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  • Venezuelans buy bus tickets out after Maduro wins re-election

    05/22/2018 3:03:17 PM PDT · 19 of 27
    LexBaird to BBell

    How many rolls of toilet paper does a bus ticket go for in Caracas?

  • Whites have fled the Democratic Party. Here’s how the nation got there.

    05/22/2018 2:53:48 PM PDT · 13 of 105
    LexBaird to Oldeconomybuyer

    Play racial identity games, win racial identity prizes.

  • Democrats Push For Internal Documents On 2020 Census Citizenship Question

    04/24/2018 2:28:32 PM PDT · 16 of 35
    LexBaird to Oldeconomybuyer

    The Dems are concerned for the same reason the slaveholders wanted all their slaves to be counted in the census for votes.

    The 3/5th compromise was because the South had a huge slave population that would give them more members in the House, but weren’t allowed to vote for them.

    Just like illegal aliens.

    In 1850, the slaveholders voted their slaves’ representation. Today, the SEIU does.

  • Wow. Ted Cruz at the Facebook discussion. VERY good questions. Good. Good. Good.

    04/10/2018 4:14:14 PM PDT · 66 of 92
    LexBaird to Reno89519
    The difference being that Ted Kennedy was never such a holier-than-thou type person. No one hated Ted Kennedy. Can’t say the same for Lyn’ Ted Cruz, you can’t find anyone that has ever worked with him that likes him.

    I only visit here from time to time these days, so can someone please tell me when friggin' Chapaquiddick Ted became more worthy of praise than any Conservative?

    When did Cult of Personality sycophants take over here, who are still spouting campaign rhetoric more than a year after even Trump stopped it? What in hell has happened to Freepland?

  • Hollywood Sexism Rules: Number of Female Protagonists Falls in 2017

    02/22/2018 4:11:05 PM PST · 19 of 23
    LexBaird to EdnaMode
    In 2017, just 24% of protagonists in the 100 highest grossing films were women. That was a drop of five percentage points from 29% in 2016.

    I don't think they know how stats like this work. To me it says, "Hey, 71% of the movies that made money in 2016 had male leads. People seem to prefer male leads, so we have a better chance of making money with them. Let's make more Male lead movies and maximize our chances."

  • Cruz: No path to citizenship for Dreamers

    01/25/2018 3:59:52 PM PST · 73 of 105
    LexBaird to SecondAmendment
    If we exclude them from the census as well I might consider it, since House Districts and by extension Electoral College votes, are determined by population ....

    I suggest a compromise. How about we count illegal alien wage slaves as 3/5ths of a person for apportionment? < /sarcasm >

  • Brain Teasers for Geezers

    11/24/2017 4:03:44 PM PST · 55 of 93
    LexBaird to dr_lew
    What’s the difference between a duck?

    Why a duck?

  • Growing Pile of Data Shows That Voter Fraud Is a Real and Vast Problem

    07/03/2017 1:29:11 PM PDT · 27 of 36
    LexBaird to george76

    Something I wrote a while back:
    These two laws were passed in 2015.

    From California State Code:
    AB 60 Drivers licenses for illegal aliens.
    “SEC. 10. Section 12801 is added to the Vehicle Code, to read:

    12801. (a) Except as provided in subdivisions (b) and (c) and Section 12801.9, the department shall require an application for a driver’s license to contain the applicant’s social security account number and any other number or identifier determined to be appropriate by the department.
    (b) An applicant who provides satisfactory proof that his or her presence in the United States is authorized under federal law, but who is not eligible for a social security account number, is eligible to receive an original driver’s license if he or she meets all other qualifications for licensure.
    (c) (1) An applicant who is unable to provide satisfactory proof that his or her presence in the United States is authorized under federal law may sign an affidavit attesting that he or she is both ineligible for a social security account number and unable to submit satisfactory proof that his or her presence in the United States is authorized under federal law. This affidavit is not a public record.
    (2) The submission of this affidavit shall be accepted by the department in lieu of a social security account number.
    (3) This subdivision shall not apply to applications for a commercial driver’s license. The department shall require all applications for a commercial driver’s license to include the applicant’s social security account number.
    (4) Nothing in this section shall be used to consider an individual’s citizenship or immigration status as a basis for a criminal investigation, arrest, or detention.”


