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  • GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 1/30/05-Alamara,Zubaya,Baghdad,Basra,Suleimaniya,Najaf

    01/30/2005 1:08:37 PM PST · 68 of 262
    infogeekmom to Baynative

    The caption for the very first photo indicates that the flag says, "Vote for Iraq". It looks like the same wording to me.

  • San Francisco in no mood for tolerance after Bush win

    11/07/2004 7:34:05 AM PST · 83 of 186
    infogeekmom to Juan Medén

    Sounds like its time to get a real estate license!

  • Cornell Reacts to Election Outcome (Ithaca's meltdown continues)

    11/05/2004 5:51:30 AM PST · 26 of 60
    infogeekmom to Behind Liberal Lines

    My daughter is applying to colleges. Are there ANY that haven't gone off the deep end into liberal la-la land?

    Serious question, large universities, strong academics, no North-East. Any ideas? Our home state UNC is pretty frightening. Two years ago, the summer reading was a book on Islam. They wanted the young skulls of mush to be more tolerant. They wanted them to understand why Islamofacists hated us. Why we were the problem - go figure.

  • Mourning in America

    11/04/2004 2:19:20 PM PST · 23 of 37
    infogeekmom to thelastvirgil

    Thank you fellow FReepers. I think that forums such as these have contributed to the groundswell of support for traditional family value candidates. It's nice to know you're not the only one

  • Mourning in America

    11/04/2004 2:15:17 PM PST · 18 of 37
    infogeekmom to MassRepublicanFlyersFan

    No sooner had Ohio fallen early Wednesday morning than NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw began badgering retired Senate Democratic leader George Mitchell about why his party had so alienated cultural conservatives. Mitchell, without answering the question directly, acknowledged the problem, and said that many on the religious right were "voting in a manner that’s contrary to their economic interests."

    Imagine that, there is something out there besides our own selfish interests! Who would have thought! And we're the ignorant ones.

  • Specter 'Borked' Himself from Senate Judiciary Committee, Says Concerned Women for America

    11/04/2004 2:10:37 PM PST · 21 of 76
    infogeekmom to Capt. Tom

    Dear Senator Frist:

    I read with disdain, the comments of Arlen Specter regarding potential Supreme Court nominees. I also read that he may be the leading candidate for the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    I sent an email to Mr. Specter this morning.

    "It's not a woman's right to choose. It's a woman's right to decide to kill her baby rather than having to undergo the trauma of actually birthing it and giving it to a loving family to raise it. That, Senator, is a choice. Killing it is murder."

    If I heard the exit polling data correctly, 20% of the electorate indicated that "values" were the overriding determining factor in their choice for President. America and President Bush deserve a Judiciary Committee Chairman who represents the values of America. Having a litmus test for Supreme Court justices to support Roe v. Wade is very wrong.

  • newsweek article on kerry campaign, teresa

    11/04/2004 1:55:36 PM PST · 24 of 35
    infogeekmom to San Jacinto

    Did any one else think that it looked like she was wasted yesterday at Kerry's I'm a loser speech? My husband, who is much nicer than I am, walked by the tv and said, she must be really drunk, her son has to hold her up.

  • One Thing for Which I am Thankful to Senator Kerry (Vanity)

    11/04/2004 7:18:31 AM PST · 24 of 44
    infogeekmom to mgist

    I saw Edward's "speech" early Wed morning. I was screaming at the television, waking up everyone in my house. I would have bet the ranch that they were going to unleash their lawyers. Even in Edward's concession, he was a jerk. I am thrilled that he will no longer represent our state.

    One of NC's gifts to the country. Gephardt or Lieberman may actually have helped Kerry to some extent. Thank you John and Liz Edwards and goodbye!

  • Exit polls out of whack

    11/04/2004 7:08:38 AM PST · 15 of 22
    infogeekmom to maryz

    LOL - I'm just one very thankful, proud, Christian, stay-at-home mom. It's time OUR rights mattered and OUR views presented in the national media.

  • Exit polls out of whack

    11/04/2004 7:01:38 AM PST · 12 of 22
    infogeekmom to kittymyrib

    Wow, I didn't realize. Did Juan really begin to put forth this "theory"? I thought he was looking awfully smug when I was channel surfing.

  • To Hell Being a "Unifier"-Move Quickly on Conservative Domestic Agenda

    11/04/2004 6:57:35 AM PST · 13 of 24
    infogeekmom to crushkerry

    All the jibberish about 55 million people voted against Bush, Bush is the divider, what is Bush going to do to pull us together is nonsense. They think that we've become timid after 2 decades of their relentless pounding of us as intolerant, uninformed, uneducated, bigots. We need to pound the message that we are the middle, those who lost have become the kook fringe.

