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  • Low Rate of AIDS Virus in Philippines Is a Puzzle

    04/21/2003 10:00:33 AM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 29 replies · 213+ views
    ANILA — Public health officials say they are stumped by a paradox in the Philippines, where a very low rate of condom use and a very low rate of H.I.V. infection seem to be going hand in hand. AIDS-prevention efforts often focus on the use of condoms, but they are not widely available here — and are mostly shunned — in this conservative Roman Catholic country. Without that first line of defense, experts can only guess at the reasons for the low infection rate. No more than about 10,000 people are believed to be infected with H.I.V., the virus that...
  • And they're off...looters help themselves to Hussein's Cars

    04/18/2003 9:01:08 AM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 9 replies · 265+ views
    Kansas City Star ^ | 4/16/03 | Nancy Youssef
    BAGHDAD, Iraq - Saddam Hussein's regime had fallen, and the people of Iraq had access to anything in his opulent home -- furniture, food, water and gold. But looters wanted his cars. U.S. troops manning Hussein's main palace complex said they have had to begin destroying the cars because so many people have tried to take them. They fear that the cars could be used as suicide bombs or to create dangerous roadblocks. Destroying the cars, some of them classic American creations, has proved more painful for the American troops than for the people who wanted to take them. Hussein's...
  • Madonna's Epiphany

    04/18/2003 7:36:06 AM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 24 replies · 414+ views
    USA Today ^ | 4/18/03 | Edna Gunderson
    <p>LOS ANGELES — She's publishing a series of kiddie storybooks.</p> <p>She's working with scientists who have discovered how to neutralize radiation.</p> <p>She's plotting to make a documentary about Kabbalah, a religious philosophy based on Jewish mysticism.</p> <p>Who's that girl?</p> <p>These days, Madonna strives to be neither material nor immaterial. After straddling the heights of wealth and celebrity for two decades, the pop diva is on a quest for meaning. And in American Life, due Tuesday, that means questioning the impulses behind her own rise to riches.</p>
  • Baghdad looters returning swag

    04/15/2003 12:14:12 PM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 10 replies · 98+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 4/15/03 | Staff`
    <p>Baghdad, Iraq - Some people are surrendering the booty they took in the Dura district of Baghdad, perhaps in response to a rumored edict by a Muslim cleric forbidding Iraqi wives from having sex with looter husbands.</p> <p>Muslim clerics have been demanding that ill-gotten goods be surrendered, though none here could confirm the sex-ban order, said to have been issued in Najaf.</p>
  • The Unfunny Factor

    04/15/2003 8:53:21 AM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 18 replies · 180+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 4/15/03 | LLoyd Grove
    Maybe Bill O'Reilly should declare a "No-Quip Zone." Emceeing Saturday night's Best Friends rock-and-roll gala at the Marriott Wardman Park -- which raised $800,000 for the 15-year-old charity benefiting inner-city schoolchildren -- the Fox News Channel star was trying to fill dead air during a lull in the entertainment. Members of the "Best Men," as the sixth-to-eighth-grade boys in the program are called, were delayed getting onstage to perform a lip-synced rendition of the Four Tops standard "Reach Out (I'll Be There)." O'Reilly ad-libbed: "Does anyone know where the Best Men are? I hope they're not in the parking lot...
  • Seeing the Slip

    04/14/2003 12:42:18 PM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 26 replies · 849+ views
    NRO ^ | 4/14/03 | Stanley Kurtz
    Last month, in "Heather Has 3 Parents," I wrote about a Canadian law suit that clearly reveals the slippery slope on which we shall surely be set by legalized same-sex marriage. A court in London, Ontario has been asked to declare three people the legal parents of a single child (the biological mother and father, and the lesbian partner of the natural mother). Since conception, the sexual relationship appears to have been confined to the lesbian partners, both of whom live with the child. Yet the biological father, a close friend of the biological mother and her partner, frequently visits...
  • Prosecutor Had Ordeal As Defendant (PC Run Amok Alert)

    04/14/2003 10:58:07 AM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 20 replies · 99+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 4/14/03 | Ralph Ranalli
    <p>On his way to get a soda, he stopped in the men's room. He opened his pants and then ran smack into a shocked female janitor.</p> <p>At that moment, Atleson and his lawyers say, the 34-year-old lawyer became ensnared in a swirl of powerful forces - sexual politics, labor strife, and greed - that would change his life.</p>
  • Still Wrong (Hilarious GAG Alert)

