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  • Scott Walker shows fire in Iowa

    01/24/2015 4:07:13 PM PST · 50 of 72
    jaydee770 to entropy12
    "...every 6th citizen is a millionaire, which is more than any other country..."
    Say what?
  • Open request to Senator Cruz

    01/22/2015 6:36:21 PM PST · 89 of 129
    jaydee770 to big bad easter bunny
    The Constitution requires that for you to be eligible to be president, both of your parents must be naturally born citizens.
    Oh, if only that were so, but it's not. Perhaps that is your opinion and I surely wish your opinion was the official definition. However, in spite of your sincerest and noblest intentions, opinions vary.

    Until the courts, or congress or an amendment codifies the definition, then so long as one parent is a US citizen, then the child is a US citizen regardless of birth location. To bolster that position, we only have to look to Obama as the precedent President. Heck, you can even present a fabricated/questionable birth certificate to prove it!

  • Trader makes gutsy bet on a speedy market plunge

    01/22/2015 4:35:33 PM PST · 58 of 58
    jaydee770 to Toddsterpatriot

    Ahhh. Thanks for the gist and the link.

  • Justified Final Season Thread [Spoiler Alert]

    01/22/2015 4:09:29 PM PST · 38 of 51
    jaydee770 to DoodleDawg

    Australian. Damon Herriman. He’s from Adelaide.

    I did not know that. I just looked up a youtube interview he did and all I can say is *WOW*!! He did an amazing* job “dumbing-down” for that role. It can’t be easy to act that dense - believably. On top of that, myself having spent some years between G’Ville and St. Augustine, he absolutely nailed that north-central-florida redneck accent. I’m floored!

  • Justified Final Season Thread [Spoiler Alert]

    01/22/2015 1:01:12 PM PST · 4 of 51
    jaydee770 to ColdOne

    Dangit! Did it start already?

  • Trader makes gutsy bet on a speedy market plunge

    01/22/2015 12:59:49 PM PST · 51 of 58
    jaydee770 to Citizen Zed

    Here’s a teachable moment!

    For those of us who aren’t familiar, would someone be kind enough to explain how you buy something today and make money tomorrow when the market goes *down*?

    And please excuse my ignorance on the matter.

  • Baker faces complaint for refusing anti-gay message on cake

    01/22/2015 4:27:45 AM PST · 4 of 24
    jaydee770 to samtheman
    Hey, here’s a thought: maybe the government should have no opinion at all on who sells cakes to whom and what’s written on them.

    Businesses should have the right to refuse service or provide service however they choose. Whether the business is deemed appropriate or out of line should be left up to the customers. The market will always sort itself out.

  • The bitcoin bubble has burst – but the real excitement is yet to come

    01/21/2015 5:10:22 PM PST · 7 of 24
    jaydee770 to 9thLife

    I’m still a bit leery and unconvinced that these crypto-currencies are fully beyond govt manipulation & control, so for now (subject to change) my long term expectations for it are pretty low, at least in my lifetime.

  • Cop Who Shot Off His Own Finger Points the Finger at Gun Shop

    01/21/2015 7:25:50 AM PST · 62 of 83
    jaydee770 to Jed Eckert

    If I were the judge deciding this suit, I would split the blame. The cop showed no common sense handling the pistol and demonstrated he is a danger to himself and those around him. The gun store should have cleared the pistol before handing it over, period.

    I’m also at a complete loss, trying to think of some scenario where a display-case weapon, in a gun store, is loaded with live ammo and put back in the display case *still* loaded. How does that even happen? This one is a real befuddler.

    If they want to check feeding from a mag, my local shop has hi-viz dummy rounds and the weapon is checked and cleared before and after. It isn’t difficult and is reflexive.

  • MI:Open Carrier Accused of Concealed Carry in Detroit: Jury Trial, Not Guilty!

    01/19/2015 5:30:42 PM PST · 8 of 25
    jaydee770 to marktwain

    The chief, the prosecutor *and* the judge!

    If the phone video directly contradicts the officer’s *sworn* testimony, then someone should be prosecuted for perjury. That they aren’t speaks to the integrity of the prosecutor and the court.

