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  • Britain furious, Trump unapologetic as fallout swells from anti-Muslim videos

    12/02/2017 10:11:40 AM PST · 104 of 104
    jabbermog to trebb

    For all you freepers across the Ocean, can I emphasise yet again that most ordinary British working people have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with Donald Trump.
    The trouble is that your media only hears the lefty,internationalist, BBC/Channel 4 propaganda, which emanates from London (and to a lesser extent Edinburgh, since the SNP are socialist and multicultural in outlook). To put it another way, it would be like us listening to the media in, I dont know, San Francisco maybe, and then coming to the conclusion that those waffy Yanks are into hippyculturalism, transgender propaganda and big government spending.
    I am fortunate enough to have visited the USA several times, but most people around here have never seen an American in the flesh ; so is it any surprise that some of them fall for anti-Trump rhetoric?
    London is absolutely NOT the rest of England. Alvingham,where I live, has no more common ground with the capital than Sturgis South Dakota, would have with Greenwich Village.
    When we’ve been to London for a weekend, coming home is like returning from Mordor to the Shire (in any case Mrs Jabbermog refuses to go there again on the count of musrat attacks).
    Finally, you need to realise that Theresa May is, deep down, into the EU, Internationalism, Islam, and big government. It’s disturbing that she is running this country without being able to make major decisions. I wouldn’t trust her to run a fish and chip shop.
    I and a lot of folk round here are English Nationalists - but not racists at all. We just hate muslims even more than you do!

  • Baseball 2017 Opening Day

    04/02/2017 11:26:41 AM PDT · 25 of 27
    jabbermog to .45 Long Colt

    I wish I was at Yankee Stadium !

    (Member of NYY Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Branch).

  • Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches

    04/02/2017 11:18:05 AM PDT · 30 of 48
    jabbermog to AEMILIUS PAULUS

    I’ve tried to organise counter demonstrations against muzrat groups in public places (which has turned nasty on occasions).
    However, I no longer campaign for two significant reasons.

    The first reason is that Islam enjoys special protection by our legal system. This is so powerful that it is virtually impossible to gainsay Islam and muzrats in public, in any way, shape , or form. In addition, a new law making it a criminal offence to make hate speech statements, even in the privacy of your own home, is being considered as we speak.
    Most people in this country feel the same as me; and I’ll tell you something else that the US media fail to tell you; Donald Trump is hugely popular among ordinary working people here, and we wish a British leader would introduce a moratorium on Islamic immigration.

    Secondly, I seem to get no support from my fellow English ‘patriots’ when I attempt any sort of resistance. A lot of them talk and talk but do nothing when the push comes to the shove.
    In any case I have a new job and an 18 month old granddaughter. These take up most of my time and energy and I simply do not want to spend all my spare time and funds in and out of courtrooms and shelling out for legal fees when I know that the system is loaded in favour of our bearded, curly shoed, paedophilic, medieval citizens.
    I know a lot of you good Freepers will be disappointed to hear this but there you go. The only thing I can say is take this as a warning to America.If you let your lawmakers do the same thing there you will also lose your most basic freedoms, and your right to stop the Islamization of the USA will fail.
    Don’t fall into the lazy thinking that ‘oh thats the spineless Brits, this will never happen here cos we have the Constitution’ because thats what I thought fifteen years ago.
    Such a thing could happen to you, aided and abetted by liberal leftie politicians and public officials.
    You have been warned.

  • Gun Used to Kill British MP was Sawed Off .22 Rifle

    07/01/2016 11:43:38 AM PDT · 21 of 35
    jabbermog to MileHi

    For you freepers across the water, you may not be aware that murders and woundings involving rifles, handguns etc, have actually increased since the outright ban in 1997.
    The criminal element do not seem to bother with licences or permits, and don’t seem to have much difficulty in acquiring automatic weapons.


    06/26/2016 12:53:45 PM PDT · 238 of 245
    jabbermog to FreedomPoster

    WE never wanted to ban him.

    The muslim loving, sanctimonious, liberal Euromuppets did.

    All we want is not to be treated like strangers in our own land. We have spilled our own blood forging England for the best part of a thousand years.
    We fully support Trump’s comments on Islam. Thanks to the efforts of these internationalists, a lot of our ancient rights and freedoms are gradually being taken away.
    Well, all I can say is, if they continue, there will be trouble; serious trouble.
    We are increasingly well organised and funded;

    They upset us at their peril.

  • Brexit: globalists trying to change VICTORY to DEFEAT (Vanity and call to FReeper action!)

    06/26/2016 10:55:54 AM PDT · 8 of 21
    jabbermog to RKBA Democrat

    Try the Grimsby Telegraph and the Louth Leader as well.

