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  • Single Christians Can Have Sex as Long as It's 'Mutually Pleasurable and Affirming,' Pastor Says

    08/25/2016 6:39:41 PM PDT · 67 of 75
    John Leland 1789 to ifinnegan
    "Plenty of men also propagate this nonsense."

    Wickedly led by the woman of Genesis chapter 3.

  • Single Christians Can Have Sex as Long as It's 'Mutually Pleasurable and Affirming,' Pastor Says

    08/25/2016 5:27:17 PM PDT · 3 of 75
    John Leland 1789 to Gamecock

    And this has been the problem (women taking unauthorized position) since Genesis chapter 3.

  • Southern Baptists See 9th Year of Membership Decline

    08/24/2016 7:54:12 PM PDT · 40 of 61
    John Leland 1789 to marshmallow

    In our town of 7,000 people there are four SBC churches. We never hear from them. We don’t see them witnessing, or evangelizing door-to-door. These activities used to be quite common.

  • Cleveland police union asks for suspension of 'open carry' in wake of Baton Rouge, ahead of RNC

    07/17/2016 3:05:43 PM PDT · 82 of 97
    John Leland 1789 to MagUSNRET
    "'I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not at this point,' Stephen Loomis, president of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, told CNN”

    Then Loomis should be immediately removed from his job. He took an oath to defend, most likely, both the U.S. and the Ohio State Constitutions.

  • After school board ruling, new concerns about California’s LGBT education law

    07/16/2016 11:30:50 AM PDT · 10 of 17
    John Leland 1789 to PaulyPaul
    Home School. We are 34-year veterans at it. Our children all home school their children. My wife and I came OUT of the indoctrination of public schools. We conduct classes on the “How To”s for families. We teach a course in writing a STATEMENT OF IRREVOCABLE CONVICTION (”Why We Home School”) for parents to either have in their bureau drawer, or used with public officials or courts when necessary.

    Home schooling will likely hinder you from possessing many luxuries, but you CAN keep your children and watch them be shining examples of character, and be useful to others at an early age instead of discipline problems

  • Sikh Man Kicked Out Of Wimbledon Queue For 'Making People Uncomfortable'

    07/14/2016 5:02:08 AM PDT · 42 of 68
    John Leland 1789 to Talisker
    Oh, yes. On a schedule from Winston-Salem, NC to Louisville, KY. We stopped at a McDonalds in Wytheville, VA. There was also a convenience store there, and while waiting for the driver to return, I walked over and bought a large can of air freshener. 1995.

    That's reality, man. We've been all over Asia for years. We've been in atrocious situations, buses and trains so crowded that people hung out the windows and there luggage was crushed for the press of people. We've rode on trains in Russia in the winter when Russian women took their fir coats off and the stench of perspiration forced us to spend the night sitting on jump seats in the corridors.

    A can of air freshener on a Greyhound in my own country is a very easy thing to do.

    No, you wouldn't do it, but I would, and I have.

  • Sikh Man Kicked Out Of Wimbledon Queue For 'Making People Uncomfortable'

    07/13/2016 9:12:05 PM PDT · 4 of 68
    John Leland 1789 to Berlin_Freeper
    Had he bathed recently? Was it a hard-to-take odor that made others uncomfortable? Just asking.

    I had to purchase a large can of aerosol air freshener one time on a meal break while taking an inter-city bus trip, on which the front two seats were occupied by turban-wearing, robed, stench-emitting men. The other passengers kept begging me to spray more.

  • Massachusetts’ Republican gov. signs transgender bathroom bill

    07/09/2016 5:45:34 AM PDT · 5 of 65
    John Leland 1789 to Petrosius
    "It would require 'any public accommodation...without limitation' to open formerly sex-segregated facilities to members of the opposite biological sex."

    We would assume, then, that this includes the incorporated churches in Massachusetts.

  • Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy

    07/06/2016 9:24:17 AM PDT · 38 of 46
    John Leland 1789 to Red Badger
    "All of heaven was created for man. To discover, explore and eventually colonize. We will eventually fill the entire universe that God made for us..................…..

