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  • Three Afghan National Army Soldiers Missing From Cape Cod Base

    09/21/2014 5:59:51 PM PDT · 36 of 54
    healey22 to RaceBannon

    FYI... Within the past month, three Afghan DEA persons went missing from the Washington DC area. I saw the story on the local news. I assume from the story they were supposed to be training with their American counterparts and took a trip on a charter bus to DC from some base in Virginia for leisure time out. They disappeared somewhere when they got off the bus on K Street. I can’t recall all the details from the local news story. I find this story really disturbing since I have noticed in the last week local police outside of DC, but within the beltway at commercial business locations that I visit quite often. Every time I have been to these places in the last week there has been a police presence. I found the first two times really odd but the third time I was sure was no coincidence. People keep your eyes open and your antenna up of what’s going on around you.

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 6:01:41 AM PDT · 47 of 55
    healey22 to N. Theknow

    You can take that dime and throw into the fountain or maybe you might have one of those flash mobs hold you up and beat the crap out of you for your dime. You know it’s such the trendy thing to do now. Flash mobs and no consequences, like packs of dogs running loose all over Obama’s America. Who let the dogs out? Obama

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 5:47:09 AM PDT · 45 of 55
    healey22 to The Sons of Liberty

    CBS will put Chip in the wood chipper. LOL

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 5:45:17 AM PDT · 44 of 55
    healey22 to Dr. Bogus Pachysandra

    WPE? Should I ask?

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 5:21:12 AM PDT · 41 of 55
    healey22 to MrEdd

    I agree. I would like to see Paul Ryan or Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann or I’m still hoping we get more choices. Who I don’t know. There appears to be too many RINO’s for my taste.

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 5:14:24 AM PDT · 40 of 55
    healey22 to Theodore R.

    Not so sure about WV. I forget his name, but he had to literally pull out a shotgun and shoot a hole into Obama’s cap and trade. WV has coal and that’s all they have. In Virginia Jim Webb is stepping aside so Democrats will not grab the Virginia Senate seat he is vacating. That was a fluke. I have lived in this state all my life in Central and Northern Va. Northern VA might be mushy purple but this rest of the state is red and it’s a big state.

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 4:59:29 AM PDT · 37 of 55
    healey22 to paul51

    Really, he has never has a job in his life so How can he run anything. He has never earned a paycheck from a business or cut a paycheck to an employee. Obama is just a symptom of a bigger problem in America, it’s the stupid people who went to public schools for the last thirty years and Oprah and all of the stupid women who watched her show everyday and their girly husbands and boyfriends. And, then Oprah introduced Dr. Phil to America so women could drag their husbands on national TV and let Dr. Phil castrate them in front of all of America. Girly men we now have in large portions of the country. I call it the Oprahization of America or OBA. Oprahs Big ASS. BTW, I’m a woman so I can talk on this subject. Men, take back your manhood and help us women save this country. You are appreciated and we like you and we love you just the way you are. Step up, you will not be ridiculed.

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 4:43:50 AM PDT · 33 of 55
    healey22 to giotto

    I suppose he did, but I will not submit or sit down and shut up and I think a lot of other people feel the same way. Remember, nobody in the media thought Reagan was going to win until I believe that last weekend before the election. I believe this time around if there is not a revolt in the streets before first, Americans are going to get up on election day just like any other day and calmly pull the lever for who ever the other nominee is. It won’t matter at that point who it is. Another 2 years of this man and he will be swept out of office. All those cars in Northern Virginia with Obama bumper stickers have almost completely disappeared. And, if you see one it’s usually some granola eating girly man driving the car or Holders people and I just stare at them like are you from Mars and roll my eyes.

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 4:25:14 AM PDT · 28 of 55
    healey22 to raybbr

    I can think of so many things I can’t stand about him, but we would be here all day. The latest is NASA closing down on his watch. Whether it makes since or not, America always did the big stuff and now we’re hitching a ride with the Russians. How far we have fallen since Obama was elected. He does not believe in American Exceptionalism, regardless. I grew up watching the stuff on TV and as a small child watching the hippies on TV calling the VETS coming home baby killers and spitting on them. I was a child, but I knew it was wrong. Back to the 70’s we go and he is worse than Jimmy Carter. We have a whole generation of dummies who are at least 30 years old and have no idea what is was like to live under a crazy far left democrat. Jimmy Carter sitting in the oval office in his sweater scolding Americans with his “Malaise Speech” and telling people to turn down the thermostat. Now, these idiots who voted for him just got out of college and can’t find a job. I have not pity for them.

