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Posts by jim macomber

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  • Laurel and Hardy: it's still comedy genius

    01/18/2016 1:23:02 PM PST · 21 of 67
    jim macomber to gorush

    Not just good. Brilliant, IMHO. Do you have any idea who did this? I want to share it.

  • Hundreds of far-right protesters rampage through German town,(truncated)

    01/12/2016 1:37:45 PM PST · 15 of 72
    jim macomber to wtd
    Fox News this morning on the scroll at the bottom said "far-right extremists" engaged in "riotous xenophobic protests"...

    The scroll then mentioned, the protest was peaceful until it neared a "largely leftist district".

    Aside from the legitimate question of who initiated any violence and/or caused the damage, note the difference in references to right and left.

  • Meet The Peer 2 Peer Lending Website That Funded The San Bernardino Shooters

    12/08/2015 12:45:44 PM PST · 16 of 27
    jim macomber to Citizen Zed
    Or something like this?

    Al-Istilah also conducted business involving the money transfer process called hawala. By its very nature, hawala allowed an individual or entity to transfer money to someone else whether as a medium of exchange in a commercial transaction or as the provision of funds by one party to another for whatever purpose without leaving a paper trail of any kind. Such a transaction takes place between intermediaries called hawaladar. Initially, someone approaches a hawaladar and advises he wants to send a sum of money to someone else in another part of the world. The first hawaladar contacts a second hawaladar in the receiving location and between the two they arrange for the second hawaladar to disburse the desired amount to the ultimate recipient. The first hawaladar is, as a result of the disbursement, indebted to the second in the amount of the sum disbursed plus any agreed upon fees. But, and this is essential to understand, no money has changed hands between the actual parties and no money has crossed international borders. The two hawaladar, who have an ongoing relationship, keep their accounts between them and will settle up in their own time and in their own way, perhaps by a purchase of goods or, frequently, by the first hawaladar simply performing a like service for the second hawaladar at some point in the future.

    From my fourth novel, "Sovereign Order".

  • F.B.I. Chief Links Scrutiny of Police With Rise in Violent Crime (Justice Department "fumes")

    10/24/2015 9:30:12 AM PDT · 13 of 39
    jim macomber to reaganaut1
    "The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said on Friday that the additional scrutiny and criticism of police officers in the wake of highly publicized episodes of police brutality..."

    Gee, what happened to the otherwise obligatory "alleged"?

  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    09/22/2015 2:56:09 PM PDT · 2,033 of 2,168
    jim macomber to Chode

    Thanks for the mention of “Sovereign Order”, Charlie. This list is certainly an audience I’d like to have be aware of my work. Soooo...I checked and there are some copies of what are called ARCs – Advance Reading Copies – which are trade paper, same size as hardcovers only paper, close to final, edited but there may be some things in it. And I’d be happy to see members of this list get one (as long as they last)... and, if anyone does, maybe even put a review on Amazon if so inclined. No obligation, however. Let me know.


    09/19/2015 9:29:47 AM PDT · 9 of 10
    jim macomber to Dick Bachert
    "It was able to create a continental super-state that stretched from ocean to ocean, and from northern climes to tropics and deserts. Within its dominion lived hundreds of millions of people, of different creeds and ethnic origins"

    Interesting. When the Brits and others in the west did this it was called colonialism/imperialism/exploitation...

  • Enter the ‘Smarmonym’

    09/13/2015 8:37:15 AM PDT · 13 of 39
    jim macomber to ClearCase_guy
    People have to give up on the notion of being offended. “You’re offended? So — what do I care?”

    Or maybe, "You're offended? You should be thanking me. That's what you live for, isn't it?"

    Best bumper sticker ever - "Protect the hypersensitive. Ban everything."

  • President Hassan Rouhani to Iranian parliament: Don’t make deal legally binding

    08/31/2015 7:56:59 AM PDT · 5 of 14
    jim macomber to TBP
    Interesting viewpoint here:

    If Tehran Turns Down the Nuclear Deal by Daniel Pipes


  • Dutch banker fired after she is exposed as a dominatrix prostitute

    04/16/2015 2:26:09 PM PDT · 19 of 53
    jim macomber to mrsmith
    "...They asked ‘JOAN’ Dillinger why she was a dominatrix prostitute. She replied: “Because that’s where the money is”...

