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  • WaPo's Kathleen Parker Suggests People with Southern Accents Not 'Smart' or 'Sophisticated'

    04/06/2014 3:35:18 PM PDT · 9 of 84
    gwjack to Hoodat

    Thank you for posting this.

    Let me get this straight - Parker protests Southern accents for an ad run in Arkansas. Has she ever been to fly-over country? I think not.

    As a Northeastern friend once told me, “You can’t fool me. Just because you talk slow doesn’t mean you think slow!”

    I once had a client that had a dispute with Prudential Insurance Company, who processed claims in New Jersey. When the rep got insolent, rude, demeaning, and continually interrupted me, I told her that when I filed suit in Comanche County Oklahoma, and we put 24 eyes, and 24 ears in the jury box, they would understand me perfectly. In fact, I told her, people in Comanche County don’t like “Yankees.” They settled.


  • Why Putin Plays Our Presidents for Fools

    03/30/2014 4:11:30 AM PDT · 17 of 41
    gwjack to Progov

    Hi Progov.

    Thank you for your thoughts; I agree with them.

    Decades ago Robert Ringer wrote a book named “Winning Through Intimidation.” Among other things, he examined different power structures in business. He proposed the theory that there are three types in business:

    “a. There are only three types of people in the business world
    “Type 1: Lets you know that he’s out to get all of your chips. Then he tries to do just that.
    “Type 2: Assures you that he’s not interested in getting your chips. Then he tries to grab all of your chips anyway.
    “Type 3: Assures you that he’s not interested in getting your chips, and honestly means it. However, in the end, he tries to grab all of your chips anyway.
    “b. In business, no one ever does anything for anybody else without expecting to gain something in return.”

    If geopolitics were business, Putin is a Type 1. He will take your chips if not thwarted. Obama is a Type 2. He stumbles over himself with his false protestations, and then seizes your chips.


  • Paul Ryan: Immigration a question of 'when'

    03/26/2014 2:19:20 PM PDT · 9 of 66
    gwjack to fwdude

    I have heard for years about the “broken” immigration laws by politicians of all stripes. Can someone kindly tell me what part of the immigration law is broken, other than the enforcement.

    Enforce what we have, and there will be nothing broken.


  • 'I blew her head off... that was awesome!' Devastated family claims cop shot their beloved dog

    03/25/2014 12:34:53 PM PDT · 6 of 77
    gwjack to Teotwawki

    I heard Ms. Brown on radio in Oklahoma City yesterday. There was no prior incident for the dog. The officer, was previously terminated from Tishomingo Police Department after he killed a dog with his service weapon. Tish settled a lawsuit before his termination. Cali was killed with a shotgun.

    The daughter (pictured at the link) was with her dad in Arkansas at the time of the shooting for Spring Break. Can you imagine telling your daughter that Cali was not with them anymore?

    It takes a sick person to react the way the officer did. He needs psych evaluation about his glee after the shooting. Fortunately there are witnesses.

    I’m mad too, Eddie.


  • Tapper: White House Concerned Russia Could Invade Ukraine as Soon as This Weekend

    03/21/2014 5:46:30 PM PDT · 45 of 158
    gwjack to forgotten man

    You are spot on. I read a foreign publication which was reporting “issues” in Kherson and Donetsk. Looking at road maps of the area, it seems to me that the major “European Highway” running on the South of Ukraine to Russia would be a good supply route for the RF. The Spetznatz, along with titushkys are already in place.


  • Report: 20,000 Russian Troops Massed on Ukraine Border

    03/21/2014 2:56:57 PM PDT · 78 of 95
    gwjack to Monterrosa-24

    Monterrosa, I hope you are well.

    I read an opinion article yesterday that suggested Crimea will become a “federal” enclave; much like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Has your family mentioned that possibility? Has the government changed to the ruble yet? I had read that they would honor the Hrivnya for a period of time.