    Not until Christ reigns Personally over it from David's Throne.

  • Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy

    07/06/2016 6:23:46 AM PDT · 32 of 46
    John Leland 1789 to Ketill Frostbeard

    That there is anything of intelligent life anywhere in the area captured in that Hubble shot, anything like man, or beyond, except for angels which God has revealed to us in Scripture, is itself a faith system, a religion. It can’t be demonstrated with science, it can only be believed without seeing with the mortal eye, hence, a faith system, a belief, a religion.

  • Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy

    07/06/2016 5:58:43 AM PDT · 29 of 46
    John Leland 1789 to raybbr
    You may personally believe anything you like. Our views come from the revelation of the Creator of the universe, the Bible. God has created a universe that He has reserved for the fulfillment of prophesy found in the Scriptures.

    The angels God created are also life. "Outer" Space, the Second Heaven is their temporary abode, and in their rebellion against God and intent to deceive can make men on earth see many unusual things, as they are that powerful: UFOs, aliens, etc., etc., etc. Any thing Coast-to-Coast Radio tells us is the "paranormal" can be easily performed by angels. Anything to distract fallen man from the truth of God . . . .

    But as an example, God reserved the resources of the North American continent for about 5,500 years until Gospel-bearing, Biblicist Christian people could find their way to what Guyot called "the Continent of Fulfillment" (in contrast to Asia, "the continent of origins," and Europe, "the continent of development"). There were inhabitants on North America (Asians also), but they could only develop the resources to a very limited extent, and that because having had the truths of the True God from Noah's son, Shem, they had abandoned Him for false Gods, animal worship, AND the worship of unclean spirits (part of that fallen angelic realm).

    God is reserving the resources and the wonders of the second heaven for the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy, and man is goofing around with the earth (even worshipping it in effect), the moon, and dreaming about Mars. God won't let man "exploit" outer space in his un-believing, self-worshipping, wicked, God-rejecting, sinful condition.

  • Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy

    07/06/2016 4:50:25 AM PDT · 23 of 46
    John Leland 1789 to GreenHornet
    When God created the universe, it did not necessarily have to be for life which existed on them in the past or does exist now. "Of the INCREASE of his government and peace there SHALL BE [future] NO END, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, . . ." (Isaiah 9:7)

    When Christ reigns from David's throne in Jerusalem and fulfills the Abrahamic covenant as well, when the seed of Abraham shall be as the stars of the heaven, and when Christ's own Body the Church shall also reign and be with Him forever, there shall be a never ending INCREASE of His kingdom for which he created and ordered His creation including what Hubble will never be able to see.

    However, there are created beings in that second heaven now, also of the kind that Hubble is incapable of recording; an fallen angelic order, which will be removed.

  • You have come through the eye of the needle into Kingdom Come [Charismatic Caucus]

    06/21/2016 12:21:57 PM PDT · 3 of 5
    John Leland 1789 to Jedediah

    Not good Bible study. Putting various truths for people of different dispensations in a theological blender, just mixing it all together. Failure to take literally what can be taken literally, this spiritualizing Scripture to create a Millennial setting where none yet exists. Just not good Bible study.

  • The Divorce Revolution Has Bred An Army Of Woman Haters (I Left ..)

    06/07/2016 6:46:29 PM PDT · 113 of 117
    John Leland 1789 to 21twelve
    "I recall reading about the Pilgrims and John Bradford. It came time for a couple to be married, and they pondered how to perform the ceremony under their new form of government. He wrote something like 'Seeing no recommendation from the Scriptures, a civil ceremony was performed.'"

    Some families in early colonial America would simply post a notice on the church house doors that their daughter would become Mrs. _______ ____________ on a certain date. That would be it.

  • The Divorce Revolution Has Bred An Army Of Woman Haters (I Left ..)

    06/07/2016 6:12:55 PM PDT · 111 of 117
    John Leland 1789 to sauropod
    Some times it goes bad even if both parties know the Designer.

