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  • The Mormonizing of America (BOOK EXCERPT, PT 3) [IF Lds lone true church, then are rest 'cultic?']

    07/18/2012 1:21:49 PM PDT · 138 of 138
    JDW11235 to gortklattu

    “You’re right. Their hatred is getting old. It’s like the conservative version of Jeremiah Wright.”

    Except he’s more conservative, and higher paid. Oh yeah, and not angry at his own apostasy. Oh yeah, and he’s a man. But behavioral wise, right on.

  • Trump: Romney shouldn't disclose tax returns until Obama proves his identity

    07/15/2012 12:48:29 PM PDT · 9 of 138
    JDW11235 to oldbrowser

    Excellent tagline. I thought this to myself yesterday when I saw that they were calling for more tax records. I’m just release a slip of paper that says something like “Call me when Obama has released his ________.”

  • Trump: Romney shouldn't disclose tax returns until Obama proves his identity

    07/15/2012 12:46:25 PM PDT · 7 of 138
    JDW11235 to Past Your Eyes

    You have to be nuts or an obsessed liar (can be both!), to interject a lie, completely unrelated to anything the thread addresses, on a thread with legitimate purpose, simply because you can’t get over your own change of denomination. It’s really, really, sad. Keep her in your prayers.

  • How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!

    07/11/2012 12:47:17 PM PDT · 29 of 64
    JDW11235 to CodeToad; Mich Patriot

    “but I’ll gladly stop at a few checkpoints if it means we’re finally cracking down on illegals”

    Herr Obama welcomes your ignorant desire for “security” at the expense of liberty.

    Did you mention illegals???....

    “Closure of Border Patrol Stations Across Four States Triggers Alarm”

    “The Obama administration is moving to shut down nine Border Patrol stations across four states, triggering a backlash from local law enforcement, members of Congress and Border Patrol agents themselves. “

  • What If Nothing Happens?

    07/07/2012 9:30:20 PM PDT · 78 of 88
    JDW11235 to Kartographer

    Heya Kart, I saw your exchange, and want to thank you for your well reasoned (as always) and helpful posts. Some people just like their head in the sand, or worse, want to be the cowboys in a disaster.

    Due to the power outages back east, my brother’s family, and folks were out of power for a week. My brother fired up his generator and asked his friends if they needed to use his freezer to store all of their frozen goods, or at least the most valuable. He explained that power might be out a while, but they insisted it would only be a few hours without power, maybe a day or two tops. Within days, they came with coolers of meat, begging to salvage what little had not already spoiled in the heat wave. He, of course, helped them, but they had lost hundreds to thousands of dollars in meats, etc. The saddest part is that they could have saved it all, if only they had accepted the invitation. They DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO PREPARE THEMSELVES, my brother offered to share his preps (in this case the generator and freezer) to help them, and they still declined until it was too late!

    May we all take that as an example. As you often quote, the wise see danger and take shelter, and the foolish don’t, and suffer (I don’t remember it verbatim, sorry). God bless you and yours, and thanks for all the work you do, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Utah Garden Challenge Actually Government Registration In Disguise

    07/07/2012 9:17:45 PM PDT · 21 of 36
    JDW11235 to maine yankee

    “First they came for the flower gardeners, and I said nothing.

    Next they came for the vegetable gardeners.....”
    This was from about 3 weeks ago, but the story is a little bit older:

    “Gov Criminalizes Self Reliance: Woman’s Survival Garden Seized and Destroyed by Authorities”

  • Utah Garden Challenge Actually Government Registration In Disguise

    07/07/2012 9:14:33 PM PDT · 20 of 36
    JDW11235 to Ellendra

    I saw this earlier and added some keywords. Thank you so much for sending out the ping. Living here, I’d never comply. This is truly ridiculous, but then again ammo is getting banned by Herbert, and, after all it IS ILLEGAL to gather rainwater in Utah.*

    (*You are now, as of last year, permitted to get a legal permit, allowing one to gather a few hundred gallons of rainwater, our benefactor’s gift to us peasants, just a small token of the government’s benevolence.)

  • Storm Warning: The Gloomy Forecast for EMPs

    07/07/2012 9:09:51 PM PDT · 27 of 86
    JDW11235 to Travis McGee

    No, no, no, they just didn’t have the computers required to print enough stimulus. Get your story straight!

