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  • Clinton Foundation Corruption and Pay to Play Schemes

    03/26/2016 12:16:22 AM PDT · 14 of 25
    kcvl to MaxistheBest

    On Sunday, GOP presidential candidate and real estate tycoon Donald Trump did what many do in August on the east coast: he spent a day at the shore with his family. In this case, he was visiting with the in-laws of his daughter Ivanka, Charles and Seryl Kushner, parents to Trump’s son-in-law Jared, the owner and publisher of the New York Observer.

    This visit was no ordinary social call. The Kushners were hosting an intimate meet-and-greet on Trump’s behalf at their seaside estate on the New Jersey shore weeks after injecting $100,000 into Trump’s Make America Great Again super PAC.

    More than a decade ago Kushner was one of the biggest behind-the-scenes players in New Jersey’s real estate-obsessed political establishment. In the early 2000s, through his relatives and companies, Charles Kushner could be personally linked to almost 5% of the donations collected by then-N.J. Gov. James McGreevey’s 1997 and 2001 gubernatorial campaigns. He was also the largest single donor to Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Robert Torricelli.

    Just weeks later in July 2004, Charles Kushner was indicted by then-U.S. Attorney Chris Christie on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and interstate promotion of prostitution (!) for trying to derail a federal investigation Christie’s office had opened into Kushner’s political operations during the prior year. It turned out that Charles was concerned about his sister’s cooperation with Christie’s grand jury and decided to blackmail her into silence by hiring a prostitute to seduce her husband. In a Bridgewater, N.J. motel room of the Red Bull Inn (not kidding) equipped with a hidden video camera Charles secretly recorded his brother-in-law in flagrante. Charles then sent the tape to his sister, threatening to make it public unless she stopped cooperating with the feds.

    It’s now ironic, of course, that Charles Kushner is back in the game supporting the GOP candidate who is nudging Christie out of the race. But family or not, it remains to be seen if even the likes of Donald Trump can afford to carry the baggage that comes with this guy.

  • Clinton Foundation Corruption and Pay to Play Schemes

    03/26/2016 12:09:42 AM PDT · 13 of 25
    kcvl to Gunpowder green

    Kushner is a billionaire real estate developer, former Democratic power-broker, and convicted felon. He’s also the father of Jared Kushner, the titular owner of the New York Observer.

    Charles Kushner’s father, Joseph, arrived in the U.S. in 1949 and started out as a construction worker before moving into real estate, gradually assembling a portfolio of 4,000 apartment units in New Jersey over the course of three decades. Joseph later bequeathed his real estate assets to his two sons, Charles and Murray, and the younger of the two, Charles, who had been working as a real estate and tax lawyer, stepped in as CEO in 1985. Charlie Kushner set out on an aggressive expansion plan, extending the firm’s reach beyond its traditional New Jersey territory, acquiring high profile property in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and diversifying into new businesses, picking up stakes in insurance, banking and telecommunications companies. But his reputation as a savvy investor was soon eclipsed by his legal troubles, which split the family into two factions and landed Charles in jail.

    Although he’d been one of Jersey’s most powerful developers for years, Kushner only really became a household name in 2004 when twin scandals enveloped his career and left him disgraced and incarcerated. One of the state’s most prominent political donors, Kushner had channeled millions to Democratic candidates since the ‘90s and was one of Jim McGreevey’s primary backers when he launched a bid for governor. In 2004, it came to light that Kushner had skirted campaign finance laws, making political donations in the names of his real estate partners without their consent, a scheme that allowed him to direct millions to candidates like McGreevey, who received more than $1.5 million from the real estate developer between 1997 and 2001. The scandal got messier when it was revealed that Kushner’s brother and sister, Murray and Esther had cooperated with the federal investigation into his campaign activities, and that Charles had retaliated for the perceived betrayal by hiring a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law. Kushner pleaded guilty in federal court to 18 charges, including retaliating against a federal witness and violating campaign finance laws. He received a two year prison sentence as part of the plea (and paid a $508,900 fine), but only served a one-year sentence and went right back to the office, business as usual.

  • Cruz:‘Trump May Be A Rat But I Have No Desire To Copulate With Him’ (Video)

    03/25/2016 4:30:07 PM PDT · 145 of 324
    kcvl to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s former chief political advisor and close friend, self-admitted hit man

    Stone was for many years a lobbyist for Donald Trump on behalf of his casino business

    In 1996, Stone resigned from a post as a volunteer spokesman in Senator Bob Dole's campaign for president after The National Enquirer wrote that Stone had placed ads and pictures in racy swingers publications and a website seeking sexual partners for himself and his second wife, Nydia Bertrane Stone, whom he married in Las Vegas in the 1992. Stone initially denied the report. On the Good Morning America program he said: "An exhaustive investigation now indicates that a domestic employee who I discharged for substance abuse on the second time that we learned that he had a drug problem is the perpetrator who had access to my home, access to my computer, access to my password, access to my postage meter, access to my post-office box key". In a 2008 interview with The New Yorker Stone admitted that the ads were authentic.

