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  • Does anyone know the process to recall Senator John McCain - TraitorPain, Pain in the ass McCain?

    04/28/2013 10:15:40 AM PDT · by jongaltsr · 67 replies
    I would like to start (IMMEDIATELY) the process to dispose of Rhino John McFrain McCain. I need to know the documents necessary to start that process (IMMEDIATELY - not tomorrow but TODAY). I need to know who to start the process with, Documents necessary and anyone who would be able to start a web site just to get signatures and get the ball rolling. JonGaltSr (Freeper since 1995 (or manybe it was 1996). Thanks
  • Biden to gun skeptics: ‘We’re going to swoop down with Sp Forces & take every gun in America’

    04/09/2013 7:33:13 PM PDT · by jongaltsr · 37 replies
    So they are going to swoop down and take out guns..... Send them to my house first off. I have lots of ammo to use up. Have some neighbors who will stand with me till we run out of ammo. Come join us. No need to let these Facists *or what ever they want to be called* in office put up or shut up. I will fight and it is just as well as sooner than later.
  • Who made this statement

    03/16/2013 9:45:58 PM PDT · by jongaltsr · 16 replies
    I forgot who it was who said “I am not concerned about the press getting on my case every time I open my mouth. That just means they are scared.” (Continued) “I would be more afraid if they ignored me because it meant that I was no longer a threat to them.” Believe it was Ronald Reagan who made that statement. Correct me if I am wrong. I just remember the quote but not ABSOLUTELY sure who made it. Thanks.
  • Russia is making threats and threatened to overthrow our government.

    02/28/2013 7:23:02 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 128 replies
    Has anyone noted that Putin keeps making bold statements about open conflict with the United States. I question the fact that "He is not exactly stupid" even if he is a bit arrogant. Does anyone have any insight or thoughts on why Putin would make open threats when it would not to be to his advantage to do so if he REALLY intended to attack us? My "Logical" mind says he is making such statements just to intimidate our politicians and NOT to forewarn an actual invasion. ANY THOUGHTS?
  • How to defend yourself and family in your own home. - Or any structure for that matter

    02/27/2013 9:42:04 AM PST · by jongaltsr · 30 replies
    Defenders tend to stand behind door openings..... Shoot waist high about 4 plus inches beyond the door frame. Lay in a couple of shots - 4 plus inches and 10 inches. That will cover and girth of anyone in any stance. Shooters may be either standing or crouched behind the door opening. This way (4 plus inches) will get the best chance of hitting them. If you aim higher and they are crouched over you will miss. If they are either crouched over OR standing you have a MUCH greater chance of hitting them. A shot to the head or...
  • Defense of your home and family.

    02/27/2013 9:12:15 AM PST · by jongaltsr · 10 replies
    Self Defense Inside the Home: Avoiding over-penetration - Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:53:15 AM · 17 of 29 jongaltsr to EXCH54FE I learned to pay attention to shadows. To differentiate between clouds moving overhead, Trees blowing in the wind and such. I learned to differentiate between reflections passing my window by listening to hear if at the same time a car passed by or if the reflection was my dog by listening for his nails on the sidewalk. That is something you pick up in battle. That is something you pick up when you want to survive another day. Yes,...
  • Stand and Fight

    02/27/2013 8:37:30 AM PST · by jongaltsr · 4 replies
    Join the "Stand and Fight" program from NRA (ASAP) When I say (ASAP) I mean NOW >>>>>>>> ! If you want to remain free and retain your constitutional rights and are willing to defend those rights, join NOW
  • Research the Left Wing Media Sources

    02/22/2013 2:59:43 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 4 replies
    The leftwing bias of the American mass media is pervasive and quantifiable. Since the 1980s, studies have consistently shown that the professionals who constitute America’s mainstream news media – reporters, editors, anchors, publishers, correspondents, bureau chiefs, and executives at the nation’s major newspapers, magazines, and broadcast networks – are preponderantly left-oriented and Democrat. These studies have excluded commentators, editorialists, and opinion columnists – all of whom make it clear that they are giving their opinions and analyses of the news as they view it. Rather, the focus of the research has been on those individuals whose ostensible duty is to...
  • Further info on Discover the Networks (of Lefties and Leftist Organizations

    02/22/2013 2:25:32 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 2 replies
    This section of DiscoverTheNetworks examines activists for leftwing agendas and causes -- egalitarians, socialists, and opponents of American "imperialism." Since the distintegration of the world Communist movement following the publication of the Khrushchev Report in 1956, the international left has not had a coherent unifying agenda. Its organizing basis is a commitment to egalitarian goals and social constructionist assumptions on the one hand, and -- in its radical wing -- a nihilistic opposition to global capitalism, now referred to as "globalization" on the other. These radicals reject the orders and alleged "hierarchies" of western democratic capitalism, and regard America as...
  • What Free Republic, and All Americans are up against.