    My best wishes, and prayers to you, and your family, my FRiend. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

    When I was in Kiev in January, those I talked with thought the cold weather would terminate Maidan. It didn’t. The people in Maidan impressed me with their resilience. There are many good, freedom loving people in Ukraine. But you know that.


  • Phelps deathbed reports have foes keeping watch

    03/19/2014 4:22:06 PM PDT · 7 of 30
    gwjack to gwjack

    Drat that auto-correct!


  • Phelps deathbed reports have foes keeping watch

    03/19/2014 4:20:54 PM PDT · 5 of 30
    gwjack to Morgana

    Hi Morganatic.

    I suppose his health can be monitored so his funeral can be picketed? I hope veterans show up to wish him Bon Voyage.

  • If Crimea rejoins Russia, it’s only the latest twist in 1,000 years of European border shifts

    03/18/2014 6:28:26 PM PDT · 1 of 49
    This 3+ minute presentation depicts the changing geography of EurAsia from 1000 AD to 2005.
  • SC: Cheap Gun Opportunity, Conway, 29 March, 2014

    03/17/2014 4:00:06 PM PDT · 11 of 17
    gwjack to marktwain

    I’d love to discuss with you on FReepmail if OK with you. I’ve already chatted up a buddy in Vegas.

    I think you are further down the trail than I am.

    I’m thinking re-sale may be a bugaboo to deal with before hand.

  • SC: Cheap Gun Opportunity, Conway, 29 March, 2014

    03/17/2014 2:53:59 PM PDT · 2 of 17
    gwjack to marktwain

    marktwain, I hope you are well. Thank you for posting this.

    Being in one of my entrepreneurial moods at this time, I’d like to bounce an idea off of you (and other FReepers). Is there any restriction that you know about that restricts a private party from organizing, sponsoring, conducting a “buy back?” Of course I mean from the transfers that may require an FFL.

    I’m thinking I see a business opportunity. Perhaps even a quarterly FReepathon fund raiser.



    P.S. Next time I’m in Sun City, would we be able to meet?

  • Putin to address to Federal Assembly over Crimea’s accession to Russia on March 18

    03/17/2014 4:48:14 AM PDT · 5 of 14
    gwjack to goldstategop

    Thanks for the post. Just a heads up: 3:00 pm in Moscow is 7:00 am EDT. It will be interesting to see if he will encourage the Duma to vote for annexation on Friday, or suggest Crimea become an autonomous dependent of Russia. My money is on a dependent, hoping to reduce the impending sanctions.

    I think that with the Duma confirming on Friday, Putin will begin the push into Eastern Ukraine.



  • Kremlin website hit by 'powerful' cyber attack

    03/14/2014 3:51:34 PM PDT · 65 of 81
    gwjack to Jeff Head

    Hi Mr. Head, I hope you are well. I’ve tried to determine which thread to post this on, and I chose to tag your comment. The following is part of an email I received a few hours ago from a female, Russian doctor. She remembers the Soviet oppression, as is described in the email. I paste it complete with her grammar, spelling, syntax. She wrote:

    Friday (14/3)
    4 hours ago

    “I am shocked.. No..((

    ” I don,t think they will dare to go so far.. for blocking internet contacts or phone communications.
    or..maybe I don,t know that much.. but I don,t believe in such crazy way of development.

    ” what I do believe and my big fear.. that they can make another isolation of us from inside.. if the West really makes as serious sunctions for somebody from the top of Putin,s regime as visa,s restrictions for them , their family ,who are such patriots in the words and blaming the West all the time,, SoMEHOW prefer to live and save the money in such bad West.. and as they say,,, freezinf of their accounts..

    ” in this case.. I think they are... being very mean people ( remember the Law of Dima Yakovlev ? ? it was a special pain for me.. !!). they could close the boundaries for everybody.. just as a logical continuation..

    ” if they- so VIPs and Big bosses here can not travel to West due to the sunctions... why others - just foolish and poor common people , who could not be such successful ( read - to steal so much from the budget and be corrupted) can do that freely..

