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  • Column: Economic and racial anxiety are two separate forces driving support for Donald Trump

    03/28/2016 3:45:01 AM PDT · 21 of 25
    lentulusgracchus to Be Careful
    Obama is the one who has exacerbated racial anxiety, for pity’s sake. Not Trump, nor his supporters.

    Ten years before he opened his campaign for the presidency (or in his case, the _residency, or the pres__ency), Barack Obama told us on the record what he really thought of white people, in a university talk to a general audience in 1997. Quote, "There is no such thing as a 'good' white person."

    This in reply to a student's question after the main talk was over, in which Obama revealed what FMD had taught him years before, in the early 1980's, about how bad white people are. This was standard Communist Party boilerplate aimed at the black community, where the Communists had been recruiting vigorously since 1919 and before, vigorously enough to draw a reference in Ralph Ellison's 1948 classic, The Invisible Man.

    This line about white hatefulness was shown in the 1960's to be part of the standard Communist repertory of billboard issues, when Communist "intellectual" Susan Sontag issued the defi, in 1966 in a major newsweekly, "The Caucasian race is the cancer of the planet." She, of course, as a Jew, being conspicuously Caucasian herself. (Way to throw your own people under a bus for the Cause, Susan. Forward!!)

  • What Happened on Oahu Didn’t Stay on Oahu

    03/28/2016 3:17:24 AM PDT · 24 of 28
    lentulusgracchus to SueRae; blackdog
    Bump. Enjoyed your comments, bd. Learned a couple of things, too.
  • Daily Beast Reporter Explains Why Trump And Cruz Horrify Most Europeans

    03/28/2016 3:00:18 AM PDT · 28 of 47
    lentulusgracchus to pepsionice
    President Obama will be at the level as Carter....forgotten. There’s literally nothing achieved during his period, that has any impact on Europeans.

    What, the reverberations of all those bombs going off in their midst have died away already? ....

    And the thunder of those ISIS explosive charges laid directly on the treasures of antiquity in Palmyra and Nineveh? Nineveh was the capital of the Assyrian Empire, and the real site of the great Hanging Gardens of Babylon built by one of the Assyrian kings.

    But O-bomb-a started all this by giving the jihadist movements enormous "face" with his Cairo speech, his bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, apologizing to basically everyone on earth for the white crackers in his country that had embarrassed him and God's chillun and their liberal friends so ..... He signed a check for backbreaking sums of moral capital on our accounts in favor of every little raggie raver with a cheesy two-bit beef of some kind about America -- their women are uncovered!, what Jezebels, they deserve to be raped by the Faithful of Islam! -- and went around the world telling everyone how worthless his fellow-citizens are, he's really sorry about that, you people have no idea how unpleasant it is to put up with white Americans day after day at close quarters, they think they're all that and a bag of french fries, you'd think they'd gone to the moon or something!

    I'm sick of that guy, but people will be getting killed for 20 years because of the crap he pulled on so many levels, not the least of which has been trying to make the American majority into a minority so he and his homies can use our own government to beat up on us 24/7/365/300.

  • Daily Beast Reporter Explains Why Trump And Cruz Horrify Most Europeans

    03/27/2016 11:30:25 PM PDT · 19 of 47
    lentulusgracchus to Washi
    Shut up, Europe!

    FWIW I don't think you're hearing what Europe "thinks" in that magnificent <sarc> soliloquy, which rivals the speeches of Cicero and the grand prose of Edward Gibbon and Winston Churchill. </s>

    What you're being treated to is 200lb of barnyard fertilizer in a 100-lb sack, all of it generated by Boy Genius there, and peddled as "the opinion of Europe". It's all the blogger's own opinion about things.

    Don't be too hard on the Europeans, because I don't think they're really being represented here.

  • Daily Beast Reporter Explains Why Trump And Cruz Horrify Most Europeans

    03/27/2016 11:03:32 PM PDT · 17 of 47
    lentulusgracchus to 2ndDivisionVet
    [Art. quoting Leftist d-bag] That's not going to take care of ISIS, but that is going to cause a horrific blowback against America around the world. [Emphasis added.]