  • ‘American Sniper’ Complaints Grow in Hollywood: Should Clint Eastwood Be Celebrating a Killer?

    01/18/2015 5:05:10 PM PST · 46 of 136
    jaydee770 to BenLurkin

    The best thing we could do is just ignore it. Why do we care what they think?

    Just let the box-office receipts speak for themselves.

  • Liberals on Social Media: "You're a Racist" if you Like "American Sniper" over "Selma"

    01/18/2015 3:26:08 PM PST · 28 of 110
    jaydee770 to rightistight

    I’m not watching either movie. Let me take a wild guess:
    That still makes me racist somehow.

  • American Sniper: A Contrarian View

    01/18/2015 11:50:38 AM PST · 68 of 76
    jaydee770 to Oldpuppymax
    "...why was he not deployed in missions to assassinate enemy leaders, rather than combatant targets on the ground?..."
    What would lead anyone to think that it's the trigger-puller who tells his chain-of-command what missions he will take?

    War fighter's don't get to choose or make-up their own missions, Their missions are assigned to them. If the chain of command wanted Kyle to go after an enemy leader, they would have assigned that specific mission to him. They didn't, so he *couldn't*.

  • Majority of U.S. Public school students are in poverty

    01/18/2015 10:56:49 AM PST · 32 of 47
    jaydee770 to wtd

    I have no idea exactly how they are defining “Poverty”, but I am pretty darned sure it’s goofy as heck.

  • This is Dish's Sling TV: an internet TV service that lets you stream ESPN for $20

    01/17/2015 7:56:18 AM PST · 26 of 31
    jaydee770 to Utilizer

    In Atlanta, you would think the market is large enough for each local to have a live stream, but the only one I can see is WSB... We are in the “fringe” reception range for the locals and I might look for a high-gain over-the-air antenna, but with the thunderstorms we get every summer, that’s asking for trouble with even a strike nearby (how I lost a SW radio).

    We’re not big on sports either — mainly because every time I watch the Braves, they lose. So I have made a personal commitment to stop watching & jinxing them.

    The channel lineup on Playstation Vue has all the history, discovery, science, etc channels that we like to watch. So I’ve got my fingers crossed that when it launches, it comes in at a subscription price competitive to Sling TV. If it does, we’re on it.

  • Free Qur’an Dispels Islamophobic Hate

    01/17/2015 7:47:59 AM PST · 18 of 25
    jaydee770 to Citizen Zed

    To be sure, the book has commands to violence. The Christian Bible contains violence too. But here’s the difference: What Christian major denominations, sub-sects or even way out there whack-a-doodle cults are promoting strict adherence to the literal text to “take an eye for an eye” or whatever?


    How many organized, well financed, international major Muslim sects, sub-sects and/or whack-a-doodle cults are out there with extremely high levels of devout fervor, *PASSIONATELY* demanding stoning, chopping off hands and heads, and are otherwise stuck in the 12th century, literal-text and *WILL* want to kill you if you tell them to knock it off?

    That’s the biggest difference I see and that’s enough. I’m sure there are volumes that could be written about the other glaring differences.

  • This May Be the Best Cartoon Response to the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

    01/15/2015 6:40:02 PM PST · 33 of 34
    jaydee770 to wtd

    “Cartoon” response?! I’d much rather prefer a stronger response. Something in the 1kt - 10kt yield on Mecca and Medina for starters...

  • This is Dish's Sling TV: an internet TV service that lets you stream ESPN for $20

    01/15/2015 2:22:17 PM PST · 16 of 31
    jaydee770 to Utilizer

    Oh, I so want to cut the cord...

    Sling TV looks pretty good. But in checking it out, it led me to google “Playstation Vue” which is a similar service coming out soon, but has (I think) a *much* better channel lineup.

    Sony hasn’t announced the subscription price for Playstation Vue yet and I have my fingers crossed...

    Dump landline.
    Dump cable.
    Keep internet.
    Drop my monthly bill by up to $120! (depending on cost of Sling or Vue)

    I suspect if either take off — and I think they should — this could spell trouble for cable companies. At the very least, their local monopolies will be hit hard and they will be forced to compete. Heh!

