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  • New search for Natalee, unconfirmed reports that a body has been found

    06/14/2005 5:24:52 PM PDT · 81 of 98
    llama hunter to All

    OK looks like the reports of finding a body were premature
    and as I suspected, Joran's webpage is now unaccessible, heck it might even be evidence if you think about it

    however Geraldo, if one can believe Geraldo or his sources had some interesting things to say about Mr. Van Der Sloot

    a) the guy hasn't got a driver's licence and has a hot car already to go - arrogant

    b) he is known as an island romeo

    c) more importantly, he is known as having anger management problems,

    d) here is the kicker - he was involved in taping of the gang banging of a 14 year old girl (Paris Hilton have we got the guy for you)

    so that the working theory is we have a Robert Chambers type of situation, rough sex that got out of control and he panicked

    Geraldo also says he has an impeccable source and frankly I'
    d believe it - the source overheard one of the Aruban cops say how can I do this to this kid (Joran) he's my best friend's son

    I suspected not just because the father was a justice official but the fact that the cops may have known these boys and their parents and even the security guards would be problematic

  • (VIDEO) FOX News Alert: Natalee Holloway Confirmed Dead

    06/12/2005 11:13:20 AM PDT · 18 of 29
    llama hunter to American Butterfly

    ah wait a minute, the role of the Aruban police is to investigate the crime not feed the 24-7 news cycle of the American media

    anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of police investigations knows that you keep as much information under wraps as long as you can BECAUSE OTHERWISE IT CAN COMPROMISE AN INVESTIGATION, in a number of ways......

    so I think the American and other media should just take a pill and starting reporting other stories like Mugabe ordered a mosque destroyed and try to see the Islamic world will start burning and pissing on Zimbabwe flags

  • The exposť that may do to Hillary's presidential ambitions what Unfit for Command did to Kerry's

    06/12/2005 11:03:12 AM PDT · 38 of 41
    llama hunter to llama hunter

    I thought Dick Morris, who was a Clinton insider, clearly Hillary and Dick had a passionate hate on for each other all during this time, wrote a rebuttal to Hillary's whitewash biography, pointing out all her lies or distortions, of course and likely responding to all her slags on him

    I haven't read it yet, so many books, so little time

  • The exposť that may do to Hillary's presidential ambitions what Unfit for Command did to Kerry's

    06/12/2005 10:59:56 AM PDT · 37 of 41
    llama hunter to Numidian Horse

    don't forget though, that much of the vote for Kerry was not for Kerry but against Bush, the Bush haters and DNC radicals would have voted for Bubbles the chimp if he were running vs Bush

    funny thing though I ran into some staunch Democrats based in Florida in New York City (there were a Christian couple, church was an important part of their lives and admitted Bush haters, they hate Jeb as well - gee I should have asked them about how they square their Christianity with hating politicians but I digress)

    I challenged them about Kerry and they said, Look, we weren't crazy about Kerry but we hate Bush and the husband said, you know the phrase lesser of two evils to us Bush was the worst of all evils

    so then I said so what do you think of the fact that many in your party are touting Hillary as the saviour of the DNC

    they looked at me as if I'd just said GW Bush

    and I said, what did I say, and they replied, quite vigourously that they hate Hillary and she's not getting the 2008 nomination

    and I said, you better talk to the rest of the people in your party, I've read about 10 articles this week all praising Hillary and about how she was going to save the party (I didn't mention all the polls that say Hillary is most popular amongst all voters including Dems)

    now I wished I had an opportunity to explore that - was it be because they are Southern Democrats or Christians or both, that they despised Hillary so or were they just part of the moonbat wing of the party and yet they didn't otherwise strike me as that wing of the party....they were clearly working in fields that were negatively affected by Bush policies, Jeb and George, however....


    things could get interesting if the Democratic Primaries evolve into a civil war or some Democratic candidate with just as much money and backing as Hillary, if someone puts together an Clintonesque machine, John Edwards????, in which Hillary might have to worry a bit

    I only say John Edwards, who up to now seems a lightweight because if you read some of the behind the scenes comments of Edwards at the time of the campaign and some of his comments since, I think he's snarkier and savvier than he appears...and more ambitious than even Kerry....

