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  • OKeefe Undercover With Outraged Dems at the DNC

    07/29/2016 1:03:30 AM PDT · 8 of 19
    Irishguy to KevinB

    lol he does...surprised he can walk upright LOL LOL

    comments like right wing myth on voting fraud and the at this point what difference does it make BAWHAHAHAHHAHA

    this is a classic...

  • Libertarianism for Beginners

    07/06/2016 6:40:59 AM PDT · 25 of 61
    Irishguy to Irishguy

    sorry typo
    ‘so long as you are interfering with my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness...’

    should say

    ‘so long as you are NOT interfering with my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness...

  • Libertarianism for Beginners

    07/06/2016 6:38:37 AM PDT · 23 of 61
    Irishguy to Ethan Clive Osgoode

    that is used a lot as a soundbite but they really arent.

    its a common misconception that there is no laws, there are but the goal is a set of laws that apply equally across the board. property rights would be a major requirement.

    also a lot of people think government standards are required, they arent, for example the IEEE standards organisation and thats one among many.

    the view that they are pro immigration is half the coin. the idea is that there should be no social welfare, thats on you and your family, neighbours and friends. the main driver for immigration is benefits, illegally taken from you as taxes. thats the other side of the coin. you cant allow immigration until the reasons for illegal immigration are removed, then the people who arrive are there for the betterment of themselves and society.

    the drug issue is also a 2 sided coin. there wont be taxes for drug help or support or government agencies. you want to take drugs, knock yourself out just remember you are on your own when you become a down and out. same goes for the fatties, the smokers, the drinkers. so long as you are interfering with my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness...go for it...but when you fail..i aint paying.

    its at this point the ‘what happens the poor’ arrives. look if you are worried about the poor, take your wages and do something. meet others and make a charity for what you care about, others can do likewise. the dirty secret here is charities do better and get more when government isnt there. Go look at the state of Haiti to see how governments work.

    on guns and war? well on guns, its part of your life and liberty. there will be police but the onus is on you to protect yourself. on war, if you want a war — everyone (AND I DO MEAN EVERYONE) will pay extra in taxes to support the war. that means the war will be short, sharp and to the point. there wont be a lot of ‘lets build schools’ afterwards. your goal in a war is to win to solve the issue that could not be solved. you are not there for the betterment of your enemy. also there will be taxes but it would be a flat rate for EVERYONE. EVERYONE pays one rate on your earning. you will hear the amount of 6% used in a lot of liberty circles. thats pays for a minimal government, an army and a police force (altho some feel the latter should also be private). there would be no dept of education, health, social services, welfare etc etc etc. if you want a school for your kids, you pay for the best you can afford. if you want cancer care you pay for the best you can afford, AND YES the multi millionaire will get better treatment so stop whining. the drive for things like competition, real money (aka gold etc) will drive healthcare costs lower and lower. even your fire brigade would be paid when you use it. At one point in America multiple fire brigades would arrive at a fire and you haggle for the best price. you had a contract, you put out the fire, i pay.

    as with all political views, there is the normal and the insane and all levels in between. what the press normally delivers is the image of the moron dancing in his underwear. the idea is people will naturally formulate a set of rule and regulations that suit society. the US Constitution is a near perfect example of what Liberty can achieve. the idea that Liberia or Cambodia represents it == not so much.

    just my opinion obviously.

  • Fear the Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 2 Episode 7

    05/23/2016 2:28:51 AM PDT · 26 of 32
    Irishguy to Califreak

    thats good to hear, missus and myself will be wathcing it tonight...

    have to say, even judging by the number responses here to the programme now vs the start, they have huge problems on this show and it now needs major

    if i was in AMC...i would be worried...

  • Scores of UK stars back remaining in EU

    05/20/2016 1:33:46 AM PDT · 11 of 24
    Irishguy to Berlin_Freeper

    makes sense, i should vote because people who ‘act’ in movie roles as intelligent fake characters know best. their skill is reading a script and doing as they are told...definitely we should listen to them on issues like political unions.

    there is that tv programme that interviews actors, the actors studio...i suggest you watch some of that. now an again you get one that is intelligent...for the most part they are dumb as a box of rocks and remember this programme is showing the BEST answers.

    i remember the inteview with (i think) either de nero or dustin hoffman, maybe both —they were horrible, embarassing, grim, they could barely string a sentence together that was be surprised if they could spell their own name without a script... but hey...lets take their political views and make them our own— after all they might have acted as a president or something...also most of these people worked in coffee shops and restaurants may as well ask a barista what way to vote— that makes as much sense.

