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  • Word for the Day, Friday, March 7, 2008 - Aphorism

    03/07/2008 8:54:14 AM PST · 44 of 142
    gwmoore to CholeraJoe
    Tnx much, CholeraJoe!! I do know it works, because, I remember the doc telling me about neovascularization, but I didn't make the connection. At any rate, my vision hasn't gotten any worse, or less than 20/20, but I do have blind spots.

    That, and the fact I had a closed head injury back in '99 kinda ruined my FAA medical. I miss flying, but for some reason, they take a dim view of those with frontal lobe damage sitting in the pointy end of things which go very fast LOL..


  • Word for the Day, Friday, March 7, 2008 - Aphorism

    03/07/2008 8:02:08 AM PST · 41 of 142
    gwmoore to tioga

    OK, ladies and gents, I’m back and raring to go. Sri for the sporadic posting, but I have been having eye probs with the left one, and get ^&*^((* migraines. DX: Venous Stasis Retinopathy or Central Vein Occlusion or Central Macular Edema. The optho doc has been giving me monthly injections of Avastin (TM) although why a drug used to treat colon cancer helps this, frankly, is unknown, (no jokes here, people, I know you are cocked and locked for humor—nah, ga and sock it to me heheh and I don’t believe it’s approved for this by the FDA, but, who gives a damn, right ROTFL and so far my vision has been great outside of the already damaged spots on the ole retina. I also am sked to see a neuroopthomologist because it seems like I also have developed oculoplegia????

    Now that the tech info is out of the way, I can happily return to the WFTD —hi—

    IMHo, it is an aphorism that the recent NY event regarding the bombing of a recruiting center is simply the opening event of a new wave of terroristic acts. The problem with stating this aphorism is that in the PC oriented society, we simply seem to be unable to name the enemy.. OK, I’ll state it loud and clear : FUNDAMENTAL ISLAM IMI FUNDAMENTAL ISLAM
    we are, good ladies and gents, at war with a religion, that’s an aphorism for you. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this. Any attempt to supress any activities, is a steenkin 1A violation, and any act (round ‘em up, internment camps) has a real bad smell of what happened under the dude with the mustache and the shakes who sent over 6M to their deaths during WWII. OK, we can’t do any “bad stuff” but darn it, it is an aphorism to be able to name one’s enemy and name it loud and continuously.

    < END RANT >
    BTYW, it feels great to be back, and a happy TGIF to every one of you. Smoke ‘em if ya got em, and pour yourselves the adult beverage of your choice, the stronger, the better. Sri I can’t join in, I gotta have a virgin mary, because I have been a friend of Bill W since 1980, but one can dream, right?

    Anyhow, I don’t want to leave anyone out, TGIF, and that, too is an aphorism to be proud of.


  • Word for the Day, January 11, 2008 - Imprimatur

    01/11/2008 7:24:20 AM PST · 18 of 89
    gwmoore to tioga

    BTW, Good morning to all, and once again, good to be back!!
    Let’s all have a great cup of coffee and a doughnut (I’m buying ;-)


  • Word for the Day, January 11, 2008 - Imprimatur

    01/11/2008 7:20:20 AM PST · 16 of 89
    gwmoore to tioga

    Having given their Impramatur to the Hillary creature in the NH primary, the dim faithful seem to have shown their unswerving devotion to the dogma of the aforesaidmention of said Party.

    It is a sad, sad day indeed, when the uninformed will give their Impramatur for socialism, instead of stepping up to the plate and giving their loyalty and total Impramaur to things which really count, such as (A.) supporting our brave fighting men and women who now are in harm’s way, and (B.) Not giving their Impramautur to candidates who, IMHO, will make a real POTUS, such as Fred Thompson (GO DUDE!!!)

    After the debate, I kept thinking about another Presidental run, many years ago, when one other actor said what he meant and meant what he said. Say what one may, being used to playing a character, just as Ronnie R did, is not too dissimilar from going thru the political process. The field of acting, to be quite honest, is not all that much of a leap of faith than becoming POTUS. The C-IN-C is in all reality, playing a part, albeit the most important part for which one can be cast. Looking the part is just as important as the actions one takes in the part. IMHO, Fred Thompson has what it takes to do both, for it takes that special skill to bring oneself out in front of the Country and the World as one who brooks no problems, has the courage to act, quickly, decisively, and ruthlessly to solve those problems, as well as winning over, and this may be the most important of the reasons, winning the public backing.

    Fred Thompson has it all..I give my unqualified Impramatur
    to his hopefully future elections and the big one of all, his election as POTUS.

  • Word For The Day, Thursday, January 10, 2008 - discursive

    01/11/2008 4:34:43 AM PST · 79 of 86
    gwmoore to CholeraJoe; NeoCaveman; xsmommy; tioga; secret garden

    I sure help that I didn’t leave anyone. Thanks one and all
    for the hearty welcome back. I, personally, really appreciate all of your kind thoughs, and I will not be a stranger!!

    FReeper withdrawl symptoms can be really seriously disturbing, as I miss all of you friends who have kept me in the loop.

    I am really looking forward to this daily posting once again..

    Thanks again for all of you

    de GW

  • Word For The Day, Thursday, January 10, 2008 - discursive

    01/10/2008 7:53:00 AM PST · 45 of 86
    gwmoore to secret garden

    First, on a discursive note, allow me to inform all that I am not dead, disceased, or in any way inactive, although I haven’t posted in some time. I have developed, for some strange reason, Meniere’s Syndrome, which causes, among other really neat things, vertigo, hearing loss, and worst of all, a huge problem looking at the computer screen. Problem is, that it’s not a typical Meniere’s, for it seems to be CNS related, with my left side the worst. Fortunately, treatment helps, my MRI and MRA of the gourd show zip, a CT shows zip, and it is being followed up by a very helpful conservative Neuro MD. Did I mention the hearing aids?? Sheesh, the digital ones which I have are both expensive (the sticker shock was profound) and exceedingly effective. I was amazed when the world that this guy had forgotten ever existed. This is, may I add, is very pleasing to Mrsgwmoore, and daughter of gwmoore, who, since this is supposed to be a discursive discussion is now engaged to an attorney (yup, conservative as well YEH!!!!!) because the volume of gwmoore’s voice, and the level at which he left radio’s, TV’s and computer spkrs was irritating enough to have gwmooredaughter’s attorney to threaten legal action (well, not really, just being discursive)....The aids are very, very good..although I have to remove them during my ballistic experimental activities, and use 2 sets of plugs... I have also had to make changes in the way I operate my gear for Navy MARS, and use a speaker instead of the ‘phones, for the background white noise seems to set the darn vertigo off.... (Is this discursive enough for the group???
    I also, several months ago, had to have another vertebrae fused on my neck, which now gives me 4 inna row fused. I have 2 working which kinda slows down my range of motion of the head, and causes pain.. Thank God for pain control..with the methods of today one can be on a delivery system of a CII substance, and not be “stoned”..OK
    on with the discursive ramble..

    To continue , I must comment on the recent events in NH. OK, so Hitlery took the vote. This, unfortunately is going to happen. We have a situation where, to a Dimcrat, every election is a Hobson’s Choice of a discursive belief field, and for a good old GOP member, well IMHO, I can’t find at this time one candidate who measures up to my discursive beliefs.

    OK, at any rate, I’m Baaaaaack (evil grin) for I won’t let a little vertigo, etc bother me...I kinda knew that my Instrument rating would come in handy someday after I was grounded LOL.... get vertigo???? well heck, “fly the gauges”
    using horizontal surfaces as one’s gyro horizon. Works, too
    (most of the time)...

  • The Methanol Economy: Forget about the hydrogen economy. Methanol is the key ...

    03/02/2006 10:12:17 AM PST · 41 of 44
    gwmoore to aculeus

    The strange thing here is does it HAVE to be METHANOL????
    How bout pure, water clear ETHANOL AKA White Lightnin', etc,
    works great.......just eliminate the steenking tax....
    I am sure the problems with the fuel line material and the gasketing can be worked out rather easy.......

    We have the infrastructure to begin production immediately...
    both big industry and independent production facilities could be in operation overnight...
    problem solved..
    Keep the faith for freedom and watch for them Revenooers..


  • Word for the Day, Monday, July 11, 2005

    07/11/2005 5:23:28 PM PDT · 237 of 255
    gwmoore to Dutchgirl
    No problem, will post the result ( I expect great results, and really don't have much choice,) these aren't for either cosmetic or vain reasons, heck, I can just about see at this point, so the implant is a necessity, the natural lenses having become cloudy. From the literature and from word of mouth, I have heard nothing but good about implants, and frankly, anything is better than seeing "blobs" hanging in front of both eyes LOL) When one can't read or post on FR without drastic measures, it's time for extraordinary procedures!!!!!


  • Al-Qaeda suspects escape from high-security prison

    07/11/2005 5:08:25 PM PDT · 16 of 27
    gwmoore to MadIvan
    I'm sorry to have to suggest the obvious solution, but AL Qaeda Terrorists with either #2 alloy, Linotype, or jacketed projectiles in what would remain of their brain stems would not escape from anywhere. I also believe that even the Geneva Convention, and the "Laws of Warfare" as practiced by civilised nations provide for the aforementioned application of the #2 alloy, Linotype, or jacketed projectiles to "irregular" forces who wear no uniforms, and who represent no flag.

    We SHOULD have been practicing this procedure since 9/11/01 and let the liberals, the apologists, and do gooders be damned. IMHO, these scum only respect force and terror, and I say, let's give it to them.

    My only negative comment is" whoever was the idiot who took the camera into Abu Ghraib was a complete doofus.. I can't believe that someone was so damned stupid as to take pictures..... there used to be an "internal" penalty for crap like that. The whatever or whoever is providing the "leaks" is at Gitmo, well, sharks have to eat.... it's just too damn bad they went swimming.....

    That is all I will say on that subject...

    Keep the Faith for Freedom,

  • Word for the Day, Monday, July 11, 2005

    07/11/2005 4:47:45 PM PDT · 235 of 255
    gwmoore to Robert A. Cook, PE
    Why thanks!!! It will get a lot easier once I don't have to have the text enlargement turned on, and the "blobs" which appear to float in my field of vision gone ;-) Fortunately, Engineering has come to the rescue, with made to order, lens implants which are held in place by 2 curved spring wires, simultaneously centering the implant in the lens capsule, and acting as a framework for the body to permanently hold them in place. Supposedly, one's vision comes back to near perfect (I get measured tomorrow for the aforementioned implants). I did, however ask the MD why cataracts at my age, as I consider myself rather young to get them, and his response was "because" LOL...evidently these things can happen at just about any age, and they can go from nothing to bad in a really short time, as happened to me. What is most irritating is the stupid disorientation which comes because of the vast difference in sight between the eyes, and the difference in signals between the eyes and ears, not to mention the problems working with computers, or even reading... Yes I know that they will soon be gone with a couple of 15-20 min procedures, and my sight will be even better than before (kind of a "gimme" from the MD, who knows that for a former Comml pilot and Aeronautical Engineer, one is kind of vain about one's vision [vain, evil grin] and even though this won't give me my FAA medical back, it will allow me to discharge the various examples of extraordinary Design Engineering, tooland die making, machining, heat treating, and metal finishing previously d3monstrated by several Northeast Military Armories, without worry as to any embarrassment as to their accuracy caused by gwmoore ;-). This is good enough for me, and should keep me out of trouble for an indefinite period, as said examples require repairs, unobtrusive modifications ( for accuracy's sake, natchz), and the custom reloading of ammunition to cause to best possible accuracy. Since I have a duplicate of some of these examples, some machine work will be required, and once I can see, it will be time to demonstrate my dormant skills with the lathe, drill press, and Bridgeport Mill, as learned from various skilled tool and die men and modelmakers in aerospace....(who wants just one caliber, eh?)...... besides, I want to build one FINE bench rest example, caliber yet to be determined.....a lot of machining will be required.

