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  • You Could Pay More to Fly Under This EPA Climate Change Rule

    07/27/2016 1:01:01 PM PDT · 13 of 27
    KC_for_Freedom to umgud

    This is a good point because air transport will always be dependent on fossil fuels because the extension cord will get in the way.

    We could electrify trains, and this would be a positive for the Climate change community (of which I am not).

  • Aide: Trump 'will not be releasing' taxes

    07/27/2016 9:39:10 AM PDT · 25 of 49
    KC_for_Freedom to Angels27

    I doubt it. No one is a fan of the IRS, and if your lawyer says don’t release tax forms while they are under audit, I can respect this. Trump should have a press conference with his lawyers present and let them explain what could happen if he lets his opponents see where the IRS has questions.

    In the long run, if there is anything the IRS can pin on him, they will. He could also go over the results of some past audits. In My Experience, the audits are usually misunderstandings that are cleared up by corrections of paying additional taxes. Trump has probably had both issues in the past.

  • Defense Stock Roundup: Lockheed Martin, Textron, Rockwell Collins Beat Q2 Earnings Estimates

    07/27/2016 9:32:21 AM PDT · 2 of 4
    KC_for_Freedom to Elderberry

    I bought some LMT when the Iran deal went through. Lockheed makes the successful THAAD anti missile system (which includes the Patriot -3 for shorter range intercepts). These products are authorized for sale in the Middle East and several deals have been approved. My guess is the this will help LMT stock for some future runs with Iran becoming more of a threat.

    Interesting that this factor was not cited in the article, maybe not a big source of LMT profits.

  • Shivering in the Dark? Sierra Club Opposes 91 Percent of Michigan Electricity

    07/27/2016 9:21:21 AM PDT · 16 of 17
    KC_for_Freedom to factoryrat

    I was once a member of the SC. We specialized in taking inner city kids to back pack camping. I had to quit when I saw the left taking over the concept of wilderness. The SC could not even come out against unrestricted immigration, because it meant more votes (even though it also meant more growth and more power generation).

    The power companies at one time planned their future power facilities based on expected growth of the population. Not since the SC has become the dominant force in the energy business. Now, if it gets too hot they have a device on your thermostat that turns the AC down until you are uncomfortable and in the winter when too cold you are invited to put on a sweater.

    In a reasonable world, people would be free to spend their money on AC or heat if they wished. They would not be able to force their neighbors to use expensive and intermittent power, and if they were convinced that CO2 was “really” a problem, they would back nuclear and find a place to store nuclear waste. What is happening now is clearly a sham.

  • Don’t Let Liberals Destroy Fox News

    07/25/2016 1:32:12 PM PDT · 78 of 85
    KC_for_Freedom to TTFlyer

    Yes, I can see that this may be the plan. But the question is still Why?

    Andrea, in her book, is not adverse to speaking up. I wonder how much money she would lose to get her message out.

  • Erick Ericson: I Now Believe Donald Trump Is On Track to Win the Presidency

    07/25/2016 8:31:31 AM PDT · 80 of 86
    KC_for_Freedom to Georgia Girl 2

    You have it right. This is not a capitulation in Trump’s favor, it is an attempt to link Trump with Russia in favor of Hillary.

    BTW, I agree with Savage that Russia is likely to be our ally in the war with Islamic Terror. And it will also take Trump to be the President for this to happen.

    But Ericson saying that Trump may win is still not an endorsement of Trump’s position. Eric is still a Never Trumper.

  • Don’t Let Liberals Destroy Fox News

    07/25/2016 8:20:35 AM PDT · 70 of 85
    KC_for_Freedom to TTFlyer

    The people you cite are openly speaking for Trump now that the choice is clear. IMO its time for O’Reily to do the same. BTW, I agree with you about their abilities, I hope they survive the hard times that are coming.

    But I wonder, what happened to Andrea Tantaros? She was backing Trump, (or at least coming to his defense) and wrote a book about current problems with feminism and now where is she?