    I love it when liberal douchebags blow off at the mouth; they always tip their hands by using special "just us" keywords.... like "blowback". When you hear that word, you know you're listening to one of Them.

    That's even if you didn't twig to the arrogance, hubris, and hatred of everything American except themselves.

  • All Three Nets Now Covering Anti-Cruz Smear; ABC Scolds Both Cruz and Trump

    03/27/2016 2:51:59 AM PDT · 148 of 154
    lentulusgracchus to Lagmeister
    Pathetic bold-faced lie!

    You'll have to back that up with something better than that misbegotten PAC ad about Melania's nude modeling shots that Cruz had nothing to do with and no responsibility for.

    That was Liz Mair's responsibility, and she is not a Cruz operative.

  • All Three Nets Now Covering Anti-Cruz Smear; ABC Scolds Both Cruz and Trump

    03/27/2016 2:38:19 AM PDT · 147 of 154
    lentulusgracchus to ak267
    Breitbart has been outed as being "in the tank" for Trump. There is a financial arrangement between Donald Trump and the ownership of Breitbart, unfortunately, and Trump's turned Breitbart into his poodle bitch.

    Check it out on the other, longer thread.

  • Ted Cruz Hit By ‘Mistress Bomb’

    03/27/2016 2:05:57 AM PDT · 313 of 332
    lentulusgracchus to gleeaikin
    Here is the link for the FR story I spoke of in Comment #288, regarding Rubio as the mistress source.

    If the source was Rubio, then the source wasn't Rubio, it was the GOP-E and Team Rove.

  • Ted Cruz Hit By ‘Mistress Bomb’

    03/27/2016 1:28:55 AM PDT · 309 of 332
    lentulusgracchus to AFret.
    The only thing that will destroy a politicians career is getting caught with a live girl, or a dead boy”...

    That was Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards ('Rat, of course), right after he got off a bribery charge by pointing out in court that Louisiana law punishes bribe-OR's, but not bribe-EE's. It turned out to be literally true, that it was not illegal for an officeholder to accept, say, $40,000 in small, used bills from a company whose business his agency or legislative committee had regulatory authority over.

    Edwards's quote about an impending federal investigation was,

    "They'll never get me until they catch me in bed with a dead woman or a live boy."
  • Ted Cruz Hit By ‘Mistress Bomb’

    03/27/2016 1:01:59 AM PDT · 308 of 332
    lentulusgracchus to LUV W
    Now we are in the mud with the leftist pigs.

    Happy Easter, everybody! Welcome to the "Xtian" love feast!

  • The Dishonest Trumpeter Narrative: ... (how it works) And all he got was this ZOT!

    03/26/2016 11:54:11 PM PDT · 257 of 272
    lentulusgracchus to austingirl
    Looks like a coordinated effort by an army of Trump tweeters.

    Concur, it looks like a concerted partisan effort at a site overrun and blowout, to start up a bandwagon effect in the base.

    Nobody but nobody has made any effort to describe the kind of person Trump would nominate to the Supreme Court -- a topic of some urgency now that a GOP caucus effort is being made in the Senate to hold open Justice Scalia's seat. Which if it fell to a liberal or a "moderate" (I'm liberal, but I'm going to lie about it to get confirmed, like Anthony Kennedy) would be a disaster likely to endure for 15-20 years.

    Trump is a surprise grab-bag. Nobody knows what they're going to get from this guy besides a lot of hustle and flow. There's no "there", there. Yeah, he does deals. Yeah, he builds buildings. And? (This is my riposte to guys who keep posting up Trump talking points about 'yaaaah, what's Cruz [or anyone else who isn't Donald Trump] ever done?')

    I mean, who cares about his damned casinos and hotels? He's a service-industry guy, not an industry-builder like, eg., The Woz and Marc Andreessen and Lee Iacocca. So what, he puts up a hotel casino? This helps our balance of payments, how? Unless he's getting foolish Chinese and Japanese customers to check in and drop their rolls at the dice table.

  • Women are Key to November: What Do They Really Want?

    03/26/2016 10:40:50 PM PDT · 80 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to BlackAdderess
    I'm sure that power maniacs and other diseased "red"/dominative personalities would have found a way to "manifest" their dysfunction anyway .... like dry alcoholics, they'd have found the beer cart eventually. The "corn kings" were a fundmental part of the Great Goddess religion which Graves, Gimbutas, the aforementioned "Women's Encyclopedia" and other writers reference.