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 4:09:47 AM PDT · 19 of 55
    healey22 to Quiller

    Maybe, I was just shocked to hear from CBS NEWS OBAMA and FAILED in the same sentence, but I noticed it ruffled Obamas feather a little. Plus, the TEA PARTY not being in the room I thought was really good. Keep reminding him of what’s coming next year. Do you hear us now?

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 4:05:29 AM PDT · 18 of 55
    healey22 to rlmorel

    Neither have I. Republicans must be reminded of the historic election of 2010 and must not cave. If I remember correctly Republicans took a majority of State houses and picked up over 600 seats in state elections as well. Truly historic election.

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 3:57:16 AM PDT · 11 of 55
    healey22 to caver

    Here is another part of the same presser I forgot to add.

    President Obama: Now I will say some of the professional politician know better and for them to we shouldn’t be raising the debt ceiling is irresponsible—they know better and this is not something I am huh, huh, that I’m making up. This is not something that Tim Geithner is making up. We’re not out here trying to use this as a means of doing these really tough political things. I’d rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes or new programs or like the NFL Season getting resolved... (Oh yes. he said NFL Season getting resolved)

  • Obama Presser yesteday, CBS News, Chip Reid, You FAILED and TEA PARTY is not in the room

    07/12/2011 3:22:55 AM PDT · 1 of 55
    President: Chip Reid

    Chip Reid: Thank you, Mr. President. You said everybody in the room is willing to do what they have to do, has to get done by Aug.2. Isn't the problem the people not in the room--in particular-- the Republican Presidential Candidates-- Republican Tea Party on the Hill-- and the American Public? The latest CBS news poll shows only 24 percent of Americans said you should raise the debt limit to avoid an economic castastrophe. There is still 69 percent who oppose raising the debt limit. So, isn't the problem that you and others have FAILED to convince the American people that we have a crisis here and how are you going to change that?

    President Obama: Let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large and the public isn't paying attention to the ends and outs of how a treasury auction goes. They're worrying about their family, their jobs, their neighborhoods. They've got a lot of things on their plate--we're paid to worry about it- ah ah- I think it depends on how you phrase the question. If you said to the American people is it a good idea for the United States not to pay its bills and potentially create another recession and throw millions of more people out of work -- I feel pretty confident that I could get a majority on my side on that one and that's the FACT-- (Okay at this point Obama goes on and on so I will stop here) Go over to C-Span if you want to view it all. Tea Party people he did not even acknowledge you when Chip Reid said you were not in the room. So, Obama still refuses to even recognize you and what you did in the last election. Historic gains of picking up seats in Congress that has not happened in 70 years. Hopefully, next year you can say to Obama, do you hear us now? And, what will the powers that be at CBS News do to Chip Reid for telling the President that he FAILED?

  • Federal judge wants to delay bringing felons to trial in Arizona (Why Judge Roll at Giffords Event?)

    01/10/2011 2:46:58 AM PST · 1 of 9
    It appears the Judge wasn't just stopping by to say hello to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, his district is overrun with criminal FELON illegal aliens and he did not have enough judges to oversee these cases. Judge John Roll made these comments this past Tuesday of this week. He obviously had stopped by to see her to press his case for more resources to the border courts. The Judges and Courts down there are overrun with Felons.
  • A Serious Request from a Soldier's Wife

    11/02/2008 1:44:50 AM PST · 2 of 30
    healey22 to Marie

    bump for your soldier husband and many others who serve

  • Vanity: Holding my nose and my wallet to vote for this McCain guy

    11/02/2008 12:38:20 AM PDT · 15 of 47
    healey22 to SteelTrap
    Because of a young guy named Joe. That's what finally convinced me.

    I disagree with Senator McCain on many issues, but the Commander in Chief issue sums it up for me.

    I could never view OBAMA as the legitimate Commander in Chief of all of our young men and women like Joe.

    Dear Mr.OBAMA, Joe the Army Veteran Endorses Senator John McCain

    12,316,543 video views. Most viewed political video the election.

  • Five reasons to vote against Obama

    11/01/2008 11:57:23 PM PDT · 15 of 19
    healey22 to rdl6989
    That put a lump in my throat.

    Mine too. Joe is actually a 23 Year old Army Veteran named Joe Cook. He is the real deal, out of the mouths of babes.

