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  • Cameron faces Ukip by-election bloodbath!

    08/30/2014 7:45:16 PM PDT · 42 of 87
    Henchster to SoFloFreeper
    "Proof of private health insurance must be a precondition for immigrants and tourists to enter the UK."

    I wonder what they will say to U.S. tourists who are on an Obamacare plan? "I'm terribly sorry sir, and I apologize in advance, but unfortunately, your sub-standard coverage prohibits your entry at the current time. Cheeri-o!"

  • California Dem moves to outlaw some civilian body armor

    08/30/2014 3:21:50 PM PDT · 14 of 50
    Henchster to 2ndDivisionVet; Sherman Logan
    Are you guys seriously taking an article written by "Jazz Shaw" as gospel?

    Of course the 9mm Uzi has nowhere near the penetration of a .44 magnum or similar round. You know it, I know it, but idiots like "Jazz" don't even know which direction to load a round into a magazine.

  • This house market is falling apart

    08/30/2014 9:11:48 AM PDT · 67 of 74
    It is definitely zip code related - location-location-location!

    Bought a five-year old house in AZ three years ago for $145K. It was a foreclosure, and the previous owners trashed it before they left. They paid $400k for it and lost their @$$, so I guess they felt they had the right to destroy the bank's property. It took about $50k to fix it up and add a small pool and landscaping.

    Three years later, and it is back near $400k, meaning I have a nice place to live, and a nice little investment profit.

    In the mean time, I sold a condo in the SF valley. (Los Angeles area.) Again, good location, and it sold for more than the asking price and Zillow's highest estimate, the day we had the open house. Two bidders, both cash, and yes, both foreign. The guy that bought it was from Kenya, spoke no English, and has turned it into a rental investment.

    Any realtor or real estate investor will tell you it is all about location.

  • Fore! Feds hunt for fraud at the golf course

    08/30/2014 6:56:51 AM PDT · 5 of 15

    There’s written evidence of fraud on the golf course:

    Just subpoena Obumbler’s scorecard.

  • California drivers brace for costly new gas tax

    08/28/2014 6:51:52 PM PDT · 27 of 53
    The California Air Resources Board, the Golden State's premier anti-pollution agency, predicts the new tax will raise gasoline prices from 20 cents to $1.30 per gallon.

    So what IS the additional tax per gallon? Are they just floating a trial balloon to see how deep Kalifornians will take it in the ah, er, wallets without squealing too loudly?

  • Obama likely to hit ISIL in Syria without Congress’s formal OK

    08/27/2014 6:30:22 AM PDT · 14 of 22
    Henchster to kempster
    Why does the Administration use ISIL and the media seems to be calling it ISIS?

    As Hillary Clinton would say: "What difference does it make?"

    A BIG difference, and every time you hear Omuslim or that State Dept idiot Marie Harf (who actually corrects reporters) utter ISIL, this is why they refuse to refer to them as ISIS:

    ISIL means the "Islamic State of Iraq and Levant" as opposed to "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" – which is what they are now.

    Why is that significant, and what the hell is Levant? Levant is the "Land bridge between Turkey and Egypt." So what they are doing is recognizing a giant radical Islamic state, and denying that Israel even exists. Every time they mention "ISIL" – they tell Israel America is their enemy too.

    Surprised? Don’t be. In his (terrorist Bill Ayers ghost-written) Autobio, Obama says:

    "Should the political winds turn ugly, I will side with the muslim people."

  • US Surprised by Egypt, UAE Airstrikes on Libyan Militants

    08/26/2014 9:43:03 AM PDT · 20 of 49
    Your target will be alerted to the strike if you tell someone you can't trust or who is the target's friend.

    ObamaISIS just happens to be both.

  • Clintons Absent from Brown Funeral

    08/25/2014 6:23:26 PM PDT · 16 of 16

    Oh c’mon. Between attempts to repair Bill’s sordid reputation, and Hillary’s evil one, the Clintons have already spent too much time trying to polish turds.

  • Obama Sent No Representative to Memorial Mass for Beheaded Journalist James Foley

    08/25/2014 3:58:04 PM PDT · 17 of 28
    "Mr. pResident, should we send a representative?"

    "Hell no, the guy postponed my tee-time!"