    And what is this concept of a gag order? She is still on the payroll but cannot do an interview?

    I have watched a lot of Fox (and Fox Business which is better) but I fear that the changes — Murdoc giving away and Ailes out. Where are they headed?

  • The Trump Kids Effect

    07/21/2016 12:13:54 PM PDT · 55 of 61
    KC_for_Freedom to DungeonMaster

    “With the Trumps it’s different and I can’t say why.”

    We got the answer from Don Jr. His dad brought them into the business and used good people from differrent class level to mentor them. (People with pHds in “common sense”). It helps to learn to drive a D10 tractor too, but to say that you are as comfortable in this as your own car? These kids got the education of their life. And it came from their Dad and Mom.

    As a aside, my Dad tried to do the same. I had a hammer in my hand before I finished high school. I was also a Scout (Eagle). My father would have loved for me to follow in his footsteps and join his family business (Real Estate development), but he did not provide the right kind of leadership. I learned to admire his values, but my jobs were not the type to teach me the business. Our home life was cratering and he was away at work too much. I did learn how to use tools and will benefit from this forever. I also respect my father immensely and am proud of what he tried to do for me. However, I moved in other directions and while he supported me, I also feel that he felt let down that I did not take his advice and help him develop Real Estate.

    What Trump did was incredible, and very unusual. How many Dad’s have wished to develop their family to the same extent?

  • Krauthammer: Cruz's Speech 'Was the Longest Suicide Note in US Political History'

    07/21/2016 11:54:41 AM PDT · 78 of 93
    KC_for_Freedom to Rebelbase

    It is interesting that a person with supposed love for country would be this interested in putting a Clinton back in the WH. For personal feelings? This guy did everything he could to sabotage other candidates and even sucked up to Trump while others (JEB for instance) were being knocked off. Character in this case is right out there with Hillary.

    If this guy thinks he will be heir to the establishment mantel and join JEB, Beck, Romney, and the rest in a comeback, he is not only a fool, he is also a very bad judge of political sentiment. This is his true swan song.

  • Republican Jews struggle with Trump candidacy

    07/19/2016 6:52:23 PM PDT · 75 of 105
    KC_for_Freedom to dsc

    Sad but true,

    However this Jew figured it out years ago, and yes, I started as a lefty while attending Berkeley, of course.

    After that I joined the NRA and now support Trump.

  • Cows Worse Than Cars for Climate Change, Environmentalists Admit(?)

    07/19/2016 12:15:33 PM PDT · 73 of 81
    KC_for_Freedom to Boogieman

    Well, of course you are right if you take the time for plant decay to become oil deposits. We are in agreement.

    Its just that the plant cycle is a one year cycle, and we should be able to burn wood to heat our cabins and camps.

    BTW, I do not believe that CO2 is going to change the climate either. The concentration in the past has been higher and CO2 is plant food.

    Do I support renewable energy? Yes, if a company can make a profit with it — without the govt subsidies. So I support Nuclear power first and solar and wind as intermittent sources.

  • Cows Worse Than Cars for Climate Change, Environmentalists Admit(?)

    07/19/2016 9:31:15 AM PDT · 50 of 81
    KC_for_Freedom to jdege

    Your post is the most valuable lesson from this thread. And it goes for burning wood for heat as well. The Carbon cycle used to be taught in school (photosynthesis was the hard part to understand.) But car emissions are actually not part of the closed cycle. The reason that livestock are being looked at now is that car emissions are relatively under control and the regulators need to move on.

    No, the regulators need to find another line of work.

  • It seems everyone has given the same speech at some point

    07/19/2016 9:12:34 AM PDT · 10 of 45
    KC_for_Freedom to Timpanagos1

    One thought to keep in mind. 8 years ago Michelle promised a life that depended on your dreams and your efforts but unlike Melania, Trump will deliver on those promises.