    ” Besides.. as you know.. my country is wellknown as a specific place where a life means almost nothing.. and if for such big geopolotical game Russia has to pay... people will pay . common people..
    who cares here for the price ? nobody and never.. People will pay for any stupidity of power , for dangerous risks , for anything.”

    I had written to her regarding my belief that Putin is committed by ego to take Eastern Ukraine. I’ve read from European sources that he was paying attention to the Maidan beginning in November. Putin is under constant criticism in Russia. Their media suppresses the street revolts there. Putin , I read, seeing the example inside Ukraine, will have 2-3 years unless he solidifies his own power base.

    Interesting times we live in today.


  • LIVE: Edmond soldier, Michael Behenna, released from prison

    03/14/2014 8:28:46 AM PDT · 1 of 14
    Finally, as scheduled, Michael Behenna is released. Phot at the link where his Grandmother offers to teach him about the iPhone.


  • Oversight report: 6 reasons Lois Lerner waived her Fifth Amendment rights

    03/11/2014 4:04:54 PM PDT · 25 of 34
    gwjack to All

    I suppose one of the many perplexing facts, not mentioned in any media that I’ve seen, is LOIS LERNER IS A LAWYER. SHE IS MARRIED TO A LAWER. SHE IS SURROUNDED BY LAWYERS. Yet, she makes a first year law student error of opening her mouth.

    What caliber of legal employees do we, the people, allow to be hired?

    She is a joke to the profession.


  • Carville: Cruz or Perry Will be GOP Nominee

    03/11/2014 8:13:47 AM PDT · 23 of 49
    gwjack to Pearls Before Swine

    Hi PBS, I hope you are well.

    I saw Carville on Hannity last night. I loved his comment about Perry being able to raise $5 Million by accidentally hitting his speed dial. As always with political pundits, it’s about the money. They give predicted viability to those who can raise the most money.

    As far as “who” he would like in the race, I think it is like a friend once told me: “My dog can whip that skunk, but it don’t want him in the fight!” I believe Carville doesn’t care who the GOP candidate is, as after all, to him it’s America - it’s always about the money!


  • Interpol probes more suspect passports from missing flight

    03/09/2014 11:04:15 AM PDT · 14 of 28
    gwjack to datura

    Datura —

    Thank you for your perspective.

    I hope your wife’s family is safe.


  • Putin Continues To Carring Up Russian Troops To The Border With Ukraine

    03/08/2014 7:36:59 AM PST · 37 of 66
    gwjack to 1_Rain_Drop

    Thank you for the link (and explanation). The military convoys shown in the Youtube are quite troubling. They need our prayers.


  • How to DISAPPEAR from the internet: Nine-step guide

    03/08/2014 7:02:06 AM PST · 3 of 46
    gwjack to afraidfortherepublic

    Thank you for posting this. I’m in the midst of becoming “invisible” and this will be a good checklist to evaluate my efforts.


  • 3 Preparedness Steps for People in Ukraine

    03/07/2014 4:07:37 PM PST · 6 of 11
    gwjack to VerySadAmerican

    Thank you for posting all the useful links. I’ve already sent a few to friends in Ukraine. I’ve even sent them to a couple in Russia that are fearful.


  • Two choices in Crimean referendum: yes and yes

    03/07/2014 9:54:31 AM PST · 1 of 12
    If this weren't so serious, it would be funny. Ballot (at link) gives those that choose to vote a predefined result.


  • Ukraine: The military balance of power

    03/03/2014 7:15:55 PM PST · 28 of 45
    gwjack to Monterrosa-24

    My memory is that Lugansk is a shipbuilding city, similar to Virginia beach in the US. Correct?

    My prayers are with you, your family, and your countrymen.

    It is a sad time.


  • Ukraine: The military balance of power

    03/03/2014 6:59:49 PM PST · 18 of 45
    gwjack to Monterrosa-24

    M-24, I should start getting reports from inside Russia, and some from Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk in a bit as the morning breaks. When I do, I will message you privately. Is your family safe at this time? Do I understand they are in Crimea?