  • Obama to go it alone vs. ISIL in Syria; won’t seek congressional approval

    08/25/2014 3:11:22 PM PDT · 35 of 56
    "That was a different situation," the Obama leg-humping lapdog yipped. "These are complicated situations and they always will be."

    Translation: "It's tech-ni-cal, probably over a little peon reporter's head, and definitely WAY OVER mine."

    I'm so sick of the Jayvee team running this country into the ground.

  • Actor, director Richard Attenborough dies at 90, BBC reports

    08/24/2014 4:15:15 PM PDT · 20 of 36
    Henchster to Tax-chick
    "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" had energetic narration.

    "Today we're searching for the legendary giant anaconda of the Amazon and..OH look! Jim's got a big one between his legs right now!"

    Marlin Perkins was always good for some beer out the nose.

  • Wow: Senior intelligence officer says mission to save James Foley failed because of Obama

    08/21/2014 6:00:02 PM PDT · 23 of 74
    ...failed because President Obama was slow to give the go-ahead...

    Oh, you mean Valerie's cowardly "Don't do stupid stuff" foreign policy?

  • President Obama’s Vacation by The Numbers (29.5 Hours On The Golf Course As Race Riots Rage ...)

    08/18/2014 1:43:23 PM PDT · 9 of 15

    Obamacare Update: Even the pResident had to cut his “work week” to 29.5 hours.

  • Local cops kill 400 people every year: report

    08/15/2014 5:53:58 PM PDT · 39 of 50
    About a fourth of those annual incidents .... involve a white officer and a black victim...

    Some basic statistical analysis shows that blacks are more than twice as likely to be "victims" as non-blacks.

    Or, more likely, they are more than twice as likely to be involved in actions that necessitate officers to use deadly force.

  • If CNN says Hong Kong’s in Brazil, it must be so!

    08/08/2014 2:42:11 PM PDT · 15 of 23
    Henchster to GraceG

    Ah, my geography is way off according to Fox. I guess Iraq is now next to Libya, right? {;^)

  • Six-year-old girl watches in horror as police 'shoot dead her dog Apollo in her front yard

    07/28/2014 2:04:24 PM PDT · 67 of 129
    Two Questions:

    1) How many dogs did the "To Protect and Serve" crowd kill last year?

    2) How many dogs did FedEx/UPS/USPS and gas/water/power meter readers kill last year?

  • HALF OF AMERICA: It's becoming very difficult for anyone to be president of the United States.

    07/14/2014 5:50:04 PM PDT · 9 of 21
    Ron Brownnose continues his heritage of lying to make his liberal points. Check out these two gems:

    In 1996 and 1997, Clinton reached Washington's most consequential bipartisan agreements (particularly to reform welfare and balance the budget) since the early 1970s.

    BUZZ! Clinton went kicking and screaming and vetoing bills passed by the REPUBLICAN House and REPUBLICAN Senate with no help from Dems. He finally relented under public pressure, but assured us "Minorities, the elderly and (wait for it) women and children will be hit hardest." He now claims those two bills as his only accomplishments.

    Obama, from his first weeks, has faced unremitting Republican opposition...

    BUZZ! Obama was gifted anything he wanted from a fawning Dem House AND Senate for his first two years. He cruised on Obamacare, The wise Latina, and the tubby dyke with no real opposition.

    Ron Brownnose - Journo-list hack.

  • 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Fukushima, Tsunami Warning Issued

    07/11/2014 7:08:58 PM PDT · 34 of 53
    Henchster to Steely Tom
    The Northridge earthquake of 1994 was 6.7.

    It was actually a 7.1, but the Clinton administration "downgraded" it because the law dictates that the Feds have to pick up the tab for all damages in an EQ of 7.0 or greater, and Slick had cronies that needed that taxpayer money more than us EQ victims did..

  • Hagel: ISIS poses an 'imminent' threat to US

    07/11/2014 4:07:52 PM PDT · 24 of 39
    Hagel: ISIS poses an 'imminent' threat to US

    That poses a real problem for Hagel, since if he wants to go after the ISIS leader, he's going to have to get past the Secret Service guys at the White House front door.

