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  • Iron to be dumped at sea to reduce global warming

    06/21/2010 7:32:43 AM PDT · 37 of 41
    JustDoItAlways to palmer

    This has already been tried twice. The first time, the results were inconclusive and the second time, they could find no affect.

    There will be a new UN International Convention by the Fall which will make these climate geo-engineering tests illegal.

  • Frank Fenner sees no hope for humans (Global warming)

    06/18/2010 3:01:50 PM PDT · 34 of 35
    JustDoItAlways to marthemaria

    We are making the environment so unlivable that our population is exploding.

  • Uncertain Science (Globalwarming Cult Losing Credibility)

    05/30/2010 9:36:17 AM PDT · 7 of 7
    JustDoItAlways to PROCON

    “The shift has left many once celebrated climate researchers feeling like the used-car salesmen of the science world.”


  • Meatless Mondays, a movement that has legs (Or Wings)

    05/19/2010 9:33:27 PM PDT · 47 of 65
    JustDoItAlways to PROCON

    Have you heard about the new FREGAN movement.

    They only eat vegan food that other people throw away ie. dumpster diving for vegan food “to save the Planet”.

    40 years ago, the greenies would have been locked up in asylums - today, they run the media and get elected to the Senate.

  • Climate change to kill off a fifth of world's lizards: study

    05/13/2010 3:18:44 PM PDT · 40 of 43
    JustDoItAlways to NormsRevenge

    It is pretty clear this falls into the “made-up” category.

  • Scientists decry "assaults" on climate research (~250 U.S. National Academy of Sciences members)

    05/09/2010 7:26:24 AM PDT · 36 of 36
    JustDoItAlways to NormsRevenge

    The Polar Bear photo that accompanied the letter was a photoshop job.

    (I don’t know if Science inserted it or the authors did).

    But how can they decry us questioning their integrity when their very letter demonstrates a lack of it.

  • The Medieval Warm Period in Greenland

    05/03/2010 6:25:47 PM PDT · 11 of 16
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    I know some don’t like the proxy evidence but the dO18 isotope data is the best temperature proxy we have (and it can produce high resolution numbers going back 540 million years and even a billion years).

    The Greenland ice-core dO18 numbers, however, have not been properly calibrated in most studies and the plus/minus temperature changes should only only be about half of that typically produced (I don’t know about this study).

  • 'Missing' heat may affect future climate change

    04/15/2010 5:25:54 PM PDT · 46 of 48
    JustDoItAlways to decimon
    Its not a complicated paper.

    But it has this graphic chart in it - "graphic" as in there needs to be a "disturbing content" warning for all those that have drunk the kool-aid.

    This is the missing energy that should be there according to the theory but is not accounted for in the atmosphere or the oceans - ie. it is missing or it unexpectedly was released from the Earth or the theory was never right in the first place.

  • 2 more glaciers gone from Glacier National Park

    04/09/2010 8:14:10 PM PDT · 65 of 74
    JustDoItAlways to LouAvul

    Is this story based on a study from last fall?

    Because the mountain snow in glacier national park has not melted this spring yet so there is no way to say any glacier has melted.

  • 422,700 years of temperature data [Vostok Ice Core]

    04/09/2010 8:08:23 PM PDT · 17 of 21
    JustDoItAlways to SloopJohnB

    The Antarctic ice core data now goes back 800,000 years - same story as the first 422,000 years.

    Reasonably reliable CO2 and temperature estimates go back 570 million years and more. No climate model with 3.0C per doubling of CO2 built in could match the temperature record (800,000 years or 570 million years) except in a few very short periods of time.

  • UCSB geologist discovers pattern in Earth's long-term climate record

    04/06/2010 12:36:29 PM PDT · 23 of 37
    JustDoItAlways to decimon
    She would have had to recalculate the Milankovitch Cycle impacts to get the cycles or the Eccentricity of the Orbit to match up. [She might have though].