    One thing I haven't been able to work through is the fact that the Great Goddess is somehow identified with the Funnel-Beaker/Long House culture, and the male sky-pantheon with the arriving Yamnaya/Kurgan/"Battleaxe" Culture (which was a steppe equiculture which spoke Indo-European) which, in the older recounting, came into conflict with the Goddess Culture and diplaced it (in Greece they accreted, yielding a syncretistic dog's-breakfast religion of bits and pieces and a fusion Olympic pantheon).

    So the rub is, that the Yamnaya Kurgans have yielded bodies of Indo-European steppe "witches" (complete with tall, broad-brimmed, conical "witch" hats) who were priestesses .... of what? Something is wrong with this picture. What's up with powerful, high-status "witch"-priestesses in a culture that bequeathed us male sky-gods? Sum Ting Wong must be called to consult.

  • Obama Celebrates as Brussels Burns

    03/26/2016 2:14:16 AM PDT · 19 of 20
    lentulusgracchus to sheik yerbouty
    I like "Feculensis", but I thought he was "Barca Odiosissimus Coprophagus Catamites" .... or was I Wrong?
  • Obama Celebrates as Brussels Burns

    03/26/2016 2:07:19 AM PDT · 18 of 20
    lentulusgracchus to EagleUSA
    The Islamo-fascists have their Manchurian Candidate. Haters of the Western world.

    I can't get over how many people, even posters to FR, fail to get their arms around this white-hating, vicious, cerebral, frustrated genocide. This author has a pretty good go at plumbing the depths of Obama's meritless racism, but the stones he drops in the well aren't finding a water level and aren't finding bottom.

    Obama defies measurement because he's so good at hiding himself in veils of intellectual obfuscation -- is that what he went to Harvard Law to learn, that and fallacious argument?

    How deep is black hatred of the white majority? Well, here's something that might help you guess, from the moral geniuses of Black Lives Matter [and White Lives Don't] and the same Communists who once taught young Barack Obama that -- in his own words, repeated for a video camera 15 years later before a university audience -- "there is no such thing as a 'good' white person":


    Read this, and then think about it for a while. Is this what MLK worked for? No .... but it's what Communists in the civil-rights movement, who wormed their way into the heart of the civil-rights movement, have made of his movement, even as they have cast his own statue on the Washington Mall in the alien and odious Communist Monumental style. They have taken the civil-rights movement into receivership at last and made it into a weapon of hate, because they were organized, they were directed, and they were determined to outlast the people of better intentions.

  • Unholy Week for Hollywood

    03/25/2016 11:47:31 PM PDT · 12 of 12
    lentulusgracchus to armydawg505
    There is a reason Lucifer chose LA to reappear.

    Phunny you should mention that. I haven't been keeping score, but just in the last 35 years or so, I'm pretty sure Lucifer has been featured in more "A"-movies than George Washington.

  • Idaho’s Last-Minute, Backdoor Obamacare Expansion Would Be A Mistake

    03/25/2016 11:15:04 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    lentulusgracchus to lee martell
    “Backdoor expansion”?

    State budget for butt plugs?

  • Idaho’s Last-Minute, Backdoor Obamacare Expansion Would Be A Mistake

    03/25/2016 11:07:25 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    lentulusgracchus to Kaslin
    [Article] In some states, more able-bodied adults signed up than officials thought would ever even be eligible.

    Illegal aliens checking in for the gravy train? Illegal comp from illegal jobs being kept off-the-books make them eligible for Obama Medicaid? Yo soy un hombre sincero, un vero povrecito. Yeah, uh, right, there, Paco.

    Funny how throwing big piles of money into the public square draws takers every time.

  • California AG Kamala Harris wants your private information from the IRS

    03/25/2016 9:49:31 PM PDT · 23 of 25
    lentulusgracchus to MarvinStinson
    Kamala Harris is leftwing scum—like Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, Cheryl Mills

    Harris is just filing her "corruptibility/availability job application" with the DC 'Rat PTB's. "Hi, I'm Kamala, I'd like to play! I'm ready for the big money!"

