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  • March 18-Fukushima Reactors Live Thread

    03/18/2011 4:47:13 AM PDT · by hc87 · 56 replies
    Please post links and comments on Fukushima reactors here.
  • Live Thread for March 17, 2011- Fukushima Reactors

    03/17/2011 8:31:07 AM PDT · by hc87 · 8 replies
    Please post current Fukushima reactors news and links here.
  • Live Thread- Fukushima Reactors

    03/16/2011 6:25:47 AM PDT · by hc87 · 296 replies · 2+ views
    Live Thread for March 16, 2011. Please post Fukushima reactors stories here.
  • Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, Yardman, Yard-Machines Snow Blowers What’s the Difference?

    10/14/2010 9:17:44 AM PDT · by hc87 · 24 replies ^ | 10/12/10 | Paul Sikkema
    Paul, “I was looking at your reviews on your website MovingSnow.Com and was reading the reviews that you were giving. I must admit that you saved me from making a huge mistake. A friend of mine was going to give me his old 22” Sears Craftsman snow blower (it needs work). After reading your review on how much of a piece of crap the thing is; I went out and bought myself a 26” Troy Built 2 stage. Do you have any reviews about this machine?
  • Gibbon- Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter XVII

    09/04/2010 2:34:07 PM PDT · by hc87 · 25 replies
    Project Guttenburg ^ | 1781 | Edward Gibbon
    A people elated by pride, or soured by discontent, are seldom qualified to form a just estimate of their actual situation. The subjects of Constantine were incapable of discerning the decline of genius and manly virtue, which so far degraded them below the dignity of their ancestors; but they could feel and lament the rage of tyranny, the relaxation of discipline, and the increase of taxes. The impartial historian,who acknowledges the justice of their complaints, will observe some favorable circumstances which tended to alleviate the misery of their condition. The threatening tempest of Barbarians, which so soon subverted the foundations...
  • New Computer Help

    09/02/2007 12:44:29 PM PDT · by hc87 · 60 replies · 577+ views
    I need some help with a new computer purchase. I'm going to be replacing my almost seven year old computer (1 gz Athlon processor) and would like some advice from Freepers who know PCs. My general philosophy on PC purchases over the years has been to invest in a higher-end processor in a new computer and then plan to do mid-life upgrades on other components over the years. I've had great luck with my HP Pavilion and probably will look first at an HP mail order custom build, starting with one of their media center PCs. That being said, I...
  • 'Great Show': Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Sunday Night

    08/12/2007 7:59:47 PM PDT · by hc87 · 28 replies · 1,553+ views ^ | 8/10/2007 | Joe Rao
    Every August, just when many people go vacationing in the country where skies are dark, the best-known meteor shower makes its appearance. The annual Perseid meteor shower is expected to be at its best this year, producing one or two meteors per minute during peak hours. "It's going to be a great show," said Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.
  • Cell Phone Signal Narrows Search For Missing CNET Editor

    12/04/2006 10:52:35 AM PST · by hc87 · 62 replies · 2,315+ views
    CNET ^ | December 4, 2006 | Leslie Katz and Michelle Meyers
    After searches in Oregon's Curry and Douglas counties, new information on missing CNET senior editor James Kim and family is narrowing the search back to the Bear Camp area in Josephine County, according to reports Monday. A cell phone tower received a signal from one of the family's cell phones last Saturday near Glendale, but officials say the signal is only an indicator the family could have been within 26 miles of Glendale late Saturday night, say local news reports. Glendale is located off Interstate 5, south of Roseburg, where the Kims were confirmed to have stopped at a Denny's...
  • Check your flooding level (New Orleans)

    09/11/2005 3:04:19 PM PDT · by hc87 · 13 replies · 870+ views
    Here's an awesome flooding map link that allows you to click on a Google map and get the peak flooding level and the current flooding level across the East Bank neighborhoods of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish.
  • The Case Against Intelligent Design. The Faith That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

    08/15/2005 9:18:06 AM PDT · by hc87 · 427 replies · 4,297+ views
    The New Republic ^ | 8/11/05 | Jerry Coyne
    Exactly eighty years after the Scopes "monkey trial" in Dayton, Tennessee, history is about to repeat itself. In a courtroom in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in late September, scientists and creationists will square off about whether and how high school students in Dover, Pennsylvania will learn about biological evolution. One would have assumed that these battles were over, but that is to underestimate the fury (and the ingenuity) of creationists scorned. The Scopes trial of our day--Kitzmiller, et al v. Dover Area School District et al--began innocuously...
  • Holy Cross 78, Notre Dame 73

    03/15/2005 6:41:33 PM PST · by hc87 · 16 replies · 453+ views
    AP ^ | 3/15/05 | Tom Coyne
    SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) -- Kevin Hamilton scored a career-high 26 points, 11 during a 23-5 run, leading Holy Cross to a 78-73 win Tuesday night over Notre Dame in the first round of the National Invitation Tournament. The Fighting Irish, who trailed by 13 points early in the second half, used a 9-2 run to close to 60-59 after a pair of 3-pointers by Chris Thomas and a basket by Rick Cornett with 4:20 left. The Crusaders answered with five straight points and maintained the lead down the stretch. It was the first postseason victory for the Crusaders (25-6)...
  • Kaiser Bill and Me- Reflections on the great civilizational catastrophe

    08/27/2004 6:51:58 AM PDT · by hc87 · 4 replies · 486+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 08/27/04 | John Derbyshire
    This month marks the 90th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One, perhaps the great civilizational catastrophe of the past half-millennium. (Principal contender: The collapse of Chinese Imperial civilization following the mid-19th-century encounter with the West.) For anyone raised in Britain, WWI has a powerful emotional pull. I've written about this myself on this site. As I said in that column: "I think every country reserves a special place in the collective memory for her bloodiest war. For the U.S., that was the Civil War, which killed more Americans than all other wars since, combined. For us English, the...