    After 8 years what the dreamers have from Obama is a bunch of food stamps and illegal immigration. Not the same idea as those words in the speech promise at all.,

  • Confirmed: Top Saudi Officials Aided the 9/11 Jihad Plot

    07/17/2016 9:29:02 PM PDT · 55 of 82
    KC_for_Freedom to pepsionice

    My take on why Iraq has always been Bush’s choice (and the rest who advised) because:

    Iraq was easy, We would win in a very short time

    The people were tired of Sadam, they would welcome us

    They stood between Iran and SA, a good place to base our ME operations

    And yes, they pissed us off before

    If Iraq met all these conditions, they would be a good place to start. No one said Iraq was going to be the end. This concept turned out to be very naive but made sense at the time.

  • France: Nice jihad murderer is Muslim of Tunisian origin

    07/14/2016 9:52:06 PM PDT · 114 of 124
    KC_for_Freedom to Will88

    Since we learned late tonight that the weapons were useless I am forced to change views. I initially agreed with your hypothesis. Now I fault the city for not effectively closing the road to traffic, or trucks because this was not done well and I would guess that the driver either decided to mow down people leaving the fireworks show (most started on the beach and moved up to the road) or got on the wrong road and feared that he would be cited for being on a closed road when this was the best chance his jihadist heart would ever get.

    I suspect that he made a quick plan to run over folks because his timing was such that a maximum number of the crowd would be on the road. (When the fireworks is over, you grab your now sleeping kid and head for home. )

  • France: Nice jihad murderer is Muslim of Tunisian origin

    07/14/2016 9:43:11 PM PDT · 113 of 124
    KC_for_Freedom to Will88

    Latest on these “weapons” They are now described as toys.

    Don’t know what to make of this but the terrorists did not lose a stockpile of good weapons. (On FOX news late with anti Trump Shep at the wheel)

  • Poll: Most young people dislike GOP's Trump, say he's racist

    07/13/2016 8:11:57 AM PDT · 69 of 81
    KC_for_Freedom to Pearls Before Swine

    You should add Bill Mayer’s show to young folks news sources.

  • NYTimes Exposes Environmentalists’ Inability to Agree on Energy Solutions

    07/12/2016 9:20:44 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    KC_for_Freedom to dsrtsage

    You have it right. It is clear that anyone who wants to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere (Not proven IMO to be a net contributor to any environmental disaster) should prefer natural gas to coal and nuclear to natural gas. Nuclear should be developed to be cost competitive, as a capitalist I agree with this — and so natural gas may have a nitch to fill until the nuclear plant designers can finish their ultimate solution.

    The use of low cost electricity will result in more electric vehicles and water (from desalination) and could result in greater density of green plants on the planet. All a net improvement for the environmental movement, but:

    The environmental movement is not concerned about the environment and they haven’t been for years. They are concerned about power and thus are linked at the hip to the democratic party.

    So it is very true that an improvement in energy in terms of clean energy or low cost energy would be fought because these are the necessary tools for growth. And the environment movement is against all forms of growth except that kind of growth that benefits the democratic party (such as illegal immigration).

  • Obama tramples on high ideals of America, fuels Black Lives Matter racism

    07/12/2016 9:08:29 AM PDT · 8 of 13
    KC_for_Freedom to COUNTrecount

    He also could have done far more to raise the level of employment in the middle class. Where did he spend his windfall stimulus? Democratic companies supporting the environmental movement and union staffed organizations around the country.

    The encouragement of oil drilling on federal property and the Keystone pipeline are examples of low cost activities that would have helped the country reduce dependency on the Middle East and also given him the title of the jobs president. (And at little effect to the federal budget or the environmental movement who would have understood the need to cement this connection with his middle class base.

    Instead he did the opposite and IMO this has opened the door to Trump moving in and taking a large percentage of these voters who had hopes but watched them be dashed. (pun intended.)

