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  • Vester Lee Flanagan Thought Words Like 'Field' and 'Swinging' Were Racist

    08/29/2015 12:53:33 PM PDT · 51 of 57
    livius to HereInTheHeartland; Zeneta

    We have all worked with guys like him.

    I worked with one when I was but a child, a college student in NYC working as a waitress. The head cook at the restaurant was incredibly hostile to whites, wouldn’t give you your order in time, etc. However, his 10-year old son had a congenital heart defect and at that point needed surgery, so they needed lots of blood, at that time (late 60s) harder to come by.

    I went and donated blood even though I wasn’t heavy enough to donate a pint and the hospital argued with me about it. But they let me go forward, I survived, and in those days in NYC, they would give you a dash of brandy to revive you after giving blood. I remember sitting there chatting with a doctor afterwards. Wait, did they give me more than one dash?

    A few weeks later, I was passing by the table where most of the self-segregated black employees sat, and I heard the cook saying to them, “So where were you all when my son needed surgery? I got one blood donation, and that was from a white girl. So don’t give me this “family” s***.”

  • Vester Lee Flanagan Thought Words Like 'Field' and 'Swinging' Were Racist

    08/29/2015 12:42:33 PM PDT · 49 of 57
    livius to Kaslin

    Can we spell C-R-A-Z-Y, children?

    The only thing that protected him was that he was black and the black and also Islamic connection - since his final “manifesto,” sent to but not published by various newspapers, was devoted to praising the 9/11 terrorists - has suddenly made his insanity something that pundits have to discuss in grave tones. His paranoid assumption that saying “swing by the studio” and “go out into the field” was all about him and his color somehow means that he wasn’t crazy, in the thinking of the PC media.

    Actually, he was crazy, and crazy people often attach themselves to a violent cause or a violent something in the ether.

    Dylan Roof did, and of course, that meant that the Confederate flag had to be taken down - even though Roof was just a crazy with a history of crazy behavior. He lived in his mom’s spare bedroom, everybody was concerned about him...but nobody could get him any treatment in time. The white power ideology was something that Roof attached himself to as a rationale.

    The failed reporter was older and had even a longer history of crazy, but because he was black, his employers and coworkers were in a serious bind about the situation. He had been fired several times, sent to employee counseling once and then fired (which means a recommendation from the shrink) but still got to go out and roam around and get crazier by joining with a crazy ideology. However, because it was a black power ideology, nobody really dared to intervene.

    The message is maybe that crazies rule?

  • Gov. Robert Bentley's Wife Filing for Divorce

    08/29/2015 11:48:35 AM PDT · 3 of 50
    livius to nickcarraway

    Oh for pete’s sake. Suck it up, preserve your dignity and your family, get a grip...

    These people have enough money to live apart and never see each other ever again but not upset the lives of their children, friends, etc. But everybody now has to go out and reclaim their unhappy inner child - publicly.

    Maybe one of them will decide that he/she was always a woman/man and really put it over the top?

  • REPORT: Jeb Bush's campaign has lost three of its top fundraisers

    08/29/2015 11:44:29 AM PDT · 2 of 20
    livius to jimbo123

    I never thought he had a chance anyway. People here were hysterical about him, but I wasn’t because I knew he really maxed out at governor.

    Bush was a good governor, btw. But not all of them make good presidents, and in addition, his wife is completely non-political and doesn’t even like to appear in public...I was actually surprised when he announced he was running.

  • On-air killer identified with 9/11 attackers ( Vester Flanagan : Virginia )

    08/29/2015 10:09:47 AM PDT · 26 of 26
    livius to freefdny

    No, he was probably a Muslim himself or at least a sympathizer.

    He was definitely crazy, but crazy people - especially with paranoid disorders, which he clearly had - often latch onto some violent ideology, movement, etc. because it makes them feel sane and justified.

    This is even more the case when it’s an ideology that is itself insane and based on paranoia and violence, i.e., Islam.

