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Posts by jaydee770

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  • The GOP’s “Abolish the IRS” Crackpots

    11/29/2015 5:39:50 PM PST · 50 of 63
    jaydee770 to NaturalBornConservative

    “...With taxes of such fundamental concern...”

    Are you asserting that the govt should never learn how to collect taxes more efficiently? That even with a simplified method of collecting revenue, the IRS should maintain it’s current bloated, inefficient, overwhelming bureaucracy? There should be no reduction in it’s heavy-handed, “D-student”, in at 9:30a and out by 3:30p, entitlement-minded, all-too-stereotypical federal employees?

    All I can say is, “Opinions Vary”! *Drastically*!

  • Why Ted Cruz is the Right Guy at the Right Time

    11/29/2015 2:24:45 AM PST · 48 of 48
    jaydee770 to libbylu

    “...I just don’t understand why people say he can’t win in the general election...”

    My observation — those tend to be the people who vote the way the talking-heads on TV tell them to vote. The same people so easily led by slick marketing.

  • Homeless Man's Black Market Submachine Guns and Improvised Silencer

    11/28/2015 9:07:25 AM PST · 14 of 16
    jaydee770 to marktwain

    My personal observation from the sidelines at a suppressor event, oil filters are very effective suppressors. They can be more effective at sound suppression than a commercial suppressor. The biggest disadvantage is they cover up the sights.

    But in a bad situation, it’s plausible to build up the barrel with enough duct-tape until you can snugly “thread” an oil filter on the end and make a field-expedient suppressed weapon. Longevity in such a jury-rigged mount isn’t good, but for close-up and limited use, it works. get a long/big oil filter and you’d be surprised what it can do even with centerfire rifle pressures at muffling the bang, even though the round is still super-sonic. If you have sub-sonic ammo, even better.

    Your mileage & opinion may vary...

    The requisite disclaimer — Don’t try this at home. If the feds catch you with a suppressor without their blessing and batfe tax-stamp, you risk prison and fines.

  • Put "Refugees" in FEMA Camps

    11/28/2015 6:36:31 AM PST · 14 of 22
    jaydee770 to VitacoreVision

    I don’t understand the objection to refugee camps *IF* we are forced to accept tens of thousands of refugees. We deployed our military to various carribean locales back in the 90’s for refugee camps for (cubans/haitians/el-salvadorans). Despite the mini-riots and squabbles/fist-fights among refugees, plus the 24/7 effort to get them to stop doing laundry in the toilets, none of them were clamoring to be returned to their home country. The overwhelming majority tolerated the camp because it was far, far better than what they were fleeing from.

    So, if they are *truly* refugees, simply ask them if they prefer to be sequestered in a USA operated refugee camp (guaranteed 3 hots & a cot), or back in whatever hell-hole they are fleeing from. Despite what any bleeding-heart-libs may feel about it, I’ll bet the *true* refugee’s opinions would be all for it.

  • Black Lives Matter Demands "Black Friday" be Renamed "BlackLivesMatterFriday"

    11/26/2015 10:05:21 AM PST · 58 of 96
    jaydee770 to rightistight

    “...Let’s black it out, and make sure not one black face is littering the local mall!...”

    How do we know this isn’t a false protest started by white-supremacists? I mean, who else would want to shop without “one black face littering the local mall”?

    Otherwise (just making an honest observation based on news footage of shopping “riots” from black-Fridays in previous years), if this protest is a success, it might be a much safer, more enjoyable Friday-After-Thanksgiving shopping day.

  • Drive to Take Down Trump: Can It Work?

    11/25/2015 6:07:02 AM PST · 36 of 58
    jaydee770 to dforest

    “...I have no desire to vote for any party who wants to take down their frontrunner. I will stay home on election day...”

    The RNC is destined for the ash-heap of history. The RNC is being completely ignored so far in this election. They are being proven irrelevant right before our very eyes. How about we just ignore the RNC and get to work electing the candidate we prefer and don’t worry about what the RNC may or may not do? Remember, the opposite of “Love” is not “Hate”. The opposite of “Love” is “Indifference”. I’d rather folks not spend one single moment giving the least bit of consideration, good or bad, to the RNC.

  • Ted Cruz has always had a master plan. Now it could win him the White House.

    11/24/2015 8:19:44 PM PST · 66 of 66
    jaydee770 to jpsb

    “...Cruz is the exact same position that Obama was in in 2008, except Obama provided “proof” he was born in the USA and Cruz can not...”

