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  • Letter from a Virginian to Barack Hussein Obama

    10/24/2008 3:32:50 PM PDT · by lancer · 8 replies · 1,498+ views
    Email | Post 4 Oct 08 | Michael Master
    To Barack Hussein Obama, The New York Times carried a story on Saturday, October 4, 2008 that proved you had a significantly closer relationship with Bill Ayers than what you previously admitted. While the issue of your relationship is of concern, the greater concern is that you lied to America about it. The Chicago Sun reported on May 8, 2008 that FBI records showed that you had a significantly closer relationship with Tony Rezko than what you previously admitted. In the interview, you said that you only saw Mr. Rezko a couple of times a year. The FBI files showed...
  • As California Goes, So Goes the Nation...Hmmmmm, I don't hear anyone LAUGHING!

    10/19/2006 4:25:08 PM PDT · by lancer · 17 replies · 898+ views
    Email | 10/19/06 | Sgt. L. Ernie Foucault, San Diego PD (retired)
    I respectfully submit the following commentary on illegal immigration for your benefit and consideration. I was not only born and raised in California, but was a San Diego police officer from the late 60's through the early 90's. More specifically, I was a police supervisor from 1976 on, and was head of the police department's anti-gang unit during the latter 70's. There is a saying, "As California goes, so goes the rest of the country." In the matter of illegal immigration, Pennsylvania's leaders would better serve its citizens by not following California's lead. It would be my pleasure to discuss...
  • What they want

    08/06/2006 6:54:09 PM PDT · by lancer · 26 replies · 891+ views
    The Washinton Times ^ | August 6, 2006 | Oliver North
    "What do they want?" It's a query we hear a lot these days. By "they," of course, the questioner means the suicide bombers, the masked men in the video-tape decapitating a hostage, the goose-stepping, black-clad legions parading with AK-47s. "They" call themselves Hamas, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, Jamaat-Islamiyah, the Mahdi Army or any of a dozen other names for violent terror groups operating with impunity around the world. Five years ago next month "they" were al Qaeda -- thrust onto center stage aboard four aircraft turned into deadly missiles. This spring, "they" were Hamas terrorists firing...

    06/30/2006 6:57:31 PM PDT · by lancer · 57 replies · 1,895+ views
    To the Point Newsletter ^ | 6.28.06 | Jack Kelly
    The battle of Midway Island was the turning point of the Pacific War. Victory at Midway was possible because the U.S. had broken the Japanese naval code. The Chicago Tribune spilled the beans in a story that ran under the headline: "NAVY HAD WORD OF JAP PLAN TO STRIKE AT SEA." President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was furious. He knew that if the Japanese read the story, they'd suspect their codes were compromised, and change them. The president "initially was disposed to send in the Marines to shut down Tribune tower," wrote Harry Evans. "He was talked out of that, then...

    06/26/2006 6:54:35 PM PDT · by lancer · 1 replies · 322+ views
    New York Post ^ | June 26, 2006 | AMIR TAHERI
    WHAT should Arabs do to meet the challenges they face in a world not made by, or for, them? Debated in Arab countries since the middle of the 19th century, the question has been posed with even greater urgency since the 9/11 tragedy persuaded many in the West to regard all Arabs as enemies. Remarkably, the answers given today are more or less the same as those of 150 years ago. One answer, long the one most popular with the elites, is that Arabs should Westernize as fast as they can. Abdul-Rahman al-Kawakibi, the father of modern reformism in the...
  • France arrests a "very moderate" imam for terrorism financing

    06/21/2006 7:02:45 PM PDT · by lancer · 2 replies · 343+ views
    Counterterrorism blog ^ | June 21, 2006 | Olivier Guitta
    In fact Dahou Meskine along with sixteen other people were arrested on Monday and Tuesday for allegedly financing Islamic terrorism. The most probable organization that benefited from this money is the Algerian terrorist group GSPC. In fact, investigators found out that hundreds of thousands of Euros were funneled through some organizations and corporations owned by Meskine and his son to dubious NGOs. Nonetheles one of the persons in charge of the investigation acknowledged today to the daily Liberation that it will be tough to prove that this was done solely to finance terrorism. But what's even more troubling is the...

