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  • (Vanity) FOX News: There's really nothing wrong with what Candy Crowley did!

    08/11/2016 4:06:54 PM PDT · 65 of 111
    Longbow1969 to chris37
    What is achieved by watching “The Five”? What practical difference or change occurs in your life as a result of watching “The Five”?

    Kimberly Guilfoyle still has nice legs. So there's that.

  • NBC Online poll puts lie to media poll narratives: Trump 54% and Stein 20% leads Clinton

    08/11/2016 1:16:34 PM PDT · 41 of 47
    Longbow1969 to jmaroneps37
    I suppose only you know that secret and Bernie’s people don’t know it. When you have That large a gap it is like the large gaps in “Who won the debates?” They were accurate indicators of Trump’s ultimate success. Take away nothing from this poll at your own peril. If you think it hasn’t been an upsetting factor in Hillaryland I disagree. It also shows a sharp lack of enthusiasm wouldn’t you agree?

    You appear to be the owner of the Coach blog I see posted here quite often. As such, you should KNOW by now that on-line unscientific polls like this are meaningless. If they mattered, Ron Paul would be finishing up his second term as President.

    You also said they block people via IP from multi voting, and without any effort at all I showed that to be utterly false.

    Yes, if on-line polls are always skewing one way then that MIGHT give you some indication of intensity of support, but just like large rallies it does not give you an idea of depth of support - and depth of support is what matters in elections.

    Seriously, you should know this. Perhaps you are just trying to lift people's spirits, but feeding them nonsense is not the answer. It reminds me of what Breitbart was doing leading up to the Ryan v Nehlen vote. If you read Breitbart you'd have thought Ryan was in the race of his life and in danger of being upset by Nehlen. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The race was never close. Breitbart was feeding its readers a pile of steaming BS and of course Nehlen lost by like 75%.

    Trump is lagging in the polls at this time. That is just the fact. All this nonsense about him leading in social media, some dopey website claiming to "un-skew" polls again, etc, are all the same dung we heard in 2012. Trump has plenty of time to turn things around, but rather than lie to people about the state of the race we are better off discussing what can be done to help defeat Hillary. Even if Trump were ahead we should be acting as if he were 10 points down to keep our guard up.

    I think the best way to look at it is this. Trump has been under unprecedented attack - even worse than Sarah Palin got. I have never seen the media go after someone as viciously as they have Trump over the last several weeks. Yet STILL Trump is within striking distance (probably only 7 or 8 points down) and it isn't even Labor Day. The real good news here is likely the "boy who cried wolf" effect. If Trump can survive this, it is very possible that the public might ignore the media attacks in the future.

  • NBC Online poll puts lie to media poll narratives: Trump 54% and Stein 20% leads Clinton

    08/11/2016 12:23:42 PM PDT · 37 of 47
    Longbow1969 to jmaroneps37
    Really thanks so much for setting me straight I thought 66k respondents where they blocked your IP address after one vote was worth sometime; but you make a real fine point there, a real fine point ha ha ha.

    I just voted 5 times in a row simply by clearing my cache/history. They are not blocking my IP after each vote.

    These kinds of unscientific on-line polls are utterly and completely useless in determining the state of the race or who will win an election. Really, you should know better than to post this sort of nonsense.

  • NBC Online poll puts lie to media poll narratives: Trump 54% and Stein 20% leads Clinton

    08/11/2016 11:16:30 AM PDT · 27 of 47
    Longbow1969 to jmaroneps37
    We Trump supporters now have definitive forensic proof that the polls we are being fed by the large media outlets are universally faked.

    This is an on-line click bait poll. It has no scientific value whatsoever, nor is it "forensic proof" of anything. The fact that Jill Stein is leading Hillary should have been a bright flashing light to you that this poll is worthless. There is no chance at all, in the real world anyway, that the Green Party candidate is ahead of the Democrat Party candidate in the polls.

  • Guest on Fox News delusional.(vanity)

    08/11/2016 10:33:38 AM PDT · 29 of 33
    Longbow1969 to Signalman

    Well, Trump won fair and square but your logic is pretty flawed and I have seen this line of thinking repeatedly.

    Do you think Walter Mondale was really the best the Dem’s could put up in 1984 against Reagan? Do you think George McGovern was the best the Democrats could nominate against Nixon in 1972? How about Kerry in 2004? Do you think he was really the best the Democrats could do against Bush?

    Parties don’t always nominate the best candidate for a general election. Sometimes voters in primaries do not prioritize winning the general election above all else. In this primary it seems that immigration and trade policy were more important to primary voters than simply winning a general election.

  • AP: Paul Ryan wins primary

    08/09/2016 7:53:38 PM PDT · 109 of 277
    Longbow1969 to rockinqsranch
    THAT’s when I knew Nehlan wasn’t going to win. It was a political move on Trumps part, and it will payoff down the road, but I am disappointed Ryan won.

