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  • A visit from St. Nick?

    12/24/2014 8:38:00 PM PST · by Kartographer · 6 replies
    12/24/14 | kartographer
    Well this has been on my mind for a few days now and I like to see if anyone else has had such an experience. I was listening to the radio late on our annual drive home for Christmas last Thursday. The talk show subject was is Santa Claus real. One of the callers describe and experience in which as a child he and his family were driving home late one night and they heard the sound of jingle-bells and they saw something moving fast across the sky in the moon light. The story reminded me of my own experience...
  • White Missouri cop kills armed black 18-year-old (Ck link, title changed at source)

    12/24/2014 7:14:58 AM PST · by Kartographer · 95 replies
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | 12/24/14 | JIM SUHR
    Violent protests broke out early Wednesday between police officers and a vocal crowd of several hundred people who taunted the officers at the scene of the shooting. Two officers were injured, police cars were damaged and fire was set at a QuikTrip store. Four people were arrested. After the police officer arrived at the store, one of the men pulled a handgun and pointed it at the officer, St. Louis County police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schellman said. The officer fired several shots, fatally wounding the man. The second man fled, and the dead man's handgun has been recovered, according to...
  • This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like

    12/17/2014 11:11:24 AM PST · by Kartographer · 67 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 12/17/14 | Mac Slavo
    Full Title:This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like: Shopping Frenzy: “We Have A Lot Of Rubles Losing Value Every Second” “I don’t need this car,” he said with a shrug. He already owns two Porsches and a Land Rover. But, he figured the prices will soon go up and the ruble will probably go down. “We are headed for a crisis,” he said. … Electronics stores were packed late into the evening as shoppers scooped up iPhones and iPads at prices over $100 lower than what they cost in the United States. Apple’s Russian website halted online sales “due...
  • Western Banks Cut Off Liquidity To Russian Entities

    12/16/2014 5:42:31 PM PST · by Kartographer · 61 replies
    ZeroHedge ^ | 12/16/14 | Tyler Durden
    As Zero Hedge first reported today, shortly before noon one (and subsequently more) FX brokers advised clients that any existing Ruble positions would be forcibly closed out because "western banks have stopped pricing USDRUB", over concerns of Russian capital controls. Ironically, it was this forced liquidation of mostly short RUB positions that pushed the RUB higher, which in turn had a briefly favorably impact on energy commodities and risk assets, as the market had by then perceived the Ruble selloff as excessive. Of course, since nothing had actually changed aside from a temporary market technical, the selloff promptly resumed into...
  • Collapse Survivor: “Try To Imagine Yourself In The Worst Moments of Your Life”

    12/16/2014 5:36:18 PM PST · by Kartographer · 25 replies
    Shtf Plan ^ | 12/15/14 | Selco
    There were mant accidents and stupid events, like a guy who had adrenaline rush and forgot that he needed to switch safety so he tried and tried to shoot, but nothing. At the end he beat the other man with rifle like he was holding a baseball bat and not a rifle, luckily the other guy was confused more than him so this worked. People made lots of mistakes in that time. Knowledge about weapons and knowledge about fighting was very low, so that was another reason why folks loved that rifle. Easy to handle and easy to kill. Real...
  • Your favorite Movie vision of 'A Christmas Carol'

    12/13/2014 9:14:41 PM PST · by Kartographer · 70 replies
    12/13/14 | Kartographer
    Tells which is your favorite movie version of "A Christmas Carol' and why.
  • Here’s the Disgusting Reason a Liberal “Soldier” Said She WON’T Salute the Flag

    12/12/2014 7:17:14 PM PST · by Kartographer · 25 replies
    Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account hiding in her car to avoid standing at attention during the sounding of “Retreat” at the end of the post duty day.
  • Storm Shows Americans Are Totally Unprepared:

    12/12/2014 6:21:22 PM PST · by Kartographer · 119 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 12/12/14 | Mac Slavo
    Georgia Virgili was one of the hundreds of thousands in the Bay Area who lost most of the conveniences of modern life. “I didn’t have power,” Virgili said. “I couldn’t get my car out of the garage, I have no food, I have no cash, so I’m trying to forage for something.” (CBS)
  • Why Did The Treasury Department Just Purchase Thousands of Survival Kits For Bank Examiners?

