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  • BREAKING -- Obama Abandons Israel At U.N. Security Council…

    07/28/2014 10:06:02 PM PDT · 31 of 46
    kabar to originalbuckeye

    Because he is a Democrat.

  • CNN poll: Hillary doing better with white voters than any Democrat since Jimmy Carter

    07/28/2014 10:03:33 PM PDT · 53 of 53
    kabar to TigerClaws

    Doesn’t matter. People vote the party. Issues no longer count. We have entered the era of tribal politics.

  • Warner presses Gillespie on climate change

    07/28/2014 7:36:41 PM PDT · 24 of 24
    kabar to CharlesWayneCT
    He will lose because there are more Dems than Reps. Here in NoVA, Warner will accrue enough votes to overcome whatever Gillespie gets in the southern part of the state. And it doesn't help that we have a RINO running who can't go after Warner on the Gang of 8 bill. Dave Brat provided the blueprint on how to win. He listened to Jeff Sessions and those of us who wanted him to ditch the corporate elites and defend the American worker.

    Becoming the Party of Work-- How the GOP can help struggling Americans, and itself. by Jeff Sessions

  • CNN poll: Hillary doing better with white voters than any Democrat since Jimmy Carter

    07/28/2014 7:28:13 PM PDT · 50 of 53
    kabar to Perdogg
    I am tired of the Pollyannas who fail to recognize the sea change in electoral politics, primarily due to changing demographics. Hillary doesn't have to be "popular." She is already way ahead of any potential Rep candidate. She will have the money and organization to win.

    What states will Hillary or any other Dem will lose that Obama won in 2012? The Dems get a huge head start with the number of electoral votes they have locked up before the race even begins.

  • CNN poll: Hillary doing better with white voters than any Democrat since Jimmy Carter

    07/28/2014 7:17:44 PM PDT · 49 of 53
    kabar to Laissez-faire capitalist

    Whites were about 72% of the voters in 2012.

  • CNN poll: Hillary doing better with white voters than any Democrat since Jimmy Carter

    07/28/2014 4:00:17 PM PDT · 10 of 53
    kabar to Perdogg

    Denial just ain’t a river in Egypt.

  • CNN poll: Hillary doing better with white voters than any Democrat since Jimmy Carter

    07/28/2014 3:59:34 PM PDT · 7 of 53
    kabar to Laissez-faire capitalist

    Romney won the white vote 59%-39%. He won every age group and gender. If Hilliary cuts into that number, the GOP is finished. She will win in a landslide. Hillary is more popular among Hispanics than Obama.

  • Sessions calls on members to oppose border bill that doesn’t stop Obama’s amnesty plan

    07/28/2014 3:53:00 PM PDT · 7 of 17
    kabar to dforest

    Could you please explain exactly whom you are talking about and what law you are referring to. Surely, you don’t consider Sessions to be a RINO. Sessions is the gold standard when it comes to how we should be handling immigration, legal and illegal.

  • US Chamber of Commerce is not winning

    07/28/2014 1:33:21 PM PDT · 8 of 10
    kabar to cripplecreek

    They have come out in favor of amnesty. What the Chamber wants is to greatly increase the guest worker programs. The Gang of 8 bill doubles the number of guest workers from 640,000 to 1.4 million a year.

  • Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Virginia Same-Sex Marriage Ban

    07/28/2014 11:31:17 AM PDT · 11 of 82
    kabar to Alter Kaker

    Legislating thru the courts must end. Since when do 2% of the population (gays) dictate social norms? Why can’t society define marriage?

  • Major rally against ‘Obama’s tyranny’ rocks liberal Massachusetts

    07/28/2014 11:14:14 AM PDT · 44 of 49
    kabar to Ben Ficklin
    The Senate has yet to send the Gang of 8 bill to the House. Why? Because it would be blue slipped and sent back to the Senate to remove appropriation language due to the Origination clause.

    The Dems need a Trojan Horse bill from the House so they can attach the Gang of 8 bill to it during conferencing. It wouldn't surprise me if the GOPe tries to get this done prior to the midterms. The pressure from the GOP's corporate paymasters is enormous along with the Chamber of Commerce. It is already rumored that the CoC will endorse Landrieu in the midterms.

  • Major rally against ‘Obama’s tyranny’ rocks liberal Massachusetts

    07/28/2014 8:10:56 AM PDT · 26 of 49
    kabar to ozarkgirl

    MA is a fairly white state. 83% white only with just 8% black and 6% Asian.

  • Major rally against ‘Obama’s tyranny’ rocks liberal Massachusetts

    07/28/2014 8:05:30 AM PDT · 22 of 49
    kabar to dblshot
    That’s a very white crowd. And I expect if all the ill.. er undocumented were being settled in Texas, New Mexico, and AZ they wouldn’t be protesting.

    All politics is local. The people are protesting in Texas, AZ, New Mexico, and all across the country wherever these "children" are headed. Local communities are rising up, which is the most effective way to show dissent.

  • Major rally against ‘Obama’s tyranny’ rocks liberal Massachusetts

    07/28/2014 8:01:04 AM PDT · 18 of 49
    kabar to Blue Turtle
    This rally is for the wrong reason, they’re not protesting the illegality and blatant disregard for the constitution, these liberals simply don’t want it in their backyard.

    Nothing wrong with that. Once people understand the costs associated with immigration, legal and illegal, they will sing a different tune. I don't care how they come to that realization, but the sooner the better. Every state is a border state now.

  • Major rally against ‘Obama’s tyranny’ rocks liberal Massachusetts

    07/28/2014 7:58:12 AM PDT · 13 of 49
    kabar to cotton1706
    It will be interesting to see the reaction to Obama's threatened legalization of 5 to 6 million illegal aliens by executive order. In addition to legalization, they will receive work permits allowing them to compete legally for jobs. And many states are already treating the DACA recipients as citizens giving them in-state tuition and driver's licenses.

    Will the people rise up? Will the GOP promise to repeal the order if they regain the WH? Will they impeach Obama for it? I suspect the GOPe will be AWOL since they want to do the same thing.

  • ´John Kerry is an alien, an ongoing embarrassment´: what Israel thinks of US secretary of state

    07/27/2014 8:37:26 PM PDT · 33 of 53
    kabar to Nachum

    Kerry has been on the wrong side of nearly every foreign policy issue for the past 40 years. His “experience” is much like that of supposed foreign policy guru, Vice President Joe Biden: a long track record of grievous mistakes. Here are Kerry’s top ten worst:

    10. Honduras (2009) - Sen. Kerry backed Obama’s dubious claim that leftist President Manuel Zelaya—an antisemite and autocrat in the Hugo Chavez mode—had been ousted in a coup. He even tried to reverse a contrary finding by the Law Library of Congress.