    The two yellow lines on this chart are the Milankovitch Cycles - summer solar insolation at 75N and the less variable one is the temperature impact from the Eccentricity of the orbit - the more circular it is, the more solar energy received by the Earth in total - they are not in sync at all.

  • Short New York Real Estate Because of Global Warming?

    04/06/2010 7:55:15 AM PDT · 6 of 7
    JustDoItAlways to mattstat

    I wonder why Stevey Cohen of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and James Hansen (of GISS which is tied to Columbia University) has an office which is just a block away from the Hudson River and sea level.

    I think Stevey Cohen should be talking to the Columbia University about moving the University campus instead of trying to depress real estate prices.

  • Why Didn't Early Earth Freeze? The Mystery Deepens (Another CO2 hypothesis is debunked!)

    04/04/2010 8:41:21 AM PDT · 9 of 25
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    An additional greenhouse effect would not have been enough to keep the Earth from turning into a complete iceball.

    There had to be lower Albedo (reflectance of sunlight) by clouds / atmospheric gases as well.

  • Comet trail may have caused last ice age -

    04/03/2010 2:22:36 PM PDT · 14 of 24
    JustDoItAlways to Paul Pierett
    Just a few days ago, they had this mini-cool-down being caused by water flowing uphill.

    Let's just stick to factual evidence and end all of this illogical speculation.

    This material is actually getting published by Nature and the Royal Astronomical Society.

    What caused the Younger Dryas event? Well, it happened more than 19 different times in the last ice age so it is probably just a natural feedback cycle. There is no need to invoke a miracle.

  • 2010 Arctic sea ice sets record! (latest annual max extent on record)

    04/01/2010 6:09:03 AM PDT · 34 of 34
    JustDoItAlways to milwguy

    Update, Jaxa has March 31st higher than March 30th so 2010 is officialy tied for the record latest annual max extent.

  • 2010 Arctic sea ice sets record! (latest annual max extent on record)

    03/31/2010 5:29:59 PM PDT · 31 of 34
    JustDoItAlways to milwguy

    Actually, one other year (in the total 38 year record) peaked on March 31st - that was 1999.

    Jaxa’s prelim data for March 31st is out and it is down by 13K. They often adjust the prelim number higher so have a look tomorrow morning.

  • Mega-flood triggered cooling 13,000 years ago: scientists

    03/31/2010 2:15:29 PM PDT · 32 of 65
    JustDoItAlways to NormsRevenge

    “Bateman found that the waters flowed down the Mackenzie River, Canada’s longest, rather than the Saint Lawrence Seaway that had previously seemed the most likely route.”

    Bull. Loney.

    Ancient Lake Agassiz flowed south to the Missippi River and the Gulf of Mexico (when blocked by the glaciers over Hudson Bay). It could not flow uphill to the Mackenzie Valley or through the Great Lakes to the St. Lawrence.

    The climatologists get published in Nature and cannot even check an elevation map. Nature cannot even check an elevation map. The rush to support global warming is so strong that they just ignore facts which have been known for 150 years.

    The continental divide is at Browns Valley Minnesota. North of Brown’s Valley, the water flows into Hudson Bay and the Arctic ocean. South of Browns Valley, the water flows south into the Gulf Mexico.

    Brown’s Valley is only 200 feet higher than Lake Winnipeg and whenever the glaciers blocked access to Hudson Bay for melt water, it flowed south. The ancient river valley Warren is easily seen on topographic maps.

    You can see the river channel and even the shoreline of Lake Agassiz at the top of this picture.

  • Another warmer than normal winter reported (barf)

    03/26/2010 4:09:02 PM PDT · 35 of 37
    JustDoItAlways to Free ThinkerNY
    The US temperatures are less likely to be played around with than other places in the world.

  • Climategate Was an Academic Disaster Waiting to Happen

    03/14/2010 6:45:30 AM PDT · 17 of 19
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    If you are reading academic research papers on climate science, make sure you just go through the base data behind it/contained in it.

    In most of them, you’ll find that the abstract and most of the paper is strongly supporting AGW but the base data and the evidence supplied with the paper, totally contradicts the abstract and AGW in general.

