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  • Ron Paul’s Shocking Message To The Tea Party (Doesn't like today's rally) [Tinfoil Alert]

    08/29/2010 6:55:18 PM PDT · 117 of 140
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to narses
    They have a disagreement about basic principles: classic libertarian vs. neocon. Some of what Beck does on Fox calls attention to the socialist and progressive ideology in the White House. But heresy leads to problems. The populist movement only appeals to a certain part of the electorate. What the conservatives have going for them is Obama's growing unpopularity and the failure of his policies, the hypocrisy of too many vacations, the Ground Zero controversy. With unemployment rising, the Dems are in real trouble for November.

    The other thing Beck does is increase the Beck Derangement Syndrome over at MSNBC. But conservatives still need a leader who can explain the alternative to Obama without the negatives. Obama and Gibbs will keep trying to blame Bush for their economic failures.

  • The Religious Left and the Ground Zero Mosque

    08/27/2010 2:16:38 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to markomalley

    It's because they get to be for "religious freedom" and anti-Christian at the same time. A non-Christian and anti-Christian religion arouses sympathy for liberals. They would be the first ones in line to complain about a Christmas Nativity display in New York. But there is no sense that Christian civilization is something to defend or what a post-Christian, post-American would would be like. How many liberals have spoken out for the right of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church to rebuild? Who on MSNBC has covered that? There is the suspicion that they only get interested in "freedom of religion" when there is an anti-Christian spin to the story. Perhaps MSNBC will present commentary on the persecution of Christians in Middle Eastern countries. Maybe the Obamas could look into it when they get back from vacation.

  • Amidst Obama's Falling Poll Numbers, MSNBC Tries to Suggest He Could Rebound Like Reagan

    08/24/2010 2:20:17 PM PDT · 54 of 77
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Justaham; Dallas59
    They will certainly do their best to try, even staging events for a fake revival, trying to make him look presidential. Watch for some foreign state visits, an address to the UN, maybe another Nobel, etc.

  • Disapproval of Obama Rises to All-Time High, Says Gallup

    08/24/2010 12:19:23 PM PDT · 38 of 82
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to jpl; RexBeach; FrankR; woweeitsme

    Maybe it's time for another luxury vacation in Spain...
    Get some time away from the "bitter" rednecks in small towns
    clinging to guns and religion that annoy him so much.
    They just don't get away on vacation enough.

  • Victor Davis Hanson: A Constantinople Initiative?

    08/17/2010 8:54:46 AM PDT · 15 of 29
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to neverdem; narses;; redgolum; highlander_UW; GSP.FAN

    What is even sadder is, thanks to the NEA, secular humanists, and liberals in the educational system, most Americans would not even know what the significance of "Constantinople" was, what Hagia Sophia was, or the general trends of civilization in Western history from the 7th century to 1453 A.D.

    With liberalism, the naked public square becomes not just a confusion about values, first principles, religion, and cultural identity, but through Separation of Church and State and the kowtowing, bowing, appeasement, anti-Americanism, anti-Christianity, and silliness of this White House, almost a suicide pact. They would be the first ones to ban a Christmas Nativity display in Manhattan.
    "John Gibson, call your office..."

    Keith was off his medicine again on this on The Countdown, even getting the history of Spain and medieval Europe ass backwards - with the Christians as the aggressors, the usual spin about freedom of religion (denied by the party in question in all other matters), and, presumably, a confidence that all cultures and values are equal, with Western Christianity deserving no prominence or praise from liberals, as he sneered at the churches in Manhattan near Ground Zero. The naked public square has not only taken away moral values, but left them moronized by lack of education on the history of the struggle between civilization and barbarism. Or on any sense of what a truly post-Christian, post-American world would be like on a day-to-day basis.

    No liberal yells about "freedom of religion" when a zoning board denies a building permit to a Christian congregation or when a group of secular humanist cranks with genital issues stage a public riot against a Christmas Nativity display. They shift to "free speech" on those days. Some issues, it seems, are more equal than others.