  • Target Field Introduces Self-Serve Beer Machines For MLB All-Star Game

    07/08/2014 3:00:18 PM PDT · 8 of 25
    The machines also limit the quantity of beer that customers can purchase, limiting them to 48 ounces every 15 minutes.

    Average game time: 3 hrs 15 mins. Beer sales shut off after 7 innings, so 2 hrs and 45 mins of beer drinking time.

    That's about two cases of beer. Where am I going to get the other two cases?

  • Senate Democrats Call for Quick Action on Highway Patch (Let the gas tax expire!!)

    07/08/2014 6:23:48 AM PDT · 7 of 11
    Some quick math:

    210 million licensed drivers in the U.S. (Probably another 20-40 million unlicensed)

    Average miles driven per year = 13,476

    Average auto fuel consumption: 25mpg

    Federal Fuel tax approx $.20 a gallon

    That mean the Feds take in $22-thousand-million-dollars a year. Since the States average about $.30 a gallon tax, they take in an additional $34-thousand-million a year. That money is SUPPOSED to spent on ROADS.

    Tell Congress to pound sand and stop stealing the Fed gas tax and start spending it on the ROADS instead. Not one penny to "light rail" "mass transit" or "green energy" which are simply buzz words for payoffs to cronies.

  • Hillary Clinton Wants Meryl Streep to Play Her in a Movie About Her Life

    07/06/2014 9:31:55 AM PDT · 8 of 72

    “Sorry Mrs. Clinton, the casting department has selected Rosanne Barr.”

  • The 10 Most In-Demand Software Skills

    07/02/2014 9:35:37 AM PDT · 20 of 47
    Henchster to JRandomFreeper
    I've seen the comment "You wouldn't understand this" next to a complex regex line. In production code.

    If you've seen the comment: "Explanation more complicated than the code itself" you've view sourced my code and realized the reason programmers make minimal notations.

  • Court Lets Obama Admin Force EWTN to Obey HHS Mandate

    06/18/2014 4:58:56 PM PDT · 19 of 39
    The Obama administration says it is confident it will prevail, saying, "We believe this requirement is lawful…and are confident the Supreme Court will agree."

    In other words, we have bribed, blackmailed, audited and illegally recorded the necessary jurists.


    06/18/2014 3:39:49 PM PDT · 19 of 49
    "In the worse deal in history,..."

    And Ann calls herself a writer....


    06/02/2014 2:23:45 PM PDT · 11 of 108
    Henchster to driftdiver

    Are you saying Obama DID send a plane?


    06/02/2014 2:20:18 PM PDT · 7 of 108

    I want to know how his scumbag parents found out BEFORE congressional leaders and most importantly, how did they get to D.C. so quickly? Did Obama spend taxpayer money to send an air force plane to jet them to his muslim pep rally?

  • 'We Swore to an Oath and We Upheld Ours. He Did Not.'

    06/02/2014 2:18:21 PM PDT · 23 of 32

    I want to know how his scumbag parents found out BEFORE congressional leaders and most importantly, how did they get to D.C. so quickly? Did Obama spend taxpayer money to send an air force plane to jet them to his muslim pep rally?

  • The Best Ice Creams Money Can Buy

    05/23/2014 8:04:14 PM PDT · 45 of 134
    Häagen-Dazs Carmel Cone is awesome. Vanilla ice cream with carmel swirls and little bits of chocolate.

    Off to the kitchen I go!

  • Oprah acquires rights to Sam series

    05/14/2014 7:12:58 PM PDT · 38 of 50
    ...sources said that negotiations to make the deal took two months.

    When Doprah saw Sam getting humped by the draft, she paid the pimp Rams to draft him to keep her deal from being instantly blown.

  • Lynne Cheney Suggests Hillary Approved Monica Piece to ‘Get It Out of the Way’

    05/07/2014 6:01:57 AM PDT · 8 of 38

    I think Hillary’s idea wasn’t about getting this out of the way before 2016, it was about getting Benghazi out of the way right NOW!

  • Dem Rep. Bennie Thompson Blasts Clarence Thomas as "Uncle Tom" on Islamic Radio Show

    04/30/2014 2:15:25 PM PDT · 4 of 18
    Henchster to therightliveswithus

    Simple. $2.5m fine payable to the NAAWP, and he has to sell his hockey team.