    He has more maturity and a lifetime of experience that OBAMA despises and could never touch.

    Obama hates our military and the sacrifices that this young man and John McCain have endured for our county and freedom.

    What actually has OBAMA ever done for his country besides being a COMMUNITY AGITATOR?

    Like Governor Sarah Palin said "John McCain is the only person in this campaign that has ever really fought for you".

    Dear Mr.OBAMA, Joe the Army Veteran Endorses Senator John McCain

    12,316,543 video views. Most viewed political video the election.

  • Five reasons to vote against Obama

    11/01/2008 11:09:38 PM PDT · 3 of 19
    healey22 to rdl6989
    Number 1 Dear Mr.OBAMA, Joe the Army Veteran Endorses Senator John McCain

    12,316,543 video views. Most viewed political video this election. Joe knows why not to vote for OBAMA.

  • Notice Obama videos seem get much more views than McCain's ads! Let's Freep our favorite videos!

    11/01/2008 10:22:02 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    healey22 to healey22
    Dear Mr.OBAMA, Joe the Army Veteran Endorses Senator John McCain

    12,316,543 views. Most viewed political video of this election on YouTube.

  • Notice Obama videos seem get much more views than McCain's ads! Let's Freep our favorite videos!

    11/01/2008 10:14:04 PM PDT · 9 of 12
    healey22 to savvyguy
    Dear Mr. OBAMA, Joe the Army Veteran Endorses Senator John McCain

    This young army veteran's name is actually Joe Cook and he is 23 Year old. Another real Joe for McCain/Palin. This is the ad that should be running from now to election day. Come on RNC throw some money into it.

  • Call to Arms Freepers: (How Can We Find out if OBAMA's AUNT Was Registered to Vote?)

    11/01/2008 12:39:46 PM PDT · 49 of 89
    healey22 to mendedheart
    I just heard on FOXX that “Auntie” contributed over $200.00 to Obama’s campaign. The money will be retured to her so the reporter stated in his report.

    The OBAMA campaign should return the money to us "Joe the Plumbers" taxpayers via the United State Treasury since OBAMA's auntie was scamming us for Welfare Housing in Boston while her nephew lives in a MILLION DOLLAR HOME in Chicago courtesy of Tony Resko.

  • Call to Arms Freepers: (How Can We Find out if OBAMA's AUNT Was Registered to Vote?)

    11/01/2008 12:28:00 PM PDT · 36 of 89
    healey22 to djsmith

    OBAMA receiving Millions of dollars in pre-paid credit card donations from foreign citizens, including his aunt who is scamming Welfare Housing in Boston from us “Joe the Plumber” taxpayers and you want us to be compassionate.

    OBAMA is the biggest fraud to run for office with all of his illegal campaign contributions. I call that stealing our Presidency by illegal means. This is war. We’ve had enough compassion over the last eight years. Look how the rats have kicked President Bush in the balls at every opportunity.

  • Lawmaker wants to know source of leak on Obama's aunt (OH OH, here come OBAMABOTS HENCHMEN)

    11/01/2008 12:06:28 PM PDT · 22 of 113
    healey22 to DrHannibalLecter

    Yeah, get back to us when the governor of Ohio and all of his Democrat cronies are investigated for illegally investigating “Joe the Plumber” and accessing his personal information via state resources.

    BTW, “Joe the Plumber” is actually a tax paying citizen, NOT an illegal alien scamming us for Welfare Housing in Boston and funneling it to the OBAMA campaign.

  • Obama Campaign to Return Aunt's Donations (Aunt is an illegal alien)

    11/01/2008 11:56:44 AM PDT · 110 of 166
    healey22 to Sub-Driver

    Obama’s auntie is officially an ILLEGAL-ALIEN ABSCONDER for 4 Years living in Boston in a Welfare Housing Project courtesy of us “Joe The Plumber” taxpayers while OBAMA lives in a MILLLION DOLLAR Mansion.

    She has already had her day in court before a judge. ICE can pick her up now and deport her today.

    Why is she still here? Why is ICE dragging their feet when this story has been all over the news?

    She should be in custody right now in a federal detention center.

    Now, we find out that she has committed a FELONY by contributing illegal campaign donations to OBAMA using our “Joe the Plumber” tax money that she scammed for Welfare Housing in Boston.