  • Who Are the Palestinians? - (let the U.N. and all anti-semites explain THIS!)

    06/12/2005 10:29:52 AM PDT · 83 of 99
    llama hunter to FreedomCalls

    well the smarter tribes, esp in Canada, made treaties with the white man and those treaties are still being argued in land claims case even today, where the "white man" aka government has reneged on certain promises

    but that is a different matter of course, because the conquerors agreed to a treaty and unlike the Muslims who have a rule that all treaties are only good for 10 years, if, courts will still consider, interpret and possibly uphold or order restitution for breaches of treaties that are a few centuries old

  • Quran desecration crock a win for Jihad spin docs

    06/12/2005 10:11:57 AM PDT · 21 of 23
    llama hunter to JarheadFromFlorida

    well give BBC some props, they actually have tried to do a good job covering Mugabe's behaviour and the efforts of the opposition DESPITE THE FACT Mugabe has banned the BBC from Zimbawe

    and what BBC has on tape, which was snuck out to them, before the election about 3-4 years ago, was a systematic campaign to beat and torture black and white opposition members, they had videotape of the victims, black and white, showing their injuries, not to mention the basic fact is that all of Mugabe's racist policies have only resulted in starvation for his people

    many blacks, who were farm workers, of course were also beaten and tortured and killed in the campaign to drive out the White farmers and they lost their livelihood.......

    heck even Bob Geldof recognizes, Mugabe Bad....

  • Quran desecration crock a win for Jihad spin docs

    06/12/2005 10:06:09 AM PDT · 20 of 23
    llama hunter to Graybeard58

    why doesn't anyone bring up Mugabe razing a mosque to every single person who bitches about this Koran thing from here on out

    I recall that the Muslim and Arab media were having fits if the US military entered a mosque even though shots were being fired at them from mosques and it turned out the mosque was a huge weapons cache....

    Steyn is right, the deliberate bulldozing of a mosque should be almost grounds for war, given the reaction to a drop of urine landing on a Koran by accident

  • Amnesty International And Moral Idiocy (The Left's Subversion Of Human Rights To Bash America Alert)

    06/07/2005 12:31:03 AM PDT · 6 of 9
    llama hunter to Fred Nerks

    keep up the good work, I'll be doing the same

  • Doing a 180 (John Kerry signs on dotted line. Plus: Separation of left and godlessness.)

    06/07/2005 12:29:15 AM PDT · 12 of 27
    llama hunter to Rabble

    where's a conservative minded Mark Felt when you need him eh?

  • Democracy is a Question Mark (What will it take for democracy to return to Pakistan?)

    06/07/2005 12:20:11 AM PDT · 2 of 4
    llama hunter to nickcarraway

    I hate to say this but the more I see how crazy Pakistanis are, the more I'm glad Musharraf is in power, and I know, I am a hypocrite

    the fact of the matter is that Pakistani politics is so deeply corrupt that Musharraf is in fact an improvement, now I am not naive Musharraf is not pure as the driven snow but in many aspects he exhibits innate common sense, not tht he has been able to implement his common sense like reforming the madrassas in Pakistan, assuming he wasn't just talking the talk but in Pakistan, just talking the talk can get you killed, so I have to impute some sincerity to Mushy, I just think he has gotten a little heady with all his power but on the other hand, given Pakistan has the nuke, I don't want a bunch of flag burning bride gang banging honour killing Shia bombing crazies to get their hands on those nukes anytime soon

    rumour has it, and one of the reasons Al Queda wants Mushy dead is that Mushy has a deal with the US to take control of the nukes if the Islamists nutbars grab power at some point, don't know if it is true or not, could be anti Mushy propaganda....

    I use to be a fan of Benazir Bhutto, until I read allegations that Bhutto, a supposed secularist, made her own deal with Al Queda

    her predecessor was alleged to be receiving money from Saudi Arabia to not allow Al Queda to operate in Pakistan

    of course he took the money and let Bin Laden operate, sounds quite plausible because Kashmir is still a priority for the Pakistan government....and AQ was heavily involved in Kashmir

    Bhutto decided she's keep up the same scam whilst in office as well

    and I thought, et tu Benazir, and you represent moderate Pakistan?????