    Trump's endorsement had nothing whatsoever to do with Ryan winning this primary. Ryan was going to win anyway - and by a huge margin.

    Nehlen lost by like 70%. Every serious poll (ie, not anything from Breitbart) showed Ryan would win in a landslide. Trump would have gained nothing by endorsing a sure loser like Nehlen.

  • Donald Trump Leading New Poll Averages +0.9% (from 8/1)

    08/09/2016 7:31:38 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    Longbow1969 to cba123

    LongRoom is a bunch of crap. It is nothing more than the “Unskewed Polls” of 2012 rehashed for 2016. Click bait at best, deceiving decent people into believing a fantasy at worst.

    When will folks every learn....

  • LongRoom Unbiased Poll (Trump 43.6%, Clinton, 42.8%...Trump by .6%)

    08/08/2016 12:46:05 PM PDT · 63 of 112
    Longbow1969 to xzins
    Nope. It isn’t. These people were around then and were the most accurate in their predictions.

    Nonsense. This site didn't exist 30 years ago, it doesn't even look liked it existed before January. The methodology, such that it exists, is ridiculous. It's the same stupid crap as "Unskewed Polls". It is totally made up BS.

    For the umpteenth time, you can NOT "unskew" a poll. You can reject it, accept it, incorporate it into an average of polls - but you can not "unskew" it, which is exactly what this website is doing.

  • LongRoom Unbiased Poll (Trump 43.6%, Clinton, 42.8%...Trump by .6%)

    08/08/2016 10:39:30 AM PDT · 36 of 112
    Longbow1969 to xzins

    This is just more “unskewing” polls. It is the same nonsense people fell for in 2012.

    You can’t “unskew” a poll like this site and others in the past attempted to do.

    A poll is a poll, accept it or reject it. Trying to apply your own special sauce to it does not work.

    The best bet is to simply go by the RCP average. It isn’t perfect, but it averages all the polls that are regarded as scientific. Last time people complained that the D+ sample was too large, but the polling turned out to be fairly accurate - especially on the state level.

  • Paul Ryan must be defeated on Tuesday in our first step to saving America

    08/07/2016 10:25:14 AM PDT · 18 of 38
    Longbow1969 to alloysteel
    How likely is this possibility of being “primaried out”?

    None, Ryan will win easily.

    It may carry a little weight for Ryan that The Donald has given at least lukewarm support.

    Ryan did not need Trump's "endorsement". Trump did that for other reasons including the fact that he knew Ryan would win anyway. Trump wants a chance to win Wisconsin and he can't even begin to work towards that without the Ryan, Walker, etc, GOTV machine working with him rather than against him.

  • Paul Ryan Faces the Voters on Tuesday — And It Looks Like a Blowout Is Coming

    08/05/2016 11:32:45 AM PDT · 26 of 60
    Longbow1969 to cotton1706

    Paul Ryan will likely win easily. The very few real polls that have been taken have shown that.

    Ryan doesn’t need Trump’s endorsement to win this district. Trump may endorse Ryan simply because he already knows Ryan will win.

  • Donald Trump Leading New Poll Averages +0.9%

    08/04/2016 1:11:12 PM PDT · 42 of 59
    Longbow1969 to drjimmy
    Because “unskewing” the polls worked so well last time...

    That anyone would fall for that yet again......yet here we are with people believing you can "unskew" polls and another website pushing out that kind of nonsense.

  • Rasmussen White House Watch: Clinton 44%, Trump 40%, Johnson, 6%, Stein 3%

    08/04/2016 9:25:59 AM PDT · 57 of 133
    Longbow1969 to stockpirate
    I’ll bet this poll is cooked

    You could try to "unskew" them. People tried that in 2012 and it worked so well, right? There are 8 polls in the RCP average right now and all show Shrillery, the screechy bag of bones, winning. Are you saying they are all "cooked"? Can we not at least be honest about the state of the race, or will we just wear blinders till the day after the election?

    These polls are just a snapshot in time. They are useful in that regard. You can look at the polling and get a feel for what is and isn't working. To just ignore them, especially when they are all pointing in the same direction, is utter folly.

  • Trump Just Promised To Double Down On Obama's Failed Stimulus

    08/04/2016 6:40:09 AM PDT · 54 of 96
    Longbow1969 to Little Ray
    So, massive amounts of wasteful spending is okay when our candidate does it?

    It's just truly stunning to see this. We fought Obama's stimulus/infrastructure government make-work projects tooth and nail, and now that our candidate proposes more of the same almost everyone here seems to be for it....

  • Media Narrative: Trump washed up, no way he can win, get out now!