  • Clinton: I Liked Being the First Black President, But Obama ‘Deserves It’

    04/03/2014 2:54:35 PM PDT · 14 of 27
    Henchster to Jim Robinson
    "Obama’s half black, half American, half man, but all red."

    A quote that concise deserves a bold and a BTTT!

  • ‘Oh the irony’: Pelosi daughter shares Obamacare sticker that would make Gadsden gag [pic]

    03/20/2014 7:03:32 AM PDT · 21 of 31
    Henchster to lowbridge
  • Brent Musburger to SEC Network, Will No Longer Call Sat. Night Football on ABC

    03/12/2014 7:13:28 PM PDT · 7 of 20
    Pussburger was the originator of the "This is important because I am here" attitude that is now commonplace amongst network talking heads.
  • Live Kiev Uprising video (must see!)

    02/18/2014 3:56:19 PM PST · 5 of 28
    Biden called the Ukrainian President today and tried to talk him into standing down.

    Does that mean all the American people have to do is protest in front of the WH for a few days straight and Biden will talk Obama into standing down?

  • Holder's Felon Re-Enfranchisement A Ruse To Unlock 2 Mil Dem Votes

    02/18/2014 6:53:25 AM PST · 3 of 28

    Communists, queers and CROOKS unite!

  • "Foreclosure Rebound Pattern": Foreclosure Starts SUDDENLY Jump 57% in California

    02/14/2014 7:10:39 AM PST · 12 of 13
    There are many places around the country, including some cities in Silicon Valley, where home values are now higher than they were at the peak of the last bubble.

    This is the start of another clean-out phase. Prices have risen to where it is now advantageous to foreclose, write off the bad loan, and then re-sell the property for a minimal net loss - before the housing market crashes again due to the glut of homes dumped on the market by the foreclosing banks during the endless Obamanomics depression.

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman dead after apparent drug overdose: cops

    02/02/2014 11:09:52 AM PST · 53 of 177

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (filming)
    Plutarch Heavensbee

    2014 Happyish (TV Series) (post-production)
    Thom Payne

    2014 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (post-production)
    Plutarch Heavensbee

    2014 A Most Wanted Man
    Günther Bachmann

    2014 God's Pocket

    2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    Plutarch Heavensbee

    2012 Back Beyond (Video short)
    Lancaster Dodd

    2012 A Late Quartet
    Robert Gelbart

    2012 The Master
    Lancaster Dodd

    2011 Moneyball
    Art Howe

    2011 The Ides of March
    Paul Zara

    2011 A Child's Garden of Poetry (TV Movie) (voice)

    2010 Jack Goes Boating

    2009 Arthur (TV Series)
    Will Toffman

    - No Acting Please/Prunella Deegan and the Disappointing Ending (2009
    Will Toffman (voice)