    9. Terrorism (1996) - In a debate with former Gov. Bill Weld, Sen. Kerry opposed the death penalty for terrorists, at a time when lack of vigilance by the Clinton administration allowed Al Qaeda to become a deadly threat. (After 9/11, Sen. Kerry changed his mind.)

    8. Nicaragua (1985) - As Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal noted last week, Sen. Kerry encouraged Congress to end aid for the Contras, who were opposing the Sandinista regime, which quickly found support from the Soviet Union and Cuba.

    7. Iraq (2003) - In 2002, Sen. Kerry voted to authorize the Iraq War; in 2003, he voted against continued funding and aid necessary to secure victory. The flip-flop was not only indefensible, but also cost Sen. Kerry the 2004 election against George W. Bush.

    6. Colombia (2003) - Sen. Kerry described FARC, a drug-fueled terrorist guerilla army in Colombia much beloved by Chavez and the far left, specializing in kidnappings and hostage-taking, as having “legitimate complaints” against the Colombian government.

    5. Gulf War (1991) - Not only did Sen. Kerry vote against authorizing UN-approved action against Saddam Hussein, but he also argued for a “new world order” not led by the U.S. and criticized the American-led coalition President George H.W. Bush had built.

    4. Iran (2007) - Our own William Bigelow notes: “In 2007, Kerry voted against a Senate resolution that wanted to “combat, contain, and roll back the violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

    3. Israel (2003) - As CBS News has noted, Sen. Kerry called Israel’s anti-terror security barrier—which has saved hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian lives—a “barrier to peace” in October 2003. (As on many other issues, Sen. Kerry soon reversed his position.)

    2. Syria (2009) - Though Sen. Kerry condemned Syria as a supporter of terrorism in 1991, when Syria had aligned with the U.S. in the Gulf War, he later embraced dictator Bashar al-Assad, leading Democrats’ efforts to rehabilitate the murderous regime.

    1. Vietnam (1971) - As bad as Sen. Kerry’s record has been since, nothing quite tops his national debut in the “Winter Soldier” investigation as a decorated veteran telling false stories about war crimes allegedly committed by American troops in Vietnam.

  • Warner presses Gillespie on climate change

    07/27/2014 8:02:10 PM PDT · 22 of 24
    kabar to CharlesWayneCT
    Gillespie cleaned Warner’s clock in this debate, and this is the left’s best shot at countering that.

    You and I must have been watching different debates. Warner was the aggressor and had Ed on the defensive the whole time. Ed failed to go after Warner for signing the Gang of 8 bill. If he had approached it Dave Brat style, he could have hit a homerun.

    The Gang of 8 bill triples legal immigration to 33 million over the next decade and doubles the guest worker programs from 640,000 to 1.4 million a year--all at a time when 21 million Americans are underemployed or unemployed. Illegal aliens are costing the state of VA over $2 billion a year. The Gang of 8 bill also provides amnesty for at least 12 million illegal aliens, which will cost $6.3 trillion according to a Heritage Foundation study.

    Gillespie is going to lose because he is playing the political consultant game of trying not to make a mistake.

  • Warner presses Gillespie on climate change

    07/27/2014 7:53:08 PM PDT · 21 of 24
    kabar to Carry me back

    Ed is not getting any liberal votes and he just lost a few conservative ones.

  • Warner presses Gillespie on climate change

    07/27/2014 7:51:02 PM PDT · 20 of 24
    kabar to CharlesWayneCT

    No charge.

  • Right wing’s worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue

    07/27/2014 3:58:59 PM PDT · 51 of 110
    kabar to Rome2000

    Who is fighting whom?

  • Obama tells Netanyahu he wants immediate humanitarian cease-fire

    07/27/2014 3:53:01 PM PDT · 96 of 118
    kabar to SJackson

    If Obama says something, it must be heeded. He is so influential with his red lines and demands. Only problem is that no one is listening.

  • George Will: Let Illegals Stay; 'Preposterous' US 'Can't Assimilate These 8-Year-Old Criminals'

    07/27/2014 3:48:43 PM PDT · 9 of 95
    kabar to E. Pluribus Unum
  • George Will: Let Illegals Stay; 'Preposterous' US 'Can't Assimilate These 8-Year-Old Criminals'

    07/27/2014 3:47:34 PM PDT · 6 of 95
    kabar to 2ndDivisionVet

    When you reward something, you get more of it. Will is an idiot.

  • Right wing’s worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue

    07/27/2014 3:46:08 PM PDT · 46 of 110
    kabar to Rome2000

    What are you trying to say?

  • Right wing’s worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue

    07/27/2014 3:24:15 PM PDT · 33 of 110
    kabar to kabar

    Correction non-Hispanic white

  • Right wing’s worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue

    07/27/2014 3:21:39 PM PDT · 32 of 110
    kabar to Kenny Bunk
    White along consists of all whites including Hispanic whites. Non-Hispanic white alone means whites other than Hispanic whites. The Census Bureau depends on the individual to self-describe who he/she is.

    George Zimmerman was a white Hispanic vice a non-white Hispanic. Definitions matter since they are used by the federal and state governments to dole out benefits like affirmative action and minority business set asides.

    Our policies reinforce and encourage ethnic and racial identities. They are divisive and destructive. The Dems use it as part of their identity politics schtick.

  • Right wing’s worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue

    07/27/2014 3:02:31 PM PDT · 21 of 110
    kabar to jerod

    The colors were supposed to alternate by election, but the MSM and the Dems made sure the Reps were stuck permanently with red. They knew that the association of the left with red would have subliminal effects upon voters. The Stupid Party was fooled again by the Evil Party.

  • Right wing’s worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue

    07/27/2014 2:59:22 PM PDT · 18 of 110
    kabar to struggle
    I think 2014 is going to be a road map for the next decade. If Republicans like Cruz, Lee, etc. take the helm and VERBALIZE CONSERVATIVE TENETS AND VALUES this country will vote Republican for decades on end. The failures of liberals are CLEAR to those that are not completely brainwashed.

    If it were only true. The problem is changing demographics. We have entered the era of tribal politics. The Dems are on the verge of becoming the permanent majority party. What state that Obama won in 2012 will the Dems lose in 2016? The Dems start with a huge head start in electoral votes. They can concentrate on a few battleground states and coast in from there.

  • Immigration Hype

    07/27/2014 2:11:02 PM PDT · 36 of 37
    kabar to NaturalBornConservative
    No, and I didn't say that you were, but many Obama voters are, and now disillusioned as well, after seeing his policies in action for the last five and a half years. Obama won't be on the ballot in 2016, and there probably won't be another Black candidate, so I don't believe 2008 and 2012 set an irreversible trend.