    Anyhow, my new fine sight will be well used, and since I already have a place which happens to possess the machine tools above, the future looks great ;-).......

    Thanks, Rob't for welcoming me back, I will attempt to keep up with this as long as my eyes hold out and the screen mag works.. it's only 2 weeks until eye one (L) so I figure I can put up with the problem that long..

    Keep the Faith for Freedom

    Greg the Merciless

  • Word for the Day, Monday, July 11, 2005

    07/11/2005 6:05:59 AM PDT · 102 of 255
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Hey, Goooood Morning XS and group ;-)

    I found it is possible to read and post, albeit with some difficulty, if I use the "text magnification" function" of my PC, so, since I have been suffering from FR/WTFD withdrawl symptoms, and presumably will continue until my first eye is magically repaired on the 21st, with the "bionic" lens implant, and I gain my perfect --LOL-- vision in that eye back again (the other will be done 2 weeks later, and don't ask why the cataracts came on so fast, all I get is "they can and do" from the ocular type MD;s I will have to put up with the screen magnification and eyestrain, and the occasional misspelling......

    OK....on with the WFTD.

    We (the collective we of the cowardly heads of state) have waited far too long in the excoriation of the cowardly terrorists. I have been preaching like a fire and brimstone driven Gospel Minister since 9/12/01 that there is only one suitable answer for this ongoing terror. The problem seems to lie in two basic areas, first, we are deadly afraid to NAME OUR ENEMY and name them loud and long, just as in WWII. The second is the seeming weakness of resolve on the part of all concerned as well as the total forgetting of institutional memory learned during WWII when we had to deal with just such an enemy who regarded suicide attacks as honorable and "holy"... if one remembers, there was (I have no I dea if there is now) word for "surrender" in Japanese. At any rate, it only took 2 rather primitive, by todays standards, nuclear weapons to make said enemy find words to express "unconditional surrender". Such excoriation was necessary and saved literally millions of American lives.

    We have, over the 60 or so years developed a huge guilt complex and apologetic knee jerk reaction at using what we developed to end what would have otherwise been a bloodbath of Biblical proportions.

    OK....It is no secret here on FR that since 9/11 that I have advocated cutting the head off the terrorists by removing that for which they fight, and reducing their shrines to caldrons of molten, radioactive green glass. Such glass does not a shrine, nor a haven for terrorists make, and such an excoriation sends out such a powerful message that it is unlikely that attacks would continue, since any repeat of an attack would result in additonal conversion of real estate into green glass. It was also my statement that we dust off the Enhanced Radiation devices (a/k/a "Neutron Bombs", or more correctly, X-Ray emitters) to eliminate the combatants while preserving the infrastructure for whatever use we choose to make of it.

    Since the MSM and the rest of the liberal talking heads seem to scream their collective mouths off about :it's about the oil" well, hell, let's make it about the oil.... I would far more like to see Old Glory flying over the oil fields than anything with a stupid crescent on it.....besides, it would do wonders for the supply and demand and oil futures LOL.......

    I hope I haven't offended anyone by my rather draconian proposal, but dammit, terrorists only understand terror, and I say, give it to them in spades, and lest anyone think gwmoore is all talk, I will be more than happy to strap the aircraft on my butt, and watch that large black suppository come off the racks, the cables pull free, as it begins it's inexorable decent toward the double actinic flash. I will even be willing to do same prior to my cataract surgery, as I think I can still see a glass cockpit or a radar screen well enough to do what has to be done.... Besides, I can then use the line I have been wanting to use for some time in a book, but never have gotten around to writing same " And once again, the pure double flash of the actinic light of God's Creation shown upon the firmament, and once again, God saw that it was good, and the excoriation of those who would defile his world had been carried out"......OK, hackneyed, but I always wanted to use that darn line............

    It's good to be back on WTFD with my usual rant, even if I have to have HUGE font size LOL... Keep the faith for freedom.

    Greg (The Merciless)

  • Muslims Crowding London's Mosques Say They Fear Backlash in Aftermath of Bombings

    07/09/2005 1:36:29 AM PDT · 441 of 522
    gwmoore to XR7
    Great Photo!!!!

    This being said, I much prefer seeing the slow mo video of the big black suppository coming off the rack, pulling the cables loose, and exiting the bomb bay, beginning it's inexorable decent to either a low airburst or ground burst directly on top of that stinkin cube. I con't belive I could find a better AP if I tried. That is a FINE target, both radar, and visual, and for that matter, for either GPS or inertial guidance, in case one didn't want to risk any manned aircraft in such a strike.....

    As I have been saying since 9/11, green glass does not a shrine make, nor a terrorist stronghold to be occupied. This should have been the result early in the morning of 9/12/01, along with the strong message that we would continure to convert real estate into molten glass untilwe made damn sure that there was nothing left capable of waging terrorism or attacks, and if they chose to hide in caves or bunkers, they would be sealed in there for eternity. others should recieve the same treatment if they supported terror. Many years ago, we fought one enemy who used similar tactics, and 2 nukes later, we had a unconditional surrender. Such a similar outcome could occur here, with the possible extention of the need to reduce some other real estate to trinitite as well.... IMHO we have been flogging ourselves and allowing the liberals and apologists to prevent us from using the might we should justly wield, and it is damn time that we let the genie out of the bottle again, and let the clear actinic light of creation shine once again on the firmament ( I have always wanted to use that line, and now I have the chance)....

    Terrorists only respect terror, and IMHO, I say lets give it to them...if they want to become martyrs, well, they will have their opportunity in one billionth of a second, and the brilliant double flash of actinic light.....

    Keep the Faith for Freedom


  • Water balloon bombers may face charges [Dropped them from airplane]

    07/09/2005 1:12:02 AM PDT · 77 of 77
    gwmoore to Aeronaut
    Thanks for the ping, Aeronaut. Although I no longer have a medical, and am realistic enough to not expect to be able to get one again ( closed head injuries leading to migraines and vertigo are not looked upon kindly by the FAA whatsoever). This does not in the least detract from my interest and continued desire to remain current, at least in knowlege, in aviation..... One never knows when regardless of medical status, an emergency may require one to use his commercial/IFR/multi/Type rating skills regardless of any steenkin medical or lack of same [evil grin}

    Now, tossing any kind of object from aircraft has always been a no no under FAR's, though I would imagine that most of us, have, at one time or another, tossed "objects" out of either an open window, or over the side of an open cockpit. It is hoped we all did this over a safe area, and chose our impact points with some care..... The actions of these idjits with water balloons were, IMHO, criminal, and since they were allegedly student pilots, that is as far as they should get.... Akthough a balloon full of water may not seem like much, one only has to figure out the mass and estimated terminal velocity to see that one winds up with a lethal missile. Such items are OK in contests along with flour bags, etc, etc at carefully supervised events, and carefully chosen impact points, clear of any danger, but these dumb yahoos deserve the full impact of the law.

    I once witnessed a similar idiot throw a pair of wood chocks out of the window of a C180 for the alleged reason "there was a junk car and I wanted to see if I could hit it"... Well, the guy obviously had no concept of speed, trajectory, or exterior ballistics, because the damn chocks came close to impacting the writer, and his car, as well as a C210 on which I was doing a preflight check and which was a good 300 yards away from the intended "target". The aircraft was NOT mine, it was for a charter,I had passengers standing by the aircraft, and the chocks missed it by less than 5 yards. I lost the charter, as the pax suddenly decided they would rather not fly, then had and had some severely terrified people to calm down. To protect all concerned, I will not mention the airport, nor the state, After said idiot landed, I had a "extended discussion" with this pilot, in which I "explained the error of his ways" to him in no uncertain terms, and left the chocks hanging around his neck. No further report was needed, as said pilot never flew from the airport again. (Fear is a wonderful motivational tool) This type of behavior has no place in modern aviation, except in airshows and some fun contests, where safety regs are in place to make sure that nothing gets damaged.

    It is far too bad that we have this kind of abject stupidity more in more in GA today, especially with the advent of the "Sport PIlot" rating, which IMHO, should never have been instituted, not in today's high density airspace situation, and most especially, in the ever increasing restrictions and controlled airspace popping up every day since 9/11....... Just my .02, even if, without a current medical, and current experience, I can't sit in the pointy end any more, but one doesn't forget one's experience and how one feels about idiots creating a hazard for themselves and others. Fly safe!! Greg

  • Word for the Day, Friday, June 3d, 2004

    06/03/2005 6:26:52 AM PDT · 67 of 508
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Awriiiiight, Ooookkaay, I'm here already (slouches into room, squinting, drinking coffee, consuming donut ;-)

    Well, watched the local FOX outlet this AM as usual, and most of the "biggie" news about the MJ trial and "Deep Throat", in whom I am rapidly losing interest, as said Throat is turning out to be nothing more than a ijdit "Book Pimp" and will, in due course, receive the ZOT right here, ladies and gentlemen, from the awesome hordes of Viking Kitties who, even now, are sharpening their claws and checking the duty roster for the awaited event, eagerly awaiting the EAM from the ZotFather [evil pre weekend VK/Zot grin].

    This, of course, leaves us with MJ, a perfect choice for the WFTD. Having been thru an emotionally charged closing argument process, the 'ol MJ is looking pretty well done in by the business, I believe that, if the pix were right, yesterday was a 4? umbrella day, and 2 "Jackson Lifters" needed to convey the alleged connoisseur of concupiscence with young boychildren into the Hallowed Hall Of Justice (HHOJ).

