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    08/03/2003 1:31:13 PM PDT · 13 of 24
    liberalnot to DPB101
    you're closer to this one than i am.

    i did notice a new book published by rouledge, an english socialist publishing house in today's nyt.

    the book purports that putin's policies have allowed capitalists to take over the russian economy, and mentions american buyouts by these russian concerns.
  • Davis is told: No Trash Talk

    08/01/2003 12:36:16 PM PDT · 48 of 62
    liberalnot to NormsRevenge
    "It looks like new Daddy Lockyer is getting ready to toss his hat in the ring, imho. "

    'tis an interesting emotion!

    comrade davis would come unglued!

    he's vindictive. always towards the pubs, but if a dem dared to break party ranks--wow! davis would go ballistic.
  • Davis is told: No Trash Talk

    08/01/2003 9:37:56 AM PDT · 32 of 62
    liberalnot to DodgeRam
    "You all know that Gray doesn't have any friends,...."

    gosh, i wonder why? (/s)
  • Davis is told: No Trash Talk

    08/01/2003 9:36:39 AM PDT · 31 of 62
    liberalnot to RonDog
    mcclintock is obviously the most qualified.

    unfortunately he's not well known.

    my guess is that some media hog will goforit. for reasons that i do not share, most people in this country prefer television celebrities.
  • Davis is told: No Trash Talk

    08/01/2003 8:29:22 AM PDT · 19 of 62
    liberalnot to DodgeRam
    my favorite word of the last decades "puke".

    davis makes me wanna puke. the clintons made me wanna puke. barbara boxer makes me wanna puke. and the list goes on....

    the most outrageous peice of puke journalism occurred in the los angeles times of may, 1998. in a front page article the times accused daryl issa of killing his business partner in indiana.
  • Thirteenth Report of the Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities--California

    07/31/2003 1:19:17 PM PDT · 50 of 54
    liberalnot to conservatism_IS_compassion
    in the 1970's we were told over and over and over at the university, that the "establishment" was "big brother", and that the left would prevent 1984. 1984 came and went.

    and it turned out that the left was now the establishment. they have controlled the major television networks, npr and pubic tv, hollywood, and the vast majority of newspapers in the united states. this began with fdr and eleanor, continued with lbj and his vietnam war, and increased with the new left. the boomer generation and their new left views are the dominant paradigm.

    rush limbaugh and his followers have improved things, as have fox tv, and the internet. but talk radio and the internet reach few people. only fox tv reaches a wide audience, and, no wonder the dems are so angry at murdoch.
  • Secret in the dairy aisle: milk is a cash cow

    07/28/2003 9:56:40 AM PDT · 17 of 39
    liberalnot to ZGuy
    the writer has no idea what's going on.

    the last time i checked in socal, dairy farmers were getting $9.00/hundred lbs. = below operating costs. in the rocky mountain area dairy farmers are getting $11.00, also below operating costs.

    then it dawned on me that many california dairy farmers made their money in land sales. and land sales have allowed these dairies to survive in lean times. indeed, many california dairies are millionaires due to their land sales. if you're not a land-seller, but trying to make your living from dairying, it's a rough go. my father has used his savings to survive, so that he and my brother can continue to do what they love.

    some dairy farms in socal have moved 3-4 times during their 3 generations. for example, some moved out of "dairyland", now re-named cerritos, to chino. and some have moved around the chino area several times. some moved to east and south of the moreno valley, and some to winchester. others fled california to new mexico, arizona, nevada, and idaho.

    as a result, some states have new laws preventing california dairies from moving in. full. environmentalists and city dwellers do not like dairy farms. the new cigarettes. several recent l.a. times articles on the chino dairies have blamed them for the l.a. basin's pollution. flatulence of cattle during rumination produces a lot of gases. a new zealand study found that 95% of flatulence of dairy cows comes from the front end, not the back end of the cow. cows have 4 stomachs and regurgitate and re-chew their meals. regurgitation accounts for the gases being dispensed into the environment.

    many dairy farms nationally are going broke. finally, bankers are no longer loaning money to dairy farms--why they were loaning money recently is beyond me.

    agribusiness, food processors, and super markets love dairies going broke--cheap milk.

    where are the democrats when you need them? democrats, you know, are "for the working people". (/sarcasm)

    who would work 15 hours a day, 365 days a year, to go broke?

    the u.s. government plan to stem over-production was a no-go.

    one problem is that all countries around the world subsidize farming, but not equally.

    consequently the problem is complex. you have these groups pushing their agendas at the expense of the small, family farmers:

    1. international agribusiness who want cheap milk.
    2. international food processors who want cheap milk.
    3. fat-cat farmers who donate money to washington politicians in return for fat subsidies.
    4. european, australian, new zealand, japanese, etc. farmers who receive fat subsidies.

    expect no solution, at least soon.
  • FL’S JOB CREATION GROWS FOR 15th STRAIGHT MONTH [Also, FL ranks in top 5 states for hi-tech jobs]

    07/27/2003 3:11:07 PM PDT · 59 of 70
    liberalnot to summer
  • Russia will pay twice for the fortunes of its oligarchs