    06/16/2016 7:40:21 AM PDT · 21 of 44
    Longbow1969 to NKP_Vet
    In past election years you had the party bosses lining up in support of their nominee. Not this year.

    Well, that's because Trump insulted and bullied his way through the primaries - even suggesting idiotic things such as Ted Cruz's father was part of the JFK murder.

    He is now reaping what he's sewn. He has little support among elected Republicans, horrifically high negatives among a general election audience, and no echo chamber backing him up (other than maybe the alt-Right which is still confined for the most part to the twitterverse). He says he doesn't need the Republican party, but that is laughably naive.

    And you ignore the polling at your own peril. We did that last time around (and the time before) and the bulk of the national and state polls were pretty accurate. I really hope we aren't going to go through another cycle of delusion, unskewing polls and all that nonsense.

    Once the conventions are over and we pass Labor Day we will have a better idea how things are going, but it looks to me like the Trump operation is light years behind Mrs. Bag of Bones Clinton.

    Hillary is a terrible candidate, but has a great general election operation. Trump has a chance, but the odds are clearly stacked against him. I would like to know whatever happened to all those billions he could use to self finance? Looks to me like he has no plans to do that at all in the general election piece of the campaign. That leads me to believe he really doesn't have all that much liquid cash as he led people to think.

    Still a very long way to go, anything can happen.

  • GOP OFFICE HOLDERS: If Trump is Kicked Out, we walk too, and YOU WILL LOSE (vanity)

    06/11/2016 8:36:25 AM PDT · 26 of 51
    Longbow1969 to BobL

    First, it isn’t going to happen anyway. Unless Trump voluntarily quits, he is going to be the nominee.

    Second, they think they are going to lose WITH Trump at the top of the ticket, so your threat is pretty meaningless.

    Third, the smarter ones will have already figured out that if Trump is destined to lose badly (as they believe) because he is an awful general election candidate, it is better that there be no excuses. No 3rd parties, no trying to replace him as the nominee, etc. If Trump goes on to get crushed, as much conventional wisdom holds, then his brand of populist/protectionism will be driven from the party.

    There will be no coup at the convention. Trump is the nominee.

  • Rubio: I still believe Trump can't be trusted with the nuclear codes

    06/09/2016 7:44:01 PM PDT · 20 of 133
    Longbow1969 to 2ndDivisionVet
    There goes whatever chance he had of remaining in politics.

    Unless Trump gets trounced, which is a very real possibility. In which case people like Rubio will lead the charge to purge the party of Trumpism. That will be his mission, and he will have a lot of party support in doing it.

    Rubio would be better off just shutting up since he is coming off as wishy washy, but make no mistake - if Trump gets clobbered the GOP is going to work to drive every last bit of Trump populism/protectionism out of the party. You can already see its begun, many of these people are just hoping Hillary wins and wins big so they can exact revenge on Trump and his supporters.

  • Hillary will not be indicted. (vanity)

    06/09/2016 7:34:37 PM PDT · 20 of 89
    Longbow1969 to Leaning Right

    Of course she won’t be indicted. Obama knows what is going on behind the scenes, he would never have been itching to endorse her if he even thought there was the slightest chance of indictment.

  • Laptop hijacked, need help. (Vanity)

    06/09/2016 6:28:18 PM PDT · 24 of 62
    Longbow1969 to Viking2002
    First advice: stay off porn and click-bait sites.


  • Fox News Poll: Trump drops, now trails Clinton (24/7 Trump blasting having an affect?)

    06/09/2016 5:06:27 PM PDT · 73 of 113
    Longbow1969 to lacrew
    And after the dust has settled, I think this judge will have to recuse himself...likely delaying the case.

    Pretty sure the judge delayed the case past the November election anyway. Trump's legal team never asked for a recusal, nor had they said anything particular negative about this judge.

    This was an unforced error by Trump. Several days were wasted on this crap and he will now have to restart the process of unifying the party.

    And as to the poll, are we really going to go down "the polls are skewed" nonsense road? We did this in 2012 and the polling average and state polls were pretty accurate.

    The good news is Hillary is so unpopular a dead raccoon might be able to beat her, but some here who have this idea that Trump will just cruise to victory are badly misjudging how this will go.

  • Tabloid says it has proof: Ted Cruz’s father is mystery man in Lee Harvey Oswald photo

    04/24/2016 5:17:28 PM PDT · 132 of 199
    Longbow1969 to Lazamataz

    Heh, so the National Enquirer sex scandal story didn’t pan out so well so now they are on to this loopy stuff.

    I am sure Alex Jones will have fun with it at least.

    Oh and by the way, to all the Trumpsters who swore up and down that the “Cruz sex scandal” would have legs - what happened? We were told the proof was just days away, that Politico was about to release a major story with evidence, etc, etc. None of it came to pass. The whole thing was a bunch of garbage, just as Cruz said it was.