    I believe that was 'WILMA' Sutton. :-)

  • House chaos leaves GOP senators fuming

    02/28/2015 7:37:49 AM PST · 29 of 84
    jim macomber to cotton1706
    "They must defend 24 seats in the 2016 election..."

    Running, no doubt, on the premise, "Hey, vote for us. We promise not to keep the promises we make."

  • Cop Who Shot Off His Own Finger Points the Finger at Gun Shop

    01/21/2015 7:25:35 AM PST · 61 of 83
    jim macomber to Jed Eckert

    Was there a round in the chamber to begin with?

    When the cop racked the slide, it would/should have ejected, no? - (and one would have hoped someone noticed). So, it seems to me (and I do not consider myself an expert) that a magazine was in but the chamber was empty until the cop racked the slide.

    Please do not read any of the above as excusing or minimizing the negligence/stupidity on both sides there. Just wondering about the actual sequence of actual events.

  • 14-Year-Old Stops Home Invasion – Protecting Grandma Shoots One Thug Dead, The Other...

    12/18/2014 10:20:30 AM PST · 22 of 46
    jim macomber to petercooper

    Actually, he’s got the mettle. He should get a medal for handling the metal well. (No not really that anal. Just having fun with homonyms.)

  • Hillary's Backtracking Balderdash About Jobs

    10/28/2014 4:36:34 PM PDT · 6 of 45
    jim macomber to jazusamo
    "...she haughtily replied: "I can't go out and save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America."

    I don't think so. I remember this and I'm pretty sure the actual quote was even more arrogant than that, to wit, (recited in a very condescending nasal tone, "I can't be responsible for every undercapitalized business, Senator."

  • Italian diner finds pearls worth 2,000 euros in oyster

    09/08/2014 9:47:49 AM PDT · 11 of 14
    jim macomber to Joe 6-pack

    Standing in line at a seafood buffet in Gretna, Louisiana, a friend of mine, Cajun through and through, was in line ahead of me. After he took some oysters, I jokingly asked him if it was true what they said about oysters. “Nah,” he responded. “I ate a dozen of ‘em once......Only nine of ‘em worked.”

  • Crack unit of female soldiers hunting Islamic State kidnappers

    08/19/2014 9:29:46 AM PDT · 19 of 24
    jim macomber to W.Lee
    "When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
    An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.”

    (Quoted it in my fourth novel, "Sovereign Order")

  • Rick Scott Edges Charlie Crist in New Poll

    08/18/2014 2:43:09 PM PDT · 9 of 18
    jim macomber to paul544

    Not to mention the Florida media is rabidly anti-Scott and has been from day one. If he ended hunger, the press here would characterize it as “Scott policies increase potential for obesity”.

  • 2014 Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco - Live Thread

    05/23/2014 7:01:47 AM PDT · 15 of 52
    jim macomber to Chode; Moltke
    Thanks for that, Charlie. Just wanted to note that, to commemorate the Monaco GP this weekend, the Kindle edition of "Sovereign Order" is on sale for $2.99 till Monday.

    Also, Moltke, didn't know of Bob Judd previously. Like many long-time F1 fans, I've bemoaned the paucity of F1 fiction. Will definitely check him out.

    Jim Macomber

  • Why I Am In Solidarity with Mireille Miller-Young (huge barf alert!)

    03/24/2014 12:42:32 PM PDT · 18 of 25
    jim macomber to Impala64ssa
    But what's really whacked out is some of the comment threads, like this:

    Heidi Cautrell on March 20, 2014 at 9:12 am

    Just a suggestion, “stand with” is abelist toward those who are unable to stand. Other alternatives would be: support, solidarity, back, advocate.

    Despite her noble (/s/) intentions. the commenter exhibits tunnel vision. Clearly, "support" may harshly affect hernia sufferers and "solidarity" may impact the chronically constipated (which comprise a significant percentage of progressives, I suspect). Back pain is no joke either and, if we try real hard, we might be able to twist "advocate" into a comment on people with second jobs or hobbies...or even a guacamole addiction.

  • Introducing the Freeper Novel Ping List.