  • The Man Who Built Googles First Self-Driving Car Is Now a Trucker (drone trucks)

    05/17/2016 1:25:30 AM PDT · 29 of 57
    Irishguy to Trumpinator

    regarding for a massive increase in theft from automated trucks.

    only a matter of time before people realise how to get the automated truck to stop (namely standing in front of it) before raiding it....

  • Fear the Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 2 Episode 3

    04/26/2016 4:24:35 AM PDT · 30 of 31
    Irishguy to momtothree

    yep have to agree, this was a truly excellent episode IMHO. as my better half said, firstly it had zombies in it...kinda important for a zombie programme...

    good story, good twists...i do think they need to bump someone off and it needs to be someone major...

  • It's Oliver Cromwell's birthday - here's his speech throwing out the corrupt Parliament

    04/25/2016 7:11:09 AM PDT · 12 of 23
    Irishguy to Daveinyork

    lol, yes not a favourite here..i do have a great story and since i know FR loves a story. ready?

    honestly cant recall the exact time but it was during the peace negotiations on the north, 20 or so years ago, an irish minister and his team were invited to London for talks (this might have been when Blair first took over). The talks were to take place in some no doubt amazing building in London. one of the UK team walked into the building and on the wall was a giant painting of some one armed guy and his sten gun who had, how shall we put this, a rather unique spell of time in Northern Ireland. the UK team, panicking, told the guy working there to get it down and put something else up. so this poor guy takes this giant picture down, goes to the basement, dusts off another giant picture, looks at it and says, looks fine to me!. brings it up, hangs it on the wall and says, job well done.

    the irish delegation are met on the steps, all friendly hand shaking, warm welcomes, etc etc, cmon in for a coffee and cake before we start...and they walk into reception, where the entire irish team stop and stare with jaws dropped, all thinking WTF!.

    the uk team look on as no one talks. the irish team think a message is being sent, a kinda f&*( U. no one talks for several minutes till finally one of the UK delegation asks whats wrong. one irish guy points at the picture and says, any reason you have a picture of Oliver Cromwell on the wall? the uk guy is doing 2 things a. who is cromwell or 2. its just an old picture. finally one of the uk delegation recalls the history and the ‘oh f^&* moment arrives’. then there is the usual round of apologies etc etc. considering this was one of the earliest meetings on the peace process...not the best start...LOL LOL LOL.

    i always find that story fantastic on so many levels. sometimes you do your best and no matter what you do, you trip on your own shoelaces..

    of course we all know that was planned, darned brits...;)

    if you are unaware, the history of cromwell in ireland (and scotland as well by the way) would be like benedict arnold, general corwallis (oh by the way we had that gift after ye finished with him...thanks America!) and darth vader’s love child...none to popular this side of the pond. still hugely popular in the uk for what he did locally however.

  • The Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 6 Episode 16 [90 min. Season Finale]

    04/04/2016 2:21:05 AM PDT · 295 of 356
    Irishguy to TheWriterTX

    good Lord...sorry for your loss...i truly cannot imagine. I hope you are healthy and well now, you certianly deserve to be..

  • BREAKING: Brussels Metro Station Attacked

    03/23/2016 5:53:02 AM PDT · 310 of 315
    Irishguy to riri

    ah yes, works so wekk doesnt it?

  • BREAKING: Brussels Metro Station Attacked

    03/22/2016 2:11:12 AM PDT · 39 of 315
    Irishguy to Irishguy

    correction: Maalbeek station, not sure of brussels, that might not be where they picked up the jihadi guy

  • BREAKING: Brussels Metro Station Attacked

    03/22/2016 2:04:24 AM PDT · 35 of 315
    Irishguy to springwater13

    worth having a look at the pics here...

    airport hit...and i might add badly
    metro hit (it appears twice)

    10 confirmed dead, 30 injured...judging by the pictures, that number 10 is very low

    also one of the metro stations hit was Molenbeek, where the jihadi guy was picked up last week and where some of the paris attackers came from

  • Bill Gates: 'We need an energy miracle' to prevent catastrophic climate change

    02/23/2016 7:14:44 AM PST · 42 of 62
    Irishguy to Oldeconomybuyer

    there was a great demotivational poster shows al gores (swap for ole billy boy) massive house with the following comment:

    when the people who say its a crisis start behaving like it a crisis, then i will believe its a crisis..

    i would like to add my own irish line on the bottom,

    STFU Bill

  • The Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 6 Episode 9

    02/17/2016 2:14:51 AM PST · 299 of 309
    Irishguy to dead

    yep i have to agree...also filling the water you drink (well i guess that was the water) with decaying, and now crispy Z, mot the best idea...

    i guess this is how they drag Nagan in...and the other zones...the fire would be visible. there were a few holes in the story i felt. they take on Z hand to hand without filling the hole in the sure that will work....