  • MUST WATCH! Ted Cruz, his wife and his two daughters answer questions on CNN with Anderson Cooper

    04/14/2016 5:35:32 PM PDT · 50 of 50
    Longbow1969 to Starboard

    Well, that worked out to be a reasonable discussion in the end.

    The things you mention that you most like about Trump are also the things I do like about him - immigration, a rejection of political correctness and I will add an ability to reject media narratives.

    My concern is that Trump is not what he says he is. I look at his track record and I guess I just see someone saying whatever he thinks he has to say at this moment in time. Additionally there are just too many areas he is more in agreement with Sanders than in tune with conservative ideas. Rebuilding our infrastructure for one. That is simply code for massive stimulus programs. Didn’t we oppose that when Obama was pushing it? Now suddenly it’s a good idea? Protectionism rather than reforming OUR laws to make us more competitive is another. I also don’t like this view he has that our armed forces are some sort of mercenary army that people should be paying for. It is almost as if he has no idea history, how we arrived at protecting some of these nations, why we do it, what we gain from it. It just strikes me that he is looking at everything as a static, zero sum, tit for tat. That just isn’t how the world works. It also concerns me that Trump seems to have an affinity for people like Putin. I really do think he admires the strong man type and that is not the kind of leader I believe our democratic republic needs. And the list goes on.

    I do applaud some of what Trump says and does, I just wish I could believe any of it. I really do think that most Trump and Cruz people are talking past each other. We seem to have been able to bridge that gap pretty easily, but I just feel that way with most Trump people. And to be fair, I guess a lot of Trump people view Cruz supporters the same way. I do think it is fair to say though that the two sides really are, for the most part anyway, talking past each other to such an extent that I wonder how they will ever reconcile. I suppose most will, I hope so anyway, but this is a pretty deep divide we are dealing with right now.

    Anyway, cheers and thanks for your comments. You make some good points and I will keep an eye out for your posts in the future.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,April 14,2016

    04/14/2016 4:49:41 PM PDT · 45 of 62
    Longbow1969 to kanawa
    ‘Levin will have a clear conscience’ in helping elect Hillary.

    I do agree the #NeverTrump bit is idiotic. Much as I don't like all, I think it is suicidal to refuse to vote for him against Hillary if Trump is indeed the nominee. I also think Trump would get utterly destroyed in a general election, so I doubt it would make any difference other than to maybe help save the Senate and some House seats.

    Saying that, I sure see a lot of #NeverCruz people right here on FR. That is equally dumb. I support Cruz, but whichever of them, Trump or Cruz, wins the nomination will get my vote against Hillary.

  • MUST WATCH! Ted Cruz, his wife and his two daughters answer questions on CNN with Anderson Cooper

    04/14/2016 4:41:36 PM PDT · 47 of 50
    Longbow1969 to Starboard
    I get the sense that you don’t see any shortcomings at all with Cruz. A little myopia there perhaps, not unlike what you accuse Trump supporters of.

    No, that is just the thing. I CAN and DO discuss the shortcomings of Cruz. I always thought he was the most "pure" conservative, but he has serious likability issues and comes across as if he has been running for President since the day he emerged from the birth canal. There is no doubt that Cruz, conservative as he may be, would have trouble beating a pretty terrible Hillary Clinton candidate. Cruz was my first choice in that I agree with almost all his positions and conservative track record, but I had also hoped an accomplished governor like Walker would do better and perhaps be an realistic alternative if Cruz didn't catch on. But it didn't work out that way. The problem is I think Trump would get utterly destroyed in a general election. I see no path to victory for Donald, none.

    I rarely find a Trump supporter who can discuss, rationally and without emotion, the pluses and minuses of their candidate. Perhaps you can, but most I run into can not. They are just too emotionally invested in him.

    Look, Cruz has his supporters and in theory a lot of the #NeverTrump people and he can't even really break away from Kasich let alone consistently beat Trump in most of the polling I've seen. I am more than happy to discuss those things rationally. But again, I almost never find a Trump supporter who can do the same. What I find is that almost all the Trump followers I know and come across are just wed to him so completely that they get quite angry if you challenge him at all. It is almost as if they feel Trump is so obviously the right choice and anyone who disagrees is an unpatriotic heretic.

  • Mark Levin Show,M-F,6PM-9PM,EDT,WABC AM,April 14,2016

    04/14/2016 4:13:52 PM PDT · 38 of 62
    Longbow1969 to beandog
    He’s not the least bit intimidated by tRump or his merry band of tRumpsters.