    2009 The Invention of Lying
    Jim the Bartender

    2009 Pirate Radio
    The Count

    2009 Mary and Max
    Max Jerry Horovitz (voice)

    2008/I Doubt
    Father Brendan Flynn

    2008 Synecdoche, New York
    Caden Cotard

    2007 Charlie Wilson's War
    Gust Avrakotos

    2007 Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

    2007 The Savages
    Jon Savage

    2006 Mission: Impossible III
    Owen Davian

    2005 Capote
    Truman Capote

    2005 Empire Falls (TV Movie)
    Charlie Mayne

    2005 Strangers with Candy

    2004 Along Came Polly
    Sandy Lyle

    2003 Cold Mountain
    Reverend Veasey

    2003 Mattress Man Commercial (Video short)
    Dean Trumbell

    2003 Owning Mahowny
    Dan Mahowny

    2002 25th Hour
    Jacob Elinsky

    2002 Red Dragon
    Freddy Lounds

    2002 Punch-Drunk Love
    Dean Trumbell

    2002 Love Liza
    Wilson Joel

    2000 Almost Famous
    Lester Bangs

    2000 State and Main
    Joseph Turner White

    1999 The Talented Mr. Ripley
    Freddie Miles

    1999 Magnolia
    Phil Parma

    1999 Flawless

    1998 Patch Adams

    1998 Happiness

    1998 The Big Lebowski

    1998 Next Stop Wonderland

    1998 Montana

    1997 Liberty! The American Revolution (TV Mini-Series)
    Joseph Plumb Martin

    - The Times That Try Men's Souls: 1776-1777 (1997) ...
    Joseph Plumb Martin

    - Oh, Fatal Ambition: 1777-1778 (1997)
    Joseph Plumb Martin

    - The Reluctant Revolutionaries: 1763-1774 (1997)
    Joseph Plumb Martin

    - Blows Must Decide: 1774-1776 (1997)
    Joseph Plumb Martin

    1997 Culture (Short)

    1997 Boogie Nights
    Scotty J.

    1996 Twister
    Dustin Davis

    1996 Hard Eight
    Young Craps Player (as Phillip Seymour Hoffman)

    1995 The Fifteen Minute Hamlet (Short)
    Bernardo / Horatio / Laertes (as Philip S. Hoffman)

    1994 Nobody's Fool
    Officer Raymer

    1994 When a Man Loves a Woman

    1994 The Yearling (TV Movie)

    1994 Szuler

    1994 The Getaway
    Frank Hansen (as Philip Hoffman)

    1993 Money for Nothing
    Cochran (as Philip S. Hoffman)

    1993 My Boyfriend's Back
    Chuck Bronski (as Philip Hoffman)

    1993 Joey Breaker
    Wiley McCall

    1992 Scent of a Woman
    George Willis, Jr. (as Philip S. Hoffman)

    1992 Leap of Faith

    1992 My New Gun

    1991 Triple Bogey on a Par Five Hole
    Klutch (as Phil Hoffman)

    1991 Law & Order (TV Series)
    Steven Hanauer

    - The Violence of Summer (1991)
    Steven Hanauer (as Philip Hoffman)

  • Tesla Motors' Dirty Little Secret Is a Major Problem

    01/20/2014 7:24:43 PM PST · 16 of 35
    Further, if you're looking for an environmentally friendly car,, part of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, lists Toyota Motor's (NYSE: TM ) Prius C as the Greenest Vehicle of 2013. It's closely followed by Honda Motor's Fit,..

    The Honda Fit is a GASOLINE vehicle! Even the greentards at admit that the BEST EV/Hybrid isn't much greener than a gas powered car.

  • Trading for Tim Tebow was a mistake, former Jets GM now says

    01/17/2014 6:34:25 AM PST · 5 of 69
    The Jets dealt a fourth- and sixth-round pick to Denver to get Tebow in March 2012, and then proceeded to use him in no discernibly logical fashion whatsoever.

    Oh yeah, those two picks would have netted TWO great QBs and he could have been wearing Superbowl rings by now! Tannenbaum is an idiot blaming Tebow for his own ineptitude.

  • Recess appointments appear in jeopardy

    01/13/2014 4:25:02 PM PST · 36 of 36
    Henchster to Jim Noble
    From the article:

    Under the narrow ruling, more than 300 appointments since 1981 would not have been authorized,...

  • Recess appointments appear in jeopardy

    01/13/2014 3:24:46 PM PST · 33 of 36
    Henchster to Jim Noble
    You didn't read either the article or my response correctly.

    The 300 appointments the article and I am talking about are the ones that WEREN'T made during a normal recess, and I still guess that a vastly greater number happened under Klink and Obamao.

  • Recess appointments appear in jeopardy

    01/13/2014 12:02:03 PM PST · 11 of 36
    Under the narrow ruling, more than 300 appointments since 1981 would not have been authorized, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service.

    I would like to know how many of those are Reagan and Bush noms, and how many are Slick Willy and Obozo. My guess is despite having been in office less time, Slick and Obonghit have made many more recess appointments that fall into the unconstitutional category.

  • UNC specialist gets death threats after research one in 10 athletes have reading age of a 3rd Grader

    01/13/2014 8:00:17 AM PST · 15 of 57
    Ms Willingham also discovered that up to ONLY 25 per cent of basketball and football athletes did not have the reading level to study at a community college, let alone at a university.

    I had to correct that line, because the scariest thing about this report is that you only need to read at a level somewhere between 4th and 8th grade to study at the community college level.

