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  • CRITICAL ALERT:Top Five Concerns With Trade Promotion Authority (Jeff Sessions on TPA and TPP)

    06/12/2015 6:42:25 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 119 replies
    Senator Sessions ^ | May 4, 2015 | Senator Sessions Jeff Sessions
    Congress has the responsibility to ensure that any international trade agreement entered into by the United States must serve the national interest, not merely the interests of those crafting the proposal in secret. It must improve the quality of life, the earnings, and the per-capita wealth of everyday working Americans. The sustained long-term loss of middle class jobs and incomes should compel all lawmakers to apply added scrutiny to a “fast-track” procedure wherein Congress would yield its legislative powers and allow the White House to implement one of largest global financial agreements in our history—comprising at least 12 nations and...
  • 2007 March for Life Text of President Bush's Remarks

    01/22/2007 4:06:13 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 37 replies · 655+ views ^ | 1/22/07 | jwalsh07
    "Yes, Nellie, thank you. (Applause.) Thank you very much, Nellie. And I want to thank everybody there for taking part in today's March for Life. I appreciate so very much the devotion to such an honorable cause, and the good work everyone is doing to defend life. And, Nellie, it's good to hear your voice again, and I thank you very much for giving me a chance to visit with you and the crowd that is assembled there on the Mall. (Applause.) It is important for all Americans to remember that our Declaration of Independence states that every person has...
  • Go Right Ahead - Tread On Us

    12/09/2006 1:26:06 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 17 replies · 1,116+ views
    Investors Business Daily ^ | 12/7/06 | Investors Business Daily Editorial
    "National Priorities:When a secretary of defense gets confirmed 95-2 apparently because he says we are not winning a war, you know Uncle Sam must have a sign on his back that says "kick me." We've come a long way from that day in April 1986 when President Ronald Reagan ordered Operation El Dorado Canyon, an air strike on Libya by two dozen F-111F fighter bombers in retaliation for a terrorist blast at a West Berlin disco that injured 200 people, including 63 U.S. soldiers, killing two. Back then we took the fight to our enemies.".....
  • Duncan Hunter On the Issues

    11/20/2006 4:10:15 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 107 replies · 1,985+ views
    Duncan Hunter for Congress ^ | 11/20/06 | Jwalsh07
    Congressman Duncan Hunter represents the 52nd Congressional District of California, encompassing eastern and northern San Diego County. First elected in 1980, the voters in the 52nd district re-elected him in 2004 with over 69% of the vote. A Vietnam veteran, he served in the 173rd Airborne and 75th Army Rangers. Hunter utilized the G.I. Bill to attend Western State University Law School in San Diego and, while completing his degree, he supplemented his income by working in farming and construction. After graduating, the new attorney opened a storefront legal office where he served many in the Hispanic community, often without...
  • Darwin's warm pond theory tested

    02/16/2006 6:00:37 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 98 replies · 1,348+ views
    BBC News ^ | 13February2006 | Rebecca Morelle
    Life on Earth was unlikely to have emerged from volcanic springs or hydrothermal vents, according to a leading US researcher. Experiments carried out in volcanic pools suggest they do not provide the right conditions to spawn life. The findings are being discussed at an international two-day meeting to explore the latest thinking on the origin of life on Earth. It is taking place at the Royal Society in London.
  • Jones v Bush Harriet Miers Lead Attorney 12th Amendment Case

    10/14/2005 7:05:23 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 75 replies · 2,717+ views
    U of Michigan ^ | 10/14/05 | jwalsh07
    Harriet Miers opposition in Jones v. Bush was Sanford Levinson (BA-Duke, PhD-Harvard, JD-Stanford), the "W. St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Centennial Chair in Law" at the University of Texas School of Law, author of over 200 articles in professional and more popular journals, co-author of a leading constitutional law casebook, who's also been a visiting law prof at Harvard, Yale, NYU, and BU." (info on Levinson courtesy of Beldar)Perhaps Sander Levinson, a high powered legal beagle with all the right pedigree who got his butt kicked in trail court, the appeals court and at the SCOTUS...
  • After Action New London - With Pics

    07/05/2005 6:23:29 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 117 replies · 4,568+ views
    jwalsh07 | 7/5/05 | jwalsh07
    Hundreds of folks turned out on the steps of New London's city hall to support the property owners in imminent danger of losing their homes to eminent domain. The crowd numbered in the hundreds, at least, and they and we were a boisterous lot with the favorite chant being, "LET THEM STAY". I would have changed it to "Tar and Feather Justice Souter and the 4 Theives" but I was overruled. At any rate it had a certain flavor of the 60's with an elderly folk guitarist writing and playing a song supporting property rights. I loved it. LOL A...
  • Leaders: Ruling points to need for federal marriage amend.