    12/10/2014 9:37:07 PM PST · by Kartographer · 68 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 12/10/14 | Mac Slavo
    The latest eye-opener comes from the U.S. Treasury, a department tasked with managing the country’s debt as well as the banking system as a whole. According to a new report the Treasury Department has ordered over $200,000 Survival Kits for as many as 3,814 employees who oversee the federal banking system. It’s not clear why the federal government has ordered the kits, but perhaps they are expecting some sort of disturbance to take place and they want their employees to be prepared for it. According to Zero Hedge, the kits will be delivered to every major bank in the United...
  • SomebodyIs Manipulatingthe Numbers:In The Realm Of Economics A Change Of This Magnitude Is A Collaps

    12/09/2014 8:05:22 PM PST · by Kartographer · 37 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 12/9/14 | Mac Slavo
    We’re not seeing many corporations hire here. They are laying off at this point. This is why we are seeing the retail sales completely falling. We have an unemployment rate of 5.8%, but prior years the unemployment rate was higher but we had better sales. Somebody is manipulating the numbers… and we know who that ‘somebody’ is… it’s the U.S. government and central bankers. In the real world, where people regularly eat food, we see inflation… and if we really calculate it out we see inflation is around 10%…when we subtract a realistic estimate of inflation, once we get even...
  • The Forecaster: Can This Computer Predict The Future?

    12/09/2014 6:40:15 PM PST · by Kartographer · 62 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 12/9/14 | Mac Slavo
    For nearly ten years economic forecaster Martin Armstrong sat in a federal prison. He had not be charged with any crime. He was never given a trial. They simply arrested him, seized his life’s work, and threw away the key. Why? Because according to many in the global trading community he had devised a computer model that was capable of coalescing and analyzing thousands of years of economic, political and financial data. The system he had built was so “intelligent” that it allowed his firm Princeton Economics to literally predict the rise and fall of entire nations. Some call it...
  • Wall Street Moves To Put Taxpayers On The Hook For Derivatives Trades

    12/09/2014 2:28:07 PM PST · by Kartographer · 20 replies
    Zerohedge ^ | 12/7/14 | Tyler Durden
    Wall Street has for some time attempted to put taxpayers on the hook for its derivatives trades. I highlighted this a year ago in the post: Citigroup Written Legislation Moves Through the House of Representatives. Here’s an excerpt: Five years after the Wall Street coup of 2008, it appears the U.S. House of Representatives is as bought and paid for as ever. We heard about the Citigroup crafted legislation currently being pushed through Congress back in May when Mother Jones reported on it. Fortunately, they included the following image in their article:
  • Tip From Generous Couple Replaces Waitress’s Battered Car

    12/09/2014 1:48:09 PM PST · by Kartographer · 36 replies
    Yahoo News-Trending now ^ | 10/9/14 | By Emily Scharnhors
    Gary and Roxann Tackett, from Arkansas, had been frequenting the restaurant all summer. They say they had noticed an old, battered vehicle regularly in the parking lot. Gary thought it was abandoned because it was in such bad shape. The Tacketts asked around the restaurant and were told that the car belonged to one of the employees. The couple decided that something needed to be done and they were going to be the ones to do it. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the Tacketts gave Cindi a car.

    12/04/2014 8:04:04 PM PST · by Kartographer · 12 replies ^ | 11/28/14 | Laura Caseley
    Every day for the last decade, artist Ra Paulette has hiked alone into the sandstone mesas in northern New Mexico with a wheelbarrow and a backpack filled with tools. He heads to the sandstone caves and walks inside. But instead of being greeted with darkness, Paulette's caves are luminous places where the sunlight pours in thanks to carefully designed and excavated light tunnels, carved by Paulette himself.
  • andrews christmas lights

    12/04/2014 7:56:29 PM PST · by Kartographer · 6 replies
    YouTube ^ | 11/29/14 | icompile all
    It's that time of the year....Enjoy this wonderful Christmas lights display honoring the men and women in uniform who have served so we can all celebrate the season of love and sharing. More videos here: Video courtesy of The Roberts Family (all rights reserved)
  • John Boehner Just Summed Up His Approach To Barack Obama In 2 Incredible Sentences