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/07/2005 12:05:32 AM PDT · 44 of 205
    llama hunter to dila813

    for example why didn't anyone pick up on the odd wording of Kerry's discharge in 1978 that was in fact posted on his own website [never mind that I found proof myself that Kerry was telling people he was "honourably" discharged in 1970 - see Harvard Crimson Tide interview of John Kerry 1970] when his own records cannot prove this

    now the fact of the matter it was military legal types in the blogosphere and/or the NY Sun were the ones that picked up on the wording as being specific to discharges given under the Carter Amnesty

    I suspect that the Less than honourable discharge or any discharge that wasn't honourable, there is a range, were expunged under the Carter Amnesty and the only people who may know about it are bound by confidentiality agreements not to reveal that information

    someone on another thread noted that they bet if someone were enterprising that there may be other ways to find out, like reviewing the Nixon files...because surely if Kerry got the LHD because of his trips to Paris, Nixon would have either directed it or was informed of it...since Nixon so despised Kerry, but then you'd think John O Neill might have specific details or Pat Buchanan who worked in the Nixon White House at the time.....

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/06/2005 11:54:22 PM PDT · 41 of 205
    llama hunter to conshack

    you mean like teachers and report cards LOL

    only if you are a real bad apple or trully exceptional or the teacher just plain loves ya do they deviate

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/06/2005 11:49:58 PM PDT · 37 of 205
    llama hunter to dila813

    sorry there were 100 documents the Navy acknowledged it couldn't release without Kerry's consent - the Navy otherwise told Judicial Watch that a big chunk of the record Kerry already had posted on his website [how many documents did Kerry post on his website, not 100, that's for sure] but there was another 10 or 20 documents Judicial Watch did obtain that was not on Kerry's website, at least some of those documents involved one of the medal incidents and the NY Sun reported that the documents seemed to proved that one of Kerry's band of brothers who claimed he was present during one of the events where Kerry got a medal, I can no longer recall which one, according to the documents it would have been improbable he was there, the man was apparently listed as being in the hospital or on leave or some such thing at the very time this incident took place, naturaly no one in the MSM hiccuped at the NY Sun story but try to flush a Koran down the tiolet and whoa!!!!

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/06/2005 11:38:37 PM PDT · 33 of 205
    llama hunter to llama hunter

    I also remember right before the election that someone who worked with or under Kerry in the Navy was going to spill the beans on Kerry on Free Republic, the suggestion was this person either knew personally or worked under a Navy commander who knew that Kerry was less than honourably discharged but couldn't say anything unless Kerry consented or he would be breaking the law, and the Swift Boat Vets told him to stand down anyway

    the lefties wouldn't have gotten the significance anyway

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/06/2005 11:35:20 PM PDT · 30 of 205
    llama hunter to llama hunter

    the theory works for me, that Kerry was less than honourably discharged for his actions, going to Paris and negotiating with the enemy when he was still a commissioned officer and of course without authorization from the US government

    he deserved greater punishment, his behaviour was arguably treasonous, but Nixon likely didn't want to make Kerry a martyr

    there was some speculation too that a LHD precludes one from holding office as well....

    Kerry got lucky with the Carter amnesty

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/06/2005 11:30:37 PM PDT · 24 of 205
    llama hunter to Seaplaner

    I was too lazy to register to read the story, otherwise I would have emailed Kranish and said what about the 100 documents the Navy said it couldn't release without Kerry's consent you got those too did you Mikey boy?

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/06/2005 11:24:31 PM PDT · 21 of 205
    llama hunter to Auntie Dem

    well after all isn't that what Burkett was accusing Bush of doing, LOL..

    but at least W has a honourable discharge and he can prove it too

    and W served way more hours than he was supposed to, even with his campaign hiatus....

    the other possibility is that under the Carter amnesty, the military records were expunged of certain documents

    however it doesn't explain for example why Kerry lied and said he was honourably discharged in 1970 when he was campaigning in his first shot at office when his own records show he wasn't discharged until 1978

    and it doesn't explain the NY Sun story about what a Harvard Admissions Committee member said about why Kerry didn't get into Harvard Law School

    it also doesn't explain why all of Kerry's citations were amended on the day he got into the Senate or shortly thereafter...

    the third citation of the one medal doesn't make sense it is practically unheard of and the ranking officer who allegedly signed it said he never signed that citation....
    must have been a rubber stamp, literally....

  • Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

    06/06/2005 11:18:10 PM PDT · 14 of 205
    llama hunter to MJY1288

    something does not smell right

    Judicial Watch applied to get all of Kerry's Navy record,
    during the campaign, I followed this case very closely

    the Navy gave Judicial Watch a bunch of documents (including one that suggested that one of Kerry's band of brothers lied about being present for one of his heroic actions, the Navy document showed the man was in hospital or something, I think the NY Sun picked up on that as well)

    the Navy told Judicial Watch to go to Kerry's website for some of the documents [Judicial Watch was very pissed off, they felt they should get copies of the Navy originals not what John Kerry claimed was the copy of his record to make sure he hadn't deleted or altered what he had posted]

    and then the Navy said there were at least 100 documents they could not release without Kerry's consent

    now that 100 document number has been variously reported from 40 to 100 documents or pages of documents....which implies there are a bunch of documents out there that only Judicial Watch and maybe the NY Sun has seen and a bunch of documents no one has seen

    we can only conclude that Kerry got his records cleaned up before he even considered running or he got it cleaned up since the election realizing he still wanted to take a kick at the can and that Hillary would be gunning for any tidbit

    the nice thing about Hillary is if Kerry is hiding something, if Kerry did manage to whitewash his record, if anyone can find out he did, it will be Hillary....

  • We should know better It's become fashionable to blame immigants for all our ills

    06/06/2005 11:06:51 PM PDT · 89 of 284
    llama hunter to AzaleaCity5691

    aye there's the rub

    and whilst illegal immigrants have always been a portion of the immigrants coming in, the numbers have escalated putting onerous burdens on local governments near the Mexican border [that is why we encourage legal immigration so you can plan and allocate your resources accordingly) and add that little 9-11 quickly they forget....

    and if the Cardinal was listening, no one has a problem with legal immigration, if more workers are needed from outside the country, reform the system, don't reward law breakers....

  • Spain's Ex-PM to Israel: Ignore Europe

    06/06/2005 11:00:41 PM PDT · 5 of 18
    llama hunter to MadIvan

    you got that right, Ivan

    I'm betting Aznar's party will be back in the saddle next elections....

    in fact the weird thing is there could be a conservative wave in Europe

    the problem is conservative in Europe isn't quite conservative as even in Canada let alone the US but hey, it would be funny to see the leftists have a real hissy fit if we had conservative governments in power in France and Germany and Holland and the US and Spain and god a girl can dream Canada?

  • Amnesty International And Moral Idiocy (The Left's Subversion Of Human Rights To Bash America Alert)

    06/06/2005 10:56:54 PM PDT · 4 of 9
    llama hunter to Fred Nerks

    for AI to even back down one inch, means that letters like that one I sent them, where I was civil but angry, have had their effect

    why maybe AI even lost money instead of made money with their disgusting ploy or "fraudulent hyberbole" as I called it in my letter....

    the joke is on AI, they have made the whole organization irrelevant and not credible

  • Doing a 180 (John Kerry signs on dotted line. Plus: Separation of left and godlessness.)

    06/06/2005 10:49:48 PM PDT · 3 of 27
    llama hunter to King Prout

    "He's fairly confident that there is nothing in there that would be considered embarrassing or controversial," says a former adviser of Kerry.

    translation: he paid off his friends or blackmailed certain Navy officials to destroy anything that could be embarasssing or controversial, ie he had his record further whitewashed?

    because if there is nothing there, why didn't he deflate the Swift Boat Vets by releasing his military records then and there....

    the good news is if there is nothing there, he'll piss off all the Democrats for yet another strategic blunder....

    then again this is the same guy that said he knew the Viet Cong and they would have no reason to kill the South Vietnamese after the war ended....