    03/10/2014 7:53:32 AM PDT · 27 of 29
    jim macomber to Gen.Blather

    Well, I’ll post my website and my Amazon page though the books are available from other sources as well - (bookstores, B&N, etc).



  • Vatican blasts back at UN report on pedophile priests, abortion

    02/05/2014 8:49:55 AM PST · 8 of 24
    jim macomber to MNDude
    Pot meet kettle:

    "Once Again… UN Troops Traded Sex For Food With Minors"


  • Millitary Photo of the Day

    01/09/2014 7:29:04 AM PST · 14 of 21
    jim macomber to knarf
    "I have the body of a 21 year old."

    "Well give it back. You're getting it all wrinkled."

  • Digging Into a Fossil Outhouse

    12/16/2013 10:06:09 AM PST · 8 of 30
    jim macomber to fishtank

    My brother was in archaeology and I recall a colleague of his who had this for a specialty and was fond of saying “It may be shit to you but it’s my bread and butter.”

  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    12/09/2013 8:11:26 AM PST · 1,351 of 2,168
    jim macomber to Chode

    Hey, Charlie. Haven’t been up that way since we last visited. Just waiting for the USGP to return to Watkins Glen. Just kidding, unfortunately. I wish.

    Yep, “Sovereign Order” is the latest and involved a terrorist attack on the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s available in what’s called trade paper (6”x9” - not the small paperback) just about every outlet and as an Ebook on Amazon, etc.

    As for signed copies, the best way is to go to the website (www,jamesmacomber.com) and on the checkout page under “Special Instructions” just say “signed copy” and whatever dedication (if any) you want. It’ll be my pleasure.

    Thanks. May be up that way in July this year. If so, I’ll be sure to let you know. BTW, what was that ale you recommended in that pub. Good stuff!

    Jim Macomber

  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    12/07/2013 7:23:32 AM PST · 1,347 of 2,168
    jim macomber to Chode

    Great article, Charlie. Thanks for posting.

  • GOP establishment plans to exorcise Tea Party, defend two Illinois congressmen

    10/26/2013 6:46:24 AM PDT · 34 of 70
    jim macomber to chicagolady

    Perhaps now an inordinate fear of standing with conservative principles has a name - LaTourette’s syndrome.

  • Obama administration says GOP Benghazi subpoenas could 'jeopardize' FBI probe [names two names]

    09/20/2013 6:49:50 AM PDT · 20 of 50
    jim macomber to don-o
    "Law enforcement officials worry that on-the-record testimony could be used by defense attorneys for any alleged attackers to point out discrepancies among the witnesses."

    On the record testimony? You mean as in depositions? Which any defense lawyer is going to conduct on their own?

    And why would such "discrepancies" be seen as inevitable?

    More generally, how did we let this "can't comment because of an ongoing investigation" canard get such traction?

  • So... What Did The U.N Inspectors Find: Follow Up

    09/03/2013 7:14:49 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    jim macomber to Bloody Sam Roberts; Gen.Blather; infowarrior
    I'm not a scientist or an expert in NBC either. I'm an author of international thrillers and take a lot of pride in doing my research.

    My fourth novel, "Sovereign Order" involves a multi-level terrorist attack on Monaco during the famous Grand Prix. One level involves Sarin.

    This is how, based on my research, I described Sarin in "Sovereign Order":

    Sarin is a nerve agent. That means it affects the proper functioning of the nervous system.

    When a person’s brain gives an order to the body to engage in a motor activity — any motor activity — a chemical called acetylcholine, referred to as a neurotransmitter, is released to carry the impulse along and between the motor neurons to make the desired act happen.

    Once the activity is completed, the body creates aceytlcholinesterase, an enzyme which breaks down the acetylcholine and stops the initiated action from continuing.

    Sarin is a cholinesterase inhibitor which means that it prevents the acetylcholinesterase from doing its job. And it is an irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor.

    The result?

    Every motor activity in a victim, voluntary and involuntary, once it is initiated will not stop. The neurons keep firing and firing until the victim loses control of all bodily functions.