    12/04/2014 12:42:20 PM PST · by Kartographer · 77 replies
    Business Insider via Yahoo News ^ | 12/4/14 | Colin Campbell
    "The more the president talks about his ideas, the more unpopular he becomes. Why would I want to deprive him of that opportunity?"
  • MIT Scientists Found an Invisible Force Field Protecting Earth

    12/02/2014 2:10:47 AM PST · by Kartographer · 15 replies
    Wa;; Street OTC ^ | 11/27/14 | James Kent
    This new invisible force field protecting Earth does a very good job at blocking highly radioactive electrons populating Earth’s upper atmospheric region. NASA said these “ultrarelativistic” electrons were extremely aggressive and they easily circulate in space at speeds very close to the speed of light. They also fry everything on their way from spacecrafts to communication satellites. NASA launched two probe crafts, the Van Allen probes, for the sole purpose of studying these electrons and improving the safety level of their spacecrafts and crew. NASA says although these electrons are attracted towards Earth by its magnetic field, they cannot get...
  • Turkey Day (Turkey jokes and stories about your Turkey cooking disasters and triumphs)

    11/27/2014 4:48:48 AM PST · by Kartographer · 68 replies
    11/27/14 | Kartographer
    Up early just put the turkey in the over well basted with Sam Adams Winter Lager (The turkey is well basted not me!) So I thought I start a fun thread for bad turkey jokes and fun stories about your turkey cooking disasters and triumphs. To start things off: "Why did the turkey cross the road?" "Because it was the chickens day off!"
  • Video: “I Don’t Need To Look For A Job Because I Get A Check From The Government”

    11/25/2014 7:46:52 PM PST · by Kartographer · 36 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 11/24/14 | Mac Slavo
    There is no doubt that many people who collect government assistance do so because of disabilities or a real need for temporary help as they transition from recession-related job losses into the new economy. But there are also millions of people who simply don’t care where their monthly stipend comes from so long as they don’t have to work for it. Kiara, a 12-year veteran of the American welfare system is one such individual. As she notes in the video below, she has four kids, no job, depends on government housing, and feels totally comfortable with all of it because...
  • This Is Why You Should NEVER Trust a Bank(shortened)

    11/25/2014 7:40:09 PM PST · by Kartographer · 27 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 11/25/14 | Mac Slavo
    At the height of the 2009 financial crisis Ms. Ronstein was facing a home foreclosure. After her husband passed away that same year the widow was searching through personal records when she happened across a 30-year old CD purchased by her husband in 1984 for the sum of $18,000. The CD, which offered the bearer a 10.9% interest rate and renewed automatically until it was cashed in, was originally issued by First Interstate Bank, an entity that has since been acquired by Wells Fargo. At the time, Ronstein faced the real possibility of having her house seized for failing to...
  • Ferguson via Global Live

    11/24/2014 6:59:35 PM PST · by Kartographer · 8 replies
    About this Channel313,004,294 viewer minutes Globalrevolution.TV since 9-17-2011 @globalrevlive Live video coverage of worldwide revolution for equality. from #tahrir to #15m to #ows Join us live & support our work bringing live resistance video from the streets to the entire worldspreading around the world.
  • Rioters To Target Whites: “You Will Never Be Safe… Not You, Not Your Children”

    11/20/2014 6:57:29 PM PST · by Kartographer · 115 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 11/20/14 | Mac Slavo
    “You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children – none of you will be safe.”
  • Niagara University Women's Basketball Team Rescued After Being Stranded for 24 Hours

    11/19/2014 6:27:22 AM PST · by Kartographer · 16 replies
    ABC News ^ | 11/19/14
    Dozens of vehicles, including a bus carrying the Niagara University women’s basketball team, were stranded, and even snow plows got stuck in the deep snow. "It started to get bad fast at about 2 a.m. [Tuesday morning] and we came to a dead stop and haven't moved since," Niagara coach Kendra Faustin told The Associated Press in a phone interview Tuesday night. "It was a rough weekend for us on the court and it just won't end."
  • A Winter Car Survival Kit Will Keep You Warm in Emergency Situations