    04/08/2003 2:17:21 PM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 4 replies · 10+ views
    The American Prospect ^ | 4/1/03 | James Galbraith
    In a recent column, TAP Online Editor Richard Just and Executive Editor Nick Penniman prescribed "the only moral and practical option" for liberals quavering over the war. It is, they wrote, "to begin immediately campaigning for a more ambitious, comprehensive and compassionate reconstruction of Iraq . . . while supporting the war effort that will lay the groundwork for such plans to be enacted." Just and Penniman state two grounds for their claim to have identified the "only moral and practical option." The first is a call to consistency. Now that the war has started, they write, the liberation...
  • Radicals Abroad

    04/08/2003 12:39:34 PM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 4 replies · 67+ views
    NRO ^ | 4/8/03 | Jonah Goldberg
    About two weeks ago, George Will called this "Conservatism's Moment of Truth." In the immediate sense, the "this" he had in mind was primarily the war — which, for about three or four days, had slowed down enough to cause a firestorm of second-guessing and "What if?" scenarios. But Will was also referring to the entire operation in Iraq. Toppling a regime and trying to set up a lasting democracy in historically infertile soil is no small endeavor, and to believe — let alone to declare — that this can happen without terrible setbacks and unforeseen problems turns all of...
  • Hanky Panky School Opens

    04/08/2003 11:07:06 AM PDT · by HumanaeVitae · 19 replies · 327+ views
    Sydney Morning Herald ^ | 4/8/03 | Staff
    The former madam of a Dutch escort agency has opened a "Hanky Panky School" for prostitutes to teach the world's oldest profession how to make more money. Elene Vis - whose frank autobiography, Escort Queen with Turbopower, made her a Dutch tabloid darling - opened the school last week in a luxury Amsterdam canal house to offer prostitutes "exclusive sales training" to boost their business. "You could call it sales techniques. You have to sell yourself and it doesn't matter if you sell your body or you sell vacuum cleaners. The principle is exactly the same," Vis, 43, said today....
  • Iraqi Army's Defenses Seem Impenetrable (Fisk)

    04/03/2003 11:55:19 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 17 replies · 399+ views
    Arab News ^ | 4/3/03 | Robert Fisk
    In Al-Mussayib, central Iraq — The road to the front in central Iraq is a place of fast-moving vehicles, blazing Iraqi anti-aircraft guns, tanks and trucks hidden in palm groves, a train of armored vehicles bombed from the air and hundreds of artillery positions dug into revetments to defend the capital. Anyone who doubts that the Iraqi Army is prepared to defend its capital should take the highway south of Baghdad. How, I kept asking myself, could the Americans batter their way through these defenses? For mile after mile they go on, slit trenches, ditches, earthen underground bunkers, palm groves...
  • "I'm Personally Opposed to Abortion, But Won't Impose My Beliefs on Anyone Else"

    02/28/2003 9:34:51 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 380 replies · 488+ views
    Vanity | 2/28/03 | Humanae Vitae
    We've all heard this foolish position articulated over and over again by the likes of Mario Cuomo, Paul Begala, and most recently Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan. I'll be brief. The idea here is that while the person making this statement regards abortion as morally wrong, they regard imposing their view on this issue as just as morally wrong as abortion itself. So they "personally" oppose abortion, while letting abortion itself go unchallenged. This position reaches its most baroque apex when it's articulated by a man. (It's very comforting to know that neither Mario Cuomo nor Paul Begala will have...
  • Rough-Riding Cowboys at the Holy Ghost Corral (3 Bagger)

    02/24/2003 4:42:04 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 1 replies · 11+ views
    Independent, UK ^ | 2/24/03 | Terence Blacker
    For someone who did not exactly treat his body like a temple and who spent quite a lot of his adult life behind bars, the country singer Johnny Paycheck had a fine sense of timing. Just as his version of David Allan Coe's great blue-collar anthem "Take This Job and Shove It" caught the mood of industrial rebellion in the mid-1970s, so his death last week provided a tiny, distant echo to the great moral debate thundering across the world from Washington to Rome and London concerning whether God and moral virtue are on the side of the hawks or...
  • Lance, Kristin Armstrong Announce Separation