  • Keith Olbermann dropped by 'Sunday Night Football' (no, not b/c he's far left)

    08/09/2010 7:01:27 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Liz; ColdOne
    What a shame.
    He was actually good at carnival barking through football bloopers.
    It seemed like a good outlet for his OCD and speed demon Tourette's.
    The "roughing the Brady" penalties won't be quite the same without Keith's neurons sputtering and overdriving on Dexedrine cocktails.

    "Keith, we hardly knew ye. Farewell."

  • Inside story of Michelle's trip (Damage control)

    08/09/2010 2:57:10 PM PDT · 180 of 203
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to maggief; Ann Archy

    re: "liberals thinking Americans are stupid"

    Well, you know, the losers in small towns, "they get bitter and cling to guns and religion."
    Limousine liberals from Harvard and Chicago political machines?
    They go to Spain and luxury hotels, stiffing the losers with the tab. "Everybody does it."

    This should make her a great spokesman for living more frugally, cutting back, clipping coupons, turning the AC back, saving energy to cut down on those carbon footprints. People should really carpool more and "live within their means" to fight global warming.

  • Pro-Life Actress Patricia Neal of Hud Fame Dies, Regretted Her Abortion

    08/09/2010 2:44:14 PM PDT · 10 of 41
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to napscoordinator
    It's not that hard to figure out.
    The anguish, guilt, horror, and emptiness she felt afterwards clued her in as to what she had lost.
    It's very common actually.
    Some turn to bitterness, anger, and denial.
    Others search for healing and forgiveness.
    When they realize they have lost a human child, all that that means and could have been. Those that have courage speak out about it. Some become pro-life activists because they don't want others to go through that trauma.
  • Media Matters Palace Guard Defense of Michelle Obama Backfires - Big Time

    08/09/2010 2:02:36 PM PDT · 225 of 226
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to kristinn

    She should be able to recognize prestige and manic spending and consumption that springs from a need for self-esteem, very common among nouveau riche liberals, pathological narcissists, and yuppies with emotional needs and a sense of entitlement. This is what she thinks wealthy and powerful people do. And apparently this need overrides any sense of inappropriateness, given the economic woes afflicting many Americans, the gulf oil diaster, etc. For similar reasons Barry's mother-in-law stays busy eyeing the White House silverware, china, and tea services, tucking away spoons and forks for a rainy day. Those who had traumatic childhoods or who feel they were wronged earlier in life have more trouble with self-esteem spending.

    The inappropriate affect and disconnection from reality should be a little alarming for any liberals still worried about trying to salvage this presidency.

    Another fantasy shopping spree in Paris should come next. She seems to have an endless need for conspicuous consumption and manic spending driven by a need for self-esteem.

    Had Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush gone off running up vacation tabs like this, liberals in the mainstream media would never have stopped whining about how many starving children in Third World countries could have been clothed and fed by the funds for the tab. Or the carbon footprint of such a frivolous and unctuously lavish and luxurious manic episode. Borderline psychotic behavior disconnected from any concern for appearances or what is appropriate expenditure should be a matter of concern when afflicting those in the White House during times of national crisis.

    How's Obama's virtually homeless brother, living in the hut in Kenya, doing, by the way? That $75K from just one day of this vacation would probably go a long way for him in Kenya. Any "normal" person would weigh those priorities and be embarrassed by the inappropriate spending.

  • Material girl Michelle Obama is a modern-day Marie Antoinette on a glitzy Spanish vacation

    08/05/2010 11:18:12 AM PDT · 31 of 43
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to 2ndDivisionVet
    She should be able to recognize prestige and manic spending and consumption that springs from a need for self-esteem, very common among nouveau riche liberals and yuppies with emotional needs and a sense of entitlement. This is what she thinks wealthy and powerful people do. And apparently this need overrides any sense of inappropriateness, given the economic woes afflicting many Americans, the gulf oil diaster, etc. For similar reasons Barry's mother-in-law stays busy eyeing the White House silverware, china, and tea services, tucking away spoons and forks for a rainy day. Those who had traumatic childhoods or who feel they were wronged earlier in life have more trouble with self-esteem spending.

    A shopping spree in Paris should come next. Maybe she could travel around France telling school kids which food groups to eat in order to avoid getting fat....

  • Nostalgia for Buckley, et al is Misplaced

    08/05/2010 9:38:06 AM PDT · 19 of 19
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to dsc; Russ; redgolum; narses;

    It's an important point.