    11/18/2014 8:09:58 PM PST · by Kartographer · 92 replies
    American Preppers Network ^ | 2/2/13 | Craig Caudill
    When traveling in cold weather it is wise keep a winter survival kit in your car. The most obvious place to put this valuable kit is in your trunk, so unlike other survival kits, a car survival kit can be larger and more bulkier. The focus of a car survival kit is to help maintain your core body temperature to as close to 98.6 degrees as possible. There are a variety of ways this can be done but here is a list of items that should be in your car during the winter in cold climates. This winter kit will...
  • Reader View: Let’s revisit the Second Amendment

    11/17/2014 1:29:43 PM PST · by Kartographer · 38 replies
    The Santa Fe New Mexican ^ | 11/15/14 | Hank Bahnsen
    There is no Second Amendment right to own guns. So intended the founders!
  • 5 Steps: Preparing for Widespread Looting & Rioting

    11/14/2014 8:18:13 AM PST · by Kartographer · 38 replies
    Ferfal.Blogspot ^ | 12/11/13 | Ferfal
    1)Have a gun. 2)Get training. 3)Organize. 4)Stock up on supplies. 5) Stay put.
  • Selco On Riots: Do Not Go Out: “You Do Not Prepare to Be a Hero… You Prepare to Survive”

    11/13/2014 10:10:10 PM PST · by Kartographer · 32 replies
    SHTF School ^ | 2/21/14 | Selco
    About one kilometer from place where he got picked up, the group of people that actually shot him stopped the ambulance on some improvised barricade, first shot the driver and then killed my friend in the back of the ambulance. They killed him little bit slower than driver, and more painfully, they used knives. We got there a bit later, too late. Now this story may sound confusing to you, you may say “it happens in war” but for 95% of folks at that time it was not war, it was something like violent rioting, and those 95% of folks...
  • 15 Tips For Staying Safe During Times of Civil Unrest

    11/13/2014 7:48:15 PM PST · by Kartographer · 55 replies
    The Survival Mom ^ | Lisa Bedford(ChocChipCookie)
    It can happen completely out of the blue, but usually there a lot of very unhappy people complaining very loudly before a group reaches the point of civil unrest. The problem is, you never know what will trigger it to boil over, when it will happen, or where it will be. These 15 tips will help you stay safe, especially if you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • St. Louis Schools – Townships Warn Residents to STOCK UP

    11/13/2014 12:51:05 PM PST · by Kartographer · 35 replies
    The Gateway ^ | 10/13/14 | Jim Hoft
    The City of Berkeley, near Ferguson, released this statement warning residents to stock up on water, food and medicine before the verdict is announced.
  • Chinese hack U.S. weather systems, satellite network

    11/12/2014 1:08:46 PM PST · by Kartographer · 49 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 11/12/14 | Mary Pat Flaherty, Jason Samenow and Lisa Rein
    Hackers from China breached the federal weather network recently, forcing cybersecurity teams to seal off data vital to disaster planning, aviation, shipping and scores of other crucial uses, officials said. The intrusion occurred in late September but officials gave no indication that they had a problem until Oct. 20, according to three people familiar with the hack and the subsequent reaction by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, which includes the National Weather Service. Even then, NOAA did not say its systems were compromised.
  • Photo of eagle on Fort Snelling gravestone touches hearts

    11/11/2014 6:36:07 AM PST · by Kartographer · 16 replies
    Star Tribune ^ | 8/11/14 | JON TEVLIN
    <p>What you think might be a Pulitzer-quality epic might draw only a nice call from Mom, while a simple tale tossed off on deadline causes an uproar, or an avalanche of praise. One legendary former investigative reporter at this paper wrote scores of stories that changed laws and saved lives, yet never did he get more mail than when he wrote about burying his cat.</p>
  • Woman dies after farewell to horse at Wigan hospital

    11/07/2014 2:08:54 PM PST · by Kartographer · 27 replies
    BBC ^ | 11/7/14
    Staff at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan granted Sheila Marsh's last wish, by arranging a visit from two of her horses on Monday afternoon. The hospital said the 77-year-old, unable to speak properly due to illness, "gently called" her favourite horse, who then nuzzled her cheek. Mrs Marsh, who used to work at Haydock Park Racecourse, died early on Tuesday.
  • Dad confronts kidnapper, saves 5-year-old daughter