    08/04/2004 7:07:54 PM PDT · by hc87 · 23 replies · 939+ views
    Soxblog ^ | 08/04/04 | James Frederick Dwight
    From the 8/4/04 edition of Soxblog: "Something’s been bothering me about John Kerry. I just don’t think he’s that smart. One of the axiomatic dynamics of this presidential race has been that Bush is a dolt while Kerry is highly intelligent. But if Kerry is so bright, where has he been hiding his allegedly fearsome intellect? Does “I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it” sound like the workings of a brilliant mind? And yet the Adam Nagourneys of the world continue to insist that Kerry is remarkably “complex” with an uncanny sense for nuance. But I’ve...
  • New Orleans Sees Interest in Streetcars

    07/14/2004 11:57:05 AM PDT · by hc87 · 7 replies · 548+ views
    AP/Yahoo ^ | July 14, 2004 | MARY FOSTER
    NEW ORLEANS - For the first time in almost half a century, the city that inspired "A Streetcar Named Desire" once again desires streetcars. New Orleans, home of the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world, had done away with everything but the St. Charles line through the historic Garden District. Now that's changing. A third streetcar line just reopened and perhaps a dozen others — including the old Desire Street line — are on the planning board. In New Orleans streetcars have been part of our tradition," said Pat Judge, spokesman for the Regional Transit Authority. "Tourists like...
  • Iraqi Governing Council chief sworn in after killing (Mustard Gas shell too?)

    05/17/2004 1:35:31 PM PDT · by hc87 · 26 replies · 227+ views
    CNN ^ | 5/17/04 | CNN
    BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A civil engineer from the northern city of Mosul was sworn in Monday to replace the assassinated leader of the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council.... (snip-- skip to paragraph 20)... "The general said the Iraqi Survey Group, headed by Charles Duelfer, would determine if the shell's discovery indicated Saddam possessed chemical weapons before the U.S. invasion last year. Officials in Washington said another shell -- this one containing mustard gas -- was found 10 days ago in Iraq."
  • In Gray Matter's Gray Zone: Mutations Show Brain's Growth

    04/19/2004 7:09:18 PM PDT · by hc87 · 20 replies · 256+ views
    New York Times ^ | April 20, 2004 | SANDRA BLAKESLEE
    Not long after scientists invented machines that could peer inside people's heads, they began finding huge surprises. The brain's gray matter, or cortex, is normally a crumpled-up sheet of highly uniform cells, arranged in six layers. All human brains, it was thought, followed this design. Yet in the last decade, detailed pictures of human cortices have revealed anatomies reminiscent of a painting by Dalí. Some people walk around with gray matter full of nodules or with cortical layers that are upside down. Others have a double cortex, with two sheets of gray matter instead of one. Still others have cortices...
  • Fixed Wing Combat Aircraft Attrition in Desert Storm

    03/24/2003 2:21:09 PM PST · by hc87 · 8 replies · 1,850+ views
    Vulture's Row ^ | Unknown | Robin Lee
    The following table is a representation of all combat damage and losses reported by the Coalition during the 1991 Gulf War. Times are expressed either in Zulu (Z) or Local (L); D/L indicates whether this was combat damage (Damage) or a combat loss (Loss); all unit designations are American unless otherwise noted; abbreviations for Allied air forces are as follows: RAF (Royal Air Force), FAF (French Air Force), KAF (Kuwaiti Air Force), IAF (Italian Air Force), RSAF(Royal Saudi Air Force). Common causes are either AAA or SAMs, either infra-red (IR-SAM) or radar-guided (R-SAM). Two cases are listed as "DEA-Other", which...
  • 'Hi-tech' shuttle pic really low-tech

    02/12/2003 8:01:01 PM PST · by hc87 · 11 replies · 185+ views
    CNN ^ | 2/12/03 | Associated Press
    <p>ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (AP) -- The shadowy, closely analyzed photo of space shuttle Columbia's underside was not snapped with cutting-edge military equipment, but by three researchers playing around with an old computer and a home telescope in their free time, officials said Wednesday.</p>
  • USAF Imagery Confirms Columbia Wing Damaged

    02/07/2003 6:38:04 AM PST · by hc87 · 3 replies · 145+ views
    Aviation Week and Space Technology ^ | February 7, 2003 | Craig Covault
    High-resolution images taken from a ground-based Air Force tracking camera in the southwestern U.S. show serious structural damage to the inboard leading edge of Columbia's left wing, as the crippled orbiter flew overhead about 60 sec. before the vehicle broke up over Texas killing the seven astronauts on board Feb. 1. According to sources close to the investigation, the images, under analysis at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, show a jagged edge on the left inboard wing structure near where the wing begins to intersect the fuselage. They also show the orbiter's right aft yaw thrusters firing, trying to...
  • Meteor storm puts on star-studded show (Leonids tonight and tomorrow morning)

    11/18/2002 9:26:15 AM PST · by hc87 · 13 replies · 279+ views
    USA Today ^ | 11/18/02 | Dan Vergano
    <p>Wishing on a star? You're in luck. Monday night's Leonid meteor storm will offer one of nature's best light shows this century.</p> <p>The annual shower of shooting stars arrives with a first storm peaking around 11 p.m ET, viewable in and around New England, and a second peak coming six-and-a-half hours later, visible nationwide. Barring clouds and a bright full moon, which could wash out some of the more faint meteors, observers may see thousands of shooting stars during the storm.</p>