    What do you mean Cruz “can not”? Cruz has readily affirmed his birth as a US citizen born abroad. He has no reason to hide it. Ted Cruz’s mother was an adult US citizen when Ted was born and it was her status as a US citizen, above the age of majority, that bestowed Ted’s US citizenship AT HIS BIRTH. He had no need to be “naturalized”.

    The first Congress of the United States passed the Naturalization Act of 1790, A MERE THREE YEARS AFTER THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN, which stated that children born abroad to U.S. citizens were themselves “NATURAL BORN CITIZENS”. Unless you can find another, I believe it is the only US statute ever to use the term “Natural Born Citizen”. This statute was passed by a congress that included members who were also authors of the Constitution. I don’t know how to make it any clearer than that. I’ll take the founding fathers at their word. You can do what you wish. Good luck with it!

  • Ted Cruz has always had a master plan. Now it could win him the White House.

    11/24/2015 7:23:23 AM PST · 47 of 66
    jaydee770 to VanDeKoik

    Opinions vary.

  • Ted Cruz has always had a master plan. Now it could win him the White House.

    11/24/2015 7:22:03 AM PST · 46 of 66
    jaydee770 to jpsb

    Your unqualified personal opinion is duly noted and summarily dismissed as an unqualified personal opinion. It is also tired and worn out, having been invalidated by the lack of any competent court that has determined Cruz to NOT be a citizen who can hold the office. Or perhaps you can show where Cruz was not a citizen at birth who was required to submit to the naturalization process.

    So unless you have some plan you will personally put into action that will disqualify Cruz, what’s your point, other than you don’t seem able to offer any compelling reason to vote *FOR* another candidate and are reduced to dragging out this tired, worn-out smear against the sole conservative candidate in the race?

  • How Ted Cruz could win the GOP nomination (MSNBC)

    11/22/2015 9:57:46 AM PST · 56 of 64
    jaydee770 to jpsb

    Trump is not trustworthy. He is in it to feed his ego and nothing else. Cruz gets our primary vote. Only way Trump gets our vote is in the general and the choice is either him or the democrat.

    No sale. Good luck peddling Trump though!

  • Sorry, Left-Wingers, But Governors CAN Turn Away “Refugees”

    11/18/2015 5:54:25 AM PST · 30 of 31
    jaydee770 to Sean_Anthony

    I applaud the governors who are trying to defend their states; however, if just a single governor of a state on the North American continent allows refugees in *without containing them in a secure refugee facility*, then how would we go about preventing them from travelling as they wish to any other state? One of the jokers has already gone AWOL in Louisiana...

    This is going to be a problem, one way or another and we need to prepare ourselves in every sense of the word. I surely hope someone in an appropriate position of authority is thinking a few chess moves ahead because I firmly believe we are going to be playing terrorist whack-a-mole on our own soil in the near future - perhaps as early as the Christmas holidays. I also believe 0bama will skate, unblemished by the havoc his mis-guided, anti-American point of view inflicts on the nation.

  • By Day’s End it was Politico and not Carson backing out of The Lie

    11/08/2015 4:40:38 PM PST · 12 of 17
    jaydee770 to BobL

    “...For example, if the New York Times reports that 100 witnesses saw Ted Cruz murder someone in cold blood...”

    Seriously? This guy Carson has now committed a sin as grave as *murder*? Is this the straw you are now grasping at?

    The USMA advertised at the time (and may still today) in ads & marketing literature that attendance was described as a full scholarship. There have been posts of USMA ads and articles describing attendance with the exact phrase, “full scholarship” included in the text (google it - politico now wishes they had). There should be no confusion anymore as to how the USMA markets and presents academy attendance to prospective students who may or may not have a formal offer. The USMA also does not keep track of offers not made or applications not received, so they should not be expected to prove this ridiculous issue one way or the other.

    I have no interest in defending Carson - he can handle himself however he sees fit. But here’s my point: I don’t give a flip about what Carson may or may not have done 50 years ago -or- last month because it is none of my concern. I know who I am planning to vote for in the primary and it isn’t Carson or Trump. Why should I waste any time and energy on Carson, Trump or any other candidate than the one I plan to vote for? Why should you?

    Is your preferred candidate so weak that you need to piggy-back on an obvious liberal rag’s smear-job to try and advance your candidate by denigrating another? Is your preferred candidate so unremarkable that you feel the need to expend your time & energy to keep perpetuating what has now been shown to be a clear and unrepentant fabrication by some liberal rag — a liberal rag that has previously been caught publishing fabrications? You would *still* place stock in Politico in hopes you can somehow salvage the poorly considered leap you made onto their bandwagon?