  • Storm Warning: The Gloomy Forecast for EMPs

    07/07/2012 9:08:40 PM PDT · 25 of 86
    JDW11235 to redlegplanner; driftdiver

    “Y2K was a real threat that was wisely diverted thru a great deal of money and effort.

    Calling it a scam is like describing the flood risk along the Mississippi as a scam.”
    Kinda like that biblical Jonah and his Nineveh scam huh?/s

    In all seriousness, that truly was a disaster averted.

  • Obama censors the Declaration of Independence

    07/05/2012 11:17:25 AM PDT · 73 of 83
    JDW11235 to angelcindy

    Well, normally, I wouldn’t say it, but since you brought it up...I have long believed Obama to be the antichrist of the last days (he’s obviously not the first). Many people felt it right away. Some people mocked the idea, saying “Little old Obama? He’s just from Hawaii (KENYA!), and an idiot, and powerless.” Well, he is an idiot, but he’s certainly a devil worshiper. There is not a single Godly thing that he is not at odds with that I can name.

    But, people miss a far greater point. THE Antichrist doesn’t get zapped to Earth someday by miraculous power. He’s going to be a normal human being. And he’s also not going to be a baby. Ergo, the antichrist doesn’t start out with all of the power (literal or political), but will gradually build up to it, over his lifetime (just like Obama). I feel pretty confident that Obama fits the bill, but hey, he may mere by AN antichrist and not THE antichrist.

    My prediction: He gets ousted in an upcoming election; tries to make himself king, fails; runs to Europe; leads or dominates a global group (like the U.N.; and...the rest I’m not saying (read George Washington’s vision). Then, the book of Revelation is pretty clear on what happens next.

  • College grads learning good jobs hard to find now (employers note "skill gap")

    07/01/2012 7:57:14 PM PDT · 202 of 240
    JDW11235 to Mycroft Holmes

    I had to log in just to tell you THANK YOU. I have never herd of such a site, and I am immensely grateful for you posting that. I have had a friend who has been asking me to help him understand economics for some time, but I’m not able to explain everything I know. Now he can watch the videos on that site and learn at his own pace! Thanks again.

    (Ironically, he stopped going to College because he didn’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars for that “increasingly worthless piece of paper.” I feel the same way, now, although years ago, I did get two of them, lol).

  • Why Congress Doesn’t Work

    06/28/2012 9:28:39 PM PDT · 3 of 15
    JDW11235 to QT3.14

    I’ll take, “The 17th Amendment and The Apportionment Act of 1911,” for $1,000, Alex.

  • SCOTUS' Decision Hands Feds Unlimited Power to Force You to Buy What They Want You to Buy

    06/28/2012 8:51:47 PM PDT · 106 of 120
    JDW11235 to abigail2

    Thank you for the ping Ms. Abigail, I appreciate them all, even if I forget to give credit where it’s due. I appreciate all of your pings over these last few years, may God help us all, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  • "Secession withdraws the State out of the reach of the usurped powers" - Abel P. Upshur

    06/28/2012 8:49:16 PM PDT · 14 of 64
    JDW11235 to central_va; Melas

    Listen to central_va, Melas, as (s?)he is correct. Prior to the start of the war, only about 25% of the populations of the Southern states were pro-secession IIRC. Once the initial fighting began, and the people saw what was at stake, in real world terms, the south was galvanized against the murderous tyranny. Things happen at an exponential rate. At first it seems the smoldering so slow that nothing is happening, then there’s the fire.

  • Woman's speed trap warning lands her in jail (video at link)

    06/26/2012 5:40:03 PM PDT · 34 of 80
    JDW11235 to Future Snake Eater

    There’s only two classes of people. The criminals with a badge, and the criminals without one.

  • Farm Bill 2012: Over-regulation Strikes Again!

    06/26/2012 3:21:39 PM PDT · 24 of 26
    JDW11235 to PeterPrinciple

    You bring up some very good points. Unfortunately no matter how well intentioned, subsidies take money from one person and give it to another, and there’s no basis for them in the Constitution. The Depression was a giant debacle and people look at it far differently, depending on whether they were the moochers or the moochees.