    Buckley (and National Review) were able to bring together forces and people which had previously not been allied. For Buckley, as a Catholic and based on the east coast, but also connected with conservative intellectuals in academia, southern Protestants, and conservatives from the West, like Goldwater.

    Critics should not overlook what was achieved in that. Catholics who had previously been supporters of JFK or in the FDR camp became conservatives in the conservative movement. The rhetorical side, in publishing, in National Review and other journals, and on television on Firing Line, all of this helped to create the infrastructure of the conservative movement.

    You can't compare Palin to that, although some of the populism is related to Reagan's popularity in the '80s. Reagan closed the gap which Buckley never would have been able to, by appealing to all of those Reagan Democrats. Now, to get conservative and pro-life Catholics and Protestants together with fiscal conservatives, intellectual conservatives, Reagan Democrats, and even some of a libertarian mindset on taxes (Kemp, etc.), focused on a common political agenda as a coalition with a media presence and direct-mail grassroots networks (Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich)- behind a charismatic candidate like Reagan - that was a real achievement in U.S. politics.

    But at the moment at least, it doesn't look like there is a Catholic conservative figure providing similar leadership, or even a Reaganesque figure who could provide similar leadership. Despite the establishment chatter and cheerleading, Romney is not going to do that and the people talking this up are deceiving themselves.

    So it's not true that nostalgia for Reagan, Buckley, and the good old days is pointless. Conservatives are lacking in leadership these days and the "conservative demonstration" is in need of intelligent voices that can make the case to the American people without some of the silliness or weaknesses that make political figures open to being dismissed as kooks, extremists, or unqualified and inexperienced populists. But in 1980 the liberal media wanted people to dismiss Reagan as a kook - remember the bit about plants and trees causing pollution, that he was a "warmonger" who would start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, and a religious nut who believed in a literal Armageddon. They tried all of that.

    The Firing Line style of debates was also a little different than talk radio which can get a little on the lowbrow side and turn some people off. That is one of the liberal talking points - how bad and how mean conservative talk radio is. There are things that can be learned from discussions about what was good about the conservative movement from the 1950s through the 1980s. Some of that just has to do with what was good about American Christians during that period, the values being defended and preserved, etc. For Reagan and Buckley, the values of American Catholics and Protestants during the 1920s, '30s, and '40s. A lot of conservatism just has to do with restating those values in different ways. How do you explain self-control, conventional morality, or personal responsibility to a liberal? Someone should put together an anthology of Reagan and Buckley quotes which tried to do that. That might prove interesting.

    Reagan could be great at that. Wise cracks. One time he said something like, "Having sex is not the same as having a ham sandwich." Having both worked in Hollywood (with Errol Flynn) and taught Sunday School, maybe he was a little unique.

    There is a lot that can be learned by studying the conservative movement.
    The Conservative Mind, Russell Kirk. Not just nostalgia. Some of what they are talking about is not just conservatism but educated and intelligent discussion in general. We shouldn't downplay the role of the conservative movement in that.

  • Nostalgia for Buckley, et al is Misplaced

    08/04/2010 10:27:13 AM PDT · 13 of 19
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Kaslin

    1) There is nothing wrong with nostalgia every now and then.

    2)Conservatives are genuinely lacking strong leadership right now.

    3) The period of the "conservative movement" from the late 1950s into the 1980s was a special time in which the genius of figures like Buckley and Reagan had an impact on American culture in a way which you do not exactly see repeated by certain so-called "conservatives" right now.

    4) Some would argue (and have argued) that the old National Review had a conservative edge which has been tamed to some degree. American society has also changed, so the culture that produced Buckley and Reagan has also been disappearing. That is more obviously the case for the Catholic Buckley as the Church has changed even more dramatically. It would be an understatement to say that, at least as far as conservative matters go, things have gotten a little less coherent and a little strange on the Right in church circles. Leadership is lacking there as well. If there is a voice one could point to there who immediately generates an audience, it would be interesting to know the name.

    The next conservative will need the Catholic vote.
    Will he get it?