    02/22/2003 12:06:00 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 6 replies · 2,995+ views
    Austin-American Statesman ^ | 2/23/03 | Suzanne Halliburton
    Lance and Kristin Armstrong, one of the highest-profile couples in international sports, said Friday that they have separated after 4 1/2 years of marriage. Lance Armstrong, the Austin-based cyclist and four-time defending Tour de France champion, will leave for Spain on Monday to prepare for the European cycling season. Kristin Armstrong and the couple's three young children will remain in Austin. The Armstrongs, both 31, provided a statement to the American-Statesman on Friday that they were having unspecified marital difficulties. "We are working through these sensitive issues in the same way we have met other challenges in our life --...
  • Destruction of Ice Sculpture Warranted (Letter to the Editor)

    02/21/2003 1:04:14 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 41 replies · 711+ views
    Harvard Crimson ^ | 2/21/03 | Amy Keel
    To the editors: I, Amy Elise Keel, proudly own up to the fact that it was indeed me—with my roommate—who dismantled the obscene snow penis “sculpture” in Tercentenary Theater. To call this a “cowardly act of vandalism,” as does Jonathan H. Esensten ’04 in his opinion piece, is absurd (Comment, “The Broken Phallus of Harvard Yard,” Feb. 19). The penis “sculpture” was not an official Harvard installation, and the men who put it up had no permission to do so. It was perfectly within my rights to take down this object which was incredibly offensive to me. As a student...
  • Sexual Rights (Traditionalists Vs. Libertarians at the SCOTUS)

    02/21/2003 9:45:12 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 14 replies · 139+ views
    National Review ^ | 2/21/03 | Ramesh Ponnuru
    In March, the Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding a Texas law that prohibits (and imposes fines for) "homosexual conduct." The last time the Court heard such a case, in 1986, it ruled such laws to be constitutional. The fact that the Court decided to hear the case suggests that it may be ready to overturn that precedent and find that the Constitution protects the right to same-sex sodomy. As one would expect, libertarians and traditionalists are having different reactions to the case. The Institute for Justice, representing the former, has filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the invalidation of the...
  • Caption Mike Tyson!

    02/19/2003 9:00:22 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 31 replies · 167+ views
    Fox Sports ^ | 2/19/03 | None
  • Monologues for Homogeneity

    02/18/2003 12:19:53 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 3 replies · 10+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 2/18/03 | Winfield Meyers
    he Cardinal Newman Society recently published a list of 42 Catholic colleges that are allowing the performance this year of The Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler's infamous play. By now, few who follow trends in higher education will be surprised to find America's leading Catholic universities on this list. It's no longer news when the likes of Georgetown, Notre Dame, Boston College, and Fordham thumb their noses at the official teachings of the Church. After all, these schools were eager to shed much of their Catholic identity as early as 1967, when representatives from each signed the "Land O' Lakes Statement...
  • Why I Did It--The “Under God” and Chaplaincy Plaintiff Speaks Out

    02/15/2003 11:47:08 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 6 replies · 11+ views
    Free Inquiry--The Magazine of Secular Humanism | February 2003 Issue | Michael Newdow
    Why did I do it? The answer is easy: our current system is wrong. We have rules, and we’re supposed to abide by them, but we haven’t been abiding by them at all in the arena of the relationship between government and citizens. We’ve taken a purely religious ideal—one that millions of Americans expressly deny—and incorporated it into our government. Such activity is expressly prohibited by our Constitution. This is my country just as much as it is anyone else’s, and I demand from my government the same respect for my views regarding religion that is given to those with...
  • ProLife Democrats

    02/15/2003 10:45:11 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 23 replies · 347+ views
    Commonweal Magazine ^ | 1/17/03 | John Hagen Jr.
    Paul Wellstone was my friend and mentor, but he was not my candidate in Minnesota's 2002 senatorial campaign that brought about his tragic death. I supported Norm Coleman, an erstwhile Democrat who had been driven out of the party because he's prolife. Coleman ultimately was elected in a close race with Wellstone's successor, former Vice President Walter Mondale. Mondale aggressively championed abortion rights, and Coleman won with heavy and highly visible Catholic support. "Catholics for Coleman" signs were prominently featured in the campaign. In recent election cycles, polls have shown Catholic voters frequently migrating from their traditional Democratic allegiance to...
  • What Is A Just War (Classical Philosophical Justifications)?