    Both my parents come from farming stock, and different sides of the country. Dad was around for the depression, mom a little after, but her mother and grandmother often spoke of the depression. Ergo, I have no first hand experience, but both sides of my family hated the policies instituted during the Depression (Dad is conservative, mom’s mom is an old school Democrat, more conservative than most Republicans, but somewhat liberal).
    RE: “We haven’t had a good drought in Iowa for several years, LUCK or MGT? When my parents farmed, it was more years of bad crop than good.”

    It may be neither, directly. “Geoengineering” as they call it, is widely practiced. Here in the local paper this spring, there was a report of how much our agricultural county, and the next county over, budget for cloud seeding (altering weather to make rain, if you didn’t know), as well as how much the state kicks in. In all the amount we paid was IIRC around 300k each year (75k from each county, and the other 150k from the state). Ironically last year this area was considered a FEMA flood zone, and a few people’s homes were damaged. The paper also mentioned that the clouds are seeded each and every year, regardless of precipitation, I guess just in case. Makes me wonder why the clouds had to be seeded (at our expense) last year in the first place.

  • Farm Bill 2012: Over-regulation Strikes Again!

    06/26/2012 1:02:59 PM PDT · 19 of 26
    JDW11235 to ozzymandus

    Link please! Oh, and one with a $500 Billion figure, since it is after all a “majority.”

    “you bore me.” Typical libspeak for...”I can’t prove my lies, so now I’m going to pout, why are you being so unfair. Can’t I just say whatever I want!?!!? Waaaaaa!!!!”

  • Farm Bill 2012: Over-regulation Strikes Again!

    06/26/2012 12:50:01 PM PDT · 17 of 26
    JDW11235 to ozzymandus

    Back it *up.

  • Farm Bill 2012: Over-regulation Strikes Again!

    06/26/2012 12:49:03 PM PDT · 16 of 26
    JDW11235 to ozzymandus

    Ok, I’ll bite.

    You said “The majority of the money in the farm bill is for food stamps.”

    Back it of. Show me a link that explains more than $500 BILLION dollars going to food stamps. I’m sure you can find one fast. And you’re still the BOLD faced liar.

  • Farm Bill 2012: Over-regulation Strikes Again!

    06/26/2012 12:17:48 PM PDT · 13 of 26
    JDW11235 to PeterPrinciple

    The solution to all of this nonsense is a slashing of government at all levels back to its Constitutional role. The increasing entitlement mentality to OPM is getting out of the realm of sanity.

    The fact is, that food is NOT cheap. Yes, the U.S. it is cheaper than other places in the world, but it is being held at an artificially cheap cost through various types of subsidies, incentives to mega corps that produce increasing low quality food, increasing regulation on small farmers to benefit the mega corporations that don’t pay inheritance taxes and who get an increased market share, and an artificially strong dollar. At some point the musical chairs game of fiat money and (more importantly) deficit spending is going to stop. At that point people are going to come to realize that when God stated “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,” it didn’t mean by the sweat of someone else’s face. We may not all turn into farmers, per se, but living off of someone else at the point of government robbery won’t stand much longer.

    “Democracies are as short in their lives, as they are violent in their deaths.” We ceased to actually be a Constitutional republic 100 years ago, and the wind down is coming to a close. There will be a revival or the final nail in the coffin, but either way, big government never, ever, ever, lasts.

  • Farm Bill 2012: Over-regulation Strikes Again!

    06/26/2012 12:06:40 PM PDT · 11 of 26
    JDW11235 to ozzymandus

    You’re also a whiner of world class, and more and more resoundingly, apparently a liberal.

    Your whining was to pretend that Food Stamps made up most of the farm bill. A BOLD FACED LIE. Second, I was addressing the points made by the previous poster, which you attempted to put off by LYING, not claiming you owned Monsanto.

    Third, while boohoo-ing, although you seem to have mastered the reductio ad absurdum, and as much as I enjoy seeing that moronic fallacy, I know that a true conservative would instantly want to remove the subsidies, not argue that theirs was such a pittance.

    As to:
    “If you think farming is such a gold mine, why don’t you buy a farm and cash in?”

    You have no idea whether or not I have a farm or not, but you now know my clear position on Socialist subsidies to megacorps that undermine our God-given rights to property (and subsidies to anyone else for that matter). Good day.

  • Farm Bill 2012: Over-regulation Strikes Again!