  • Sanders: 'I Believe in Efficient Government'

    02/12/2016 3:06:59 AM PST · 34 of 60
    Irishguy to Cincinatus' Wife

    hey bernies, i used to believe in santa...but that doesnt make it true..

  • SF Startup Creates $15 64-Bit Computer

    02/01/2016 12:57:19 AM PST · 29 of 40
    Irishguy to nickcarraway

    well not quite 15 dollars but i have a raspberry pi 2 at home that was around $60 all in (case, cables, hard drive (aka sd card) etc)..i used it as a 1080p htpc upstairs running kodi and linux. absolutely amazing piece of kit..and runs on a usb phone charger...just this weekend started to repurpose it as a live tv server...

    so i understand what they are trying to do, but its a fairly crowded market already out there...

  • Blade Runner fans: it's Roy Batty's birthday

    01/08/2016 4:01:16 AM PST · 75 of 95
    Irishguy to tbw2

    as a few have said here yes and ridley scoot confirmed it.

    there is a load of hints in both movies. here is a few

    all replicants collect family photos (the fake family they are given to ‘cope’ with their creation...deckard’s house is filled with these to an extreme level.

    rachel play the piano thinking she learned it in her childhood...just like deckard.

    tyrell almost tells him when deckard is interiewing rachel. he smiles at deckard when asked ‘how can it not know what it is?’ and tyrell answers ‘more human than human’. tyrell asks how many questions it takes and deckard replies 30-40 cross referenced but for rachel it was more than a 100. this really means tyrell is working to create a nexus line that is totally indistinguishable from would never know even with the test..the implication is decard is one of these. the mind warping in the movie is truly fantastic...was deckard just created? did he even exist before the noodle meetup with gaff? was all of the past just implanted? was he and the team just created to kill roy and the off worlders with their own short lifespan? the implication is that all the blade runner units are actually replicants hunting replicants.

    rachel asks deckard has he ever taken the test (the voight/kampf test that tests eye movement etc) ..he hasnt

    there is a lot to imply that the nexus 7 line is making the nexus 8 and humans are kinda out of the loop. we have been bypassed in brain power. look for example where the people who made the nexus line are now living. they eye designer (’if you could have seen what i have seen with your eyes)’ is not exactly swimming in money. when pris meets the designer he is proud of the fact that he ‘made’ the nexus 7 (there is part of me in you i think is the comment). although he is still involved with tyrell...does he look and act like someone at the pinnicle of his career?, nope he doesnt. also roy batty, a soldier for off world designed for battle and war...even he has brain power equal to and probably exceeding tyrell himself...he beats tyrell at chess, with almost no experience he jousts with tyrell on how to genetically change himself to stop dying...humans are no longer top dog in the brain game. also roy kills his god. i am sure i dont have to spell out the implications of that scenario.

    in the movie deckard knows/is told about the spider story rachel thinks is her own, that memory was taken from tyrells niece and implanted in rachel. deckard the hard nosed detective daydreams about unicorns in the extended version and gaff the police man with a limp leaves an origami unicorn for him at the end. gaff is probably human and is aware of who is actually who (i.e. who is real and who is the nexus line). he knows deckard dreams of unicorns...he is letting deckard know what he is with the unicorn at the end. now if you really want to extend this would gaff know he dreams of unicorns, perhaps told or....unless gaff dreams of unicorns, so deckard a nexus copy of the injured gaff and his memories? have they taken the police experience of gaff and implanted them in a working body to hunt replicants...?? a stretch i know...but this is why blade runner is such a fantastic movie. once you get even marginally below the surface it really deals with the arrival of AI. Since you are you because of your memories...well how do you know right now know you are human and are not simply a nexus model from tyrell corporation?

    ...its is truly a fascinating movie...and you can look at it as a police chase and be happy or..far far deeper...

  • Confirmed: How to stop Windows 10 forcing itself onto PCs – your essential guide

    01/08/2016 1:15:09 AM PST · 30 of 72
    Irishguy to dayglored

    honestly not trying to start a battle here but about to upgrade a pc at home and when i do im out. going to ubuntu...have been using it on a htpc and a server for a few years now and its working really i think its time to swap for me...