    It is gwmoore's opinion that everyone had better prepare for the exigency of some serious medical happenings in those HHOJ should the "Jury of His Peers" return a "GUILTY" verdict. It is also gwmoore's opinion that cameras should be allowed in said HHOJ at the Moment of Truth. It is felt (IMHO only) that it might be mildly entertaining, and wagers (for entertainment only, of course) could be placed on such things as(in no particular order)
    (A.) Are the convulsions real?
    (B.) How long will the convulsions last?
    (C.) Does the defibrillator actually talk and say "shock advised, press the green button"?
    (D.) Are there actually batteries in said defibrillator?
    (E.) Are said batteries of the "Bunny" (TM) brand?
    (F.) Is that O2 in the tank, or the N2O they have been letting MH huff to keep his spirits up?
    (G.) Is there any difference in face color between MJ in normal condx and MJ in full arrest?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Place your Bets, Messeurs et Mesdames, faite vaux jeux (Lone Palm, I think I have that right, pse correct me if I am wrong... I really don't have much French ;-)

    Anyhow, now that we have covered the exigencies of the possibilities of some real courtroom action and more coverage since the fall of Baghdad, we can now sit back, relax, enjoy our weekend, and wait for the hopeful downfall of the connoisseur of concupiscence.

    Off topic.. I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy B'day yesterday, I will get around to thanking everyone personally, over the weekend, so please don't feel left out if I haven't gotten on your ping list yet ;-)....

    Everyone, have a great weekend, I will be hanging on here with the rest of the degenerates, keeping one eye on this list and one on the "VK/Zot" threads, as well as doing some much overdue webmaster stuff on the USS America Museum Foundation website, which I have to completely redo...


  • Seat Belt Violators Caught By Cops Wearing Night Vision Goggles

    06/02/2005 10:09:08 AM PDT · 127 of 198
    gwmoore to tgslTakoma
    I see a real problem with this, not just with the implied "snooping" but with the credibility of the statement. Here's why:

    I happen to own a pair of G2 NVG's. They work great, except for the failing of any NVG device, and that's light overloading. Now, these puppies are so sensitive that using a TV remote is as good as an 8 cell mag light. They have a sensitivity from IR into the visible range, but they will, and do, get washed out if a strong light source appears. While they have AGC (Automatic Gain Control) it's not perfect, and I do hesitate to use them where there is a chance of strong ambient light. Admittedly these are a few years old, and technology has improved.

    This being said, if an LEO is standing near a road scanning for cars, most roads are not real dark. As a matter of fact, at least here, near Philly, the damn light pollution from the city is so bad that nothing is really dark anymore. 40+ years ago, I used to be able to use my homebuilt 8" reflector in my backyard in Glenolden, PA, and have a great time observing. One could even have a reasonable good time with a pair of 7x50 binocs.. Today, in upper Darby, the light pollution is so bad, one is lucky to see 1st magnitude stars, and that's on a good night.

    What's this mean for the seat belt cops? Simply that their NVG's are going to be rendered useless by either too much ambient light from light pollution, street lamps, or those demon-designed actinic blue-whote eye burner headlights which the car manufacturers seem to be falling all over each other to place on their new vehicles. I don't know about you, but since I happen to have venous stasis retinopathy in my left eye, and am trying to preserve my vision, I really don't need that insult at night.

    At any rate, I fail to see, in the face of all this bright light, and the predilection of people to put as many lights on their SUV's as can be mounted, and use same, even if on-road use is mostly illegal, can these seat belt warriors see anything????

    I believe in safety, I don't however, like it showed down my throat by big brother. Safety equipment should be a personal thing and a personal choice, and mot a mandate. 40+ years ago I owned a very fast 1958 Chevy convertible. I fitted it with a roll bar fully braced, and had 6 point aircraft restraint harnesses attached to the integral roll cage, which I also installed. One could use the shoulder restraints, or not, as one wished... the lap belt was a full 4". At the time, I was pretty ahead of the game, but felt safe doing the kind of racing I was doing at the time.

    I really don't like people showing :what's good for me down my throat 24/7. I feel that, being both an aerospace engineer and commercial pilot, that I have learned enough about impact survival to make informed decision and equip my conveyances accordingly. I also know, that seatbelts aren't the guaranteed, 100 percent panacea that they are cracked up to be. in 1999 I was involved in an auto accident, (not my fault) I don't remember anything from 2 days before until 5 days after. I was, however wearing a seat belt. The vehicle did not have an air bag. I don't know exactly what transpired, but evidently the inertia reel for the shoulder restraint didn't lock, or at least, lock properly.I suffered a closed head injury. Yes, I was properly compensated, although I was forced to retire both as an engineer, and as a pilot, having lost my FAA Medical

    I guess the moral of all this is let everyone choose their level of safety, and also check yours...make darn sure if you use your seatbelts, check the inertia locks by jerking on the shoulder restraints until they lock...there should be a "manual jock" or better yet, a gas initiator fired off the same circuit which initiates the airbags to retract and lock the harness. Shoulder harness should be aircraft style, over each shoulder, and terminate in a quick release lap belt release so they could be opened with one hand if necessary. A cutting tool should also be provided on each exit door along with a window break hammer to permit egress if the belts can't be released, the door opened, or the windows lowered.

    As far as the cops using NVG's, pure hogwash....another invasion of personal privacy and a step closer to "PAPERS!!!"


  • Word For The Day, Thursday, June 2, 2005

    06/02/2005 9:24:29 AM PDT · 85 of 156
    gwmoore to theDentist
    ROTFLMAO.....I do believe, that as in any good Kung Fu movie, that means "Let's Get it On"... ACM=FUN. ACM when you are the "bogey" and the other guy is full "hot" = FIREBALL (VERY NOT FUN)....

    And, A G3 has 3 rather large heat sources in a relatively small area making it a easy, easy, target for a heatseeker. (I chose a G3 simply because I used to love to fly them...for real fun, though, nothing beats the early Lears, especially when it's just you, the plane, and a whole lotta uncontrolled airspace. There was a time when one could have a lot of fun, but alas, that has gone a long time ago, far before 9/11 which really put the period on to most of the enjoyable end of flying...Since I hold both fixed and helo ratings, two of my favorite flights, and ones I flew charters for regularly, besides what I did on the job, were the "beltway tour" around WashDC, which. is pretty much what it says, once you cleared in with approach control, you were cleared to fly around the beltway (inner or outer), and as long as you avoided the couple of prohibited areas (WH,Capitol, Wash Monument, etc, which are plainly marked on the charts) you could get a great view of the city, especially at night. it was a beautiful flight, and I never tired of doing it, the slower the better. The other one I enjoyed was the VFR flyway around Manhattan Island, where you could fly around 800' all around the island, and look UP at the buildings. I get a real eerie feeling about that one though, I flew a helo on that tour back in '98, the last year I flew, and remember looking up at the WTC towers and waving at the people in the offices, and having them wave back, and it churns me inside every time I think about it... those floors where the people were waving, well, you can figure it out....I can't think of anything but payback now..

    Sure used to be a beautiful flight, especially, again at night...the city lit up against the dark water, and I was always too busy to get pix (charters don't pay co-pilots LOL), so its you at 100 percent all the time......

    Thanks for the HB though, appreciate it....


  • Word For The Day, Thursday, June 2, 2005

    06/02/2005 8:50:51 AM PDT · 83 of 156
    gwmoore to tioga
    Why thanks, tioga!!!

    They look delicious.....I won't worry about those nasty carbs or cholesterol, or calories, either LOL.......(just got read riot act from MD concerning diet etc) comment..."I became a friend of Bill W's 26 years ago...5 years after that I had to quit smoking....I gotta have SOME vices!!!!!!" LOL


  • Word For The Day, Thursday, June 2, 2005

    06/02/2005 8:45:27 AM PDT · 79 of 156
    gwmoore to xsmommy; VRWCmember; secret garden; hobbes1; Hegewisch Dupa; Texan5; Laura Earl; theDentist; ...
    Hey, G'Morning ALL!!

    Thanks for all the HB wishes and the eye candy (nice to get the ol prurient interests going this early in the morning LOL).....

    xs, tnx for the, maybe you and patton, etal, can lobby the FAA to "Show me my medical" and lemme sit in the pointy end of things that go very fast, and gw will be very, very, happy

    "Ladies and Gentlemen,This is your captain gw speaking, welcome to your G3 special charter to beautiful Miami, Florida, we will be departing in a few minutes, and ATC has cleared us direct. So, please disregard some erratic movements of the aircraft, and please notify the flight attendant, so that they many notify the captain to take his vertigo medication. If you see some flares or a fighter or two off the wing, also let the flight attendant know, because the captain would like to engage in some ACM, as it is his belief that a G3 can outfly an F-16 given the right pilot mindset. No your captain is not a terrorist, although, however, he would like to shoot one down, save the County, and be vilified by the MSM. He simply has been grounded for some years because of a closed head injury and some spinal surgeries, and takes some rather heavy doses of medication to control his symptoms. Other than that, he's fine. We will be flying at a cruising altitude of 32,000 feet, so if sudden cabin depress occurs, get on that O2 quick and keep your seatbelts fastened, because the next couple of minutes are going to be very,very interesting. as we are going to be exploring the limits of the G3 envelope. You are going to find your what "Pulling G in multiple axes" really means, and why what you see in movies just "ain't happening". Again, welcome aboard, Relax and enjoy your experience."

    Thus has been broken (totally blown away) the shibboleth of why persona with head injuries,post concussion syndrome, a small frontal lobe bleed, blown vertebrae and are heavily medicated shouldn't have FAA commercial medicals. Right????

    Anyhow, thanks much for the wonderful HB wishes, and it's really great being alive another year and still FReeping......

    Thanks, guys...


  • Word For The Day, Thursday, May 26, 2005

    05/26/2005 6:39:55 AM PDT · 53 of 243
    gwmoore to secret garden2; Miss Behave; Gabz; xsmommy; VRWCmember
    Goooood Morning, All,

    I do believe I replied to all who pinged last nite and this AM ;-)

    Miss Behave, tnx much for the heads up... I really hadn't considered that as a source of the problem, and will hereby use your suggestion in the WFTD......

    Having suffered from what seemed to be the "cold from hell" for at least 4 days, which has now morphed into something causing gwmoore's gyros to tumble, uncontrollably, requiring him to go "NO GYRO" IFR,in his own personal world, just to stay in a reasonably upright posture, and walk across the room, it was suggested by Miss Behave that gwmoore might have an inner ear infection.

    At 0900 (EDY) gwmoore placed a call to the family MD, and managed to secure an appt this afternoon, at which time he will apply all his artifice to clearing up this horrific problem. Since his artifice is plentiful and varied, I have no doubt that the problem will be rectified in a speedy manner.

    Thanks to all who posted!! Special thanks to Miss Behave for suggesting where the problem might lie. Believe it or not, I wasn't even giving much thought to that, although I knew the problem might be there... I needed a jog in the right direction....


  • Word For The Day, Wednesday, May 25, 2005 - threnody

    05/25/2005 1:55:29 PM PDT · 184 of 374
    gwmoore to Gabz
    Damn, Gabz, I thought I was the only one ;-).. I've been out of it for about 2 days now....eyes burning like someone threw sand and acid in them, that "fever" feeling (without actually having a fever) and general malaise.... I have been surviving on OJ, bottled water, and (once in a while) a series virgin mary with tons of Lea & Perrins (TM) Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper(a lot) in hopes of burning whatever I have out LOL. Now, since I have been a buddy of Bill W since '80, I am unable to add anything stronger to the mix, but I do believe that with the amount of sauce I put in there it would remove paint and soften epoxy.... so far difference....