    Well, Levin is actually supporting the conservative in the race which is quite clearly Ted Cruz. That is intellectual honesty. He is not selling his principles down the river for ratings. In fact he is calling out those who do. Levin will be quite fine. None of this Donald Trump stuff is going to end well. He will either lose the nomination and then cry and whine about it, or he will win the nomination and get smashed by Hillary (you know, that old bag of bones Trump donated to AND gave $100,000 to the utterly corrupt Clinton Foundation). There will be a reckoning, and Levin will have a clear conscience and will have to play a big part in picking up the pieces of a conservative movement full of way too many people who backed a populist, protectionist instead of an actual conservative.

  • MUST WATCH! Ted Cruz, his wife and his two daughters answer questions on CNN with Anderson Cooper

    04/14/2016 3:52:54 PM PDT · 45 of 50
    Longbow1969 to Starboard
    Turns out that what she claims never happened and a judge has dismissed the bogus charges.

    I haven't read up on this a great deal, but from what I saw today on the news what you've stated is entirely incorrect. The police had probable cause to make the arrest, and the prosecutors office determined they couldn't make a case - ie, no reasonable likelihood of getting a conviction. I don't recall anyone in law enforcement or the prosecutors office saying it didn't happen. Far from it. The prosecutor simply determined there wasn't enough to make a case.

    As to intellectual honesty... This is the part that is so amazing for me to watch. You nit pick at Cruz over this Fields issue, yet ignore the fact that the guy you are supporting has demonstrated NO intellectual honesty on any policy matter whatsoever. Trump flip flips, changes positions as needed and basically says whatever he happens to think is necessary at the time to further his campaign. There is zero conservative track record where it comes to Donald. What the heck good is a man of action if he isn't even a conservative. Isn't that why we are here? To support conservatives and conservatism? And yet so many of you will support Trump, a guy who has insulted, bullied, and trashed his way through the primaries and has actually DONATED to HIllary (and 100k more for the corrupt Clinton foundation) - the very person he claims to want to beat. Not only that he has given gobs of money to Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, etc, etc. And this you believe is intellectually honest?

    I just............I dunno, this is the disconnect I see. No other candidate in the history of FR would have gotten that kind of pass. None. That is what I mean about gut level support. For whatever reason, you and many others will support Trump no matter the complete lack of intellectual honesty. I am convinced that if Trump came out tomorrow and reversed his position, even on major issues, that almost 100% of his supporters would remain loyal to him. And THAT is what I mean about supporting the man rather than policies. And it is precisely for that reason that the 2 camps, Trump and Cruz supporters, are talking past one another. How does a logical, intellectual person debate someone who supports a person (in this case Trump) so completely that, as Donald himself has said at least twice, could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose voters. Even Trump knows his supporters are attached to him so strongly that he can say or do just about anything and not lose that allegiance.

  • [AP/GfK] Poll: Americans prefer low prices to items 'Made in the USA'

    04/14/2016 10:51:03 AM PDT · 43 of 74
    Longbow1969 to Mears
    Not me,I’d pay much more for USA quality.

    Without competition that would be USA crap.

    You want to go back to the 70's and 80's and buy a big 3 union made US Automobile that would typically be in the shop within days or weeks of purchase. It was competition from abroad that forced the US automakers to actually make a decent product.

  • MUST WATCH! Ted Cruz, his wife and his two daughters answer questions on CNN with Anderson Cooper

    04/14/2016 10:09:26 AM PDT · 39 of 50
    Longbow1969 to Starboard

    You are missing the point though, Cruz is an outsider candidate but most of his support is based on logic and intellectual conclusions. Cruz’s supporters are 2 camps really - 1) Those who have looked at his clear record of conservatism pretty much all of his life and decided he is the true conservative in the race, and 2) those who support him mostly because they don’t like Trump (these types were typically supporting a different candidate prior to switching their support to Cruz as something of a last resort). There is much, much less of an emotional connection between Cruz and his followers than you see with Trump and his supporters.

    Trump supporters are fanatical about the man, the policies seem to come 2nd to supporting the man himself. It almost doesn’t matter what his policies are as seen by the fact he has no track record of being a conservative and many of his positions aren’t conservative at all. Trump supporters will defend virtually anything Donald says or does, because they are emotionally invested in Trump himself far more than the policies he advocates (which often change depending on the day).

    Most Cruz supporters I know don’t have much problem discussing his faults. Most backing Cruz know he has likability issues, is regarded as willing to charge into fights without an endgame in mind (though many/most may consider that being principled), etc. I mean the support for Cruz is, for the most part, not based on the man himself - rather it is mostly his clear ideological record of being a conservative (obviously this isn’t counting those who are just throwing in with the last option they see who can stop Trump).

    Trump support is just a different animal altogether. It seems to be more on a gut/emotional level. Sure, they may support whatever policies he is advocating today, but if Trump changes his mind and advocates something different tomorrow they will still support him.