  • Remains of lost 1800s whaling fleet discovered off Alaska’s Arctic coast

    01/08/2016 1:06:10 AM PST · 8 of 19
    Irishguy to Cowboy Bob

    exactly this.

    whalers dying is not the reason it was the creation of the oil barrel as an easy way of transporting something cheaper and more abundant.

    so you know what saved the whales...oil did....

  • Jeb Bush Announces Anti-ISIS TV Ad That Rivals Trump's

    01/04/2016 7:47:09 AM PST · 9 of 36
    Irishguy to jimbo123

    i bet ISIS are crapping themselves...

    being targetted by jeb is like being savaged by a dead sheep...

  • What Does Virtual Reality Do to Your Body and Mind?

    01/04/2016 3:27:03 AM PST · 30 of 33
    Irishguy to BenLurkin

    okay i am going to throw this out there , its a totally far out know taking the headset off?

    i know , i onow...strange suggestion...

  • Reports Claim Satoshi Nakamoto Might Be 44-Year Old Australian

    12/09/2015 6:54:40 AM PST · 22 of 35
    Irishguy to Mr. K

    i can give you a thicko explaination: please dont assume all the tech is here because otherwise your head would explode.

    1. there is a set number of coins that can ever be created, its fixed and cant be ammended, from memory its 21 million minus 3 coins..dont ask!
    2. to get a coin your pc/server/computer has to perform ever increasing complicated calculations to ‘create’ the coin and make them available. Its a maths calculation if you must know. to simplify, this is called ‘mining’. in the early stages it was relatively easy to ‘mine’ these coins but as the number found reach the limit, it gets harder and harder. some one argue to ‘mine’ a coin now costs you more in electricity than what you create. that could be BS but there you have it.
    3. once a coin is created, a distributed system becomes aware that it is available. no one know who has it, or owns it. so lets say you mined one of these digital coins. what you have that uniquely identifies it is a string of numbers. you can print it out on paper , or if you are insane, memorise it or you can store it on your phone, laptopp, pad ...anything. they are generally stored in secure software called wallets. each wallet has a secure code that ‘owns’ the coin. it actually marks each ‘coin’ to say it owns it and if i remember correctly lets the netwrok know who owns it.
    4. so think this string identifying the coin is only available to you.
    5. no one knows you have it...only you do...and your wallet.
    6. you want to buy somethng, lets say food, e.g. an orange
    7. the bitcoin has an equivalent dollar value
    8. you buy the orange for 1/300 of a coin.
    9. the shop has a wallet also with a secure code.
    10. you ‘pay’ by sending your 1/300 of a coin to their wallet. they receive the payment, you get the orange
    11. your wallet looses 1/300 of a coin
    12. their wallet increases by 1/300 of a coin
    13. the network is aware of the transaction
    14. each coin also stores in a coded string who owns it, e.g. what wallet, so you cant just make up numbers until you bump into a real one, that wont work, it also stores the history of the trascations if i recall.
    some other info:
    mining has whole communities now who do 2 things. they do the afrementioned ‘techo digging for new coins and/or allow their servers to become a patchwork of servers that ‘authenticate’ the transferring of coins and charge a tiny charge for the service. some would argue this is profitable, some would not...i guess each to their own.
    one other small issue is how can i get a coin other than mining, hence the exchanges. they were the gateway between normal currencies and bitcoin. so say i paid 300 dollars, the idea was i would receive a bitcoin from someone who wanted 300 dollars. this exploded when a company called mt.gox based in japan went bust and a lot of coins were ‘mislaid’. millions of dollars worth.
    there is also an issue if some genuinely looses a bitcoin wallet , say you lost your phone. well that coin will never be used...its gone from the network...its there just not used...ever. if you want to extrapulate that issue out, there is an ever increasing number not available as people make mistakes. its kinda like loosing your wallet and no one ever finding it or the dollars in it and the central bank could not reprint it. not too sure that issue was ever fixed, maybe someone here knows more. there is the hilarious story of the irish guy who had 4 or 500 coins and threw out his pc...he lost at one point when bitcoins were 1,000 dollars each half a million pretty expensive pc!
    there is now loads and loads of competitors...other coins using variations of the code. the code for bitcoin is open sourced so anyone can check the code, copy it etc.
    the software was written by a person called satoshi. no one knows who he/she/they is/are/were. it has been a whole range of people or groups of people, US based, there was 2 crypto dudes in Ireland i know were big suspects at one point, now this aussie guy to the CIA, NSA..aliens...lizard people...and on you go... the reason why people want to the original coder has hunders of thousands of coins worht billions that are locked to their wallet and have never moved or been accessed. its become a kinda modern day jack the ripper hunt (without the morder) to find out who they are. central banks hate it becaouse bitcoin acts like digital gold. ther eis a set amount on earth, you cant just print more. so therefore it retains its value. it is used a lot more than you might think. because its anonymous the goverments around the world hate it and they find it difficult to tax. i think china banned their usage and the other variants of it.

    before you ask, are they smart to own, yes, should you have all your money in them...absolutely not. are they secure, there has been a few code changes if i recall but it is resilient or it would have imploded by now.

    hope that helps...also i am sure i left out some parts, if i remember or need to qualify i will repost below..