  • Africans sentenced for notorious hate crime torture attack in Nashville

    03/25/2016 4:18:58 PM PDT · 46 of 58
    kcvl to akalinin

    “Like Trump says repeatedly, the media are the most dishonest group of people in America”

    Besides Trump who is usually in bed with them and until they dare question him then they are trash. I don’t understand how so many smart people can fall for Trump and his phony conservatism.

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 3:59:50 PM PDT · 211 of 325
    kcvl to Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

    Chicago financier Jay Pritzker and New York developer Donald Trump settled a two-year-long, bitter legal feud over the management of New York’s Grand Hyatt Hotel, which they jointly own and which the Pritzker family’s Hyatt Corp. manages. The legal arrangement clears the way for major renovations at the midtown Manhattan convention hotel.

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 3:03:13 PM PDT · 169 of 325
    kcvl to Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

    Brenner’s investigation occurred when Trump’s business empire was in the dumps and the real-estate scion was personally overexposed by millions of dollars. But he didn’t think that was a problem: “I’m more popular now than I was two months ago. There are two publics as far as I’m concerned. The real public and then there’s the New York society horseshit. The real public has always liked Donald Trump. The real public feels that Donald Trump is going through Trump-bashing. When I go out now, forget about it. I’m mobbed. It’s bedlam.”

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 3:01:40 PM PDT · 166 of 325
    kcvl to Beautiful_Gracious_Skies

    Here’s how Donald explained the tabloid fascination with Ivana: “When a man leaves a woman, especially when it was perceived that he has left for a piece of ass—a good one!—there are 50 percent of the population who will love the woman who was left.”

    And here’s a story about one incident that left Ivana distraught:

    Trump even called a press conference to announce Ivana’s new position as the president of the Plaza hotel: “My wife, Ivana, is a brilliant manager. I will pay her one dollar a year and all the dresses she can buy!” Ivana called her friends in tears. “How can Donald humiliate me this way?”

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 2:56:51 PM PDT · 164 of 325
    kcvl to Enlightened1

    I was still searching for Donald Trump. On a rainy Thursday in July, I went down to federal court, where he was set to testify in a civil case in which he was a defendant. Along with his contractor, Trump had been accused of hiring scores of illegal Polish aliens to do the demolition work on the Trump Tower site. “The Polish brigade,” as they came to be called, had been astonishingly exploited on the job, earning four dollars an hour for work that usually paid five times that.

    When I got to the courtroom, Trump had gone. His lawyer, the venerable and well-connected Milton Gould, was smiling broadly, for he appeared to believe that he was wiping the floor with this case. Trump had said that he knew nothing about the demolitions, that his contractor had been “a disaster.” Yet one F.B.I. informant testified that he had warned Trump of the presence of the Polish brigade and had told him that if he didn’t get rid of them his casino license might not be granted.

    I wandered down to the pressroom on the fifth floor to hear about Trump’s testimony. The reporters sounded weary; they had heard it all before. “Goddamn it,” one shouted at me, “we created him! We bought his bullshit! He was always a phony, and we filled our papers with him!”

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 2:13:35 PM PDT · 131 of 325
    kcvl to Enlightened1

    “Donald is a believer in the big-lie theory,” his lawyer had told me. “If you say something again and again, people will believe you.”

    “One of my lawyers said that?” Trump said when I asked him about it. “I think if one of my lawyers said that, I’d like to know who it is, because I’d fire his ass. I’d like to find out who the scumbag is!”

    One of Trump’s first major deals in New York was to acquire a large tract of land on West Thirty-fourth Street being offered by the bankrupt Penn Central railroad. Trump submitted a plan for a convention center to city officials. “He told us he’d forgo his $4.4 million fee if we would name the new convention center after his father,” former deputy mayor Peter Solomon said. “Someone finally read the contract. He wasn’t entitled to anywhere near the money he was claiming. It was unbelievable. He almost got us to name the convention center after his father in return for something he never really had to give away.”

    Trump’s first major real-estate coup in New York was the acquisition of the Commodore Hotel, which would become the Grand Hyatt. This deal, secured with a controversial tax abatement from the city, made Trump’s reputation. His partner at the time was the well-respected Pritzker family of Chicago, who owned the Hyatt chain. Their contract was specific: Trump and Jay Pritzker agreed that if there were any sticking points they would have a ten-day period to arbitrate their differences. At one point, they had a minor disagreement. “Jay Pritzker was leaving for a trip to Nepal, where he was to be incommunicado,” a lawyer for the Pritzker family told me. “Donald waited until Jay was in the airplane before he called him. Naturally, Jay couldn’t call him back. He was on a mountain in Nepal. Later, Donald kept saying, ‘I tried to call you. I gave you the ten days. But you were in Nepal.’ It was outrageous. Pritzker was his partner, not his enemy! This is how he acted on his first important deal.” Trump later even reported the incident in his book.

    “Give them the old Trump bullshit,” he told the architect Der Scutt before a presentation of the Trump Tower design at a press conference in 1980. “Tell them it is going to be a million square feet, sixty-eight stories.” “I don’t lie, Donald,” the architect replied.