    I think there is still a large percentage of climate researchers who understand the field is strongly exaggerated and they are supplying base data to question it. But to keep their jobs and get their paper published and keep their grant funding, they have to write it up as though it were pro-AGW when they are really just supplying better data to other doubtful researchers so that some day in the future this problem can be fixed.

    It is the only reason that explains why the data behind 80% of climate papers does not support what the paper says. Either that or the field is dominated by scientists who are bad with numbers and math. The ones that are strong in math and science in general stay with Math and Physics and Astrophysics etc. while the students who don’t really understand math in general migrate to the Environmental Sciences like Climate Science.


    03/13/2010 7:03:43 AM PST · 37 of 55
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    The Milankovitch Cycles are not as regular as most people assume. There is a lot of variation over time.

    The forward projections for the Milankovitch Cycle show that this will be an unusually long interglacial period.

    Summer Solar insolation in the far north, which when it declines enough kicks off an ice age, is not projected to fall enough to cause an ice age for at least 15,000 years (and it might take even 50,000 years).

  • Michael Mann Interview in the Nations's Largest Full-Color Paper

    03/12/2010 5:44:59 PM PST · 11 of 12
    JustDoItAlways to Sneakyuser

    Mann has been doing a lot of interviews lately (of course) and, in most of them, there is a little call for other climate researchers to publicly come to his defense.

    So far, they are trying to defend the overall science but noone is stepping up to defend Mann.

    That could be because they all know he was the main Don in this little secret group, because his science was the most distorted of anyone’s and they all know he is the most vindictive Don in all of science.

    It only took him a few days to throw the other main Don, Phil Jones, under the bus so why would any of the other researchers defend him now. He has to make up even newer fake stuff to defend himself now all by his lonesome.

    Maybe Penn State will come to the same conclusion.

  • 'Snowball Earth': Glaciers, ice packs once met at Equator

    03/07/2010 9:50:45 AM PST · 39 of 50
    JustDoItAlways to Steve Van Doorn

    To end the Snowballs, I’ve calculated CO2 levels would have had to increase to between 286,000 ppm (29%) to 800,000 ppm (80%) (and even more but that wouldn’t make mathematical sense unless the volume of the atmosphere increased as well).

    There is not enough volcanic emissions of CO2 to come even close to those kind of numbers over even tens of millions of years.

    The only estimate of CO2 at 715 million years ago is 6,000 ppm and the only one at 635 million years ago is 12,000 ppm.

  • Hidden Gas Source Could Speed Global Warming

    03/06/2010 6:55:22 AM PST · 48 of 62
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    The last Eemian interglacial 125,000 years ago was 2.5C warmer than today globally (which would be 4.0C to 5.0C warmer in the Arctic than today) and there was no additional release of methane - just the normal interglacial rise to 600 ppb to 700 ppb.

  • Hidden Gas Source Could Speed Global Warming

    03/06/2010 6:31:25 AM PST · 46 of 62
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    Methane levels are stabilizing.

    Even the climate models build in a stable methane forcing starting in a decade or so.

    Methane has already increased from 700 ppb to 1900 ppb (and is expected to stay below 2000 ppb). We have already seen ALL of the methane warming there is to come.

    The climate scientists don’t even know what their own science says.

  • 'Snowball Earth': Glaciers, ice packs once met at Equator

    03/05/2010 4:32:05 PM PST · 26 of 50
    JustDoItAlways to Ernest_at_the_Beach
    I've researched this extensively.

    Generally, we can explain the Snowball Earth episodes (there were at least 5) by Continental Drift.

    The Earth goes through non-regular cycles of Super-continents coming together and then breaking apart (the stress on the crust eventually breaks them up into plates again).

    When these Super-continents congregate at one or both of the poles, glaciers build up the pole, spread out across the available land (and glaciers do not build up on the ocean), Albedo increases (more sunlight is reflected and not allowed to heat up the Earth), it gets colder, more glacier builds up, even more sunlight is reflected and eventually, everything is frozen except the tropics.