    You’re beating a dead horse. I care more that Politico has been shown yet again to be a publisher of lies. That Carson and others have now shown he did NOT lie as Politico claimed he did is good for him I guess, but I’m less concerned with his campaigns health.

    If someone publishes that Trump, Carson or Rubio killed some babies in front of a hundred witnesses, I’ll consider the article as Enquirer grade UFO-ology. I surely won’t place much faith in said article until it is separately sourced. The Politico hit-job spawned a bunch of articles about the Politico article — no-one reported a seperate (and I am hesitant to use this word) “journalistic” investigation. So you have a gazillion articles about the Politico’s single article with no corroborating report. That should have been your clue not to get too fired up about it. Murdered babies or not.

  • By Day’s End it was Politico and not Carson backing out of The Lie

    11/08/2015 10:31:37 AM PST · 7 of 17
    jaydee770 to FreeReign; BobL

    “...What is relevant to the comparison is what Carson said in the book, that he was “offered” a full scholarship, vs what Carson’s people are saying now, that he was “offered help” by a sponsor. You think that difference is a big deal?...”

    What *I* think is a big deal is how many Freepers swallowed the Politico hit/smear-job so readily — not only swallowed it, but ran *hard* with it.

    To me, it speaks more to the utter lack of faith they have in their preferred candidate than their faux-outrage over anything Carson may or may not have done decades ago.

    I’m not a fan of Carson as President - nice guy, gifted doc - but I really don’t give a hoot what a liberal rag like Politico has to say about *any* candidate whether good, bad or indifferent. I automatically presume it’s leftist spin.

    If there’s anything to be learned from this, I would hope the political right will start exercising a bot more discernment on MSM reports about any candidate. They can only be relied upon and trusted to spin positive about dems and spin negative about gop.

    We should all be *solidly* unified and aligned against the leftist MSM propaganda machine in all regards, whether it involves our pet candidate or a candidate we hate. If we can’t even agree on that, I don’t know what we could ever agree on.

  • Reclaim and Rescind - Returning Power to the People

    11/08/2015 9:40:38 AM PST · 8 of 8
    jaydee770 to dserenda

    They way I see it, the nation has strayed far afield from the founders intent of limited govt. The political left and a sizable portion of the political right (perhaps a majority of the right) are addicted to “something” from the govt, whether that be outright handouts in the form of a monthly welfare check through rules/regs/laws that they like or benefit from.

    If we (bear with me) magically manage to elect a conservative president along with a conservative house and senate with conservative leadership that marginalizes the GOPe -AND- effectively rolls back federal over-reach, closes entire misfeasant agencies (Education, Energy, etc), replaces the punitive, progressive, confiscatory tax-code in it’s entirety — how could we prevent losing those gains by a future congress? Is there a judicial-activist-proof rule/amendment that could prevent future federal over-reach that cements “those powers not enumerated” with the states?

    My questions are rhetorical. My point is that conservatives have a super-human, overwhelming amount of work that *desperately* needs to be done and it will all require far more public support and demand than we currently can rely on — given that voters still love them some GOPe and will reliably and inexplicably re-elect RINOs with the regularity of a swiss clock.

    I have no idea how to fix it, but I firmly believe the solution will require a better leadership candidate recruiting process (look at the candidates we have to choose from now - for the most part, it’s laughable) and an incessant, strident, bold voter-education effort toward the top of a long list of efforts. Someone smarter than me can likely think of how long that list will prove to be. I’m hoping we have some modern day Jeffersons & Franklins willing to rise to the challenge. We’re going to need them.

  • Cruz rising in Iowa; Clinton back out to dominant lead (PPP) [Trump 22%, Carson 21%, Cruz 14%]

    11/07/2015 6:36:34 AM PST · 34 of 35
    jaydee770 to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    Evidence of what? What claim have I made that I should prove? That we prefer a different candidate than Trump? How do you propose I “prove” my preference, other than stating that: “We prefer Cruz in the primaries - Trump will not get our primary vote”.

    You keep peddling Trump as hard as you like - that’s your cross to bear and I wish you luck. You’ll need it with your personality. Seriously. Or based on your sour-grapes attitude when someone doesn’t agree with you and you “lose the sale” — you might actually *be* Trump using an alias! You both should work on that. Good luck!

  • Cruz rising in Iowa; Clinton back out to dominant lead (PPP) [Trump 22%, Carson 21%, Cruz 14%]

    11/05/2015 5:56:50 PM PST · 32 of 35
    jaydee770 to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    No sale. Trump still does not get my vote in the primary. Go pester someone else who hasn’t looked into Trump and may not have a good idea of the man. Perhaps you can sell them on Trump. Good Luck!