  • California AG Kamala Harris wants your private information from the IRS

    03/25/2016 9:41:38 PM PDT · 22 of 25
    lentulusgracchus to fella
    What, no red beret and 1911? No Mao jacket and seven-league boots?

    She'll never win a socialist beauty contest. Maybe a nice, bright-red tee with a Che portrait and a big yellow star on it.

  • Women are Key to November: What Do They Really Want?

    03/25/2016 9:08:50 PM PDT · 66 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to BlackAdderess
    Source is: Greek Mythology, Robert Graves. Two volumes (paperback ed.).

    Also try The Women's Encyclopedia of Myth and Magic (multiple authoresses). Also dead-tree, several hundred pp.

    Also, metasearch on "Eleusinian Mysteries","Cybele", "Cottyto", "Maenads", "Bacchantes", "Aegis", "Great Goddess", "Midsummer's Night", "Tanist". That should start you off on the grisly realities behind the old pre-Greek "Old European" religion. Come to think of it, try googling that, too -- and "Long House Culture", see what comes up with that and see if it has a religion module.

    Hotay? Let me know if your search satisfies you. Keep in mind that, beginning with the "Women's Encyclopedia", a lot of ideologically-driven damage has been done to the knowledge base in the form of revisionist overwriting on e.g. Wikipedia -- the feminazis will have been all over that and pretty much tried to plow Graves et al. six feet under.

    You might also try searching under "Marija Gimbutas" .... she's a Lithuanian scholar whose dating schema has been shown to be way too high and whom her critics accused of having lost her objectivity by delving too far into the Old European (gynecocentric) religion and speculating and generally partying intellectually.

  • New York Times Scoop: Republicans Eat Muslims

    03/25/2016 7:02:42 PM PDT · 39 of 45
    lentulusgracchus to dsc
    No matter what you fear that Trump might do, the election of any of the others spells the end of our republic.

    Not if the other is Ted Cruz, who has no interest in the end of the republic, but is keen to continue it and restore its institutions, cut off bloated and cancerous accretions (something Trump hasn't committed to do), RIF thousands and thousands of DemonRats out of the public trough, cut off the haustoria of dozens of parasitic 'Rat NGO's feeding off the public treasury, and appoint Originalist judges to the Supreme Court.

    This, and much else. I admit Donald's better on immigration (so far), and I'm disappointed in Cruz's unwillingness to commit to any kind of deportation plan (even "self-deportation" by going after the hiring companies that employ illegals preferentially, of which there are a lot), but you can't say that Ted would be a worse deal for us conservatives than The Donald would be, in the White House.

  • New York Times Scoop: Republicans Eat Muslims

    03/25/2016 4:25:21 PM PDT · 37 of 45
    lentulusgracchus to KarlInOhio; Kaslin
    New York Times Scoop: Republicans Eat Muslims

    Nope. They are bitter and nutty.

    Oh, like ACORNs, then.

    <Runs away>

  • Women are Key to November: What Do They Really Want?

    03/25/2016 2:42:40 PM PDT · 56 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to Jim Noble

    LOL ..... you’re bad. Rotten. Go to your room. ;)

  • Women are Key to November: What Do They Really Want?

    03/25/2016 2:41:41 PM PDT · 55 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to BlackAdderess; Charles Martel
    Factoid for you. Japan was initially a matriarchy....

    More factoid piled on top of factoid:

    Greece was once a matriarchy, like most of the Med and Anatolia .... and the women killed men ritually and ate their flesh, cutting off their sex organs first and keeping them in pouches as trophies. And they made sure the boys knew about it.

    Then a hero-led revolution dethroned the women and led to millennia of organized misogyny and reorganized religious belief.

    Also, the Hebrew nation once had priestesses and goddesses .... before Moses and other family priests led the people to worship Jehovah, the god of Moses's tribe, monotheistically. It took a long time, but eventually the Hebrews/Israelites desisted from polytheism, and Ashtaroth and the Lilim lost their power over the people's minds, and the people became the Jews at last. No more girl-worship, no more priestesses.

  • Women are Key to November: What Do They Really Want?