    02/14/2003 11:57:28 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 29 replies · 4+ views
    Philosophy Now Magazine ^ | 8/01/01 | Cambridge Review Of Medieval Philosophy
    When is it right to go to war? How should war be waged? The Church in the Middle Ages developed a complex doctrine of the Just War, which is still of philosophical interest today. The source of many of these ideas was St Augustine, but his ideas were refined and extended by mediaeval philosophers and theologians, most famously in Thomas Aquinas' essay De Bello. According to the Just War doctrine, waging war was justified if and only various conditions were met. The exact number and nature of those conditions varies from writer to writer although there is a great deal...
  • Whither Nato?

    02/14/2003 11:29:00 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 13 replies · 7+ views
    Tout se complique. The strident obstructionism of France and Germany, and their attempt to lead an insurrection within NATO against the use of Western force against Saddam Hussein, even to the point of violating the treaty commitments of the alliance to the security of its own members (in this case, Turkey)--this is a genuinely momentous turn of events that should not be understood merely as a comedy of national character. The petulance of these European states seems farcical, but in fact it is the expression of a profound historical transformation. It is not clear that the Europeans are entirely cognizant...
  • Would You Share Your Currency With This Lot? (File under: Monkeys, Surrender, Cheese-Eating)

    02/13/2003 10:46:53 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 2 replies · 7+ views
    Telegraph UK ^ | 2/12/03 | Boris Johnson
    If I were Blair, I would be feeling really rather grateful to the French. Until this week, he has faced a British press that has been exceedingly liverish about the war in Iraq. The Daily Mirror is against; the Independent faint-hearted; The Times uncertain; the BBC riddled with doubt. General after general has stood up to warn against the rashness of the enterprise. The bishops are leery in the extreme. Women are said to be against any belligerence, and upwards of half a million people, including some of my closest friends, will join the march on Saturday to hear Tony...
  • Life Can Win

    02/11/2003 1:13:21 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 2 replies · 7+ views
    NRO ^ | 2/11/03 | Kathryn Jean Lopez
    Maybe invoking the name "Christopher Reeve," or some other sick or injured celebrity, doesn't always end a debate, after all. The New Jersey state assembly was all set to pass an unprecedented cloning bill on Monday (more details here). Masked as a cloning prohibition bill, the legislation would in fact have made it legal to clone a human embryo, implant an embryo in a womb, and let a baby be born (though they would not use those words) — so long as the clone would be killed sometime during the newborn stage, its parts used in the pursuit of medical...
  • Crossbows & Suicide Bombers

    02/11/2003 10:57:34 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 10 replies · 17+ views
    NRO ^ | Aug. 10, 2001 | Jonah Goldberg
    his column won't be about stem cells, but if stem cells are what you're looking for, check out the rest of NRO. We have more stuff, from more impressive people, than anyplace else on the web or on paper. You can even find, if you're interested, my own meager contribution to our NRO stem-cell symposium. And if that moral dilemma isn't your cup of tea, there's still the ongoing brouhaha between Stanley Kurtz, Jonathan Rauch, and others on gay marriage. But I'm here to tackle another vexing moral question. And, no, it's not "How can Jonah look at himself in...
  • The Aim of All Nations Is To Seek For God

    02/10/2003 1:17:28 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 21 replies · 258+ views
    Collected Thoughts | 2/10/03 | Fyodor Dostoevsky
    "Not one nation," he began, as if reciting line by line, and at the same time still looking menacingly at Stavrogin, "not one nation has ever set itself up on the principles of science and reason; there has never been an example of it, unless perhaps only for a moment, out of foolishness. Socialism by its very essence must be atheism, because it has precisely declared, from the very first line, that it is an atheistic order, and intends to set itself up on the principles of science and reason exclusively. Reason and science always, now, and from the beginning...
  • Fatal attraction (Free Clara Harris)

    02/07/2003 9:59:38 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 21 replies · 203+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 2/7/03 | Joseph Farah
    In 1987, a movie about a psycho-slut played by Glenn Close caused married men across America to think twice about unzipping their pants around strange women. Nobody in his right mind wanted to end up like the Michael Douglas character in "Fatal Attraction." His sins, indeed, found him out. In a strange and twisted way, this film was redemptive – though I don't think it was intended to be. It caused men to appreciate their wives again. It made them think twice about cheating. It reminded them there are always uncalculated costs to such affairs – however fleeting and consensual...
  • India's Lost Girls