    Is she also scamming us for Food Stamps, Medicaid, Heating Assistance, Medicare and a cash stipend from the Boston Housing Authority as reported.

  • Obama Campaign to Return Aunt's Donations (Aunt is an illegal alien)

    11/01/2008 10:57:26 AM PDT · 76 of 166
    healey22 to Sub-Driver

    Someone need to file a complaint with the FEC over this illegal campaign donation and the millions more the Obama campaign has been accepting from foreign citizens.

    Also we shoud report dear auntie to Michael Chertoff.
    Report Illegal Aliens Public Tip Line 1-866-DHS-2ICE

    Is the Boston Housing Authority evicting dear auntie this weekend, inquiring minds want to know.

    Isn’t making a illegal campaign donation by an illegal alien a felony? That alone should cause her expedited removal from the United States since it’s not a administrative charge of being illegally in the country as the left loves to profess of our immigration laws.

  • Obama Campaign to Return Aunt's Donations (Aunt is an illegal alien)

    11/01/2008 10:34:21 AM PDT · 52 of 166
    healey22 to Sub-Driver

    Hey Obama, your dear aunties illegal campaign contribution needs to be returned to the taxpayers of the United States since it appears she’s scamming welfare from “we” the taxpayers.

    Obviously, auntie is not reporting illegal income to Welfare Housing authorities in Boston, instead she’s funneling our money to you.

    It’s the taxpayers money, give it back to us and quit trying to “Spread The Wealth” of all of us “Joe the Plumbers” and “Tito the Builders. One last thing, call Michael Chertoff and tell him she needs to be deported ASAP!

    How many other foreign citizens have contributed to your road show with un-traceable cash credit cards as reported by the Washington Post? It seems someone has not been vetting their campaign contributions as diligently as John McCain.

  • Bank victims blame Obama fundraiser (Penny Pritzker)

    10/31/2008 1:38:41 AM PDT · 1 of 18

    10/30/2008 10:59:29 PM PDT · 1 of 3
  • MSNBC Reports: McCain Campaign Leaks Final 2 V.P. Choices

    08/27/2008 11:20:16 PM PDT · 126 of 171
    healey22 to Dysart

    Too funny. Norm McDonald probably has more reliable sources than Norah O’Donnell at MSNBC. I say she’s full of it.

  • MSNBC Reports: McCain Campaign Leaks Final 2 V.P. Choices

    08/27/2008 11:03:18 PM PDT · 123 of 171
    healey22 to My Favorite Headache
    Take anything that Norah O'Donnell reports on with a grain of salt. Check out her track record in breaking news way back when Al Gore was trying to steal the 2000 election with his pack of lawyers. I wouldn't trust her or any of her sources


  • Kaine 'very, very high' on VP shortlist

    07/28/2008 6:37:42 PM PDT · 16 of 116
    healey22 to ReagansRaiders

  • Sources: Obama Campaign Seriously Vetting Kaine

    07/28/2008 6:34:22 PM PDT · 16 of 51
    healey22 to ReagansRaiders

  • Kaine 'Very, Very High' On VP Shortlist

    07/28/2008 6:25:58 PM PDT · 50 of 58
    healey22 to Bratch

  • Chertoff chides left, right over bill [Illegal Immigration BARF ALERT!!!]

    05/24/2007 8:37:59 AM PDT · 8 of 64
    healey22 to seanmerc
  • Bilingual Public School Turns Away Second Grader For Not Speaking Spanish

    08/27/2004 2:27:49 PM PDT · 25 of 29
    healey22 to esryle

    Woodbury Elementary School
    8 North 7th Avenue
    Marshalltown, Iowa 50158
    Phone: (641) 754-1080
    FAX: (641) 754-1080

    freep away!

  • Bilingual School Turns Away Second Grader

    08/27/2004 2:26:44 PM PDT · 31 of 31
    healey22 to curlewbird

    Woodbury Elementary School
    8 North 7th Avenue
    Marshalltown, Iowa 50158
    Phone: (641) 754-1080
    FAX: (641) 754-1080

    let'em have it!