    Obama rode the demographic change. It really won't matter if the next candidate is Black or not. The Dems are gaining the upper hand demographically. They are becoming the permanent majority party. As I indicated previously, what state in 2012 that Obama won will Hillary or a Dem lose in 2016? Hillary will be another historic President, our first woman President.

    I had a question mark behind that, because you cited stats for legal and illegal immigrants as if both are the problem. It sounded like you were saying we need to stop all immigration, otherwise everyone we let in will vote for the Democrats, or something. I understand you better now.

    We need to reduce legal immigration substantially. We are importing poverty and surplus labor. Our immigration needs must have some correlation with our job and skill requirements. That is not the case now.

    I provided you with multiple links and charts. Did you even bother to look at them?

    I agree with that message. But, I too have lost all but a thread of faith in politicians on either side of the isle, as have many of my associates, on the left and right.

    We have two wings of the same party. There is a serious disconnect between our political and corporate elites and the people. Sessions is making a case for the Reps to ditch the corporate elites and direct their efforts to the American worker who has been abandoned by both parties.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 9:19:18 AM PDT · 128 of 180
    kabar to rodguy911
    If Obama decides to legalize 5 to 6 million illegal aliens thru executive order, we as a nation have a very serious decision to make. And so does Congress. Even though impeachment may be a trap, this action cannot go unchallenged.

    The Reps made a major mistake in 2012 not making a major challenge to DACA, which has already legalized 560,000 Dreamers to date. Instead, Cantor and his ilk wanted to pass their own version of this unconstitutional action. By not doing anything then, we now face the specter of an amnesty by executive order, which will be very difficult to undo. And no doubt, the GOPe and their corporate paymasters will be gloating.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 9:12:20 AM PDT · 127 of 180
    kabar to ROCKLOBSTER

    Agree. And as someone who has actually issued visas, most of these illegal aliens would not qualify for a tourist visa even if they had never entered this country illegally.

  • Scene of the crime: 'It's spreading, spreading more over here'

    07/27/2014 7:34:59 AM PDT · 8 of 27
    kabar to Dilbert San Diego

    We are importing gang members thru our immigration policies.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 7:29:43 AM PDT · 84 of 180
    kabar to bray

    Brit is an a$$hole. He is also the guy who said that no one supports amnesty. According to this idiot, as long as the person learns English, pays a fine, and gets to the back of the line, it is not amnesty.

  • Warner presses Gillespie on climate change

    07/27/2014 7:26:26 AM PDT · 6 of 24
    kabar to Oldeconomybuyer
    I watched the debate. Gillespie is a RINO and he equivocates like the political consultant he was. He totally whiffed on the immigration issue failing to go after Warner on the Gang of 8 bill. He should have adopted the Dave Brat approach.

    I briefed Gillespie for an hour on immigration and he ignored it. He is a loser.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 7:17:25 AM PDT · 78 of 180
    kabar to bray

    Will and Britt Hume are shills for Murdoch and his desire for amnesty. Fox has lost any objectivity on this issue. They don’t bring on people like Jeff Sessions and Steve King to provide the other side of the issue. It is infuriating since the public is on our side.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 7:14:13 AM PDT · 77 of 180
    kabar to rodguy911
    What is really going on however is that the wmd sick kids coming to a neighborhood near you is just the fool em' again part of the story.

    The vast majority of the "kids" are teenagers. And two thirds of the children are accompanied by a parent or relative who are also being allowed in. And these people are not being deported. When you reward something, you get more of it.

  • Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 27 July 2014

    07/27/2014 7:04:21 AM PDT · 71 of 180
    kabar to rodguy911
    This is a trap the hard left wants us to fall into just like all the other traps they have set for us. Traps like shutting down the govt. to sick oppressed kids on the border to its all Bush's fault. Unfortunately, we generally fall into most of their traps. This is the biggest trap of all.

    Rod, I agree with your analysis, but what happens if Obama uses an executive order that essentially stops all internal enforcement of our immigration laws and legalizes the status of 5 to 6 million illegal aliens, including giving them work permits? This isn't just an academic question because it seems that this will happen in August or September.

    Obama is intent on making the midterms a referendum on immigration.

  • Rep. Steve King Predicts Impeachment if Obama Grants Executive Amnesty

    07/26/2014 6:39:26 PM PDT · 25 of 36
    kabar to 2ndDivisionVet

    He should have been impeached because of DACA.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 2:22:48 PM PDT · 111 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    Colin Powell (with Scowcroft) made the decision not to destroy the Republican Guard. If the "war" had gone on for one more day, they would have been destroyed.

    The Iraqis had built slit trenches facing the sea and on the Saudi Border. They were taken by surprise. The Iraqis were looting Kuwait City.

    The Iraqi military was a joke. Many surrendered to reporters. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, which is probably why Powell decided to show them some mercy. Saddam viewed it as a sign of weakness, which is why he violated his truce agreement with us. We set up no-fly zones in the North and South of the country to protect thge Kurds and the Shi'a. A second confrontation was always inevitable.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 2:04:54 PM PDT · 108 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    When we went into Iraq for the second time, that was not good because we had already lost men, material and treasury on the first operation so we had to do it again and retake the same damn desert and fight those that we let get by us on the first attempt.

    We took back Kuwait the first time. We didn't invade Iraq. We didn't retake the same desert.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 2:02:21 PM PDT · 107 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    Then again, We invaded Iraq, we destroyed their government, we put a ex ambassador in total control. But that was not a occupation.....nooooooooo...

    Wrong. It was an occupation until the Iraqis elected a new government.

    So no sofa was needed because Iraq was now a government approved sovereign nation.

    A SOFA was needed with the legitimately elected government of Iraq.

    I said that we did it totally wrong. We should have occupied them, I said, for at least 30 years. and NO SOFA. So there we are....right back where we started.

    You are back where YOU started. There is no way we would occupy Iraq for 30 years. Our objective was to remove Saddam and prevent Iraq from becoming a sanctuary for AQ. Our big mistake was not leaving a residual force to assist Iraq in its transition. We failed to get a SOFA, which was by design. Obama and probably most of the American people wanted us to get out entirely. Hence Obama made sure that no SOFA would be obtained so he could use it as a pretext to leave.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 1:10:59 PM PDT · 98 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    You go off on this diatribe about Sofa and you compare it to places where we have troops stationed in friendly countries when I have already addressed the issue by saying that SOFAS should not be used with occupied countries and then you go off on wild rip and totally misrepresent what I am saying.

    You negotiate SOFAs with sovereign host governments. You don't need a SOFA if you occupy and run the country. Understand?