  • NASCAR’s Kurt Busch says ex-girlfriend is trained assassin

    01/13/2015 8:16:50 PM PST · 37 of 54
    jaydee770 to ConservativeStatement

    I thought the first rule of Assassin’s Club is that you don’t talk about Assassin’s Club.

  • Pro-choice lawyer who drafted Roe: “Abortion should eliminate the poor”

    01/11/2015 7:24:12 PM PST · 34 of 49
    jaydee770 to jonascord
    Still looking for the downside, here...
    I see where you're going with it, but there's still that tricky bit about eternal damnation... I believe we are stuck thinning the democrats the hard way.
  • Perceived Carry Decoys: Mimicry in Human Armament

    01/10/2015 10:24:33 AM PST · 39 of 43
    jaydee770 to marktwain

    He should probably consider the chances he will be accosted by a feral urban “yout” who is under the influence and calls his bluff out of stupidity. Then what? Does he become yet another statistic? Where’s the fun in that?

  • Discovery president admits that Eaten Alive stunt where anaconda was supposed to eat a grown man was

    01/09/2015 11:04:51 AM PST · 7 of 10
    jaydee770 to C19fan

    I missed it. Think I was watching “(NOT) Finding Bigfoot” instead.

  • Today’s vote for Speaker mostly a losing situation for America

    01/06/2015 2:08:23 PM PST · 12 of 12
    jaydee770 to Oldpuppymax

    My congress-critter (Westmoreland) was getting hammered before today on booting boehner. Well, he voted for him and now he’s getting his @$$ tore up on his facebook page.

    I think the only thing that will get his attention is to primary him and there’s a bunch of folks talking that up. I plan on supporting them however I can.


    01/06/2015 10:35:15 AM PST · 183 of 211
    jaydee770 to magglepuss
    But wishing for it does not make it happen. I’m not at all clear how losing elections is helpful.
    I'm thinking there is a prevailing impression that a newly minted political party *MUST* win the presidency as soon as the party is declared, or it won't work.

    Things I would ask folks to consider if they are against or afraid of a new party:
    - Why does the new party have to be declared *right now*?
    - Why does the Presidency have to be immediately won by the new party right off the bat?
    - Ted Cruz is generally accepted as conservative, is it ok that he is a registered republican out of practical necessity (for now)?
    - Would it be possible to keep picking off seats in congress with each election and, once the conservative congressional caucus reaches critical mass, *then* declare a new party?
    - Could a conservative group in congress caucus with the GOP on most/common issues and vote against the GOP on line-in-the-sand issues? - Could a conservative congressional group subvert the Republican party from within? This would be my very last choice as I think the GOP is a tainted brand, but I'll take it if it's all I can get.

    See where I'm headed here? I don't and will not support the GOP as a party. But I am capable of directly supporting individual conservative candidates who have to register as a republican (for now) out of practical necessity. Ultimately, I'd dearly love to see a new party formed some day. Much of that depends on more and more voters coming around to directly supporting conservative candidates.

    In short, I personally see no need to formally declare a third party right this very moment. But there should be no problem for Republican candidates (like Cruz, etc) to start building the brand as a subset of the GOP until they are better positioned to declare a new party.

  • Conservatives Are The Real RINO’s

    01/06/2015 8:01:41 AM PST · 73 of 81
    jaydee770 to LeoMcNeil
    How could any conservative vote for such a person, particularly in a primary?
    Mind-boggling; yet they do. In majority-vote tipping numbers.
    The GOP hasn’t nominated a conservative for President in 30 years. We have to face the fact that the party isn’t as conservative as it pretends to be.
    Full circle to the orginal thread subject! At some point, sooner or later (I think likely later), politically active conservatives will either grow into a new party -or- replace the GOP. Personally, whenever it gets around to happening, I'd prefer a new party. The GOP brand is tainted to me. But as long as conservatives set the agenda, I'll take either.
  • Conservatives Are The Real RINO’s

    01/06/2015 7:53:56 AM PST · 72 of 81
    jaydee770 to central_va; defconw

    Not in the voting booth where it counts the most. Line 10 citizens up and ask for a show of hands as to who is a “baseball, Mom and apple-pie” patriot and likes a traditional, conservative way of life. Most will agree. Put those same folks who just self-identified as “conservative” in a voting booth and have them choose between a declared conservative and a GOPe stooge - you get Boehner, McConnell, Graham, Cochran, etc. If conservatives dominated the voting booth and voted conservative, we wouldn’t be in this political pickle.