  • On The Failure Of The Conservative Model

    07/25/2010 7:52:28 AM PDT · 5 of 40
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to j.argese
    "While you were working to provide for your family, your children were indoctrinated by government schools."

    Not if you never bought into the scam of secular humanism and sent your children to private religious schools. If more did that, the NEA's monopoly would come to an end.

  • American politics has caught the British disease

    07/18/2010 4:20:57 AM PDT · 12 of 15
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to bruinbirdman

    With the progressive income tax, property taxes, inventory and licensing fees & regulations to make sure VERY FEW ever rise out of wage labor. Statism keeps people down and under control.

  • American politics has caught the British disease

    07/17/2010 9:19:52 PM PDT · 3 of 15
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to bruinbirdman

    Fabian Socialism.

    "Most of us believe socialism is what the socialists want us to believe it is - a share-the-wealth program. That is the theory. But is that how it works?... If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite." - Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy

  • CBS SHOCK POLL: 13% Believe Obama's Policies Have Helped Them.

    07/14/2010 1:12:01 PM PDT · 103 of 114
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to MindBender26
    "13% Believe Obama's Policies Have Helped Them"

    That's about the learning curve. 87% have figured it out.

  • Are Catholics “Born Again?”

    07/13/2010 5:47:15 AM PDT · 286 of 291
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to narses

    Baptism and Confirmation are sufficient
    (i.e., to be born “from above” according to the metaphor on St. John). All of the grace needed is there. How the person acts upon the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit will vary from person to person as they mature. Since not everyone has mystical experiences or private revelations there is no requirement of that. A baptized infant goes to God in Heaven
    regardless of any additional “born again” experience. To deny that would be heresy.

  • The Tea Party and the New Right-Wing Christian Feminism

    07/12/2010 6:10:50 AM PDT · 37 of 42
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to 2ndDivisionVet; Jim Robinson

    "Most Americans [liberals] are not quite sure what to make of the sprawling right-wing Tea Party..."

    Many urban liberals view normal Americans as strange.
    Freedom is strange, private property is strange, Christianity is strange, having children is strange, etc.

    By contrast, for them, Fabian Socialism is normal, Frankfurt School ideology is normal, anti-Christian foreign billionaires funding depopulation are normal, a dorky science nerd who wants to dope the water supply with sterilization drugs is normal.

  • Obama Hits Golf Course (Ninth Round Since BP Oil Spill)

    07/11/2010 12:11:22 PM PDT · 31 of 41
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to kristinn; DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

    "Well, isn't that...special?"

    And he still doesn't have time to go to church.

  • Time’s Joe Klein Cheap Shots Palin: 'She Doesn’t Know Anything'; Earns Creepy Chris Matthews Cackle

    07/11/2010 11:47:33 AM PDT · 27 of 34
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Rufus2007; avacado
    "She Doesn’t Know Anything"

    Translation: She's not up to speed on the Frankfurt School ideology and Manhattan cocktail party chatter that MSNBC talking heads and liberal New York Times writers, served by undocumented Guatemalan house slaves on Long Island, are obsessed with. She hasn't read many Doris Kearns Goodwin, Toni Morrison, or Saul Alinsky books. And she hasn't used secret handshakes to get a fruitcake at Notre Dame to give her an honorary doctorate while carrying out policies opposed to everything such a degree should symbolize.

  • Resorting to name-calling? At least get it right (LIBERAL BEMOANS USE OF THE 'C-WORD')

    07/11/2010 11:15:49 AM PDT · 64 of 91
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Chi-townChief

    How about "Illuminati"?

    That has a specific meaning too.
    Apparently there is also a handshake.
    And puppet strings.

    And population control.

    "Most of us believe socialism is what the socialists want us to believe it is - a share-the-wealth program. That is the theory. But is that how it works?... If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite." - Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy

  • Krauthammer: The selective modesty of Barack Obama

    07/09/2010 11:08:15 AM PDT · 87 of 108
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle

    Krauthammer: "It began with the almost comical self-inflation of his presidential campaign, from the still inexplicable mass rally in Berlin in front of a Prussian victory column to the Greek columns framing him at the Democratic convention. And it carried into his presidency, from his posture of philosopher-king adjudicating between America's sins and the world's to his speeches marked by a spectacularly promiscuous use of the word "I." "

    Ironic - considering he's just a puppet for the globalists, Fabian Socialists, population control freaks, and the Brave New World Order.