  • Help, my computer has a virus called downloader.small5.y

    05/21/2004 5:40:51 PM PDT · 6 of 7
    healey22 to healey22


  • Help, my computer has a virus called downloader.small5.y

    05/21/2004 5:39:17 PM PDT · 5 of 7
    healey22 to Bloody Sam Roberts
    I think that how I got it. I downloaded the newest version of widows media player from microsoft and poof this thing appears. I don't know. I posted my question over at I'll see what happens.
    This thing is in the "vault", says AVG, but they don't have the definition or how to fix this on their website, but they alerted me to it.
  • Help, my computer has a virus called downloader.small5.y

    05/21/2004 2:51:36 PM PDT · 1 of 7
  • FREEP CBS EVENING NEWS NOW !! (Beheading video)

    05/11/2004 3:45:15 PM PDT · 141 of 536
    healey22 to tgslTakoma
    just called and told them they have been showing all week (humiliation and not torture) the muslim male pigs who abuse women and treat them like cattle. And, CBS can't show an American being behead by these woman hating nuts. Comment taker made comment about FCC, I said they should show it anyhow. Anybody have Peter or Tom's phone number?
  • Militia Chief (al-Sadr) Signals End Of Uprising

    04/15/2004 5:14:44 AM PDT · 78 of 81
    healey22 to blam
    Sounds like al-Sadr is taking a page from Arafat's terror playbook. They need to move in now and take him out now or we'll be dealing with this terrorist and his buddies for years listening to how he defeated the great satan.
  • Outsourcing still growing: survey

    03/28/2004 2:10:53 AM PST · 14 of 15
    healey22 to templar
    Source: Lou Dobbs Tonight

    Here is a list of companies we've confirmed are "Exporting America." These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers.

    'Exporting America'


    Aalfs Manufacturing
    Adobe Systems
    Advanced Energy Industries
    Affiliated Computer Services
    AFS Technologies
    A.G. Edwards
    Agere Systems
    Agilent Technologies
    Alamo Rent A Car
    Alcoa Fujikura
    Allen Systems Group
    Alliance Semiconductor
    Alpha Thought Global
    American Dawn
    American Express
    American Household
    American Management Systems
    American Standard
    Amphenol Corporation
    Analog Devices
    ANDA Networks
    Andrew Corporation
    A.O. Smith
    Applied Materials
    Art Leather Manufacturing
    A.T. Cross Company
    AT&T Wireless
    A.T. Kearney
    Augusta Sportswear
    Automatic Data Processing
    Avery Dennison
    Axiohm Transaction Solutions

    Bank of America
    Bank of New York
    Bank One
    Bassett Furniture
    Bassler Electric Company
    Bear Stearns
    Becton Dickinson
    Bentley Systems
    Berdon LLP
    Best Buy
    Black & Decker
    Bose Corporation
    BMC Software
    Braden Manufacturing
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
    Bumble Bee
    Burle Industries
    Burlington House Home Fashions

    Cadence Design Systems
    Candle Corporation
    Capital One
    Cerner Corporation
    Charles Schwab
    Circuit City
    Cisco Systems
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
    Collins & Aikman
    Columbia House
    Comcast Holdings
    Computer Associates
    Computer Sciences Corporation
    Continental Airlines
    Cooper Crouse-Hinds
    Cooper Tire & Rubber
    Cooper Tools
    Corning Cable Systems
    Countrywide Financial
    COVAD Communications
    Cross Creek Apparel
    Crown Holdings
    Cypress Semiconductor

    Dana Corporation
    Daniel Woodhead
    Daws Manufacturing
    Dayton Superior
    Delco Remy
    Dell Computer
    DeLong Sportswear
    Delta Air Lines
    Delta Apparel
    Direct TV
    Document Sciences Corporation
    Donaldson Company
    Dow Chemical
    Dun & Bradstreet

    Eastman Kodak
    Eaton Corporation
    Electronic Data Systems
    Electronics for Imaging
    Eli Lilly
    Elmer's Products
    Emerson Electric
    En Pointe Technologies
    Ernst & Young
    Ethan Allen
    Evolving Systems

    Fairfield Manufacturing
    Fair Isaac
    Fedders Corporation
    Federal Mogul
    Federated Department Stores
    Fender Musical Instruments
    Fidelity Investments
    Financial Techologies International
    First American Title Insurance
    First Data
    First Index
    FMC Corporation
    Ford Motor
    Foster Wheeler
    Franklin Mint
    Franklin Templeton
    Frito Lay
    Fruit of the Loom

    GE Capital
    GE Medical Systems
    General Electric
    General Motors
    Gerber Childrenswear
    Goldman Sachs
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber
    Greenpoint Mortgage
    Greenwood Mills
    Guardian Life Insurance
    Guilford Mills