  • Cruz: The United States should stand with Ukraine

    03/03/2014 1:21:43 PM PST · 44 of 63
    gwjack to Monterrosa-24


    I posted this email fragment on another thread, early this morning. It is one of a dozen or so I have received from inside Russia. This author is a 47 YO female, a medical doctor, in Saint Petersburg. She wrote, in part:

    “Please, Don,t worry about me. This is a troubled times really. People is Russia are separated as well about Putin,s plan.. Here are protests against and for his decision.. Interesting that the motto is the same - for Free Ukraine and for friendship !

    “. If he wants only to sober up the wild nationalists and Russophobians in Ukraine and to let them know that Russians are under protection.. This is ok. If he wants using this excuse to start a war between Russians and Ukrainians for Crimea and the East part.. This is insane and extremely dangerous. It was fatal Khrushchev,s mistake for both countries when he gifted traditional Russian territory - Crimea - to Ukranian Soviet republic.. It was a bomb, that is ready to blow up..

    “We are still free here to talk openly the point of view.. I don,t know how long .. I am afraid another iron curtain from both sides.. From inside and from the West as a punishment for Russia. I read yesterday The Us State secretary Kerry said about possible limitations or stopping receiving visa for Russians..well. Anything can happen in such crazy world.

    “I have to go to work . The day will be long and busy.”

    Yes, indeed life goes on. Later today she let me know that with the rapid fall of the ruble today, her landlord has informed her that rent will go up. She says inflation now is close to 20%.

    My heart bleeds for her, people like her, Ukrainians, Russians, and all others negatively affected by Putin’s ego. It is sad. As she said in another email, she is ashamed and frightened because of the Russian government.


  • Cruz: The United States should stand with Ukraine

    03/03/2014 12:38:24 PM PST · 30 of 63
    gwjack to Monterrosa-24

    Well stated, my FRiend. Just because a person speaks Russian does not mean that they want a Russian takeover. My contacts inside Russia ( who speak Russian) are repulsed at Putin’s actions. They tell me that there are divisions inside Russia about the invasion/occupation. They have used the word that they are ashamed of Putin’s actions.

    We should not forget the open, public demonstrations against the government in 2011. Oh, Zero did nothing to capitalize on the unrest created by Putin then.


  • How Russia Today Is Covering the Crisis In Ukraine

    03/03/2014 7:40:45 AM PST · 41 of 43
    gwjack to Nachum

    Thank you Nachum.

    Will do. I’ll send updates by FReepmail. You can decide when, whether to post in a relevant thread.


  • How Russia Today Is Covering the Crisis In Ukraine

    03/03/2014 3:35:07 AM PST · 34 of 43
    gwjack to Nachum

    Good morning Nachum. Thank you for posting this article. I received an email from a Russian friend in Saint Petersburg yesterday. It gives the other side of how the invasion is viewed by liberty loving Russians. She wrote, complete with grammatical errors:

    “Please, Don,t worry about me. This is a troubled times really. People is Russia are separated as well about Putin,s plan.. Here are protests against and for his decision.. Interesting that the motto is the same - for Free Ukraine and for friendship !

    . “If he wants only to sober up the wild nationalists and Russophobians in Ukraine and to let them know that Russians are under protection.. This is ok. If he wants using this excuse to start a war between Russians and Ukrainians for Crimea and the East part.. This is insane and extremely dangerous. It was fatal Khrushchev,s mistake for both countries when he gifted traditional Russian territory - Crimea - to Ukranian Soviet republic.. It was a bomb, that is ready to blow up..

    “We are still free here to talk openly the point of view.. I don,t know how long .. I am afraid another iron curtain from both sides.. From inside and from the West as a punishment for Russia. I read yesterday The Us State secretary Kerry said about possible limitations or stopping receiving visa for Russians..well. Anything can happen in such crazy world.