    06/09/2006 6:59:57 PM PDT · by lancer · 11 replies · 695+ views
    To the Point Newsletter ^ | 8 June 2006 | Dr. Jack Wheeler
    A buddy of mine came over to my place tonight to celebrate the take-out of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He's on his way to Baghdad to be an advisor to Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Malaki. "What advice do you think I should give him, Jack?" he asked me over too much Famous Grouse Scotch. Here's what I told him: "Well, the very first thing he should do is hang Saddam. Get the trial over with tomorrow, take Saddam and every one of his cronies on trial out into the bright Baghdad sunshine and publicly hang the bastards on world-wide television. Then...
  • The Root Cause of the Immigration Crisis

    05/20/2006 6:10:27 PM PDT · by lancer · 97 replies · 2,330+ views
    To the Point Newsletter, Dr. Jack Wheeler ^ | 19 May 2006 | Dr. Jack Wheeler
    We're going to get deep and serious here, and I'm going to ask you to reflect on a number of previous articles. We're not going to fulminate against George Bush, illegal immigrant-hiring businesses and the whores in the Senate they pay off, Democrats who see every illegal alien as a potential welfare recipient who will vote for them, or even Reconquista Mexicans attempting to recapture the American Southwest. No, we're going to get to the heart of the matter and figure out the fundamental cause of the problem. The problem that lies at the heart not just of the immigration...
  • True Islam Unmasked

    02/06/2006 3:51:39 PM PST · by lancer · 90 replies · 2,869+ views
    ChronWatch ^ | February 06, 2006 | Barbara J. Stock
    The Islamic Pandora’s Box has been opened and no amount of energy spent trying to push the true face of Islam back in will be successful. The inherent violence, intolerance, and inbred anger of Islam is now out for all to see. The world is watching and the “handful of terrorists who have high-jacked a peaceful religion” doesn’t pass the “laugh test” any longer. An Islamic mob of over 500 marched through the streets of Knightsbridge, England, chanting, “Massacre those who insult Islam!” and issued warnings of further terror attacks by screaming, "Britain, you will pay, 7/7 on its way."...
  • Tempered reaction among American Muslims to cartoon row

    02/05/2006 11:46:47 AM PST · by lancer · 108 replies · 2,349+ views
    Gulf Times (Doha) ^ | 2/5/06 | Editors
    WASHINGTON: Tempered reaction among US Muslims to the row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) can be partly attributed to their integration into American society, community leaders say. Fear of reprisals and the fact that the offending cartoons have not been reprinted in any major US newspapers may also have contributed to the lack of street protests and violence, they add. “There is better integration here of communities into the general society than in Europe where integration has not been very effective,” Kareem Shora, of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), said. “This (controversy) echoes the historical...

    02/04/2006 7:33:59 PM PST · by lancer · 94 replies · 3,195+ views
    2/4/06 | Private email
    For 1,000 years, 632-1683, militant Islam spread from Arabia through Spain and into France, where they were defeated in 732 at Tours, and toward China, where they were stopped by the Mongols, and then to Vienna (twice), where they were defeated finally in 1683. They also made it into India and Indonesia, where they remain today, although most left India for West Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in 1947. Islam since 1683 failed to take any land from others, and failed to make any significant advances in science, medicine, literature. music, architecture or art. Almost all their advances, such as...
  • Barrett Report to be published

    01/16/2006 3:34:32 PM PST · by lancer · 59 replies · 2,674+ views
    Fox News Channel | 1/16/06 | Brit Hume
    Brit Hume just reported that the Barrett report is going to be released soon. Says Barrett blames the Bush administration for the delay.
  • Local Insurgents Tell of Clashes With Al Qaeda's Forces in Iraq

    01/12/2006 3:24:30 PM PST · by lancer · 15 replies · 1,039+ views
    New York Times ^ | 1/12/06 | SABRINA TAVERNISE and DEXTER FILKINS
    BAGHDAD, Iraq, Jan. 11 - The story told by the two Iraqi guerrillas cut to the heart of the war that Iraqi and American officials now believe is raging inside the Iraqi insurgency. In October, the two insurgents said in interviews, a group of local fighters from the Islamic Army gathered for an open-air meeting on a street corner in Taji, a city north of Baghdad. Across from the Iraqis stood the men from Al Qaeda, mostly Arabs from outside Iraq. Some of them wore suicide belts. The men from the Islamic Army accused the Qaeda fighters of murdering their...
  • Once Upon a Time When America Had Christmas