    This is the biggest part of your divide. You don’t have 2 camps who are just backing different candidates for ideological reasons, you have 1 camp who is emotionally invested in a candidate that they deeply connect with, and another camp who support their candidate for logical/intellectual reasons and see the 1st camp’s candidate as a clown, buffoon, bully, etc.

    Sure, the establishment can be held ultimately responsible for the outsiders rise, but that doesn’t change the place we are at now in terms of the Trump and Cruz camps completely looking past one another on almost every aspect of the campaign.

  • MUST WATCH! Ted Cruz, his wife and his two daughters answer questions on CNN with Anderson Cooper

    04/14/2016 9:06:50 AM PDT · 24 of 50
    Longbow1969 to InterceptPoint
    Nice post. But we no longer have the reasonably polite FR of the past. So don’t expect and more comments like this one. You are unlikely to get them.

    It's no secret, it's the influence of Donald Trump that has driven deep divides in the GOP primary, web communities, families, friendships. Heck, I think he has even managed to break apart bonds between radio hosts that were once close and unified in the fight against leftism.

    Trump is the common denominator for all of this. The man is a bully, and accomplishes his goals by hurling insults, trashing people, etc. The fish rots from the head, so his minions follow his lead. Add to that Trump is a cult of personality and way too many people are deeply emotionally connected to him and you've got the situation we are in now.

    I don't see any way to bridge the divide. People who like Trump do so on a gut level first and foremost. Everything for them flows from that. They will support and defend Donald no matter what he says - regardless of how silly, stupid, dishonest, fake, etc. Nothing matters to most Trump supporters, they will never change their minds. The Cruz and anti-Trump people see "the Donald" as a clown, a spray tanned, orange faced, raccoon eyed buffoon with goofy hair to complete the clownish appearance. They view Trump as a fake, a fraud, a con man. There just seems to be no way, at least at the moment, to reconcile these differences in a friendly manner. Hopefully after one of Trump or Cruz is nominated we can all agree to at least back the nominee against Hillary.

  • Ted Cruz’s Daughter Just Let Slip There’s a Videotape of Him Dressed in a Pink Boa and Underwear

    04/14/2016 8:21:24 AM PDT · 60 of 108
    Longbow1969 to patriot08

    LOL, Trump’s spray tan and raccoon eyes look comical. The hair only completes the clown look.

  • Ted Cruz’s Daughter Just Let Slip There’s a Videotape of Him Dressed in a Pink Boa and Underwear

    04/14/2016 7:33:09 AM PDT · 9 of 108
    Longbow1969 to mandaladon

    Oh good grief, it was a school event where the kid got to dress up the dad in a silly outfit.

    Donald Trump with his orange spray tan face, raccoon eyes and ridiculous hair looks like a clown every single day, but I don’t see that many people making an issue of it.

  • Cable News Channels, FNC, MSNBC & CNN badly behind the times.

    04/13/2016 3:30:42 PM PDT · 11 of 17
    Longbow1969 to JLAGRAYFOX

    Another dumb vanity today? Can you at least space these out so the stupid doesn’t overwhelm us all at once.

  • Matt Drudge not the problem, Senator Cruz

    04/13/2016 12:55:17 PM PDT · 37 of 37
    Longbow1969 to Nickname
    It probably has to do with some... social issues.

    LOL, true. It's not a secret at this point, everyone knows Drudge leans in a different direction.

  • Alex Jones Blasts 'Psychotic' 'Cult Leader' Glenn Beck

    04/13/2016 12:29:37 PM PDT · 10 of 48
    Longbow1969 to tatown

    Alex Jones? Seriously? No one is more deranged than Alex Jones and the conspiracy garbage he peddles. Beck sort of went off the rails beginning, it seems to me, at his big rally on the mall. But Alex Jones is a certifiable loon.

  • Reince Priebus to Donald Trump: ‘Give Us All a Break’

    04/13/2016 12:09:43 PM PDT · 168 of 241
    Longbow1969 to Luircin
    That’s tyranny. Are you defending that?

    Did you get involved in the Colorado delegate process? You know thousands upon thousands of Coloradan's did. If you were a Colorado resident it is your responsibility to know the rules of the political party you affiliate with and join the process. Did you? Why not? It is also each candidate's responsibility to know the rules. Cruz put in the effort to win in Colorado, Trump didn't. Trump lost. Trump is a loser in Colorado.

    I prefer closed primaries myself, but if a state party wishes to do a caucus or something different that is up to them. The idea that a more complicated caucus system is a tyranny is ridiculous. Somehow thousands upon thousands of people figured out how to do it. Apparently Trump and his minions just didn't bother.

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show, M-F, 12noon-3PM, WOR-AM, Wednesday, April 13th, 2016.

    04/13/2016 12:03:21 PM PDT · 113 of 145
    Longbow1969 to rockabyebaby
    Where there’s smoke.....let me remind you of Herman Cain.