    Hamilton Beach/Procter-Silex
    The Hartford Financial Services Group
    Hasbro Manufacturing Services
    Helen of Troy
    Hewitt Associates
    The Holmes Group
    Home Depot
    Hubbell Inc.
    Hunter Sadler
    HyperTech Solutions

    iGate Corporation
    Illinois Tool Works
    IMI Cornelius
    IndyMac Bancorp
    Innodata Isogen
    Innova Solutions,br> Intel
    InterMetro Industries
    International Paper

    ITT Educational Services
    ITT Industries

    Jabil Circuit
    Jacobs Engineering
    JDS Uniphase
    Jockey International
    John Deere
    Johns Manville
    Johnson Controls
    Johnson & Johnson
    JPMorgan Chase
    J.R. Simplot
    Juniper Networks
    Justin Brands

    KANA Software
    Kaiser Permanente
    KEMET Electronics
    Kraft Foods
    Kulicke and Soffa Industries

    Lands' End
    Lawson Software
    Lear Corporation
    Lehman Brothers
    Levi Strauss
    Lexmark International
    Lillian Vernon
    Lionbridge Technologies
    LNP Engineering Plastics
    Lockheed Martin
    Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

    The Manitowoc Company
    Marathon Oil
    Marshall Fields
    Master Lock
    McDATA Corporation
    McKinsey & Company
    Mellon Bank
    Merrill Corporation
    Merrill Lynch
    MetLife,br> Microsoft
    Midcom Inc.
    Milacron,br> Moen
    Morgan Stanley
    Motor Coach Industries International

    NACCO Industries
    National City Corporation
    National Life
    National Semiconductor
    NCR Corporation
    Network Associates
    Newell Rubbermaid
    New York Life Insurance
    Nike,br> Northrop Grumman
    Northwest Airlines
    Nu-kote International

    Office Depot
    Ohio Art
    ON Semiconductor
    OshKosh B'Gosh
    Otis Elevator
    Outsource Partners International
    Owens Corning
    Oxford Automotive
    Oxford Industries

    Pacific Precision Metals
    Paramount Apparel
    Parsons E&C
    Pearson Digital Learning
    Pericom Semiconductor
    Perot Systems
    Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
    Pitney Bowes
    Planar Systems
    Portal Software
    Power One
    Pratt & Whitney
    Price Pfister
    Primus Telecom
    Procter & Gamble,br> ProQuest
    Providian Financial
    Prudential Insurance

    Quaker Oats
    Qwest Communications

    Rainbow Technologies
    Radio Shack
    Rawlings Sporting Goods
    Raytheon Aircraft
    RCG Information Technology
    Red Kap
    Regence Group
    Rockwell Automations
    Rohm & Haas
    RR Donnelley & Sons
    Rugged Sportswear
    Russell Corporation

    S1 Corporation
    Sallie Mae
    Sara Lee
    Saturn Electronics & Engineering
    SBC Communications
    Schumacher Electric
    Scientific Atlanta
    SEI Investments
    Seton Company
    Siebel Systems
    Sierra Atlantic
    Silicon Graphics
    Skyworks Solutions
    SMC Networks
    SML Labels
    Sola Optical USA
    Sovereign Bancorp
    Sprint PCS
    Square D
    Stanley Furniture
    Stanley Works
    Starkist Seafood
    State Farm Insurance
    State Street
    StrategicPoint Investment Advisors
    Sun Microsystems
    Sunrise Medical
    SunTrust Banks
    Supra Telecom
    The Sutherland Group
    Sykes Enterprises
    Symbol Technologies

    Telex Communications
    Tenneco Automotive
    Texas Instruments
    Thomas & Betts
    Thomasville Furniture
    Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
    Time Warner
    The Timken Company
    The Toro Company
    Tower Automotive
    Toys "R" Us
    Trans Union
    Trinity Industries
    Triquint Semiconductor
    TriVision Partners
    Tropical Sportswear
    TRW Automotive
    Tumbleweed Communications Tyco Electronics
    Tyco International

    Union Pacific Railroad
    United Airlines
    UnitedHealth Group Inc.
    United Online
    United Technologies

    Valence Technology
    VA Software
    VF Corporation
    VITAL Sourcing

    Wachovia Bank
    Washington Group International
    Washington Mutual
    Werner Co.
    West Corporation
    White Rodgers
    Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company
    Wolverine World Wide
    Woodstock Wire Works
    World Kitchen


    York International


  • John Kerry: Super Stud!! Yeah Baby!

