9:25:00 AM PST · 11 of 11
    GreenEyedGal to humblegunner

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know what’s objectionable about it. I will read the links you provided and make sure to follow them. My intention was certainly not to offend.

    I would have written sooner, but my access to the computer has been severely restricted as of late. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! All the best to you in 2013.

  • The Paris of the West and the Vast Wasteland That Remains

    12/20/2012 8:59:22 AM PST · 8 of 11
    GreenEyedGal to Blueflag; admin; Jim Robinson

    Thanks for the advice, Blue. Yes, I heard that Classy had some hot comments. I have all the “true love” I can handle with my own DH, so I’m not looking to add to that burden (she says, with a laugh!).

    Jim and Admin, are there any restrictions for posting links to my blog, as long as I post in Blogger & Personal? As I explained to Blueflag, I believe I have a talent for writing. I am also full of opinions. So I’m trying to put the two together and see if I can eventually make a career out of it. I’m new to the whole blogging industry, but I have found that FR brings more traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined! Smarter members? Certainly your members are more willing to read and inform themselves. And those are exactly the type of people I’d like to appeal to.

    Because of your readers’ response to another of my articles, I was a guest on The Brenner Brief’s radio show.

    There is a lot of news to be found on your site and your commentors appear to be very well informed. Their responses make me think and help me further develop my thoughts.

    Any guidance you could give would be much appreciated.

  • The Paris of the West and the Vast Wasteland That Remains

    12/19/2012 7:59:25 PM PST · 6 of 11
    GreenEyedGal to Paladin2

    So THAT’S why the other commentor asked me if I was classy! Now I get it. LOL. No, I’m not that green-eyed person. I really am a woman (I’ve carried four babies in my womb - not all at once though!). And although I lighten my hair, I’m not truly a blonde :)

  • The Paris of the West and the Vast Wasteland That Remains

    12/19/2012 7:58:33 PM PST · 5 of 11
    GreenEyedGal to Blueflag

    Thanks for the welcome and your kind words.

    I am new here, so I’m not yet sure what is or isn’t acceptable. I opened this account after speaking extensively about the upcoming Virginia 2013 governor’s race with another FReeper. He highly recommended the site and thought I would enjoy posting and discussing issues here with like-minded individuals. Right after that, I started writing for and I’ve been rather busy ever since! I haven’t had much time to hang out here, on Twitter, Facebook or Twitchy (where I was commenting regularly) because the writing is taking up a lot of my time.

    If linking to your own blog is frowned upon, perhaps you or others could share some ideas with me about how to grow my blog audience. I don’t know that I would normally be so bold, except I really believe I have an ability to write, it’s something I enjoy doing and I’m hopeful that maybe someday I’ll be able to make a career of it. To me, this is the entrepreneurial spirit conservatives admire, so I’m a bit dumbfounded FReepers would have a problem with it. But I suppose as I spend more time on here, I’ll gain better understanding of how it works and what’s expected of me. I’m a bit rebellious though, so we’ll see how that works.

    By the way, you are the second person here to refer to another green-eyed “woman!” I can only imagine what that person’s posts were like (yikes!). Were you a fan? This individual apparently made quite an impression.

    Thanks for taking the time to write and let me know that you liked what I wrote.

    I hope you have a lovely evening!

  • The Paris of the West and the Vast Wasteland That Remains

    12/19/2012 6:53:34 PM PST · 1 of 11
    I've posted a new article today on the damage done to Detroit by liberal government policies. The information is timely, considering the choice the country made on November 6, 2012. Please rate the article once you've read it. Feel free to leave comments on the blog, the website or here. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and information. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Cam Edwards, Second Amendment, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    12/10/2012 12:30:37 PM PST · 1 of 1
  • The Left's Propaganda War: UN Disabilities Treaty (CRPD)

    12/09/2012 5:39:41 AM PST · 15 of 17
    GreenEyedGal to Amendment10

    Then according to this, it would seem the States had every right to decide as they wished on matters of speech, religion, etc., but not the federal government. Then I wonder, well, what was the purpose of the Supreme Court? It was supposed to act as a balance of power for Congress, I’m guessing, and rule on what laws were issued by them? I’m also guessing the way the SCOTUS reviews these cases that come from states were not intended? Like SCOTUS deciding to hear the case on the ban against homosexual marriage? I’m a little confused now.

  • The Left's Propaganda War: UN Disabilities Treaty (CRPD)

    12/08/2012 8:25:33 PM PST · 13 of 17
    GreenEyedGal to Amendment10

    It’s amazing how our Constitution has been perverted, isn’t it? How did you learn about this?

  • The Left's Propaganda War: UN Disabilities Treaty (CRPD)

    12/08/2012 8:25:22 PM PST · 12 of 17
    GreenEyedGal to RetiredTexasVet

    I’m with you! Want to start a movement?!

  • The Left's Propaganda War: UN Disabilities Treaty (CRPD)

    12/08/2012 6:44:29 PM PST · 8 of 17
    GreenEyedGal to Fully Awake DAV

    I hope you’ll contact your senators and tell them to vote against this horrible treaty. It will be back for a vote after the first of the year.

  • The Left's Propaganda War: UN Disabilities Treaty (CRPD)

    12/08/2012 4:53:28 PM PST · 1 of 17
  • The Treaty to Block Parental Rights - CRPD

    12/08/2012 4:16:33 PM PST · 28 of 29
    GreenEyedGal to M Kehoe

    Thank you for the welcome :)
    I’ve put up another post. Hope you’ll read it.

  • The Treaty to Block Parental Rights - CRPD

    12/08/2012 4:16:18 PM PST · 27 of 29
    GreenEyedGal to longtermmemmory

    My thoughts exactly! Bob Dole says Bob Dole isn’t much of a conservative.

  • The Treaty to Block Parental Rights - CRPD

    12/08/2012 4:16:11 PM PST · 26 of 29
    GreenEyedGal to Tijeras_Slim

    Well, I can affirm I am NOT your Classygreeneyedblonde, although I am green-eyed and I do lighten my hair a bit. I used to be attractive enough, but children and years have taken their toll, so I’m just so-so (there’s a pic on my blog). And my replies won’t be rainbow colored.

    I’m just looking to save the country! (As if I could! But hey, a gal can dream, can’t she?)

    I apologize for my snippiness. I can be a bit feisty, but my bark is much worse than my bite. :)