    06/26/2012 11:28:51 AM PDT · 7 of 26
    JDW11235 to ozzymandus

    “The majority of the money in the farm bill is for food stamps.”

    In the words of Joe Wilson: “YOU LIE!” $50+ Billion =/= $1 Trillion. End all subsidies. The corporate farmers receiving the subsidies are the thieves while in cases like Monsanto, they STEAL community seeds from seed banks and patent them, and lobby for enslavement through bills like SB510.

  • Top secret: $80B a year for food stamps, but feds won’t reveal what’s purchased

    06/25/2012 5:09:35 PM PDT · 75 of 76
    JDW11235 to kabumpo

    No problem, it is confusing, and I’m sure there’s exception, exemptions, and on and on. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, that’s really a shame. I wish all the best to you and yours, and her and hers. Take care.

  • Top secret: $80B a year for food stamps, but feds won’t reveal what’s purchased

    06/25/2012 11:48:54 AM PDT · 25 of 76
    JDW11235 to kabumpo

    It is my understanding that what can and cannot be purchased with food stamps is determined by the state overseeing it. This includes things like Slimfast and Ensure (vary by states), etc. Some states allow you to buy things at restaurants, some do not. While you aren’t supposed to be able to buy “hot foods,” according to the government site:

    “In some areas, restaurants can be authorized to accept SNAP benefits from qualified homeless, elderly, or disabled people in exchange for low-cost meals.” I believe that this too, varies by the state’s rules.

    Here’s a link to the eligible food item site. It doesn’t mention states variations, but if you do a internet search, you’ll find that different states DO allow different items.

    I hope that clears that up.

  • Too many wildfires caused by gun owners, says Utah governor (+video)

    06/25/2012 11:27:41 AM PDT · 76 of 81
    JDW11235 to EyeGuy

    “I assume you are referring to large-family white Mormons?”

    No, Utah culture is irrespective of the majority of people here being A) White or B) Latter-day Saints. Utah has its goods and its bads, but the culture here is one of frugality (which you could argue is a Latter-day Saint quality, but which is found no where else. Any Latter-day Saint for outside of Utah will tell you, Utahns on a whole are very, very different.

    In any event, as you stated, Socialism never works (you said inevitable fiscal downfall, but I’m rephrasing), you always run out of other people’s money. The U.S. btw has been using deficit spending and using OPM for decades. The rest of the world has been subsidizing us (and central bankers ensnaring us) and that will dissipate in short order as well. I pray one day we all learn to live within our means, and throw off the taxation and regulation strangleholds that make people not want to work. With a progressive income tax fueling a giant big brother government, you’re penalized the harder you work. A lot of people simply quit trying. A return to a limited government where men get to eat the fruit of their own labors (not someone else’s) and people will in short order start working very, very hard. People like “stuff,” largely like working for “stuff” but ultimately want to keep their “stuff.” We have few to no property rights left in this country, so many people ( I would never say it’s close to 50%) question “Why bother?”

  • Arizona v. United States--- Scalia's Dissenting Bench Statement

    06/25/2012 11:18:15 AM PDT · 12 of 67
    JDW11235 to BuckeyeTexan

    I thought you may not see this, and wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks for all of the important work you do.

  • Too many wildfires caused by gun owners, says Utah governor (+video)

    06/24/2012 10:44:11 PM PDT · 42 of 81
    JDW11235 to EyeGuy

    “I thought Utah was among the most conservative states in the US.
    How did they end up with this ignorant, propagandizing rodent?”

    Utah IS indeed very Conservative, with exceptions on a few points. The number one, is “Education.”

    The only thing that any politician EVER needs to do in order to be elected to Utah office (outside the liberal SLC metro area) is to have an “R” behind their name, and promise more “Education.”

    You see, here in the great state of Utah, we have a huge number of people receiving public benefits (through tax credits, “free schooling,” etc.), and the least number of people paying taxes (because of all their kiddies). I have been told by a retired Accounting Professor (35 years or so of business/professional experience), that we’re the worst in the union for taxpayer base (due to the number of people who pay no taxes through children subsidies), but the highest in benefits drawn (due to those same public welfare benefits “for the children”).

    Herbert was Jon Huntsman, Jr.’s Lt. Gov, and rode in as an incumbent when Huntsman left to play ambassador. I have always voted against both Huntsman and Herbert. They’re both big government liberals, but as I said, simply say you’ll tax the single people more to pay for someone else’s children, and you can hold office for life.