    05/13/2005 3:32:35 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 37 replies · 569+ views
    BPNews ^ | May 13, 2005 | Michael Foust
    WASHINGTON (BP)--When a federal marriage amendment failed in Congress last year, a number of senators -- including Democrat Joseph Lieberman and Republican John McCain -- opposed it on the grounds that states should be able to decide the issue on their own. Now that a federal judge has struck down Nebraska's marriage amendment -– despite voter approval by a 70-30-percent margin in 2000 -- conservatives are hoping those same senators will give a federal marriage amendment another look.
  • Connecticut Senate Passes Civil Unions Law

    04/08/2005 6:53:19 AM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 50 replies · 1,001+ views
    Connecticut Legislature ^ | 4/8/05 | jwalsh07
    General Assembly   Substitute Bill No. 963 January Session, 2005 *_____SB00963FIN___033005____* AN ACT CONCERNING CIVIL UNIONS. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:Section 1. (NEW) (Effective October 1, 2005) For the purposes of sections 1 to 15, inclusive, of this act:(1) "Civil union" means a union established pursuant to sections 1 to 15, inclusive, of this act between two eligible persons; and(2) "Party to a civil union" means a person who has established a civil union pursuant to sections 1 to 15, inclusive, of this act.Sec. 2. (NEW) (Effective October 1, 2005)...
  • The Giraffe's Short Neck (Lamarckian, Darwinian, Neo Darwinian or Something Else?)

    03/12/2005 1:11:23 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 49 replies · 1,106+ views
    The Nature Institute ^ | 2003 | Craig Holdrege
    "The idea that the giraffe got its long neck due to food shortages in the lower reaches of trees seems almost self-evident. The giraffe is taller than all other mammals, can feed where no others can, and therefore has a distinct advantage. It seems compelling to say that the long neck and legs developed in relation to this advantage. Why else would the giraffe be so tall? You find this view presented in children's books, in web descriptions of the giraffe, and in textbooks." "But just because this explanation is widespread does not mean it is true. In fact, this...
  • Bush buoys pro-lifers

    01/24/2005 11:21:47 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 6 replies · 529+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 1/24/05 | Jon Ward and Amy Doolittle
    Thousands of pro-life demonstrators yesterday rallied on the frozen, snow-covered Ellipse, and then marched to the Supreme Court as part of the 32nd annual protest against the high court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion.
  • New Hampshire to evaluate Election Day voter registration policy

    11/08/2004 3:14:56 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 21 replies · 1,033+ views ^ | 11/8/04 | AP
    More than 96,000 people registered to vote on Election Day overall. They made up about 15 percent of the state’s turnout. Orville Fitch, who has been overseeing election issues for the state’s attorney general, said he hopes to compile a "snapshot" of the affidavit’s use. He said the research may show if affidavits are used more often in some areas, such as southern border communities, when compared with central or northern areas. "Many people have expressed concern that Election Day registration or registration with domicile affidavit, or the two combined, are creating some opportunity to fraudulently register," he said, "and...
  • MARCH FOR LIFE January 24, 2005

    11/04/2004 6:32:28 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 34 replies · 2,071+ views
    March For Life ^ | 11/4/04 | jwalsh07
    22 Years of Prolife Work for God, Country and Neighbor Late in October 1973, grassroots prolife leaders became concerned that January 22, 1974, might come and go without properly memorializing the Supreme Court's infamous abortion decisions and without petitioning Congress for redress. No established right-to-life organization desired or was prepared to undertake the planning, financial and operational responsibilities for a prolife March on the U.S. Capitol.  But, grassroots prolifers wanted to march! Meeting in Washington around a dining room table, veteran prolife leaders from their state, county, and community organizations, resolved themselves into a temporary committee, selected a chairman, and...
  • Bush Will Win Popular Vote

    11/02/2004 9:56:28 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 26 replies · 303+ views
    CNN ^ | 11/3/04 | jwalsh07
    75% of Precints Reporting:The CIC 47 million, Jhengis Johnny 44 million.
  • Jeb on Hannity, "more registered R's than D's in Fl in past 4 years"

    11/01/2004 6:05:38 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 124 replies · 242+ views
    Jeb Bush | 11/01/04 | jwalsh07
    I consider myself politically informed and I find this statement flies in the face of the conventional wisdom which is why I am posting it to breaking news.