    03/25/2016 2:31:36 PM PDT · 54 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to JPJones
    Independent women ....... are NOT going to vote Cruz.

    Why not? Sensible men who want everyone to be free, are.

    Or, in my case, did -- in Texas primary, and in the senatorial election by which he won office.

  • Women are Key to November: What Do They Really Want?

    03/25/2016 1:43:57 PM PDT · 53 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to sanjuanbob
    Canadian Cruz has affairs with 5 different women and nothing is even mentioned.

    DING! Fifteen yards, self-contradiction and preterition.

    You mentioned it.

    Now, please ...... prove it or begone, take off, make like dandruff and flake off.

    Bad accusation.

  • Women are Key to November: What Do They Really Want?

    03/25/2016 1:40:50 PM PDT · 52 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to CivilWarBrewing
    Females destroyed America. I stand by my statement.

    It might surprise you that I can put you in touch with a lady FReeper who thinks women should never have received the vote.

    As for Suzanne Fields, it isn't hard to guess that she despises Trump and wants him ritually dismembered by the orgiastic proto-feminist cults of Cottyto and Cybele.

    Beginning, of course, with his you-know-what.

  • Easter 2016: Jesus actor fired from Sunday parade for being 'too gay

    03/25/2016 1:13:23 PM PDT · 8 of 12
    lentulusgracchus to dennisw
    There's nothing they won't defile.

    That's Lucifer for you.

  • Ted Cruz earning grudging media respect, but is it too late?

    03/25/2016 9:06:28 AM PDT · 23 of 23
    lentulusgracchus to Forward the Light Brigade
    Fox has become the all Cruz Channel

    Yes, they weren't "for" him six weeks ago .... when they were making liberalish noises reflecting their new liberalish editorial direction engendered by Old Man Murdoch's recessional after the London scandals -- never mind that it was one of his sons who was on the hook for the telephone-monitoring games that got the NewsCorp London operation in trouble. They wanted Murdoch's scalp for his editorial positions however they could get it, and now "they" have got the more liberal NewsCorp they wanted.

    Which is why Cruz has nothing to celebrate over Fox's clammy embrace; but the news is still favorable for him, unless you think Fox is just making things up or spinning the numbers.

  • Ted Cruz earning grudging media respect, but is it too late?

    03/25/2016 2:55:00 AM PDT · 6 of 23
    lentulusgracchus to dirtboy

    Ping for possible interest. Exactly what you and I were discussing in the other thread. I didn’t think the GOP-E would come to Cruz, and reality I don’t think they have — they’re rallying against Trump, as you and others said they would.

    My point was, Cruz won’t sell out to them as you expect. His brand is everything; it’s all he’s got. YMMV.

  • Brussels terrorists probably used explosive nicknamed ‘the Mother of Satan’

    03/25/2016 2:07:22 AM PDT · 19 of 19
    lentulusgracchus to humblegunner; eastforker; Liberty Valance; stevie_d_64

    Bump. Who needs tannerite?

  • Brussels terrorists probably used explosive nicknamed ‘the Mother of Satan’

    03/25/2016 1:51:50 AM PDT · 18 of 19
    lentulusgracchus to DBrow
    While you're at it, why don't we just post a recipe for the stuff and a list of stores that carry each ingredient?

    Then we could, for readers' convenience, post up a Google Earth map of the United States with all the churches and synagogues marked, and a separate map of malls, movie theaters, football stadia, and jai-alai frontons, how about it?

    It'd be a "service to the community", a peace offering if you will, to all our Moslem newcomers who may have felt microaggressed and triggered by all the evil right-wing Islamophobia.

    </off Dr. Sardonicus>

  • Head of Anti-Trump PAC Threatens Criminal Charges Against Trump Supporters

    03/24/2016 3:19:01 PM PDT · 54 of 92
    lentulusgracchus to Wpin
    Cruz is the more vile individual I have ever seen run for any political office in my 61 years. Thank God the bastard has zero chance of winning...

    Wish you'd quit crayfishing and tell us what you really think. Thanks for letting us know that, btw .... discount 100%.

    Go Ted!