    But it also happened during the French Revolution - the mentally ill streamed into the streets and were completely identified with the cause and were considered sane by all of their “co-religionists” because the whole ideology was paranoid and violent.

    Our current mixture of black racist, Islamic-tinged paranoid violent ideology, seemingly endorsed by the White House, is a magnet for crazy people.

  • CNN Is Screwing Over Carly Fiorina: She's No. 7 in Polls, But CNN Pretends She's Not Even in Top 10

    08/28/2015 10:10:39 AM PDT · 54 of 79
    livius to PGR88

    That’s my feeling too. Heck, CNN is gleefully promoting crazy, elderly, spittle-flecked Donald Trump as the true face of the GOP and they sure don’t want a young, intelligent, rational person - especially a woman, interfering with their narrative.

  • Archbishop:'True Intention Behind' Push for Same-Sex Marriage is 'Imposition of Totalitarian System'

    08/27/2015 7:10:20 PM PDT · 15 of 37
    livius to xzins

    He’s absolutely correct. In the New World, the State will be all in all.

  • Among the Trumpies

    08/27/2015 9:30:39 AM PDT · 17 of 41
    livius to The Ghost of FReepers Past

    The problem is that Trump never talks issues. It’s all about him, and the few “issues” he mentions are those for which he has no plan and obviously doesn’t know much about.

    Yet the Trump fans are just like the Obama fans, swooning when their guy gets on stage, even though he says nothing, refuses to answer questions, relies on ethnic identity...well, just the basic Obama routine but tuned to a different group.

  • Questioning Trump like wrestling an eel

    08/27/2015 9:26:17 AM PDT · 26 of 75
    livius to Laissez-faire capitalist

    Definitely a good article. That said, except for the elderly, I don’t think anybody even watches most of the programs Trump fans here are so outraged about. Most people get their news from Internet sites and a lot of opinion comes from that too.

    Trump is almost 70, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, if you want to run for office, you have to stay current. He’s not, has no elected experience in the past to draw on, and is basically just a wealthy old man shooting his mouth off.

  • Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site

    08/27/2015 9:14:48 AM PDT · 20 of 32
    livius to Izzy Dunne

    Yes, it is kind of sad. I realize everybody using it was essentially a creep, but they were such deluded and pathetic creeps that you almost feel sorry for them.

    That said, everybody who was caught using it from a government (or probably any other) work address should be fired. This is not for the ethical issues or even just wasting time on the job, but for security reasons. Obviously, the AM users were essentially giving out a key to their corporate or government email, and giving it to people who didn’t even exist. But they gave it to someone. Who and why?

  • Ted Cruz Becomes the Second GOP Candidate to Attack Megyn Kelly [Watch Video]

    08/26/2015 6:22:28 PM PDT · 77 of 78
    livius to SeekAndFind

    She wasn’t attacking. She was just asking a question, and Cruz should answer. But he’s found from Trump that the way to deal with things is to attack the questioner rather than answer the question.

    Curiously enough, Obama does exactly the same thing.

  • How Chronic Disease Could End Hillary Clinton’s White House Run

    08/26/2015 4:14:25 PM PDT · 62 of 205
    livius to jimbo123

    Since when did stupidity and arrogance and greed get classified as chronic conditions? Does she want to collect SSI for her “condition”?

  • Education Minister... steps in to stop ALL schools in NSW showing gay parenting documentary...

    08/26/2015 3:20:01 PM PDT · 7 of 16
    livius to naturalman1975

    I assume they have a curriculum and the parents know about it in advance. However, in many cases, things like this are introduced without any warning to the parents or any notification that the curriculum has been changed, added to, or whatever.

    That’s how the gays have gotten away with many things here. They blindside people and it’s a done deal before parents even hear about it.

    What schools need to do is have the curriculum (including readings, videos, etc.) published in advance and a mandatory announcement to parents about anything that is introduced into or deviates from the pre-approved curriculum.

    This “Gayby” thing sounds horrible and I’m glad it was stopped.