  • Cruz rising in Iowa; Clinton back out to dominant lead (PPP) [Trump 22%, Carson 21%, Cruz 14%]

    11/05/2015 5:45:53 AM PST · 30 of 35
    jaydee770 to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    “...What this really translates to is that you’re surrounded by imbeciles who fancy themselves constitutional scholars...”

    Not at all — it’s people who have looked into Trump, read some of his books and have no reason to believe he’s changed in the slightest to think there’s something he *won’t* put on the table to be seen as the “winner” of a deal. We like the constitution and don’t want either Trump or 0bama fiddling with it extralegally via policy negotiations.

    Not saying Trump is a complete bozo, just that he’s not our first choice. Does it frustrate you so severely that folks don’t fall into lockstep with your opinion that you feel the need to attack with baseless, unfounded generalizations? Good luck winning voters with your attitude - note that you are not doing a very good job representing Trump...

  • Cold Anger - The First Signs of The Proud Vulgarians...

    11/05/2015 5:25:00 AM PST · 26 of 30
    jaydee770 to smoothsailing

    “...The clear message tonight is that people want more Republicans in the Mississippi House of Representatives...”

    Well there’s a clear indication of a tin-ear! Folks don’t care so much that you are a republican as much as they care that you are willing to work *darned* hard to fix everything broken by the dem lib-prog agenda.

    Boehner & McConnell are republicans. An “R” ain’t no sort of guarantee anymore.

  • Someone posted this little gem on a Sanders post on Facebook

    11/04/2015 1:00:40 PM PST · 20 of 36
    jaydee770 to wastedyears

    Their logic escapes me and I have honestly tried to sort it out. I still don’t understand how someone who is richer than me is preventing me from earning as much as I can depending upon my personal skills/ambition/smarts.

    If I had to guess, I would say the disconnect is centered on the word, “earning”.

  • FR Advice please

    11/04/2015 9:45:48 AM PST · 6 of 7
    jaydee770 to SandRat

    Due to the vagaries of how different sites code their pages, I have IE, Firefox *AND* Chrome installed. Some sites prefer one over the others. Chrome is my browser of choice, Firefox second and a *distant* third would be IE.

    But hey! Microsoft IE is the number one browser for downloading a different browser...

  • Cruz rising in Iowa; Clinton back out to dominant lead (PPP) [Trump 22%, Carson 21%, Cruz 14%]

    11/04/2015 9:35:01 AM PST · 28 of 35
    jaydee770 to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    “...If immigration isn’t at the top of your list, then you’re a fool...”

    Opinions vary.

    “...Trump gets even better overall...”

    Opinions vary, especially among conservatives.

    “...Cruz is the obvious choice if you’re a shallow thinker completely unaware of what’s coming to this country!...”

    Opinions vary *drastically*.

    Everyone I know — *everyone* — firmly believes Trump can only be relied upon to stroke his own ego. As to which parts of the constitution he will *negotiate* away (policy-wise) just so he can claim to be “winner” of whatever deal(s) he makes remains to be seen. I’d rather not give him the chance and I know of no-one else who wants to either.

    We’ve made our evaluation and Cruz overwhelmingly gets our vote at this stage of the campaign. But you keep your chin up and praise Trump for all you can! I mean, there are certainly worse candidates than Trump (Clinton, Sanders, Carson, Graham, Christie, Bush...) so we aren’t saying he’s *all* bad. Best of luck to you!

  • Cruz: Next president will get do-over on IRS-tea party investigation

    11/03/2015 5:45:41 AM PST · 58 of 59
    jaydee770 to HarleyLady27

    “...this election is being run to get rid of immigration...”


    Unemployment is through the roof; the economy is in shambles with stagnant growth and accumulating debt; tax policy is oppressive; we have disastrous foreign policy that is opening us up to real & credible threats on multiple fronts; we have an education system in crisis due to policy (common-core); crime is rising across he board; Oh and we also have a well & truly broken immigration policy that is currently ignoring illegal immigration — and those are just at the top of a very loooooooong list of issues for voters and the nation.

    So yes, immigration is one of the *MANY* issues we face, but it is not the sole factor deciding this election. It is Trumps “Store-Window” prominent issue because he likes to brag that he can get Mexico to pay for the fence due to his (ahem) “unstoppable” negotiating skills. Since it is Trump’s big issue, that likely explains why it is a big issue with you. But everybody I know are more interested in jobs and the economy first and foremost. Immigration is absolutely in the mix and definitely needs to be addressed, but folks desperately want to go back to work first and last I heard, illegal Mexican day-labor isn’t undermining I.T. sector jobs and the like.

