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  • Pam Bondi on Hannity tonight-is Pam acting more like a Dem AG? Eyeing a run for governor?

    09/12/2017 8:57:11 AM PDT · 47 of 52
    logician2u to xzins
    When I wrote "magically" it, I thought, best described how commodities (not necessarily valuable luxury items like jewelry, caviar and paintings by the masters) suddenly find their way to those in need, i.e., those who are willing to pay what it takes to move the needed commodity to the willing buyer.

    In a hurricane, or a civil disturbance, the state and local governments are quick to impose "order," which in their sense of the term means closing roads, evacuating non-essential personnel--which would include most of us old fogies--and figuring out where the stock of essential goods is located so it can be requisitioned when the time comes.

    Show me a director of FEMA who has ever had experience in the real world, taking a risk on ordering stuff that may or may not be sold at a profit. There aren't any.

    Government employees know nothing about purchasing, inventory, insurance, cost of labor, licenses, permits, regulations and myriad other details that come with running a business.

    How, then, do we expect emergency workers to micromanage a suddenly-disrupted economy whose working they have next to zero direct knowledge of, other than as a consumer?

    I won't argue with you about gasoline being more difficult to come by than water, most of the time. But are out-of-state tankers likely to want to resupply Florida gas stations at great personal risk for the usual price? And, if those same stations can't raise the price at the pump to cover without being fined by the state, what reason is there for them to stay open once they run out?

    The market economy works in mysterious ways, too complex for even educated economists to fully understand. I've only touched on one small element with the gas station. Multiply that by a large number of daily transactions, locally and nationally, then throw in world commerce and you have a really complex system of trade, for which we should all be grateful. We'd all be without shoes and hungry without it, just like they are in Haiti.

    Although it was written many years ago, Leonard Read's I, Pencil is one of the most amazing short stories I've ever read. If you haven't heard of it, you will benefit greatly by reading this short essay.

    Wiki entry with links

  • Pam Bondi on Hannity tonight-is Pam acting more like a Dem AG? Eyeing a run for governor?

    09/12/2017 6:53:19 AM PDT · 44 of 52
    logician2u to mtrott


  • Pam Bondi on Hannity tonight-is Pam acting more like a Dem AG? Eyeing a run for governor?

    09/12/2017 6:51:12 AM PDT · 43 of 52
    logician2u to xzins
    The laws of economics are more powerful, more permanent than any man-made laws despite man's/women's constant, futile efforts to replace them with what they truly believe is something better.

    Those who refuse to accept the "theories" (such as the peculiar way supply of a commodity magically increases when consumer demand drives prices up) that have been proven time and time again live in a dream world.

    Unfortunately, too many deniers of economic reality hold positions in the government or the media. Or churches, even--imagine that.

    Their power over the mostly-uneducated population, whether by way of pronouncements, encyclicals or the brute force of the state, is, in most cases, fleeting. Exceptions exist: see Haiti, Brazil, Zimbabwe, the former Soviet Union.

    If you were around in 1971, you'll recall that President Nixon had a sure-fire solution to the woes of inflation this country faced: wage and price controls. How'd that work for you? We got that idiot peanut farmer for president partly as a result of Nixon's failed policies, and he was even worse. A malaise. Red flags and green flags. 12% interest rates. Stores running out of peanut butter and toilet paper.

    We can only hope those days won't be repeated in this century.

    But I wouldn't put any money on it.

  • Pam Bondi on Hannity tonight-is Pam acting more like a Dem AG? Eyeing a run for governor?

    09/11/2017 10:44:22 PM PDT · 15 of 52
    logician2u to mtrott
    More proof--as if it were needed--that Republicans are as illiterate as Demoncrats on economics, and especially so when there is a disaster of some sort.

    They'll run for office as "a free-market conservative" and sign on to every anti-market, anti-freedom-of-contract regulation once in office. All that separates them from the Dems is they usually won't go along with the unions on matters of importance to organized labor, e.g., minimum wage increases, prevailing wage on federal contracts, right-to-work laws.

    I know, an attorney general doesn't have to be expert on everything, and chances are if she took an econ course as an undergrad it was slanted toward the Keynesian school of tax-and-spend, which predominates among the scholarly elite. Her education didn't prepare her for hurricanes and (heaven forbid!) subsequent shortages of basic necessities like water, power, gasoline and toilet paper.

    Ms. Bondi, if she truly wants to advance her political career, might want to brush up a bit on basic economics and try to set herself apart from Democrats who are totally inept in that area and plan to stay that way.

    The same recommendation applies to a couple of southern governors who call themselves Republicans, BTW.