  • Karl Rove: Chris Christie's Bridge Scandal Response Gives 'Street Cred' with Tea Party

    01/12/2014 4:30:55 PM PST · 39 of 73
    Rove's head is so far up his own butt it has caused him to flip inside-out, forcing his brain ass-forward and producing an even more arrogantly confused state of delusion due to sniffing his own sh!t.

    WHEN can we FINALLY flush this turd?

  • Proof that the Plame case was a hoax

    01/11/2014 8:28:54 AM PST · 15 of 32
    Henchster to Aria
    I’ll never understand why GWB didn’t set this right with a full pardon.

    There was talk at the time that the reason was that once you are pardoned, it is case closed, and Libby wanted the opportunity to continue the pursuit of an appeal or civil case to clear his name.

  • Ted Cruz: President Obama runs America like a “corrupt dictator” not bound by the law

    01/10/2014 12:47:19 PM PST · 21 of 66
    Gramm's Presidential Candicay Announcement, I highlighted the part Cruz is referring to. It is too bad his prediction that HillaryCare would not be back was wrong:

    Announcement of Candidacy
    February 24, 1995
    College Station, Texas

    Before I begin today, I want to thank Dale Laine, a student and dear friend of mine, class of 1978, who set up this event and whose dear, sweet, wonderful, loving mama Pat died last night at our event in Dallas. I want to ask each of you to remember him in your thoughts and prayers.

    Twenty-seven years ago, I drove to College Station, Texas in a used Mercury with a back seat full of books to start what would be a 13-year teaching career and a lifelong love affair with Texas A&M University.

    It was here that I met and courted and married my wife, Wendy Lee Gramm. It was here that my two sons were born. It was here that I came and asked you to send me to Congress. It was here that I came back and asked you to let me trade in that little shovel that I was working with in the House for a bigger shovel in the United States Senate.

    And I have come back today to ask you for a final promotion, and I've come to ask you for that promotion based on the work that I have done in the House, the work I have done in the Senate, and my commitment to see the job through until it's done.

    On November the 8th, in the most decisive election since 1932, the American people said to their government, "Stop the taxing. Stop the spending. Stop the regulating." And they will be stopped. But our job is not finished. We are one victory away from changing the course of American history.

    We're one victory away from getting our money back and our freedom back and our country back, and that victory is a victory over Bill Clinton in 1996. With a love for America and a resolve to make her right again, I today declare myself a candidate for President of the United States.

    I'm running for President because I believe that if we don't change the policy of our government, if we don't change it soon, if we don't change it dramatically, in 20 years, we're not going to be living in the same country that we grew up in. In 1950, the average American family with two little children sent one out of every 50 dollars it earned to Washington D.C. Today, that family is sending one out of every four dollars it earns to Washington D.C. And if nothing changes soon, it's going to be one in three.

    The odds that a boy born in America in 1974 will be murdered are higher than the odds were that a serviceman serving in World War II would be killed in combat. Last year over half of the children born in our big cities were born out of wedlock, and if this trend continues as it is, illegitimacy will be the norm and not the exception in America. I think the frightening but inescapable conclusion of any honest look at where we are as a nation has got to lead us to believe that we're either going to change the way we do our business or else we're going to lose the American dream.

    There comes a time in the lives of families and businesses and even in the lives of great nations where you have to either face up to your problems or you're overwhelmed by them. I believe now is such a time for America. As a nation, we face tough choices, but those choices are no tougher than the choices that are faced up to and dealt with by working families and by businesses every day in America.

    We have watched politicians for 30 years wring their hands about the budget deficit, but yet all we have to do to balance the federal budget is to freeze government spending at its current level and keep it there for three years. Now, I ask you, how many businesses represented here today have had to go through a tougher restructuring than that just to keep your doors open? How many families here today or families in your hometown have had to make tougher decisions than that when a job was lost or when a parent died? The difference is that families and businesses in America live in the real world. Our government has not lived in the real world for 40 years. And if I become President, that's going to change.

    We need a leader that has the courage to tell our people the truth. We need a leader who has the vision to define solutions to our problems, solutions that people can understand and can believe in. And we need a leader who is tough enough to get the job done. In the next 20 months, I hope to convince the American people that I am that leader.