    The Designer, the Lord Jesus, gave the reason for divorce in Matthew 19, "hardness of heart," and that's all that can be said about it. That's disobedience to the designer.

    One large problem with professing Christian families is that they delay any proper instruction on these subjects until one of the children announces some seriousness about an involvement with someone else.

    Good instruction about marriage begins from early childhood. Even children can be taught the picture of Christ and His Church which is permanent and the proper care between husbnad and wife described in that light (Ephesians ch. 5; etc.)

    Then making proper, guarded friendships from early years. Children who are not taught how to make the right kind of friends in general most often don't know what they are looking for in a spouse.

    And so much more. As a pastor, in 39 years thus far in the ministry I have performed only five weddings, and am very happy about the low number. I only perform weddings for people who have been under my ministry for a long period of time, usually from childhood, and we know the character and church attendance consistency of the one they will marry as well.

    I wrote a paper in 1982 called "Standards for the Marriage Altar" that is read by all people associated with our ministry. I make no exceptions to those standards, and I don't allow the couple to use me as an option on a drop-down menu just to suit them so that they can get married. It is NOT required of ministers that they perfor wedding ceremonies---it is not a qualification for the ministry in the New Testament. I'm not afraid to look a couple in the eye and say, "I don't have to do this, so I will give you the standards, not the other way around."

  • The Divorce Revolution Has Bred An Army Of Woman Haters (I Left ..)

    06/06/2016 9:50:14 PM PDT · 65 of 117
    John Leland 1789 to Snickering Hound
    Marriage has a Designer and a design. Marriage has a set of purposes and outcomes determined by the Designer. Marriage is designed to be a type, a picture, a portrayal of something much higher and greater. The product of marriage, children, are a gift and a heritage.

    Ignore the Designer and the design----the problem is not with the Designer or the design----it will break and be ruined. Discover the Designer and the design and appreciate the portrayal, steward the heritage . . . . the Designer has a way to Himself be the glue and the joy.

  • Women in the Combat Arms: The Greatest Disaster in US Military History

    06/04/2016 9:43:22 PM PDT · 21 of 71
    John Leland 1789 to pboyington
    The left wing must destroy what remains of the traditional western or traditional Christian home structure and environment. There are still too many young women who remain home, and want to remain home, because of their training, and be housewives and mothers.

    For example, we have a nineteen year old daughter, married, expecting her second child. her and her husband's family plan is to have a large family. My daughter has three brothers and three sisters, and her husband is one of sixteen(!) children. They intend to home school their children, build a family-based enterprise, etc.

    The left wing in America would like nothing more than to disrupt the plans of families just like these. It does not fit the communist model; it does not fit the radical feminist (also communist) model; it does not fit the population control model.

    Force women OUT of their homes. That is part of the plan of the left.

    Forced military service - or, "alternative form" of public service for conscientious objectors - will be used in an attempt to force families to give up their Biblical Christian convictions with regard to family and child-rearing.

    Biblicist Christianity itself is under attack here, and it is quite deliberate. Planned out.

  • Mum of boy who fell into gorilla zoo enclosure blasts critics saying 'accidents happen'

    05/30/2016 10:54:55 AM PDT · 28 of 213
    John Leland 1789 to traumer

    Accidents happen; bad parenting happens; poor child discipline happens; the tolerance of child rebellion and mischief happens.

  • Questions all Americans should be asking themselves about women in combat

    05/23/2016 4:55:24 AM PDT · 40 of 54
    John Leland 1789 to pboyington
    When fully considering why we engage in war to begin with, and why we are sending Americans to their death or to their disablement, we must consider that sending our women into war is having lost it.

    Are we not going to war to protect a way of life? We call it "the American way of life," do we not?

    By sending American women into combat, are we not actually changing incalculably the "way of life" in our country? Are we not destroying by social engineering what we say we are defending by going to war?