  • Brexit petition hits TWO MILLION as Brits call on Parliament to force through(T)

    06/26/2016 10:52:24 AM PDT · 62 of 65
    jabbermog to Yaelle

    Sorry, a Lincolnshire term meaning nose.

    Now we are concerned that the lEUnatic establishment will push for another referendum like they did in Ireland, Holland, and Sweden.

  • Brexit petition hits TWO MILLION as Brits call on Parliament to force through(T)

    06/25/2016 3:51:11 PM PDT · 52 of 65
    jabbermog to SE Mom

    To be honest I thought that the EU freaks would wing it by a narrow margin, ie 2 per cent if that.
    I still cant believe that we have freed ourselves ; it will take time to sink in.
    Re the mardiness of the Remain crowd, well all I can say is that they cannot swallow the fact that we have given them a bloody nose, but over and above that they are terrified that their taxpayer funded party is coming to an end.
    Lastly can I just say I am disgusted with Obama for poking his knebb in our affairs. Hes obviously another of these one world internationalists.Well he and all the others can stick it - THIS IS OUR ENGLAND NOW !
    Need to get to bed now - Ive just supped half a bottle of champagne and 4 bottles of Gaymers cider.
    Thanks for your post, I’ll speak to you soon.

  • Brexit petition hits TWO MILLION as Brits call on Parliament to force through(T)

    06/25/2016 1:02:55 PM PDT · 35 of 65
    jabbermog to kanawa

    London trendies wanted the EU monster, not us country folk.
    The lefty Hampstead set represents the English nation as much as New York’s Greenwich Village or SF’s Haight Ashbury represents the American people. We are patriotic and possessed with common sense, and fiercely proud of our history and heritage.
    Can you please tell all your friends, neighbours, and work colleagues this ?

    Many Thanks

  • Brexit: Yet another example of biased polling

    06/25/2016 9:44:51 AM PDT · 26 of 31
    jabbermog to RoseofTexas

    “The UK liberals want a redo!!! “

    Well they can DO ONE !!!

    This is like May 1945; we have got our freedom back.
    We polished off 2 bottles of champers last night. I’ve lost friends and fallen out with relatives over this. However this to me is a price well worth paying if you are a patriot (oh no I must be a nazi).

    Nigel Farage is our George Washington.


    For what its worth I’m certain that Trump will win in November.

  • Would we have won WWII with today's media and liberals

    01/04/2015 9:24:18 AM PST · 24 of 117
    jabbermog to ansel12

    Forgot the USAF ?

  • Dresden crowds tell a chilling tale of Europe’s fear of migrants

    01/04/2015 9:04:24 AM PST · 34 of 50
    jabbermog to theBuckwheat

    I am one of those rational locals who wants our counyry run for BRITISH people ie Indian, Jewish, Carribean etc.
    The very sinister problem that we now face is when we apply for any public sector job, armed forces, or voluntary placement is that we are automatically checked for membership of any far - right parties (in my case UKIP).
    I can’t speak for America, but we are now told that we have to modernize and adapt to newcomers, not the other way round.
    Some of you may remember me posting on here about my criminal conviction for Religiously Aggrevated Insult, after I helped organize pro- Israel and pro- US demonstrations.
    Thanks to some of you freepers giving me great advice, that conviction got overturned, but as you all know, freedom costs, and a supposedly CONSERVATIVE government is trying to take mine away.
    All this on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.

  • German Cathedral to Dim Lights in Protest Against Anti-Islamic March

    01/04/2015 8:43:01 AM PST · 23 of 30
    jabbermog to marshmallow

    More extreme things are happening in this country.

    However, if I told you everything, I doubt you would believe me .

  • Viking Gainsborough: Former capital promotes Sweyn Forkbeard links

    12/27/2014 1:02:14 PM PST · 21 of 28
    jabbermog to Beowulf9

    This is near here, Lincolnshire. Known as Lindsey in the 11th century.
    Also home of most of the Pilgrim Fathers. This is why we refer to people from Massachusetts as “plastic yellowbellies” and “Lincolnshire Rejects” !

  • Kwanzaa -- A Made-up Holiday

    12/27/2014 12:53:16 PM PST · 37 of 68
    jabbermog to Iron Munro

    Cheers mate - you’ve just caused me to spit mullagatawny soup over the dog !
    Seriously though, Kwanzaa !!!!??????
    I’ve never heard such a load of old cobblers in all my life !

    Is this anything to do with those Panthers ? Regardless, they should realize that all this black separateness creates more prejudice and antagonizes sensible people of all creeds.