  • San Bernardino shooters were radicalized 'for quite some time,' FBI says

    12/08/2015 1:45:14 AM PST · 37 of 39
    Irishguy to onona

    actually this is my concern also. all the NSA, FBI metadata, phone collection and they have become like those nostradamus predictions...always accurate after the fact...

    unless of course there is a lot they are stopping you never hear about...??

  • Krugman: Climate Change Will Kill Us All, and Republicans Will Be Responsible

    12/07/2015 1:57:55 AM PST · 56 of 68
    Irishguy to Impala64ssa

    just when i thought krugmann could not get any dumber, he spouts off and proves me wrong.....again.

  • Microsoft revenues are “Bull****” says Steve Ballmer (ex-CEO goes medieval on Satya Nadella)

    12/03/2015 7:51:22 AM PST · 25 of 34
    Irishguy to dayglored

    steve ballmer and his clown car returns...

  • The Real Thanksgiving Story: A Failed Experiment in Socialism

    11/25/2015 5:33:02 AM PST · 3 of 17
    Irishguy to Mechanicos

    one of the best stories never told...

  • Is Linux Mint a terrible desktop distribution?

    11/24/2015 2:38:54 AM PST · 2 of 33
    Irishguy to markomalley

    lol had to reread twice...i thought it was originally another linux rant on why it wasnt windows...

    i use ubuntu..actually use it twice...a server for movies etc and a client running kodi

    get the odd issue and now and again an annoying feature where you go...seriously..why is this not standard but overall...its bullet proof..had both running over a failures. but i do run updates on the kernel regularly...

    might give mint a go over christmas break...

    thanks for the post...

  • Turkey 'down Russian warplane on Syria border'

    11/24/2015 1:57:07 AM PST · 29 of 47
    Irishguy to make no mistake

    the video is on zerohedge of the shootdown. its definitely no drone...unfortunately

    also it looks like the plane crashed in syria. it seems turkey has said 5 miles inside syria is considered turkish airspace...not too sure putin will agree with that.

    all conspiracies aside...this does have to possibility of escalating ala WW1 and getting real ugly real fast. turkey will play the NATO card (altho if i reclall they didnt support the iraq war with invasion forces so maybe they could be told to go pound sand)...i just pray that cooler heads will prevail

    also i pray the pilots are okay...thats the last thing the world needs is a isis murder video of them...

  • Turkey 'down Russian warplane on Syria border'

    11/24/2015 1:09:32 AM PST · 2 of 47
    Irishguy to WhiskeyX

    oh jeeze, this is not good...

  • Shooting, Hostage Situation Underway At French Troops’ Radisson Hotel, Mali

    11/20/2015 6:03:58 AM PST · 12 of 28
    Irishguy to hal ogen

    look its patentenly those mad amish...

  • Is Paris Burning? (By Dr. Ravi Zacharias)

    11/19/2015 7:33:37 AM PST · 9 of 21
    Irishguy to SkyPilot

    he mentions the question the 2 athiests asked...anyone know what they asked or this story?

  • Surge in robberies on Capitol Hill alters residents’ routines, lifestyles

    11/11/2015 12:25:05 AM PST · 9 of 62
    Irishguy to Windflier

    hmmm, thinking...yes, are right something small, something that you could put in a leather or plastic holder, or she could put in her purse...

    hhmmm...if only there was something like that that you could buy relatively cheaply and that really sends a message...

    or she could just throw the poodle at the attacker i guess or plead for her life, because once they finish with phones and it ramps up to more (and it will) she is going to be begging for that small item..

  • Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We're Not Running Out

    11/06/2015 6:16:58 AM PST · 69 of 162
    Irishguy to thackney

    that would leave a lot of oil still to be discovered, would it not?. if all we have used is 1%...well then there is no peak oil, sinc we still have 99% to go. all we have is a knowledge gap on getting it...

    im a kinda half glass full type i guess..

    also i dont listen to saudi oil ministers, well at all come to think of it but i do recall one who said something that actually made sense

    the stone age didnt stop because lack of stones, we found something better...the oil age will go likewise, it wont end for lack of oil, we will get something better (my memory version not an exact quote)

    the good news for the world is there is no shortage, at least for a century or more. that gives us the time to gain the knowledge to leave it behind and use something else.