    Regardless, just because we can’t always get the candidates we like, should we just lay down and quit trying to grow and solidify the conservative caucus (that includes candidates) and *voters* — LIKE I WAS TALKING ABOUT? One-by-one each election, if we have to? Did we not just gain some more conservative congressmen in this last election? Granted, we didn’t get every one we wanted, but we still got some. Is there no hope in that?

    We’re way off track here. The original post was that the GOP is not a good fit for conservatives and looking at it from that viewpoint, conservatives *do* more accurately fit the acronym, “RINO”. I agree with that sentiment and it logically leads us to the conclusion that a new party will need to emerge — *EVENTUALLY*. My point is that conservatives won’t/can’t win EVERYTHING WE WANT right off the bat but we should NOT allow that fact to stop us from trying to grow within the GOP until we can replace it internally -or- separate from it with a new party and force it down to minor party status, whatever the outcome is... For sure, it will not be as fast as flipping a light switch.

    If anything, you certainly do reinforce Defconw’s point that FR does have a penchant for circular firing squads. Even when we agree, someone has to come along and disagree and accuse folks of not having a clue. I’m not the brightest bulb, but I’m pretty sure I *at least* have a clue. You gotta love us!

  • Conservatives Are The Real RINO’s

    01/06/2015 6:32:26 AM PST · 65 of 81
    jaydee770 to central_va
    Conservatives way out number liberals and indys by far.
  • Conservatives Are The Real RINO’s

    01/06/2015 6:26:21 AM PST · 63 of 81
    jaydee770 to defconw
    Define conservative, because I'll be damned if I can not on Free Republic that's for sure. This forum can't even agree on a candidate.
    FR is a great forum, but it's entire membership combined including lurkers and just occasional readers equates to what percentage of the total Republican voters? Probably not a majority.

    I'm not denigrating - I'm just saying that judging possibilities by a bunch of occasional curmudgeons on an internet forum is probably not a sound assessment of conditions.

    "Conservative" does not need to be defined to suit some FR curmudgeons. I'm no source to be highly regarded, but most folks agree that a return to the original intent of the constitution, fiscal responsibility, capable national defense, minimizing govt and maximizing liberty are some of the core principles to work towards. I think the biggest disconnect here on FR comes when folks start digging into the details. And then we all start expending enormous amounts of brain-power and effort looking for any way to say ""NO" when it is easier to say "YES" and work towards common goals. We are spoiled brats in that regard. And with that in mind, judging national consensus on any specific conservative issue by passionate arguments on FR is probably not a good idea.

  • Conservatives Are The Real RINO’s

    01/06/2015 5:59:28 AM PST · 61 of 81
    jaydee770 to LeoMcNeil
    The problem is that there aren’t enough conservative voters to create a sustainable conservative party.
    You are absolutely correct - for now. Yet more and more Republican voters are trending towards more conservative candidates, so the interest is there and building, but not to critical-mass yet. Which is why I said no one expects a conservative party to win it all, right off the bat.

    The idea is only offensive to libs. Most (not all, but most) republican voters are not reflexively turned off by a conservative candidate. I would wager there's a significant percentage who vote for who they think will win -- heavily influenced by media driven polls and purchased-popularity -- not necessarily who they think is more (or less) conservative. Example: the re-election of Boehner & McConnell. How many voted for them because they truly liked the two chronic capitulators over a conservative -- as opposed to -- they saw Boehner's/McConnell's name and face the most on TV and really were just voting *against* Obama with the candidate the TV told them would win. How many Boehner/McConnell voters really know (or for now, care to know) the difference between RINOs and conservatives? How much have conservatives tried to promote their values, goals and benefits to those Boehner/McConnell voters?