    I hate this feeling... I have stuff to do, and I just feel too crummy to do it, as my gyros have tumbled as well, and the world is not straight. Fortunately, being a comm'l pilot (albeit somewhat defrocked without medical) I am instrument rated, and use the TV and horizontal surfaces like the artificial horizon, and use that as a reference, ignore what my inner ear is trying to tell me ( which is what one does in IFR conditions) and can reasonably move around.


  • Word For The Day, Wednesday, May 25, 2005 - threnody

    05/25/2005 7:04:15 AM PDT · 58 of 374
    gwmoore to TheGrimReaper; hobbes1; xsmommy
    Hey, I was as suprised as you!!

    I do believe that Conservatives there have to register and check in regularly, their pictures get posted on poles, etc, and there are websites which "out" them to the communities.

    I don't think it's a law, I think it's more of a decree from the "Liberal Commissar" of the People's Republic, and passed down to the "Village Soviets"/// LOL


  • Gun Safety 101 Sparks Debate (in Arizona Schools)

    05/25/2005 6:57:12 AM PDT · 62 of 76
    gwmoore to FairOpinion
    Thanks for posting this FairOpinion!

    This should be offered in EVERY school, hell, we had rifle teams when I was in High School (back in the "old days" of the very early '60s). The funny thing is, though, that WE didn't need the courses, because we had been indoctrinated since we were too young to remember about firearms handling and safety.

    I, for one, wasn't even allowed to point a cap pistol at anyone, or a cork rifle, and had to "treat them as if they were loaded" all the time. Of course, when I was slightly older, I received a .22, and so forth, and the education into firearms safety, and then into hunting and the safety requirements for that was seamless.

    It's a funny thing, when you see the story written the way it is, and how the idiot "health" people weigh in, besides which, the story appears alongside another teaser about "5th grader takes gun from pre-schooler", one can see the institutional knee jerk to any positive firearms story. That being said, I do wish them well, and hope the practice spreads. Maybe, just maybe, that if these courses in firearms safety catch on, then some of the "Zero tolerance" about firearms will go away ("finding" a firearm in the trunk of a car in the school's parking lot, thereby causing the intervention of SWAT, the Bomb Squad, Homeland Security, the MIB, etc etc, and the expulsion and possible incarceration of the otherwise innocent student, who was either going hunting or to target practice after he left the "indoctrination center")....Crap, back in said early 1960;s we used to have said firearms in car trunks all the time, and show them off to each other in the parking was also no biggie to see a bunch of teenagers walking down PA 420 to the swamps near Philly airport, there to hunt rats, etc (a very pleasant way to spend any amount of time)...said "yutes" were very heavily armed, indeed, and cars would pass with no comment...try that today....

    Ok, enough of the rant.. I do wish this course well, and hope it spreads, I think everyone should be exposed at least to the basics of firearms handling and safety as early as possible, and also to the meaning of the 2A. I believe that if things went this way, well, you wouldn't see the stories you see...

    Keep The Faith For Freedom


  • Word For The Day, Wednesday, May 25, 2005 - threnody

    05/25/2005 6:33:41 AM PDT · 38 of 374
    gwmoore to secret garden2; xsmommy; VRWCmember
    Goood Morning secret2 (ya newbie you( l-)

    I will rise up in a threnody of grief stricken ululation for the loss of all your data and your persona.

    While I compose said threnody, allow me to point you to an answer to a question you asked about why someone would need two sound cards in a computer.. I posted the comment in Monday's WFTD, but don't know if you got pinged for it or not,

    if you didn't, the link is HERE . If you have already read it, please disregard the link ;-)....

    Anyhow, VRWC, that's my homework, know ya don't grade ;_ but it does fit in with the news of the day, since secret has lost identity and persona, it is only right to compose a threnody of lament for same.

    Ok, xs, and all, today, gwmoore is pleased...girlchild has met someone...probably the only Republican Conservative in the whole Peoples Republic of New Jersey, and is actually going out with him.... hurrah!!! progress at last!!! the "sitting around the house with great lament" stage is over, thank God. Even though she was abused, there are wondrous things at work... her first marriage was civil, therefore, as far as the Church is concerned, she was never priest was involved... The guy she met ( and is serious about, BTW) is very much like gwmoore (Navy, carrier,motorcycles, "checkered youth" etc etc but a Republican!! Conservative!!! in the PRNJ/ Unbelievable!!!)... a genuine nice guy..... gwmoore approves of him....He too, while divorced, also had a civil wedding the first go round, so he too, in the eyes of the Church, never married......

    OPNOTE: I do believe I'm rushing things here, but should events progress in the (hopefully) correct direction, maybe I can have things done up right this time!!!!!! Sheesh, one can always hope....

    Sri to go off topic, but gw is excited for girlchild, as he sees positive signs..Now, I got to get them both posting on FR so I can get a real handle on their true views [espionage grin]...girlchild is already trinity1 so she can post immediately, but I don't know if this guy knows about this excellent site or not......LOL....

    OK, end of OT discussion, and back to singing the threnody for secret's FR identity.....


  • Word for the Day, Tuesday, May 24, 2005

    05/24/2005 7:52:47 AM PDT · 111 of 198
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Goooood Morning, xs and crew,

    Well, this looks like an easy one today, plenty of material to work with, and plenty of ire and inner seething to drive the use of said word LOL...

    In the Senate, irresolute
    Thinking only of Pork and Loot
    Who could have ever once discerned
    This the way the irresolute worm would turn
    All that rhetoric to no good
    It seems their heads were made of wood.

    Led by none other than "Our Man? Arlene"
    His irresoluteness plainly seen
    No seer needed to make them learn
    Then shouted "Compromise", "Adjourn"

    What a Country ?!?!?!


  • Word for the Day, Monday, May 23, 2005

    05/23/2005 10:22:45 PM PDT · 260 of 292
    gwmoore to secret garden
    GM, secret garden, Well, it's simple really.... when I went to have the 'puter built, I had them dump the modem card, because I don't need it for control of my radios, and I have a LAN which connects to the Internet thru the router, which also gives me the Wireless node..... This gave me room for several additional cards, including 2 to create a total of 4 9 pin COM posts without interrupt conflicts (most new 'puters have only one 9 pin, relying on USB for connectivity, and unfortunately, the equipment I have doesn't like the USB/Serial converter cables.. the units simply will not configure properly.. I needed 4 com ports at minimum, and in reality, probably should have a second computer, similarly equipped, to handle the Packet node, and also for 24/7 control of ALE (Automatic Link Establishment, using a separate HF radio for the ALE and a separate radio and TNC (Terminal Node Controller) for the Packet node mailbox.. this, of course is all for Navy Mars.. Look up both of these on Google, if ya want to learn more --hi--- or I will be more than happy to explain in length.....I enjoy teaching, and if I can bore mrsgwoore to death with esoteric e;electronic minutiae, I'm sure I can manage to at least make a secret garden somewhat sleepy [evil pedagogue grin LOL)..... Anyhow, there are digital communications modes which are called "soundcard modes" for the obvious reason that they are produced by, and received by, the computer's soundcard, instead of an outboard TNC.... these bear such esoteric names as PSK-31, MFSK, MT-63, OLIVIA, Q15x25, etc.... There is a program, which I use called MixW that is, IMHO, about the best one can find for this (also try Googling that).. there is also PC-ALE which makes automatic contacts, and is frequency agile, and likewise, uses a soundcard....

    While I like using a TNC (it is outboard, dedicated, and doesn't have the limitations of a Windoze based OS, that eats all your memory, and can be used for programs requiring an Acknowledgment such as AMTOR ARQ and PACTOR ( and Packet as well, the outboard works far better, as it does with PSK-31 as well, for the above reason, it's dedicated.... The TNC also has a good deal of memory, which is necessary to have a 24/7 mailbox and not have problems connecting, nor being connected to.... But that's beside the point, a soundcard program lets you feed the audio directly into the SSB xcvr, and for all practical purposes you have FSK (Frequency Shift Keying), well, actually AFSK (Audio Frequency Shift Keying), but for all practical, purposes, at the receiving end, the equipment doesn't notice the difference.... At any rate, I needed two sound cards so I could simultaneously run one from a radio program (say MixW, or the PSK function of the AEA PK-232 "Pakratt" TNC (I have 2, so there goes 2 comm ports... 1 comm port is used for my soundcard interface unit which connects my primary radio and the computer, and one is used for the CAT control of the radios thru a CI-V level shifting interface (each radio has it's unique address, so only one COM port is needed. I hope you are following me so far....

    That leaves me with the problem, "how do you record audio, or copy a streaming ITTY (Internet Teletype) feed at the same time as doing all the other stuff, or use "Echolink (Kind of a worldwide net of radio ops on the Internet, where you can access repeaters all over the world from your computer... kind of amazing, really.... OR, just kick back and listen to music while copying a large amount of traffic. The answer, a second sound is completely independent from the first card, thereby allowing simultaneous use... kind of like "call waiting, and "3 way calling" combined on your computer. Besides that, the second card can be as high end as you want to make it, and the better the card, the better the audio and performance, even though I am rarely listening to the output, it is vitally apparent to me right away when I look at the HF transceiver and see the power output (Which, on SSB [single sideband] only occurs when an audio signal is present. OPNOTE: It used to, back in the first days, be called SSSC (Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier), because that is exactly what is happening. One is getting rid of the carrier, and the unwanted sideband, and putting all the power into the sideband left... There is also ISB or DSB where one has both sidebands in use, but a suppressed carrier, and different things being transmitted on each sideband. If you want a more detailed explanation, and the proofs of how sideband works vs AM, etc, and how much power is used for generation of the carrier and the sidebands, etc, also comparison with FM, ETC... i will be more than happy to comply... be advised, however, that this can get REAL long ( I could write all night, and still not cover everything)....

    Anyhow, 2 sound cards are for flexibility and the ability to do 2 things at once, which I find more and more necessary, as the mission of Navy MARS has changed, at least the primary mission, although we still can, and do, get moral messages to the troops, and conduct phone patches, that has taken a back seat to ECOM (Emergency COMmunications) and being there for the Feds, State, and Local govt's when the balloon goes up and all comms are out... as an NCS/SHARES station, I am a direct part of Homeland Security, and carry ID as such. We may not get paid for what we do, but it's important none the less... I have been doing this, one way or another for close on to 40 years (will be next year) and while the Amateur aspect is fun and all that, I far more enjoy the challenge of MARS and the responsibility and opportunity that it gives.....

    Damn, I've bloviated more than a Dumbocrat trying to Filibuster....... let me know if my explanation has been at all satisfactory, I do tend to run off at the mouth when I get on electronics or aerospace O(That's what engineers do LOL) and I do enjoy teaching it.................