  • Connecticut Principal Promoted Coexistence - Murdered by Islamic Terrorists

    11/05/2015 1:25:04 AM PST · 27 of 43
    Irishguy to Bogey78O

    what a fantastic line...short , consise and to the point.

    i might borrow this if you dont mind?

  • prayer request for my son

    11/04/2015 3:49:45 AM PST · 9 of 63
    Irishguy to heartwood


    also he will be fine, you brought him up way better than you are giving yourself credit for.

  • Migrant crisis pushing Germany towards ‘anarchy and civil war’

    11/04/2015 12:43:17 AM PST · 27 of 33
    Irishguy to MinorityRepublican

    got this from zerohedge...scary stuff

    its an interactive graphic...

  • Mystery bright spots could be first glimpse of another universe

    11/04/2015 12:39:38 AM PST · 17 of 37
    Irishguy to amorphous

    we must ensure the survival of our universe...we cannot have a universe gap...we should draw up invasion plans immediately...

    hold on...maybe in this other universe there are no liberals to fark everythign up..might be worth moving there...or better still expoert all of ours there...

  • Did Jupiter Bumped The Giant Planet From Our Solar System?

    11/03/2015 1:48:02 AM PST · 46 of 66
    Irishguy to amorphous

    lol, exactly what i thought...nibiru...this is the one on a huge eliptical orbit that passes earth every 65 million years or so...hence the dinos disappearing...well of course we cant see it , its a dark will just APPEAR MAGICALLY!!

    i dare not head over the abovetopsecret, i am sure they are orgasming over this LOL...

  • Sinai plane crash: 'External influence' caused crash

    11/02/2015 5:36:23 AM PST · 12 of 84
    Irishguy to Freeport

    im not very familiar with the details of shoulder fired weapons, but would there be a visible trail as it streaked towards the plane? again just an honest question...

  • Sinai plane crash: 'External influence' caused crash

    11/02/2015 5:18:07 AM PST · 7 of 84
    Irishguy to WhiskeyX

    i think it is strange that ISIS were video recording the plane. Why? unless they knew something was going to happen to it.

    or maybe they have some geeky ISIS members who plane watch at 31,000 feet inbetween the beheading videos they release.

    i can see they might be watching for jets but filming a plane..seems strange to me at least.

  • New tally shows at least 1,621 killed in Saudi hajj tragedy

    10/15/2015 12:16:38 AM PDT · 5 of 25
    Irishguy to Berlin_Freeper

    i seem to recall a programme years ago about a tunnel disaster there (kinda the same thing). apparently the number the saudis gave and the number who never arrived home were dramatically different. the saudis just said hey not our problem your parents didnt want to got home.

    i guess they are doing the same here...

  • Flight MH17 shot down by Russian-built Buk missile, Dutch report says

    10/14/2015 3:43:19 AM PDT · 49 of 59
    Irishguy to varyouga

    i watched the video so maybe i can explain. its on youtube

    there was a ban on flights at 2 seperate heights in the days/weeks previous. from my understanding of the video, there was nothing at risk at 33,000 feet. the plane also did a small detour off the flight path to avoid a storm, which apparently thy can do. it didnt change the direction, like a parellel track it took. they found metal fragments in the bodies of the pilots that match the metal from a buk. it seems the buk has a pre cutout structure in the fragmemtation part of the missile. a lot of those cutout shapes were found on the left hand side of the cockpit (as in the left hand side if you were sitting in the pilot seat). it shredded the cockpit and seems to have caused the nose to break away thereby causing the plane to break into 6 pieces or so that landed many miles apart. there is also a sound .3 milliseconds before th eflight recordsers stoped that is a sound, it was picked up on 3 microphones, that is the explosion outside the cockpit (something lime a metre away but thats from memory). they also found paint from a buk, the explosive residue (consistent with the oter parts they found), the exhaust cone from a buk and the fin from a buk with the same metal embedded in the plane. they didnt say who fired it, they gave a rough location but it could have been anyone, they were very specific to the model of the buk used however. hope that helps.

  • In Rare Interview, Matt Drudge Issues Major (no guns) Challenge to Obama and Hillary: I Dare You!