    Yeah, Cain folded because he was guilty - and it didn't take very long. Real, credible women came out and spoke to the allegations and Cain couldn't refute it. That is entirely different than the accusations made against Cruz. Cruz denied it and in his case no real, credible women came out and accused him of anything. In fact, just the opposite has happened to date. At least 2 of the "anonymous" women (one being Trump's own spokeswoman) have flatly denied the entire story.

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show, M-F, 12noon-3PM, WOR-AM, Wednesday, April 13th, 2016.

    04/13/2016 11:58:57 AM PDT · 109 of 145
    Longbow1969 to altura
    Why do you people keep riding that dead horse.

    Well, because their Trumpking said it. The fish rots from the head. Trump says something, and his minions run out and regurgitate it over and over. It becomes an echo chamber, and gets written about, posted, tweeted, etc, so many times that they become convinced that a complete falsehood is now true.

    Every single candidate has known the Colorado rules since August. Cruz put a plan in place to win which included showing up, Trump did not. Trump failed. In Colorado he is a complete loser.

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show, M-F, 12noon-3PM, WOR-AM, Wednesday, April 13th, 2016.

    04/13/2016 11:46:59 AM PDT · 93 of 145
    Longbow1969 to rockabyebaby
    Where there’s smoke..........................

    If you are so naive to believe that innuendo must mean something is true, nothing can help you.

    You must believe all the super market tabloids then, or all manner of conspiracy theories - like 9-11 Truther nonsense. You know thats what all conspiracy theorists say - where there's smoke...

  • Reince Priebus to Donald Trump: ‘Give Us All a Break’

    04/13/2016 11:22:21 AM PDT · 157 of 241
    Longbow1969 to itsahoot
    You will never get it until you at least recognize that is a big part of it.

    Oh I agree that for some people that is a part of it, it's just incredibly stupid.

    By that logic, if Trump doesn't make it as the GOP nominee there is not much stopping these "against all the others" from voting for Bernie Sanders if he is the Democrat nominee.

    On issues of trade especially, Trump and Sanders are mostly in agreement. And yeah, I do believe a lot of Trump supporters would vote for Bernie if their Trumpking isn't the nominee (and assuming Sanders somehow became the Dem nominee).

    Trump is not a conservative, voting for him in order to protest and be "against all the others" isn't very logical and would almost certainly end miserably. It's kind of like the idiotic call to "throw all the bums out". Then when you point out to some so called conservative that, assuming this logic applies to the general election, the result would be a Democrat House AND Senate since at the moment they are both controlled by Republicans, you either get no answer or some dumb response like "it makes no difference".

    I agree that some of this is just a protest, but I don't see how you can argue that much of it is a cult of personality too. Way too many people have become incredibly personally invested in Trump, and no one should ever be THAT personally invested in any politician or "leader".

  • Reince Priebus to Donald Trump: ‘Give Us All a Break’

    04/13/2016 10:46:00 AM PDT · 144 of 241
    Longbow1969 to Bruce Campbells Chin
    I'm not sure what it is with some of you Trump supporters, but he's not being elected dictator for life, or even dictator for six months. He will be able to accomplish almost nothing of substance as President unless he can get Congress to go along with him, and putting Democrats in control just to spite Republicans you don't like is basically political suicide.

    It's called a Cult of Personality. Many Trump supporters fit into that category. They are way too personally invested in a "leader", in this case Donald Trump, than anyone should be.

    I know there is a large #NeverTrump movement which I find to be silly, but at least here on FR I see far more Trump supporters that say they'll refuse to vote for Cruz than the other way around. I pretty much detest Trump for a myriad of reasons, but if he is the nominee I would vote for him over Hillary or Sanders. My dislike of Trump doesn't blind me to the greater evil, which is either of the Democrats who could be at the top of their ticket (which will almost certainly end up being Hillary).

  • Reince Priebus to Donald Trump: ‘Give Us All a Break’

    04/13/2016 10:19:07 AM PDT · 134 of 241
    Longbow1969 to erkelly

    Trump knew the rules. There are plenty of caucus states, some that Trump has won - I don’t hear him complaining about them. Would you like a do-over in the caucus states Trump has won already?

    Donald knew for months and months what the rules in Colorado were, yet he failed utterly. Heck, if he had just shown up he might have won a couple delegates - but he chose not too.

    There will be no do-over. Trump is just an complete failure when it comes to assembling a campaign team. And when he loses, he cries like a baby and throws a trumpertantrum.

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show, M-F, 12noon-3PM, WOR-AM, Wednesday, April 13th, 2016.

    04/13/2016 9:55:29 AM PDT · 38 of 145
    Longbow1969 to LS
    There is too much “there” there for this to go away.