    At first there are flu-like symptoms, then respiratory distress and nausea followed by vomiting and then complete loss of excretory functions. Soon the victim begins to spasm and writhe uncontrollably until he or she loses consciousness and, mercifully, soon thereafter dies.

    The time involved varies slightly from individual to individual but, usually, death comes within a minute of ingestion. It is not pretty to watch.

  • Supreme Court punts on affirmative action case

    06/24/2013 7:38:09 AM PDT · 6 of 22
    jim macomber to SMGFan
    ...decide whether UT "offered sufficient evidence to prove that its admissions program is narrowly tailored to obtain the educational benefits of diversity."

    Might one not speculate that that would have been an element in the Fifth Circuit's original conclusion?

  • Listen, Pilgrim, Maybe It Should Be Called Harwich Rock

    06/24/2013 6:58:20 AM PDT · 10 of 27
    jim macomber to Pharmboy

    Pure guesswork on my part — but there’s a Harwich on Cape Cod... and didn’t the Mayflower stop on the Cape first before going on. So maybe they named the first stop Harwich and the second Plymouth. Just speculating.

  • Ted Cruz v. PolitiFact: Whose pants are on fire?

    03/30/2013 7:40:40 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    jim macomber to marktwain

    A recent experience - in a discussion with a liberal, he made a statement - that a woman couldn’t be elected President in this country. I don’t know what his ultimate point was but I disagreed. After several back and forths, I noted that he’d said a woman couldn’t be elected President in this country.

    He said, “I never said that.”
    I said, “Yes, you did.”
    He said, “No I didn’t.”
    I said, You did.”
    Just then several bystanders jumped in and said to him, “Yes, you did. You did say that.”
    His response: “Okay I said it.” (Pause) “But I deny it.”

    If you can explain that one to me, please do. He couldn’t.

  • Pickle Company to Distraught Mom: Yes, We’ll Change Our Name (Midget is Derogatory)

    03/03/2013 8:19:55 AM PST · 40 of 56
    jim macomber to xrmusn
    agreed to rename them “Cains Teeny Weenie Pickles”

    Waiting for the lawsuit from the Association of Underendowed Males.

  • Obama's contemptuous, insulting and factually incorrect comment about Romney's US Navy plan

    10/23/2012 8:45:06 AM PDT · 8 of 25
    jim macomber to Jeff Head

    Agree completely, Jeff. And even as Obama was saying it, I thought of you and was wishing Romney would/could throw the Chinese Navy’s growth back at him (acknowledging that anything I know about it, I learned from you, of course.)

  • Health Law a Loser Despite Court Victory

    07/02/2012 7:25:22 AM PDT · 4 of 21
    jim macomber to Kaslin
    As a result of this ruling, a future Congress could enact a broccoli mandate by saying, “Don’t worry, this isn’t a tax. We’re using our power to regulate commerce. And we’re sure the Supreme Court will agree with us this time.”

    Broccoli, schmoccoli. What if they enact a home ownership mandate? No one would of course be required to purchase a home. But those who don't will be subject to a penal... um tax in, oh let's say, an amount substantially similar to the average property tax bill homeowners receive. Everyone pays their “fair share”. Jump starts the housing market. And a revenue enhancer. For the the municipal governments at least – until the fed figures out to tax, appropriate (or penalize) that.

  • Texting teens could cost parents everything

    05/31/2012 8:16:31 AM PDT · 6 of 26
    jim macomber to raccoonradio
    Clever bumper sticker I saw recently:

    "Honk if you love Jesus. Text if you want to meet him."

  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    05/28/2012 11:24:52 AM PDT · 952 of 2,168
    jim macomber to Jeff Head; JulieRNR21; Joe Brower; JohnHuang2; Travis McGee; Squantos; Dubya; hosepipe; blackie; ...

    Sorry about the double post everyone. Got notice of a “proxy server error” after the first one and thought it didn’t go through. Should have checked before sending again. Mea culpa.