    10/27/2004 4:58:48 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 98 replies · 3,360+ views ^ | 10/27/04 | Bush/Cheney Campaign
    Click here to view ad.
  • Re-Elect President Bush - HARTFORD COURANT

    10/24/2004 7:02:06 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 22 replies · 1,306+ views
    The Hartford Courant ^ | 10/24/04 | editorial
    Re-Elect President Bush October 24, 2004 As in many past elections, Americans are closely divided over who should be the next president. It's not a clear-cut case of one candidate being far superior to the other. Yet history is not made by those who stand on the sidelines and wring their hands. The people must choose on Nov. 2, and The Courant recommends George W. Bush over John F. Kerry.
  • List Of People BY SAT SCORE. (W, Kerry, Clinton LOL)

    10/17/2004 10:18:18 AM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 48 replies · 5,915+ views
    Free Dictionary.Com ^ | 10/17/04 | jwalsh07
    List of people by SAT score. Check out Jhengis Johnny and the Slickster. Al Gore evidently had somebody take the SAT's for him because nobody acquires that much stupid.
  • Newsweek Manufactures Momentum

    10/02/2004 3:56:52 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 121 replies · 3,326+ views
    RealClear Politics ^ | 10/2/04 | jwalsh07
    Poll Date...Pubbies....Dems....Indies....Men....Women . . 9/11/04........391........300......270......481....522 10/2/04........345........364......278......481....532 On 9/11/04 Newsweek published a poll showing Bush up 49-43. On 10/2/04 Newsweek published a poll showing Kerry up 47-45. Here's a test, you tell me why.
  • INGRAHAM (Down Home Conservative) vs O'REILLY (elitist armadillo) 9/15/04 8:00PM EST

    09/15/2004 4:56:01 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 183 replies · 9,267+ views
    Fox | 9/15/04 | jwalsh07
    Two rounds, no three knockdown rule.My money is on Laura.
  • Why is Zell "ANGRY"?

    09/01/2004 10:48:04 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 81 replies · 2,186+ views
    jwalsh07 | 9/2/04 | jwalsh07
    Zell is angry because John Kerry and John Edwards voted NO when boots on the gorund needed funding.Zell is angry because John Kerry stereotyped Vietnam Vets as drug addled, baby killing lunatics.Zell is angry because John Kerry has said the danger of terrorism is overblown.Zell is angry because for almost two years democrats have called the CIC a liar, a deserter and a murderer.Zell is angry because the party he has belonged to his entire life has fallen off the left edge of the political world.Zell is angry because John Kerry voted NO when Saddam Hussein opened his gambit to...
  • Zarqawi safe house targeted

    09/01/2004 3:08:06 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 5 replies · 313+ views
    US DOD ^ | 9/1/04 | American Forces Press Service
    Multinational Force Attacks Zarqawi Operating Location American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2004 -- Multinational Force Iraq conducted a "precision attack" in southwest Fallujah tonight, targeting an operating location used by the network of fugitive terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, officials announced in a news release. Surrounded by fields, the two targeted buildings served as safe houses and meeting locations for known Zarqawi associates, the release said. Earlier in the day, the terrorists were seen removing a man from the trunk of a car, executing him, then burying his body. Multiple sources of Iraqi and coalition intelligence provided the basis...
  • John Kerry/Antiwar Timeline by Popular Request

    08/24/2004 6:02:40 AM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 11 replies · 1,562+ views ^ | 825/04 | jwalsh07
    I have seen a lot of requests for a Kerry timeline. Here it is courtesy of wintersoldier.
  • Paul Galanti POW on Hannity Now Rocking Kerrys World

    08/23/2004 6:03:24 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 299 replies · 12,982+ views
    Foxnews | 8/24/04 | jwalsh07
    Galante accusing Kerry of aiding and abetting enemy.
  • Bob Dole is rocking Kerry on Wolf Blitzer Now

    08/22/2004 10:08:01 AM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 268 replies · 16,638+ views
    CNN Wolf Blitzer | 8/22/04 | jwalsh07
    Dole wants to know how Kerry got three purple hearts without "bleeding". Dole is rocking.
  • McCain Coming Up On Imus