  • Volunteers Look for Missing Teen in Aruba

    06/06/2005 10:44:40 PM PDT · 28 of 54
    llama hunter to injin

    a friend and I went to Barbados in 1985, after finishing university, we frequented this one bar about 4 nights, great open air bar with mixed crowd - we met this nice Canadian guy who filled us in on the bar owner's mode of operation- the bar owner was a friend of this guy and also very front and centre, partying in the bar every night, he was very charming, the Canadian guy warned us that we were his type, blonde blue eyed and 5"6 ish and that when he was going in for the kill, he would start buying you B52's, then he would say, can I take you on the tour of the bar at which point he would lure a girl to his office upstairs and the door was the kind that automatically locked, if you catch my drift, so god knows what happened to the chicks he was targetting on the other nights we were there, but then he started buying us B52s and gave me the line about going on a tour but since we knew his game, we kept letting him buy us alcohol and making sure neither of us ended up alone with this guy....we thought it was funny at the time but in retrospect I never thought about what the creep may have been doing to other women, we were just lucky we had inside information - I wonder if that bar is still operating and he's still operating like that....

    I imagine if you are inclined to bad behaviour, living in a tourist destination gives you lots of access and probably your victims are less likely to bring charges because of the inconvenience, and the island is small so you likely have friends in the police and elsewhere, esp this bar owner dude, his wife was the one with the money actually and she owned large chunks of the island, besides the resort and the bar...

  • Volunteers Look for Missing Teen in Aruba

    06/06/2005 10:23:10 PM PDT · 27 of 54
    llama hunter to injin

    sad but true

  • Volunteers Look for Missing Teen in Aruba

    06/06/2005 10:20:20 PM PDT · 25 of 54
    llama hunter to llama hunter

    speaking of which that reminds me of our high school trip to Italy,

    we could have gotten into so much more trouble than we did,

    we actually met the cops Rome has on patrol to keep tourists esp female from being taken advantage of by the male population and criminals....we were 15 and out without supervision...

    we partied with the cops the next night, they were off duty, they were sweeties....

  • Volunteers Look for Missing Teen in Aruba

    06/06/2005 10:17:12 PM PDT · 24 of 54
    llama hunter to injin

    hmmm, it is equally stupid going off with 3 white guys you just met at 2:00 am, especially when you are drunk, sorry, white guys do indeed rape, esp in large groups oh like football teams and frats, did you forget

    - besides I believe one of the guys she alleged left with was a white guy from Holland, guess they didn't arrest him, yet, gee hope it wasn't my sister's drug dealer friend, LOL

  • Volunteers Look for Missing Teen in Aruba

    06/06/2005 10:14:03 PM PDT · 23 of 54
    llama hunter to andyk

    I'd be thinking South America, Columbia, if we are thinking kidnapping, maybe she ran into some Columbian drug lords, Aruba a big destination for Columbians....

  • Volunteers Look for Missing Teen in Aruba

    06/06/2005 10:12:46 PM PDT · 22 of 54
    llama hunter to danmar

    Aruba is the very southern most part of the Caribbean only 50 miles north of the coast of Venezuela, it is part of three islands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, all former Dutch colonies,

    I've been to Aruba and of all the Caribbean Islands I have ever been to I've never felt more safe, the people are friendly, clean organized island, etc, very small island

    someone called into Scarborough Country and said he met the security guard they arrested, he said the guy was a great guy, warm and friendly, he would kid around with the man's seven year old, we thought all the staffers were friendly without being aggressive as they can be in other locales...

    crikey I went clubbing with one of the bartenders and a wacko couple from Canada, the couple from Canada were the nutjobs - long story short the wife was freaking out because hubby and bartender left the bar for about an hour, I now realize hubby and bartender went out to score some drugs, I was of the mind, hey they are 2 men, nothing to worry about, we're in walking distance of our hotel, they'll be back, let's keep dancing, lots of cute guys here....