    Literally millions of American families have maintained by deliberate choice the family structure, reasons for and vows of marriage, child-rearing design, educational objectives, religious faith and hope, etc., that were held by their grandparents' and great grandparents' generation (i.e., that which existed when we were fighting Germany and Japan). We include ourselves in that "way of life." We take this as "the American way of life." This is what we expect to be defended.

    Millions of American families, yes, today in 2016, still educate and train their women for building the next generation of American Christian patriot statesmen and jurists, soldiers, ministers and missionaries. We educate and train our daughters to be the next generation of wives and mothers who can accomplish the rearing of such individuals. We firmly believe that the home and family as it existed generally, say, from 1600 to 1950 is necessary to produce the finest results. And in our Biblicist Christian faith, we further believe that is being obedient to God and it is what brings glory to Him.

    Tell us, and millions of American families like us, how the social engineering in the modern progressive Pentagon can convince us that the "American way of life" is being defended when they insist that we abandon that way of life and send our daughters into combat.

    What? Even young mothers leaving their husbands at home, their darling children at home with relatives, to don combat dress, and carry rifles around in the deserts of the Middle East or in fields elsewhere? This is defending the "American way of life?" Someone can tell us this this dissolution of family structure and purpose is defending the American way of life?

    We could never believe this.

  • GOP blocks provision to require women to register for draft

    05/17/2016 7:10:06 PM PDT · 108 of 113
    John Leland 1789 to Hugin
    Percentage doesn't matter. Our culture should not be force-changed by military planners. There are millions of families who train their daughters according to Biblical Christian family concepts, and they must not be forced to register, and then beg for deferments, or have other forms of service imposed upon them that drag them out of their homes.

    The very idea of females being required to register comes from the feminists, and they want all females to have their beliefs set aside, and forced into a new "cultural construct."

    With the precedent already set (in the minds of military planners) by young women who are presently willing to leave their children behind and go out and spend months in Humvees with men to whom they are not married, it points to difficulty getting deferments in the future. We have already crossed the threshold of "Because some women WANT TO, all women MUST" (again in the Pentagon think tanks)

    Millions of American women, not just a few, still have firm convictions on women daily having the hands-on training responsibility of their own children. There should be NO threat at all to this.

  • GOP blocks provision to require women to register for draft

    05/17/2016 12:12:12 PM PDT · 42 of 113
    John Leland 1789 to Yo-Yo
    Further destruction of the home and home life. Further dissolution of the American family. Further incursion into the Christian faith of millions of families.

    It is a wrong perception that women who remain home and raise the next generation of diplomats, statesmen, ministers, missionaries, as well as soldiers, are less patriotic.

    Never should a Christian family which teaches Biblical admonition consistently to the children have to worry that the women folk will be forced to violate their Christian convictions, just because even many conservatives (like yourself) have fallen headlong for modern feminism.

  • North Carolina Officials Say They’ll Defy Federal Deadline on Bathroom Law

    05/06/2016 6:02:24 AM PDT · 24 of 31
    John Leland 1789 to reaganaut1

    Whenever the federal government threatens to withhold federal aid to a state, that state’s governor should threaten to instruct the people and companies of that state to pay their federal income taxes to that state’s revenue department instead of the federal IRS.

  • Investigators: Scant evidence Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails

    05/05/2016 8:45:13 PM PDT · 67 of 161
    John Leland 1789 to Fasceto
    At the very least it is gross incompetence, such that she should never be allowed access to classified materials ever again. That in itself would preclude her from the presidency. A president so incompetent and so self-absorbed, in the way she conducts the handling of such materials, is too great a risk to our national security.

    But she really did violate the law, and what she intended to do with the materials does not change that. It is impossible that she could have been married to a sitting president, be in the U.S. Senate, and be Secretary of State without having an adequate understanding of such things.

  • Russia offers free land to all citizens willing to move to the Far East

    05/05/2016 7:38:14 AM PDT · 66 of 101
    John Leland 1789 to Trumpinator
    They have actually been doing this kind of thing for a long time. I had dinner in the home of a Russian Land Management official in Vladivostok in 1992. He was outlining for me how that they give free land to families who will raise food on it. At that time it was like this. If someone would take about 50 square meters and raise a garden, the plot would double the following year. Produce on that, and it goes to a hectare. That kind of thing.