    I think we should stop right here and part ways, because after multiple attempts, I cannot even get close to being on the same page with you. These concepts are you have are foreign to me and you are misrepresenting what I am saying.

    I gather that those concepts are foreign to you. They aren't to me. I have spent 8 years as a naval officer and 28 years as a foreign service officer. I have lived in 11 different countries and traveled to 70 more. I understand how SOFA agreements work and how diplomacy is conducted. We are definitely on different pages and probably in a different book.

    All I have figured out is that Iraq was not a occupation, nor was the surge in Afghanistan Nor was any war according to you. Except Japan and Germany.

    A country is no longer occupied when it has a sovereign, independent government. We went thru an occupation phase in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp? We went thru the same thing with Germany and Japan.

    I suppose you don’t think that Israel is not at least temporarily occupying Gaza to ferret out the tunnels and launchers.

    They have invaded parts of Gaza, but I don't expect them to stay very long. They are not talking about removing the current governing coalition and replacing it. Israel is staging a military operation.

    You don’t get me, because you don’t want to get what I am saying. Afghanistan is a deployment because one guy, the president resides in Kabul with all the money and wealth he can steal. So you protect his goat stinking hide in Kabul while he and his family steal you blind and undermine the task. So that’s a deployment...not a occupation because you let one guy roam about Kabul who calls himself president.

    Karzai was elected. The Afghans just had another election and the results are still coming in. The new government will sign a SOFA with the US.

    The discussion I am trying to have with you is to change all this crap back to what it was before it was screwed with by politicians. Make it honest and forthright so everyone understands it. A deployment should be a stay in a country that invited you where you are there as a deterrent and not fighting their civil war for them.

    We went into Afghanistan because the 9/11 attack was planned there. The Taliban provided a sanctuary for AQ. We went in to eliminate that sanctuary and remove the government that supported them. We went into Iraq for these reasons contained in the 2002 Joint Resolution of Congress. We removed a dictator who invaded two countries (Iran and Kuwait) and used WMD against his own people and the Iranians. This allowed Iraq to draft its own Constitution and stage free elections.

    If you have to do that, then kick the government out and occupy them until such a time as they can do their own business without old hatreds and 1500 year old arguments. If that takes 50 years, then you stay 50 years with no friggin sofa unless you are ready to leave and they want you there as a deterrent at their request.

    There is no political will to make such a commitment nor do we have the resources to do it.

  • Immigration Hype

    07/26/2014 12:45:55 PM PDT · 33 of 37
    kabar to NaturalBornConservative

    If we have an amnesty, it will cost $6.3 trillion. And by amnesty, I mean any legislation that allows the lawbreakers to stay and work here. Citizenship is just the cherry on top.

  • Immigration Hype

    07/26/2014 12:42:47 PM PDT · 32 of 37
    kabar to NaturalBornConservative
    I am from CA. When I last lived and voted there, Reagan carried the state (twice). So are you saying voters can't be persuaded?

    Demographically and politically CA is no longer the same state as when you lived there. The Democrats dominate the state and local government and the CA congressional delegation is becoming more and more Democrat. That is a reality.

    If all Republican's feel the way you do, then the party has pretty much sealed it's own fate.

    I am not delusional. I provided you with facts of how immigration and changing demographics are changing electoral politics. Limited government, lower taxes, and fiscal prudence don't resonate with these new voters. They vote on the basis of who has a D after their name.

    Many voted for Obama simply because he's black, not because they agreed so much with his or the Democratic platform

    As I said, we have entered the era of tribal politics. It is a reflection of the changing demographics.

    G.W. Bush won the presidency in 2000 and 2004, and now suddenly you're saying it's impossible to win again unless we stop all immigration (legal and illegal)?

    GW Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and barely won in 2004 despite being the incumbent President and a terrible Dem candidate in Kerry. Obama won overwhelmingly in 2008 and 2012 garnering more votes than any President in history. The Democrats are in the process of becoming the permanent majority party. No matter who they nominate in 2016, the nominee will be the odds on favorite to win. You just have to look at the electoral map to see what any Dem candidate starts with in terms of guaranteed electoral votes.

    Where did I say, "it's impossible to win again unless we stop all immigration (legal and illegal)". We definitely need to reduce immigration levels down from the current 1.1 million a year to around the historical average of 200,000 to 300,000 a year, mainly because there is no correlation between our immigrant intake and our job needs. But certainly, reducing the numbers will help the current immigrants (including my wife) assimilate.

    What matters most is having a message that's genuine, and that the majority of American's agree with.

    Yes, and that message should be the one articulated by Jeff Sessions. " Becoming the Party of Work How the GOP can help struggling Americans, and itself. An excerpt:

    When Americans went to the polls in 2012, the following was true: Work-force participation had sunk to its lowest level in 35 years, wages had fallen below 1999 levels, and 47 million Americans were on food stamps. Yet Mitt Romney, the challenger to the incumbent president, lost lower- and middle-income voters by an astonishing margin. Among voters earning $30,000 to $50,000, he trailed by 15 points, and among voters earning under $30,000 he trailed by 28 points.

    And what did the GOP’s brilliant consultant class conclude from this resounding defeat? They declared that the GOP must embrace amnesty. The Republican National Committee dutifully issued a report calling for a “comprehensive immigration reform” that would inevitably increase the flow of low-skilled immigration, reducing the wages and living standards of the very voters whose trust the GOP had lost.

    Over the past four decades, as factories were shuttered and blue-collar jobs were outsourced or automated, net immigration quadrupled. Yet the corporate-consultant class has pronounced that an insufficient level of immigration is the problem. A more colossal misreading of the political moment has rarely occurred.

    Perhaps the most important political development now unfolding in the U.S. is the public’s growing loss of faith in our political and financial elites of both parties. To open the ears of disaffected voters, the GOP must break publicly from the elite immigration consensus of Wall Street and Davos. Republicans have a clear path to building a conservative majority if they free themselves from the corporate consultants and demonstrate to the American public that the GOP is the only party aligned with the core interests, concerns, and beliefs of everyday hardworking citizens.

  • Obama refuses to set upper limit on tax rate

    07/26/2014 12:08:11 PM PDT · 9 of 17
    kabar to CaspersGh0sts

    Obama is going to be a divisive but influential force for decades to come. He will be an unfettered, loose cannon who can cause plenty of mischief and discord. You can expect the Community Organizer to play the race and ethnicity card. And he will rolling in cash from his speaking engagements and representation on various Broads of Directors. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 11:59:18 AM PDT · 87 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    1980 – Iran: Operation Eagle Claw, on April 26, 1980, President Carter reported the use of six U.S. transport planes and eight helicopters in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue the American hostages in Iran.