  • Police: 2 Women Arrested After Fight On JetBlue Flight At JFK Airport (Jamaica flight)

    08/26/2015 3:14:10 PM PDT · 9 of 40
    livius to joethedrummer

    LOL! The problem is that because of the behavior of a couple of low-lifes, the TSA is now going to go back to taking away our nail-clippers.

    They were going to take away my sister’s tuning fork on a trip a few years ago (she’s a choir director and was traveling to a choir conference) until a superior intervened and told them it was harmless.

    But probably if you’re from Jamaica, you can get away with anything.

  • Cruz is true GOP dark horse: How he’s winning over the fanatical right at exactly the right time

    08/26/2015 2:59:02 PM PDT · 5 of 65
    livius to 2ndDivisionVet

    “Fanatical right?” Huh? Most conservatives I know think Trump is a Dem stalking horse, because he’s virtually a parody candidate...every Dem’s caricature of a crude, fat, wealthy, misogynist and xenophobic ignoramus Republican come to life.

    That said, Cruz alienated a lot of people because he came across as shrill and unproductive - that is, good at objecting, but not good at coming out with a result. I think he has definitely developed, however, and can reach more people now.

  • Gunman in Shooting of Virginia TV Reporter, Photographer Grew Up in Oakland, Graduated from SF State

    08/26/2015 1:15:12 PM PDT · 26 of 32
    livius to nickcarraway

    That probably explains a lot of it. Oakland is nothing but a dysfunctional crime-ridden ghetto - despite, oddly enough, Jerry Brown’s attempts during his stint as mayor to clean it up - and SF State, never a great school, is nothing but leftist politics.

  • A Blood Test and App May Help Identify Patients at Risk of Suicide

    08/26/2015 12:02:27 PM PDT · 13 of 15
    livius to Citizen Zed

    I don’t think there should be mandatory monitoring, but apparently clinical depression markers do show up in blood work.

    That said, what people really need is to go back to Shakespeare: “strictures against suicide.” God gave us life and does not want us to decide when to take it away. The Church (and in fact, Protestant churches as well) used to consider suicide a mortal sin, both because of its effect on the survivors and its rejection of God’s gift, and something that would condemn you to total darkness forever.

    Now the State is out there encouraging people to kill themselves and in several European countries, “depressed” people can go to a doctor and ask to be killed because they’re depressed.

  • Jorge Ramos: ‘I’ve Never Ceased to Be Mexican and I Vote in Elections in Both Countries”

    08/26/2015 11:56:15 AM PDT · 76 of 96
    livius to tanknetter

    It’s okay by US rules too because this doesn’t affect the US. These voters are US citizens, and vote in US elections, but couldn’t vote in their countries of origin until the last few decades. However, with so much out-migration, even countries that do not have dual citizenship agreements with the US realized that they should permit their emigrants to vote in local elections because that could help their country.

    Mexico began to allow naturalized US citizens to vote in their elections in the 1980s (under Reagan, IIRC) and this has been helpful to Mexico.

    I don’t see any problem. You have a handful of educated, US-exposed Mexicans (or people originating from other countries anywhere in the world) voting in their local elections - since like all immigrants, they still stay in touch with their country of origin, just as my French, English, Swedish, German and Irish ancestors did over the centuries that my family has been here.

  • Bitter co-worker takes revenge for racial slights in horrifying shooting [Adam Ward's video]

    08/26/2015 11:44:37 AM PDT · 82 of 98
    livius to Rockpile

    I don’t know about the gay stuff, but now his “manifesto” (sent to various news media) says he “did it because of Charleston.”

    He was dysfunctional and racially obsessed and had sued virtually every place he worked for racial discrimination long before the Charleston shootings.

  • Ramos: My "right" to talk over other reporters and ask Trump grandstanding questions was trampled

    08/26/2015 11:40:34 AM PDT · 42 of 91
    livius to nhwingut

    I think Ramos, about whom I knew nothing until this incident, is right.