    11/07/2014 2:02:15 PM PST · by Kartographer · 44 replies
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | 11/7/14 | BRADY McCOMBS
    A Utah dad foiled an attempt to kidnap his young daughter from her bed early Friday after confronting a man carrying her across the lawn. The 5-year-old girl wasn't hurt in the frightening experience, but the incident has evoked haunting echoes of when 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was snatched out of her Salt Lake City bedroom in 2002. She was held captive for nine months before being found.
  • Tank column crosses from Russia into Ukraine: Kiev military

    11/07/2014 6:02:16 AM PST · by Kartographer · 135 replies
    Reuters via Yahoo News ^ | 11/7/14 | Reporting by Natalia Zinets; Writing by Alessandra Prentice and Richard Balmforth
    A column of 32 tanks, 16 howitzer artillery systems and trucks carrying ammunition and fighters has crossed into eastern Ukraine from Russia, the Kiev military said on Friday. "The deployment continues of military equipment and Russian mercenaries to the front lines," spokesman Andriy Lysenko said in a televised briefing referring to Thursday's cross-border incursion.
  • Obama defiant, vows immigration action this year

    11/05/2014 8:34:46 PM PST · by Kartographer · 18 replies
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | 11/5/14 | JIM KUHNHENN and ERICA WERNER
    President Barack Obama's determination to act alone to change the immigration system promptly drove a wedge Wednesday into the post-election commitment from the president and Republican leaders to find common ground under the new political alignment.
  • What Does Societal Collapse and Martial Law Look Like?

    11/05/2014 4:32:16 PM PST · by Kartographer · 35 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 11/4/14 | Dave Hodges
    America’s Level of Preparedness A brief summation of the Adelphi study reveals the following: 44 percent don’t have first-aid kits 48 percent lack emergency supplies 53 percent do not have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water at home 55 percent believe local authorities will come to their rescue if disaster strikes This means that 56% of those with first-aid kits, 52% of those with emergency supplies, and 47% of those who have more than three days worth of water, will be victimized by those who have not properly planned. Please allow me to put this into a...
  • Rafael Cruz - Reclaiming America

    10/31/2014 7:49:48 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 3 replies
    Rafael Cruz spoke Wednesday (10/129) at the Legacy Chruch that I attend here in Albuquerque. He is a GREAT speaker and Preacher a man that is both a true Patriot and a Man of God. This is a video of his talk.
  • My gransdson's question Dun=mbfounds School Board

    10/31/2014 6:20:49 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 30 replies
    10/31/14 | Kartographer
    In my grandson's words: School Board members talked to the Sr class and after all was said and done they wanted a q&a so I stand up and say this: "This is A#$^ H&!@$!@%& and this question is for all the School Board: Why is it required we know how to find triangles angels legs etc 50 different ways but it's not required to teach us about taxes (whole sr class yells in agreement) so after things settle down A bit the school board members attempt to answer my question yet avoid it and tell me to talk to the...
  • Happy Holloween!! ZOMBIES!!!

    10/31/2014 5:46:10 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 8 replies
    You Tube | 10/31/14 | Kartographer
  • Horrifying 'Fish Drags Kitten Into Pond' video has surprise ending

    10/30/2014 9:04:50 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 27 replies
    Examiner ^ | 10/30/14 | Tom Rose
    A video of a kitten dragged by a fish into a pond is going viral because it's a flip on the usual scenario. And, the abrupt end of the clip, punctuated by a woman's terrified scream, left viewers wondering what happened to the too curious kitty. Happily, in a twist that took a day to unravel, it turns out the lucky cat made a miraculous escape after all. Because that's what cats do.
  • City of Houston Retreats: Withdraws Subpoenas for Pastors' Sermon Notes, Private Messages

    10/30/2014 8:57:39 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 10 replies ^ | 10/30/14 | AWR Hawkins
    Then, on October 29, Senator Cruz released a statement announcing that city officials were in retreat and had withdrawn the subpoenas.
  • Ebola can survive on surfaces for almost TWO MONTHS: (shortened)

    10/27/2014 7:37:43 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 10 replies
    Mail on Line ^ | 10/27/14 | MARK PRIGG and VICTORIA WOOLLASTON
    The number of confirmed Ebola cases passed the 10,000 mark over the weekend, despite efforts to curb its spread. And while the disease typically dies on surfaces within hours, research has discovered it can survive for more than seven weeks under certain conditions. During tests, the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) found that the Zaire strain will live on samples stored on glass at low temperatures for as long as 50 days.
  • “I’ll Come To Your Place When SHTF” – No You Won’t