    “I have to go to work . The day will be long and busy.”

    This is from a female doctor. We have exchanged several emails leading up to this exchange.


  • Bank manager, fired after carrying gun into work, files suit

    02/23/2014 4:27:09 AM PST · 16 of 43
    gwjack to Pollster1

    Hi Pollster1, I hope you are well.

    Oklahoma went open carry 15 months ago. The week after the law went into effect, I noticed that the “No Weapons” sign was taken off of my bank’s front door. I asked if they had replaced the glass, and forgotten to put the restriction on the door. They told me “No, we feel much safer if we allow firearms.”

    Guess which bank gets my deposits.

    I’ve got an account in a Nevada institution, also. Behind closed doors I have compared “carry” handguns with the female bank manager. They have the prohibition on their door. Her attitude, and belief, is that if the bad guys carry surreptitiously, she will too.


  • Michael Behenna wins parole

    02/12/2014 10:56:33 AM PST · 15 of 25
    gwjack to colorado tanker

    Hi CT - I hope you are well.

    I was remiss in not posting the website for the Behenna effort. It is

    A person can read about the “journey” there. I had the pleasure of working with Vicki when she was in private practice. She is a quality lawyer that left to work for the US Attorney’s office. She is a career employee.

    My Ranger Nephew (getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan again) has told me that Michael is legendary among Rangers.


  • Michael Behenna wins parole

    02/12/2014 8:17:04 AM PST · 2 of 25
    gwjack to gwjack

    Great news for the family.


  • Michael Behenna wins parole

    02/12/2014 8:16:25 AM PST · 1 of 25
  • Leaked Audio Depicts U.S. Diplomat Cursing E.U.

    02/06/2014 3:50:04 PM PST · 8 of 23
    gwjack to Thank You Rush

    Never, ever forget that Nuland was the “author” and “editor” of several parts of the talking points for Susan Rice about Benghazi. She is a serpent.

    She is a person who knows not the truth.

    She is also a Hillary simpatico.

  • Escalation in Ukraine

    01/24/2014 6:46:18 PM PST · 71 of 107
    gwjack to cunning_fish

    Hi c_f.

    Actually Ukraine was invited to join, agreed, and then Yanukovych (after a chat with Putin) cancelled the signing. It was very close to happening. That is one of the triggers of the current situation. Merkel is/was wrong.

    Perhaps she said that before the agreement? Merkel is only the head of one of many EU members. Her vote is a minority.

  • Escalation in Ukraine

    01/24/2014 6:25:07 PM PST · 65 of 107
    gwjack to boxlunch

    Hi boxlunch, I hope you are well.

    Your reference to Stalinist actions is spot on. It was Ukraine where Stalin murdered millions because of failure to produce increasing amounts of crops. Thes “goals” were set by bureaucrats based on what was needed, not on what was possible. Stalin’s answer was to kill.

    I still fear that a crackdown will ratchet up when the Olympics begin. It gives Putin/Yanukovych cover.

    The freedom fighters I tweeted with in the Square went radio silent because of the cell phone texts you mentioned. They told me they would write when possible. At this point, from several news sources (BBC, Ukrainian Radio Liberty, and several others) there have been thousands of injuries on both sides. The Protestors have their own triage hospital. They were prepared.

    I was there in late November and made a few contacts.

    I’m told there are some units from remote areas of the country that are finding excuses not to go to Kiev. Their refusal will lead to troops from Russia being invited into the conflict.

    It is interesting to me that people from the Western part of the country are slowly becoming sympathizers with the Revolution. That is what it has been referred to for two months - The Revolution.

    My view is that joining the EU or being bailed out by Russia were both bad choices. They are both merely delaying the pattern of Greece.

    It is a sad, sad situation. I believe it could be a precursor to what may happen in the USA.