    now my sister has been several times and she did get see a seamier side to Aruba on her last trip because she and her friend were hanging out with the water sports guy at her hotel, he was a Dutchman (we got Dutch blood) now this guy was also a drug dealer on the side and he took them to bars where perhaps the tourists don't hang out and some of the guys there were very aggressive but they weren't Arubian, they were South was Carnavale that week so Aruba was packed with people from all what my sister did say is she didn't fully appreciate until that last trip how the drugs were flowing on that otherwise safe island, I'm wondering if Natalee OD'd on something, died and someone panicked and dumped the body...that's my guess

    now also on Scarborough Country, someone raised the question of why the FBI is there, tourists go missing all the time and the FBI is not called in and some were questioning how this case rates the FBI, given the FBI is already stretched, the speculation is we are not getting all of the story and one wonders whether this is a kidnapping situation, the family spokesperson, who wouldn't talk about the FBI, did say the family was still hopeful this girl was alive and would be found...

    now why is that? after a week and some arrests - is it just denial or do they know something they aren't sharing? and yet the search parties continue?

    is it me or does the mother seem awful calm considering the situation?

  • Two Democrats Disavow Dean's Jab at GOP

    06/06/2005 9:50:32 PM PDT · 31 of 36
    llama hunter to decal

    you have to laugh, I was wondering when someone in the DNC was going to say something vs Dean, I knew the money issue was going to do it....

    as noted by some correspondent on Lou Dobbs

    as noted, sadly Dean speaks to the base however that means alienating the big money donors and Biden and Edwards know from 2004, that mobilizing the DNC base isn't going to win a future election but gain back moderates and grabbing some Republicans voters is their only hope and Dean will scare those voters away, each and every day....

    shall we take a pool on when Dean is asked to step down

    would that not be unprecedented too, shortest term served by a DNC Chairman, can Howie fake an illness or something to save face? but then again Terry McAuliffe was a dismal failure over 3 elections and they kept him on, but I think he raised way more money than Howie

  • Hillary Urges Press to Probe Bush

    06/06/2005 9:44:13 PM PDT · 128 of 189
    llama hunter to alpha-8-25-02

    Nice trash talk on Hillary when in fact the MSM have given her and her husband a free ride, even when you consider Monicagate

    look at bloody Kerry

    though I have to say it makes me think Hillary does have something up her sleeve, the RNC better get their spies on that....

  • PA Sermon: We Will Rule America; Israel a Cancer; Jews a Virus; Muslims Will Finish Them Off

    05/16/2005 7:20:56 PM PDT · 18 of 44
    llama hunter to SJackson

    man those Islamofascists never learn

    last guy who talked like that was Adolph Hitler....

  • Hamas victorious-Abbas was too afraid to crack down on terrorists when he had all the power

    05/16/2005 7:19:21 PM PDT · 7 of 13
    llama hunter to hugoball

    exactly, the good news is that Hamas and Hezbollah and the miltary factions of Fatah are honest in that they aren't going to give you the wishy washy Abbas- Arafat line that we want peace yadda yadda that appeases Europe et al....

    by electing Hamas the Palestinian people have spoken, they have chosen war over peace and the line is drawn, now Israel can go to town and I hope the West withdraws all funding from the PA

    it is too bad, the Palestinian people keep supporting the losing side, and they pay the price, not the crooks and terrorists in power....

  • Fighting Talk As Galloway (Brit MP) meets (US) Senate Accusers

    05/16/2005 7:14:25 PM PDT · 11 of 21
    llama hunter to rosy_toes

    Nah it could happen in Canada where we have a national party that is dedicated to destroying Canada, the Bloc Quebecois, and they get taxpayer money to do it with.....

  • Fighting Talk As Galloway (Brit MP) meets (US) Senate Accusers

    05/16/2005 7:12:57 PM PDT · 10 of 21
    llama hunter to rosy_toes

    I hope Norm is all warmed up for this scum bucket

  • Insurgentsí violence a bid for civil war? (AP finally figures it out)

    05/16/2005 7:05:45 PM PDT · 2 of 9
    llama hunter to jmc1969

    I just had a thought today, do you think Hezbollah, all pissed off about the Syrian pullout in Lebanon is providing more of an assist to Zarqawi and friends?