    The continental drift reconstructions show that there really was Super-continents in the right place at least 715 million years ago and 635 million years ago (the last Snowball period).

    The Albedo of all that ice on a Continent over the south pole 20 times bigger than Antarctica is calculated to increase the amount of sunlight reflected from 30% today to 50% in the Snowball periods which is just the right amount to freeze over the whole Earth other than the tropics.

    Snowball period ends when Super-continent breaks up and the plates move away from the poles and the ice melts.

    So continental drift, rather than greenhouse gases.

    Here is how the continents looked at the last Snowball period and how far the 5 km high glaciers could have grown.

  • Methane seen as growing climate risk

    03/04/2010 5:03:00 PM PST · 68 of 68
    JustDoItAlways to NormsRevenge
    Methane levels in the atmosphere are stabilizing. This is another global warming scare tactic (designed to keep the followers in fear).

    Here is Barrow Alaska's Methane numbers up to last month. This area has the highest measurements and it leads the numbers in the rest of the globe. It takes about 2 years for these trends to make their way to Antarctica for example.

    There was a slight uptick in Methane for the last 2 years after it looked like a plateau was reached. But now it appears the uptrend cycle is over and we are back on track for a Methane plateau very soon. Its okay to eat beef again.

  • The Hidden Flaw in Greenhouse Theory

    02/25/2010 4:52:31 AM PST · 28 of 51
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    This is very close to what the theory is based on.

    Now what could possibly be wrong with that theoritical framework?

    Only about 20 key aspects of it, that is.

    The worst part of it is when they say the IR photons are “trapped” - like they never make it out of the atmosphere ever. A CO2 molecule only holds onto that IR photon for a few picoseconds to less than a millisecond. If anything the “trapped” IR photons still escape from the atmosphere (perhaps in other wavelengths though) a few seconds or a minute or two later than they would have escaped at 280 ppm.

  • A Pending American Temperaturegate

    02/24/2010 6:34:39 AM PST · 9 of 13
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    Even with these adjustments, temperatures are rising at a lower rate than predicted by the theory and by the climate models.

    Now cut the temperature increase in half (which is the likely reality) and climate science has to go back to the drawing board and start over. That is literally true because the theory as it stands now could not explain an even lower number.

    That is why they have adjusted the record. They don’t want to face the facts and they have too much invested in the alarm.

    The NCDC (Thomas Karl and Thomas Peterson), GISS (James Hansen) and CRU (Phil Jones) and all those who report to them and work with the actual record are part of this effort.

    We need a new agency (like a national statistical agency) to take over because the same crew cannot fix the record and expose what they have done.

  • The Latest on Hacking the Planet (Geoengineering to cool the planet without any warming in 15 yrs)

    02/23/2010 5:07:22 AM PST · 14 of 17
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem

    The layer they are proposing to spray the Sulfur Dioxide is the Ozone layer.

    Sulfur Dioxide at this level destroys/converts Ozone.

    So they proposing to block a few photons of sunlight for a short period of time meanwhile they are destroying the Ozone layer.

    The fact that this is still being discussed at the annual conference of the journal “Science” and in its blogs is absolutely unbelievable.

  • Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels

    02/22/2010 5:19:49 PM PST · 20 of 21
    JustDoItAlways to STONEWALLS

    The paper made a number of mistakes in trying to tie today’s expected sea level changes with the changes that occured from the last ice age and the Holocene.

    The simple fact is that it can’t really be done because there is very long lags between temperature changes and sea level changes (as much as 8,000 years according to the record).

    So they are just pulling a paper which shouldn’t have been done in the first place. The job was too difficult and even if they fixed the math errors, it wouldn’t be reliable for today’s situation.

  • New Climate Agency Head Tried to Suppress Data, Critics Charge

    02/22/2010 5:13:31 PM PST · 13 of 18
    JustDoItAlways to SonOfDarkSkies

    Thomas Karl is actually the most influential scientist in charge of the pro-AGW scam. He has kept a semi-low-profile but he has had the most influence on the scam of anyone; little did you know.