    02/21/2013 8:32:43 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 20 replies
    <p>This section of DiscoverTheNetworks examines the immensely wealthy charitable foundations that provide financial backing for leftist groups and causes. These foundations -- sometimes called endowments or charitable trusts -- are nongovernmental, nonprofit entities whose assets are provided by donors and managed by their (the foundations') own officials, who earmark portions of their assets each year for what they consider to be socially useful purposes. Most of these foundations can be classified under the following categories: Community Foundations, which build their endowments through contributions from many donors within a given geographic region, and typically focus on local needs Corporate Foundations, which are private foundations established by for-profit corporations but legally separate from the parent corporations 

Family Foundations, in which the original donor or the donor's family plays a significant role in governing the foundation 

Independent Foundations, which are private foundations, usually endowed by one source such as an individual's bequest

 Operating Foundations, which are private foundations that use most of their income to provide charitable services or programs of their own, rather than making grants to outside organizations 

Public Foundations, which are public charities that operate significant grantmaking programs The DiscoverTheNetworks database currently identifies and profiles more than 125 major foundations whose political and philanthropic orientations are generally leftist, and whose combined assets exceed $100 billion. Some of the foundations described in this section are so large that they have single-handedly shaped entire cultural and political movements. (See, for example, the Ford Foundation's role in underwriting The Open Borders Lobby.</p>
  • History does NOT mean that which "current" men can recall or have lived through

    02/08/2013 5:46:22 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 21 replies
    The Worst Blizzards in United States History From the Blizzard of 1888 to the Present Day Read the newspapers/watch TV/Listen to Radio and you will hear them ALL going on and on and on about how his historical this snow storm is. History IS NOT restricted to that which you lived through.THEREFOR CONSIDER. A winter storm must meet certain qualifications to be characterized as an official blizzard. In a blizzard, visibility is reduced to a quarter of a mile or less from falling OR blowing snow, and the wind speed is at least thirty-five miles an hour for no less...
  • Comment on this. Bribing elected officials to perform Their normal duties.

    02/03/2013 1:24:40 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 4 replies
    Sending money to the corrupt only further corrupts them for still more. They need to enforce what is already law and not be bribed to do so. Therefor it is totally worthless (counter productive actually) to bribe those that we elected. ------------------------------------------------------- Why should we send donations to politicians and other organizations to perform functions that they should not need money or motivation to perform. It is already written in law what their responsibilities and duties are. OUR sending money to such organizations and individuals only bleeds us further and makes them richer. I (personally) NEVER send money to politicians...
  • What is the bias that FR (and some others) have against sending email to addresses at ?

    01/26/2013 3:00:38 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 78 replies
    What is the bias that FR (and some others) have against sending email to addresses at ? My current email no longer exists and went out of business almost 8 years ago but FR refuses to budge on a current and viable email address.
  • Once Proud American

    01/22/2013 7:27:46 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 39 replies
    Would love it if anybody with the resources could produce a "T" Shirt with an Eagle with a drooping head and the words "Once Proud American". Let me and the rest of the freepers know if you can produce such a "T" Shirt and we'll spread the word to other web sites.
  • Looking for information on VPN, VPN Software Services and comments on the benefits thereof.

    01/15/2013 9:50:01 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 6 replies
    Looking for information on VPN, VPN Software Services and comments on the benefits thereof. I am tired of looking up a particular product and withing 10 - 15 seconds finding that site sending me emails and pop-up advertising. That scares the hell out of me. I don't like people keeping track of every site I choose to visit because our "Gub'ermint" has access to that information too. If there are any internet sites that are educational on the subjects, that will work too.
  • Looking for "Pajama Patrol Badges" or who ever made them about 2004. Any Help ?

    12/12/2012 8:31:52 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 41 replies
    Looking for "Pajama Patrol Badges" or who ever made them about 2004. Any Help you can give me I would appreciate it. Thanks
  • Comment on this statement --- We have become a nation of "Wimps".

    11/10/2012 8:32:40 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 24 replies
    We have been taken over by "Popularity" and "Idol" worship. Facts don't matter. Results of our actions don't matter. Only the "Beautiful People" are to be admired. Want something? You deserve it! No need to work for it! Government "Promises" they will provide everything. People don't have to be smart. Hell - the government will think for us. The Popular and The Beautiful "RULE" Those that think for themselves are just stupid jerks. Those that are responsible for themselves, their family and friend are just "silly fools".
  • Bleed the Government. Do it quick. The faster government collapses more infrastructure will remain

    11/10/2012 10:45:50 AM PST · by jongaltsr · 13 replies
    If we wait for the government to slowly crumble over 4 or more years, the more of our infrastructure will also be lost (through stealing, conversion, sale to foreign interests, and just plane old neglect because nobody will spend the money to keep it up and in good conditions. Instead our leaders will piecemeal disassemble EVERYTHING or just let it set and rot. Instead of spending money for "Our" national benefits, they are going to spend it on N. Africa, the Middle East, Greece, Spain, The U.N., Argentina yet-ta yet-ta yet-ta! Obama has been promising for a LONG time now,...
  • Let the moochers suffer and the "Elite" puppet masters die.

    11/08/2012 12:23:02 PM PST · by jongaltsr · 95 replies
    John Galt
    Want to get back to freedom and the Constitution - (which effectively no longer exists? Learn to TAKE (from the government and liberal entities) - Bleed them dry (Fast and Furious) In the mean time - Take care of your own needs everyday and always insure that you don't pay taxes by making coop agreements with like minded fighters. Help people like yourself who can circumvent government at every turn. The key here is to drain the looters and feed the producers. Turn your home and the homes of your friends into "Galt's Gulch". Let the government pay and pay...
  • Cheating. Law Breaking.

    10/30/2012 6:40:13 PM PDT · by jongaltsr · 8 replies
    I hear that same old refrain. "Well, there they go again." The Democrats bus in thousands of Somalians to vote. 1st - most if not all of them are NOT citizens. 2nd - most of them can't even speak or understand English. 3rd - they are allowed to vote My question is - why isn't someone taking the ballots, the Somalians and their Democratic Sheep herders to court to invalidate and put a stop to this illegal action? As in the past NOTHING has ever been done to stop this kind of action even thought we all know that in...