    Just FYI, if you want to see what I talk about in my email signature, radio, MARS, my former ship and all, have a look HERE

    Similarly, if you want to find out about my TNC's, you might try HERE

    To find out more about communications procedures than you could ever use in your lifetime, try and click HERE OPNOTE: read and study this material well, there will be a closed book final exam at the end of the semester on the material on which I have lectured. I hold each and every student responsible to keep up with the assigned reading, as well as the lab and practical requirements. gwmoore doesn't care what the FCC rules state at this point in time. CW (Morse Code ) is MANDATORY, and not just at 5WPM for one's General.... the prof expects all students of his course to be comfortable at at least 20-25 WPM, copying on an Underwood Manual communications "Mill" (typewriter) and be able to type fine copy right off the air, since time, of course, is not only money, but the mark of an expert Radio Officer. ROTFLMAO... I simply couldn't resist that... since I copy CW on just such an anachronism, the same as I did years ago, I expect each and every student to be able to manipulate same with extreme dexterity, including the consumption of coffee, donuts, smoking cigarettes, etc while keeping the copy up to speed.. Extra credit will be given for the ability to stand "Split Phone Watch, and keep up with 2 separate freqs at the same time, one in each ear, while keeping the logs, etc up to date. I assure each and every one of you that it is indeed, possible.. (I quit smoking in '86, but it is still a requirement in my course ;-) OK, now that I have bored the hell out of you, I hope I have given you a coherent explanation of the 2 sound cards, It was important to get that background info in, because unless one understands the actual use, it's kinda rough understanding the need for 2 separate sound cards, hence the long dissertation on things radio. Yes, I still find it fun!!!!, but, you probably realize that all engineers are daft, and think out of the opposite sides of our brains than most other folk ;-) (Why else would we have voluntarily taken all that math/science in college, then asked for more??? Greg (the confusing).....

  • Word for the Day, Monday, May 23, 2005

    05/23/2005 9:06:13 PM PDT · 259 of 292
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    You're ready? !!!??? I'm going ballistic here, and have passed on a request (very respectfully) to the VK's to handle the situation.

    Normally, VK's are only on hand to take care of trolls, blog pimps, and other such lowlife, but tonight, they insisted that they take an active role in the chastisement of the Pubbies, who, in unison with "Arlene and the RINOS" sang their latest hit " I'm a Push-Over".[OPNOTE: sung to the tune of the oldie "I'm a Girl Watcher", which, up until this time, was best left mouldering on the shelf ;-)] or (My whole frame of reality just became disoriented, and I am now out of control, but I am too stupid to understand this" LOL..

    Without further ado, presenting the VK's and the Pubbie "ZOT" which they so richly deserve for their wonderful action. It is fitting that John McCain was pivotal in this...Coward then, Coward now.....reaction as reliable as DNA evidence, and just think, this time he doesn't have daddy CINCPACFLT to try and run interference for him... guess he ain't quite the "golden boy" any more (at the cost of other flight crew sharing the magnificent quarters of the Hanoi Hilton.......... sorry < rant mode= select "OFF" and insure switch has safety lock engaged >

    Meanwhile, enjoy the VK, as she administers a well deserved and long overdue "ZOT" to the spineless Pubbies, in the hope that, somewhat similar to a Defibrillator unit, it will jump-start their conservative spines (Yeah, right;-)







    KoKo and GW (CDR KoKo's Duty Officer for Zot Posting)

  • Word for the Day, Monday, May 23, 2005

    05/23/2005 5:37:03 PM PDT · 212 of 292
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Why thanks, xs,

    I did, however, behave like a gennulman, and didn't haul geek over coals, apply hot pokers, flush his 'puter texts down toilets, etc etc, while asking " Are You Now, Or Ever Have Been, A Member of DU???? The Communist Party? Al Queida? the Democratic Party? The Brady Organization?" ROTFLMAO!!!

    I m glad you enjoyed it..... tnx fer the grade, teach ;_ I'll try not to be irascible tomorrow, show up for class on time, and participate in the group discussion, instead of cutting class and going shooting, which I wanted to do LOL (I don't think this "cold" is gonna clear up, and my eyes have what feels like sandpaper under the lids, with the expected result...No way is shooting possible if ya can't see ;-)..


  • Word for the Day, Monday, May 23, 2005

    05/23/2005 5:09:43 PM PDT · 209 of 292
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Goooood Evening, xs, and the group ;-)

    I am exceedingly irascible today, though surprisingly, not due to any political upheavals, liberal outpourings, nor tinfoilhatted law proposals. Gwmoore simply had a bad weekend (LOL).

    My Irascibility began with the malfunction of my brand new radio control computer, which I discovered, had no sound card output, and gwmoore was forced to lug same back to the 'puter store this AM... gwmoore's irascibility was further stoked by the fuel of having to deal with "late 20's early '30's total computer geek" who was NOT interested in the aforementioned gwmoore's credentials, nor the USE to which he was putting the "custom designed" computer. Yes, it's fixed (I guess) but said geek was on phone to gwmoore approx 1845 (store closes at 1900) tells gwmoore "jumpers were misconfigured" and hangs in silence, as if the writer did something obscene. I informed geek that " that's the way it was, etc etc and made attempt to explain 'puters use and why 2 sound cards are needed calling one "primary" and one "secondary". Geek states "there aren't any "primary and secondary sound, uh, uh sir (had real problem with sir), they are just sound cards". Gwmoore refrained from reading riot act, threatening Capt's mast, quoting CV and resume to geek, teeth were gritted, thoughts of gratuitous violence were entertained, and promptly discarded ;-)....... ^^%%$$%%##^&&&***(((( Geeks!!!!!! Doesn't he KNOW he's talking to an ENGINEER!!!!! (well, you get the picture LOL)..

    Ok, I am calming down, and it IS a great computer store, but I wanted to grill said geek about his political leanings and his screen name and tagline at DU, but also refrained, neither time, place, nor correct behavior ;-) Anyhow, is it any wonder that I am irascible???? I think not!!

    Second reason for irascibility. The "cold [allergy?] from hell" has descended upon my entire being. Since I feel crummy, I will behave as irascible as I desire in the classroom today, thank you.. I will take cold medicine and become "stuned", as if with a "beeber like device".. I will cause disruptions with my irascibility.... I will also close out now, and quit babbling on and on and on ROTFL.......

    Greg (so irascible, he could chew through solid concrete)

  • Word for the Day, Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

    05/17/2005 1:18:15 PM PDT · 128 of 186
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Good Afternoon, xs and group,

    Sorry to be so late, but today is PA Primary Election Day, mrsgwmoore is home from work, and that makes for a mandatory "honeydo day" under supervision, of course. I have just finished installing new venetian blinds in the LR, after the duty VK had destroyed one of the old ones ;-)... Also, prodded into "cleaning up"..GRRRRRRRRRRRR.....

    We also, dutifully, voted, no real important offices to fill in the local precinct here, just voted for the District Justice who mrsgwmoore works with (have to make sure she stays a Judge LOL)....and voted against the "incurring 650K of debt for cleaner air", basically, because I won't vote for anything Rendell wants, or support envirowhackos....

    OK, an attempt to use the WFTD in a useful context...Well, let me think..... "The incredibly turbid thinking by "Newsweek" garbazine, concerning the alleged "flushing of the Koran" incident at Gitmo during an "interrogation" and their subsequent "withdrawal" of said story is a sad picture of the turbidity of the MSM coverage of all events which have happened since 9/11/01. Had things turned out like they SHOULD have, posters would have been on every spare space "KNOW YOUR ENEMY". Profiling would not only have been OK, but mandatory, and we would have been spared this insane turbid "look the other way syndrome" now existing at airports. We would have had clips of the 9/11 disaster, with "God Bless America" playing on all major networks as PSA's, and to open and close broadcast days, the whole attitude would have been, in fact, like WWII, when "Remember Pearl Harbor" was a battle cry, and we damn well knew who our enemies were, and were not PC Police forbidden to speak the truth.

    In a less turbid environment, on 9/12/2001, PC would have been thrown out the window, orders would have been issued, keys turned, and large portions of real estate, important to said terrorists as shrines, turned into slabs of green glass, suitable neither as shrines, nor terrorist havens. The word would have been passed that if more acts were committed, more slabs of real estate would become green glass (Trinitite, after all, does look rather nice)....

    Sorry for the rant, but the turbid waters not only allegedly flush religious texts, they also apparently flush brains, brains of reporters, who put Americans at risk by publishing this type of trash. Since this "could cause severe harm by disclosure to forces of the United States", this fits the definition of the classification of TS, therefore, Newsweek's action makes them guilty of Treason. IMHO they should be so charged. It is time to flush away the turbidity, and show some spines. Let us begin to face our problems squarely, and thus fight them on a level playing field.

    Greg ( rant mode - select "OFF" position)

  • Free Republic Military?

    05/16/2005 6:28:30 PM PDT · 654 of 855
    gwmoore to An American Patriot
    BTTT for a good read by everyone Greg USN RM2 1966-1972 Vietnam Class of '70\


  • Free Republic Military?

    05/16/2005 2:56:45 PM PDT · 506 of 855
    gwmoore to Guard Dog
    1966-1972 U.S. Nsvy, Vietnam Class of '70........

    Served with pride.


  • Word for the Day, Monday, May 16, 2005

    05/16/2005 1:13:30 PM PDT · 122 of 167
    gwmoore to dubyaismypresident
    I haven't heard the rumor, but it certainly carries weight, considering his brain tumor some years back, etc.

    I would not be sad to see him go, however, I do feel a certain problem in PA with the stability of the Republican vote.

    Knowing how the last election went for President, and knwoing the huge liberal enclaves to the NE of Philly , Philly iself, and the City of Puttsburgh, I don't want to wind up with a liberal, Dim Senator (though it is hard to see how different it could be from Arlene)........

    I will go on record, though, as saying I hope he does step down, and let the furball begin, maybe we can fight some good old fashioned conservative politics in PA. Since one really never hears about this, it would be nice (All Rendell, all the time is what gets the sound bites, and in this end of the state, when I poke my nose out, all I get is "all Street, all the time", even though I don't LIVE in Philly, I'm slose enough to be affected by anything that happens )the boundary is about 1/2 mile away from gwmoore's residence).....while that is a real boon for use of the subway,buses etc.,always was, for getting to/from one's place of employment,(anyone who drives, anywhere, in Philly, has got to have a screw loose somewhere, there simply isn't any parking, vandals/theft are huge but even getting to the airport is easy on transit here) although now, the fares are the highest in the Nation, and they still plead poverty.... it's still a little close for comfort :-)


  • Word for the Day, Monday, May 16, 2005

    05/16/2005 7:04:53 AM PDT · 91 of 167
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Good Morning, xs, and Group,

    Last night, I was quietly watching TV, and not in FReeping mode, or political mode, even though tomorrow is PA Peimary, when suddenly, the show is interupted by a licencious ad by the RINO Arlen Specter by some group of which I never heard of stating that "right wing fanatics want to stop the filibuster, etc etc".....