    The NCDC is the base data centre for all of the temperature records and under the control of Thomas Karl over the past 15 years, the NCDC has systematically adjusted the records and increased the temperature trend of the last 150 years from about 0.3C to 0.7C.

    I was hoping that putting Karl in charge of the new entity was a way of putting him out to pasture so that the temperature record could be fixed - but one never knows what is going on.

  • New Paper in Science: Sea level 81,000 years ago was 1 meter higher while CO2 was lower

    02/21/2010 5:14:33 AM PST · 34 of 35
    JustDoItAlways to Ernest_at_the_Beach

    I think this study is not reliable and there was an error somewhere in the analysis, assumptions, or local land deformation at the time of the event.

  • Al Gore: [Global Warming is] Worse Than We Thought

    02/15/2010 4:57:33 PM PST · 53 of 82
    JustDoItAlways to mbarker12474

    This David Barber guy from the University of Manitoba is among the shrillest of arctic ice melt “catastrophists”.

    In 2008, he predicted the arctic would be ice-free.

    In 2009, he predicted the arctic would be ice-free ...

    Sometimes the climate researchers are just trying to redo all the data and science so that their old predictions can be shown to be true/close to true.

    Is it so much to ask that they just focus on the facts? Quit with all the exaggerated predictions so that you can use the factual data and maintain your integrity.

  • Strange case of moving weather posts and a scientist under siege

    02/03/2010 5:07:18 AM PST · 14 of 14
    JustDoItAlways to neverdem
    Jones was the guilty party here.

    The other Chinese researcher wrote a paper just a few months before the date of the Jones et 1990 paper which said that the UHI in China was 0.1C per decade.

    When Jones saw how damaging the paper might become, Jones took him under his wing and said “You didn't really mean 0.1C per decade did you? Didn't you mean 0.05C per century. Let's write a paper together and you can join the great global warming community and your academic career will be set.”

    Afterward, the IPCC starts quoting the new Jones paper and says there is no UHI, it is only 0.05C per century. This becomes accepted wisdom in the climate community and the UHI-bias in the temperature record is ignored for two decades.

    18 years later, Keenan goes after the Chinese researcher for fraud and Jones then writes a CYA paper saying the UHI in China was indeed 0.1C per decade afterall.

    The UHI-bias in the temperature record continues to be ignored to this day.

    Jones is not a scientist is the traditional sense of searching for the truth. He is a scientist that changes data to match his preconceived theories.

  • Global Warming Inertia

    02/01/2010 5:40:13 PM PST · 4 of 4
    JustDoItAlways to mattstat

    The resignation of Pachauri would be a major event. Even the MSM could not ignore the story and the reasons for his resignation.

    In other words, he can’t resign. The IPCC won’t let him because of the damage that will be caused (to the institution of the IPCC and to the institution of global warming science in general).

    A few months from now, when the heat is off (and the Earth has cooled yet again), he can move on for family or health reasons.

  • So, whatever happened to Copenhagen?

    01/30/2010 4:58:36 PM PST · 7 of 12
    JustDoItAlways to knighthawk

    For those who don’t know Rex Murphy, he is from Newfoundland (and would not be classified as cute by young women) but he produces biting commentary on Canada’s main national newscast delivered in the style of the finest poetry (Neufie that is). Lately he has been commenting a lot on Climategate and global warming which is quite something for the network he works for.

    “... you wouldn’t accept that at a Grade 9 science fair”

  • NASA: 2009 second warmest year on record

    01/24/2010 4:27:50 PM PST · 54 of 78
    JustDoItAlways to Dementio

    NASA GISS changes the historic temperature record every month.

    One might wonder why one of the months in 1880 has to be changed every month but they are.

    80% of the changes each month lower an old record. The law of averages says this is manipulation, pure and simple.

    Here is a page monitoring any changes made.