  • GOP wants to tighten voting laws

    11/04/2004 6:52:42 AM PST · 13 of 57
    infogeekmom to infogeekmom

    sorry, (severely)

  • GOP wants to tighten voting laws

    11/04/2004 6:51:49 AM PST · 10 of 57
    infogeekmom to machman

    How about some legislation re vote fraud crimes? I want to severly punish anyone involved as an individual, but I really want to go after sponsoring or supporting this kind of behavior.

  • Exit polls out of whack

    11/04/2004 6:45:58 AM PST · 4 of 22
    infogeekmom to NewMediaFan

    I have a theory about the exit poll fiasco that I haven't heard discussed.

    Given the directive by the DNC to make voter intimidation charges throughout Fl and OH, and the every vote counts and every vote will be counted mantra, it occurred to me that if any fix was involved, it was intended to validate the DNC's claim that the Republicans were suppressing voter counts in key battleground states.

    If the exit polls were hyped enough, and if they were to be believed as fact, then the next logical step would be for the actual counts to be challenged. The exit poll data was leaked at 2:00. The actual counts were not released for at least another 5-6 hours. There was plenty time for the idea that Kerry had it by a landslide to sink in across the country. Please read my theory as to why this was a coordinated attack on the election chances of GWB.

    1) Based on the speed with which the blogosphere debunked the GWB National Guard memos, the news of a possible Kerry landslide would be instantaneously disseminated throughout the blogosphere. Pundits and bigoted right-wing extremist, homophobes would immediately begin pounding their keyboards -- assuming the worst. Remember, this is being spread by "us" not the MSM.

    2) Devastated, W's supporters wouldn't bother to wait in those notoriously long lines. What difference is it going to make if we can't even win Virginia and North Carolina, right?

    3) When early Republican states couldn't be called right away, that fueled the fire for those who may not have gotten the word earlier in the afternoon. If you were in the West, why bother voting.

    4) Assuming that the country wouldn't overwhelmingly vote to give the cowboy "W' 4 more years, the results would be extremely close -- like Florida last year.

    5) Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of provisional ballots had been cast in key states. Presumably, the numbers of such ballots would exceed the margin of any Bush lead.

    6) With the "fact" assumed that Kerry had indeed pulled off the impossible, the way had suddenly been paved to push the vote suppression theory. Of course the tallies were wrong, the polls had shown the truth. The people had spoken all day long - John Kerry had been elected by an unprecedented margin. Bush couldn't even overwhelmingly carry his very red states in the Midwest. Let the lawyering begin!

    I know it sounds crazy, but how could each poll be so alarmingly wrong. The samples or the data had to have been manipulated.

    Just a theory, but if it were true... The credibility of the MSM would be finished.

  • A Blue City (Disconsolate, Even) Bewildered by a Red America

    11/04/2004 6:27:14 AM PST · 110 of 210
    infogeekmom to chris1

    A lovely post. Thank you chris1 for your efforts. Those of us without your skill set are indebted to you. The GWB volunteers were amazing. Congratulations for a job well done.

  • AP CALLS NM For Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11/04/2004 5:43:55 AM PST · 127 of 149
    infogeekmom to snopercod

    I welcome them to the party of personal responsibility and freedom. Go W!

  • AP CALLS NM For Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11/04/2004 5:41:21 AM PST · 126 of 149
    infogeekmom to Enchante

    Great post.

    You laugh, but I think that they really intended to use the exit poll data as a basis to challenge the results to get the illegal, provisional ballots to count in the case of a close election. 1) They stuffed the ballot boxes with provisional ballots, 2) their mantra "every vote counts and every vote will be counted", 3) their unrelenting hammer of Gore would have won if the votes were counted, and 4) the DNC directive to cry "voter intimidation".

    Fortunately, as Hugh Hewitt says, "If it's not close, they can't cheat." God Bless George W. Bush and our great country.


    11/03/2004 4:24:33 AM PST · 34 of 118
    infogeekmom to FormerACLUmember

    Early on the Dem shills were saying, these results can't be right. We have exit polls showing that Kerry was leading everywhere. Obviously, this was done to set the stage for the lawsuits. Did you know that "every vote counts and every vote will be counted"? Clearly, the polls have to be right and the results wrong.

    Go Bush! Call Iowa, New Mexico and Nevada

  • ABC news, Peter Jennings projecting Tom Daschle loss

    11/03/2004 1:09:58 AM PST · 13 of 24
    infogeekmom to plushaye

    This was worth no sleep, I have to get up in 2 hours anyway. The official tally has Thune up by 9,000 votes with only 10 precincts left. Yeaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Why is Ohio to close to call @ 140,000 vote lead...yet

    11/03/2004 1:06:29 AM PST · 42 of 42
    infogeekmom to Tacos

    Hamilton county has 46/1018 precincts yet to count. They've already counted 392,000 votes from this county - 53.6% for Bush. Lucas county has 25/495 precincts yet to count - with 175,000 votes already counted - 39.7% for Bush. Unless the population is extemely skewed in these unreported precincts, there is no way sKerry can win. There can't be more than 25000-30000 uncounted votes in total.