  • Cruz: Next president will get do-over on IRS-tea party investigation

    11/03/2015 5:20:32 AM PST · 57 of 59
    jaydee770 to HarleyLady27

    “...Cruz is not going to beat Trump...”

    Nor does he need to. “Trump” will beat Trump. He’s like a joke that was gut-bustingly funny the first time you hear it, but after you hear it hundreds of times, the shtick just gets old. What was one of his latest quotes during an interview:

    ...Trump proceeded to rip into a panelist on “Morning Joe” on Monday morning for “fawning” over Rubio and saying “how handsome he is,” adding “I think I’m better looking than he is. Am I better looking than him?”...

    He had Rubio nailed for being over-rated and a lightweight, but his ego wouldn’t let him ignore the press thinking Rubio was handsome. That’s just embarrassing and a bit sad. So I expect Trump will beat himself, most likely during a fit of pure narcissism.

    Your opinion may vary.

  • Cruz rising in Iowa; Clinton back out to dominant lead (PPP) [Trump 22%, Carson 21%, Cruz 14%]

    11/03/2015 4:38:31 AM PST · 26 of 35
    jaydee770 to Greetings_Puny_Humans

    “...Ted Cruz, for instance, as you well know, is horrible on immigration...”

    What if we aren’t a single issue voter? If viewed overall, Trump would make your average Romney voter throw up a little bit. But the popularity of Trump/Carson in the early states is a tremendous clue into how the country keeps getting stuck with Boehners, McConnells, Pelosis and Reids. They will vote for *anyone* the TV tells them to vote for.

    Voters who put forth a bit of effort gain an opinion based on a bit more info, typically commensurate with the effort they put into it. I’ve done that and Cruz is the obvious choice, head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

    So, Cruz gets my vote in the primaries. In the general, I will vote to deny “Shrillary” a win.

    Note: I’m not seeking anyone’s approval of my opinion; I’m just sharing my opinion (which I personally believe is the absolute best opinion) and opinions *will* vary.

    Good luck with whichever candidate you are propping-up!

  • What else but White guilt, “We’ll show you we’re not bigots!” explains Carson poll numbers?

    11/01/2015 11:02:54 AM PST · 59 of 67
    jaydee770 to Oldpuppymax

    “...He is Black and a conservative Republican...”

    He’s a *conservative* republican? Since when? Or does the author mean, “he’s a republican somewhat more conservative than 0bama and most democrats.”

  • Dr. Ben Carson : PATTERN OF LIES denying "Association" with Mannatech ??? 2015-10-29

    10/29/2015 7:25:35 PM PDT · 84 of 102
    jaydee770 to Patton@Bastogne

    Again, which political candidate is “pure-as-the-driven-snow” with no prevarications, obfuscations and/or lies?

    I honestly don’t care how he answered the question - it is not important. I just don’t care how he earns his money, as long as it’s legal. Not sure what you see in Carson that’s worth your time and effort, but good luck with your post!

    Go Cruz!!

  • Dr. Ben Carson : PATTERN OF LIES denying "Association" with Mannatech ??? 2015-10-29

    10/29/2015 2:00:35 PM PDT · 69 of 102
    jaydee770 to Patton@Bastogne

    Does there exist a “pure-as-the-driven-snow” political candidate in any party? If you are looking for dirt, surely you can find something a bit dirtier than this. This is pretty weak. I don’t even like Carson, but this is so lame, I felt compelled to comment on it.

  • What Paul Ryan Has That Kevin McCarthy And John Boehner Dont

    10/25/2015 4:00:02 AM PDT · 60 of 62
    jaydee770 to 1010RD

    How accurate is that graph? It shows Boehner as less “establishment” than McCarthy.

    I’m thinking what it shows is that the metrics (votes and other measurable, recorded data points) can be gamed. In other words, Boehner could be the most “establishment” guy in congress (and I think he was way up there) and seek to blur that fact by voting anti-establishment on items he knows/believes have no chance of passing to game the stats.

  • I knew exactly what we were doing in Benghazi

    10/24/2015 4:44:49 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    jaydee770 to Sean_Anthony

    I refuse to get too interested in this mess until someone in an appropriate position of prosecutorial authority announces an indictment and a court date for a hearing.