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 1:38:16 PM PDT · 105 of 325
    kcvl to Pravious

    Trump wrote that he once considered an open marriage with his first wife, and in his book “The Art of the Comeback” he said: “If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller.”

    Trump has also said: “I have too much respect for women in general, but if I did [write about my love life], the world would take serious notice. Beautiful, famous, successful, married — I’ve had them all, secretly, the world’s biggest names...”

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 1:05:59 PM PDT · 64 of 325
    kcvl to Enlightened1

    Cruz sex scandal publisher and Trump are pals; don’t expect any ‘Lyin’ Pecker’ tweets

    After the National Enquirer published a story about an alleged sex scandal involving Senator Ted Cruz, some are calling shenanigans because of Donald Trump’s close relationship with the Enquirer’s CEO David Pecker

    The tabloid has publicly endorsed Trump with the sensational headline “Trump Must be President!” and has published at least one highly negative article about Dr. Ben Carson before he dropped out of the race.

    The National Enquirer is owned by AMI Inc. David Pecker is the CEO. Pecker is a Trump friend.

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 1:00:53 PM PDT · 57 of 325
    kcvl to Enlightened1

    Our source says that with Trump “protected” by the tabloid, “Some of the staff are furious. Trump’s such fertile ground, and it drives them crazy to not only be staying away from it, but running puff pieces for him.”

    Trump and Pecker have certainly been known to scratch each other’s backs.

    This week’s Enquirer features a piece under the screaming red banner: “Charismatic billionaire Donald Trump writes exclusively for the Enquirer.” In the column, entitled “America is being laughed at … and things must change!” Trump outlines his qualifications for the White House, including the fact that in his view, wife Melania “would make a terrific first lady!”

    In 2010, Trump tweeted, “David Pecker would be a brilliant choice as CEO of TIME Magazine — nobody could bring it back like David!”

  • Trump: Response to the cover story in this week's National Enquirer about Lyin' Ted Cruz:

    03/25/2016 12:58:26 PM PDT · 55 of 325
    kcvl to Enlightened1

    “Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence”


    This fall, New York’s national-affairs reporter Gabriel Sherman wrote about the close relationship between GOP front-runner Donald Trump and the Enquirer CEO David Pecker after the tabloid printed some stories about Ben Carson’s alleged medical mishaps. Per Sherman:

    This person also said that Trump’s campaign was a source for the [Carson] article: “His campaign provided information that was used,” he explained. A Trump friend said that in the days leading up to the article’s publication Trump was telling people that Carson “had a lot of medical malpractice suits” and “almost killed a guy.”


    Donald Trump’s Alliance With the National Enquirer

    Trump and Enquirer CEO David Pecker have been friends for years. “They’re very close,” said a source close to the Enquirer. In July 2013, Trump even tweeted that Pecker should become CEO of Time magazine, which at the time was being spun off from its corporate parent, Time Warner. “He’d make it exciting and win awards!”

  • N.C. Gov. McCrory signs into law bill restricting LGBT protections

    03/24/2016 8:38:24 PM PDT · 57 of 58
    kcvl to ConservativeWarrior

    Dan Bluer


  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 7:24:49 PM PDT · 67 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    Epstein’s alleged sex slave Virginia Roberts first accused Clinton of visiting Epstein’s notorious island near St. Thomas in an affidavit filed in January. She’s suing the US Justice Department for how they handled Epstein’s plea deal. Her attorneys are suing Dershowitz for defamation, and now, Dershowitz is addressing the claims head-on in his own deposition in that case, taken on October 16.

    According to a deposition transcript reviewed by Radar, Dershowitz recalled that Roberts had previously “described in great detail a dinner with Bill Clinton and two underaged Russian women who were offered to Bill Clinton for sex,” an incident she said occurred in 2002. And while he insisted that he believed that to be a “lie,” he acknowledged that he can’t prove it.

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 7:24:49 PM PDT · 66 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    Epstein’s alleged sex slave Virginia Roberts first accused Clinton of visiting Epstein’s notorious island near St. Thomas in an affidavit filed in January. She’s suing the US Justice Department for how they handled Epstein’s plea deal. Her attorneys are suing Dershowitz for defamation, and now, Dershowitz is addressing the claims head-on in his own deposition in that case, taken on October 16.

    According to a deposition transcript reviewed by Radar, Dershowitz recalled that Roberts had previously “described in great detail a dinner with Bill Clinton and two underaged Russian women who were offered to Bill Clinton for sex,” an incident she said occurred in 2002. And while he insisted that he believed that to be a “lie,” he acknowledged that he can’t prove it.

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 7:22:06 PM PDT · 64 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    The Oxford-educated Maxwell, described by many as a man-eater (she flies her own helicopter and was recently seen dining with Clinton at Nello’s on Madison Avenue), lives in her own townhouse a few blocks away. Epstein is frequently seen around town with a bevy of comely young women but there has been no boldfaced name to replace Maxwell. “You may read about Jeffrey in the social columns, but there is much more to him than that,” says Jeffrey T. Leeds of the private equity firm Leeds Weld & Co. “He’s a talented money manager and an extremely hardworking person with broad interests. Most unusual, though, is that in this media-obsessed age he is not in any sense a self-promoter.”