    08/12/2004 5:10:15 AM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 12 replies · 417+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 8/12/04 | Jwalsh07
    Best one liner wins the prize.
  • BUSH LEADS KERRY 50-47 Likely Voters Post Covention (ROTFLMAO)

    08/01/2004 9:16:24 AM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 16 replies · 2,241+ views
    CNN Wolf Blitzer | 8/1/04 | jwalsh07
    Just announced on WOlf Blitzers show. Bush UP with likely voters 50-47. Kerry up among registered voters 50-47. The dim dums analysis was that the lunacrat convention energized the Republicn base. Too much. No link yet, will post in body when available.
  • Rasul v Bush - Scalia Dissents

    06/28/2004 6:21:38 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 173 replies · 957+ views
    SCOTUS ^ | 6/28/04 | Justice Scalia et al
    JUSTICE SCALIA, with whom THE CHIEF JUSTICE and JUSTICE THOMAS join, dissenting. The Court today holds that the habeas statute, 28 U. S. C. §2241, extends to aliens detained by the United States military overseas, outside the sovereign borders of the United States and beyond the territorial jurisdictions of all its courts. This is not only a novel holding; it contra-dicts a half-century-old precedent on which the military undoubtedly relied, Johnson v. Eisentrager, 339 U. S. 763 (1950). The Court’s contention that Eisentrager was somehow negated by Braden v. 30th Judicial Circuit Court of Ky., 410 U. S. 484 (1973)—a...
  • Enduring Freedom KIA Fund

    06/22/2004 7:14:48 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 8 replies · 1,053+ views
    Enduring Freedom KIA Fund ^ | 6/22/04 | Jwalsh07
  • Clinton Pardoned Terrorists Mr Clarke

    03/27/2004 8:25:25 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 33 replies · 1,263+ views
    Senator Charles Grassley ^ | 3/27/04 | jwalsh07
    The Word On: Presidential Pardon with SENATOR CHUCK GRASSLEY Q: Why was the President able to offer clemency to convicted terrorists? A: Under Article 2, Section 2 of the federal Constitution, the president is granted the authority to "grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States." On August 11, 1999, President Bill Clinton offered an executive grant of conditional clemency to 16 Puerto Rican militants for their involvement in some 130 bombings starting in the late 1970s. A month later, 14 accepted. In the meantime, the president's pardon power has become a political hot potato. Reports indicate...
  • Contact 9/11 Commission Regarding the Soviet Show Trial

    03/24/2004 2:41:26 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 41 replies · 401+ views
    9/11 Commission ^ | 3/24/04 | jwalsh07
    Contact Us National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States 301 7th Street, SW Room 5125 Washington, DC 20407 Washington Office* Tel: (202) 331-4060 Fax: (202) 296-5545 New York Office Tel: (212) 264-1505 Fax: (212)
  • Kerry "Man of the People" Ad (LOL Funny}

    03/07/2004 5:04:41 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 71 replies · 1,682+ views ^ | 3/5/04 |
    Go to the url to view the .mpg file or click here.
  • Add Your Name To Veterans for Bush List

    02/14/2004 3:54:17 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 107 replies · 451+ views
    To all vets, Support President Bush by adding your name here!
  • Is Kerry Really the most electable Democrat? Bring It On?

    02/06/2004 4:26:32 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 33 replies · 404+ views
    The New Republic ^ | 2/2/04 | Micheal Grunwald
    Massachusetts Senator John Kerry likes to say that, if he's the Democratic nominee and President Bush wants to make the election a referendum on national security, he has just three words to say: "Bring It On!" But what if Kerry becomes the nominee and Bush wants to make the election more than a referendum on national security? What would the Republicans bring on then?
  • Is there a difference between President Bush and Senator Kerry?

    02/02/2004 5:25:30 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 140 replies · 6,505+ views ^ | 2/2/04 | Jwalsh07
    <p>       Compare Candidates   Remove Remove   Choose Another Candidate   Kerry Bush General Information Party  Democrat Republican Has Held Elected Office  Yes Yes Served in the Military  Yes Yes Issues Abortion Appoint Judges Who Will Outlaw Abortions  Strongly Opposes Strongly Favor Outlaw "Partial Birth" Abortions  Strongly Opposes Strongly Favor Outlaw Abortions Except for Rape/Incest  Strongly Opposes Strongly Favor Parental Notification for Minors Under 18  Strongly Opposes Strongly Favor Gay Rights Constitutional Gay Marriage Ban  Somewhat Opposes Strongly Favor Equal Rights for Civil Unions  Strongly Favor Somewhat Opposes Allow Gays to Openly Serve in the Military  Strongly...
  • MARCH FOR LIFE (January 22,2004)