  • Illegal immigrants are Obama's sixth column

    07/06/2010 7:15:15 PM PDT · 14 of 16
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Countyline; Brian Allen

    That's the whole idea. He's not an American. He's a Third World revolutionary in the tradition of Che Guevara and Castro. The idea is to make America into a Third World country, using Alinskyite tactics, and then to merge that socialist state with the UN and the New World Order against any remaining opposition. When the US is completely taken over as a Third World dictatorship, it's over. No more Christian Western civilization, freedom, free way of life, constitutional rights, etc. Kiss it all goodbye. You will have a socialist globalist police state driven by a semi-illiterate Third World underclass, indentured to the welfare state, ready to riot if they don't get their way. East LA with high-surveillance security cameras, computerized profiling, dumbed-down mass education and infotainment, cradle-to-grave welfare state, through-the-roof tax system leaving only the top of the elite able to own property of any substance, with an intolerable criminal subculture just about everywhere else outside of gated communities.

    A banana republic with its own utopian messiah and bread&circuses mass culture ("American Idol" for the mortgaged, disinherited, and dumbed-down masses). Anyone who questions it or who points out the secret society conspiracies imposing such an Orwellian social order or who reminds others that the Constitution does not authorize such a socialist tyranny will be branded a right-wing extremist or terrorist. And added to a profiling database administered by nerdy neurotic liberals with sexual issues, of limited education and intelligence.

  • Why is Obama Changing “Freedom of Religion” to “Freedom of Worship”?

    07/06/2010 2:01:56 PM PDT · 81 of 91
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to afraidfortherepublic; Gene Eric; bareford101

    It's the language of relativism and political correctness. "Worship" reduces the issue to the mere style and manner of prayer and worship in ceremonies. Religion implies the wider theology, religious ideology and moral teachings which apply to the conduct of life, good vs. evil, etc. Christianity is not just about how people should "worship" privately on Sundays in church services. There are people who play a language game claiming that Christianity is not a "religion" or who like to limit discussions of theological doctrines and moral teachings. And there are secularists and agnostics opposed to all religion who view the "freedom of worship" as quaint and a concession but one which should be kept private and out of the public sphere entirely - i.e., no civic prayer, no prayer in schools, no Christmas Nativity displays in public, no public discussions of religion or religious morality wherever they can file a grievance with the ACLU or the Supreme Court to prohibit that.

    Obama doesn't attend Church so people can guess at where he fits in.

  • MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle Says GOP Senate Candidate Sharron Angle “Sounds Like a Mental Patient” – Video

    07/06/2010 1:33:05 PM PDT · 36 of 42
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Federalist Patriot

    Coming from a state that put Ted Kennedy and John Kerry in the senate, he would know.

  • America's Great Religious Document

    07/06/2010 11:57:37 AM PDT · 12 of 15
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to; wagglebee; narses; redgolum

    Schlafly: "The Declaration of Independence is the official and unequivocal recognition by the American people of our belief and faith in God. It affirms God's existence as a "self-evident" truth that requires no further discussion, debate or litigation.

    The nation created by the great declaration is God's country. The rights it defines are God-given. The actions of its signers are God-inspired.

    The Declaration of Independence contains five references to God: God as Creator of all men, God as supreme Lawmaker, God as the Source of all rights, God as the world's supreme Judge, and God as our Patron and Protector. The declaration declares that each of us was created --so if we were created, we must have had a Creator and, as the modern discovery of DNA confirms, each of God's creatures is different from every other person who has ever lived or ever will live on this earth.

    The declaration proclaims that life and liberty are the unalienable gifts of God, natural rights, which no person or government can rightfully take away. It affirms that the purpose of government is to secure our God-given unalienable individual rights. "

  • Ebcounters with Gnomes

    07/06/2010 7:16:34 AM PDT · 28 of 32
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to fidelis

    The followers of those X-Files, the true believers, would say that these types of paranormal entities are not biological in the conventional sense nor bound to the geography and cultures of human society in the same way. Although "gnomes" would tend to appear where there are people of German, Swiss, or Austrian ancestry, leprechauns where those from Ireland or the British Isles live, elves for Scandinavians and Icelanders (devas or Rakshasas where Hindus or those from India are). More like a haunting from the astral realm. Even without too many shots of Jägermeister.