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 7:20:10 PM PDT · 63 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    maintains some sort of money-management firm, though you won’t get a straight answer from him,” says one well-known investor. “He once told me he had 300 people working for him, and I’ve also heard that he manages Rockefeller money. But one never knows. It’s like looking at the Wizard of Oz — there may be less there than meets the eye.”

    Says another prominent Wall Streeter: “He is this mysterious, Gatsbyesque figure. He likes people to think that he is very rich, and he cultivates this air of aloofness. The whole thing is weird.”

    Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,’’ Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

    But beautiful women are only a part of it. Because here’s the thing about Epstein: As some collect butterflies, he collects beautiful minds. “I invest in people — be it politics or science. It’s what I do,” he has said to friends. And his latest prize addition is the former president. In his eyes, Clinton as a species represents the highest evolutionary form of the political animal. To be up close to him, as he was during the African journey, is akin to seeing the rarest of beasts on a safari. As he put it to a friend upon his return from Africa, “If you were a boxer at the downtown gymnasium at 14th Street and Mike Tyson walked in, your face would have the same look as these foreign leaders had when Clinton entered the room. He is the world’s greatest politician.”

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 7:13:39 PM PDT · 61 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    Without a doubt, the absolutely raunchiest part of the Epstein affadavit stars a mysterious young woman named “Nada Marcinkova.” Lesbian strap-on raunchiness, ending in something that sounds to us a little bit like rape. We get all the details but no explanation of who Marcinkova is or what her relationship with Epstein was. She’s not one of his high school victims, and doesn’t seem to have talked to the police. But it somehow seems fitting that this mysterious money manager to the billionaires would have an unknown Czech sex puppet lying around.

    Nadia Marcinko (Slovak:a Marcinková) is a FAA certified commercial rated pilot and flight instructor, holding a Single (land & sea) Multi engine (land) instrument rating and Gulfstream C/G-IV & C/G-1159 type rating certificates. She is the CEO of Aviloop, an aviation website.

    After a career as a model, Marcinko started flight training at a flight school at the Palm Beach County Florida Airport. With 250 hours in her logbook, she accepted an offer from a friend to obtain her Gulfstream II rating and was certified shortly thereafter.

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 7:07:56 PM PDT · 59 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    Bill Clinton’s FBI Head Is Called In to Show Bill Clinton ‘Not Present’ at Jeffrey Epstein Underage Sex Orgy

    Super-lawyer and Clinton and Epstein pal Dershowitz recently testified in circuit court in Broward County, Florida. Transcripts of his testimony reveal that Clinton administration FBI chief Louis Freeh has been called in to run interference. Freeh served as FBI director from 1993 to 2001, during almost the entirety of the Clinton presidency.

    Freeh is representing Dershowitz , who recently has been at the center of civil claims involving allegations that he had sex with underage women on Epstein’s private plane and at parties on Epstein’s private island, including at times when Clinton also was on the island.

    Clinton’s association with Maxwell was reported by New York Magazine in 2003, years before the Epstein scandal.

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 6:56:54 PM PDT · 56 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    Epstein’s friends’ belief that he was targeted for his big life reflects the fact that the police locked onto Epstein’s sybaritic lifestyle. They made careful note of the girls’ thong panties, the shape and color of the sex toys Epstein favors, and the erotic art in his home, from photos to the mural of a woman to the statue of the man with a bow. Police repeatedly pulled his trash to dig out phone messages and kept an eye on his private planes. Once, they even reported on Wexner’s plane, noting the procession of Cadillac Escalades that made its way across the tarmac. After word of the investigation got back to Epstein, through his girls, police served a search warrant at the house right under the noses of New York decorator Mark Zeff and architect Douglas Schoettle, who were there planning a renovation, and seized a dozen or so photographs of naked women the girls had described as well as the penis- and vagina-shaped soaps.

    Those soaps were even in guest bathrooms. No wonder; Epstein didn’t see his sex life as tawdry, wasn’t hiding it from his circle. Wolff believes that Epstein had created an idealized world from “a deep and basic cultural moment” once epitomized by Hugh Hefner. “Jeffrey is living a life that once might have been prized and admired and valued, but its moment has passed … I think the culture has outgrown it. You can’t describe it without being held to severe account. It’s not allowed. It may be allowed if you’re secretive and furtive, but Jeffrey is anything but secretive and furtive. I think it represents an achievement to Jeffrey.”

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 6:52:15 PM PDT · 53 of 95
    kcvl to Mr Apple

    Sarah Kellen was Epstein’s assistant, helping the billionaire financier and alleged perv to procure underage girls (with the help of Haley Robson) for masturbatory massages, and escorting the girls in and out of his Palm Beach mansion. Nadia Marcinkova had the more exciting job: Epstein’s lesbian sex toy.