    1980 – U.S. Army and Air Force units arrive in the Sinai in September as part of "Operation Bright Star". They are there to train with Egyptians armed forces as part of the Camp David peace accords signed in 1979. Elements of the 101st Airborne Division, (1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry) and Air Force MAC (Military Airlift Command) units are in theater for four months and are the first U.S. military forces in the region since World War II.

    1981 – El Salvador: After a guerrilla offensive against the government of El Salvador, additional U.S. military advisers were sent to El Salvador, bringing the total to approximately 55, to assist in training government forces in counterinsurgency.[RL30172]

    1981 – Libya: First Gulf of Sidra incident, on August 19, 1981, U.S. planes based on the carrier USS Nimitz shot down two Libyan jets over the Gulf of Sidra after one of the Libyan jets had fired a heat-seeking missile. The United States periodically held freedom of navigation exercises in the Gulf of Sidra, claimed by Libya as territorial waters but considered international waters by the United States.[RL30172]

    1982 – Sinai: On March 19, 1982, President Reagan reported the deployment of military personnel and equipment to participate in the Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai. Participation had been authorized by the Multinational Force and Observers Resolution, Public Law 97-132.[RL30172]

    1982 – Lebanon: Multinational Force in Lebanon, on August 21, 1982, President Reagan reported the dispatch of 800 Marines to serve in the multinational force to assist in the withdrawal of members of the Palestine Liberation force from Beirut. The Marines left September 20, 1982.[RL30172]

    1982–83 – Lebanon: On September 29, 1982, President Reagan reported the deployment of 1200 marines to serve in a temporary multinational force to facilitate the restoration of Lebanese government sovereignty. On September 29, 1983, Congress passed the Multinational Force in Lebanon Resolution (P.L. 98-119) authorizing the continued participation for eighteen months.[RL30172]

    1983 – Egypt: After a Libyan plane bombed a city in Sudan on March 18, 1983, and Sudan and Egypt appealed for assistance, the United States dispatched an AWACS electronic surveillance plane to Egypt.[RL30172]

    1983 – Grenada: Operation Urgent Fury, citing the increased threat of Soviet and Cuban influence and noting the development of an international airport following a coup d'état and alignment with the Soviet Union and Cuba, the U.S. invades the island nation of Grenada.[RL30172]

    1983–89 – Honduras: In July 1983, the United States undertook a series of exercises in Honduras that some believed might lead to conflict with Nicaragua. On March 25, 1986, unarmed U.S. military helicopters and crewmen ferried Honduran troops to the Nicaraguan border to repel Nicaraguan troops.[RL30172]

    1983 – Chad: On August 8, 1983, President Reagan reported the deployment of two AWACS electronic surveillance planes and eight F-15 fighter planes and ground logistical support forces to assist Chad against Libyan and rebel forces.[RL30172]

    1984 – Persian Gulf: On June 5, 1984, Saudi Arabian jet fighter planes, aided by intelligence from a U.S. AWACS electronic surveillance aircraft and fueled by a U.S. KC-10 tanker, shot down two Iranian fighter planes over an area of the Persian Gulf proclaimed as a protected zone for shipping.[RL30172]

    1985 – Italy: On October 10, 1985, U.S. Navy pilots intercepted an Egyptian airliner and forced it to land in Sicily. The airliner was carrying the hijackers of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro who had killed an American citizen during the hijacking.[RL30172]

    1986 – Libya: Action in the Gulf of Sidra (1986), on March 26, 1986, President Reagan reported on March 24 and 25, U.S. forces, while engaged in freedom of navigation exercises around the Gulf of Sidra, had been attacked by Libyan missiles and the United States had responded with missiles.[RL30172]

    1986 – Libya: Operation El Dorado Canyon, on April 16, 1986, President Reagan reported that U.S. air and naval forces had conducted bombing strikes on terrorist facilities and military installations in the Libyan capitol of Tripoli, claiming that Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi was responsible for a bomb attack at a German disco that killed two U.S. soldiers.[RL30172]

    1986 – Bolivia: U.S. Army personnel and aircraft assisted Bolivia in anti-drug operations.[RL30172]

    1987 – Persian Gulf: USS Stark was struck on May 17 by two Exocet antiship missiles fired from a Dassault Mirage F1 of the Iraqi Air Force during the Iran–Iraq War, killing 37 U.S. Navy sailors.

    1987 – Persian Gulf: Operation Nimble Archer. Attacks on two Iranian oil platforms in the Persian Gulf by United States Navy forces on October 19. The attack was a response to Iran's October 16, 1987 attack on the MV Sea Isle City, a reflagged Kuwaiti oil tanker at anchor off Kuwait, with a Silkworm missile.

    1987–88 – Persian Gulf: Operation Earnest Will. After the Iran–Iraq War (the Tanker War phase) resulted in several military incidents in the Persian Gulf, the United States increased U.S. joint military forces operations in the Persian Gulf and adopted a policy of reflagging and escorting Kuwaiti oil tankers through the Persian Gulf to protect them from Iraqi and Iranian attacks. President Reagan reported that U.S. ships had been fired upon or struck mines or taken other military action on September 21 (Iran Ajr), October 8, and October 19, 1987 and April 18 (Operation Praying Mantis), July 3, and July 14, 1988. The United States gradually reduced its forces after a cease-fire between Iran and Iraq on August 20, 1988.[RL30172] It was the largest naval convoy operation since World War II.[7]

    1987–88 – Persian Gulf: Operation Prime Chance was a United States Special Operations Command operation intended to protect U.S.-flagged oil tankers from Iranian attack during the Iran–Iraq War. The operation took place roughly at the same time as Operation Earnest Will.

    1988 – Persian Gulf: Operation Praying Mantis was the April 18, 1988 action waged by U.S. naval forces in retaliation for the Iranian mining of the Persian Gulf and the subsequent damage to an American warship.

    1988 – Honduras: Operation Golden Pheasant was an emergency deployment of U.S. troops to Honduras in 1988, as a result of threatening actions by the forces of the (then socialist) Nicaraguans.

    1988 – USS Vincennes shoot-down of Iran Air Flight 655.

