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  • Andrea Mitchell: Iowa Is "Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural" (video)

    01/02/2012 4:20:04 AM PST · by i88schwartz · 88 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | January 1, 2012 | RealClearPolitics
    NBC's Andrea Mitchell gives her take on the state of Iowa while covering the upcoming caucus. Mitchell makes her feelings about the Midwestern state to the viewers, opining that "the rap" on Iowa is that it is too white. "The rap on Iowa: It doesn't represent the rest of the country, too white, too evangelical, too rural. Still here, politics are personal," Mitchell said on Sunday's broadcast on NBC's "Nightly News.
  • Two Women, One Pregnant, Brawl At Occupy Nashville On Christmas (video)

    12/26/2011 1:38:28 PM PST · by i88schwartz · 14 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | December 26, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    On Christmas day, two of the protesters at the Occupy Nashville encampment started arguing with each other; one of them was three-months pregnant. Harsh words led to hair pulling and punching, and both of them landed on the ground. A local news journalist on the scene felt threatened enough to call the police.
  • Michelle Obama: Misconception That I am "trapped" at WH .. I Get To Travel The World (video)

    First lady Michelle Obama tells ABC's Barbara Walters that the biggest misconception about her is that she is "confined or trapped" at the White House. "That couldn't be further from the truth," Mrs. Obama said. Obama said that she's been able to take on issues that are important to her as well as "travel to see the world." The first lady says she has been "very blessed in this role." Transcript below. Barbara Walters, "20/20" on ABC News: "What is the biggest misconception about you?" Michelle Obama: "Someone asked me a question about whether I feel confined or trapped in...
  • Comedian Richard Lewis: Herman Cain Would Be "Lucky To Be A Doorman" (video)

    11/29/2011 5:09:23 AM PST · by i88schwartz · 34 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | November 28, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    Countdown" host Keith Olbermann and comedian Richard Lewis break down the Republican field of presidential candidates. Lewis dismisses the current frontrunners as "a silly Muppet show" and muses about alternate career paths for Herman Cain. Lewis, known for his edgy humor, let loose a very controversial "joke." Lewis says Herman Cain would be "lucky to be" a "doorman." He also classified the entire field as "like the new Christy's Minstrels."
  • Chuck Todd: GOP Will Have To Be "Dragged, Kicking And Screaming" To Support Romney (video)

    11/28/2011 6:24:40 AM PST · by i88schwartz · 76 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | November 28, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    NBC's Chuck Todd on "Morning Joe" today: "Apparently the Republican base is going to get dragged, kicking and screaming to come to the conclusion that they're going to have to support Romney at the end of the day. I mean, it is amazing to me to watch this. "This is a candidate in Gingrich. He is now, the anti-establishment candidate. A former Speaker of the House whose businesses actually have addresses on K Street in Washington, D.C. It's not just -- it's symbolically right there on K Street. "That to me tells you how much energy there is against Mitt...
  • Garofalo: GOP Loves Herman Cain Because He Pretends We're In A Post-Racial Society (video)

    11/23/2011 6:48:57 PM PST · by i88schwartz · 42 replies · 1+ views
    RealClearPolitics ^ | November 23, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    Comedienne and actress Janeane Garofalo paid another visit to Current TV's "Countdown" program on Wednesday night. Garofalo talked about Republicans, Obama, the Tea Party and of course, Herman Cain. "It always works on a certain segment of the population. If you are trying to appeal to the worst in us. Quite literally, the worst in us and you're trying to go to the limbic brain of anxiety, fear, intolerance, hatred, bitterness, ignorance, you have to just use these very simple, as they say, dog whistle words," Garofalo said while trying to explain what she believes will be the Republican strategy...
  • MSNBC Contributor: Cain "Should Have To Register As A Sex Offender" (video)