    There's no better time to get started than right now. For just one idea that even I (being an avg idiot) can think of, start with a more prominently P.R.'d conservative congressional caucus in the house and senate made of GOP registered (for the obvious practical reasons) conservative congressmen who caucus in a tightly coordinated fashion, bucking the GOP on line-in-the-sand issues. With every election season, keep fighting to build seat-count. One at a time if you have to, but I think it will grow better than we predict.

    This isn't rocket surgery. I'm highly confident there are folks smarter than me who can provide better options for strategy and tactics.

    Someone capable just needs to be brave enough to stand up and run *hard* with it. All I've seen so far is someone will leave the conservative huddle, go stick his toe in the water and decide it's too cold, then scamper back to the huddle where all we seem to do is wring-hands and gnash teeth.

  • Conservatives Are The Real RINO’s

    01/05/2015 11:27:08 AM PST · 53 of 81
    jaydee770 to defconw
    Voting third party guarantees a Democrat will win
    That threat has become a nice example of intellectual laziness. I can't say as I blame you, it is "low hanging fruit" and the political right is sloppy-drunk with intellectual laziness.

    But it presumes those exploring the possibility of a third or replacement party expect a third-party to win it all instantly. I don't know anyone who expects that.

    Why can't we have candidates, registered as republicans, who vote as a bloc of conservatives and caucus tightly together? Sort of like other congressional voting blocs (latino, black, women, whatever). Conservatives are (supposedly) minorities too!

    Why can't that conservative voting bloc grow over the election seasons until it reached critical mass and public familiarity *AND THEN* declare a new party? Could that new party and the GOP caucus together for the vast majority of things against the Dems? Why does the gradual replacement of the GOP (a thoroughly tainted brand) seem to be so difficult to most folks? It does not have to be as sudden as flipping a light switch.

    I'm just an average idiot and I can think of possibilities like that. There are a bunch of folks far smarter than I that could most assuredly develop even better, sound, reasonable, practicable strategies.

    The point being, more and more folks don't see much difference between a RINO winning and a Dem winning. If that is their perception, then saying "voting third party guarantees a dem win" is no longer a threat or at worst, a very minimal threat. If conservatives are serious, they should start striking while the iron is hot. They have a lot of MSM sniping to overcome and start building brand recognition.

    Plus, repeating that threat is just following the masses and not truly thinking about realistic, plausible possibilities. And here lately on the GOP side of reality, it is a fair bet that if you follow the masses, the "m" becomes silent (see also: Boehner, McConnell, Graham, et al).

  • Conservatives Are The Real RINO’s

    01/05/2015 7:03:36 AM PST · 34 of 81
    jaydee770 to defconw

    He’s not name-calling; he’s pointing out the painfully (to conservatives) obvious, that the Republican party is not a good match for conservatives of any stripe. He’s laid out the salient points that demonstrate that the GOP differs from the democrats only in the speed at which they increase the size and over-reach of govt.

    If you disagree, I’d be interested in hearing a refutation to any of the points stated. Particularly, how the GOP welcomes and accommodates conservatives. Even if tongue-in-cheek — we could all use a good laugh.

  • Should John Boehner be the Speaker of the House?

    01/04/2015 1:24:10 PM PST · 50 of 58
    jaydee770 to Sean_Anthony
    Should John Boehner be the Speaker of the House?
    In a sane world, absolutely not.

    The key part of that is "sane".

  • Lessons on Prepping From an Afghanistan Deployment – Part 1

    01/04/2015 1:05:39 PM PST · 12 of 25
    jaydee770 to CopperTop
    Given that no pistol is a "death ray", doing whatever you can to increase your odds is always adviseable. But if the boss says I get an M9 with FMJ, then I just have to make it work.

  • Louie Gohmert running for Speaker

    01/04/2015 8:32:03 AM PST · 96 of 109
    jaydee770 to Seattle Conservative

    I’ve been hammering my congressman via his email link. If anyone else cares to do so, here’s what the last one I sent — maybe you can use it to give you an idea of what to write your congressman:

    Dear Congressman,

    Please DO NOT retain John Boehner as Speaker of the house.

    If John Boehner is retained as speaker, then all of the seats we fought for and gained in the last election will have been for nothing. The nation needs a speaker who IS NOT a chronic capitulator! We need a speaker who will fight *AT LEAST* as hard as the democrats fight.