    1988 – Panama: In mid-March and April 1988, during a period of instability in Panama and as the United States increased pressure on Panamanian head of state General Manuel Noriega to resign, the United States sent 1,000 troops to Panama, to "further safeguard the canal, US lives, property and interests in the area." The forces supplemented 10,000 U.S. military personnel already in the Panama Canal Zone.[RL30172]

    1989 – Libya: Second Gulf of Sidra incident. On January 4, 1989, two U.S. Navy F-14 aircraft based on the USS John F. Kennedy shot down two Libyan jet fighters over the Mediterranean Sea about 70 miles north of Libya. The U.S. pilots said the Libyan planes had demonstrated hostile intentions.[RL30172]

    1989 – Panama: On May 11, 1989, in response to General Noriega's disregard of the results of the Panamanian election, President Bush ordered a brigade-sized force of approximately 1,900 troops to augment the estimated 1,000 U.S. forces already in the area.[RL30172]

    1989 – Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru: Andean Initiative in War on Drugs, On September 15, 1989, President Bush announced that military and law enforcement assistance would be sent to help the Andean nations of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru combat illicit drug producers and traffickers. By mid-September there were 50–100 U.S. military advisers in Colombia in connection with transport and training in the use of military equipment, plus seven Special Forces teams of 2–12 persons to train troops in the three countries.[RL30172]

    1989 – Philippines: Operation Classic Resolve, On December 2, 1989, President Bush reported that on December 1, Air Force fighters from Clark Air Base in Luzon had assisted the Aquino government to repel a coup attempt. In addition, 100 marines were sent from U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay to protect the United States Embassy in Manila.[RL30172]

    1989–90 – Panama: Operation Just Cause, On December 21, 1989, President Bush reported that he had ordered U.S. military forces to Panama to protect the lives of American citizens and bring General Noriega to justice. By February 13, 1990, all the invasion forces had been withdrawn.[RL30172] Around 200 Panamanian civilians were reported killed. The Panamanian head of state, General Manuel Noriega, was captured and brought to the U.S. 1990–1999

    1990 – Liberia: On August 6, 1990, President Bush reported that a reinforced rifle company had been sent to provide additional security to the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia, and that helicopter teams had evacuated U.S. citizens from Liberia.[RL30172]

    1990 – Saudi Arabia: On August 9, 1990, President Bush reported that he launched Operation Desert Shield by ordering the forward deployment of substantial elements of the U.S. armed forces into the Persian Gulf region to help defend Saudi Arabia after the August 2 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. On November 16, 1990, he reported the continued buildup of the forces to ensure an adequate offensive military option.[RL30172]American hostages being held in Iran.[RL30172] Staging point for the troops was primarily Bagram air field.

    1991 – Iraq and Kuwait: Operation Desert Storm, On January 16, 1991, in response to the refusal by Iraq to leave Kuwait, U.S. and Coalition aircraft attacked Iraqi forces and military targets in Iraq and Kuwait in conjunction with a coalition of allies and under United Nations Security Council resolutions. On February 24, 1991, U.S.-led United Nation (UN) forces launched a ground offensive that finally drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait within 100 hours. Combat operations ended on February 28, 1991, when President Bush declared a ceasefire.[RL30172]

    1991–96 – Iraq: Operation Provide Comfort, Delivery of humanitarian relief and military protection for Kurds fleeing their homes in northern Iraq during the 1991 uprising, by a small Allied ground force based in Turkey which began in April 1991.

    1991 – Iraq: On May 17, 1991, President Bush stated that the Iraqi repression of the Kurdish people had necessitated a limited introduction of U.S. forces into northern Iraq for emergency relief purposes.[RL30172]

    1991 – Zaire: On September 25–27, 1991, after widespread looting and rioting broke out in Kinshasa, Air Force C-141s transported 100 Belgian troops and equipment into Kinshasa. American planes also carried 300 French troops into the Central African Republic and hauled evacuated American citizens.[RL30172]

    1992 – Sierra Leone: Operation Silver Anvil, Following the April 29 coup that overthrew President Joseph Saidu Momoh, a United States European Command (USEUCOM) Joint Special Operations Task Force evacuated 438 people (including 42 Third Country nationals) on May 3. Two Air Mobility Command (AMC) C-141s flew 136 people from Freetown, Sierra Leone, to the Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany and nine C-130 sorties carried another 302 people to Dakar, Senegal.[RL30172]

    1992–96 – Bosnia and Herzegovina: Operation Provide Promise was a humanitarian relief operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav Wars, from July 2, 1992, to January 9, 1996, which made it the longest running humanitarian airlift in history.[8]

    1992 – Kuwait: On August 3, 1992, the United States began a series of military exercises in Kuwait, following Iraqi refusal to recognize a new border drawn up by the United Nations and refusal to cooperate with UN inspection teams.[RL30172]

    1992–2003 – Iraq: Iraqi no-fly zones, The U.S., United Kingdom, and its Gulf War allies declared and enforced "no-fly zones" over the majority of sovereign Iraqi airspace, prohibiting Iraqi flights in zones in southern Iraq and northern Iraq, and conducting aerial reconnaissance and bombings. Often, Iraqi forces continued throughout a decade by firing on U.S. and British aircraft patrolling no-fly zones.(See also Operation Northern Watch, Operation Southern Watch) [RL30172]

    1992–95 – Somalia: Operation Restore Hope, Somali Civil War: On December 10, 1992, President Bush reported that he had deployed U.S. armed forces to Somalia in response to a humanitarian crisis and a UN Security Council Resolution in support for UNITAF. The operation came to an end on May 4, 1993. U.S. forces continued to participate in the successor United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM II).(See also Battle of Mogadishu)[RL30172]

    1993–95 – Bosnia: Operation Deny Flight, On April 12, 1993, in response to a United Nations Security Council passage of Resolution 816, U.S. and NATO enforced the no-fly zone over the Bosnian airspace, prohibited all unauthorized flights and allowed to "take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with [the no-fly zone restrictions]."

    1993 – Macedonia: On July 9, 1993, President Clinton reported the deployment of 350 U.S. soldiers to the Republic of Macedonia to participate in the UN Protection Force to help maintain stability in the area of former Yugoslavia.[RL30172]

    1994 – Bosnia: Banja Luka incident, NATO become involved in the first combat situation when NATO U.S. Air Force F-16 jets shot down four of the six Bosnian Serb J-21 Jastreb single-seat light attack jets for violating UN-mandated no-fly zone.