    10/07/2015 1:18:36 AM PDT · 14 of 29
    Irishguy to Zakeet

    and thats exactly it...same as free healthcare..its only about control, they tell you what to eat, what not to eat...these are the same people when i was growing up telling everyone margerine was far better for you then butter...thats the same margerine filled with transfats by the way...its control, plain and simple.

    also telling hilary to not arm will be responded in the following way..

    becasue all ye ntters are armed they have to be, so if there was no guns they would not need so much armed you see...its your fault they need protection...and big bad guns

    to a liberal you , yes the sole reasons with everything wrong with America and the world. YOU are responsible. trying to appease them wont matter, you are still you...and YOU are the reason for all the pain in the world.

  • Oops -- The Climate Scammers Lose

    10/06/2015 6:57:22 AM PDT · 15 of 46
    Irishguy to GingisK

    what he said.....check the code from the release of climategate, they had hardcoded figures in the software in an array to always give the same results...doesnt matter what data you feed it the resut will be the same..

    this is another rocket by the way:

  • Kevin McCarthy calls for no-fly zone over Syria (Joins Fiorina against Russia)

    10/02/2015 6:18:49 AM PDT · 46 of 57
    Irishguy to jimbo123

    okay, what are we missing, they must have some reasoning behind this? honestly cant see what the hell it is.

    if anything it looks like trying to create a doomsday scenario...

    i am guessing the saudis are panicking or maybe israel - could that be it?

  • Windows 10 Core Starter Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 (Trade in Linux for Windows?!? It's the IoT!)

    09/28/2015 11:56:03 PM PDT · 19 of 34
    Irishguy to dayglored

    i use mine for Kodi (xbmc for ye with a longer memory). absolutely fantastic and bullet proof. no intention to change to win10 but options are always nice to have and its good to see microsoft realise they have to play in other fields...

    competition is always good

  • Fear the Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 1 Episode 5 [SPOILER Warning]

    09/28/2015 3:36:05 AM PDT · 86 of 162
    Irishguy to fr_freak

    i am sure you are correct on how people react. the issue for tv series, movies etc. is they have to try to increase the tension. everyone knows you dont go down into the basement, but hey that would be kinda boring would it not? they want the audience mentally screaming, what the hell are you doing? its a tv/movie trick to engage you in a WTF moment.

    as for the anti gun message i have to disagree. im a long time zombie fanatica as is my missus (you are reading a post by someone who watched nazi zombies at the centre of the earth LOL, and before you ask, no its not good). I am not trying to insult your intelligence, but in the ‘zombie’ universe, there are some rules. one of them is that no matter what you think, guns matter but they are a double edged sword. they ‘sort out’ the current threat but act as a beacon to other zombies, along with bright lights (something the FTWD enclave is sure to learn soon). also no ammuniton is being made and as a result there is simply not enough bullets to sort out the zombie plague. so sparingly use your weapons until you have no choice and where possible use melee weapons due to the lack of noise. also you constantly hunt for 4 things 1. food, 2. weapons, ammunition, 3. a safe place 4.threats. that order changes depending on the availability of other ‘things’.

    i honestly dont see the anti gun message you mentioned, and before you ask, i always watch for them (its a real pet hate of mine coming from a country that has all but banned them) in fact if anything there is a completely different message that forces people to accept them for what they are, a vital tool. In the TWD universe there is a fairly constant message: anyone trying to take away your weapons has alterior motives, see ‘the govenor’. the govenor was banning weapons in the town he ran (that is a clear message security for freedom and it showed a lot of people will accept that) and the result of that is it never ever ends well. Dale the anti gun liberal guy (as mentioned) was eaten and badly. Herschel let people stay on his farm (his property his rules) and wanted the guns secured and was shown the error in that thinking. the armed groups Herschel and Rick met also showed that the real threat is other people and if you dont defend yourself no one will. you have also seen anyone who wont deal with a threat it comes back to bite them in the ass. the group who resorted to cannibalism also learned the weapons message as did Rick when he killed the leader with a blade and the comment ‘dont want to waste bullets’. the clear message of TWD is its better to have and not use then to need and not have.
    The current message in FTWD (remember this is merely weeks into the disaster) is that even saviours (i.e. the troops) are in a position of power with weapons, especially when you are unarmed. Also the clear message is you are very vulnerable to loosing your freedom and life if you choose to ignore weapons and personal defense.
    the truly sad part of all the TWD is the search for a real sanctuary. they want life as it was, but that is not possible its an illusion. There is no place safe. its an obvious message to the current world. just becasue you think its safe, doesnt mean it is, because below the surface of civility, people will resort to a hammer (see the wife in the FTWD episode with the neighbour) if necessary.