  • Killer robot used by Dallas police opens ethical debate

    07/08/2016 9:39:38 PM PDT · 145 of 170
    KC_for_Freedom to Mrs. Don-o

    I think you would have more of a point if they had lots of arrows in their quiver. (Like Green Arrow). I believe they took the easiest approach and this is Texas.

    When I lived in Texas I learned that Texas has a reputation for quick and sure justice. They were sure this was the guy. and they were sure several policemen had died, thus this guy was a cop killer. They did not need to waste a court’s time at this point. If they guy had thrown down his weapons and surrendered, then they probably would have taken him in. This is not totally clear to me, they might have had an accident with all that C4.

  • Killer robot used by Dallas police opens ethical debate

    07/08/2016 9:30:58 PM PDT · 143 of 170
    KC_for_Freedom to 1rudeboy

    Not sure,

    In one statement they said the robot deposited the C4 near the target. It could have moved away and allowed the police to detonate by remote control. Thus robot is still with us.

    We have to watch the story.

  • Clinton: Trump 'should not have anything to do with our children’s education'

    07/05/2016 9:32:21 AM PDT · 7 of 41
    KC_for_Freedom to Vigilanteman

    The only thing the federal level could accomplish would be to establish a clear path to allow charter schools and school vouchers throughout the country.

    After doing this, the Dept of Ed could dry up and blow away and we would have what is needed to make American Education Great Again.

  • 'Very very unfair!': Trump on FBI's Comey

    07/05/2016 9:27:07 AM PDT · 32 of 191
    KC_for_Freedom to pgkdan


    Loretta gets her job, Bill and Hillary get to keep their cash trove, Comey gets to have his reputation as a good and thorough investigator. Since no recommendation to indite is made, Loretta can “accept” what was given and put everything to bed.

    Trump on the other hand, represents justice and needs to make all of this that he can.

    In my job I handled “classified” data all the time and would have lost my job for what she did. Lets hope this costs her the election because it is the only penalty still on the table. Lets go Trump.

  • Trump Tweets ‘System Is Totally Rigged’ as Sources Report ‘Crooked Hillary’ Walks

    07/03/2016 9:19:38 AM PDT · 63 of 75
    KC_for_Freedom to Truth29

    One thing we all understand is that we hate to see a game won or lost due to the referees. The FBI will not “call” this election, it will be up to the people.

    If we want our government run by a criminal enterprise like Clinton INC. then we can have it. I have plenty of dem friends who know how “shady” she is but want her anyway.

    Our hope is being placed in Trump, he has the faith in our country to do the right thing, but he will need all of our support. Clinton has stashed away enough money for the rest of her life. Don’t let her bring down the nation as well.

  • 'It's a Charade': Judge Pirro on Why Hillary Won't Be Indicted for Her Emails

    07/02/2016 9:26:40 AM PDT · 38 of 70
    KC_for_Freedom to Mustangman

    And the key to this line of reasoning is “if” she gets elected.

    We have one chance to secure a different future, and it will require a very large (large enough to overcome every attempt to control the election) outpouring for Trump.

    This is where the rubber meets the road and where it makes so little sense that we argue about his tone and choice of words. You know what he is saying and you know what it means to not elect him. Simple choice for me — Trump.

  • New Calls For Special Prosecutor in Clinton Email Probe Because of Conflict of Interest

    06/30/2016 9:05:36 PM PDT · 8 of 26
    KC_for_Freedom to samadams2000

    My supposition is that we will get a special prosecutor and he or she will need many months to review the information collected to date. Loretta will have agreed with Bill that this will be done but will not be concluded until after the election.

    The truth is that Hillary will have to be indited by the people or she will never face justice for her acts.

  • The 17 equations that changed the world

    06/29/2016 10:30:20 PM PDT · 42 of 66
    KC_for_Freedom to FredZarguna


    Your equations represent fundamental basic equations that must be mastered on the way to the author’s final list.