  • The Hypocrisy Behind the Student Renaming Craze

    03/24/2016 2:54:36 PM PDT · 21 of 27
    lentulusgracchus to JeffChrz

    They’ll have to save one really big building to rename after Trofim Lysenko. He sucked as a geneticist, but O! the good intentions and political correctness! His good, solid political work weeded out so many weak geneticists and absolutely malevolent OldThinkers — dozens, hundreds of those vermin were shot thanks to the good work and timely denunciations of Comrade Lysenko.

  • The Hypocrisy Behind the Student Renaming Craze

    03/24/2016 2:51:08 PM PDT · 20 of 27
    lentulusgracchus to Pollster1
    I was traumatized to observe that none of the names are negative, transcendental, imaginary, or anything else beyond the bland natural numbers of the past - absolute zero diversity in those fields.

    Runaway Integerism, loud and proud and unabashed like they were the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920's, completely shameless! And Positivism -- that's only good in a judicial environment, and only if the judges have "good hearts". Very, very risky!

    O the shame! O the amorality!

  • Identifying Ideology Versus Tactic

    03/24/2016 2:16:59 PM PDT · 4 of 4
    lentulusgracchus to Kaslin
    [Article] Obama's policy regarding the Islamic State "is a very high-risk policy ...

    That's like saying "Peace in our time" was high-risk, or that putting Benedict Arnold in charge of the West Point fort was high-risk. Or inviting John Gacy in for coffee.

    I could go on, but I am merciful.

  • Firewall: American Fascists-Bill Whittle's new video. March 24, 2016

    03/24/2016 2:04:30 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    lentulusgracchus to SJackson
    [Art.] ...It was a term used by Mao Zedong...

    That's Mao Tse-Tung. Please don't use Pinyin spellings, it's ChiCom cultural bullying. We don't tell them what characters to use in Chinese, and they don't tell us how to spell Hong Kong and Peking.

    Historical names (Sun Yat-Sen, Chou En-lai, Lin Piao) and place names already transliterated into English are not the business of, or subject to editing by, the Chinese Communist government as part of their campaign of intellectual bullying of the West on many issues.

  • Firewall: American Fascists-Bill Whittle's new video. March 24, 2016

    03/24/2016 1:56:27 PM PDT · 14 of 15
    lentulusgracchus to SJackson
    Amazing how literacy and historical awareness have declined.

    ... Schturm-ab-tellung ...


    That's Sturmabteilungen, pl. form, -teilung singular. "Storm detachments".

  • Repeat After Me: 'President Donald Trump'

    03/24/2016 1:37:15 PM PDT · 54 of 65
    lentulusgracchus to hoosiermama; Jim Robinson
    In the mean time Cruz eligibility case arrives at the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court. Next step SCOTUS?

    Keep in mind that the ex-AG of Pennsylvania at the time was Hillary's floor manager in the fight to keep the Democratic nomination away from Obama; she wanted to use Article II as a liver-chopper on him.

    To keep this away from the corrupt partisan 'Rats in the Pennsylvania court system, SCOTUS should prorogate immediately, if they can prorogate a State case. A 4-4 SCOTUS tie (as now seems likely, with that mighty voice stilled) would affirm whatever the last inferior court had held on Cruz's eligibility question. If the matter goes to the Keystone Supremes, their decision would likely stand up, and Ted Cruz'd be screwed.

  • Repeat After Me: 'President Donald Trump'

    03/24/2016 1:22:29 PM PDT · 53 of 65
    lentulusgracchus to Vince Ferrer
    This is two positive, or at least not negative, articles on Trump by NR today. Are they feeling the effect of subscription cancellations?

    There's a classic reading exercise out there that runs the student through several days' worth of Paris newspaper headlines that ran after Napoleon broke out of exile on Elba and headed for Paris at the head of an army.

    The tone of the Bourbon-supporting newspaper changed day by day from "Monster" and "Tyrant" to "Emperor" rah-rah by the time Napoleon reached the outskirts of Paris.

  • Repeat After Me: 'President Donald Trump'

    03/24/2016 1:01:30 PM PDT · 49 of 65
    lentulusgracchus to marktwain
    How about Attorney General Ted Cruz?