  • Details on Bill Clinton's ride on pedophile's 'Lolita Express' sought

    03/24/2016 6:45:16 PM PDT · 51 of 95
    kcvl to dynachrome

    Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell, was a publishing magnate who owned both the British newspaper the Mirror and the New York Daily News before he died in 1991.

    One of those trips was a week-long tour of Africa in September 2002 during which Clinton was joined by current National Security Council member Gayle Smith, as well as actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker. The trip reportedly covered policies dealing with AIDS prevention.

    Eight months earlier, Epstein, Kellen and Maxwell rode with Clinton on a trip from Japan to Hong Kong. Clinton’s Secret Service detail and aide Doug Band were also noted on that flight’s log, along with two women identified as “Janice” and “Jessica.” Clinton also reportedly flew with Epstein on trips to Russia, Shanghai and Beijing in November 2003. According to the British newspaper The Mirror, residents living near Epstein’s villa in the Virgin Islands have nicknamed his collection of jets the “Lolita Express.”

  • BUSTED: Anti-Trump Consultant Liz Mair Paid $15K A Month By Dictator (WITH UPDATE)

    03/24/2016 2:50:43 PM PDT · 21 of 56
    kcvl to Cats Pajamas

    Liz Mair is a communications expert, new media adviser, political consultant and blogger, who writes principally about politics, with additional commentary on sports, travel and other assorted topics. She is the founder and President of Mair Strategies LLC.

    A libertarian Republican and Arsenal FC fan, Liz served as Online Communications Director at the Republican National Committee during 2008, where she led an aggressive and groundbreaking online media outreach effort aimed at electing John McCain, Sarah Palin and Republicans across the country. During the 2010 cycle, she advised Carly Fiorina on online communications. She also consulted for Gov. Rick Perry during his presidential run.

    Liz was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and lived in the United Kingdom for ten years. There, she earned an MA in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews and attended law school, ultimately practicing corporate law in the City of London for three years. Liz also holds a certificate in Political and Social Sciences from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

    To reach Liz or request more information, contact

  • D.C.’s Foreign-Policy Establishment Spooked by ‘Bizzaro’ Trump Team

    03/24/2016 9:07:00 AM PDT · 28 of 34
    kcvl to detective

    Between 2004 and 2009, he was editor of the Middle East Quarterly. He has received fellowships from the Council on Foreign Relations
    and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

    Rubin has lectured in history at Yale University, Hebrew University, Johns Hopkins University, and worked as visiting lecturer at Universities of Sulaymaniyah, Salahuddin, and Duhok, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

  • Marvel, Disney Threaten Film Boycott Over Georgia Bill

    03/23/2016 9:45:22 PM PDT · 27 of 33
    kcvl to Steelfish

    “With generous tax incentives”

    Why are they trying to avoid paying more taxes? Hypocrites...

  • Report predicts $46B gap in funding for school buildings

    03/23/2016 2:31:18 PM PDT · 12 of 19
    kcvl to Olog-hai

    LEED is managed and overseen by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), which is not a government entity, despite what many think. The USGBC is a private — so-called "nonprofit" — environmental organization led by Rick Fedrizzi, the group's founder and president.

    Fedrizzi earns a yearly salary in excess of $500,000 according to publicly available records. The group boasts 13,000 members, most of whom are architects, builders or building suppliers. Many of these members specialize in — and profit from — some of the products and construction designs that USGBC mandates in order for a new building to achieve one of its levels of LEED certification, according to the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

    A building achieves LEED certification by earning credits that are spelled out by the USGBC. The credits, however, too often have little or nothing to do with energy efficiency. USA Today recently published a revealing three-part series that examined LEED. In those articles, it was noted that buildings could get a credit simply for having a LEED expert on its design team and that some schools received credits for teaching about green buildings in the classroom.

    The Palazzo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas achieved LEED certification partly by installing bike racks in its garage, placing cards in rooms that tell guests when their towels are replaced and by establishing preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles. By gaining LEED certification, the owners of the hotel received at $27 million tax break.

    The USGBC has quietly established a monopoly on green building construction with the federal and local governments. The General Services Administration, commonly referred to as the "landlord" for federal government buildings, mandates adherence to LEED standards for all new federal buildings.

    Press Here

  • Report predicts $46B gap in funding for school buildings

    03/23/2016 2:24:29 PM PDT · 10 of 19
    kcvl to Olog-hai

    Rick Fedrizzi currently chairs the Scaling Sustainable Buildings Action Network of the Clinton Global Initiative.

    The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), co-founded by current CEO Rick Fedrizzi, Mike Italiano, and David Gottfried in 1993, is a private 501(c)3, membership-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in buildings design, construction, and operation.

    LEED standards have been criticized for not actually creating energy efficient buildings.

    In 2013, The Washington Examiner analyzed energy efficiency data of New York City buildings and found that LEED-certified buildings actually performed worse than buildings in general.[7] An analysis by USA Today found that building makers target LEED’s easiest points—those that don’t necessarily increase the energy efficiency of a building.[8] The USGBC admits that “current information indicates that most buildings do not perform as well as design metrics indicate. As a result, building owners might not obtain the benefits promised.”