    Trump won’t answer hard questions and thinks he can get away with insulting the person who asks them. Ramos was right to persist. Somebody has got to make Trump actually state his program and positions, but the GOPe is so entranced with his billion dollar campaign contribution that their drooling is preventing them from asking him any questions.

  • Welcome To Fantasy Island! An advance man points up as Trump's "plane" lands: The Plane! The Plane!

    08/26/2015 11:37:03 AM PDT · 48 of 68
    livius to Boogieman

    Probably. But at this point, I really don’t care. I liked this site because there were posters from all over the world who were faster than anybody about posting something that might be of concern to conservatives.

    There have always been arguments between people here, which is not a bad thing and shows that democracy works. And every election, there’s some populist, no-experience candidate that takes the lead with vocal people here - and then crashes and burns.

    Some people recover from the collapse of their hero and pick another candidate, and some don’t.

    I think in this case the difference is that there’s a lot of money behind Trump. His own money, since he’s pledged to spend a billion dollars of his own money to get elected...and I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if some of these attacks were not bought and paid for by Trump.

  • Bitter co-worker takes revenge for racial slights in horrifying shooting [Adam Ward's video]

    08/26/2015 11:22:07 AM PDT · 65 of 98
    livius to CGASMIA68

    I hope he made peace with his Maker before he died, but I’m glad the State of VA doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars convicting him (even though it was on video), housing him through his five million appeals, and then finally commuting his sentence because he’s 90 years old.

  • Jorge Ramos: ‘I’ve Never Ceased to Be Mexican and I Vote in Elections in Both Countries”

    08/26/2015 11:18:58 AM PDT · 62 of 96
    livius to tanknetter

    People with dual citizenship (and there are many, most of them not from Latin America but from Europe) are loyal citizens of their country of residence but also good citizens of their country of birth or adoption, because countries that are in radical disagreement do not permit dual citizenship. There are many dual Irish-American and other European citizens; actually, many of them can vote in EU elections in other countries.

    They probably wouldn’t bother to do so unless they were personally involved in something, and since US voter turnout is lower than low (except among certain groups, such as black Democrats, most of whom are probably dead), I’d say any voting for anything anywhere is probably a step in the right direction.

    Many Latin American and other countries fine people for not turning out to vote, btw. Even if you vote “en blanco,” which would be a blank ballot indicating your disgust with either option, you have to vote. We don’t have to vote here, and most people won’t vote.

    In NYC, De Blasio was elected by a micro-sliver of the population, because only a slightly larger sliver bothered to vote at all.

  • Jorge Ramos: ‘I’ve Never Ceased to Be Mexican and I Vote in Elections in Both Countries”

    08/26/2015 10:41:15 AM PDT · 42 of 96
    livius to GraceG

    No, no fraud. It depends on the rules of the respective countries. There are many people in the U.S. who have dual citizenship (Irish and US,for example) and others who now have US citizenship but whose countries of origins still allow them to vote in that country’s elections. This is particularly true in the case of Eastern European or other “emerging” countries that have had a large emigration to the U.S.

  • Rick Wilson: You Hate It From Barack Obama. But You Love It From Donald Trump.

    08/26/2015 10:11:05 AM PDT · 82 of 82
    livius to EveningStar

    Well, that’s true. I think they just feel empowered now after years of unconstitutional executive rule. Caudillo time!

  • Welcome To Fantasy Island! An advance man points up as Trump's "plane" lands: The Plane! The Plane!

    08/26/2015 9:29:39 AM PDT · 36 of 68
    livius to South40

    I agree. It’s not possible to discuss Trump on FR without having the irrational attack dogs come out. I actually cancelled my monthly donation to FR because the Trumpsters are attacking good, long term conservative FReepers in ways that I thought only the Dems did.

  • Rick Wilson: You Hate It From Barack Obama. But You Love It From Donald Trump.

    08/25/2015 6:31:58 PM PDT · 75 of 82
    livius to EveningStar

    I’d never heard of Rick Wilson either, but he’s certainly right on target.