    As many political, legal, and ethical skeletons rattle their bones in The Donald's multiple (large, air-conditioned, walk-in) closets, I should think he'd need someone a lot more, ummm, flexuous.

    Like John Gotti's lawyer, or a veteran of the O.J. team (still alive, of course).

  • Ted Cruz Wages Jihad on Truth (Barf)

    03/24/2016 12:46:36 PM PDT · 18 of 24
    lentulusgracchus to euram
    As for the ad, this is not the first time someone associated with Cruz has attacked Trump’s wife. None other than Glenn Beck, way back in August, posted this on his Facebook page: “... the First Lady would be the first to have posed nude in lesbian porno shots...”

    The First Lady is now a political football, thanks to Rodham Rodham (gun grabs, national healthcare, Violence Against Women Act -- all hers!) and Michelle "Angry Black Woman Check My Pythons" Obama.

    If it's true that Melania Trump has done soft-core porn (Gallery not Hustler), then shouldn't that be discussed? Do you really want to be the person who presents her to Queen Elizabeth and the President of France?

  • Ted Cruz Wages Jihad on Truth (Barf)

    03/24/2016 12:37:45 PM PDT · 15 of 24
    lentulusgracchus to Kaslin
    Who is this guy Steve Chapman? He sounds like a press flack for Valerie Jarrett. His stuff reads like it was written by CAIR propagandists.
  • The four kinds of people in the #NeverTrump movement

    03/24/2016 12:03:19 PM PDT · 75 of 75
    lentulusgracchus to dirtboy
    You aren't getting that Trump is not a Republican or a conservative, either one. He's not Nixon and he's not Gerry Ford and he's not George Bush Sr. (thank God). He's none of that, and he's certainly not Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan.

    Donald Trump is the Democratic candidate who was never nominated after 1972 -- he might be the guy Bill "Blue Dog [Phony]" Clinton pretended to be in 1992, to get the nomination. But he's a mainline Democrat, circa 1970.

    The implication of Trump's success so far is that we're unable to nominate a conservative any longer (if you're right about Cruz, but we'll never find out if we take your advice), the GOP is unable to win any longer with their Mitts and Doles and Bushes, and the old mainline Democrats are migrating over to the GOP, but the PRC doesn't want them, they want George P. Bush, Marco Rubio, and a Latin-GOP future.

  • Bloomberg Poll: Clinton beats Trump and Cruz in general election match-ups

    03/24/2016 11:34:33 AM PDT · 66 of 67
    lentulusgracchus to Neoliberalnot
    The old RAT media even has freepers at each other’s throats.

    Not hardly "old 'Rat" -- if that were the case we wouldn't be watching two neo-Stalinists slugging it out for the 'Rat nomination. We'd be seeing Joe Biden and someone like James Exon or Andrew Cuomo in there, not Hillary! the old SDS New Left Communist and Bernie Sanders the old CPUSA "independent" (but not of Moscow) Communist.

    Communist A vs. Communist B, that's what the 'Rat Party is today -- all of them neo-Stalinists of one kind or another.

    The old 'Rat Party died when the Alinskyite conspiracy took it over in the early '70's and promptly nominated crypto-Stalinist George McGovern.

  • Bloomberg Poll: Clinton beats Trump and Cruz in general election match-ups

    03/24/2016 11:21:08 AM PDT · 65 of 67
    lentulusgracchus to rstrahan
    Bloomberg. Enough said

    Yeah, sounds like a GOP-E push-poll trolling for the "electability" crowd, to make straight the way of their "installee".

    Preview of the convention, as envisioned by the PTB/PRC.

  • The four kinds of people in the #NeverTrump movement

    03/24/2016 11:05:00 AM PDT · 70 of 75
    lentulusgracchus to dirtboy
    OK, so why frame the challenge as going to the bitter end with Trump? I don't understand why you don't think Cruz will either give you a fair job as President (as opposed to selling you out to the Great Vampire Squid), to the extent that you must abandon all hope if Cruz gets the nomination and not Trump.

    Too, even if the GOP-E "appear" to be supporting Cruz at the moment, to beat Trump, why is that bad? Do you really think Cruz will owe them Luciferian fealty forever? For a few million bucks in political funny-money?