  • World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown

    01/16/2010 5:44:38 PM PST · 16 of 18
    JustDoItAlways to lump in the melting pot

    At least some of the exaggerations are starting to get fixed now.

    Climategate has provided a little cover for the scientists who want to fix things, but entire institutions need to adopt this stance to fix all the problems. A lot of scientists and institutions need to be embarrassed and have egg on their face before the science is based on reality (for the first time).

  • Adventures in Lawyering: Facing the Global Warming Giants

    01/14/2010 5:01:46 AM PST · 9 of 10
    JustDoItAlways to LikeLight

    Global warming science will never be fixed unless there is a penalty or punishment for exagerrating it, distorting it.

    Right now, the reward system for climate scientists is structured so that the more exagerration they apply, the more they are rewarded. The more they are objective and applying the actual data and the actual facts, the more they are punished in terms of losing grants, positions and reputations.

    The carrot and stick is backwards in this field compared to the other sciences where the search for truth is the most important thing. In this field, the search for truth results in the researcher being ostracized.

    Making sure that the Climategate Team pays a price for what they have done will go a long toward correcting this backward reward system (but a lot more will be required).

  • Climate expert in the eye of an integrity storm (Penn State prof)

    01/09/2010 9:38:11 AM PST · 19 of 27
    JustDoItAlways to Kid Shelleen

    There are many factual errors in this article.

    Like Mann using Phil Jones h-index 52-62. There was no typo. The emails are clear that Mann intended to use what he knew was an incorrect h-index.

    Wegman’s report did not exonerate Mann. The report said the hockey stick was “obscure and incomplete” and “could not be supported by the analysis” and that there needed to be “more intense scruntiny and review” of this kind of work and that McIntyre’s criticism of it was “valid and compelling.”

    This article is another whitewash trying to drum up sympathy for Mann (using factually incorrect information once again which is par for the course with this group).

  • Snow covers Britain from head to toe (Amazing photo)

    01/08/2010 6:10:09 AM PST · 24 of 39
    JustDoItAlways to Crazieman

    I just checked the Terra satellite images and this picture is definitely from yesterday.

  • Southern Winds Help Stash Earth's Carbon Dioxide

    01/07/2010 6:47:13 PM PST · 12 of 15
    JustDoItAlways to Bhoy

    CO2 only holds onto that IR photon for between a picosecond and a few milliseconds before it is re-emitted or transferred through collision to another atmospheric molecule. Global warming theory needs to be re-established in a framework of Quantum Physics before I will accept it.

  • Soils give clean look at past carbon dioxide: It could take less of the greenhouse gas to reach a...

    01/02/2010 5:08:48 AM PST · 50 of 52
    JustDoItAlways to gleeaikin

    Well, there is some research pointing to a large ancient impact crater on Antarctica although it is covered in ice right now so we can’t be sure if it is a real impact or about its age.

    The Reis map looks like a map of South America. The refence to hot conditions and snakes is probably the Amazon. One issue is the extremely strong west winds and storms that exist once one gets to the southern tip of South America. Year 1500 sailing ships would have been wise to turn back at that point.

  • Soils give clean look at past carbon dioxide: It could take less of the greenhouse gas to reach a...

    01/01/2010 6:13:11 PM PST · 46 of 52
    JustDoItAlways to gleeaikin

    I think what really happened with the Antarctic glaciation timeline is that:

    1) Antarctica was already more-or-less over the South Pole as early as 60 million years ago and a few glaciers developed on the higher mountain ranges particularly about 42 million years ago; but,

    2) It was also connected to South America and Australia at the time so that the ocean currents were mixed with mid-latitude/tropical ocean currents in gyres in the Pacific and the Atlantic/Indian Oceans which keep it reasonably warm - still frigid in the Winter but the snow and ice melted in the Summer.

    3) About 34 million years ago, enough separation occured between South America and Australia, that the Antarctic Circumpolar Current developed which isolated Antarctica in an extreme polar climate.

    4) It rapidly glaciated over after this.