    02/04/2003 11:00:11 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 32 replies · 516+ views
    BBC News ^ | 2/4/03 | Jill McGivering
    A marriage crisis is hitting thousands of men in parts of rural India which are running out of potential brides. The traditional preference for boys instead of girls has led to widespread abuse of modern pre-natal scans. The technology should protect the health of mother and baby. But, wrongly used, it is a death sentence for unwanted girls. The practice of determining the sex of a foetus and aborting girls is illegal, but widespread. The worst affected states, such as Haryana and Punjab, now have some of the most skewed sex ratios in the world - and the proportion of...
  • Illegal Abortion Myths

    01/27/2003 12:21:10 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 30 replies · 602+ views ^ | 1/27/03 | Dr.Frank Beckwith
    More on Illegal Abortion Myths By Dr. Frank Beckwith Anyone who keeps up with the many pro-choice demonstrations in the United States cannot help but see on pro-choice placards and buttons a drawing of the infamous coat hanger. This symbol of the pro-choice movement represents the many women who were harmed or killed because they either performed illegal abortions on themselves (i.e., the surgery was performed with a "coat hanger") or went to unscrupulous physicians (or "back-alley butchers"). Hence, as the argument goes, if abortion is made illegal, then women will once again be harmed. Needless to say, this argument...
  • Off with the pixies (Tourists Trying to Book Trips to Middle Earth)

    01/21/2003 10:05:22 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 5 replies · 168+ views
    Sydney Morning Herald ^ | 1/21/03 | Staff
    Overseas tourists are trying to book trips to Middle Earth without realising the destination is fictional, a holiday website has found. Places featured in the Lord of the Rings book trilogy and two films directed by New Zealand's Peter Jackson, such as Mordor and Rivendell, have become popular holiday search terms on internet search site Yahoo Travel, staff at the site say. Mordor is the stronghold of the forces of darkness and Rivendell is the elves' picturesque refuge in a deep valley near the Misty Mountains. travel producer Morgan Williams said it was interesting to see the effect certain...
  • Missing Link (Stanley Kurtz on Cloning and the Family)

    01/14/2003 10:42:47 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 3 replies
    National Review Online ^ | 1/14/03 | Stanley Kurtz
    Something is missing from Human Cloning and Human Dignity, the report of the President's Council on Bioethics: recognition of the harm reproductive cloning would do to the structure of the American family. The omission is remarkable because this is surely one of the strongest arguments against cloning. Human Cloning and Human Dignity has been widely lauded for its fair and thorough coverage of the arguments on both sides of the cloning issue. The report even says that, when it comes to presenting these arguments, the council has decided to err on the side of inclusion. Nonetheless, the report falls almost...
  • Why We'll Never Have Real Gun Control

    01/13/2003 10:19:00 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 30 replies · 502+ views
    Legal Affairs Magazine ^ | Jan 2003 Issue | James J Jacobs
    What is the problem for which gun control is the solution? Not the total number of gun deaths in America. Most deaths from guns occur in suicides, rather than accidents or homicides. In 1999, for example, there were 17,400 firearm suicides but only 9,000 firearm homicides. Year after year, firearm suicides outnumber firearm homicides and fatal accidents combined. But while most gun suicides are tragic, they aren't obviously a failure of gun control. If access to guns were behind the suicide rate, we would expect the United States to be among the leaders in suicide. In fact, the American suicide...
  • Mormons' strict rules run into trouble on Main Street

    01/11/2003 12:02:16 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 41 replies · 186+ views
    It is just one short stretch of road - 220 yards long - and until recently a little-known stretch too. It has turned into a battleground over two of Americans' most cherished rights: freedom of speech and freedom of religion, both enshrined in the first amendment to the constitution. Unfortunately, they are not necessarily compatible. This is Main Street in Salt Lake City, capital of Utah, the heartland and headquarters of the Mormons, or as they prefer to be called, the Latter-day Saints (LDS). The Mormons founded Utah, and dominate the state. Opponents say the row over Main Street is...
  • Deep freeze grips Russia

    01/09/2003 12:01:18 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 5 replies
    BBC ^ | 1/9/03 | Staff
    Freezing temperatures have killed another three people in Moscow, bringing the number of deaths in the capital from severe winter cold to 242 since October. Another 35 people suffering from frostbite and hypothermia have also been hospitalised. Most of those who have died are the homeless, but the authorities are now also warning citizens of the dangers of drinking too much to try to keep warm outside. It is the coldest January in Russia for at least 15 years. January is harsh even by Russian standards, so cold that when you step outdoors, the inside of your nostrils freezes almost...
  • Animal Lover Gives Animals Full Support (Warms them up in her bra)