    None of us can answer for what the defeated remnants of the Democratic Party of 40 years ago will do, dispossessed by the neo-Stalinist Progs of their own party. They appear to be gravitating toward Donald Trump, who is really one of them as shown by his own vita; and their help would be appreciated by all of us if we can beat Beastwoman. But do we really want to walk away from our own principles and give up our own objectives, just to house people who lost their own party? It's they who should have to "settle" -- not we.

    Yes, I know you're concerned that the PRC will a) Beat Donald, b) Beat Ted, c) Impose unvetted nominee (Yeb, etc.) on party faithful, someone who will be spat out by the base and defeated by Hee-a-Ree the Beastwoman. But those people will do whatever they do, and if they do work successfully to impose their heart's desire, they will destroy "their" party and make way for another .... perhaps after a long night of dictatorial misrule by the 'Rat Party, operating as a national-level RICO, an openly and frankly corrupt machine hated by all. And we can only do what honest people know to do, which is to vote for whoever we can, to try to overcome the scheming of the "party people" of both parties. That's all we can do, in the end.

  • The four kinds of people in the #NeverTrump movement

    03/24/2016 4:21:05 AM PDT · 66 of 75
    lentulusgracchus to dirtboy
    I'm sorry, but Cruz staying in is the only gambit the GOPe has left, which is why they are backing him, but they will stab him in the back as soon as he walks into the arena in Cleveland.

    They might, but why condition your choices on that premise? If the GOP-E jobs everybody but Yeb! or Rubiocito, then they job people .... If I prefer Cruz, why should I switch to another candidate because the GOP-E or Beastwoman might pull an Article II/NBC lawsuit out of their capacious butts, when they haven't done so, so far?

    Do you expect Hillary, between now and October, to be able to get Cruz removed from ballots in 25-30-40 States, if he is the nominee? The GOP electors would go 1796 on her if that happened, and select another GOP candidate she can't touch -- and that could be anyone: Rand Paul, Duncan Hunter, you name 'em, it'd be absolutely wide-open at this point because it'd be the Electors, not convention delegates, who'd be selecting the President at that point. We'd get a total faceful of Originalism, and screw the GOP-E!

  • The four kinds of people in the #NeverTrump movement

    03/24/2016 3:59:28 AM PDT · 64 of 75
    lentulusgracchus to dirtboy; dschapin; Yashcheritsiy
    [dschapin] I genuinely believe Trump to be a dangerous demagogue with a narcissistic personality disorder and I am scared to death of what he would do as President.

    There is an outside chance some of that would happen with President Trump. There is an absolute certainty just about all of that will happen, and more, with a President Hillary.

    Sitting on a fork between Beastwoman and Trump, sure, go for Trump.

    But if you are sincerely concerned about Trump's personality and fitness for office, you still have somewhere to go, which is Ted Cruz, as a reasonable alternative to succumbing to the Trump/Beastwoman fork.

    The major risk with Cruz is that a) he might lose to Hillary (even with Trump according to polls, on that score), and b) even if he gets elected, there is so much GOP-E resentment toward him in DC that he wouldn't be able to charm birds to poop on him, much less get the GOP cauci to cooperate with him. (Again, conceivably equally true of insurgent Trump.)

    You're not stuck with a Trump/Beastie dichotomy. If anyone other than Trump can win the nomination, it would be Cruz. And Cruz has so far outpolled or polled even with Trump in a head-up election opposite Hillary.

  • Jeb Bush Endorses Unlimited Amnesty In Spanish Telemundo Interview

    03/24/2016 3:14:51 AM PDT · 61 of 61
    lentulusgracchus to Norm Lenhart
    When you see a Freeper telling you that lesser evil/GOP no matter what is a virtue, you are talking to a POS liberal.

    Oh, it's arguable, I suppose .... but not bad for a first-pass Rule of Thumb!

    What he means is, you should settle, while he gets exactly what he wants.

    Russell Long (D-La. senator, for you ingenuous young peeps) once told a scribbler his secret, viz., to dance around the issues, holding his cards tight to his vest in a death-grip, and dance his competitors and opponents around (in committee), and dance 'em around, and dance 'em around, until he got 'em exactly where he wanted them -- and then stop.

    That's what a "compromise" is.