    The banshee, on the other hand, crosses many cultures and costumes.

  • Jimmy Kimmel Won't Hire Light Crew That Burned Pro-Lifer, Won't Apologize

    07/05/2010 12:33:18 PM PDT · 20 of 21
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Ghost of Philip Marlowe; julieee; narses; wagglebee; redgolum;

    The same kind of demented liberal people who would murder an unborn child and scald that child with saline solution apparently will also burn teenage human beings with spotlights if they disagree with them politically. They don't teach morality or ethics in public schools controlled by the NEA and it shows. Those burned should definitely look at a criminal negligence suit or other legal action. No one should be doing that to human beings regardless of their political disagreements on such issues.

  • Loss of Language, Loss of Thought (the dumbing down of America)

    07/04/2010 3:26:52 PM PDT · 65 of 66
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to NYer

    "The problem ultimately lies in a misconstrued metaphysics, or rather in the absence of any notion of ontology at all. When Bill Clinton was asked whether he had sexual relations with a White House intern and famously replied that this depended on the meaning of "is," his statement was of course evasive and facetious. But it was also intelligent: For apart from the time-indexed meaning of the copula in the present tense, the "is" in "This is a ball" is different from that in "A ball is a spherical object." The first sentence identifies a particular (or token) as a member of a class (or type), whereas the second offers a definition through the synonymy of types. The "is" in "it's like" is neither of these, for it seeks to define a type -- for example, "a ball" or "market segmentation" -- by reference to a token. It does not even modify the definiendum directly. There is a curious reluctance to think about the nature of things, maybe as a result of decades of teaching that there is no such nature apart from what one wants them to be. Rather, students increasingly see the world phenomenologically -- as a haphazard arrangement of "stuff" and of events informed by the sensory impressions of their own experience but devoid of any structure."

    It makes a nice question for a logic class, even with the president's evasions
    of the ontological definiendum.

    "Release the second chakra!"

    Barry Soetoro: "What does 'absence of any notion of ontology' mean?"

    "We must have a long talk sometime...."

  • The Euthanasia Drumbeat Gets Louder

    07/04/2010 1:44:32 PM PDT · 19 of 20
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Condor51

    Just imagine what an Obamacare "Death Counseling" questionnaire would look like....

    "Evaluate your productivity over the last five years."

    "What is your monthly carbon footprint?"

    "Tell us some reasons why we should keep you alive."

  • The Euthanasia Drumbeat Gets Louder

    07/04/2010 11:27:13 AM PDT · 15 of 20
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to narses; wagglebee; Leftism is Mentally Deranged;; Scanian; Condor51; Carley; ...

    They will say that they have to do this because of global warming and the carbon footprint from old sick people using up too much energy and resources (who have no "quality of life" or "productivity" - the "useless eaters"). It's madness. Malthusian population control. Obama is the puppet of the secret societies promoting this. They're probably already tabulating the carbon footprint savings of early deaths from the BP Gulf oil spill.

  • GLENN COOK: The reason kids are getting fat

    07/04/2010 9:37:46 AM PDT · 68 of 100
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to ETL; rellimpank
    Partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

    "That's a problem, because soybean oil depresses the thyroid--which lowers your energy levels, makes you feel less like exercising, and generally makes you fatter."

    One of the most effective forms of mind control and population control is that people are unaware of. The Soy kind in the food supply. Make them tired and fat with low thyroid and they will have no energy to resist the social engineering and globalist tyranny. Fat, tired, with slowed down thinking processes. Who owns the food companies that put partially hydrogenated soybean oil in the food?

  • Thomas Jefferson made slip in Declaration (not slip, a decision)

    07/03/2010 6:05:10 AM PDT · 43 of 67
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to DJ MacWoW; SatinDoll; Artemis Webb; jessduntno; Charles Martel; aruanan; ntmxx; fiftymegaton; ...