    12/29/2003 6:04:42 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 116 replies · 256+ views
    March for Life ^ | 12/29/03 | Jwalsh07
    22 Years of Prolife Work for God, Country and Neighbor Late in October 1973, grassroots prolife leaders became concerned that January 22, 1974, might come and go without properly memorializing the Supreme Court's infamous abortion decisions and without petitioning Congress for redress. No established right-to-life organization desired or was prepared to undertake the planning, financial and operational responsibilities for a prolife March on the U.S. Capitol.  But, grassroots prolifers wanted to march! Meeting in Washington around a dining room table, veteran prolife leaders from their state, county, and community organizations, resolved themselves into a temporary committee, selected a chairman,...
  • 11 Republican Senators, 41 Republican House Members and One Republican President Signed BCRA-2002

    12/10/2003 8:57:44 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 129 replies · 1,310+ views
    Congress | 12/10/03 | John Walsh
    11 Republican Senators who voted for the BCFA of 2002:McCain, Fitzgerald, Lugar, Collins, Snowe, Cochran, Domenicic, Spector, Chafee, Thompson Warner41 Republican House Members voted for the BCFA of 2002:Bohlert, Bono, Capito, Castle, Ferguson, Foley, Frelinghausen, Ganske, Gilchrest, Gilman, Graham, Greenwood, Grucci, Houghton, Horn, Johnson(CT), Johnson(IL), Kirk, LaTourette, Leach, LoBiondo, McHugh, Morella, Osborne, Ose, Petri, Platts, Quinn, Ramstad, Ros-Lehtinen, Sanders, Shays, Simmons, Smith(Mi), Thune, Upton, Walsh(not my clan), Wamp, Weldon(Pa), WolfOne President Signed BCRA of 2002:President Bush
  • Supreme Court split in church-state case

    12/03/2003 6:46:26 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 19 replies · 169+ views ^ | 12/03/03 | SPI News Services
    WASHINGTON -- All Joshua Davey, a valedictorian at his Spokane high school, wanted was to study in college to become a minister. Instead, that simple plan four years ago turned into a church-state case embraced by religious conservatives as a vehicle for expanding their recent Supreme Court victories. But when the Davey case was argued at the Supreme Court yesterday, it met resistance from a deeply divided court. One called the possible consequences of the case "breathtaking."
  • The SJC of Mass ignored the Massachusetts Constitution.

    11/19/2003 6:01:09 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 47 replies · 282+ views
    Massachusetts Constitution Chapter III, Article V. All causes of marriage, divorce, and alimony, and all appeals from the judges of probate shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision. From the Amici Curae - Mass Citizens Alliance Unlike the Federal Constitution, the Massachusetts Constitution expressly deals with the subject of marriage and specifically provides for jurisdiction in all causes of marriage. Part the Second, Chapter 3, article 5 of the Constitution states: “All causes of marriage, divorce, and alimony and all appeals from the Judges of probate shall be...
  • Just who are the statists in the case of Terri Schiavo?

    10/27/2003 12:44:27 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 80 replies · 433+ views
    ....But in the end, this case is not about the aspirations that loving parents have for their children. It is about Theresa Schiavo's right to make her own decision, independent of her parents and independent of her husband. In circumstances such as these, when families cannot agree, the law has opened the doors of the circuit courts to permit trial judges to serve as surrogates or proxies to make decisions about lifeprolonging procedures. See In re Guardianship of Browning, 568 So. 2d 4 (Fla. 1990) (affirming In re Guardianship of Browning, 543 So. 2d 258, 273-74 (Fla. 2d DCA 1989));...
  • Seeing Signs of Life (Terry Schiavo On Karen Ann Quinlan)

    10/19/2003 9:00:19 AM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 33 replies · 284+ views
    Newsday.Com ^ | April 15, 2003 | Hugo Kugiya
    To counter the claims of Schiavo and his family, Terri's parents and siblings testified they never heard Terri express a wish to die rather than live on life support. One of Terri's childhood friends, Diane Meyer, testified that Terri once uncharacteristically lost her temper when Meyer told a joke about Karen Quinlan. "What is the state vegetable of New Jersey?" Meyer asked Terri in the summer of 1982. The punch line was "Karen Ann Quinlan." "She said the joke wasn't funny and did not approve of what was going on in the Quinlan case," Meyer testified, referring to the legal...
  • Letter to Mom from a Navy Corpsman