    As basic elements, they are part of the foundation, and far more important, but not as extreme.

  • “Your Fault!” Why Western Women Get Raped by Muslims

    06/27/2016 11:54:26 AM PDT · 19 of 45
    KC_for_Freedom to Truth29

    What needs to follow is a few statements from the rest of the Muslim community to the effect that this is not acceptable behavior in a Western country, and certainly not a part of the holy book that should be taught or learned here.

    In other words, where is the reformation? When is it going to start? It is long over due if the Muslim community has any desire to live in the West in peace.

    Hearing silence, I must conclude that they don’t want to live under our laws. Common Trump, Let’s roll.

  • Diplomat Who Pushed for Iran Deal Failed to Disclose Payments from Boeing, Which Made $25B

    06/25/2016 8:55:20 AM PDT · 9 of 25
    KC_for_Freedom to Mr. Mojo

    I believe this will be determined to be completely against the ethics charter of the Boeing company. Keep an eye on this because Boeing will also want to do business with the US. (And this would seem to be a clear conflict of interest.)

    BTW, there has long been an association between Boeing and the Democrat party. Likewise Lockheed Martin seems to do well under a Republican administration. With exceptions for break through systems from time to time.

  • Teaching Is an Art, Teachers are Not Made

    06/21/2016 12:05:57 PM PDT · 10 of 17
    KC_for_Freedom to yetidog

    I agree in so far as your post goes. Teachers must have a deep understanding of the material they are teaching. They must be able to communicate— but the students also must be able to understand. A sense of humor helps because students don’t want to miss a light moment, and will pay better attention if this is part of the teacher’s technique. Showmanship is definitely part of the technique.

    Finally, I would add that a teacher needs to understand what the student’s question is really asking. What is that key point that is missing? Does the student need to revisit a past concept? Does the student almost see an important general aspect? I have seen teachers totally misunderstand a student question and answer something else. In education this does not lead to the right result. Can this part be trained into a teacher? I am not sure—no education class in my experience has even tried.

  • Bill O'Reilly takes stunning stance on guns after Orlando massacre

    06/15/2016 1:31:03 PM PDT · 35 of 134
    KC_for_Freedom to Olog-hai

    Bill’s use of the Militia phrase in his argument shows his lack of understanding of how the term was intended. Bad stuff from a practitioner of history.

    He is being pulled by his liberal neighbors back into the Diane Feinstein “assault weapons ban” situation that did not work anyway.

    Higher penalties for crimes committed with the aid of guns would work, and O’Reilly has in the past supported this position, but moving into the left’s position that some guns are too effective to be in the hands of the people is a non-starter.

  • ISIS Praises Mateen as "Lion of Caliphate," Urges Attacks at Theaters, Hospitals, Amusement Parks

    06/15/2016 9:57:34 AM PDT · 11 of 29
    KC_for_Freedom to Biggirl

    If I recall Correctly, this was also said after San Bernardino.

  • Can Brand Trump Win a Presidency?

    06/10/2016 11:37:04 PM PDT · 4 of 23
    KC_for_Freedom to 2ndDivisionVet

    Interesting take. My opinion is that the successful operation of Trump enterprises demonstrates that Trump can also run the presidency successfully. The same characteristics of a good CEO would in my opinion be useful in the design of a successful administration.

    There are places where diplomacy may be needed in politics more than in industry. I accept this and I would like to see Trump demonstrate these characteristics as well as his obvious ability to lead. My assumption is that in his business he has encountered events where these political skills were required and so I suspect he has the ability to do this well too.
    It would also seem that he steps in it from time to time, and this is a characteristic that is harmful to running a country, but not fatal, as other leaders have done similar Texas two steps around tricky issues in the past.

  • Hillary, I agree, "Trump's idea of making America great again, means taking America backwards."