    The thing that has disturbed me about this more than anything is that so-called “conservatives” are now looking for their own man on a white horse - like Obama on his unicorn - who claims he’s going to save them, and they don’t even care what he thinks, much less if it’s conservative.

    And they act just like Obama’s supporters. This is what over six years of living under a populist autocrat who hates our Constitution and our system has done to us.

  • Top Fundraiser for Scott Walker Meets With Trump - True to form Trump spins the facts

    08/25/2015 3:40:21 AM PDT · 50 of 78
    livius to Cincinatus' Wife

    Trump has never actually done anything. He has never held elected office or done anything except manage his inherited wealth (which was based on NYC real estate acquired by his father, who was a Scottish immigrant), make tabloid headlines by chasing Slavic babes and and sponsor trashy “reality” shows.

    That’s why, like many of his fans, he reads only the headlines and feels no need to have a well grounded opinion, develop a program, etc. He blusters and lies when confronted because he knows that people who read only the headlines don’t care.

  • Donald Trump is back to bashing Megyn Kelly

    08/25/2015 3:19:52 AM PDT · 18 of 133
    livius to nickcarraway

    That would be the Democratic Party. And yes, they can have him back.

  • 'Suicides' over Ashley Madison hack

    08/24/2015 9:47:50 AM PDT · 33 of 37
    livius to nuconvert

    I think government employee Ashley Madison users - of whom there seem to be many - are probably going to have a high suicide rate.

  • Biden, Considering White House Bid, Meets With Elizabeth Warren

    08/24/2015 3:32:23 AM PDT · 11 of 20
    livius to lbryce

    Biden is a foolish-seeming man, but he’s also extremely left wing. IIRC, he had the most consistently left-wing voting record of any senator of his time.

  • (June 28, 2015) GOP Gov.: "Time To Move On" From Same-Sex Marriage

    08/23/2015 4:16:55 PM PDT · 36 of 80
    livius to WTFOVR

    Well, Trump is in favor of it too, and not in favor of religious protections either.

    That said, I think Kasich may well be their candidate. Bush is a lost cause, Romney has said he’s thinking of running again but I don’t think even the GOPE believes he could win, so Kasich may be their answer.

  • 5 reasons Bush isn't freaking out about Trump

    08/23/2015 7:50:17 AM PDT · 95 of 98
    livius to ConservativeDude

    I think, alas, that Kasich has a real shot at it. If not him, then somebody like him - low profile, not very well known outside of his region or his district, if he’s a legislator - but at the same time not any of the perennial candidates who have been running in every election cycle since forever (Huckabee, Christie, Santorum, etc.).

    However, like them, the anointed GOP candidate will still be able to talk out of both sides of his mouth...and will lose again.

    It’s a pity, because I thought we had some good new blood this time around. But I don’t think any of them has a chance, between the Trump show (which has sucked all attention away from the others and is being gleefully encouraged by the Dem press, btw) and the clear desire of the GOP to find somebody who is cast in the Bush, Huckabee, Christie mold without actually being any of them. I wish I were more optimistic.

  • Chris Christie: "Don't Worry," I'll Be On Top Stage In Next Debate [Currently Polling At 3%]

    08/22/2015 6:57:34 PM PDT · 39 of 42
    livius to chris37

    It’s not going to be Christie. I think he knows there’s no strong candidate yet, so he believes he has a chance...but he doesn’t.

    We have some good candidates, but none of them will get the nod and I suspect that Bush is going to wash out along with Trump. So maybe it will be Kasich after all? But it’s not going to be Christie because he’s simply a mush-ball.

    Bush has raised money and Trump has promised to spend a billion dollars of his own money to get elected. So that’s a real attraction for the GOPe, but even so, I don’t think either of them will be the candidate.