    10/24/2014 8:03:16 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 104 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 10/22/14 | Glen Tate
    I tried to persuade you to prepare for what’s coming and, in the process, revealed that to you that I’m preparing. You realized that I have food, guns, etc., and ended up saying, half kidding but half serious, “I’ll come to your place when SHTF.” No you won’t. I will shoot you. If you threaten me and my family, I will use force to defend against any threat. And showing up at my place hungry and unprepared is a threat to me. You will eat my food and use up my medical supplies, generator, firewood, etc. That’s less of these...
  • CDC admitted disease imported as states data reveals illegal immigrant links

    10/22/2014 9:47:33 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 34 replies ^ | 10/22/14
    In straightforward defiance against the White House position of non-transparency, previous communication from the Center for Disease Control discovered Tuesday acknowledged that 97 percent of the measles found in United States this year could be attributed to “importations from at least 18 countries.” Barbara Smith (R), a nurse with Mount Sinai Health System, and Bryan Christensen, a doctor for the CDC Domestic Infection Control Team for the Ebola Response, demonstrate to put on protection. Barbara Smith (R), a nurse with Mount Sinai Health System, and Bryan Christensen, a doctor for the CDC Domestic Infection Control Team for the Ebola Response,...
  • Ottawa shootings: Kevin Vickers, parliament's sergeant-at-arms, hailed as hero

    10/22/2014 3:48:43 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 37 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | Dylan Stableford
    The head of Ottawa's parliamentary security is being hailed as a hero after he reportedly shot and killed a suspected male gunman who was trying to enter the caucus rooms. Kevin Vickers, Parliament Hill's sergeant-at-arms and former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, shot and killed the suspect, Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino told the Toronto Sun. "All the details are not in, but the sergeant-at-arms, a former Mountie, is the one that engaged the gunman, or one of them at least, and stopped this," Fantino said. "He did a great job and, from what I know, shot the...
  • Canadian Official Identifies Dead Ottawa Gunman as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

    10/22/2014 2:34:32 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 87 replies
    ABC ^ | 10/22/14
    Canadian official identifies dead Ottawa gunman as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau .
  • “If The Dow Drops Below 15,000… I Would Suggest People Start Buying Food & Ammo” (Shortened)

    10/15/2014 3:59:26 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 56 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 10/15/14 | Mac Slavo
    According to Ameduri, if the market breaks under the technical levels in the area of 15,000 points on the Dow Jones, we could be in for a serious crash. “Below 15,500 on the Dow and it could get ugly,” he says. “Below 15,000 and all bets are off.” BREAK “If it drops below 15,000 points I would suggest people start buying food and ammo, because this depression is about to turn nasty.”
  • Hampton Bays Schools Continue To Receive Refugee Children

    10/15/2014 9:02:28 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 13 replies ^ | 9/23/14 | Kyle Campbell
    A steadily rising tide of unaccompanied immigrant children, mostly from Mexico and Central America, has been flooding America’s southern borders over the past three years. Those minors, many of whom have illegally crossed in search of a better life, have been sent by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials to live with family members on Long Island, and elsewhere across the country, while awaiting a court date and, ultimately, learning their fate.
  • Southampton School Closing Wednesday After Enterovirus Case Confirmed

    10/14/2014 7:18:35 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 22 replies
    Officials on eastern Long Island say the Southampton Elementary School will be closed Wednesday after a student was confirmed to have a strain of enterovirus.
  • WHO: Ebola death rate rises to 70 percent

    10/14/2014 6:32:28 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 42 replies
    The death rate in the Ebola outbreak has risen to 70 percent and there could be up to 10,000 new cases a week in two months, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday. Related Stories WHO: More than 8,000 people have been infected in current Ebola outbreak The Week (RSS) U.S. CDC: Many inquiries about possible Ebola cases, no new infections Reuters Britain to send ambulances for suspected Ebola cases AFP IMF 'ready to do more' for Guinea, hard-hit by Ebola AFP Sierra Leone quarantines 2 million to fight Ebola Associated Press WHO assistant director-general Dr. Bruce Aylward gave the grim...