    Under this law, an illegal alien can get a DL by signing an affidavit that the DMV is obligated to accept AND obligated not to report. Following passage, approx 600,000 illegal aliens gained DLs in 2015 alone.

    Now, couple that with this other law: AB 1461
    “2262. (a) The Secretary of State and the Department of Motor Vehicles shall establish the California New Motor Voter Program for the purpose of increasing opportunities for voter registration by any person who is qualified to be a voter under Section 2 of Article II of the California Constitution.
    (b) This chapter shall not be construed as requiring the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine eligibility for voter registration and voting. The Secretary of State is solely responsible for determining eligibility for voter registration and voting.

    But the DMV is forbidden from sharing the info with the Sec State, per AB 60 (see above). All an illegal alien needs do is sign that they are, indeed, able to vote on the DL registration.”

    “2265. (a) The records of a person designated in paragraph (1) of subdivision (b) of Section 2263 shall constitute a completed affidavit of registration and the Secretary of State shall register the person to vote, unless any of the following conditions is satisfied:
    (1) The person’s records, as described in Section 2263, reflect that he or she affirmatively declined to become registered to vote during a transaction with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    (2) The person’s records, as described in Section 2263, do not reflect that he or she has attested to meeting all voter eligibility requirements specified in Section 2101.
    (3) The Secretary of State determines that the person is ineligible to vote.”

    This section means that if you get a CA DL, you are automatically registered to vote, unless you affirmatively decline, or the SecState finds you ineligible with info the DMV can’t share BY LAW.

    “2268. If a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this chapter in the absence of a violation by that person of Section 18100, that person’s registration shall be presumed to have been effected with official authorization and not the fault of that person.

    2269. If a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote pursuant to this chapter and votes or attempts to vote in an election held after the effective date of the person’s registration, that person shall be presumed to have acted with official authorization and shall not be guilty of fraudulently voting or attempting to vote pursuant to Section 18560, unless that person willfully votes or attempts to vote knowing that he or she is not entitled to vote.”

    This is the “Get out of jail free card”. If caught voting, an illegal aliens simply needs to say they didn’t know it was illegal for them to be registered by the DMV, and that they thought it was all legal to vote when they got the voter info in the mail.

    “18100(a) Every person who willfully causes, procures, or allows himself or herself or any other person to be registered as a voter, knowing that he or she or that other person is not entitled to registration, is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code for 16 months or two or three years, or in a county jail for not more than one year.

    Every person is guilty of a crime punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code for 16 months or two or three years, or in a county jail not exceeding one year, who:

    (a) Not being entitled to vote at an election, fraudulently votes or fraudulently attempts to vote at that election.

    (b) Being entitled to vote at an election, votes more than once, attempts to vote more than once, or knowingly hands in two or more ballots folded together at that election.

    (c) Impersonates or attempts to impersonate a voter at an election.”

    So, I dunno if “millions” of illegal aliens voted in California. I do know that it would have been easy to do so, and nearly impossible to cross check eligibility without the SecState going out of his way to do so, with court orders to open up DMV records. Like that will happen. Who voted for AB 60 in the CA Senate? Alex Padilla. Who is the current SecState of CA? Why, Alex Padilla. So,when Alex Padilla says there is no evidence it happened, that is true. Because gathering that evidence is illegal by the law he passed and avoided by the office he now holds.

  • This Stunning Medieval Longsword Was Just Pulled From a Polish Bog

    06/22/2017 1:35:30 PM PDT · 38 of 44
    LexBaird to Rumplemeyer
    They where called “Claymores”, they where a brutal weapon, capable of removing arms, heads and any other parts of your opponents anatomy it connected with.

    Claidheamh-mór is gaelic for "great sword". This bog find isn't a great sword. But, 3.3 lbs. is probably typical for ones of this type. They are cutting weapons, not bludgeons.

  • Buck Up, Democrats

    06/21/2017 12:36:09 PM PDT · 7 of 33
    LexBaird to Oldeconomybuyer

    It’s built into the DNA of the DNC that the solution to any problem is to throw money at it. So, it’s quite simple... they just didn’t spend enough California Cash to “get their message out”.

    Couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with the message, don’tchaknow.