    11/08/2011 2:37:45 PM PST · by i88schwartz · 40 replies · 1+ views
    "I mean, this guy was lying. He's a big, fat liar, Herman Cain. I'm going to say it on TV. Herman Cain is a big, fat liar, okay? When Bill Clinton shook his hand, his little finger at the nation and said 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman,' everybody in the country knew he was lying. You can smell it. This guy is lying. There is no difference between Herman Cain -- being accused of sexually harassing woman after woman after woman, we're now at five -- by the way, there are five flags behind that podium,...
  • MSNBC's Alex Wagner: Get Rid Of Second Amendment (video)

    11/07/2011 6:31:41 AM PST · by i88schwartz · 20 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | RealClearPolitics
    <p>MSNBC analyst and soon-to-be host of a daytime television show on the network Alex Wagner is asked what she thinks needs to be removed in the Constitution. Wagner says the second Amendment since it doesn't seem to be fit in with the others.</p>
  • MSNBC's O'Donnell Calls For Occupation And Boycott Of Restaurant Association

    11/04/2011 8:40:23 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 63 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | November 4, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    Coming soon: Occupy National Restaurant Association? MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on his primetime show last night shared names and photos of senior officials of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in order to intimidate them in ending the confidentiality agreements between the group and the two women it settled with that claimed they were sexually assaulted. O'Donnell also called for a boycott of the restaurants the group represents as well as an occupation of their headquarters. Continue reading for details. "I want people to see the people who are currently protecting the secrets of Herman Cain," O'Donnell said as a photograph of...
  • Obama On Bad Economy: "I'm Less Interested In Allocating Blame" (video)

    11/02/2011 5:20:09 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 21 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | November 2, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    WCCO-TV of Minnesota, one of the several local news stations to interview the president, asked Obama when it is time for him to start blaming himself for economic woes. Relevant transcript below: WCCO-TV correspondent: "When I finally did have a chance to talk to President Obama one-on-one, I asked him at what point does the economy become his fault and not his predecessor's?" President Barack Obama: "It's always my responsibility. I'm less interested in allocating blame then just making sure that we're taking every step we need to, to move the economy forward. And, you know, traditionally after big financial...
  • Chuck Todd: Can We Just Stop Playing The Race Card? (video)

    11/01/2011 12:41:36 PM PDT · by i88schwartz · 11 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | November 1, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    "It is interesting, these commentariats on the left and right, can we just agree not to play the race card -- at all? And when you see it played, it is frustrating," NBC News' Chuck Todd said on his MSNBC program this morning.
  • Tom Brokaw "Stunned" By Herman Cain's Smoking Ad, Lambasts 9-9-9 plan (video)

    10/30/2011 6:06:03 PM PDT · by i88schwartz · 53 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 30, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    Tom Brokaw is shocked and stunned at Herman Cain's web ad that features his Chief of Staff smoking a cigarette. Brokaw did not appreciate the cigarette because of the damage smoking does to one's body. Brokaw even went so far as to say Cain should rename his 9-9-9 plan to include cancers and diseases one gets from smoking. "I must say on the Cain thing, I was stunned by that ad that he did with his campaign manager, ending up smoking a cigarette. Which, in my judgment, is one of the great health hazards in America in terms of lethal...
  • Politico's Roger Simon: Perry Being Racist Helps Him In A GOP Primary (video)

    10/30/2011 5:11:19 PM PDT · by i88schwartz · 5 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 30, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    "Can I say one thing about the birther issue? It's not a fun issue to poke somebody on. It is more than a little bit racist. It grew -- not everyone who believes it is a racist, but it grew out of the belief that a black man could not be legitimately elected to the President of the United States. Now why would Perry use that in the primaries instead of saving it for the general when he's running against President Obama? Well, it's because being extreme perhaps and, a little bit racist perhaps, gives you good bonafides in a...
  • Martin Bashir: Cain Doesn't Want To Be "Associated With African-Americans" (video)