  • Favorite Weather Songs.Tell us your Favorites.Freeper Canteen.9~1~17

    08/31/2017 7:55:14 PM PDT · 236 of 295
    logician2u to fatima
    A Foggy Day - Fred Astaire, in A Damsel in Distress, 1937
  • First Video Shows Extensive Damage To USS John McCain After Collision With Tanker

    08/21/2017 7:34:33 AM PDT · 4 of 93
    logician2u to Enlightened1
    Not seaworthy without major repairs.

    Maybe it's time to retire both John McCains?

  • 'Not dead, just changing': What the future holds for the American mall

    08/14/2017 12:36:43 AM PDT · 19 of 55
    logician2u to grobdriver
    You bring up something that seldom gets a mention in business and trade publications such as this one. It's not PC to say there are certain "customers" malls would rather not have as their very presence drives shoppers elsewhere.

    And because of the bad publicity it would generate, mall managers hesitate to crack down on loiterers (mostly in their teens and 20s) who scare away customers by their appearance, attitude and language.

    Of course, Democrats are quick to defend miscreants against the selfish business owners who, every so often, do have to get police help to eject them from the premises.

    Police brutality! Racial profiling! Call the ACLU.

    Would this be a major contributor to the decline of shopping centers generally, and the reason so many former customers are opting to shop at Amazon? I think so.

  • How Congress could dump Trump and get Pence as president (The Queen of the NeoCons)

    08/13/2017 10:40:22 PM PDT · 25 of 32
    logician2u to 2ndDivisionVet
    Ms. Rubin says
    . . most elected Republicans acknowledge that Trump is a menace, a danger to the party and to the country.
    . . yet there's ample evidence that it's really most elected Republicans (and almost all Democrats) who are the greater danger to the country.

    Is it any wonder that polls have Congress with lower positive ratings--by half--than the "unpopular" Trump?

  • NPR: Women at Google were so upset over memo citing biological differences they skipped work

    08/08/2017 5:51:11 PM PDT · 61 of 69
    logician2u to softengine
    The problem extends a ways beyond Silicon Valley, unfortunately.

    Excepting the home-grown businesses such as Ben and Jerry's where corporate ideology has shadowed the founders' own politics, it's fairly obvious that many if not most large corporations are beholden to their largest customers, one of which is located in that swampy area in a district carved out of the boundary between the states of Virginia and Maryland.

    If I had a dollar for every government employee or federal contractor required to undergo "diversity training" to remain employed I'd be a rich man. (Oh, I can't use that term. I'd be a wealthy human person citizen.)

  • Jim Marrs, Texas-based conspiracy theorist and author, dies at 73

    08/03/2017 3:19:40 PM PDT · 31 of 52
    logician2u to rodguy911; All
    Thanks to everyone for your replies on this thread. You've boosted my knowledge/appreciation of Jim (and Texxe) Marrs by several points, and confirmed in my own mind that being skeptical about the "official version" of events will likely brand one as a conspiracy theorist by the intelligencia in the news media.

    Incidentally, although most consider the phrase "conspiracy theory" useful to discredit an author or speaker without bothering to produce a counter-argument, not all such theories are fake, phony or pure fantasy. Look it up in Wikipedia.

    The truth will eventually come out.

  • Jim Marrs, Texas-based conspiracy theorist and author, dies at 73

    08/03/2017 8:06:41 AM PDT · 1 of 52
    Most of the Wrongicle's readers won't know who Jim Marrs was.

    I would hope that a larger percentage of FReepers do.

    At any rate, his passing deserves a mention here, and one without the snarkiness most lefty news sources will no doubt attach to it.

    My heartfelt condolences to Jim Marrs' family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  • Participant in Cliven Bundy standoff sentenced to 68 years in prison

    07/30/2017 9:48:05 AM PDT · 111 of 120
    logician2u to Robwin
    Another example of journalism tilted toward the government whenever it suits the publisher's bias:

    The case has been watched closely as it marked another round between the federal government and those who believe public lands should be transferred to local control

    Had this been an article about blacks protesting police brutality, or about SEIU unionists demanding higher wages for hotel workers, or about any other "oppressed" group using public roadways, parks and property to express their grievances, the front-page story would have been one sympathetic to the demonstrators. And the word "believe" would not have appeared anywhere in the story.

    There are those of us who cling to the proposition that the United States Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights, defines the limits of federal power and is not a "living document" as some might think. We do not "believe" federal landholdings in the western states are contrary to the specific wording of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. They are contrary, and need to be relinquished to the respective States or sold to the highest bidder.

    Easterners, who pretty much dominate the executive branch and Congress, are absolutely clueless when it comes to trying to eke out a living in the Great American Desert and having to comply with endless regulations, restrictions and limitations imposed by faceless Washington bureaucrats who have never traveled west of the Mississippi except as tourists.