    The quietly watching TV stopped, and I began screaming at the toob.. (OPNOTE: this does no real good, accomplishes absolutely nothing, but does vent comments :*^(^^* RINO, ""LIBERAL" "&^*^&^*")...... took me a while to calm down...(mrsgwmoore and girchild were "gently" telling me about my "volume", and using the excuse of gunfire/turbine engine caused partial deafness does not hold water LOL)....

    Anyhow, I have no idea who made this licencious ad, or who is promoting it. All I know is that this idiot is at his tricks once again. I wonder how "Scottish Law" fits into the reasoning this time. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    We have enough problems in PA now with the idjit "Pubs for Rendell" without this other group (I went balistic too fast to even get the name at the end) supporting "Our Man Arlen". I have NO idea what path he is traveling, but it sure isn't the one I support... Presumably, the ad will run again, and I will not go from 0 to rabid in .01 usec, which, I did last night, and I will see just what org is promoting this garbage, and calmly be able to pull their website up (I presume they do have one)... All I know, is that the ad was very, very licencious to me, a very poor way to relax on a Sunday evening ;-)


  • Word For The Day, Friday, May 13, 2005

    05/16/2005 6:48:36 AM PDT · 509 of 510
    gwmoore to Robert A. Cook, PE
    You betcha!!! I am, at the moment, working on a very nice example of toolmaking and machining, based on a '98 Mauser action. Currently I am using a Rem700 action in .30.06 with a Kreiger Barrel and BR stock ( I enjoy the handloading of the .30-06 instead of more "exotic" BR cartridges... I also enjoy shooting the AR-15 with the H-BAR (1:7 twist) using the 80 gr VLD bullet. Since, by necessity, the 80 gr bullet is longer than the magazine, but fits the military chamber for 5.56mm NATO (but not, however the civilian ,223 Rem chamber) and pne uses a fixed mag follower just to lock the bolt back, one has, essential a BR firearm, since mine has the free-float bbl, adjustable trigger, etc, and has been tightened up by gwmoore engineering. There is something inherently appealing to an engineer about handloading and BR shooting, I think it's the "quest after the ultimate" with the chronographing, and the changing of reloading parameters on the spot that brings out the interest.

    This being said, since I also own a Garand, in ,30.06, you begin to see the pix... I like that caliber. Good then, good now. I never could see the reasoning behind the .308 (7.62 NATO) Why waste that great .5" of case capacity that you, conceivably, might need (NO I dont, but someone might)....


  • Word For The Day, Friday, May 13, 2005

    05/14/2005 6:37:40 PM PDT · 401 of 510
    gwmoore to Texan5; xsmommy; gwmoore; patton; Robert A. Cook, PE
    Hey, GE Group,

    Was just surfing the thread while watching TV with mrsgwmoore, and noted that small flame war erupted re money/finances/cks/etc. I just got my butt chewed out by the aforesaid mrsgwmoore for purchasing another "toy" (actually several) since I hold a C&R FFL and am a Collector of Curios and Relics, O-Fish-UL by the BATFE, etc. I couldn't resist an 1873 Springfield .45-70 Trapdoor, a 1903-A3 Springfield in .30-06 with the rare rear peep sight, and a modern 12GA "slug gun" of which I had to do the "instant ck" and yellow sheet, since my C&R doesn't cover the newly manufactured firearms. I,having reverted to my "X-games" persona, thought the "slug gun looked cool" with the mil-dot scope, and heavy barrel, looks like an M-79 "thumper", and gwmoore lost his "grounding" for a few tics.....

    I have just had to receive a long lecture concerning "Why the hell would you spend money on those "guns" with recoil that will put you in a wheelchair??? " I hope you're pleased with yourself", and various other statements to bring gwmoore back down from his past adrenozoic thought plateau... she then dropped the Nuclear Option "GW, you are NOT in Vietnam anymore,nor are you in your 20's and I don't believe there is any real possibility of WWIII or "The Day After" occurring in the next week or so. You are not going to have to make "the last stand" at our home" YOU ARE DISABLED. DEAL WITH IT"

    I again,had no lucid response LOL....I couldn't even bear to explain the improper use of the word "guns"..and simply replied "Why, hon, it's an investment, these never lose any value [huge collector grin]. Ok things are back to normal, but the ever vigilant mrsgwmoore made sure she called me up short on things financial, even if they were a gold plated investment, sure to maintain, and increase in value. I still plan to shoot these fine weapons, once I am assured the final CStainlessteel is fully integrated into my infrastructure. It is, obviously, stronger than the original material, and able to take far more stress..... next up, the push to obtain an AR-50 in .50BMG as a Barrett is somewhat out of reach at this time, and would severely displease mrsgwmoore.

    Anyone have any good ideas for justifying an AR-50? heheheheh [conspiratorial leer] It would be a wonderful addition to the gwmoore collection of fine firearms..


  • Word For The Day, Friday, May 13, 2005

    05/13/2005 8:58:27 PM PDT · 265 of 510
    gwmoore to patton
    GE, Patton,

    May I download that list for posterity? That is PRICELESS!!!

    I just happened on to it and now I am spewing bottled water out of my nose and on to the keyboard, which will now, presumably short out before I am done posting ;=)} (I have taken all emergency action I can, but, only time will dry out the contacts, unless this one (Compaq) has sealed tactile switches inside (never bothered to open the darn thing)..........

    IMHO, I thought I had heard every Pentagon/Milspec/Govt Sourcing/Procurement joke in existence, but you have made my day with a new one, BRAVO ZULU!!!!! The VK's and I thank you immensely for a good laugh at this time of the evening!!!


  • Prayer

    05/13/2005 12:30:24 PM PDT · 94 of 96
    gwmoore to hlyne6185
    We simply can't win, the duty VK can't run fast enough to keep up with the ZotFather, the trolls are multiplying exponentially.... this calls for the nuclear option........

    OK, DU Dumbo, the VK is extremely displeased.....



    Goodbye, your new superheated, radioactive plasma state should make it much easier to fit in over at DU......

    VK "Tigger the Merciless" and gw

  • why did you ban me? (ZOT!!! What is the sound of one troll frying?)

    05/13/2005 12:15:25 PM PDT · 164 of 217
    gwmoore to janet_leeds
    Why Because you are dumb!!! In fact, too dumb to waste bandwidth with a graphic.. my duty VK's are bored playing with far more interesting Trolls, ones with functional cerebrums..

    Please, save us a lot of pain and sorrow and go play in DU like a good little Troll...

    Thank you for your support

    gw and the duty Vk's

  • Please Explain!!!

    05/13/2005 12:10:38 PM PDT · 78 of 90
    gwmoore to MeekOneGOP; independantbitch; VRWCmember
    DANG, I just can't win, first I get busy over at the WFTD, then when I see this ping, I can't get the VK's up and active (they glare balefully "Troll? what Troll? it's a Friday!!" So after some VERY careful negotiations and lectures concerning Duty, Honor, and Vountry, I get "Tigger the Merciless to open her eyes and agree to the Zot.

    But, by the time I drag the VK to answer the Zotfather's Orders, the Troll has been banished, gone, destroyed, by the all-powerful moderators.. Tigger is not pleased. amd is ready to admisister the dreaded "one claw of retribution" to gwmoore/

    But, duty calls, herewith the reluctant VK and the ZOT.



    I don't like Margaret Vho either, so she gets the ZOT as well !!!!

    VK "Tigger the Merciless" and Greg

  • Word For The Day, Friday, May 13, 2005

    05/13/2005 6:39:43 AM PDT · 51 of 510
    gwmoore to xsmommy
    Good morning, all, I will try to give my best lame attempt to adequately use the WTFD in a useful manner, even considering that it is Friday ;-)

    Even though, ostensibly, the Republican Party holds a clear majority in both the House and Senate of the United States, they seem to lack the spine and intestinal fortitude to stand up to, and fight the contumacious Dumoflops, use the Nuke option, and end the Filibuster once and for all. Too much compromise and RINO-ism for my taste. If we are ever going to totally defeat the likes of Schumer, Kennedy, Boxer, Feinstein, and the rest of that putrid bunch, the Pubbies had better grow some spines pretty darn quick, because, up to this point, they haven't shown gwmoore a darn thing. The more contumacious the Dims become, the more flaccid and docile the Pub's become. Methinks they are more scared of what their "Permanent Record" might be massaged and "outed" by the aforementioned Dims would show, than of what their principles truly are.

    Keep the Faith For Freedom


  • Word For The Day, Thursday, May 12, 2005

    05/13/2005 6:25:30 AM PDT · 418 of 422
    gwmoore to xsmommy; Robert A. Cook, PE; Texan5
    First, thanks for the complements (gw scrapes feet, looks at ground, etc etc.) I had NO idea I was writing a screenplay LOL. (OPNOTE; I do believe that the 2 women who saved me from myself are now seeking counsel to sue for a major percentage/royalties, creative control, in case said screenplay gets picked up by a (conservative) producer ;-)

    I was just setting out to put down some bio to explain an incident, kind of like an engineering "Trip Report". A SCREENPLAY xs???? I am amazed (LOL)...

    OK, onward to the proposal.. I have to dig it out from where it resides, but I believe the DTG (Date-Time Group) is somewhere in early October, 1968, or thereabouts. I forget the filing time (DTG's show the message precedence, date,, the Zulu Time [UTC/GMY] and the month/ year, thusly, and I will use the time right now, on this post, and make it "Priority" precidence (there are Routine(R), Priority(P), Operational Immediate(O), and Flash (Z) which, of course, causes all sorts of frantic activity.) Sot if this post were a msg, the header would look something like:

    DE GWMOORE (whatever msg number it was)
    P 131302Z MAY 05
    TEXAN 5
    (rest of message)
    NNNN (end of msg indicator)
    (I left out some carriage returns/ line feeds before the "NNNN"

    Now, of course, this would have included some esoteric call signs, routing indicators, etc, etc, and is in the style when mechanical teletypes were in use, where one always put 2 Ok that's the skinny on the date of the proposal, and a leasing in communications 101, Teletype Procedure:Message Format :-)

    Now we will see who was first [ large grin}


  • Word For The Day, Thursday, May 12, 2005

    05/13/2005 5:03:16 AM PDT · 396 of 422
    gwmoore to Robert A. Cook, PE; gwmoore; xsmommy; SeaDragon; maxwell; Slip18; Texan5; patton; hobbes1; Gabz; ...
    GN Robt es all the group on WFTD,

    Darn, I had NO Idea, I thought I was unique, considering that I had "borrowed" all the facilities for the grand event, even to getting the Commo Officer out of the Rack to "Officially" sign off on the outgoing (I felt a message of such importance was far too important to be signed off by the duty Ofc[he agreed, it was, as you might say, a "conspiracy"] perpetrated by those individuals who have to stay in closed spaces at 0300, and what better way for a duty Ofc and Watch Supv to pass the time [besides lousy coffee] than such a momentous undertaking).