    01/08/2003 12:33:28 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 36 replies · 2+ views
    Austin American Statesman ^ | 1/7/03 | John Kelso
    The baby possums are easier to put up with in your brassiere than the baby squirrels, says Allison Adams of Round Rock. "The hardest to deal with in my bra are the squirrels," said Allison, 23. "The possums are actually the easiest. They're adorable, beautiful little animals, and since they're used to being in a pouch with their mom, they're used to the feeling. The squirrels, they're not used to it. They're moving around, and every once in a while you hear them squeaking." Seriously, the animal rescue worker really does load baby animals into her bra to warm them...
  • Jesus 'healed using cannabis'(Eurotrash Barf Alert)

    01/07/2003 8:21:02 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 65 replies · 1+ views
    Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings. The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett in the drugs magazine, High Times, entitled Was Jesus a Stoner? The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract, suggests Mr Bennett, who...
  • Rage Against the Machine

    01/06/2003 12:58:43 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 37 replies · 237+ views
    American Conservative ^ | 1/5/03 | William S. Lind
    Russell Kirk, who may have been the only conservative in the post-war American conservative movement, forbad the importation of television sets into his ancestral manse, Piety Hill. One day, in his absence, his wife and daughters smuggled one in. Dr. Kirk discovered it, and they in turn soon discovered him, high in the tower with television in hand, pitching it off the roof. Television, like all virtual realities, comes from Hell. (The author of this piece, having hosted several television programs, knows how difficult it is to use the medium for good; in effect, one has to do bad television.)...
  • The Coming Humiliation of the Anti-War Left

    01/03/2003 10:37:21 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 14 replies · 321+ views
    Vanity/Human Rights Watch ^ | 1/3/03 | Humanae Vitae
    We've heard a lot at this point about the threat posed to the West, and partucularly us, the United States, by Saddam Hussein's pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. The Bush Administration makes the pragmatist's case: these weapons must be neutralized because of the objective threat they pose to the United States and its allies. The opposition, when coherent, takes two different tacks in opposing military action in Iraq: (a) the "Buchananite" deterrence argument, and (b) the "Chomskyite" pacifist/humanist argument. I'll leave the Buchananite argument alone for a second and deal with the humanist/pacifist argument. The humanist argument wilts before...
  • Abortion in the Tides of Culture

    12/30/2002 1:38:48 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 17 replies · 143+ views
    First Things Magazine ^ | Dec 2002 | Frederica Mathewes-Green
    Where did the pro–life movement go? A half–dozen years ago movement activists were everywhere, drafting statements, holding press conferences, staring fixedly into the blind lens of a remote–studio TV camera. But a tide of silence has gradually come in. Abortion, which had defined "hot issue" for our time, mysteriously cooled off. Magazine cover stories have moved on to other topics; college students no longer crowd into abortion debates. What happened? Did we all just decide to forget our differences and get along? No, it’s more like we got bored. Not pro–life activists, who are as hardworking as ever, but the...
  • Ivan Karamazov's Mistake (Long, Worth It)

    12/27/2002 11:20:42 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 9 replies · 2,886+ views
    First Things Magazine ^ | December, 2002 Issue | Ralph C. Wood
    It is has become commonplace to regard Ivan Karamazov’s "Legend of the Grand Inquisitor" as a prescient parable glorifying human freedom and defending it against the kind of totalitarian threats it would face in the twentieth century. Fyodor Dostoevsky’s angry atheist delivers an uncanny prophecy of the omnicompetent, freedom–denying state that would arise in his own native Russia. But concerning the liberty that is the only cure for state–sponsored oppression, Ivan is terribly wrong. The Christ of the Grand Inquisitor advocates an idea of freedom that Dostoevsky considered an abomination. It is linked to Ivan’s critique of God for allowing...
  • Number One Reason Why Lott Should Go

    12/13/2002 1:07:21 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 7 replies · 32+ views
    Vanity | 12/12/02 | Humanae Vitae
    #1 Reason: Something like 20-25% of the posts I'm seeing on FR are about Lott. Sick of reading them.
  • How To Curtail the Proliferation Of Pornography