    1994–95 – Haiti: Operation Uphold Democracy, U.S. ships had begun embargo against Haiti. Up to 20,000 U.S. military troops were later deployed to Haiti to restore democratically-elected Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from a military regime which came into power in 1991 after a major coup.[RL30172]

    1994 – Macedonia: On April 19, 1994, President Clinton reported that the U.S. contingent in Macedonia had been increased by a reinforced company of 200 personnel.[RL30172]

    1995 – Bosnia: Operation Deliberate Force, On August 30, 1995, U.S. and NATO aircraft began a major bombing campaign of Bosnian Serb Army in response to a Bosnian Serb mortar attack on a Sarajevo market that killed 37 people on August 28, 1995. This operation lasted until September 20, 1995. The air campaign along with a combined allied ground force of Muslim and Croatian Army against Serb positions led to a Dayton Agreement in December 1995 with the signing of warring factions of the war. As part of Operation Joint Endeavor, U.S. and NATO dispatched the Implementation Force (IFOR) peacekeepers to Bosnia to uphold the Dayton agreement.[RL30172]

    1996 – Liberia: Operation Assured Response, On April 11, 1996, President Clinton reported that on April 9, 1996 due to the :"deterioration of the security situation and the resulting threat to American citizens" in Liberia he had ordered U.S. military forces to evacuate from that country "private U.S. citizens and certain third-country nationals who had taken refuge in the U.S. Embassy compound...."[RL30172]

    1996 – Central African Republic, Operation Quick Response: On May 23, 1996, President Clinton reported the deployment of U.S. military personnel to Bangui, Central African Republic, to conduct the evacuation from that country of "private U.S. citizens and certain U.S. government employees", and to provide "enhanced security for the American Embassy in Bangui."[RL30172] United States Marine Corps elements of Joint Task Force Assured Response, responding in nearby Liberia, provided security to the embassy and evacuated 448 people, including between 190 and 208 Americans. The last Marines left Bangui on June 22.

    1996 – Kuwait: Operation Desert Strike, American Air Strikes in the north to protect the Kurdish population against the Iraqi Army attacks. U.S. deploys 5,000 soldiers from the 1ST Cavalry Division at Ft Hood Texas in response to Iraqi attacks on the Kurdish people.[citation needed]

    1996 – Bosnia: Operation Joint Guard, On December 21, 1996, U.S. and NATO established the SFOR peacekeepers to replace the IFOR in enforcing the peace under the Dayton agreement.

    1997 – Albania: Operation Silver Wake, On March 13, 1997, U.S. military forces were used to evacuate certain U.S. government employees and private U.S. citizens from Tirana, Albania.[RL30172]

    1997 – Congo and Gabon: On March 27, 1997, President Clinton reported on March 25, 1997, a standby evacuation force of U.S. military personnel had been deployed to Congo and Gabon to provide enhanced security and to be available for any necessary evacuation operation.[RL30172]

    1997 – Sierra Leone: On May 29 and May 30, 1997, U.S. military personnel were deployed to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to prepare for and undertake the evacuation of certain U.S. government employees and private U.S. citizens.[RL30172] 1997 – Cambodia: On July 11, 1997, In an effort to ensure the security of American citizens in Cambodia during a period of domestic conflict there, a Task Force of about 550 U.S. military personnel were deployed at Utapao Air Base in Thailand for possible evacuations. [RL30172]

    1998 – Iraq: Operation Desert Fox, U.S. and British forces conduct a major four-day bombing campaign from December 16–19, 1998 on Iraqi targets.[RL30172]

    1998 – Guinea-Bissau: Operation Shepherd Venture, On June 10, 1998, in response to an army mutiny in Guinea-Bissau endangering the U.S. Embassy, President Clinton deployed a standby evacuation force of U.S. military personnel to Dakar, Senegal, to evacuate from the city of Bissau.[RL30172]

    1998–99 – Kenya and Tanzania: U.S. military personnel were deployed to Nairobi, Kenya, to coordinate the medical and disaster assistance related to the bombing of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.[RL30172]

    1998 – Afghanistan and Sudan: Operation Infinite Reach, On August 20, President Clinton ordered a cruise missile attack against two suspected terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and a suspected chemical factory in Sudan.[RL30172]

    1998 – Liberia: On September 27, 1998, America deployed a stand-by response and evacuation force of 30 U.S. military personnel to increase the security force at the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia. [1] [RL30172]

    1999–2001 – East Timor: Limited number of U.S. military forces deployed with the United Nations-mandated International Force for East Timor restore peace to East Timor.[RL30172]

    1999 – Serbia: Operation Allied Force: U.S. and NATO aircraft began a major bombing of Serbia and Serb positions in Kosovo on March 24, 1999, during the Kosovo War due to the refusal by Serbian President Slobodan Milošević to end repression against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. This operation ended in June 10, 1999, when Milošević agreed to pull out his troops out of Kosovo. In response to the situation in Kosovo, NATO dispatched the KFOR peacekeepers to secure the peace under UNSC Resolution 1244.[RL30172] 2000–2009

    2000 – Sierra Leone: On May 12, 2000, a U.S. Navy patrol craft deployed to Sierra Leone to support evacuation operations from that country if needed.[RL30172]

    2000 – Nigeria: Special Forces troops are sent to Nigeria to lead a training mission in the county.[9]

    2000 – Yemen: On October 12, 2000, after the USS Cole attack in the port of Aden, Yemen, military personnel were deployed to Aden.[RL30172]

    2000 – East Timor: On February 25, 2000, a small number of U.S. military personnel were deployed to support the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET). [RL30172]

    2001 – On April 1, 2001, a mid-air collision between a United States Navy EP-3E ARIES II signals surveillance aircraft and a People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) J-8II interceptor fighter jet resulted in an international dispute between the United States and the People's Republic of China called the Hainan Island incident.

    2001 – War in Afghanistan: The War on Terror begins with Operation Enduring Freedom. On October 7, 2001, U.S. Armed Forces invade Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 attacks and "begin combat action in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda terrorists and their Taliban supporters."[RL30172]

    2002 – Yemen: On November 3, 2002, an American MQ-1 Predator fired a Hellfire missile at a car in Yemen killing Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi, an al-Qaeda leader thought to be responsible for the USS Cole bombing.[RL30172]

    2002 – Philippines: OEF-Philippines, As of January, U.S. "combat-equipped and combat support forces" have been deployed to the Philippines to train with, assist and advise the Philippines' Armed Forces in enhancing their "counterterrorist capabilities."[RL30172]

    2002 – Côte d'Ivoire: On September 25, 2002, in response to a rebellion in Côte d'Ivoire, U.S. military personnel went into Côte d'Ivoire to assist in the evacuation of American citizens from Bouaké.[10] [RL30172]

    2003–2011 – War in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, March 20, 2003, The United States leads a coalition that includes the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland to invade Iraq with the stated goal being "to disarm Iraq in pursuit of peace, stability, and security both in the Gulf region and in the United States."[RL30172]

    2003 – Liberia: Second Liberian Civil War, On June 9, 2003, President Bush reported that on June 8 he had sent about 35 U.S. Marines into Monrovia, Liberia, to help secure the U.S. Embassy in Nouakchott, Mauritania, and to aid in any necessary evacuation from either Liberia or Mauritania.[RL30172]

    2003 – Georgia and Djibouti: "US combat equipped and support forces" had been deployed to Georgia and Djibouti to help in enhancing their "counterterrorist capabilities."[11]

    2004 – Haiti: 2004 Haitian coup d'état occurs, The US first sent 55 combat equipped military personnel to augment the U.S. Embassy security forces there and to protect American citizens and property in light. Later 200 additional US combat-equipped, military personnel were sent to prepare the way for a UN Multinational Interim Force, MINUSTAH.[RL30172]

    2004 – War on Terrorism: U.S. anti-terror related activities were underway in Georgia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Eritrea.[12]

    2004–present: Drone attacks in Pakistan

    2005–06 – Pakistan: President Bush deploys troops from US Army Air Cav Brigades to provide Humanitarian relief to far remote villages in the Kashmir mountain ranges of Pakistan stricken by a massive earthquake.