    I did, think, though, that I may have been the first LOL, am extremely glad to hear there is a precedent.

    Now, that having been said, I do admit to being somewhat jealous of not being the RM at the "Mill" when your "reply" was received from your future bride. I think I would have given just about anything to have copied that msg, especially if it had been xmtd in clear on a CW circuit... I picture the "huh" expression on my face as I looked at the copy, and the instant reflex of going for the authentication material to prove that this, indeed was "real". Like you, I highly approve of the efficiency, though. Being called into the XO's ofc is PRICELESS!!!!!

    I did, however think I was the original ROTFL, but the Navy never changes [evil grin]


  • Word For The Day, Thursday, May 12, 2005

    05/12/2005 7:21:32 PM PDT · 363 of 422
    gwmoore to Slip18; VRWCmember; xsmommy; Texan5; tioga
    Good evening, all, I promised to explain my "volunteering" for VN to vs yesterday, as well as use the WTFD, but evidently, I wasn't pinged, or didn't see it in the mountain of pings I saw this morning, so herewith, my use of the WTFD:

    The socialazoic congresscritter from NY, having nothing better to do, has proposed an opressive new firearms law which adds confiscation of any property in which an "illegal" firearm is found. Now, knowing the propensity of the idjitozoic NYdemoflops for confiscatory predilection of things which go "bang", and their additional predilection for incrementalism, one can only imagine what the moronazoic humanoids who vote for these cretins will support next. This all seems like a scene from Fritz Lang's Metropolis The Coneheads

    " Zeldar, these primitozoic humanoids are incapable of self thought, and therefore cannot be permitted powder operated projectile driving devices. They must be stopped at all costs" " We must make them ingest mass quantities of hallucinogenic mind altering pharmaceuticals so they will elect our chosen officials" , Ok you get the picture (OOOH, that was a bad one LOL....

    OK, as promised, an explanation of how I told mrs gwmoore that I had "volunteered to go to Vietnam, a mere 8 months after we were married....

    xs' comment:Again, i am roaring. what did you say, gee hon, 8 mo. in and this really isn't working out like i thought, i think i will go to VIETNAM????? LOL!!!

    Reasonable explanation: a long, long, time ago, as you have witnessed, right here on WTFD, gwmoore didn't really look much different than he does now..... this was back in pre Vatican 2 days, and gwmoore was, to say the least, rather advanced for the years, being involved in stuff that only today are popular, he played soccer, ran track and X/country, was involved in gymnastics, rock climbing, skydiving, learned to fly as a private pilot, was a volunteer firefighter/ambulance corpsman (we didn;t have Paramedics as yet), an Eagle Scout, CAP member, owned a motorcycle, and a '58 Chevy Convertible capable of doing Warp 10. This feat was accomplished by the learned work ethic of gwdad (if ya want something, ya work for it) so gw worked two jobs, and obtained most parts by visits at 0 dark 30 to the Philly Police impound yard, where he obtained such exotic stuff as a supercharger from a GMC truck, a huge engine, Corvette fuel injection equipment, and various other bits, which he duly fashioned into one bodacious auto....he also equipped said motorvator with provision for exotic fuels and high pressure oxidizers, available on demand. It was very, Very, Fast.

    Gwmoore soon gained quite a "rep" as a "hellaiser", and if it were not for gwdad's position on the School board, gw would have been on the outside looking in, even with his outstanding GPA. He also, about this time, gained his lifelong conservative leanings by working for the local Republican Committee, but still, he got his butt in a sling with great regularity. Mothers would tremble at the sheer thought of their girlchildren dating gwmoore in his metalflake red motorvator, and the local HS wanted to either remove him totally due to his interest in Alcohol and Tobacco, or, preferably, have him incarcerated for any trumped up offense they could imagine. As you can imagine this did not fit too well with gwparents, and gwpriest, who thought of him as the "perfect altar boy". Nevertheless, gw continued in his "extreme sports", and managed, in spite of himself, to excel in HS, especially Government/Civics, higher math, and was accepted at a prestigious college in the Philly area, where he planned to major in Pre-Med and thence go to Med school.

    Working two jobs, however, and earning some real money (for that era) however, was seriously addictive, and said gw spent more time working the two jobs ) A Gas Station, as the only night mechanic, and a Funeral Home, where the owner wanted gw to go to Mortuary College) was very happy, and earning money.... His first semester at said college was spent majoring (in no particular order) in Women, Partying, Navy ROTC and Women. He became addicted to things military, and lost interest in medicine, and simply wanted to "get in the scrap". As of yet, there were no campus hippies or protesters to fight, very disappointingly, so gw had to confine his activities to the campus Republican Club, and the Young Americans for Freedom, where he duly stumped for Goldwater in '64.

    At the end of the semester, the inevitable happened, and the grade statement arrived in the mail. Gwdad took one look and stated (he was, like I eventually became, an engineer, and was on the road quite a bit of the time)..."GW, I will be away this weekend, on Monday, I will be back, and you Will have joined the service!. No equivocation, no wiggle room, no "out"... actually, gw was rather pleased with himself, for secretly, that is exactly what he wanted, as he knew all about the GI bill, and felt that 4-6 years of military service would be the best years of his life. Immediately he set off on his quest, and since he had been Navy ROTC, there was no choice... The Navy recruiter was glad to accommodate, and by that very afternoon, gw was signed, sealed and delivered, with an entry date 1 month hence. Monday arrived, gwdad was happy, gw was happy, raised all kinds of hell, worked, earned money, continued his "X-game" pursuits" and dutifully, reported for duty in the US Navy....

    Well, things couldn't have been better, everything was a breeze, gw breezed thru boot camp, electronics school, Radioman School, all at the top of his class, and spent several happy years at NAVCOMMSTA, Argentia, Nfld..... he rose in rank like a Saturn 5, and, unknown to him, was being groomed for "lifer" (career) status, and sent to all sorts of schools, and was doing the kind of work known as "burn before reading, then shoot yourself in the head"/ gw was very happy...... OK, along came 1968, and gw was told he had to take some unused leave, so, always dutiful, he went home, and as luck would have it, 2 things happened almost simultaneously.... One night, while out bumming around with his buds, bar hopping, hell rainsing, and generally engaging in random debauchery, he met the most beautiful girl in the world, mrsgwmoore. Instant love, the kind you see in "chick flicks" today, that nobody believes ever happens. GW, being a radioman, actually proposed by official message (I still have a copy, and will post it when I can scan it in)... all the details (ring, ceremony date, all the minutiae of a wedding were handled by message ( as a senior PO, I could get away with a lot LOL).... At the same time however, comes the bucket of very cold water....the Navy informed me that I was going to be given a (Very rare) Naval appointment to Annapolis, and would, presumably have followed a career as a Naval Ocifer, retiring happily after commanding a carrier/ I knew, though that I couldn't get married and go to the Academy, so I said "NO THANKS" and decided to take my chances with the promotion system, having already passed the courses for RM1/C and the test for RM1, and was up for transfer to sea duty. I knew that I wanted a career, and to be successful, I had to, basically "get my ticket punched" on a good hi-viz assignment, and at that time, it meant Vietnam. Mrsgwmoore had NO idea that radiomen were prime targets because of what they knew, or that (unofficially) those with my training (crypto/facilities controller) were basically asked nicely " It would be good, should you be in danger of capture, that you not be taken alive". There never was a direct order, mind you, but a suggestion from those telling you (Suits) was basically cast in stone... anyhow, I knew what was expected of me, but, being the "X-games" type, really didn't give a hoot, and went ahead, therefore on 21 June, 1969, Father Fitsmaurice said the vows, and mrsgwmoore and I were joined for life )yes, we still are).

    I then was faced with the heinous choice of duty, and knowing that the America was going into harm's way, was especially equipped for my skills, and could use a person of my mindset, I requested service aboard, which was quickly granted. The first few months were easy, as the ship was undergoing overhaul in Portsmouth VA, easy duty, 8 section liberty, I got to go to a lot of fun schools, and we moved into an apartment.....well, mrsgwmoore did not adjust too well to military life, a fact which I had to, reluctantly accept. Herwtith lay the problem, because like it or not, she was bound for Yankee Station, in the Tonkin Gulf, and I was destined to become Communications Liason, In Country. I still had over a year plus to run on my 6, and here I had to break the news to mrs gwmoore, so, xs, it was a heckuva lot like you in the movie "Hellraiser" the line "Your Suffering Will be Legendary" was coming true. At that point, I felt the best solution was to minimize the story about my duties and exposure, which I did, never revealing the real truth until my return home, and tactfully maneuvered the return of mrsgwmoore to live with her parents "to save money instead of being alone in Navy Housing".....

    Well xs and group, the rest of the story is routine. I went, the ship went, I served as Commo Liaison, I went in one end and out the other, had many interesting adventures, took many pictures, did a whole bunch of stuff I can't talk about, and still never lost my "X-games" mentality. I did, however, sell my "Warp-10 motivator" my motorcycle, purchase a "sensible" VW )mrsgwmoore's idea) and upon my return to the airport at Philly, I staggered up the escalator (no jetways then) mrsgwmoore's first words? "GW, You're drunk" to which I had no lucid reply. (OPNOTE: I didn't realize it then, but I guess I had a problem with those brown bottles since age 14, and in 1980, finally admitted the problem and became a lifelong friend of "Bill W", again, with eternal thanks to the vigilance of mrsgwmoore who once said "GW, I think you are allergic to whiskey". Sometimes. everything does work out for the good.)

    Getting out of the Navy also was a boon, as I used my newfound zeal for electronics and aeronautics to become both an electrical and aeronautical engineer, as well as a commercial pilot, ) Yes, tioga, I worked as a Paramedic while I was in college, nice way to earn bucks) and finally retired on disability due to the Cstainlesssteel, which you know about. Mrsgwmoore still is giving me good advice and counsel, as is our girlchild, FR=trinity1 who keep me on the straight and narrow and away from the X-games, except for the occasional longing for things that aviate, and gw can no longer sit in the pointy end of and control LOL.....

    Ok, you wanted a good story, I hope I have given you one, as well as a fairly decent use of the WFTD, and how random events turned an adremalazoic humanoid into a "reasonably balanced" conservatve semi-human replete with CStainlessteel enhancements.

    And now, the obligatory pic of todays VK "Tigger the Merciless"

    I hope that this long screed hasn't bored you to death, and I apologize If I ran off at the mouth, endlessly, but I did promise a story of "how I came to tell my new bride "hey. I think I'll go to Vietnam", and to really explain why, it needed a little background bio to explain gwmoore's thought process (which is, as you all know, still somewhat twisted [huge evil grin]


  • U.S., Canadian Flying Teams in Pensacola

    05/12/2005 4:38:55 AM PDT · 19 of 29
    gwmoore to Aeronaut
    Many thanks for the ping, Aeronaut, I wish I could have been there to see that. I love those joint flying events, even more so that my days of active participation have sadly ended.