    When we lived in Ussurriysk, north of Vladivostok in 1996, 1997, very little of Primorskiy Territory (Vladivostok, Ussurriysk, that region) was cultivated. Vast untouched grasslands could be viewed by train all the way to the Chinese border at Gredekiva/SuiFenHe). Cross into China and you could see nothing BUT cultivated land, green houses, grain elevators, processing plants, etc.

    The Russians had been accustomed for generations with working in military armament factories, which could be seen abandoned along the major roads. The people there had not been farmers; didn't know how to farm. They bought their food from China and South Korea. The Koreans were cultivating a hearty winter rice in Primorskiy. We shopped for our food mainly in Chinese/Korean open markets. The exchange rate in 1997 was 6,000 Rubles to one U.S. Dollar.

  • Louisiana woman, 25, makes history as FIRST female to enlist in the US Army Infantry

    04/10/2016 8:04:47 PM PDT · 80 of 85
    John Leland 1789 to PROCON
    A very big problem is . . . .

    The politically correct Pentagon, Congress, and Selective Service System uses the women who volunteer as a precedent to say, "Oh, then ALL women must."

    "If some young women want to, then ALL young women must enlist, because this is 'fairness.'"

  • Trump’s getting trounced in Indiana

    04/09/2016 8:40:34 AM PDT · 83 of 191
    John Leland 1789 to Durbin
    Three in my household already voted in Indiana (voting at the courthouse began last Tuesday).

    Cruz. Cruz. Cruz.

  • Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina concert to protest bathroom law

    04/08/2016 5:16:47 PM PDT · 91 of 108
    John Leland 1789 to Borges

    Oh! Yet another benefit to NC! Many of this ilk will go elsewhere. Good news for the purity of the youth of the state.

  • Denying Sexual Reality in North Carolina

    04/07/2016 9:11:10 AM PDT · 43 of 90
    John Leland 1789 to Kaslin
    What we often do in Indiana (after surveying the general tenor of a place) if we really have to use the restrooms is this:

    My wife goes in to the women's room and checks to see that no one is inside. Our women folk (family) go into the restroom, always supplied with adequate disinfecting products.

    I (and my sons, if with us) stand outside the women's room and guard the door. When women approach, we state that the room is full (which is true in most restaurants, because we have a large family), but that it will be available momentarily.

    When our women folk emerge, it is obvious that we weren't deceiving any one.

    No one has ever complained.

  • John Kasich: Women Should Not be Punished for Having an Abortion

    04/01/2016 6:57:09 AM PDT · 84 of 86
    John Leland 1789 to Morgana

    Serious spiritual help.

  • Kasich breaks ranks, speaks of climate change

    03/14/2016 3:59:00 PM PDT · 27 of 108
    John Leland 1789 to jimbo123

    Kasich the Democrat.

  • James Dobson Hits Trump, Rubio in New TV Ad for Ted Cruz

    02/18/2016 8:36:27 AM PST · 53 of 170
    John Leland 1789 to Lumper20

    Would any one in America accept any one else living today as the Apostle Paul lived? No, of course not, least not on this forum, seemingly.

  • REPORT: Ted Cruz Entered US Illegally in 1974

    02/13/2016 2:50:04 PM PST · 470 of 615
    John Leland 1789 to Dana1960

    When the CRBA was applied for and when it was issued is not the issue here. What matters are the who, what, when, and where at the time of birth, not when documents were created.

  • God Is Three

    02/08/2016 8:11:19 AM PST · 228 of 390
    John Leland 1789 to MHGinTN

    Yes, imagine making a “church” liturgical calendar the final authority over the Bible.

  • God Is Three

    02/08/2016 6:43:05 AM PST · 218 of 390
    John Leland 1789 to one Lord one faith one baptism

    You must count back Saturday night, Friday night, Thursday night, AT LEAST, which would put the Crucifixion prior to Friday.