    03/24/2004 9:56:17 PM PST · 52 of 93
    healey22 to Brainhose
  • Visa Cap Cuts Off Tourism Workers (Maine resorts rely on 3500 "obedient" foreign workers)

    03/21/2004 10:03:31 AM PST · 28 of 39
    healey22 to fight_truth_decay
    For 21 weeks, guests pack the resort's 145 rooms, and the Meadowmere doubles the size of its staff. The resort needs at least 35 additional workers(obedient slave labor from Jamaica) to bring extra towels poolside, serve gin and tonics at the pub, or run the room service cart up and down the halls.

    Oh, by the way, my son works at McDonald's when he is not in school. He works so much that I have to make an appointment just to talk to him. He works in a small town where nothing but American kids are doing these menial jobs that President Bush says Americans won't do.

  • Democrats offer plan on aliens

    01/28/2004 11:55:59 PM PST · 48 of 73
    healey22 to kattracks
    I have come to the conclusion come November that gridlock is going to get my vote.

    President Bush may be a good man, but his massive spending on Ted Kennedy's Dept. of Education , guest-worker (amnesty scheme), signing campaign finance reform, leaving his judges flying in the wind and now I read today that he is going to increase spending for the Arts.

    Enough already!

    Put a rat in the White and watch the Pubbies get a spine. Nothing will get done. And, I think that's a good thing. Watch'em eat each other alive, should make for some interesting tv viewing.

    Then Americans will hopefully, finally wake up and take back their country from these greedy, self-centered, special interest, criminal politicians who would rather insure an illegal alien with healthcare and tell you, the Ameican citizen, to bend over and take it.

  • Men Involved in Shootout Here Illegally, Police Say

    01/28/2004 5:23:31 PM PST · 37 of 45
    healey22 to TankerKC
    The two illegal alien criminals.

    Jorge Perez-Castillo, 23, of Guatemala was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder. He allegedly was firing at police while driving a truck and trying to flee his pursuers.

    Hernando Sandoval, 28, of Mexico was charged with attempted burglary for allegedly trying to break into an apartment in the 2800 block of Douglas Avenue at the conclusion of the shootout.

  • Men Involved in Shootout Here Illegally, Police Say

    01/28/2004 1:20:48 PM PST · 33 of 45
    healey22 to nonliberal
    Like President Bush says, "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande." Does anybody know if Des Moines has one of those stupid sanctuary policies that protect and harbor illegal aliens like this?

    OOOPs, I guess they're busted now. Will be kinda hard for the police to ignore them since they shot at the police and murdered two people. I know INS bureauRATS and Tom Ridge really would rather sweep this under the rug.

    I wonder if these guys would be eligible for President Bush's guest-worker (amnesty scheme)when they are released from prison?

  • New Flight 911 Audio

    01/27/2004 9:12:59 PM PST · 132 of 287
    healey22 to NYC GOP Chick
    OMG, how horrible. You, indeed are one of the lucky ones.
    I can't even imagine being there on the street and watching this terrible event happen. It was bad enough watching it unfold on tv. I, still to this day feel traumatized by this horrible day in history. I think it changed us all. And, God bless all the lost, innocent souls and our soilders who make the ultimate sacrifices each and every day to avenge this evil. The evil ones will pay one day, no matter how long it takes.
  • New Flight 911 Audio

    01/27/2004 8:21:42 PM PST · 105 of 287
    healey22 to NYC GOP Chick; All
    Two hijackers nearly killed you? Were you supposed to be on one of those planes that morning?

    I have this page 9-11-01 WE WILL NEVER FORGET bookmarked on my computer. I occassionally take a look at it when I feel lifes many problems and this reminds me that my problems are really nothing. I think about all those people who died and their children, wives, husbands and family then realize how lucky the rest of us are.

    But, it also brings back that horrible day so that we will neve forget even though the media has some type of aversion by not showing this horrible day in history that will live in infamy no matter what. It's one of the best collage's of this moment in history that I've seen and it's a daily reminder of good and evil and what we are seeking justice for.

    I suggest all take a look at it. I don't know who to credit for this work, but he should be commended for gathering all of these photos and archiving them all in one place. It also make me sad, too.

  • New Flight 911 Audio

    01/27/2004 6:39:55 PM PST · 25 of 287
    healey22 to I got the rope