  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    05/28/2012 11:09:30 AM PDT · 951 of 2,168
    jim macomber to Jeff Head; JulieRNR21; Joe Brower; JohnHuang2; Travis McGee; Squantos; Dubya; hosepipe; blackie; ...
    Fact meets fiction (or vice-versa)

    Check out “Sovereign Order” (book #4 - Iranian sponsored WMD attack on the Monaco Grand Prix) just pre-released as Ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Jim Macomber

    F1 - GP (General Purpose)
    Thursday, May 24, 2012 9:26:44 PM

    Monaco Grand Prix: Suspect package exploded at circuit

    A bomb disposal expert has undertaken a controlled explosion of a suspect package in the paddock at the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.
    A small white plastic box was found outside the entrance to the media centre, the Salle d’Exposition, near to La Rascasse on Thursday evening.
    The area was then sealed off, before the bomb disposal expert decided the package was suspect.
    The controlled explosion left shards of white plastic strewn across the floor.
    It is the second time in successive years a bomb disposal unit has been summoned to the paddock ahead of the Monaco race.
    Last year they had to examine a discarded bag before the race on Sunday, although the item was eventually declared safe.

  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    05/28/2012 10:34:25 AM PDT · 950 of 2,168
    jim macomber to Jeff Head; JulieRNR21; Joe Brower; JohnHuang2; Travis McGee; Squantos; Dubya; hosepipe; blackie; ...
    Fact meets fiction (or vice-versa)

    Check out “Sovereign Order” (book #4 - Iranian sponsored WMD attack on the Monaco Grand Prix) just pre-released as Ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Jim Macomber

    F1 - GP (General Purpose)
    Thursday, May 24, 2012 9:26:44 PM

    Monaco Grand Prix: Suspect package exploded at circuit

    A bomb disposal expert has undertaken a controlled explosion of a suspect package in the paddock at the Monaco Grand Prix circuit.
    A small white plastic box was found outside the entrance to the media centre, the Salle d’Exposition, near to La Rascasse on Thursday evening.
    The area was then sealed off, before the bomb disposal expert decided the package was suspect.
    The controlled explosion left shards of white plastic strewn across the floor.
    It is the second time in successive years a bomb disposal unit has been summoned to the paddock ahead of the Monaco race.
    Last year they had to examine a discarded bag before the race on Sunday, although the item was eventually declared safe.

  • F1 - GP (General Purpose)

    05/28/2012 7:36:54 AM PDT · 947 of 2,168
    jim macomber to Chode


    Check out “Sovereign Order” (book #4 - Iranian sponsored WMD attack on the Monaco Grand Prix) just pre-released as Ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Jim Macomber

  • Jay Carney Catches Fire On Air Force One, Blasts Media For Buying Into ‘BS’

    05/24/2012 2:05:38 PM PDT · 11 of 24
    jim macomber to ColdOne
    "That means that the rate of spending — federal spending increase is lower under President Obama than all of his predecessors since Dwight Eisenhower, including all of his Republican predecessors."

    So the issue here is not the numbers being spent but the "rate" of spending? Or rather, as Carney qualifies it further, "the rate of federal spending increase" Help me out here. What does that mean?

  • Bill ‘Moose’ Skowron, hero of the Yankees’ 1958 World Series team, dead at 81

    04/27/2012 12:11:39 PM PDT · 17 of 33
    jim macomber to N. Theknow

    I swear - as I looked at the baseball card, I smelled the bubble gum and cardboard.

  • Triple Lutz Report--Rush Limbaugh is Not a Victim--Episode 168

    03/07/2012 9:37:11 AM PST · 4 of 6
    jim macomber to appeal2
    "Rather, it is simply emotional outrage masked as political discourse"

    To the contrary. It is political theater masked as emotional outrage.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/16/2012 9:51:07 AM PST · 84 of 95
    jim macomber to Mr. K
    I may not be out of the woods yet. Ran a scan this AM and Malwarebytes showed a different virus - TrojanFakeMS. Malwarebytes said it removed but when I rebooted it was still there. I noted the location of the file: C:\Users\Jim\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\34\5807ede2-62d57432.

    Ran full Malwarebytes scan again and this time it says no detection. But if I go into Windows Explorer and look, this file is still in the same place. It says file size is 1kb. Does that seem right? Can I just manually delete this file? Just hit delete in Windows Explorer?

    What happens if I uninstall JAVA entirely? I did note that, as the scan was running, the Java shield was flashing asking for permission to update. Might Java updating clear out the bad file?