    Well, you know about those "subjects" in small towns.
    They get "bitter" and cling to guns and religion.
    Next thing you know, they think they have God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • 24 Types of Libertarians

    07/02/2010 3:09:57 PM PDT · 45 of 56
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to EveningStar

    Don’t forget OCD Randroid Trekkie libertarians, still worried about freedom for consenting adults (40+ years AFTER the sexual revolution).

  • Obama tries to put Republicans on immigration hot seat

    07/01/2010 3:26:07 PM PDT · 22 of 43
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Anita1

    This is an Alinskyite attempt at distraction and diversion to divert people's
    attention from his own incompetence at handling the Gulf oil spill disaster.

  • Led Zeppelin sued for alleged plagiarism of Dazed and Confused (Jake Holmes claims authorship)

    07/01/2010 3:16:00 PM PDT · 40 of 55
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to a fool in paradise

    Dazed and Confused

  • Led Zeppelin sued for alleged plagiarism of Dazed and Confused (Jake Holmes claims authorship)

    07/01/2010 3:07:00 PM PDT · 39 of 55
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to a fool in paradise

    It would work as a theme song for the disengaged and disoriented chief executive.

    Dazed and Confused


    07/01/2010 2:26:52 PM PDT · 30 of 30
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to reagan_fanatic

    Maybe for the same reason that the spinster Biology teachers who really get
    excited teaching about Darwin and evolution in middle school and high school
    often look like Velma from Scooby Doo.
    Someone should write a doctoral dissertation on the ambiguously female liberal,
    its habitat, customs, and social rituals. An anthropological perspective.


    06/30/2010 2:53:16 PM PDT · 10 of 30
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to RonDog

    Shouldn't Napolitano have covered this affirmative action group
    - hefty bossy "women" with hair issues.

  • BP disaster was obama's 3 A.M. emergency phone call discussed in the campaign. How's he doing?

    06/30/2010 12:08:56 PM PDT · 42 of 48
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to

    The president should have been on the phone tracking down every skimmer ship or barge that could have been used to clean up that oil. It's basic arithmetic. How many gallons of oil per day leaking out, how much each skimmer ship can suction up, ergo, how many ships are needed. There shouldn't have been any vacation, parties or schmooze events until that was accomplished and they were at sea. The presidency is NOT a part-time or just 9-to-5 job. Here we are seventy days and hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil later, untold destruction to coastline, beaches, wetlands, aquatic life, fisheries, and coastal economies, and still most of those ships are not there yet. Did we mention dolphins, pelicans, and sea turtles? Or damage to human health from toxic gases.

  • BP disaster was obama's 3 A.M. emergency phone call discussed in the campaign. How's he doing?

    06/30/2010 11:21:30 AM PDT · 34 of 48
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to milagro

    "It's 3:00am. Why is Obama partying with Paul McCartney?"

    But why wasn't Biden on the phone tracking down the skimmer ships?
    Or Hillary Clinton? Or one of the other adults?
    Is there anyone in charge of this?
    There might not be.
    They might all be that crazy, in thrall of Obama, their utopian messiah, waiting for him to make a decision - to "heal the planet."

  • BP disaster was obama's 3 A.M. emergency phone call discussed in the campaign. How's he doing?

    06/30/2010 11:11:57 AM PDT · 30 of 48
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Skepolitic

    "70 days is a very short period of time for a constitutional scholar and community organizer to accomplish a real objective."

    How many chakras do you think Gore was able to release during the 70 days
    of this environmental disaster? And what source of energy does he use for heated towels and steam during his...ahem...massages? It's a tough life for these global warming crusaders.

  • BP disaster was obama's 3 A.M. emergency phone call discussed in the campaign. How's he doing?

    06/30/2010 10:52:53 AM PDT · 24 of 48
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to

    Why did it take 70 days before they asked for help from foreign skimmer ships?
    Why did the Coast Guard order barges back into dock in Louisiana?
    Why have Governor Jindal's requests been denied?
    Why is the president not on this 24/7 with shirt sleeves rolled up on the phone in the White House (like JFK during the Cuban Missle Crisis, looking engaged and concerned) and actively locating all 2000 skimmer ships to requisition and get them out there cleaning up the biggest environmental disaster in American history??? Pronto. Not tomorrow, not next week, not in a month, or six months from now.