    06/08/2016 3:45:15 PM PDT · 59 of 130
    KC_for_Freedom to CriticalJ

    My liberal friends have been saying that the (Make America Great Again) theme is code for lets go back to the time when we were OK with racism. This is the real message of Hillary’s speech.

    I believe she did put her foot in her mouth because Trump does not have a racist bone in his body. (His career practices demonstrate this.)

    Continuing down this path will backfire badly.

  • Harry Belafonte - Try To Remember

    06/01/2016 10:14:39 PM PDT · 25 of 29
    KC_for_Freedom to Company Man


  • French ship picks up signals presumed to be 'black boxes' of EgyptAir plane, officials say

    06/01/2016 9:10:29 AM PDT · 5 of 9
    KC_for_Freedom to Mr. Jeeves

    Hard, as they are bolted to airplane structure.

    Could a data storage device be designed to explosively be released and float to the surface? Yes. But so could a transmitter that would continuously update a satellite with data in flight. Why these are not in the works is not known.

  • Should A Third-Grade Teacher Share His Disdain For Donald Trump With His Class?

    05/31/2016 12:30:35 PM PDT · 91 of 94
    KC_for_Freedom to Dilbert San Diego

    Fifty years ago our English teacher expressed an opinion about Communism. Namely that our government was wrong to hold hearings on whether or not someone was a Communist. She was reported by someone and subsequently fired.

    I doubt this would happen today. Re: Bernie Sanders.

  • Gates leaves Boy Scouts presidency, defends gay adult policy

    05/26/2016 10:30:15 PM PDT · 31 of 60
    KC_for_Freedom to ChuteTheMall

    Fortunately for the scouts, your situation is not allowed unless the two are father and son.

    The scouts have followed a no scout alone with a leader rule for years now, to avoid the situation that can occur.

    Of course this rule does not stop a determined pedophile. He can easily be put in a situation of taking a boy home for example.

    I agree that the scouts are one place where young boys are vulnerable and can be victimized, but church, school, and many clubs are also places where this happens. In each case I believe the no adult along with a kid rule is being applied but as I indicated this is not full proof.

  • Muslim pupils must obey teacher handshake rule: Swiss canton

    05/25/2016 10:34:02 PM PDT · 16 of 26
    KC_for_Freedom to pepsionice

    When we hired a Muslim female engineer we (males) were all told privately that when we were introduced to the new employee, not to offer our hand for a handshake. She would not respond and it would appear awkward. So we accommodated her wish.

    It took quite a while but eventually the work environment worked itself out. She was willing to participate in engineering problem solving and was cordial to her male colleagues.

    We all had secret clearances but she only had an interim secret clearance. (Not full access to all data.) I left before finding out whether she eventually got a full clearance or not.

  • Why Donald Trump's poll numbers are surging

    05/20/2016 6:40:59 PM PDT · 30 of 47
    KC_for_Freedom to Ouderkirk

    Trump may be much closer to the ideal than you imagine. Watch and see how he fine tunes his positions and continues to draw the middle class into the party.

    It is very much time to have a Trump like leader in the party and in the WH.

  • Average Teacher Salaries Decline, But Individual Educators Get More

    05/16/2016 7:18:50 AM PDT · 3 of 15
    KC_for_Freedom to MichCapCon

    And if they are correct in their analysis of salaries, and I suspect they are, they will likely find that students’ scores on standard tests rise for a time as the younger teachers get their bearings and the enthusiasm for their work inspires the kids.

    My belief is that a good rate of turnover in the faculty leads to improvements in the educational program at the school. The high senior teachers may not have lost it, but all too often they become set in their programs and do not teach with the same vigor as the younger teachers. It would be interesting to study this district into the future and see of more conclusions can be drawn.

  • Do Unions Cause Inequality?

    05/14/2016 11:27:12 AM PDT · 8 of 19
    KC_for_Freedom to PGR88

    And add to this unions in education. The union movement is directly related to the fall of a once great public education system.