  • 5 reasons Bush isn't freaking out about Trump

    08/22/2015 6:53:27 PM PDT · 14 of 98
    livius to 2ndDivisionVet

    I think Bush realizes he has zero chance anyway. It’s not going to be Trump, even though Trump has pledged to spend $1 billion of his own money to get elected, something that usually means that Mr. Deep Pockets is going to be the candidate. Jeb may have GOPe money, but Trump has his own (he was born into a wealthy family to begin with) and is willing to spend it - that’s how Romney got to be the candidate.

    However, I think Trump is such an egomaniacal blustering nobody that he won’t last, and probably Bush will outlast him. But who’s going to be next? I think Kasich (Mr. Boredom) believes he has a chance. It won’t be any of the good candidates (Jindal, Cruz or Fiorina) because the GOP never picks good candidates.

  • France train attack: Americans hailed as heroes, gunman 'had ties to Isil'

    08/22/2015 6:47:00 PM PDT · 25 of 35
    livius to Verginius Rufus

    LOL! Definitely...however, I will say that the French have been pretty good about this one and have actually given the Americans credit.

    The only funny thing is that the press says the French authorities “have no idea” what prompted this Islamic loser to go off. I read in the same article that they’re also “not sure” why a Muslim beheaded his boss and killed another coworker a couple of months ago or why another Muslim attacked all sorts of random people in a provincial town...a total mystery, right?

  • Donald Trump’s Eminent Domain Love Nearly Cost a Widow Her House

    08/22/2015 6:41:46 PM PDT · 73 of 158
    livius to SeekAndFind

    Trump is a total jerk. I lived in NYC during his glory days, and nothing he did was good for anybody but Trump. He also, with his “reality TV,” had a hugely coarsening effect on society in general.

  • Chris Christie: "Don't Worry," I'll Be On Top Stage In Next Debate [Currently Polling At 3%]

    08/22/2015 3:48:18 PM PDT · 9 of 42
    livius to Fungi

    He might be. Neither Trump nor Bush is going to make it, and you know that the GOP will then want a back-up loser establishment candidate, and Christie sure fits the bill. I think that’s why he hasn’t dropped out yet.

    There are some very good candidates this year...Jindal, Fiorina, Cruz, etc. But as usual, none of them will get any attention and we’ll be stuck with another loser.

  • FDNY rescues 910-pound woman through apartment window

    08/22/2015 3:42:00 PM PDT · 36 of 65
    livius to RWB Patriot

    One of my daughters - now a cop in a Western city - was a paramedic in Yonkers. She always said that they heavier they were; the higher up they lived.

    But I think her biggest whale was a 600 pound guy, and they were actually able to get about 6 firemen to carry him down the stairs from the 5th floor, not an easy feat, since these buildings have narrow stairwells and not much landing.

    The family had kept the guy fattened up by bringing him buckets of fried chicken and pies when he was unable to get out of bed anymore. I wasn’t sure how he managed to go to the bathroom, but maybe I don’t want to know...

  • Why Trump Says He’ll Never Eat Oreos Again (I am also swearing off them, and I ate them often)

    08/22/2015 3:24:03 PM PDT · 21 of 89
    livius to Cringing Negativism Network

    He doesn’t look like he needs to eat any more Oreos or any other kind of cookie, for that matter, ever again.

  • MSNBC's Joy Reid: Trump Supporters "Basically White Americans Who Feel Left Out Of Obama's America"

    08/22/2015 3:21:30 PM PDT · 35 of 64
    livius to Sir Napsalot

    She’s probably right, but isn’t that something that the GOP should look at?

    Most of them are probably elderly, as well, since the polls generally go only to landlines (which they can do with robodialing, which they’re not permitted to do with cell phones) and only older people or really rural people with no cell phone coverage have landlines anymore. So the polls are probably skewed, which explains why they haven’t been right in any of the most recent elections.

    But at the same time, there’s a very accurate perception that whites have not only been left out of consideration but have been singled out as public enemy number one by the Obama regime.