    Instead, while all of this was going on and no one knew where the skimmer ships were, he went on vacation, he golfed, he went to a Nats game, he schmoozed and partied with Paul McCartney and other liberal pop stars. If this is the leadership, judgment, competence, and demeanor that a Harvard Law degree confers, he should ask for a tuition refund.

    "It's 3 AM. Do you know where your puppet is?"

  • Jon Stewart’s Walter Cronkite moment [Stewart questions big government now]

    06/29/2010 2:37:06 PM PDT · 23 of 30
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to

    The Obama administration will go down as the Bernie Madoff of politics.
    They took the money and ran.
    It will all be gone and the country will be in worse shape.

    All of the Democrats will be screaming for the release of their second chakra.

  • Michelle Obama to wield influence over America’s diet

    06/29/2010 1:22:05 PM PDT · 120 of 146
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Psycho_Bunny; Nachum

    Maybe she could team up with Christie Brinkley on the Total Gym XLS
    to demonstrate the bun buster crunches and squats.
    In fact, she and Barry should just abandon the White House gig to do that infomercial full-time.

  • Al Gore Pleaded With Masseuse to “Release His Second Chakra” (...EWWWWWWwwwwwww...!)

    06/29/2010 12:51:36 PM PDT · 165 of 240
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle

    "pleading for release of his second chakra there."

    You just knew Gore would end up on The X-Files...

  • Benedict XVI Creates Council for New Evangelization - Will Be Dedicated to Secularized Christian...

    06/29/2010 9:41:35 AM PDT · 13 of 20
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to Melian
    "It took 15 years to kill a Catholic school that had flourished in my town for 75 years. In short succession, two other Catholic grade schools have closed. With the very poor state of public education in my state, these schools should have been doing fine; but they stopped offering what made them unique: a very solid education in a moral, Christian environment."
    10 posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 11:19:34 AM by Melian

    Bingo. And that's very sad. The diocese here just shut down about dozen, including three high schools in the last year. In one case what was at issue was around a $650K deficit (which is ridiculous because there should have been that much in the parish just in terms of the vacation homes and country club memberships of many families but they just let it die).

    It does matter whether teachers are believing Catholics. And it's sacrilege wherever they throw that away for no good reason. It will happen again. We will be reading about an older Catholic school with a distinguished history which will be closed by a modernist bishop who allowed fruitcakes to impersonate priests all over his diocese, maintaining resort vacation homes while the parish and school were wreckovated and died. When will it stop?

    The Pope apparently spoke out and rebuked Schönborn for breaching protocol by criticizing a Cardinal over the handling of the sex abuse cases. But why was he silent when Notre Dame honored a pro-abortionist with a doctoral degree??? (surely a more serious sin)

  • Benedict XVI Creates Council for New Evangelization - Will Be Dedicated to Secularized Christian...

    06/29/2010 9:25:12 AM PDT · 12 of 20
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to married21
    I was expecting that.
    It was partly ironic.
    But...The "Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate" was supposed to supply the Jesuit order with data deemed useful for more effective application of their mission to spread the Catholic faith and Catholic truth. Of course, this had been edited and reduced somewhat, limited to modernism and social justice. The "Problem of God" courses (originally) were supposed to assess the predicament of modern atheism and secularism.
  • Alleged Russian spy had ties to Harvard policy world

    06/28/2010 10:44:06 PM PDT · 13 of 21
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to JSteff
    AKA: Barack Obama, also goes by Barry Obama.
    Known associates: one Frank Marshall Davis, Communist.
    Follower of the radical social theories of Saul Alinsky.
    Has lived in Indonesia. Senior thesis at Columbia University questioning U.S. nuclear arms policy.
    Has traveled abroad without use of U.S. passport.
  • Alleged Russian spy had ties to Harvard policy world

    06/28/2010 9:52:02 PM PDT · 6 of 21
    HowlinglyMind-BendingAbsurdity to MamaDearest; April Lexington

    Did he ever know another Harvard student by the name of Barry Soetoro?
    It would be interesting to know.
    They might have attended the same meetings.
    Or Fifth Column cell panel discussions.