  • A New Poster Child for Black on White Crime

    12/27/2014 12:43:02 PM PST · 81 of 86
    jabbermog to Hulka

    Wow Cranwell is only 3/4 hour’s drive from here ! Lincolnshire’s nickname used to be “Bomber Command County” because of the large number of RAF bases.My Grandad was a bomb-aimer in a Lancaster with 150 sqn, based at Hemswell, near Gainsborough.
    RAF Manby is only 3 miles from here, did you ever go there ?

  • A New Poster Child for Black on White Crime

    12/26/2014 1:15:38 PM PST · 64 of 86
    jabbermog to Hulka

    Near Louth, Lincolnshire.
    We have no minority groups around here; I chose the words in my previous post carefully because I have had so much bother with English people labelling me a fascist.
    I welcome some groups, - as far as I am concerned the Jews make a valuable contribution to our nation and should be welcomed, as should Sikhs and Hindus.
    The trouble is whenever anyone expresses alarm over the number of (Muslim) refugees and asylum seekers allowed to settle in our overcrowded island, we are immediately branded nazis and gagged by new “hate laws”. Upwards of 80% of the native population feel it is treasonous that so many 3rd world misfits are deliberately invited in and then encouraged to plot against us by liberal politicians. This is why I am an anti-Islam campaigner.
    However, coming back to this thread regarding black neighbourhoods, I am not racist in any way. This makes me a better man than these community leaders (by the by, who appointed these people as leaders)? What I did notice on my trips to the US was that more recent immigrants ie Koreans, Sri Lankans, Armenians-to name a few-came over with just the shirts on their backs, but prospered after 10 or 15 years. As far as I am aware the did it themselves with no government help.
    If they managed to do well, then how come black Americans seem to struggle ? I only ask because the civil rights battles are now almost 50 years old; surely this “oppression” excuse is wearing a bit thin.
    Over here black communities in our biggest cities are constantly told by local (white) politicians that are disadvantaged, and these politicians almost seem to want to encourage them to be riotous and disruptive. The good hard working black people are called Bounty Bars (black inside white outside) and told that they are abandoning their people.Strangely, no one points out this to be a form of anti-white rhetoric.
    Anyway, to sum things up, what is wrong in America seems to be duplicated this side of the Ocean. I didn’t mean to sound naive; it is only because as an English Patriot I am used to being cautious when posting. Having read some of these posts makes me realize that I can speak freely with like minded people.

  • Man kicked off American Airlines plane after rage over 'Merry Christmas' greeting

    12/26/2014 9:39:41 AM PST · 39 of 106
    jabbermog to SeekAndFind

    Whats kwanzaa when it’s at home ?

  • A New Poster Child for Black on White Crime

    12/26/2014 9:31:39 AM PST · 41 of 86
    jabbermog to Alberta's Child

    This is frightening and rather sad. I am posting this from my little village in the East of England. I have just taken the dog for a walk; its totally safe and I cannot imagine living in a place where it is dangerous to walk!
    My experience of the US is confined to New York, Washington and Virginia. I found everyone warm and hospitable, regardless of race, but I suppose this was because I stayed in the popular tourist areas.
    I make it a point of principle never to make political comments on events outside this country, so I won’t start now, All I can say is that America seems to be suffering from an ever widening racial divide. I can only hope that the stirrers and loonies are stopped from making any headway and that the quiet majority start to to say enough is enough.
    I hope all you freepers have a merry Christmas and a happier New Year for your country than 2014.

  • Agency for flooding that puts greater water parsnips and voles before local people (UK)

    02/09/2014 12:02:43 PM PST · 7 of 7
    jabbermog to Olog-hai

    Our local council has a climate change co-ordinator on £39000 ($70000?) a year, and he informs us in the Town Hall’s newsletter that the Western world is responsible for 300000 metric tonnes of carbon pumping into the atmosphere every year. He also stated that car exhaust fumes were responsible for the storm surges that hit our part of the East coast the year before last.
    I actually crossed paths with him at a lifeboat fundraising morning in Mablethorpe. I proceeded to in form him that my wife’s mother lives near the flooded area, and the rising water had less to do with drippy hippy theory than the decision to build new social housing on flood relief land that the Met Office down in London had advised against.
    Climate Change Charlie hummed and haarred and harrumphed, but reluctantly agreed. But like most of these types, he had to have the last word. He claimed that the flooding was Americas fault ! In the same way that soil erosion in the third world is the supermarkets fault.
    I decided to speak on behalf of all of the Freepers ; that he shouldnt worry about snowfalls, stormsurges of torrential rain. I said if he wakes up one June morning and the sun is blazing down, call some friends (if he has any) round for a barbeque and have a bash. I finished by telling him that he would have a much happier life if he stopped telling everyone what to do all the time.