    I want your vote, and I mean to earn it. But I know you're tired of promises, and I'm not asking you to accept me on faith. I want you to hear me out. But before you decide, read my record. As a Democrat member of the House, I authored the Reagan program. That program cut government spending, cut taxes and ignited the longest peacetime expansion in American history, an expansion that created 20 million new jobs. That budget rebuilt defense and set in place the cornerstone of a policy of peace through strength that won the Cold War and tore down the Berlin Wall and liberated Eastern Europe and changed the world.

    Now, America and the people of my district were happy about that leadership, but Tip O'Neill and the Democrat bosses in the House hated it. So they took me off the Budget Committee. I felt the people of my district were being disenfranchised. But I'd been elected as a Democrat, and I felt if I simply changed parties and stayed in the Congress, something I had every right to do, that there might be some people who would feel betrayed. So against the best political advice, including the urging of my dear friend Lee Atwater, I resigned from the Congress, came back home and ran again as a Republican. No Republican had ever gotten more than a third of the vote in my district. But on Lincoln's birthday, February the 12th, 1983, I defeated 10 Democrats and I went back to Washington to finish the job.

    As a freshman senator, when nobody else wanted to face up to the deficit, Warren Rudman and I wrote the Gramm-Rudman law, which was the only effort in a generation to do something about the deficit. And until Congress repealed it in 1990, it did bring the deficit down and it did slow down the rate of growth in government spending. And last year, in the darkest hour of the health care debate, when it looked like Bill Clinton was about to convince America that it made sense to tear down the greatest health care system the world had ever known to rebuild it in the image of the post office -- when pollsters were saying it was political suicide to take on the Clinton health care bill head-on, when 20 Republican senators had signed on to a big-government compromise that raised taxes, I stood up and said, "The Clinton health care bill is going to pass over my cold, dead political body."

    I am happy today to say that my political body is alive, the President's health care bill is deader than Elvis -- and Elvis may be back, but the President's health care bill will not be back. To paraphrase an old country and western song, I was conservative before conservative was cool. As President, I will balance the federal budget the way you balance your family budget and the way you balance your business's budget, and I will do it by setting priorities. And where no is the right answer, I will say no.

    I will look at every program of the federal government and I will submit it to one simple test. It is a test that by the end of this campaign every person in every city and town in America will know and understand, and I call it the Dicky Flatt test. I call it the Dicky Flatt test in honor of a printer from Mexia that you know because he introduced me here today. Many of you have met him and know him. Many of you have heard me speak about him. He works hard for a living. His print shop is open till 6:00 or 7:00 every weeknight, open till 5:00 on Saturday. And whether you see him at the PTA or the Boy Scouts or the Presbyterian Church, try as he may, he never quite gets that blue ink off the end of his fingers.

    As I said, the test is simple. Is this government program worth taking money away from Dicky Flatt's kitchen table? Let me tell you, there aren't many government programs that pass that test.

    It's time for America to choose. Are we going to stay on this 30-year spending spree and squander the future of our country, or are we going to change policy and save the American dream? If I am elected President, I will make balancing the federal budget my number one priority and I will not run for re-election unless I get the job done. I want to cut government spending, I want to cut taxes, and I want to let families spend more of their own money on their own children, on their own businesses, on their own future.

    The debate is not about how much money is going to be spent on education or housing or nutrition. The debate is about who ought to do the spending. Bill Clinton and the Democrats want the government to do the spending. I want the family to do the spending. I know the government and I know the family and I know the difference, and so do you.

    The family is the most powerful engine for progress and human happiness in the history of mankind, and if I become President, we will put the family first. Our welfare system robs poor families of self-respect. It displaces fathers. It makes mothers dependent. And I mean to change it. I want to ask the people -- I want to ask the able-bodied men and women riding in the wagon on welfare to get out of the wagon and help the rest of us pull. We've got to stop giving people more and more money to have more and more children on welfare. And we will change the welfare system because it hurts the very people that it's supposed to help, because it denies our fellow citizens access to the American dream. And because we love them, we're going to help them get it back.