  • Lichen Can Survive in Space: Space Station Research Sheds Light On Origin of Life

    06/24/2012 9:27:54 PM PDT · 25 of 33
    JDW11235 to onedoug

    “It’s very compelling to least for me. And I think God would understand and appreciate humanity trying to reason it out too.”

    Me too, but at that point we get far beyond the realm of physical science, and deep into faith. “With God, all things are possible,” Moses turned a stick into a snake (through the power of God), and back again, among many, many other “miracles.” I prefer to call it the “Science of God.” He knows how to do it, and, I believe, sets up the natural laws in which we operate, which may not even be the same for one region of space to another (No one knows, and will EVER know, until/unless He revels it to them, but it certainly won’t be tested out). I’m quite certain that it is impossible for us to know something that happened before we existed, without inspiration/revelation.

    Now, people can have a theory, but in science those theories can be disproved, but NEVER, EVER, EVER, proven correct. Affirming the consequent isn’t even good logic anyway.

  • Lichen Can Survive in Space: Space Station Research Sheds Light On Origin of Life

    06/24/2012 2:35:11 PM PDT · 8 of 33
    JDW11235 to Clay Moore

    Mhmmm. Until life gets created out of nothing (impossible) in a science lab, you can chalk all of this up to impotent speculation. Real science is based upon observation, can be duplicated, and is refutable. Anything and EVERYTHING related to a time before we can observe, and have no record of, is pure fabrication, a big, fat, whopping lie, scientifically. This mumbo jumbo, and all other theories of evolution are mere scripture from the liberal church of the godless.

  • ‘Plus-Size Friendly’ Gym Bans Skinny People

    06/21/2012 8:11:57 PM PDT · 37 of 37
    JDW11235 to MD Expat in PA

    I enjoyed reading your post, and wanted to say thanks for taking the time to reply. I was at a hot dog roast (they say BBQ, but it’s not! LOL) and so just now was able to read it. I was referring to the Planet Fitness. You sound like the kind of person that I would have liked to be at the gym. I used to enjoy talking to other, and I like working out with friends (why I became a personal trainer).

    I am currently disabled (MS) and can no longer do any real exercise, but I really don’t understand the reason why some people have such a high horse about their athleticism. I was fortunate that God gave me the genes to maintain a relatively healthy body weight, even if I did get a crippling disease. But some people got the fat genes and still other the smart genes. I moved here from Las Vegas (Where gyms abound), and I found out of all of them, that Planet Fitness was the best and cheapest in the area ($10/month rather than $40-75!). I’m glad you like it and wish you all the best with your health.

  • ‘Plus-Size Friendly’ Gym Bans Skinny People

    06/21/2012 4:34:03 PM PDT · 19 of 37
    JDW11235 to cripplecreek

    I bet. I am originally (born and raised until adulthood) in Las Vegas, where the smoke is thick and acrid almost anywhere (restaurant/club wise) you g, even in the nonsmoking sections. I now live in Utah, where smoking is banned I think 100ft from and public building.

    I am a big, big fan of people choosing what they want to do with their lives. I neither smoke nor drink, so I can’t speak to the bar situation, but if someone wants to, that’s their choice. I’m sick of Government intervention in every nook and cranny of our lives. Seriously, a business should be able to ban anyone they feel like banning, and being as exclusive as they want. No special protected classes, none. It’s amazing that we so rarely have it these days, that this is news! I bet this gym makes a fortune, good on them.

  • ‘Plus-Size Friendly’ Gym Bans Skinny People

    06/21/2012 4:28:49 PM PDT · 17 of 37
    JDW11235 to Jonty30

    “Many overweight people are highly self-conscious about exercising. They think that everybody will spend their workout time chuckling at the fatty trying to get fit.

    The truth is that most people, who are working out are too busy to think about anything else other than their own workout and diet and stuff.

    In fact, healthy people are usually glad to see an unfit person trying to make positive changes in their life and will help if they can.”