    John Boehner is the perfect poster child for a spineless, “Democrat-Lite” Republican. He stands for immigration amnesty. He stands for Big Government spending. He stands for weak, tepid opposition to the liberal agenda before ultimately caving into their demands.

    CONGRESSMAN LOUIE GOHMERT HAS THROWN HIS HAT INTO THE RING TO BE SPEAKER. HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to prove that you value the future of our nation more than you value any committee assignments John Boehner’s retention may reward you with personally.


    We are counting on YOU Congressman, to act in the best interest of the nation and NOT as just another congressional puppet on this matter in the pocket of Priebus, Rove and the rest of the elitist GOP anti-conservatives.

    Where do you stand?

  • DirectTV be gone, need help

    01/01/2015 12:39:34 PM PST · 23 of 64
    jaydee770 to OregonRancher

    We pay $80/month for cable TV and it’s 200 channels that may as well be a desert. Out of all of it, we may watch 6 to 8 channels with any regularity.

    Sooner or later, the cable channels (and local stations) should think about offering a web subscription to a streaming feed of their broadcast. At that point, cable and satellite will be in a world of hurt. Satellite will still have folks in the boonies who have no other alternative, but I wonder if there are enough of them to keep it going...

  • Future food dilemma

    01/01/2015 12:17:57 PM PST · 5 of 13
    jaydee770 to 2ndDivisionVet

    Before resorting to 3D-printed food, I’d really like to think folks would turn to putting in a small garden. But, I guess it’s perishable knowledge with each passing generation. Plus, with two income households, I guess they don’t think they have the time to tend to it.

    Two to four 4’x 8’ raised beds can produce a lot of food, relatively cheap and easy. Helps keep some money at home instead of the grocery and solves part of the food availability problem.

    I’d rather see the tech developed to make growing a small plot easier.

  • FL: Robber Fails to Watch Hands..and Survives

    01/01/2015 10:35:10 AM PST · 17 of 26
    jaydee770 to marktwain

    A shining opportunity wasted by poor aim...

  • The tea party’s New Year’s resolution? Fire John Boehner [Dump Boehner!]

    01/01/2015 6:47:31 AM PST · 70 of 78
    jaydee770 to Jim Robinson; All

    Agreed — But I do not believe that is clear enough.

    I think we should also rally around a named replacement for Boehner; someone who could provide a focal point for support.

    My problem is I have no idea who most folks would agree on and I’m open to suggestion.

  • American Music (vanity)

    01/01/2015 5:22:25 AM PST · 2 of 5
    jaydee770 to Ray76

    First stumbled across The Blasters in the movie, “Streets of Fire” when I was in the service in Germany. We wore that movie out, passing it around.

    The Blasters are one of those bands who (I firmly believe) should be a lot more successful and famous than they are and because of that, I lack confidence in our society’s opinion of “good” music.

  • 3 Lies of Net Neutrality

    12/31/2014 3:50:03 PM PST · 16 of 27
    jaydee770 to lifeofgrace

    I’m hard pressed to think of anything that the U.S. government regulates in the commercial market that is substantially improved. I’m sure there must be a rare example or two, but none that I can think of right now.

    Sow “Govt” on most anything in the private arena and you will likely reap a bitter harvest.

  • Racing toward a third Party: Can we win in 2020 by losing in 2016?

    12/30/2014 1:42:32 PM PST · 36 of 50
    jaydee770 to Oldpuppymax; All

    I’m with you guys.

    Seriously, there have been attempts by other orgs (Nader, Perot, etc) that failed — but the difference is that the time did not seem ripe when they tried. Now, public disgust with the status quo is at an all time high.

    In my opinion, we are not going to take over the GOP. I think there is too much RINO money in it and it is impenetrable; bought & paid for and fully controlled (soup to nuts) by their RINO benefactors. There is no way I can see conservatives flipping the GOP. That just ain’t gonna happen.