    03/13/2003 5:52:04 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 3 replies · 171+ views
    EMAIL | A navy Corpsman
    Dear Mom, It's really your decision to march if you want to or not. You are the one who has to decide if what we are doing out here is right or not. My opinion is not yours. I do, however, have things I would like for you and Grandma and every one else at home to know. I am a United States soldier. I was sworn to defend my country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. People may not agree with the things we are ordered to do. I would like to address those people by telling them that...
  • MArch for Life Pictures

    01/23/2003 12:59:02 AM PST · by jwalsh07 · 17 replies · 277+ views
    Jwalsh07 ^ | 1/23/03 | jwalsh07
    Click on the link for pictures of the March.
  • Critics of Affirmative Action Temper Their Opposition

    12/22/2002 5:52:34 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 32 replies · 30+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 12/22/02 | Charles Lake
    When the Supreme Court last weighed affirmative action in university admissions a quarter-century ago, American Jewish organizations were in the forefront of the opposition. Yet as the Supreme Court prepares to revisit the issue in a pair of "reverse discrimination" cases brought by white students against the University of Michigan, leading Jewish organizations have kept a conspicuously low profile, and at least one, the 100,000-member American Jewish Committee, has decided to file a friend-of-the-court brief in support of the university.
  • Ronald Reagan Should Step Down, He Said Strom Thurmond Is A Man of Character

    12/10/2002 7:36:51 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 66 replies · 248+ views
    University of Texas ^ | 9/20/83 | Ronald Reagan
    Remarks at a Fundraising Dinner for Senator Strom Thurmond in Columbia, South Carolina September 20, 1983 Senator Thurmond -- Strom, thank you very much for a very warm and very flattering introduction. Governor Jim Edwards, Senator Baker, George Graham, Bill Cassels, Members of the Congress who are here, and all of you ladies and gentlemen: I don't have the words to thank you properly for the welcome that I've had. I'm delighted to be back in your beautiful State -- the location that Sir Walter Raleigh described as paradise on Earth. And I'm delighted to be here, speaking for someone...
  • Have You Seen This Terrorist?

    11/21/2002 2:51:55 PM PST · by jwalsh07 · 30 replies · 39+ views
    The FBI ^ | 11/21/02 | FBI
    Amer El-Maati is being sought in connection with possible terrorist threats in the United States and should be considered armed and dangerous. If you have information concerning El-Maati's whereabouts, please contact your local FBI office, the nearest American Embassy or Consulate, or submit your information to the FBI's online tip form.
  • Dave Rogers, Navy Seal, Needs Help Defeating Patrick Kennedy

    10/15/2002 4:31:20 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 35 replies · 334+ views
    Dave Warren RogersIn February of 2001, Dave Rogers, with the help of his wife Nancy and a group of close friends and associates, began exploring the possibility of running for the United States House of Representatives as a Republican from the first district in Rhode Island. The response has been enthusiastic. The team is confident that Dave Rogers will capture the nomination of the Republican Party and challenge Patrick Kennedy for the congressional seat of the 108th Congress in 2002. Dave was born in Ft. Ord, California in 1965 while his father attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. IN...

    09/26/2002 7:49:49 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 20 replies · 393+ views
    New York Post ^ | 9/24/02 | Uri Dan
    <p>JERUSALEM - Three members of a Palestinian terror cell who trained in Iraq's military camps have been arrested as they tried to make their way back into Israel, officials said yesterday.</p> <p>Israeli media reported that officials were flying to Washington to personally brief the CIA on the arrests, which took place as the United States readied its forces for battle with Baghdad.</p>
  • Congress Readies for Iraq Invasion Push (Daschle Needs A Wakeup Call)

    09/05/2002 4:27:11 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 23 replies · 33+ views
    Foxnews ^ | 9/5/02
    <p>"I would think the United States would want to be in the same position it was at the point when we went to the U.N. in the early 90s (for the Persian Gulf War)," Daschle said. "If the international community supports it, if we can get the information we’ve been seeking, then I think we can move to a resolution.</p>

    08/05/2002 5:30:51 PM PDT · by jwalsh07 · 626 replies · 3,855+ views
    8/5/02 | jwalsh07
    AMENDMENT 14SECTION 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. GE 4D Image Of a Baby