    Rick Fedrizzi gave a speech comparing the green movement’s challenges to that of past movements, from the vote for women to civil rights to gay rights, each of which there was significant push-back. He says they won because they were right and their detractors are wrong.

    “We’re right when we design, build, and operate our buildings so that they reduce energy, keep costs down, and conserve our planet’s resources.”

    “e’re right when we witness that green building is a powerful, world-changing force that can create millions of jobs here in the United States and lift people out of degradation and poverty around the world.”

    “We’re up against powerful forces who want to accelerate mountaintop coal removal; fast track a Pipeline; or frack the Hell out of every square inch of green-space we have left. Forces who actually don’t want government buildings or college campuses to save energy, save water, and save money - they just want to claim they do: “Trust me...its Green.”

    Strong words coming from a guy who makes $500,000 a year running this “non-profit” USGBC. (did he ever even try to pass his own AP exam?)

  • ISIS-loving cabbie shouldn’t lose license for bomb threat, judge says

    03/23/2016 12:51:46 AM PDT · 4 of 19
    kcvl to grundle
  • Most Republicans Feel Embarrassed by Campaign, Poll Says

    03/23/2016 12:37:49 AM PDT · 28 of 40
    kcvl to Citizen Zed

    “I’m Embarrassed” that Hillary is a lying thieving crook.

  • Donald Trump makes wild threat to 'spill the beans' on Ted Cruz's wife

    03/22/2016 8:21:02 PM PDT · 112 of 211
    kcvl to Elyse

    “These people don’t care about the truth. It’s really sickening to watch this on Free Republic. We used to pride ourselves on exposing the lies instead of tearing good men apart with lies.”

    Exactly, and they are becoming like little robots repeating the same nonsense over and over again. Petty, childish name calling is becoming sickening to the point of not even wanting to read FreeRepublic any longer.

    They think flooding the forum with thread after thread of the same crap is helping them, it is turning people off.

  • Donald Trump makes wild threat to 'spill the beans' on Ted Cruz's wife

    03/22/2016 8:14:33 PM PDT · 93 of 211
    kcvl to House Atreides

    “Trump kool-aid have metamorphosed into mindless, gullible robots”

    All day, every day and they don’t realize they are turning people who might agree with them, OFF.

  • Postcard from Havana: Beisbol, sunglasses and cream of mojito

    03/22/2016 6:33:06 PM PDT · 25 of 27
    kcvl to TroutStalker

    Rudy Giuliani

    It’s outrageous that the President of the United States is not in the Situation Room right now planning on how to destroy ISIS… This was an attack on one of our allies. We belong to NATO. And an attack on a NATO ally, in case the president ever read the treaty, is an attack on the United States of America. He has an obligation to defend that country. It’s just like an attack on us. I don’t know if he’s ever read the treaty. The president’s knowledge of history is quite questionable. And, what’s he doing? He’s sitting with a dictator watching a baseball game while innocent people are being killed in a war!… So far his strategy hasn’t been working, right? …The man has no conception of the NATO Treaty and what it entails…

    …I know what they think of him in Europe. They don’t think we have a president. In Poland they don’t think we have a president!…

    …Go tell those people who are dead in Brussels just how well Obama’s policies are working.

  • VANITY: Why is our president not home?

    03/22/2016 6:29:44 PM PDT · 57 of 58
    kcvl to LadyBuzz

    I was hoping Cuba would keep the whole bunch!

  • VANITY: Why is our president not home?

    03/22/2016 6:28:25 PM PDT · 56 of 58
    kcvl to LadyBuzz

    As Brussels Reels From ISIS-led Terror Attack, Obama Attends Baseball Game In Cuba; UPDATE: He’s Doing ‘The Wave’ With Castro; UPDATE: FARC Rebels Were At the Gam

    Obama leaves Cuba today heading to Argentina.

  • Postcard from Havana: Beisbol, sunglasses and cream of mojito

    03/22/2016 6:22:42 PM PDT · 22 of 27
    kcvl to TroutStalker

    As Brussels Reels From ISIS-led Terror Attack, Obama Attends Baseball Game In Cuba; UPDATE: He's Doing 'The Wave' With Castro; UPDATE: FARC Rebels Were At the Game

  • Postcard from Havana: Beisbol, sunglasses and cream of mojito

    03/22/2016 6:19:58 PM PDT · 21 of 27
    kcvl to TroutStalker

    In Another Historic Visit, Obama Heads To Argentina

    March 22, 2016

    President Barack Obama leaves Cuba and flies to Argentina today. The trip has been billed as an opportunity to expand economic and political relations between the two countries, but it also coincides with the 40th anniversary of the military coup that set off what’s known as Argentina’s Dirty War.

    Obama’s schedule in Buenos Aires includes a visit to the memorial for victims of the Dirty War. He is also set to announce the declassification of documents that will shed light on the United States’ role during that period.