    In TWD the only people who have survived are ones that have accepted that he who is not armed is doomed. the constant beat of TWD is a search for weapons and ammunition. Rick drove through 30-50 miles of zombie infestation leaving a hiker to die to pick them up. There is a constant search for ammunition shown and more often implied (counting rounds, counting magazines etc etc). In the last series of TWD Rick even hides a gun as he knows the new town he will reside in will no doubt lock their weapons up. You also see Carol stealing them from the lockers. Again this is a clear message of what is going to happen to this town, its doomed. Ask any TWDer (and i suspect yourself from what you have posted) what will happen here and you will hear disaster. The clear message of TWD is you are ultimately going to survive as part of a group that defends itself but also you have to be aware that at some point you are on your own. it also shows dictaroship doesnt work (see ricks time and the govenor). the peace they had in the prison was with an elected council and everyone armed...all the time. if you are on your own with no weapon, you are not long before you are walker food. the most recent example is the ‘red shirt’ guy who was killed by ‘the wolves’.
    Imagine (so basically ignore 80% of your brain) you are a anti gunner, lefty watching this series. it must be a nightmare of freddy krueger proportions for them. the mental gymastics for those people is enormous. I can only ask you to trust me on this as i work with some who ‘were’ anti gun (totally and completely) until this series. it has forced them to accept some uncomfortable truths. their arguement that its just a tv series is answered by it? what if you are in your house and a ‘zombie’ is breaking in and doesnt care if you are there or not, who knows the police are 30 minutes away...what do you do? its forcing people to ask themselves tough questions and i think you might be surprised by the lefty answers in some cases— of course not all, see about loosing 80% of your brain and they are leftys after all!
    so is it real, nope, is it as pro gun as it should be, probably not but its just a tv series and you and I can exercise our rights not to watch it and see in all its glory, true market forces at work. no one watching will kill this series. if they were to dump weapons in TWD the believability factor would collaspe as would the series.

    in FTWD you have the early stages of the disaster. I think it is showing 2 things. You can dislike guns all you like (see Travis’ comment) or you can adapt like the barber, ‘a gun doesnt care if you like it or not’ and his views that the military wont be able to stem the tide. It clearly shows, if you dont have a weapon, you are in serious trouble. the second issue is civilisation, more on this below.
    the TWD franchise is in a unique place in TV. They are showing at the most basic level what people good and bad will do to survive, and the answer is in, they will do anything. they will murder, rape, even eat people to survive and you (i.e. normal people) as best represented by Rick in TWD will bite the neck out of an assailant if your family is threatened. What we will see (at least i hope we willsee) in FTWD is the transformation of a classic liberal, green, modern multi parent west coat family realise that they too will have to learn what the world is...not what they want it to be. I realise you might not like it (LOL fairly sure you dont judging by your posts) but it does show how quickly ‘civilisation’ will collaspe. its forcing one question on everyone: how can civillisation collapse so fast — unless it wasnt as civil as you were lead to believe. thats the message...and the next one is : now that you and yours are on their own, how far are you prepared to go to defend them and yorself. you will see this answered with Travis (the anti gun guy), he has 2 choices: get eaten or fight back, i guess we will see the answer to that particular gun question by next week.

    Anyways just MHO and thanks for the red flag on weapons, its good (and i am not trying to me smart or smarmy) to have it questioned...and regularly...

  • AVG Anti-virus freeware privacy change: AV will sell your web browser history to advertisers

    09/22/2015 5:21:42 AM PDT · 8 of 33
    Irishguy to MarchonDC09122009

    thanks for the heads up. removing ine form my phone thats for sure. i guess thats the issue with ‘free’...

  • Please pray for my son

    09/16/2015 3:04:39 AM PDT · 66 of 108
    Irishguy to NorthstarMom

    prayers for you and your family and a little hope

    both my sisters had bad asthma and grew out of it, i am sure your fine son will do the same!

  • Fear the Walking Dead Discussion Thread: Season 1 Episode 3 [SPOILER Warning]

    09/14/2015 12:25:11 AM PDT · 113 of 197
    Irishguy to Drew68

    lol, thanks for the heads up, i kept looking and saying to the characters, jeeze dude, time to upgrade there...LOL LOL

    one slight issue i have is in the first 10 minutes of both series a character is hit and sent unconcious.

    there has been a guess for a while that Rick is still in his coma and just dreaming (and mentioned by some of the posters on this thread)

    now i wonder is the druggie kid doing the same....he gets scared with his girlfriend having a bathsalt moment while biting another druggie, runs out get knocked down and now too is in a coma...