  • Escalation in Ukraine

    01/23/2014 7:16:38 PM PST · 14 of 107
    gwjack to familyop

    I’ve been in contact via email and twitter with Ukrainians in the Square, Kiev, Odessa, Uzhgorod, and Dnepropetrovsk in the last three days. I’m told that the military (Ukrainian?) went through Dnepropetrovsk on their way to Kiev. At this point all significant protest is in the central section of Kiev. All have used the same words to describe the ordeal. They use sad, corrupt, illegal, desire for independence, freedom, and liberty. They are peaceful people that are caught in a corrupt situation. Yanukovych is a Putin puppet who was removed fm office for corruption in 2004. I believe that the crackdown will intensify around February 6 when the world is distracted by Sochi.


  • Oklahoma House Speaker moving toward Senate bid (T.W. Shannon)

    01/21/2014 8:49:08 PM PST · 20 of 91
    gwjack to SoConPubbie

    Lankford is a clone of Tom Cole. He would not have announced his quest but for Cole’s encouragement. He is lock-step with Cole. Cole is an insider friend of Boehner. ‘Nuff said.

    They are both GOPe.

  • Belichick on Wes Welker: 'It was a deliberate play ... to take out Aqib'

    01/20/2014 8:15:35 AM PST · 61 of 188
    gwjack to driftdiver

    Sooooo, there are those ( Belichick included) that says it was an inappropriate play. Where’s the flag? I was always taught that you assume the football position (something Aquib did not do) at all times until you hear the whistle. I was also taught that if there is no flag, there was no penalty, so I should get over it.


  • The Secret Danger Liberals Don't Want You to Know: Fracking is Safe

    12/29/2013 8:10:22 AM PST · 14 of 21
    gwjack to SeekAndFind

    Thank you for posting this.


  • Ground the TSA Tax Hike

    12/10/2013 1:57:25 PM PST · 4 of 4
    gwjack to Kaslin

    It is with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, that I say — TSA, the new Postal Service. They do not earn, or create anything. They are good only at spending money.


  • Lenin statue toppled as 500,000 protest government on streets of Ukraine

    12/09/2013 4:58:23 AM PST · 28 of 31
    gwjack to canuck_conservative

    Hi C C, thank you for posting this.

    I’ve been “chatting” with a few Ukrainians about this for a couple of weeks. One, an Odessan believes it will pass soon, and does not represent the views of the average Ukrainian. One, who lives in Kiev, believes the “small” group of protestors is paid 25 Euros daily. She thinks it will flame out in January when temperatures turn cold. The last lives in McLean, Virginia. She came to the US as an UN interpreter after working for Radio Liberty after the fall of the USSR. She believes this similar to protestors/strikers being paid in the US. She also believes it will pass. Her mom, sister, and children live in Uzhgorod on the West border.

    I do not know how this will turn out, but I believe that the average Ukrainian is a believer in liberty and free enterprise. The life expectancy in Ukraine is deplorable.


  • Fallin declares state of emergency; Snow, sleet to continue through Friday in Tulsa area

    12/05/2013 2:32:59 PM PST · 40 of 68
    gwjack to All

    I’ve always maintained that Oklahoma is one of the few states that believes in the environmentally sound method of snow/ice removal. We just wait until the sun melts it!


  • Honduras election: Hernandez declared official winner

    11/28/2013 5:38:19 AM PST · 20 of 21
    gwjack to Lurker

    Hi Lurker, I hope you are well. Yes Honduras is a beautiful country. I spent 18 days there in 2007 doing what some would call mission/humanitarian work. I stayed in Tegucigalpa in a walled compound at night. We could hear gunfire every night. But the next morning was always without evidence of any disturbance. This was during Zelaya’s term of office. I actually conversed with him and his “Attorney General” in the evenings.

    During the day, I would be among the people in the country. There was quite a difference in thinking. I found good, faithful, industrious, hard working, prideful, and generous people. They appreciated any help that could be brought. At the time I was there, the life expectancy was 41 years.