    5) About 27 million years ago, some jostling of the small cratons between South America and Antarctica closed off the Antarctic Circumpolar Current again and the glaciers melted back considerably.

    6) About 14 million years ago, the Circumpolar Current was re-established and Antarctica glaciated over again.

    7) About 2.5 million years ago, the Earth cooled off even more (due to events in the Arctic ocean which are still not explained other than Greenland and the Arctic Archipelago were slowly drifting north), and Antarctica glaciated over even more than previously more-or-less similar to today.

    That is my timeline of events and I have spent a lot of time researching this. I could quote about 50 sources but I hate doing that.

    Antarctica was also glaciated over between 330 to 290 million years ago, 430 to 420 million years ago and 640 to 600 million years ago when Continental Drift also placed it near the South Pole. It is the unlucky Continent.

  • Soils give clean look at past carbon dioxide: It could take less of the greenhouse gas to reach a...

    01/01/2010 7:42:39 AM PST · 36 of 52
    JustDoItAlways to JustDoItAlways

    Sorry, when I saw Royer’s name, I assumed he was involved in this, but I guess he wasn’t. The method, however, is not reliable.

  • Soils give clean look at past carbon dioxide: It could take less of the greenhouse gas to reach a...

    01/01/2010 7:38:06 AM PST · 34 of 52
    JustDoItAlways to gleeaikin

    The two Asteroid strikes at 35.3 million and 35.7 million years ago never left a signature in the Temperature record within the resolution of the data available of 15,000 years.

    The glaciers in Antarctica started forming about 42 million years ago and the significant glaciation did not start until 33.6 million years ago.

    So, the Asteroid strikes did not impact the long-term climate and a lag of 2 million years is not possible.

    In terms of this study, trying to use ancient soils to estimate CO2 in the past - this method has huge errors/variability and produces Zero ppm estimates very often (ie no plants, no life). The author of the study, Royer, is desperate to rewrite the historical CO2 estimates so that it matches the historical temperature records better. This is just another example.

  • Arctic Could Face Warmer and Ice-Free Conditions (Pliocene projections - USGS)

    12/29/2009 1:15:04 PM PST · 42 of 62
    JustDoItAlways to decimon

    The sea surface temperatures in these regions in August is normally 6C to 12C. So, 10C to 18C would be 4C to 6C warmer than today.

    Some of these newer isotopes like the Uk37 used in this study seem to be showing warmer temperatures than other isotopes do.

    This chart should show a temperature history over 67 million years which are very similar to the locations chosen for this study.

    3 million years ago +1.0C to +2.0C and 55 million years ago +12.0C. If we applied the same ratios as this study, temperatures would be closing in on 100C 55 million years ago. So they need to recalibrate these isotopes.

  • Richard Alley Explains CO2 and Climate: Deep Time to Present Day

    12/29/2009 7:22:18 AM PST · 54 of 55
    JustDoItAlways to cogitator

    Sorry, should have mentioned you can ignore the Pedogenic Carbonates CO2 data since it is just a bunch of outliers including lots of 0’s.

  • Richard Alley Explains CO2 and Climate: Deep Time to Present Day

    12/29/2009 7:04:44 AM PST · 53 of 55
    JustDoItAlways to cogitator

    You can get the data for these two papers at this link (along with others you might want)

    scroll down to the “Atmospheric Trace Gases” section and they are provided in Excel spreadsheet form and then one can reorganize it to plot CO2 versus time.

    This one also has the CO2 numbers published in IPCC AR4.

  • Richard Alley Explains CO2 and Climate: Deep Time to Present Day

    12/28/2009 8:08:14 AM PST · 51 of 55
    JustDoItAlways to cogitator


    Be sure to double-check Richard Alley’s assertions.

    What are the CO2 estimates over the past 25 million years? (180 ppm to 380 ppm) What are the temperature estimates? (-5.0C to +4.0C) The doubling estimates do not work at this time scale nor any timescale in the historical climate.

    Of course, Richard Alley never showed the math in that presentation. He just told you it is almost nailed.