  • Pentagon chief: Obama wants to defeat ISIS by end of his term

    03/22/2016 6:10:30 PM PDT · 64 of 69
    kcvl to Nachum

    Ash Carter is also a physicist and a former Harvard University professor of Science and International Affairs

    A controversy arose in December 2015, when it was revealed that Carter had used personal email account when conducting official business during his tenure as Secretary of Defense.

    Carter was a Senior Partner at Global Technology Partners, focused on advising investment firms in technology and defense. He has been a consultant to Goldman Sachs and Mitretek Systems on international affairs and technology matters, and speaks frequently to business and policy audiences.

    The Utah Republican first requested information on Carter’s emails Dec. 18, 2015, and set Jan. 8, 2016 as the response deadline. Defense officials have yet to provide any of the requested materials to the committee, according to a letter Chaffetz sent to Carter Friday. Chaffetz again demanded to know whether any emails Carter sent or received on his personal account were classified.

  • Ex-staffer suing House Benghazi committee drops Clinton bias charge

    03/22/2016 5:57:48 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    kcvl to McGruff

    Congressman Gowdy had this to say in a statement obtained by Mediaite of ex-staffer—make that fired staffer—Bradley Podliska’s allegations:

    Because I do not know him, and cannot recall ever speaking to him, I can say for certain he was never instructed by me to focus on Clinton, nor would he be a credible person to speak on my behalf… In fact, when this staffer requested interns do a project that focused on Clinton and the National Security Council, he was informed by the Committee’s deputy staff director his project was “not approved.”

  • Ex-staffer suing House Benghazi committee drops Clinton bias charge

    03/22/2016 5:50:14 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    kcvl to McGruff

    ‘Whistleblower’ is a Professional Storyteller
    Insulted woman in performance with Virginia-based storytelling group

    The former staffer has some experience with storytelling. Podliska performed last year with the live Virginia-based storytelling group “Better Said Than Done,” where he recounted a terrible blind date he went on as part of the Washington Post’s “DateLab” feature in 2011.

    His story started out mild and self-deprecating, but he soon launched into a tirade of insults against the woman.

    According to Podliska, his date was a drunken disaster who “liked to drink like a fish” and told him to “quit the chit-chat, I’m here to drink on the Washington Post’s dime” when he attempted polite conversation.

    By the end of the night, Podliska said, the woman “was looking as if she had run 300 miles in a tornado, while jumping on a trampoline, all while upside down, underwater. In other words, she was two sheets to the wind.”

    The story is at odds with the Washington Post article from 2011, in which Podliska said he tried to set up a second rendezvous with the woman but was shot down.

    her as a person, but like I said, after that 150 milliseconds, it takes six or seven significant steps to turn that first impression,” said Podliska. “So I was open-minded; I was like, maybe something will change my mind here, but that just never occurred. I [said]: ‘I really enjoyed your company, and I’d like to see you again,’ and she said, ‘We’ll see how it goes.’ But we didn’t have each other’s phone numbers, there’s no way to get in touch again. So it was clearly a throwaway line.”

    The woman also did not call Podliska a “Neanderthal” in the article for walking her to the Metro. She told the Post that it “was nice; he wanted to make sure I got there safely.”

  • Ex-staffer suing House Benghazi committee drops Clinton bias charge

    03/22/2016 5:45:14 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    kcvl to McGruff

    Benghazi Committee: Spurned Staffer Lying About Why He Was Fired, Trying To ‘Blackmail’ Us

    Podliska said that a superior told him he was fired for using work email for social purposes, failing to secure classified information, and giving an intern an “unauthorized assignment” to do. Podliska denied to CNN that he handled classified information on a system that was not classified, and also denied the “unauthorized assignment” bit. But the committee says otherwise.

    Podliska has been developing imaginative stories for his dismissal ever since he was fired, including in confidential mediation sessions.

    “The former employee in question was terminated for cause and his complaint is currently in mediation, which by law is required to be kept confidential by both sides,” a Benghazi committee spokesperson told Breitbart News. “The former employee has violated this confidentiality requirement in a public way, forcing the Committee to respond with the following limited statement.”

    “Thus, directly contrary to his brand new assertion, the employee actually was terminated, in part, because he himself manifested improper partiality and animus in his investigative work,” the statement continues. “The Committee vigorously denies all of his allegations. Moreover, once legally permitted to do, the Committee stands ready to prove his termination was legal, justified, and warranted – on multiple levels.”

    But Podliska changed his story after he was dismissed, presumably to get media attention, according to the committee.

  • Ex-staffer suing House Benghazi committee drops Clinton bias charge

    03/22/2016 5:36:44 PM PDT · 8 of 11
    kcvl to McGruff
  • Ex-staffer suing House Benghazi committee drops Clinton bias charge

    03/22/2016 5:35:12 PM PDT · 7 of 11
    kcvl to McGruff

    In an interview with CNN, Podliska charged that “there was very little work actually being done” by the committee, where staffers were “surfing the Web all day long” and even “drinking during the work day.” He claims that staffers set up a “gun buying club” and would spend “hours at a time” designing custom firearms.

    There is one public source of insight into Podliska’s temperament and personality: in 2011, he participated in the Post’s Date Lab feature, where strangers are set up on blind dates and share their feelings about the experience with readers.