    07/26/2003 8:12:01 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    liberalnot to DPB101
    the russian mafia is pervasive in modern affairs.

    it's no surprise that nations have entreprenuers connected with their mafias--actually, it allows them to exert influence beyond their borders that would not be acceptable of members of the international community.
  • Russia to Clash with EU

    07/26/2003 8:09:34 AM PDT · 7 of 25
    liberalnot to Calpernia
    russia has neither the population increase characteristic of invader cultures, nor the superior economy, nor the will to fight europe.
  • Mexican Exit Polls: Fox's Party Set Back

    07/06/2003 8:26:45 PM PDT · 3 of 51
    liberalnot to FITZ
    no surprise.

    fox came in with this heavy agenda, and raised expectations, only to fail.
  • Andrew Sullivan: It’s all getting a little hysterical (Ann Coulter = Michael Moore)

    07/06/2003 12:48:13 PM PDT · 246 of 291
    liberalnot to ontos-on
    sadly, i agree with you.

    i'm reading a book on renaissance art and literature which was written in the 1950's.

    it's absolutely remarkable how erudite scholars were then.

    these people today are, as you say, "twisted types" and they are not scholars.
  • America near moral abyss

    07/06/2003 12:45:08 PM PDT · 33 of 118
    liberalnot to PatrioticAmerican
    i don't know about that.

    i grew up protestant, radical protestant.

    i remember well the 1950's as a kid thinking that there was a lack of activity in the towns and cities.

    we went to church after chores. then we had a large sunday dinner, usually with family or friends. most people didn't eat supper, altho' we usually did because we had to milk cows a second time that day. the afternoons were spent talking, or more usually at church events. home made ice cream and cake.

    at one church social, i must have been about 12, i was sitting with my legs spread out, slouching like teen boys did in a recliner, and a 10 year old girl came up and straddled my leg and humped my thigh! the church minister was standing near me, talking to a parishoner, and he looked down, and watched her hump my thigh, but said nothing. it was about then that i started thinking more about girls.

    my great uncle lived in the city. when we visited him, no work was allowed on sundays. period. and he wasn't that religious. that's just the way things were.

    then in the 1960s i remember the first 7-11. boy, did that raise family eyebrows. and supermarkets stayed open. within a decade things changed like night and day because it was a college town and there was the demand for secularization.
  • Gray Davis on CNN 11:16 am PDT

    07/06/2003 12:33:05 PM PDT · 28 of 50
    liberalnot to gorebegone
    nice yellow banner!
  • Turkey : The Kurdish Issue

    07/06/2003 12:28:07 PM PDT · 12 of 13
    liberalnot to GoLightly
    i did not say what you said i said.

    turkey is a secular state since ataturk in the early 20th c. he modernized turkey and brought western values and dress to turkey. the military ensures that it remains secular.

    however, turkey in the last decade has seen an increased islamization. many women now wear the burka, including the president's wife. there was a recent cover story on this in the nyt sunday magazine.

    just because both are islamic does not mean that they get along.

    in fact, the turks and kurds hate each other's guts. also, the kurds are divided into two major groups.

    the turks want no kurdistan government. one reason is because kurds are a major minority within their country, and a kurdistan nation would probably mean separation of the eastern 1/3 or more of turkey.

    the turks do not even want the kurds in northern iraq to control the oil fields in the area. money from oil might fuel a kurdistan government.

    the turks were very happy when saddam killed many kurds.
  • Turkey : The Kurdish Issue

    07/06/2003 8:20:19 AM PDT · 4 of 13
    liberalnot to pkpjamestown
    altho' they deny it, it seems that turkey is sliding towards islam, away from its secular state of anaturk.

    the only obstacle is the turkish military.
  • Turkey : The Kurdish Issue

    07/06/2003 8:18:33 AM PDT · 3 of 13
    liberalnot to pkpjamestown
    the turds have never treated the kurds very well.
  • KETV Tower Topples (Omaha)

    07/06/2003 8:16:00 AM PDT · 30 of 40
    liberalnot to chance33_98
    it augurs the fall of warren buffet's investments.
  • Constitution Subverted To Concept of "Diversity" - Rush Limbaugh

    07/06/2003 8:13:27 AM PDT · 22 of 23
    liberalnot to TLBSHOW
    i keep wondering where these terms "unity" and "diversity" orginated. i first noticed them when they appeared day in and day out in the 1990's.

    but clearly, they go back a long time. i'm reading a book written in the fifties and its loaded with unity and diversity.

    i get tired of hearing about it.
  • America near moral abyss

    07/06/2003 1:03:59 AM PDT · 7 of 118
    liberalnot to LdSentinal
    i grew up in the era of "morality".

    my uncle refused to work on sundays. indeed, stores were closed on sundays. my family worked on sundays because we had a dairy farm, and the cows didn't share our morality.

    this sounds good until one realizes that not all people share the same morality. my extended family argued constantly over who was more moral and godly.

    but some of them, altho' they were religious fanatics, were the most evil people that i've met in my life.

    my guess is that the world was always "going to hell in a handbasket". the characters change on the stage. life goes on.