    10/17/2011 4:01:04 PM PDT · by i88schwartz · 30 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 17, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    "Cain was supposed to attend the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Sunday. I like many people watched it -- was moved by it -- but he failed to attend," MSNBC host Martin Bashir said on his show today. "Now there’s been some surprise at his absence. But being honest, isn’t this consistent for a man who really doesn't want to be overtly associated with African-Americans?"
  • HANNITY RADIO Pat Buchanan Talks Balkanization Of America: U.S. Is In Decline (audio)

    10/17/2011 3:59:38 PM PDT · by i88schwartz · 17 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 17, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    Author and commentator Pat Buchanan appeared on Sean Hannity's nationally syndicated radio program Monday afternoon to promote his new book. In his book, "Suicide of a Superpower," Buchanan says the politics of race, culture and tribalism will be the largest problem civilization will face. "Christianity is dying in the West," he declared on the radio. Buchanan says there is a "long plan" by Marxists to rid the nation of Christianity. Buchanan doesn't think much holds us together as a nation anymore. "[The]disagreements are so profound," he told Hannity. "Cultural Marxism has succeeded in transvaluing all the values in society," Buchanan...
  • Obama: GOP Wants "Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water, Less People With Health Insurance" (video)

    10/17/2011 10:45:33 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 62 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 17, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    "My plans says we’re going to put teachers back in the classrooms, construction workers back to work," President Obama said at a campaign event today. "Tax cuts for small businesses, tax cuts for hiring veterans, tax cuts if you give your workers a raise –- that’s my plan." "The Republicans plan, Obama says, boils down to this: 'Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.'"
  • Black Washington Post Reporter Accuses Cain Of Playing "Race Card" (video)

    10/14/2011 5:21:14 PM PDT · by i88schwartz · 27 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | RealClearPolitics
    Nia-Malika Henderson accuses Herman Cain of wanting to live in a post-racial world while playing the "race card." Unreal. "Well, I think, if we could focus a little bit on Herman Cain. I think Herman Cain is on one hand saying we're in a post-racial country, but at the same time he seems to play the race card when it comes to talking about African-Americans. Talking about in the ways in which they vote for Democrats. It's not something that he would, for instance, say about white evangelicals who vote in overwhelming numbers for Bush. Something like 75 or 80%....
  • Van Jones On Obama: "We Made A Mistake, We Thought It Was Just About One Person" (video)

    10/03/2011 9:27:34 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 16 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 3, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    Former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones at the "Take Back the American Dream Conference" conference in Washington, DC: "Remember this? We all in 2008 affiliated to him (Obama). Yeah. Remember how good that felt? I call it a meta-brand because you didn't have to give up anything you had before to affiliate. You got to keep your labor jacket on. You still put on that Obama baseball cap. You didn't have to quit your lesbian and gay rights group to join. You could keep everything you ever had. When you put on that Obama -- and now you're a...
  • Obama Losing Tingles? Matthews: Obama Being Too "Debonaire" For The Mood Of The Country (video)

    10/03/2011 5:09:54 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 21 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 3, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    "I can't think of an age group right now that feels happy. And this president, I think comes across as a bit debonaire. Casual's not a fair word, but a bit breezy for the mood of the country. The country wants somebody -- the first thing they want before they want deliverance and a future, they want somebody whose with them in the present. Do you get it? Do you get how angry I am? And I think that's what Christie connects to. That chord of almost free-floating anger he seems to reflect," MSNBC host Chris Matthews said on Monday's...
  • Frances Fox Piven: "We Desperately Need A Popular Uprising" (video)

    10/02/2011 5:19:35 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 41 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | October 2, 2011 | RealClearPolitics
    FRANCES FOX PIVEN: "I teach at the Graduate School of the City University of New York. I am here because I am so enthusiastic about the possibilities of this sit-in, over the marches that are occurring over postal worker issues, the sister demonstrations that are starting in Chicago and Los Angeles, and maybe in Boston. I think we desperately need a popular uprising in the United States. None of us know. I study movements. None of us know the exact formula for when those movements erupt, but it could be. And if that is true, then these people who are...