    Podliska, an Air Force reservist, alleges the panel discriminated and retaliated against him because he took military duty leave to serve several weeks overseas — and because he would not tailor his investigation to center on Hillary Clinton. The committee disputes both accounts, arguing a panel run by ex-military members would not punish someone for serving, and that Podliska himself had partisan tendencies.
    Also on Monday, Podliska’s lawyers moved to seal some personal contact information about Podliska originally included in the Friday filing. The judge agreed.


    He was asked to resign in lieu of termination, according to court documents. In October 2015, Podliska, claimed that the purpose of the committee was political, and that he was fired from the Committee in part for not focusing his research on Hillary Clinton. He filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in November of that year, but in February 2016 amended his complaint, dropping all mention of his Clinton-related allegations. Politico had reported in October that there was also no mention of Clinton “in a preliminary Sept. 11 legal document laying out his case against the panel, according to a copy of that document.

  • Obama: Cuba’s Revolution, Like America’s, Was a ‘Liberation Movement’

    03/22/2016 5:21:14 PM PDT · 14 of 93
    kcvl to Nachum
    "Please, just shut up."
  • Hillary Clinton’s email archive made searchable by WikiLeaks

    03/22/2016 5:11:08 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    kcvl to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    These people are insane!

  • Hillary Clinton’s email archive made searchable by WikiLeaks

    03/22/2016 3:01:15 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    kcvl to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    From: Hillary Clinton To: Sidney Blumenthal Date: 2010-10-09 08:23 Subject: H: THIS AND THAT THING. SID

    UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05775872

    Date: 12/31/2015


    From: H

    Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2010 8:23 PM

    To: ‘sbwhoeop

    Subject: Re: H: this and that thing. Sid

    I hope Shaun comes to the NI conference I’m having-assuming that’s ok in the “shadow” role he now has. And, the Powell book sounds fascinating. I’ll try to pick one up next time I fly thru the UK. Thx for keeping me up-to-date on the cross pond politics.


    October 9, 2010

    For: Hillary

    From: Sid

    Re: Yes, some things:

    1. Richard Wolff told me that one of the reasons Jones was summarily executed was payback for dumping Mark Lippert (whom he called “Thing Two,” from Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat), McDonough’s sidekick (whom Jones calls “Thing One”). Of course, Jones had to go to Obama himself to dispose of Lippert. The true cause was that Thing One and Thing Two were leaking negative stories about Jones. McDonough, naturally, has assumed Donilon’s post. Obladi, oblada, as John Lennon (who would have been 70) might say.

  • Hillary Clinton’s email archive made searchable by WikiLeaks

    03/22/2016 2:51:19 PM PDT · 20 of 25
    kcvl to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    From: Sidney Blumenthal
    To: Hillary Clinton
    Date: 2010-01-08 22:00

    Subject: SEE THIS? SID

    UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05767603

    Date: 10/30/2015


    From: sbwhoeop

    Saturday, January 9, 2010 9:23 AM

    Sent: To: Subject: see this? Sid

    H: Did you see this self-damaging NYT piece planted by WH in today’s paper? IMHO, near insane, WH picking open fight with military over Afghan deployment. Out of control campaign mode. Why is this leaked? The only possible effect is ‘ anger and retaliation in all the passive aggressive ways it has perfected from the military. Even in terms of public perception the story only portrays the administration as weak and unable to achieve its goals, including getting the military to follow the president’s will. Also suggests a deeply frustrated WH lashing out. Why raise this implied question: If the military is attempting to subvert the president, for political purposes, inferred in the article, why is the president not acting like Truman in correcting or replacing the commanders rather than having anonymous aides, easily identifiable,

    leak a nasty little story that can only backfire? Lucky for now that the Republicans are too incompetent to take advantage. If they were smart they would demand hearings,

    bringing McChrystal forward to say that of course he’s doing everything he can to serve his orders, etc. Also, if the Republicans were compos mentis they would demand firing of Geithner for his role as NY Fed president colluding with AIG. Maybe they are waiting for Barney Frank’s hearings on the matter, now scheduled. Have been talking to Shaun Woodward about Peter Robinson immolation. Will write you

    later on its implications and the inside story of the failed coup against Gordon. Back to writing legacy memo for Bill. Will send you copy next week, too. Sid

  • Hillary Clinton’s email archive made searchable by WikiLeaks

    03/22/2016 2:40:22 PM PDT · 18 of 25
    kcvl to DeathBeforeDishonor1


  • Hillary Clinton’s email archive made searchable by WikiLeaks

    03/22/2016 2:32:54 PM PDT · 17 of 25
    kcvl to DeathBeforeDishonor1

    Barbara Mikulski obviously knew about Hillary’s email...


    From: H

    To: Mikulski, BAM (Mikulski)

    Sent: Tue Jun 30 17:58:56 2009

    Subject: Re: Sorry to hear re your fall Barb—

    Thanks, my dear friend, for your good wishes. I am on the mend, Let’s try again for dinner soon. Happy 4th!! All the best, Hillary