    There seems to be too much of a “Lucy-yanking-the-football-away” vibe to it. I’ll just check on it from time to time to see if there is going to be anything more to it than the (so far) reality-tv show dramatics. My expectation is that nothing will come of it other than well-founded finger-pointing. It is my hope that someone surprises the poop out of me.

  • Someone Please Explain How SO Many People Would Take Carson Over CRUZ? I Don't Get That At All-

    10/22/2015 8:51:31 AM PDT · 232 of 237
    jaydee770 to Reaganite Republican

    “...Someone Please Explain How SO Many People Would Take Carson Over CRUZ? I Don’t Get That At All...”

    Because, no matter how much you may like traditional conservatism and feel it is the logical, obvious path to righting our listing ship of state — the majority of the GOP and all of the remaining political factions to the left of the GOP and well over half the voters in the nation do not agree.

    Simply put, opinions vary. I can’t explain the *why*, but Boehner, McConnell, Lindsey and assorted RINO’s keep getting re-elected — EASILY — by a lot of folks in their states. It boggles my mind that it happens, but there it is.

    Bottom line: Conservatives need to do far, Far, FAR more to proselytize conservatism than posting on a web site in one isolated corner of the internet. The effort will likely span multiple generations.

    That’s what I think about it.

  • Trump: I could have prevented 9-11 with my ego alone

    10/21/2015 5:50:07 AM PDT · 53 of 54
    jaydee770 to HarleyLady27

    “...he makes deals...”

    His entire personhood, his ego seems to be wrapped tightly around his self-identity as the “Master Negotiator and Deal Maker”. He can not and will not be seen as coming out on the losing end of a deal, even if he has to redefine what it means to be the “winner of the deal”. He’s written a book about his self-professed deal making mastery.

    My biggest concern with him is what is he willing to trade away just so he can be seen as getting the better part of a negotiation/deal? What does he view as non-negotiable? Which parts of the Constitution would he be willing to “re-interpret” or otherwise put on the table in a negotiation?

    This concerns me most about him and it appears he is currently on track to be the next President. Someone needs to ask him point-blank, “what is there about the USA and the Constitution that he deems non-negotiable?” What aspects about them are absolutely non-negotiable — that he would be willing to swallow his pride and refuse to weaken or give away in a negotiation?

  • So Dubya Turned Out to be an Idiot After All- I Guess The Libs Were Right

    10/20/2015 8:41:24 AM PDT · 65 of 81
    jaydee770 to Reaganite Republican

    I’ve got no love for GWB. I don’t think he should have kept such a tight leash on the warfighters. He should have demanded ROE’s much more advantageous for the soldiers he sent in harm’s way, instead he wilted (I think) so as not to inflame the politically-correct crowd.

    Regardless, the quotes do not sound like GWB at all. When he was potus (to our detriment and to the dems advantage), the man was timid and unnecessarily nice when it comes to fighting words. I would need to see the quotes in the full, unedited transcript.

    Not saying it didn’t happen - just saying I find it hard to believe GWB found enough grit to say anything derogatory out loud with witnesses.

  • Theres a Way to Stop Mass Shootings, and You Wont Like It.

    10/14/2015 6:28:23 AM PDT · 37 of 45
    jaydee770 to Tolerance Sucks Rocks

    I think engaging them is part of it, with a caveat — engage them just enough to get a better impression of them. The other biggest, surest, most effective “thing” we can do is be ready, *WILLING* and able to confront evil/violence/criminals with force when the situation demands it.

    We have been conditioned for decades by the liberals in govt & education that “violence is never the answer”. That is pure, unadulterated bull-mess. Overwhelming violence is quite often the appropriate answer to *many* situations and we need to start educating the morality and ethics of our *SOCIAL & PERSONAL OBLIGATION* to confront evil/violence/criminals with force (up to and including deadly force) as a defensive measure when the situation demands it.

  • The Universe Never Expands Faster Than the Speed of Light

    10/14/2015 6:04:21 AM PDT · 30 of 50
    jaydee770 to LibWhacker

    Once we were convinced the universe revolved around the earth. All the educated, tested, scientific guesses made today that seem logical, rational, prudent and backed by “the evidence” could quite possibly be relegated as primitive, imaginative ponderings at some point in the future.

    Anyone who claims they have a definitive understanding of who/what/where/when/why or how the universe was formed - I admire their optimism!

  • J. Christian Adams: Constitutional conservatives SHOULD NOT support Ben Carson anymore

    10/09/2015 6:30:48 AM PDT · 18 of 20
    jaydee770 to sheikdetailfeather

    Would you still hold this demand that we not vote for Carson if Carson somehow makes it to the general election?