    When you have the young and learning at your mercy and at the same time you subscribe to a system of pay for time in the position (rather than pay for merit) you end up with a country that does not understand the concept of merit while pretending to believe in the concept of fairness (when nothing is fair) and equality (when equality does not exist either.)

  • More Florida voter fraud? 3000 registrations list UPS stores as residence (Vote Twice!)

    05/05/2016 2:49:02 PM PDT · 27 of 33
    KC_for_Freedom to Fhios

    We did this while full time RV’ing I believe we are allowed one place to be our tax address. This is supposed to be the state where you spend the most time every year.

    We always tried to pick a tax friendly state while living on the road.

  • Trump wants to get rid of regulations to help U.S. businesses: CNBC

    05/05/2016 7:50:33 AM PDT · 35 of 37
    KC_for_Freedom to GrouchoTex

    As far as winners and losers, Trump has said that the welfare of the common man I. E. middle class, will be his primary decision point. That seems about right to me.

  • Clinton (Karl Marx) versus Trump (Ayn Rand) Who will you vote for?

    05/03/2016 7:33:00 PM PDT · 41 of 48
    KC_for_Freedom to GraceG

    I am sorry, but eminent domain is never “private”. In some cases a public use may involve private contractors, for example building the Golden Gate Bridge.

    The Golden Gate Bridge construction project was carried out by the McClintic-Marshall Construction Co., a subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel Corporation founded by Howard H. McClintic and Charles D. Marshall, both of Lehigh University.

    We never really heard how those rails got laid in Atlas Shrugged, but there may have been some eminent domain.

    There have been some instances where a public entity wanted to use eminent domain and leave the results in private hands but in these cases a vastly important public need must also be involved. (Such as the construction of a hotel and thousands of jobs.) These cases need to be reviewed more carefully and various public bodies are developing restrictions against this practice. But the public basis still must be confirmed.

  • The Cruz/Rush/National Review strategy - (vanity post)

    05/03/2016 12:36:21 PM PDT · 75 of 90
    KC_for_Freedom to GOPJ

    I thought this too, except that a paid shill would not have interrupted Cruz every time he was about to make a statement.

  • Michael Savage: Trump wrong about bathroom law

    05/01/2016 9:32:50 PM PDT · 24 of 45
    KC_for_Freedom to exDemMom

    And all Trump said is that this is a non issue and should be ignored as it presently is. As you say, the person who is uncomfortable can leave. And parents, if they have a concern can accompany their kids. This is one of those things that will sort itself out without a law. Federal or State.

  • Professor Frenkel: Why Shouldn't We Drop Algebra From Our Education System?

    05/01/2016 12:53:11 PM PDT · 67 of 168
    KC_for_Freedom to Mercat

    Interestingly, I could tell from my classmate’s questions what it was that they needed to know. Only after I also learned that the teacher did not know what the student was missing did I decide that I might try my hand at teaching sometime.

    Sadly, most math is taught by people who don’t get it. This leads to the students eventually dropping out, because math is cumulative.

    And yes, it is hard to understand why teaching how to do long division makes sense in the age of calculators except for the theory about why it works. This is something that math teachers should understand, but most people don’t need.

    Too bad no one encouraged you more, that is the teacher’s fault.

  • Latino activists vow more Trump protests as tensions heighten

    04/30/2016 12:11:18 PM PDT · 75 of 93
    KC_for_Freedom to PhiloBedo

    I would make certain that starting riots is one of the things that can get you on the “bad” list.

    Recall that Trump was going to let some of the “good” ones back in after his deportation plan took effect.

  • Beans And Rice For Passover? A Divisive Question Gets The Rabbis' OK

    04/24/2016 4:14:25 AM PDT · 24 of 39
    KC_for_Freedom to JoeDetweiler

    Well, they remind us of the bitterness of slavery in Egypt.
    (Horse radish and parsley work for the table.