  • DoD Official Calls Story 'False' on Koran Desecration

    05/16/2005 7:04:14 PM PDT · 5 of 10
    llama hunter to Keith in Iowa

    did you hear Pakistan is demanding a probe into this incident

    sure Pakistan, when you have a probe into burning American flags, which occurs daily

    when you have a probe into honour killing

    when you conclude your probe into the poor girl gang raped by tribal order because of her brother's behaviour

    when you conclude your probe into the pathetic state of education in the madrassas

    when we conclude the CIA probe into how many Al Queda operatives you've been giving aid and comfort to....

    then we can talk

  • Study says acne drug [Accutane] does not cause depression [but there's still media bias]

    05/16/2005 6:58:53 PM PDT · 5 of 9
    llama hunter to beandog

    Accutane is the god send of dermatology, I only needed one course for horrible cystic acne, that plagued me for 10 years, and only after all other treatments had failed

    it should not be used for mild acne, it should be used for cystic acne

    the way it works is that it permanently changes the production of oil from your sebaceous glands which is what causes the cystic acne

    my poor dermatologist, I was the only patient she ever had that not only didn't get dry scabby skin, I needed to have the dosage upped in the 3rd month of the 5 month course,
    my skin felt normal for the first time since puberty!!! this at age 26....I suffered no noticable mood change except the natural elation at having my skin clear up!

    I had been treated by antibiotics before, not good in retrospect, and I developed an allergy to the one, tolerance to the other so I researched Accutane before asking the doctor, I saw the photos of deformed fetuses but I also saw that Accutane cures all these horrible skin diseases that most of us have never seen or heard of...

    when I went to the doctor it was hammered into your head that you could not be pregnant and must not get pregnant whilst on Accutane, it was on the bottle, on the package, in the literature, the doctor would repeat it, I had to sign about two or three waivers, so there is no excuse....this was back in 1986....

  • Poll shock: Nearly half might back McGreevey 49% would consider voting for him again

    05/04/2005 1:39:25 PM PDT · 14 of 29
    llama hunter to macaroona

    oh my god, New Jersey, the new Canada?

  • The Road to Mosul: U.S. troops patrol insurgency's front door (Village Voice report from the front)

    05/04/2005 1:33:37 PM PDT · 5 of 12
    llama hunter to Puppage

    well you know, say what you will about the Village Voice but it's abundantly more objective than you know who the MSM

    I don't whether it is because the VV publishes a lot of pieces from freelancers, not just staffers?

    case in point - Sidney Schanberg, a Pulitizer Prize winning
    journalist and war correspondent, the Killing Fields was based on his life and no Bush lover wrote at least two articles which were printed in the Village Voice, one in 2003, and one in 2004, where he claims John Kerry abandoned his Band of Brothers when he was Chairman of the Committee on MIA/POW Affairs and Schanberg goes further to state that Kerry's staff destroyed classified documents to hide evidence that POWs were alive and had been spotted in Vietnam - Schanberg has a grocey list of things Kerry did as Chairman which either means Kerry was rushing the report for his own or others agenda and many MIA families claim he had an agenda, his cousin was waiting on $900 million dollars of reconstruction contracts in Vietnam once relations were declared normalized or he was incompetent or both......

    and yet I found this no where else but in the Village Voice

    oddly the Republicans never brought this up, I felt at least it would be brought up because it was about the only real leadership role Kerry ever took in his whole Senate career and given his " I'm reporting for duty" schtick and Schanberg is no Bush sympathizer and thus a very objective source so one could argue Kerry either was an incompetent
    chairman or he certainly didn't care about his band of brothers then or surely the appearance of a conflict of interest was noteworthy now if not then.....

    could it be because John McCain was a prominent member of that committee?

    Schanberg was unhappy at the time of the Committee's final report, but he said he seemed to be the only one concerned in the media, the families of the POWs and MIAs were livid,
    Schanberg had thought Kerry being a former Vet would go to bat for his Band of Brothers and he was bitterly disappointed that Kerry hadn't come close in his opinion but Schanberg figured everyone was Vietnam fatigued by that time and just wanted to shove it in a dark hole never to resurface until he brought it up when Kerry starting seeking the Democratic nomination

  • Investment Accounts for Me, but Not for Thee

    05/04/2005 1:10:56 PM PDT · 24 of 27
    llama hunter to Wolfie

    well is there any reason to think the government would have any access to your private accounts, which you cannot say for the current SS funds.....