    You know, Bill Clinton still takes the old "blame society first" for crime. But if social spending prevented crime, Washington D.C. would be the safest spot on the planet. I want to stop building prisons like Holiday Inns. I want to make prisoners work. I want 10 years in prison without parole for possessing a firearm during the commission of a violent crime or a drug felony. I want 20 years for discharging it, and I want the death penalty for killing somebody.

    We don't have to live in a country where we open up the newspaper every morning and read that a robber, or a rapist, or a murderer who has been convicted five or six times is back out on the street and they killed another child. I know how to fix that. And if I have to string barbed wire on every closed military base in America, I'm going to put these people in jail and keep them there.

    In taking the oath of office, I will swear to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution. Our Constitution guarantees equal justice under law. And, as President, by executive order I will end quotas, preferences, and set asides. I will fight for equal and unlimited opportunities for every American, but there will be special privilege for no one.

    The American dream -- the American dream has always been the deeply held conviction that in America we have a land of opportunity, that in America hard work pays off, that in America you can do better than your parents did, and your children will have an opportunity to do better than you have done. My wife's grandfather came to this country as an indentured laborer to work in the sugarcane fields in Hawaii. My wife's father was the first Asian-American ever to be an officer of a sugar company in the history of Hawaii. And under President Reagan and President Bush, my wife served as chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, where she oversaw the trading of all commodities and commodity futures in America, including the same cane sugar that her grandfather came to this country to harvest long ago. That is what the American dream is all about. That's America in action. And it's not the story of an extraordinary family; it's the story of an ordinary family in an extraordinary country.

    The United States of America cannot be a passive observer in world affairs. But we can't be the world's policeman either. For our children's sake, and for the sake of humanity, we must be the leader of the world. And to be the leader of the world we must be strong. And that's why I am committed to the principle that even in a world where the lion and the lamb are about to lie down together, I want America to always be the lion.

    As President, I will stop the defense cuts. I will provide the pay and benefits necessary to continue to recruit the finest young men and women who have ever worn the uniform of this country. And we will provide them with the finest training and the best equipment that Americans can build. As President, I will never send Americans into harm's way, unless our vital national interests are at stake, and unless our intervention can be decisive. And I will never send American troops into combat under U.N. command.

    As a Texas senator, I have been called upon to console families of young men who have given their lives in the service of our country in Somalia and the Persian Gulf. And I want to promise you here today that I, as President, will never send your son or daughter anywhere in the world that I would not be willing to send my own sons.

    In the postwar period we have been like a little rich kid in the middle of a slum with a cake. And everybody's looked at this cake and they wanted a piece of it, and we've gone around cutting off pieces, handing it out. And people have hated us for it, because they wanted a bigger piece than we gave them. But what we have to share with a hungry world is not our cake, but the recipe that we use to bake that cake. That recipe is private property, free enterprise, and individual freedom. And in a Gramm administration we will keep the cake and share the recipe.

    In just two years -- in just two years -- the Clinton administration has squandered the prestige that Ronald Reagan and George Bush had elevated America to the status of the most powerful and respected country in the world. As President, I pledge to you that I will restore the full measure of respect that our unequal sacrifice in blood and treasury have forever earned for us in the world in which we live.

    Unlike the current occupant of the White House, I know who I am. And I know what I believe. And in this campaign I will speak in simple words that everyone will understand, because I want you to know how I feel in my heart.

    Neither of my parents graduated from high school, but my mother had a dream before I was born that I was going to college. I resisted. They kept trying to inoculate me with learning. I failed the third, seventh and ninth grade. But my mamma prodded me every step of the way through college, to a Ph.D. in economics, because in the America that we grew up in, mothers' dreams did not die easily.

    Too many mothers' dreams are dying too easily in America today, and I want our America back. I want it back for those of us who have known it, and I want the American dream back for those who missed it the first time around. Almost 3,000 years ago, a prophet in Judea named Joel told his people, Your old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions. America is not through dreaming. I want an America where families are limited only by the size of their dreams. I believe that America is worth fighting for, and with God's help I believe that we can and will win this fight.

    Thank you, and God bless you, and God bless America.

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    The Albert Finney version is called “Scrooge” and is outstanding. Finney is IMHO the best Ebeneezer, and Alec Guinness is fabulous as Marley. The song “Thank You Very Much” won an Oscar, and the bit actors fit the roles well.