    2006 – Lebanon, U.S. Marine Detachment, the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit[citation needed], begins evacuation of U.S. citizens willing to leave the country in the face of a likely ground invasion by Israel and continued fighting between Hezbollah and the Israeli military.[13][14]

    2007 – Somalia: Battle of Ras Kamboni, On January 8, 2007, while the conflict between the Islamic Courts Union and the Transitional Federal Government continues, an AC-130 gunship conducts an aerial strike on a suspected al-Qaeda operative, along with other Islamist fighters, on Badmadow Island near Ras Kamboni in southern Somalia.[15]

    2008 – South Ossetia, Georgia: Helped Georgia humanitarian aid,[16] helped to transport Georgian forces from Iraq during the conflict. In the past, the US has provided training and weapons to Georgia.


    2010–11 – War in Iraq: Operation New Dawn, On February 17, 2010, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced that as of September 1, 2010, the name "Operation Iraqi Freedom" would be replaced by "Operation New Dawn". This coincides with the reduction of American troops to 50,000.

    2011 – Libya: Operation Odyssey Dawn, Coalition forces enforcing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 with bombings of Libyan forces.

    2011 – Osama Bin Laden is killed by U.S. military forces in Pakistan as part of Operation Neptune Spear.

    2011 – Drone strikes on al-Shabab militants begin in Somalia.[17] This marks the 6th nation in which such strikes have been carried out,[18] including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen[19] and Libya.

    2011 – Uganda: U.S. Combat troops sent in as advisers to Uganda.[20]

    2012 – Jordan: 150 U.S. troops deployed to Jordan to help it contain the Syrian Civil War within Syria's borders.

    2012 – Turkey: 400 troops and two batteries of Patriot missiles sent to Turkey to prevent any missile strikes from Syria.

    2012 – Chad: 50 U.S. troops have deployed to the African country of Chad to help evacuate U.S. citizens and embassy personnel from the neighboring Central African Republic's capital of Bangui in the face of rebel advances toward the city.

    2013 – Mali: U.S. forces assisted the French in Operation Serval with air refueling and transport aircraft.

    2013 – Somalia: U.S. Air Force planes supported the French in the Bulo Marer hostage rescue attempt. However, they did not use any weapons.

    2013 – 2013 Korean crisis

    2013 – Navy SEALs conducted a raid in Somalia and possibly killed a senior Al-Shabaab official, simultaneously another raid took place in Tripoli, Libya, where Special Operations Forces captured Abu Anas al Libi (also known as Anas al-Libi)[21]

    2014 – Uganda: V-22 Ospreys, MC-130s, KC-135s and additional U.S. soldiers are sent to Uganda to continue to help African forces search for Joseph Kony. [22]

    2014 - Iraq: 2014 Northern Iraq offensive 500 U.S. troops, AH-64s, and unmanned drones deployed to protect the American Embassy in Baghdad and advise Iraqi forces. [23]

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 11:47:54 AM PDT · 86 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    You and I will have to get together and define what a occupation is. If Obamas surge that lasted more than a couple not a occupation, then what the hell is it.?

    We still have a military presence in Japan, South Korea, Germany and Italy. Are we occupying those countries or are we there with the permission of the host government? As soon as there was a legitimate recognized government in those countries, it is no longer an occupation. They are sovereign countries with representation in the UN and other fora, They control their own borders. They are sovereign nations.

    The SOFA, after a occupation, should not be optional! Period!

    You must be joking. We have SOFAs with Italy, Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc. They come up periodically for renewal and amendment. What you think is irrelevant.

    I had forgotten about Daddy Bush’s nato invasion and quit exit of Iraq to get Saddam out of Kuwait. It was successful for the limited scope and I just forgot it. So do a lot of other I suspect, since we had to go back.

    I didn't forget because I was in Saudi Arabia from start to finish. I flew up to Kuwait a few days after the war was over including flying over and driving into the burning oil fields and the mile of death.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 10:26:04 AM PDT · 82 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    Ummmmm.......I already gave you Japan and Germany as examples of success,(how to do it) as well as south Korea. You saying they are failures?

    No, they were successes but for the reasons I mentioned.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 10:24:00 AM PDT · 80 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    I am referring in my analysis to occupations but interventions can go bad. But we are not responsible for that.

    In both Iraq and Afghanistan, we remained only at the approval of the host government once one was formed. Iraq failed to negotiate a SOFA with us and we left. To call us occupiers is to misstate the reality.

    We intervened during the Gulf War as part of a broad coalition and kicked Iraq out of Kuwait. They never returned to Kuwait. We have done many "interventions" as you label them since Vietnam.

    The Libya oil was only important to us because we had one refinery on the East coast that needed that sweet crude.

    Our oil imorts from Libya were miniscule. We stopped getting oil from them in the 1980s and started up again in 2004.

    US Imports of Crude Oil from Libya.

  • U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuates personnel

    07/26/2014 10:08:18 AM PDT · 72 of 127
    kabar to Cold Heat
    BTW kabar. When you take a country and defeat them, you take the reigns [sic] of power to let things cool,but you start a parallel government as a democracy and gradually release power as they can handle it.

    We had military governments in Japan and West Germany. In fact, Berlin remained under the control of the allies until the wall came down. The Germans used to reimburse us (Americans, British, and French) the costs for our troops and diplomatic personnel.

    You don’t let a country you defeated dictate the rules to you. Israel ended up with Hamas in power in Gaza. The US allowed a Sunni to run Iraq, replacing a Sunni (saddam) with another Sunni minority government. It’s no wonder we could not get a agreement for status of forces. We were there to protect the Shia from the Sunni, as far as internal stuff. That left them ripe to pick by a Shia revolutionist.

    Allawi was a Shi'a,; Ibrahim al-Jaafari was a Shi'a, and Nouri al-Maliki is a Shi'a. All the replacements for Saddam were Shi'a.