  • Time For a Showdown: Why Obama Needs to Debate the NRA President on Live TV

    10/05/2015 9:45:11 AM PDT · 30 of 31
    jaydee770 to 2ndDivisionVet

    I LOL’d at the assertion 0bama has *any* “sense of propriety about the office he holds”. Another snorter was that 0bama has made “irrefutable arguments”.

    Who wrote this? Baghdad Bob?

  • Mayonnaise Is The Worst Condiment

    10/03/2015 3:27:38 PM PDT · 196 of 416
    jaydee770 to PROCON

    Unless you’ve had Duke’s, you haven’t yet had mayo the way the good lord intended it.

    BLT’s, Deviled Eggs, peanut-butter-raisins-mayo,yummmm!

    Over-The-Sink Tomato Sammich:
    Fresh, extra soft white bread, slathered heavy with mayo on both sides; the ripest tomato you can find sliced extra thick, salt, pepper... pick it up gingerly, roll your sleeves up and lean over the kitchen sink while you eat it while the juice drips off your elbows.

  • The fundamental reason why Cruz is the best choice

    09/30/2015 3:31:57 PM PDT · 44 of 49
    jaydee770 to Peter ODonnell

    I’ll glady vote for most any of the GOP candidates over any DEM candidate. I’m voting Cruz in the primary and whoever the GOP candidate is in the general. I hope that’s Cruz, but if not, I refuse to let the dem win without a fight in the general.

  • Still Report #430 Is Carly a Conservative?

    09/29/2015 9:04:33 AM PDT · 23 of 23
    jaydee770 to Jack Hydrazine

    “...People are tired of having the deck rigged. Oust every collectivist in Congress...”

    You would think that if the people are *truly* tired of having the deck rigged, they would vote accordingly. However, here we sit with a rigged deck... As for the *dire* need oust every collectivist, how do you do that with a rigged deck?

    So don’t vote at all if that is how your conscience guides you. Personally, I refuse to condemn others who choose to continue fighting if their favored candidate doesn’t survive the primaries.

  • Still Report #430 Is Carly a Conservative?

    09/29/2015 5:18:55 AM PDT · 21 of 23
    jaydee770 to Jack Hydrazine

    “...I will simply not vote as a way to protest the rigging...”

    Which is perfectly acceptable to the Dem candidate. If they can’t get your vote, they would rather you stay home and at least not vote against them. You may feel “purer”, but it is a false succor. Like I said, you are playing right into their gameplan. There is no position you can take in that circumstance that does not contribute an advantage — however slight — to one of the candidates.

    So we either get Cruz on the ticket -or- we are well and truly stuck.

  • Here's What's Wrong with Dondi -oops- I mean Marco Rubio:

    09/29/2015 4:52:27 AM PDT · 22 of 32
    jaydee770 to Reaganite Republican

    So if Rubio makes it to the general election (however unlikely that may be) should we vote for the DEM candidate instead of Rubio? What would you do in that case?

  • Still Report #430 Is Carly a Conservative?

    09/28/2015 11:34:42 AM PDT · 19 of 23
    jaydee770 to Jack Hydrazine

    So let’s say the general election comes down to a RINO (pick one - doesn’t matter) vs (Clinton, Sanders, Kerry or Biden). If you want to lay down and quit and stay home instead of voting or write in a long shot candidate who has no chance of winning — instead of voting for that RINO GOP candidate — you are playing right into the dems game plan too.

    By your rules, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I reject your rules and recognize that the world isn’t perfect, life isn’t fair and I don’t get to have my way every time. And I refuse to quit doing whatever I can (even if it’s just my one little vote) based on some arbitrary “conservative-ness peeing contest” that is only good as social-plumage in an internet discussion portal. But if it helps you to feel better about yourself and sleep at night, more power to you.

    So here’s hoping it’s Cruz.

  • Still Report #430 Is Carly a Conservative?

    09/27/2015 5:39:25 PM PDT · 17 of 23
    jaydee770 to Jack Hydrazine

    I don’t want to vote for a RINO and neither do you. I want to vote for Cruz.

    I’m also not going to roll over, play dead and let the dem candidate win without a fight. If by some sheer miracle of star alignment or sorcery, Fiorina makes it to the general election as the last GOP candidate standing — should it come down to a choice between Fiorina or (Clinton-Sanders-Kerry-Biden), I’ll vote for Fiorina in a heartbeat.