  • Is Netflix Worth It? Opinions Please ! - vanity

    08/22/2015 1:54:48 PM PDT · 3 of 139
    livius to vladimir998

    I like it. I don’t watch TV and actually got rid of my cable (I can watch basic stuff on the Internet) but you can get tv shows if you want and also movies. This is especially good if you want to see movies that may not run in your town or may not run for very long (in other words, anything worth seeing...).

  • Can George P. make Jeb the 3rd Bush to win the White House?

    08/22/2015 1:27:08 PM PDT · 13 of 36
    livius to jimbo123

    I don’t know about George P, but I don’t think Jeb Bush has any chance, and in fact, I never did think he had any chance. He was a good Florida governor, but he really doesn’t have the ability to rise any higher than that.

  • Will the Pope endorse Bernie Sanders for President?

    08/22/2015 12:21:57 PM PDT · 27 of 89
    livius to Sacajaweau

    That’s my feeling too. The Pope is nothing but a two-bit leftist and I think people actually don’t care much what he thinks now because they know it’s just going to be more PC garbage. I have read that the attendance at audiences and other papal functions in Rome is way down, and nobody is expecting big crowds for his American visit.

  • Obama’s New Cuban Partners, My Old Jailers

    08/22/2015 9:34:19 AM PDT · 8 of 9
    livius to Dqban22

    Obama and the Pope. They both betrayed the Cubans and the Pope betrayed the Church. Evil leftists, both of them.

  • Could Latinos actually warm up to a caudillo candidate like Donald Trump?

    08/21/2015 4:21:13 AM PDT · 4 of 22
    livius to Cringing Negativism Network

    I don’t know about Hispanics, but something I find very creepy is that Americans seem to like this Hugo Chavez nutty caudillo approach.

    I think the stage was set for this by Obama, who essentially has turned the U.S. Government into a one-man show, crushed his enemies, and simply proclaimed his own bizarre policies, doing away with minor hindrances such as legislative approval or actually working to develop good policies. He relies on his little band of rabid followers - blacks - to create enough social disturbance to threaten the rest of the populace and he keeps things stirred up and angry, assigning one group (whites) to the enemy-of-the-people category. This is true caudillo style.

    The problem is that now Americans have come to see this as an acceptable and even desirable thing.

  • UPDATE=> 76 Yr-Old Woman Beaten-Robbed in Back of Cathedral – SUSPECT ARRESTED

    08/20/2015 2:30:56 AM PDT · 7 of 50
    livius to iowamark

    Good. A look at the photo of the mother certainly explains how she could have raised such a thug.

  • AP Exclusive: UN to Let Iran Inspect Alleged Nuke Work Site

    08/19/2015 12:19:03 PM PDT · 12 of 21
    livius to Steely Tom

    Trump is a buffoon and does say bizarre things, but that doesn’t make this any less bizarre!

    What I don’t understand is why nobody at the UN is objecting to this. The Iranians have actually had the UN in their pocket for a long time, mainly, I suspect, because of their anti-Americanism and the fact that they represent the second largest Muslim sect, but you’d think there’d be somebody with enough common sense to say, hey, wait, what was that?

  • AP Exclusive: UN to Let Iran Inspect Alleged Nuke Work Site

    08/19/2015 12:10:59 PM PDT · 7 of 21
    livius to TangledUpInBlue

    “Unusual arrangement”...hmm, the understatement of the universe.

  • Federal Judge Moves Up Hearing for Hillary Email Case

    08/19/2015 12:09:56 PM PDT · 12 of 18
    livius to uncbob

    I think it’s a difficult situation and that they have to keep up appearances. Obama is not going to run again, but I suspect his wife might, or if not Moochelle, somebody related to them. So he doesn’t want the hatred to be too obvious because they might want funding from the Clinton machine.

    The current Dem prospects are dismal because Clinton and Obama wouldn’t permit any new political forces. The GOP has a ton of good candidates (Cruz, Jindal, Rubio, Fiorina and, of course, the not-so-good GOPe candidates such as Bush) because there are still young people involved in conservative causes and they have been rising from the ranks. Under Obama, there was nobody, and even the black radicals around him are elderly.