  • God Is Three

    02/08/2016 6:38:28 AM PST · 216 of 390
    John Leland 1789 to one Lord one faith one baptism

    Good answer for liturgical defense, but not good Bible study.

  • God Is Three

    02/07/2016 10:15:27 PM PST · 193 of 390
    John Leland 1789 to one Lord one faith one baptism

    Yes, any part of a day was counted as a day, UNLESS is is more particularly specified. Three days AND three nights means . . . . three days AND three nights.

  • God Is Three

    02/07/2016 9:23:06 PM PST · 190 of 390
    John Leland 1789 to one Lord one faith one baptism

    No way to get three days and THREE NIGHTS between friday afternoon and Sunday morning. The “three days” and “third day” also have to be consistent with “three days and three nights” (Matthew 12:40).

  • Our Christian Daughters Potentially Subject to Selective Service Registration

    02/07/2016 1:02:54 PM PST · 44 of 69
    John Leland 1789 to Bryanw92
    "It’s a little late for our Christian sensitivities to keep them out of the draft."

    There are still millions of Christian families for whom our "Christian sensitivities" it is NOT too late," because we don't operate on "sensitivities," we operate on a written revelation called the Bible.

    With whom you keep company, we do not know. But there has always been a Christian heritage and tradition of women in the home, raising godly children for the benefit of society.

    For the sake of modern societal change agents, to force these Christian women to abandon their Christian practice would be a travesty, even criminal.

    Just as an illustration, there are 3,135 Christian churches and societies the members of which are exempt from all compliance to Obamacare. I posses the entire list, provided to me by U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN). These 3,135 groups of Christians are exempt because of their "Christian sensitivities," just to use your words. This demonstrates that Congress can, in fact, exempt members of Christian groups from new mandates of law that violate the conscience of Christians.

  • God Is Three

    02/07/2016 12:47:23 PM PST · 169 of 390
    John Leland 1789 to FamiliarFace
    How about . . . Day 1: Wednesday (4th day of the week -- burial) evening at sunset to Thursday evening at sunset.

    Day 2: Thursday (5th day of the week) evening at sunset to Friday evening at sunset.

    Day 3: Friday (6th day of the week) evening at sunset to Saturday evening at sunset.

    Our Lord could have risen at any time after sunset on Saturday (7th day of the week). When the women went to the sepulcher EARLY on the first day of the week, Christ was ALREADY risen. There is no Scriptural necessity for Him to have had to wait until sunrise.

  • Our Christian Daughters Potentially Subject to Selective Service Registration

    02/07/2016 12:07:07 PM PST · 42 of 69
    John Leland 1789 to onedoug
    We defend your and your granddaughter's right to do anything you have mentioned.

    What concerns us is a current mind set being voiced, in so many ways, in Washington today that concludes . . . . .

    "Many women WANT to leave their homes and serve in the military, so ALL women should be FORCED to register for Selective Service."

    I trust you can see the difference.

    There are still millions of Christian and other families across the nation, the daughters and young mothers of which express their patriotism by being in the home, strengthening the institution of the home and family (which we believe also to be a strong defense for American society), bearing children throughout their childbearing years, and raising the next generation of upright preachers, missionaries, statesmen, and soldiers.

  • Our Christian Daughters Potentially Subject to Selective Service Registration

    02/06/2016 5:56:29 PM PST · 24 of 69
    John Leland 1789 to John Leland 1789

    (Registering Women for the Draft Issue)

    We must not allow the termites of social change to destroy from within what our military is ostensibly defending from without. We are whitewashing the exterior of the barn while the termites have eaten from the inside all the way out to the paint!

    If we allow the Congress to require young American women to register for the draft, guess what they will do next? They will stir up a conflict in which to test the calling-up of recruits, including women.

    There go your 18 to 25 year-old women, some who have babies or small children!

    Do you not understand, Christian, how desperate the devil and this world are to humiliate and destroy your Christian family structure?