    It would have been an enjoyable trip, and the sound of the massed recips music to my ears.. even if they weren't round. I could still enjoy them....

    again, many thanks for the ping.


  • 2nd Circuit Upholds New York Handgun Limits (2nd Amendment only covers federal laws - Judge Wesley)

    05/11/2005 8:29:13 PM PDT · 94 of 113
    gwmoore to 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; patton
    Thanks for the ping, Tonk.

    This is an extremely interesting and important case, for IMHO, (no I'm not a lawyer, but I'm a client of one, and mrsgwmore works in the justice system ;-) this case could be the one "biggie" that makes it to SCOTUS.

    We RKBA activists have been waiting a long time for a test case that the Supremes would touch, and this looks like it might be a good one. The only problem I see, at this point, is the appeal after appeal before it actually gets there (Similar to Terri Schiavo) with the outcome already preordained by the tame Judgenfuherer. Both NY and NJ are totally controlled by liberal gun grabbers, who would like nothing better than to confiscate all one's firearms, and a wrong move at this point, with a wrong decision could be disastrous.

    That being said, we are back to the stinking "State's Rights BS all over again, and what trumps what. IMHO, I believe, (and what patriot and conservative doesn't) that the 2A, is totally unambiguous in it's wording, and all the BS concerning commas, "well-regulated" etc/. os simply verbiage of the time in which the amendment was first written, and still holds true today.

    There has been plenty of precedent in case law for striking down nuisance lawsuits against firaarm manufacturers for injuries inflicted by criminal use of their lawfully manufactured, highly regulated product. I see no difference here, The only change is that the suit was in the Peoples Demokratik Republik of New York, with it's Politikal Kommisars Xlintoon and Schumer, we all KNOW where they stand.

    Patton, allow me to join in, like you, I also am the holder of a "Far More Than TS". and although now retired, disabled, still want to join in this scrap. Let me know what I can do to help out, I'.m here 24/7...

    Since I reside "somewhere in a red zone deep in a secret location in the blue state of PA, at least I still have some rights here, but those could be gone at a moment's notice. We can't ever cease our vigilance, for even one microsecond.

    Again, thanks much for the pings, this was an extremely important post, and worth reading and book-marking.

    Keep the Faith for Freedom!!


  • Phuket Air quietly barred from UK (Follow up, dangerous airline)

    05/11/2005 6:08:00 PM PDT · 24 of 24
    gwmoore to Aeronaut
    GE, Aeronaut,

    Very intriguing, Phuket Air can keep that cruddy 747 flying, and the rest of their run-down fleet, and seem to be able to obtain parts, but < rant mode=on> A long time ago, Thailand made an excellent rifle, in a caliber known as 8x52R Siamese. These had been rechambered from an even earlier rifle in 8x50R Siamese. Now, I happen to own one of these fine rifles, and I can't find ammunition to save my butt. I wound up having to order dies and hand form it from other brass.

    Since I lost my FAA medical due to a closed head injury, and can no longer fly,( since '98) I have to resort to other forms of interest (Only 2 years left till I would have faced the dreaded mandatory retirement anyway)....but since the Thais seem to be able to conjure parts out of thin air, one would think they could conjure up some ammunition for a rifle they built {big grin]....... ok < rant mode =off>.

    Anyhow, Thailand is a great place, a beautiful country, but that is one crummy looking aircraft, it is a tribute to the engineers at Boeing that the thing still manages to stay in one piece (how many cycles do you think are on that airframe, anyhow?)....but if they can't afford landing fees, and proper maintenance, they probably can't afford to manufacture ammunition for export.... sorry for being off topic, I simply couldn't resist it...

    A disgruntled, lost medical,


  • CNN: Man Held in Custody at Frederick, MD Airport, Re: D.C. Plane Scare

    05/11/2005 5:47:23 PM PDT · 283 of 318
    gwmoore to _Jim
    Exactly right, Jim,

    I wasn't even thinking about that, just the situation that may or may not exist. Know about fast movers, etc., but was thinking mainly about "Political Correctness" and the "Gee Whiz, I'm gonna screw up my career" thought process that sometimes pervades WashDC.... That .05 sec of thinking about the next Promotion Board could cost a lot of lives.

    We do, indeed, though , need more cost effective helos to take care of the 150's and their ilk, it's a lot easier, speed wise, than the difference between any fighter including a Harrier, and a helo, which has the inherent ability to make quick changes in airspeed, and to match airspeeds with a/c like a 150 doing at best, what 140KIAS? and that's pushing the heck out of it.......(hey, I've done things in 150's/152's(as well as a lot of other GA aircraft that Cessna (or the other GA mfgrs) never meant for them to do, and gotten away with it, and discovered that their published specs (including ceiling, were fantasy, and could be exceeded at will) but that comes under the heading of "don't try this at home", and "Don't ever try this yourself") I do admit having fun....yes, I had a 'chute and my helmet and O2 mask, complete with demand reg, followed Mil Regs on that(use over 10K') if I was doing any stupid altitude tricks......I will, however, refuse to disclose names, places, of other personnel who participated in other A/C who were just as fun-loving, and we never got nailed by Uncle Foxtrot Alfa Alfa for any of it (all pre- 9/11 of course, and nowhere near any controlled airspace, well, unless you consider 18K' a couple of times with no filing IFR, but well, we had fun ;-)

    You are right about the radar, but the idea of helos is a darn good one... cheaper to operate for an intercept of small GA aircraft, and with any armed person,( a good door gunner?? Works for me!! could bring one down at will...... GOOD IDEA!!!!...

    Thanks for jogging this Topamax induced moment ;-)


  • Word For The Day, Wednesday, May 11, 2005 - glower

    05/11/2005 5:19:27 PM PDT · 176 of 241
    gwmoore to VRWCmember; xsmommy; Texan5; tioga
    Good evening, group,

    Sorry for not getting back with replies for your very nice comments about my long rant in yesterday's word for the day. (mrsgwmoore and gwmooredaughter (FR=trinity1) especially liked xs' comments about my volunteering for Vietnam LOL...They were ROTFL about it, making appropriate comments, and I was totally overwhelmed, being the sole male present with nobody to help defend my position . I had written a whole post about it, then went to look for a pic to post, and the whole thing disappeared.

    Anyhow, since the weather is bad, and the CStainlesssteel is causing some discomfort, I will postpone my answer until tomorrow.... I do have an answer, and it is just as funny as xs' comment...suffice it to say that I was being groomed for "Lifer" status at the time, and the rest seemed, well, kind of a neat thing to do LOL..Today, there are any number of reality shows featuring non-thinkers like gwmoore, they even have special sporting events (X-Games) for the likes of us [huge evil grin]....

    Stay tuned, a very interesting post to come tomorrow..

    Greg and the VK's

  • CNN: Man Held in Custody at Frederick, MD Airport, Re: D.C. Plane Scare

    05/11/2005 5:00:50 PM PDT · 280 of 318
    gwmoore to _Jim
    Good Evening, Jim,

    Darn right......I do believe they will work quite well, as designed.... I just hope that the C3I folks have the intestinal fortitude to authorize release when such a scenario happens. I fear that those in authority will be too micromanaged, and bound by Political Correctness, and fear of lawsuits from the unavoidable collateral damage from the falling bits that they will make the always fatal mistake of "delayed decision"

    There simply isn't enough time, given the distances involved, to become involved in a lengthy hand-ringing decision process. If you have a "hostile inbound", one simply has to make "x" number of radio calls, fire "x number of flares, allow a fighter to make a intercept pass, fire some warning shots, and if said "hostile" doesn't immediately do a 180,lower their gear (if said aircraft has retractable gear) and follow the intercept A/C to the designated airport for arrest/impoundment, then one commands "release". and the automatic sequencer takes over from that point. The stakes are too high, and the possible lethal area of munitions which can be carried in even the smallest of aircraft makes necessary a definitive destruct point, without recourse, as far away from the sensitive area as possible. The choice is simple, and one has to revert to common sense and training, and totally ignore polls, public opinion, and "Monday morning quarterbacking".

    If someone screws up big time, then, in today's world, there simply is no wiggle room for second guessing, at least that is the way I was trained.

    Unfortunately, in the real world of "all news all the time" and "instant polls". and the talking heads spewing nonsense about everything before they know anything, I sincerely doubt that instant, decisive, action is a real fact. I hope I'm wrong, and I see the result of a successful intercept/shootdown, of an actual terrorist threat on the news, to prove to the public that the danger exists, and we can successfully put a period to it.

    Thanks for stating the exact view we all should have, and follow...

    Keep the Faith for Freedom


  • CNN: Man Held in Custody at Frederick, MD Airport, Re: D.C. Plane Scare

    05/11/2005 3:36:09 PM PDT · 273 of 318
    gwmoore to N. Theknow; Aeronaut
    Fort Detrick, MD Home of the famous "Anthrax bldg".. flown over it many a time in the past....Fredrick follows the standard design for most airports, there is usually something one really doesn't want to impact in case of engine failure after takeoff (most usually a school), which is constructed at the worst possible location for an engine out situation, right after the airport opens up.. it must be some sort of unwritten law

    I've rented aircraft from Smoketown in the past, way back, used to be a nice place, don't know about what it's like now, did some avionics work for them too, a long time ago, traded it for flight time, an honored and age old practice ;-)

    IMO this dude was a complete idijit, there is simply no excuse, in these post 9/11 days, for flying around down there without being in radio contact with either a tower or an approach/departure control, and knowing your position at all times ( a cinch with GPS, even with nothing but a sectional and VOR). This sounds like either a leftist wacko testing the waters, or some other nefarious individual (can't profile here, but you get the pic) doing the same thing as a dry run for another "for real" kamikaze attempt, with whatever payload you can imagine would fit even in a 150 (and there is a LOT of REALLY nasty stuff that will fit in even the smallest A/C.

    Now, I may not have a medical any more (the FAA takes a dim view of those with closed head injuries, who take 200mg/day of Topamax (TM) for uncontrolled Migraines,( do you know that that stuff makes you lose words? "Uh.....Uh...whatever approach, this is Uh.....some aircraft..."well you get the doesn't affect one's typing skills, and you don't lose words all the time, I'm just kidding around some here ;-) and 200MG/day of Zoloft (TM) and blood pressure meds in the left seat( or any seat) in the pointy end of aircraft, Comml/Private, either fixed wing or Helo, and it's real hard to have to give it up cold (been on the ground since '98) but one doesn't forget such basic procedures, especially in such sensitive airspace.

    This guy is a nutball, and frankly, if a couple of FA-18's hosed some 20 MM tracers in front of his prop, he deserved to fill his pants..... Darn, I would have loved to see some actual video, both from the FA-18 gun camera/HUD, and (I wish) from a "candid camera" in that 150 cockpit. The mix of the screams with the engine noise would be priceless.

    Sometimes the system does work, after all.. I wonder what freq this idjit was "ignoring" on, and if he was squawking anything except 1200......

    Keep the Faith for Freedom