    What part of the "there" there can you prove? All it would take is 1 of the Mistresses to be real and that would bring down Cruz's whole campaign - yet so far you got a big nothingburger.

    Even the National Enquirer simply reported on reports. It didn't add anything new other than Roger Stone's comments (who is a well known Trump backer).

    Face it, you got nothing.

  • The Rush Limbaugh Show, M-F, 12noon-3PM, WOR-AM, Wednesday, April 13th, 2016.

    04/13/2016 9:43:24 AM PDT · 31 of 145
    Longbow1969 to TomGuy
    That is old news

    Old fake news, more specifically. Oh yeah, whatever happened to the Trumpsters favorite sex scandal? That National Enquirer stuff about Cruz got posted here endlessly with promises from Trumpbots that it was definitely true and would all be proven in the coming days? Haven't really heard a peep lately. All those smears coming from the Trump campaign and his minions and not a bit of it turned out to be true. The folks that pushed that gutter trash should be ashamed of themselves - not just for playing their Trumpking's sleazy game but for just flat out being utterly wrong. There never was a real story here, it was all BS.

  • Reince Priebus to Donald Trump: ‘Give Us All a Break’

    04/13/2016 8:28:21 AM PDT · 38 of 241
    Longbow1969 to Rockitz

    Trump is the ultimate crybaby. Waaaah, I lost so I must have been cheated. So unfair, I only had months upon months to learn the rules and put together an decent organization in Colorado. Waaaaaaaaah, no fair mentioning that I didn’t even bother going to Colorado - that is like cheating me a second time. Booo hooo.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 7:42:23 AM PDT · 47 of 146
    Longbow1969 to nralife

    Well Drudge has his panties all in a bunch over this statement, but I really doubt there is much accurate about it. Looks to me like it was one guy’s opinion, and I will bet you the RNC clarifies that as the day goes forward.

  • Vanity-So if delegates pick and not the voters, why isn't Jeb or Rubio our nominee already?

    04/13/2016 7:34:54 AM PDT · 9 of 29
    Longbow1969 to Cats Pajamas
    WE HAVE NO CHOICE. There is only one party, the government party. Just a sideshow with bad actors.

    Start your own political party then. You can call it the Anti-Uniparty Party. Join the ranks of the 50 other 3rd parties!

    Yes, you do have a choice. You just don't like the way people are choosing.

  • For Priebus & RNC - There is no voice of the people, only GOP (E) political hacks.

    04/13/2016 7:07:23 AM PDT · 21 of 27
    Longbow1969 to Laserman

    Oh yeah I know, I see the laughable vanities almost every morning - but they are becoming more and more desperate sounding. I think this person knows Trump will not have the requisite delegates to win the nomination in Cleveland and will lose to Cruz on the 2nd or 3rd ballot.

    Yeah, it’s a waste of time commenting on a thread like this - but I happen to have a few minutes to waste now and again :)

  • Sarah Palin To Woo Delegates For Donald Trump In Wyoming

    04/13/2016 7:03:31 AM PDT · 20 of 169
    Longbow1969 to don-o

    Ahh, another state Trump won’t be appearing in and will cry and whine when he loses the remaining delegates.

    And sending Palin? LOL. She has very little influence at this point, at least insofar as the delegate process goes.

    If Trump wanted these delegates he should show up in the state like Ted Cruz does.

  • For Priebus & RNC - There is no voice of the people, only GOP (E) political hacks.

    04/13/2016 6:17:24 AM PDT · 9 of 27
    Longbow1969 to JLAGRAYFOX

    Well then if Trump wins those states, good on him. He has campaigned in many/most of them and that is his strategy for victory.

    But all this whining and crying and flailing about over Colorado is nonsense. Your Trumpking didn’t even show up, yet he cries like a spoiled baby.

    Also, giving kudos to Bernie Sanders is a new low for you - I think. I’ve read some of your morning vanities and they seem to be becoming more hysterical in nature. Why is that?

    If you were so confident Trump was going to win the requisite number of delegates going into the convention, why all the tantrums? I think you know it is likely Trump will not reach the number of delegates he needs and will probably lose on the 2nd or 3rd ballot to Cruz.

  • For Priebus & RNC - There is no voice of the people, only GOP (E) political hacks.

    04/13/2016 6:01:33 AM PDT · 4 of 27
    Longbow1969 to JLAGRAYFOX
    & Bernie Sanders, for flushing these would-be-dictators that all the American people can see that facism & communism

    Your morning vanities are down to giving kudos to Bernie Sanders I see. Here is some bad news for ya, Bernie Sanders IS a communist. So why you are thanking him I will never know.

    Also, did Trump go to Colorado to fight for the delegates there? No, didn't think so. Trump lost and now he and his followers are whining and crying. Too bad.