    The social change agents will not be satisfied with registration of women for Selective Service (registering for the draft). They will at that point demand testing the compliance of women to it. This could require a call-up for some vague reason. "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

    Further, they will design "alternative forms" of service for Christian (and other) conscientious objectors to fulfill their purpose of getting women OUT of their homes. Their goal includes destroying the nuclear family, and forcing dependence on government.

  • Our Christian Daughters Potentially Subject to Selective Service Registration

    02/06/2016 4:36:00 PM PST · 1 of 69
    John Leland 1789
  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

    02/02/2016 7:56:48 AM PST · 28 of 28
    John Leland 1789 to Nifster
    I just could be that you had a socialist public education like I had (mine in California), and that you had a pastor who taught you that you should pay your federal income taxes just because that is what it means to "render unto "Caesar." Or, like in so many churches that are deeply indebted, the pastor actually wanted to emphasize the second part, "render unto God" to get people to give more to pay the church's debts, that God may have never led the church into to begin with, etc.

    But "Caesar" was a conquering power over Israel in the time of Jesus' earthly life. Rome was a foreign invader. If the U.S. fed is a "Caesar," then it must be admitted that the federal government has conquered us. Of course, you are free to simply acquiesce to that philosophy.

    The role of the federal government is to be the servant of the States, not a conqueror over them, nor an invader.

    You have ignored the purpose of the article I have written, though, and that is to remind Bible-believing Christians (not nominal "Christians") that they are and foremost dependent upon God, the God of the Bible they claim to believe. All other forms of dependency flow from there.

    Why would reject that?

    I don't think you necessarily have, but you missed the purpose of the article.

  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

    02/01/2016 11:45:38 AM PST · 26 of 28
    John Leland 1789 to Nifster

    In the USA the people are Caesar, not the Fed.

  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

    02/01/2016 8:42:49 AM PST · 23 of 28
    John Leland 1789 to Nifster

    I understand that “Caesar” is not the U.S. federal government, and that there is no Biblical nor governmental reason to call our government “Caesar” as Caesar was called Caesar in Matthew ch. 22.

  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

    02/01/2016 6:58:33 AM PST · 21 of 28
    John Leland 1789 to John Leland 1789
    The federal government's list of churches and religious societies exempted from Obamacare. Provided to us by U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN).

  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

    02/01/2016 6:56:10 AM PST · 20 of 28
    John Leland 1789 to Nifster

    Upon what authority would anyone ever call the United States federal government “Caesar?”

  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

    02/01/2016 6:55:12 AM PST · 19 of 28
    John Leland 1789 to sakic
    This is entitled, "The Order of Dependency for Bible-Believing Christians." It is for Bible-believing Christians, not secularists or simply nominal (in belief or practice) "Christians," or for liberal denominational types.

    It says nothing about any laws or ordinances enacted or to be enacted by civil government. It does mention Obamacare as an illustration of law that people and families who depend on God and the ways of God's provision for our lives loathe and abhor.

    There is available the U.S. Government's list (I have a copy supplied by U.S. Senator Joe Donelly---no Republican would take the time to get it for me for some reason) of all religious churches and societies the members of which are exempted from Obamacare. Those churches and societies were able to convince the feds that their dependency was on God to the degree that they could not comply with the mandates of Obamacare. The feds exempted them---

    And THIS is what I am talking about. The Christian's dependency upon God should be so obvious, so pronounced, and so observable that civil government would rather back off than oppose the faith of God's people.

  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

    02/01/2016 6:41:42 AM PST · 18 of 28
    John Leland 1789 to mountn man

    Whole libraries exist documenting the Christian influence, the church influence, the pastoral influence on the foundlings of our nation. Many books have been published over the past 200 years documenting the correspondences between our founding fathers and pastors throughout the original colonies. The influence of the Virginia Baptists on Madison and the reasoning behind the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment in particular is all well documented.

  • Order of Dependency for the Bible-believing Christian

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    John Leland 1789 to Nifster

    Who is Caesar in the United States?