    I'm Canadian, does your government have access to your 401 K monies, no right and yet that is a government created financial vehicle right, it is also a mega tax saver for us over taxed Canadians......

    now let me get this straight too, is the Bush plan that instead of paying SS taxes, you can direct all or part of that tax to a personal account, up to a maximum yearly or would there be a maximum?

    can you add more money to that account if you wish or is that more like a 401 K

    I would just presume that the personal accounts would have more terms and restrictions than a 401 K but the government also couldn't touch it, if you can bequeath it to your heirs, then surely it is your money.......

  • Investment Accounts for Me, but Not for Thee

    05/04/2005 1:04:13 PM PDT · 23 of 27
    llama hunter to llama hunter

    this is another excellent post and it just goes to show the Democrats think they can fool all the people most of the time

    the Democrats keep losing more and more of their base and they realize with Bush's plan they are going to lose even more, so they hang on with all their might like the survivors of a sinking ship....

    if only the MSM was an objective press, the Democrats should be getting crucified here,

  • Investment Accounts for Me, but Not for Thee

    05/04/2005 1:01:13 PM PDT · 22 of 27
    llama hunter to marylandrepub1

    does China have Social Security benefits or is the family expected to take care of elderly parents

    of course being communists it's not like that big generation of retirees made much money in the first place

    I have often wondered where does the Chinese government gets all its revenue

    of course I've also heard China is so corrupt, maybe all the numbers are made up, Enron is nothing to them.....

  • Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty To Trespassing

    05/04/2005 12:46:53 PM PDT · 9 of 34
    llama hunter to KevinDavis

    someone should pull a Ronald Reagan, won't do your jobs, you're all fired,

  • Bold, contentious Jewish memorial opens in Berlin

    05/04/2005 12:44:21 PM PDT · 9 of 50
    llama hunter to kingsurfer

    I agree and then perhaps the memorial would be "less controversial"?

  • Crackdown On Web Site 'Hunters' (Kalifornia)

    05/04/2005 12:40:10 PM PDT · 12 of 40
    llama hunter to Verginius Rufus

    I saw a segment on this last night on TV and really, any self respecting male should be ashamed hunting like that, bad enough people are hunting with machine guns, I thought hunting was supposed to be a sport, if you want to hunt online I'm sure there are 1000's of video and computer games for your lazy ass

    though Rufus has a point on the pest angle, but even then it would be quicker just going out there and shooting the things

  • Strain starts to show on Blair

    05/03/2005 4:43:06 PM PDT · 4 of 10
    llama hunter to colorado tanker

    don't forget too, that Blair became a new daddy during this term, in fact didn't his wife have a baby right around the time of the Iraq war or was it before....

    maybe it was colicky? that would age you good......especially at that age........

  • After 9 1/2 years, brain-damaged man perks up

    05/03/2005 4:40:03 PM PDT · 37 of 103
    llama hunter to All

    I think that if someone is in a coma there is always a chance that person can come out it

    I may be wrong but isn't the coma itself like a defence mechanism for your brain & body in a way

    because they will induce comas for certain kinds of surgeries will they not?

  • Drudging up interest in news, eh?

    05/03/2005 4:31:42 PM PDT · 12 of 15
    llama hunter to llama hunter

    I eat haggis without knowing it was haggis and I thought it was good, then they told me after, and I thought, oh not so bad then

    hardly Fear Factor worthy though......

  • Drudging up interest in news, eh?

    05/03/2005 4:30:05 PM PDT · 11 of 15
    llama hunter to RegulatorCountry

    I'll stick with oatmeal thanks with a wee pinch of brown sugar

    I've never tried sweet potato pie, I got a recipe though, I think I'll make it this summer, I love sweet potatoes...

  • Drudging up interest in news, eh?

    05/03/2005 4:25:17 PM PDT · 10 of 15
    llama hunter to Norman Conquest

    sounds like grits would make a great facial, LOL