    If there is going to be a third party, now seems to be the time to try it. Do I think it will succeed right out of the gate? Nope. It may take several election seasons to start building critical mass. Nothing is guaranteed. But we have to start somewhere. I would not aim for the Presidency; rather, I would aim at lower offices (local, county, state and fed) wherever one was winnable and work up from there. Next thing you know, a sizable percentage of seats were in the new party. Heck, do it by stealth! Run as GOP to get elected and then once in, caucus with other conservatives. Form a voting bloc within congress.

    Once that bloc reaches a certain size, *then* announce the formation of a new party from that voting bloc (just one idea, I’m sure there are others far smarter than me). But I would not seek to take over the GOP; I’d seek to subvert it and ultimately elbow it out of the way. That GOP “brand” is tainted beyond recovery to me.

    The biggest obstacle I see is the mouth-breathing idiot voters who reflexively vote the way the TV tells them to. Think of the mental-defects in OH and KY who inflicted Boehner and McConnell on us again in an election season where they should have known FULL WELL that those two bastar... er, creeps were treasonous RINOs. I don’t care how pretty the third-party is or how much campaign cash they can generate — if the 3rd party candidate(s) can’t overcome & *dominate* the MSM filter and penetrate the thick skulls of voters like the idiots in OH and KY, then you will never win.

    I wish the conservative 3rd party luck and I (for one) will be pulling for them and entusiastically supporting them. It is our last, best chance.

  • United Airlines sues 22-year-old who found way to get cheaper plane tickets

    12/30/2014 11:59:44 AM PST · 82 of 99
    jaydee770 to Political Junkie Too
    1. Like it or not, you are violating the terms of the contract.
    So this would be a minor civil matter. I don't see either side willing to invest thousands of dollars in legal fees over a couple-hundred dollar (or less) matter. But, if the airlines chooses, I'm sure that one airline could choose not to do any future business with you.
    2. Suppose you get off in San Francisco, and then the plane crashes in the Sierra. Now everyone thinks you're dead. Now suppose that you're a super opportunistic person and decide to stay dead.
    Only likely if the same flight you initially boarded *is* the connecting flight and you were not required to deplane and re-board. I've been flying up to 45 weeks a year since 2000 and have never encountered one of those connections. Even when the same plane continues on to the final destination, I've always been made to deplane and re-board so the cleaners and caterers can go over the plane between flight legs. However, perhaps I'm an oddball case. Are there still split-flights where they allow you to remain in your seat?
    3. Suppose the airline system notices that you failed to check in to the Tahoe flight and adds you to the FBI BOLO list. Now you are a fugitive terrorist on the run.
    I don't see why they would do this. People fail to show and board on many flights daily. I think the airlines actually bank on this or else they would not over-book a flight. And all the folks flying "stand-by" are sure hoping you don't make your flight. Could be you were stuck in traffic; stuck in the bathroom or just decided you didn't want to fly - they would need some additional *serious* reasons to involve airport security, much less the FBI, because you missed a flight. Remember, all they know is that you didn't board. There could be any number of reasons why - the vast majority of which are innocent and reasonable.

    I think the airlines really can't do squat about individual passengers gaming the system and they know it. But when some dude comes up with a technological tool to assist folks in gaming the system, then they have a stationary target they can focus their lawyers on and I'm betting that is the case with this story.

  • The Fate of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

    12/27/2014 10:00:17 AM PST · 14 of 17
    jaydee770 to darkwing104
    He's a political problem for the Chain of Command. I remain hopeful, but would be surprised if he even got an Art-15, mailed-in or otherwise...

  • Vanity: Anyone out there have an AR7?

    12/26/2014 11:43:09 AM PST · 48 of 67
    jaydee770 to Vermont Lt

    Another advantage of the 10/22-Takedown over an AR7 is parts. There are a gazillion 10/22’s out there that could be cannablized for parts of needed, not to mention the thriving accessories market for the thing. I’m not sure how commonly available AR7 parts are, especially mags.

    Just something else to add to the list of considerations.

  • LAPD Investigating Song Mocking Michael Brown

    12/24/2014 9:16:22 AM PST · 13 of 42
    jaydee770 to PROCON

    Ignorance abounds on both sides of this particular incident.