    Sometimes, it depends. The age group of 20-25 is usually split, and there is a lot of mocking and snickering. As I mentioned upthread, I used to be a personal trainer. I’ve never been “fat” (although I feel fat, if I ever break 180), so I only know what I’ve seen and heard. I’ve been training/exercising with a lot of young people (I was a trainer when I was younger), and there were a lot of jabs made. I think as conservatives, we’d like to hope there isn’t that kind of bias, but it simply isn’t true. However, now that nearly 70% of Americans are overfat, and nearly a third of the population being morbidly obese, there’s less and less skinny people to poke fun.

    Americans are FAT there’s no getting around that. (like others you mentioned) don’t care how much someone weighs, as long as they actively try to be healthy. Not everyone is like that.

  • ‘Plus-Size Friendly’ Gym Bans Skinny People

    06/21/2012 4:20:58 PM PDT · 13 of 37
    JDW11235 to cripplecreek

    Yes, yes it is. I used to be a personal trainer, and I have helped people to lose a lot of weight. A few of the people I trained really liked that I didn’t care how fat they were (My dad is a very large man, his dad more so, so I didn’t frown on large people as many do, to me they were like family).

    Around these parts, there’s gyms for the elderly, gyms for the bodybuilders, gyms for the college students, gyms for women, and now, a gym that is for the “average person.” They don’t allow grunting, don’t allow equipment hogging, don’t offer really high weight (fixed) dumbells and barbells, and label themselves as the “Judgement Free Zone.”

    I find it a brilliant business move, as every first Monday they order hundreds of dollars worth of gourmet pizza (about $1,000-$1,200 worth if they paid full price, but they get a steep discount), and feed everyone. Every Tuesday morning they have “Einstein Bros. Bagels” for those that missed the pizza. This isn’t your average take out pizza, either, it’s really, really good and fatty, lol, and about $20-25 a piece.

    I really, really like the way that gym works (I was formerly a member), and the atmosphere. Even though I’ve never had what most people would qualify as a “weight problem” (I have never, at my largest, been more than a few pounds out of my ideal weight limit) I still enjoyed my personal exercise there over other gyms at which I have had memberships (many).

    Back home (Vegas), I used to go to the gym at 1AM to get away from all the blowhards that would often hog the equipment for hours as they flexed in the mirrors. Good on this gym, and those like it.

  • Utah: Rick Santorum Endorses Dan Liljenquist

    06/15/2012 3:36:58 PM PDT · 12 of 20
    JDW11235 to Clintonfatigued

    Being Independent, rather than Republican, I won’t be voting in this primary race. However, Hatch will never, ever, ever get my vote. I don’t care who endorses him. I can look at his substantially bad record.

  • Just what America needs: Pizza vending machines

    06/13/2012 9:43:42 PM PDT · 38 of 41
    JDW11235 to firebrand

    Agreed. My grandmother was probably what people now refer to as a “foodie.” She would eat out somewhere about half the time, it seemed. As such, I had the privilege of eating a wide variety of foods (and the curse of a complicated palate!). I’ll try most anything normal (no brains, eyeballs, bugs, etc.) once, and unless I’m cooking for myself or at a pretty pricy place, I have pretty low expectations, lol.

  • What is Mitt Romney Doing With All His Time?

    06/13/2012 9:39:22 PM PDT · 35 of 67
    JDW11235 to Artcore

    To clarify the “silent group of groupies” referred to their silence in situations where they were able to piggyback on the popular group,, not silent all the time. They’re generally mousy and timid unless they have coattails to ride on. Then they roar like the lions they’re certainly NOT.

  • What is Mitt Romney Doing With All His Time?

    06/13/2012 9:37:05 PM PDT · 34 of 67
    JDW11235 to Artcore

    “This guy could use some positive reinforcement rather than the non-stop bi*ching by some!”

    Think back to your high school days (assuming you attended). There was always a silent group of groupies that hated (feared) the successful kids, and would dress up in school colors, shout at the top of their lungs at athletic events, and win the “school spirit” award. Largely socially unwanted, and inept, they sought to be cool by booing the “enemy” (opponents’ teams), and praising the home team, and lavishing praise on even the weak performances of “their” team, because they had/have nothing else.

    These are the same inept, socially unacceptable people you see posting their boo hoo comments here. I still don’t “like” Romney, and don’t know who I will vote for yet. I don’t expect to until election day (I usually early vote, so then). When all possibilities are tallied up, I’ll say a prayer, make a decision based on all the information I have at that point, and vote my conscience. I’m pretty sure how I will vote now, but one doesn’t count their chickens...