  • The sexist way we pile on Hillary Clinton and stifle women in democracy

    06/08/2017 2:28:54 PM PDT · 33 of 69
    LexBaird to Zakeet

    Let me sum up the article: Wahh, it’s sexist to dismiss HRC’s “Blame Everyone Else” tour as whiny self indulgence, and you should cut her slack ... because she has a vagina and it isn’t fair.

    Cognitive dissonance, thy name is Women’s Studies.

  • Chelsea Clinton: Sexism, Racism, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Jingoism ‘Is Not an Opinion’

    05/23/2017 4:25:37 PM PDT · 52 of 52
    LexBaird to simpson96

    Hey, Chelsea... is nepotism an option? Sure has worked out great for you!

  • Fictional Character Quoted as Authoritative on Second Amendment

    12/27/2016 10:49:24 AM PST · 21 of 23
    LexBaird to NY.SS-Bar9

    From this website:

    “The phrase ‘well-regulated’ was in common use long before 1789, and remained so for a century thereafter. It referred to the property of something being in proper working order. Something that was well-regulated was calibrated correctly, functioning as expected.”

    Such as a well regulated clock, or a well regulated mind.

  • Byron York: With 7 days left, Trump resistance pins last hope on Electoral College

    12/12/2016 1:30:13 PM PST · 64 of 65
    LexBaird to Reily

    No formal law, but that doesn’t mean the GOP can’t drive him out of any Party function or position for going back on his pledge.

  • Byron York: With 7 days left, Trump resistance pins last hope on Electoral College

    12/12/2016 1:25:26 PM PST · 62 of 65
    LexBaird to goldstategop
    The people of TX voted for Trump.

    Well, no, they didn't. They voted for a slate of Electors who pledged to vote for the Republican candidate. This guy is reneging on that pledge, and should be blackballed from the GOP from now on.

    But, this is also the base rejection of the "Hillary won the popular vote" meme, because neither Hillary nor Trump, nor any other Presidential candidate won a single vote anywhere. What people were voting on were slates of Electors, and in most States the Electors were decided on 50%+1 margins. Any "popular vote" over 50% is meaningless for any particular State, which is why Hillary's numbers in California are meaningless. She got all 55 CA Electors already.

    If anybody is being "disenfranchised" by the current "winner take all" set up, it's folks like the 30% or so GOP voters in CA, who saw 100% of the California Electors go to a single candidate.

  • Reddit to crack down on abuse after CEO is targeted

    11/30/2016 2:09:04 PM PST · 24 of 32
    LexBaird to bobk3
    When free speech is being abridged on sites that have been recognized as primary means of communication and as public forms, the government can and should step in.


    "When Commerce is being abridged in bakeries that have been recognized as a primary means of getting Wedding cakes and as "public accommodations", the government can and should step in."


    "When JimRob banns someone at FR, a public forum, the government can and should step in."

    Nope. Still sounds Big Govt. Statist to me.

  • Legendary Films Acquires [Frank Herbert estate] DUNE Film and TV Rights

    11/21/2016 9:31:43 PM PST · 40 of 53
    LexBaird to jerod
    CGI has now reached the point where any imagined scenario, no matter how fantastical, can be achieved and presented in the highest quality on film... Hopefully they will do it justice.

    Most of the key plot points in Dune happen inside people's heads, with what they are secretly thinking and plotting. No amount of CGI can show that.

  • California Voters Reject Measure to Repeal Death Penalty, Approve Plan to Expedite It

    11/09/2016 10:13:27 AM PST · 16 of 24
    LexBaird to Flavious_Maximus

    Not via execution. The Manson Cult had their sentences commuted to Life back when the Capital sentence was outlawed briefly in the 70’s. (Which is why they keep coming up for parole). Charley isn’t on Death Row.

  • Clinton Ally Wants Chris Wallace Removed As Debate Moderator

    09/09/2016 6:32:11 PM PDT · 23 of 67
    LexBaird to DOC44

    No doubt he wants him to be replaced by an unbiased professional journalist like George Snuffleupagus.

  • Harry Reid and Koch Brothers Wage Proxy War for a Nevada Senate Seat

    08/30/2016 8:25:24 PM PDT · 9 of 13
    LexBaird to fieldmarshaldj

    Y’all are lucky. In California, we have the choice between a liberal race-baiting feminist ultra-prog, and a liberal race-baiting feminist ultra-prog.