    Also, I backed-up the registry and started to look and realized I didn't know where to look. A ton of files seem to have three-letter names.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/16/2012 7:18:34 AM PST · 83 of 95
    jim macomber to Chode

    Thanks for the empathy. With all the good people and good info on this forum, I think it’s gone and I’m taking steps to ensure it doesn’t come back. Like you, I got a ton of good information and resources from it.

    And thanks for the question about the books. The next is “Sovereign Order”. John and Katherine do get together and head off to the Monaco Grand Prix where Iranian backed terrorists try to destroy the principality with WMD. Should be around June or so.

    Also, I’ve got a short story called “Execution Dock” coming out in the International Thriller Writers third anthology, Love is Murder. Release date on that is May 29, 2012.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/15/2012 10:04:26 AM PST · 28 of 95
    jim macomber to oh8eleven

    Excellent point. Will do.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/15/2012 10:01:33 AM PST · 26 of 95
    jim macomber to Mr. K
    Thanks Mr. K.

    I was running Avira Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes and Super Anti-Spyware and still got it!

    Other sites mentioned that it is a three-letter.exe program. In my computer it showed up as qbs.exe or something like that and I'd hit "end process" in Task Manager and it would go away but then come back as soon as I clicked anything else. Is it possible to actually remove a program in Task Manager?

    I've always been leery of messing around in the registry editor but if this does come back - or is in there now, I'll delete any three-letter.exe file. Are there no legitimate three-letter.exe files?

    Thanks again.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/15/2012 9:52:11 AM PST · 21 of 95
    jim macomber to DeFault User

    Thanks. Is the rstrui.exe the command for system restore? I did do it in Safe Mode and knew it couldn’t be undone. But the computer is only a week old and I didn’t have much on it so...Thanks again.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/15/2012 9:48:40 AM PST · 19 of 95
    jim macomber to TexasFreeper2009

    Thanks, TexasFreeper. Just prior to this I was getting unusually (to me) frequent Adobe updates. I will check that - and hope it doesn’t come back.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/15/2012 9:41:59 AM PST · 15 of 95
    jim macomber to jim macomber
    Thanks all. I am horpeful the system restore did the trick. Thanks Bloody Sam for that info. I hadn't noticed it before and it doesn't have the *32 on my older computers (Vista and XP). This one has Windows 7.

    Also thanks to people in previous threads who recommended Malwarebytes. I've lost a bit of confidence in Avira from this. I started to load AVG first and changed my mind. Not sure why at this point. Thanks again.

  • Computer Virus Info

    01/15/2012 9:28:00 AM PST · 1 of 95
    jim macomber
    Yesterday I had a run in with the Win 7 Home Security Alert virus/Trojan. It pops up and tells you you have an infection and must start the Win 7 Home Security program immediately. Whatever prgram you're in or trying to open it say, e.g., "Firefox is infected" or "Avira is infected", etc.

    It just didn't look right so I clicked on nothing. I went to task manager and closed the application but every time I tried to open something, this would pop-up again. went to another computer and googled "Win 7 Home Security Alert. Sure enough, it's a fake anti-spyware program that is pretty nasty.

    Ran Avira anti-virus and it found it - TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen2 - and said it quarantined it. But it was still there. Ran Malwarebytes and it found it and said it removed it and this seemed to have worked.

    My concern is this, however. Normally, if you look at processes in the Task Manager, certain processes read avgnt.exe for Avira, firefox.exe for Firefox, soffice.bin for Open Office Operations, etc. Now, however, these all read avgnt.exe *32, firefox.exe *32, soffice.bin *32.

    I cannot find any reference to this *32 business anywhere. Anyone know if that's an indication that the Trojan is still there? What is the *32?

    My plan is to uninstall all such programs in Safe Mode and see if it makes a difference. Or is *32 something in newer computers that's not in older ones? Also ran system restore to a point before this showed up.

    Is it possible this virus/Trojan could still be in there somewhere and now not showing?

  • New York Lawmakers Reportedly Ask for Mercy for Tourist Arrested With Gun at 9/11 Memorial

    01/02/2012 8:27:40 AM PST · 16 of 35
    jim macomber to jim macomber
    In previous post should have said, "where felons can carry them legally".