    In any event, these silly groupies have little life outside of FR, and thus make sure they always keep their fingers in the wind to make sure they wear the team colors and shout their loudest. They haven’t figured out that the pony they picked is no longer in the race, so all they have left is to tear down anyone left in it. The sad thing is what these people lacked in respect and acceptance in their youth, keeps them from rational, mature discourse in their adulthood.

  • Just what America needs: Pizza vending machines

    06/13/2012 9:24:45 PM PDT · 32 of 41
    JDW11235 to firebrand

    Whoops, I just saw the video, and the toppings are NOT frozen. That would require a ton on maintenance, so I guess it would have to been in a really high volume/traffic area!

  • Just what America needs: Pizza vending machines

    06/13/2012 9:14:58 PM PDT · 31 of 41
    JDW11235 to firebrand

    I’m pretty confident that this would actually not be bad. While not currently doing so, I have worked in the restaurant business for many years, including being a GM over stores of a gourmet pizza company (Our pizzas were in the $17 [small]-25 [large] range).

    We used sourdough, made fresh everyday, and even with the crust being one inch thick, a top line convection oven could cook them in 4 minutes. I personally think an 8 min pizza in a slower oven was better, but I’m a bit of a pizza connoisseur (Eaten literally thousands, and at two points in my life for 3 meals a day spanning years).

    In any event, I could hand make a pizza with exact weight measurements (all our topics went by weight) in under a minute (remember years of experience), and have the entire thing ready to go in under 6 minutes. Now, I’m not a machine, but using an infrared oven, and mechanically measured toppings (these are probably frozen, or would have to be changed out all the time), I have no problem believing that to the average person, these pizzas COULD be top notch.

    Even if imperfect, all I’m saying is that it’s entirely doable. Our cheesy breadsticks were only 2 min in the oven, and a phone order could easily take 5x as long to place than than to make, with an indecisive customer. I can see this as potentially taking off. I’d even try them, heck, and I have pretty high standards, lol.

  • Zombies, Deniers, Sociopaths, Schemers and Protectors:

    06/13/2012 1:45:55 PM PDT · 3 of 40
    JDW11235 to Kartographer

    Thanks for the ping, Kart! Hope you’re doing very well these days.

  • Obama Is Doing Stunningly Bad Among African Americans In North Carolina

    06/13/2012 1:06:06 PM PDT · 75 of 94
    JDW11235 to CitizenM

    I wouldn’t consider it a slap down, because there is a consistent lower scoring of IQ among “African Americans.” It is well documented. However, I have to interject that although the APA acknowledges the differences in race and intelligence (or at least IQ), the reason for it is still unknown. This has been well documented for decades. Years ago, when I was still in school, there was a lot of conjecture going on between the physical anthropologists and the sociologists as to the cause, whether genetic or environmental. It’s still in debate as to the cause, but the fact remains that on a standardized intelligence test, there’s a racial disparity. You can read more about the subject (I’d recommend reading the studies if you like—I would, but already did read many books involving the subject, years ago—the last about 6 years ago—and am not particularly interested in the topic).

    A link and excerpt:

    “The American Psychological Association has said that while there are differences in average IQ between racial groups, and there is no conclusive evidence for environmental explanations, “there is certainly no [direct empirical] support for a genetic interpretation,” and no adequate explanation for the racial IQ gap is presently available.”

  • North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

    06/12/2012 7:15:46 PM PDT · 99 of 116
    JDW11235 to kearnyirish2

    “Until every service can be charged to the user, local property taxes are the closest we can get to that.”

    No, a local sales tax is much closer. In fact stick it on a product corresponding DIRECTLY to the limited government service it relates too, and THAT’s the closet thing to a user fee.

  • North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

    06/12/2012 12:08:17 PM PDT · 78 of 116
    JDW11235 to PeterPrinciple

    There is a fundamental indoctrinated thinking issue in people today, as they have been brainwashed into thinking “You need Government.” NO, we don’t. And if people want some Government, that’s fine, they should be willing to pay for it entirely out of their own pockets. I once was taught a lesson that talked about absolutes. The instructor said, “If you had an ice cream cone that had a big piece of [feces] on top, would you want it? No? What if you just scraped that off, or nibbled around the edges? Would that be ok?” That’s the problem we have, people kept nibbling around the edges until the chowed down on the mushy center. Now people say, well, I don’t want the whole feces cone, but make sure mine has sprinkles. Ridiculous!