    You should do whatever galls you the least in that situation but we all know the next president will be either the DEM -or- GOP candidate that wins the next general election. MY PLAN is to support and vote for Cruz in the primary and (hopefully) in the general. However, if Cruz does not make it to the general, I WILL NOT roll over and quit just because my favorite didn’t make it. Nor will I waste my vote on a long-shot write in. I refuse to allow any of the Dems a walk-on win because I was throwing a whining fit & having a pity-party. At that point, I will vote for the GOP candidate because there will be no other viable alternative.

    If you know of a more viable, sane, alternative voting plan, I’m all ears.

  • Still Report #430 Is Carly a Conservative?

    09/27/2015 9:24:58 AM PDT · 15 of 23
    jaydee770 to Jack Hydrazine

    I’m not sure if you are calling Cruz a RINO or Fiorina. Either way, current standings for either clearly indicate that opinions vary.

  • Still Report #430 Is Carly a Conservative?

    09/27/2015 6:21:05 AM PDT · 13 of 23
    jaydee770 to Jack Hydrazine

    Opinions vary.

  • Still Report #430 Is Carly a Conservative?

    09/26/2015 9:42:31 AM PDT · 11 of 23
    jaydee770 to Jack Hydrazine

    First things first: I really, really want to vote for Ted Cruz in the general election.

    However, I don’t see any current GOP candidate (warts and all) that would make me prefer to vote for one of the DEM candidates or contribute to that DEM candidate’s election because I didn’t even try. If Fiorina makes it to the general election, I would vote for her in a heart-beat.

  • Will Republicans really appoint such a black-mail rich target as McCarthy to Speaker of the House?

    09/26/2015 7:38:09 AM PDT · 56 of 60
    jaydee770 to TexasFreeper2009

    Dang! Should anyone base their conservative assessment based on that scoring info? How reliable is it as an indicator of conservatism if RINO McCain scores %83?

  • Will Republicans really appoint such a black-mail rich target as McCarthy to Speaker of the House?

    09/26/2015 7:24:35 AM PDT · 55 of 60
    jaydee770 to dangus

    I just wrote my congressman (Lynn Westmoreland) the following. I suggest all interested voters do something similar and let’s hope it penetrates their thick skulls.


    Rep Westmoreland,

    To date, your actions have spoken loudest on your behalf. You voted for the spineless, ineffective Boehner for speaker, laughably claiming your “...hands were tied...”.

    Will you support a conservative speaker after Boehner steps down? You have a chance to redeem yourself and demonstrate you are not beholden to the GOP establishment’s policy of “...giving 0bama *EVERYTHING* he wants and not one penny more...”

    Do you want what is best for this once great nation -OR- do you want what is best for keeping your congressional perks, committee seats and being able to capitulate to the DEM agenda while hiding behind the establishment GOP’s skirts?

    Who do you intend to support as the next Speaker?


  • The Answer Is Quite Simple, But Nobody Will Pick Up The Ball

    09/23/2015 9:32:30 AM PDT · 19 of 50
    jaydee770 to SatinDoll

    “Why invest in a cure when there’s good money to be made in prolonging the problem?” -Big Pharma

  • Edward Snowden has a really good theory as to why we've never heard from aliens

    09/20/2015 4:07:28 AM PDT · 60 of 79
    jaydee770 to 2ndDivisionVet

    If they aren’t encrypted on purpose to obscure the communication, the other likelyhood is that the protocol used is indecipherable/undetectable to us.

    It would be the same problem — radio communication is discovered/developed and is initially “in the clear” relative to their technology. Then, as the technology matures, the technology evolves purely in the interest of more efficient communication over longer distances and/or through barriers/obstacles (buildings, terrain, planets, stars).

    So it could also be that the communication is not necessarily encrypted (although, concealing comms is rational in many use-cases), it could also be that the way the radio wave carries the information is too advanced for us, even if “they” think it is simplistic.

    We know how to modulate an electromagnetic wave to convey information and we can alter that modulation in various ways; however, the bottom line is that encrypted or not, all we know how to do is modulate the waveform (amplitude or frequency) and that’s what we look for: An unnaturally modulated signal to indicate it was manipulated by a (presumably) intelligent source. But perhaps because we don’t know all things undiscovered, we could be getting blasted by signals and not even realize it. Yet.

    However, if they were that advanced, were aware of us and had some interest in contacting us, I would think they would realize they needed to match our comms tech to make that contact. But if they aren’t aware of us and are just casting a net and fishing, it’s possible each of our signals are passing by each other completely undetected.

    At least, that’s how it would seem to me.