    It's time for a change.

  • Hillary Clinton calling new book 'What Happened'

    07/27/2017 8:33:37 AM PDT · 48 of 99
    logician2u to Sub-Driver
    Sorry, Hill. That title has already been used. And the basic theme has been used, although from a different perspective.

    WARNING: Reading this book could result in a case of BDS.

  • Who Gives the SPLC the Right to Designate Who is a Hater?

    07/16/2017 7:47:10 PM PDT · 27 of 36
    logician2u to impetrio1
    What we need to do, as a defensive measure, is to lean on our local officials -- mayor, city council, selectmen, aldermen, etc -- and make certain that the local police do not rely on any reports issued by the SPLC as a guide for targeting individuals for surveillance.

    This has been done in the past. Following the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, a number of right-wing "patriots" got third-degree interrogations based only on their association with "militia" organizations as broadly defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I suspect a few FReepers also got swept up in the hysteria of '95.

    The "facts" about "hate groups" as defined by the SPLC got wide distribution within law enforcement and were accepted without question from what I understand.

    In today's environment, with their advanced methods of surveillance, a person targeted as a "hater" could potentially be tracked just about everywhere, as if he were a terrorist. (But if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear, right?) An unpleasant confrontation with a cop in an interrogation room would only be the start. Once word got out, a person could lose a career, good credit, friends, even his marriage. There are no laws to protect a person from an unwarranted inquisition, and it would be an expensive proposition to fight it in court.

    The SPLC is entitled to their left-wing opinion as much as we are entitled to ours. The organization should not, under any circumstances, be taken as an authority. We need to make certain our local lawmen refuse to follow any orders based on reports issued by the SPLC.

  • Poll: Most Republicans say colleges have negative impact on US [Pew]

    07/12/2017 11:03:19 AM PDT · 21 of 26
    logician2u to Olog-hai
    Polls such as this one need to be a little more specific in wording their questions.

    To most Americans, the word "country" evokes an emotional response, usually of a positive nature. "My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty . . ', etc.

    Democrats -- who represent a rather large minority of the voting population -- are mostly hung up on a fiction they've been told by their peers, parents and pedagogues for generations: that "we" are the government. As far as they are concerned, what's good for the government is good for us, the country.

    It is not surprising that Democrats are highly supportive of higher education, especially state-sponsored higher education, as the amount of money spent would seem to be worth it: an ever-increasing pool of college graduates steeped in the pot of social justice ready to go forth and change the world, electing Democrats and Socialists as a first step.

    Republicans lost the college advantage fifty years ago, and it's unlikely to swing back for another fifty years.

    The catalyst? Viet-Nam.

  • Hiding US Lies About Libyan Invasion

    07/12/2017 9:27:56 AM PDT · 4 of 12
    logician2u to Lorianne
    Son or daughter of Mockingbird?

    That would warrant an FBI investigation under normal circumstances, except these are not normal times. Instead, priorities are skewed toward satisfying political objectives.

    Thanks for posting, and I hope there will be a follow-up.

  • Why Modern Architecture SUCKS

    06/30/2017 7:17:23 PM PDT · 64 of 76
    logician2u to Lorianne
    It is not an excuse, other than to note that more and more contemporary structures are either built for or under sponsorship of one or another body of government. It goes way beyond city halls, courthouses and jails, too.

    Corporations have at least some sense of balance when they contract with an architect for a headquarters building or a regional office. They must consider how a new building is going to enhance their product marketing, productivity, employee morale, public perception, etc. But above all, the building's purpose, cost and life expectancy have to fit with the corporation's long-term projections for growth and profitability.

    No such constraints would likely apply for a federal building, a VA hospital, or a federal courthouse. (I was looking for a sketch of a proposed mint from the 1980s but couldn't find it. Talk about form before function!)

  • History Channel's special series: "America's War on Drugs"

    06/23/2017 10:05:20 PM PDT · 3 of 23
    logician2u to ifinnegan


  • History Channel's special series: "America's War on Drugs"

    06/23/2017 9:53:05 PM PDT · 1 of 23
    One request before I sign off for the evening: please keep it civil.
  • Ascot revellers enjoy a tipple and kick off their heels to relax on the grass as Ladies Day [tr]

    06/22/2017 12:14:12 PM PDT · 25 of 27
    logician2u to C19fan
    Do you believe everything you read in the papers?

    Even the British press would seem to specialise in half-truths, fakery and outright lies these days.

    Perhaps in man-bites-dog tradition, that same London rag once published this photo in honor of their cherished (and often illustrious) past:

    If they all were dressed like this at Ascot it would make Churchill Downs look like a picnic in the park with juleps.