  • North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

    06/12/2012 11:57:25 AM PDT · 76 of 116
    JDW11235 to LibsRJerks

    Ah, but if you’re going to indoctrinate a new generation of serfs into socialism, you must do it, using a socialist system.

  • North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

    06/12/2012 11:50:57 AM PDT · 73 of 116
    JDW11235 to Whats-wrong-with-the-truth

    I lived in an apartment for years. I was fortunate enough to see the itemization of my entire month’s rent, including property tax. If you rent from someone who has to up your rent to pay a property tax, then in a competitive market, you either receive the benefit of a smaller expense of maintaining a rental, or property ownership becomes more affordable. Oh yeah, depending on the tax structure, the cost of business overhead and thus business and thereby goods and services goes down. EVERYONE benefits when property taxes are removed.

  • North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

    06/12/2012 11:39:23 AM PDT · 72 of 116
    JDW11235 to dinodino

    HOORAY! A TRUE conservative (there are others, but your post blatantly gives you away, no apologies, and right to the point!) I replied before I saw your post. But you hit the nail right on the head.

    People are so used to the idea of the nanny state that their brains have turned to mush. Gut EVERYTHING. Return to a user fee (duty, fee, excise) system. We can police ourselves, that’s why we have the 2nd amendment and the right of citizen’s arrest. Just because we (as a society) have been indoctrinated to worship at the feet of the all powerful state, doesn’t mean we’re meant to. The Constitution (including amendments) is mere PAGES long. The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves with the level of apathy our people have achieved and the amount of coddling people think they deserve.

    Remove the worthless regulation and taxation, and the U.S. would boom, AGAIN. You can tell the ignorant “city-folk” because they’ve never witnessed reality. People just like animals can only be harvested/sheared so much. Shear a sheep in winter, it dies. Take too much honey from a bee, they die. Too much milk from a nursing animal, and the babies die. The goose has no more golden eggs, and you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.

    We haven’t had an excess for decades, and have been running a huge deficit for a century. People MUST wean themselves off of other people’s money.

  • North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax

    06/12/2012 11:26:44 AM PDT · 71 of 116
    JDW11235 to kearnyirish2

    Careful Kearny, you’ve already crossed the line of “Willing to trade liberty for security” and are running headlong into, “I have a right to other people’s money, for the widows, of course,” territory.

    May your chains lay lightly upon you, and may you speedily realize your error.

    Property taxes are demonic, ungodly methods of oppression, whether you like them or not. No Government service should occur that is not directly paid for by the person receiving the service. None. Postage at a post office, toll roads or gasoline taxes, etc. etc.

  • Glenn Beck Just Signed A New Contract For $100 Million

    06/11/2012 1:10:09 PM PDT · 39 of 112
    JDW11235 to Mr. K

    The overzealous bigots always seem to forget Matthew 7:2. Not to worry, one day they’ll get an up close and personal demonstration.

  • Glenn Beck Just Signed A New Contract For $100 Million

    06/11/2012 12:53:02 PM PDT · 23 of 112
    JDW11235 to Tenacious 1

    I agree with everything you posted. The fact is, that a good number of people choose to be morons. The informed, in general, learn little from Glenn Beck. The idiots don’t pay any attention, and the fleet-hearted, semi ignorant in the middle learn the most from him, and it’s to them that he plays the cartoon fiddle.

    It’s like watching movies these days. I have seen few movies in the last 20 years that were worth watching. Not many people think at higher that a 3rd grade level anymore (Well, what used to be 3rd grade, many graduates cannot even read anymore).

  • Glenn Beck Just Signed A New Contract For $100 Million

    06/11/2012 12:45:14 PM PDT · 10 of 112
    JDW11235 to JohnnyP

    The day he made fun of the “birthers” was the day I quit watching his show. I’ll see clips from time to time, but will no longer make any effort at all to listen to anything he says ever again. It’s a shame because he was doing a good job of informing people until he got high on himself. Maybe I’ll watch again someday, there’s not a person in the world whose opinion I will pay to hear. (Well, maybe a doctor or lawyer, but unlikely, and certainly not for their opinion.)