  • With Amnesty Betrayal, Republicans Reach For Whig-Dom

    12/24/2014 7:30:52 AM PST · 16 of 18
    jaydee770 to massmike

    Why call it “Whig”-anything, after a failed party that can so easily be “Alinsky’d” by the media? Why not something the low-info voter can more easily digest, like “Constitutional-Patriot” party or something like that? At least make the media work for it.

    And let’s be honest with ourselves — the critical mass of low-info voters is the big challenge as they are always voting for the “Santa-Claus” candidate. Think of the idiot voters in OH and KY who inflicted Boehner and McConnell on us again.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to disparage, it just seems that conservatives are obsessed with making things more difficult than they really need to be. Just keep it simple, dangit!

    Maybe I just need more coffee. Ok, I take it all back.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • I've Got a Problem With Adobe Flash Loading...HALP

    12/23/2014 4:38:57 PM PST · 38 of 40
    jaydee770 to RetSignman

    IF you got an unexpected popup to update flash right when you clicked on a video *AND* you clicked the update link in that popup, there is a fair chance it was malware.

    Go to adobe’s site directly to update flash and you should really consider installing something like malwarebytes (if you don’t have it already) and let it scan for any possible bad stuff.

  • Berkeley Man Dies After Pro-Michael Brown Protesters Delay Paramedics

    12/23/2014 11:25:55 AM PST · 44 of 51
    jaydee770 to cripplecreek
    Looks like the Mall of America is preparing a lawsuit against protesters over lost profits and wages.
    If true and not satire, I wish the M.O.A. the best of luck getting any blood out of those turnips.

    Made me think of Sharpton who owes millions in taxes and the combined might of the IRS and the Justice dept can't get a nickel out of him.

    On the other hand, it would be interesting to see the effects on those protesting neighborhoods after 6 months of consistently denied police, fire and EMS services.

  • Will the Senate threaten the 2nd Amendment?

    12/21/2014 8:58:15 PM PST · 36 of 37
    jaydee770 to nascarnation
    ...So to beat them with a 3rd party...
    I don't think anyone realistically believes a 3rd party can take over in a single election season.

    There may be as many scenarios to an ascendant third party as there are voting districts, but nothing will happen until there's a third party with capable leadership, fundraising and compelling candidates. I haven't heard of either in combination lately.

    However, if the GOP runs candidates who smell of "RINO" and funds/coordinates trashing conservative candidates, third party votes won't matter. The problem will be finding voters who can muster the intestinal fortitude and stomach going to the polls. And after all that effort, the Dem candidate will still win. Handily. Besides, I can't think of anything else that would drive people to a third party more assuredly than the way the GOP behaved in this recent election.

    Further, folks are going to bristle and rebel at any mention of the tired old, worn-out, re-treaded argument, "Vote GOP cause 3rd party elects Dems". If the crux of the GOP's campaign is going to be "Vote for us or the Dem wins", then just hang it up. It's over before it's started.

    The GOP candidates better have a clear, convincing, small govt argument for why anyone should vote for them. And a bunch of conservative voters will have their B.S. detectors highly calibrated and scanning 360 degrees. There are no more "gimme" elections for the GOP. I'd say that Boehner and McConnell have seen to that.

  • Will the Senate threaten the 2nd Amendment?

    12/21/2014 8:30:07 PM PST · 35 of 37
    jaydee770 to Kackikat
    I experienced the Ross Perot election, and all of the Conservatives who voted for him feel they lost the election to the democrats because of it. Later it was discovered the Democrats were overjoyed for the third party candidate.
    I experienced that Perot campaign season too.

    Two reasons I think "now" may be different:

    1. The Dems and Repubs were not as near universally despised as they are right now. The season is RIPE for a new party to rise up *IF* it has capable leadership and compelling candidates.

    2. It was Ross "Doofus" Perot. A veritable cartoon in real life. Then his VP pick, "Why am I here?". Doomed from the start.

    To be absolutely clear - I don't know that a third party would win, but I do think that if there was ever a chance for a third party to get it's foot in the door, now is as good a time as any. Pretty much every poll shows *DEEP* dissatisfaction with both parties in congress and the presidency. I don't remember it being anywhere near this bad when Perot ran.