    12/15/2005 5:08:56 PM PST · by lancer · 10 replies · 767+ views
    email | 12/15/05 | Rabbi Aryeh Spero
    It's December 2030, and I'm shopping with my grandson in a mall in Northern Virginia. We've purchased a gift for a relative. "Gift wrap?" inquired the clerk. "Yes, thanks." "Happy Chanukah, Merry Kwanzaa, or Eid Greetings?" I frowned. The clerk whispered, "Listen, I think there may still be a few rolls of Christmas wrap in the back if you want." My grandson looked up at me and asked, "Why is the man whispering, Grandpa?" The clerk leaned over the counter: "The store's Diversity Regulations stipulate that we're no longer permitted to offer anything saying 'Christmas.'" "Grandpa," David asked, "when did...
  • Barrett Report

    12/13/2005 4:06:32 PM PST · by lancer · 33 replies · 2,638+ views
    email | 12/13/05 | Evans-Novak Political Report
    Democrats have their own scandal brewing at the moment, but they are doing much better in covering it up than their Republican counterparts. At issue is the report by David Barrett, the last remaining U.S. independent counsel. Over ten years, Barrett has spent $21 million on the investigation of former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, who lied to FBI investigators about hush money paid to an ex-mistress. The reason the report and the investigation have taken so long is that allies to Cisneros and the legal team of former President Bill Clinton at the powerhouse Washington law firm of Williams and...
  • Why it isn't Over, Over There

    11/28/2005 4:39:52 PM PST · by lancer · 5 replies · 427+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | 11/28/05 | Herbert E. Meyer
    Like every other business, the business of war has changed. Centuries ago, a war ended when one army defeated another on the battlefield. But in the modern world of total war , a war isn’t over when one army defeats the other. A war is over when the population of the country whose army has lost abandons all hope; when the people have been crushed so thoroughly – when the daily business of staying alive is so god-awful – that they wish only to clean up the mess and re-start their lives. This is why no Nazi official was able...
  • Historical Review of Iraq Situation A California Lawyer's Perspective on Iraq War

    11/01/2005 6:28:13 PM PST · by lancer · 15 replies · 2,609+ views
    email | 11/1/05 | Raymond S. Kraft
    Subject: Historical Review of Iraq Situation A California Lawyer's Perspective on Iraq War Sixty-three years ago, Nazi Germany had overrun almost all of Europe and hammered England to the verge of bankruptcy and defeat, and had sunk more than four hundred British ships in their convoys between England and America for food and war materials. Bushido Japan had overrun most of Asia, beginning in 1928, killing millions of civilians throughout China, and impressing millions more as slave labor. The US was in an isolationist, pacifist, mood, and most Americans and Congress wanted nothing to do with the European war, or...
  • The doomsday provision

    10/19/2005 4:33:09 PM PDT · by lancer · 6 replies · 561+ views ^ | 10/19/05 | John Stossel
    Guns are dangerous. But myths are dangerous, too. Myths about guns are very dangerous, because they lead to bad laws. And bad laws kill people. "Don't tell me this bill will not make a difference," said President Clinton, who signed the Brady Bill into law. Sorry. Even the federal government can't say it has made a difference. The Centers for Disease Control did an extensive review of various types of gun control: waiting periods, registration and licensing, and bans on certain firearms. It found that the idea that gun control laws have reduced violent crime is simply a myth. I...
  • Cautionary Tale

    10/18/2005 3:07:03 PM PDT · by lancer · 15 replies · 572+ views ^ | October 17, 2005 | Scott Norvell
    <p>California's Marin Independent Journal says a local U-Haul dealership is catching hell from immigrants' rights activists who say a sign at the business beseeching customers not to hire illegal day laborers from the corners nearby is racist. Employees at the dealer in San Rafael, Calif. say the sign is there to protect customers. The sign reads "Please do not hire illegal laborers. We have had numerous reports of injuries, thefts and damages to personal belongings. It is a federal crime to employ or pick up illegal day laborers, punishable by a $5,000 fine."</p>
  • IEM Team to Develop Catastrophic Hurricane Disaster Plan for New Orleans & Southeast Louisiana

    09/27/2005 7:06:09 PM PDT · by lancer · 4 replies · 314+ views
    IEM Team to Develop Catastrophic Hurricane Disaster Plan for New Orleans & Southeast Louisiana June 3, 2004 IEM, Inc., the Baton Rouge-based emergency management and homeland security consultant, will lead the development of a catastrophic hurricane disaster plan for Southeast Louisiana and the City of New Orleans under a more than half a million dollar contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In making the announcement today on behalf of teaming partners Dewberry, URS Corporation and James Lee Witt Associates*, IEM Director of Homeland Security Wayne Thomas explained that the development of a base catastrophic...