    One sight I will never forget though was the teenaged armed guard (shotgun) on the outside of a “caged” hardware store. Hurricane Mitch did them no favors by “parking” over the country for 75 inches of rain. It destroyed the infrastructure of the COUNTRY.

    But despite the travesty, the people remained strong.


  • Confirms Why We Shouldn't "Glorify" Rampage Killings

    11/28/2013 5:11:46 AM PST · 4 of 11
    gwjack to marktwain

    Hi marktwain, I hope you are well. Was there another shooting in 2011? Sandy Hook was on December 14, 2012. The blogger loses credibility with me because of lack of attention to detail.

    Your article is valid, and on the target. Pardon the pun.


  • Obama Allegedly Called Conservatives ‘Tea Baggers’ in Handwritten Letter

    11/27/2013 10:15:29 AM PST · 36 of 63
    gwjack to Lazamataz

    Hi Laz, I hope you are well.

    I question any “reporter” that doesn’t know that the paper that is written on is “stationery,” not stationary. I’m glad Zero has time to hand write letters, and not go to Gettysburg, while he bones up on perjorative phrases. (With all intended sarcasm)


  • The last time health care was repealed

    11/19/2013 2:44:18 PM PST · 8 of 8
    gwjack to Amendment10

    Hi Amendment10 - I hope you are well. You are most welcome. Thank you for your post, and kind words.

    I agree with your statements. Of course, it begins with We, the People. We (and I include myself in that group) need to be more assertive and proactive with our existing Reps and Senators. I don’t believe it will take to the next election (or any election) to effect change. It can happen then, but there is no time like the present. Organized demonstrations of disorganization would get attention and results. Hmmmm. I hope I’m not Pollyana.

    Thanks again for your post.


  • The last time health care was repealed

    11/19/2013 1:28:07 PM PST · 5 of 8
    gwjack to bert

    Hi bert, I hope you are well. What part of Tennessee do you live?

    I’m with you. The Senate, refused to take a “clean” vote on the defund issue. Regardless of the political gamesmanship, the bill was not presented for a vote.

    Sigh. I long for a few score foot sodiers that would drape the vehicles of our Congresscritters. And, given this day of civility, I’m sure no one will chase them down the street chanting repeal, impeach, recall, coward, etc. Hmmmm. Perhaps the mysterious appearance of moist, wet, tea bags in the halls of Congress would send a signal?


  • The last time health care was repealed

    11/19/2013 1:01:34 PM PST · 1 of 8
    I heard this referred to on cable news over the weekend. Although the underlying article is dated March 30, 2010, I found it very interesting. I think media should be made aware of it. Now is the time for a complete repeal of Obamacare.

    Who can forget citizens/constituents chasing, and scaling the hood of Rostenkowski's vehicle?


  • Last Night, We Got Our First Look At Chris Christie With The Woman He Might Pick For Vice President

    11/06/2013 2:33:53 PM PST · 57 of 89
    gwjack to CelesteChristi

    Hi CC, I hope you are well.

    I would have a hard time choosing whom to vote for: an extremely successful commodities trader who had no training, or a former lobbyist for Bernie Madoff.

    Decisions, decisions.


  • Edmond mortgage company Adfitech to lay off 320 employees (Largest employer in town)

    10/20/2013 8:29:36 PM PDT · 11 of 14
    gwjack to 2ndDivisionVet

    Hi 2ndDV, I hope you are well. My son is one getting RIF’d by Adfitech. Among other things, Adfitech does quality control audits for FannieMae and Freddie Mac. He was told volume from Fannie and Freddie will drop from 7,000 per month to 1,000 beginning January 1. They did not RIF on seniority or performance. It is believed it was on internal office politics.


  • Video: EBT System Crash: 16 States Out of Service:

    10/13/2013 1:52:42 PM PDT · 10 of 67
    gwjack to Kartographer

    K —

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve been prepping for a couple of years. My kids think I’m crazy. But, they know I don’t cry wolf unless here is a wolf.

    Again, thanks for posting this.