    12/10/2002 11:12:51 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 492 replies · 787+ views
    Vanity | 12/10/02 | Humanae Vitae
    Sorry for the vanity here folks, but I promise this should be worthwhile. I read through both of the "Shane's World" threads about the young perverts coming to college campuses to film sex acts etc...O'Reilly has been all over the story. One of the young lechers who works for the porn company note that "there was a market for college pornography". True, I'm sure. Fact is, there's a huge market for pornography, in the billions. Although libertarians on FR have no problem with a robust U.S. pornography industry, social conservatives and Christians (like myself) have a huge problem with porn....
  • The Sanctification of Human Life

    12/07/2002 11:13:10 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 3 replies · 284+ views
    Issues, etc. ^ | 12/7/02 | Dr. Alvin Schmidt
    The Sanctification of Human Life from Under the Influence: How Christianity Transformed Civilization by Dr. Alvin Schmidt "I have come that they may have life." Jesus Christ in John 10:10 When in Rome, do as the Romans do." So goes an old saying. But when the early Christians arrived in Rome from Jerusalem and parts of Asia Minor, they did not do as the pagan Romans did. They defied the entire system of Rome's morality. The low view of human life among the Romans was one of their pagan depravities: "The individual was regarded as of value only if he...
  • Hollywood Goes To Epic Proportions

    11/29/2002 12:29:19 PM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 50 replies · 45+ views
    USA Today ^ | 11/29/02 | Scott Bowles
    <p>LOS ANGELES — The past is back in Hollywood. Having worn out their welcome with the criminal underworld and explored virtually every cranny of outer space, movie studios are returning to a genre they nearly mothballed four decades ago, the historical epic.</p>
  • Will the 'Rule of 72'hold in 2004? (Vanity)

    11/08/2002 9:45:51 AM PST · by HumanaeVitae · 58 replies · 494+ views
    Vanity | 11/8/02 | Humanae Vitae
    Time to resurrect the 'rule of 72'. That's the idea that massive American political trends tend to move in blocks of 72 years. To wit: 1789-1860: The Old Republic of voluntary associations of states, no central bank, no income tax, laissez faire economics; undone after 72 years by the Civil War. 1860-1932: Lincoln's Republic of involuntary Union membership by states, a growing federal government, the establishment of the income tax, the Fed, and the fraying of federalism through the ratification of the 17th Amendment. Begins the end of limited government. Era lasts 72 years until the thunderous 1932 FDR sweep....
  • Citizen Kane voted the greatest film ever

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    Telegraph/UK ^ | 8/8/02 | Hamida Ghafour
    The greatest film ever made is Citizen Kane, according to an international poll of film critics and directors. The Orson Welles classic earned the accolade from the British Film Institute's poll of 144 film critics and directors whose top 10 lists were compiled separately. The critics' second choice was Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, Vertigo, followed by Jean Renoir's La Regle du Jeu. The Godfather and The Godfather Part II tied at number four and Tokyo Story was fifth. Singin' In the Rain was 10th. The directors put The Godfather and The Godfather Part II second, followed by Federico Fellini's 8.5. Lawrence...
  • Islam Is Peace?

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    Youth of Islam Message Board ^ | 8/7/02 | HumanaeVitae
    My first "vanity", but it isn't really a vanity. Was surfing the NRO blog and Jonah Goldberg posted the above website. It's a Islamic youth blog...yes, this is the real deal. It'll make you spit teeth. Cheers, HV Link again:
  • Teacher In Sex Case HIV Positive (Homosexual Molester)

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    AP ^ | 8/02/02 | Staff
    NEW YORK (AP) - A former public school second-grade teacher accused of sexually abusing six boys was HIV positive at the time of at least one of the alleged attacks, prosecutors said. Milton McFarlane, 39, was arraigned Thursday on reckless endangerment and other charges, accused of molesting six boys between the ages of 7 and 9 at a Bronx public school where he taught. He remains jailed without bail and if convicted, could face at least 50 years in prison. His next court hearing is Oct. 3. The charges are in addition to those filed by a grand jury May...
  • Murder Incorporated

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    ABC News ^ | 3/25/02 | Bryan Robinson
    March 25 — Serial killers have breathed new life into David Johnson's sculpting career, and the Denver-based artist is somewhat ashamed. But he is also unapologetic. A year ago, Johnson says he was an artist struggling to sell his more conventional sculptures. But when he started making a line of action figures that included infamous serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy and began selling them over the Internet, his career took off. "Yeah, it's a pretty shameful thing to do," Johnson said. "I'm making money off these grisly murders. But these guys were shameful long before I got...