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Posts by Longbow1969

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  • Gov. Walker backs push to make Wisconsin right-to-work state

    02/20/2015 10:09:27 AM PST · 7 of 36
    Longbow1969 to cotton1706

    Wonder if the Wisconsin Assembly/Senate Dem’s will simply run away to a neighboring state to prevent a quorum like they did last time around? I’m sure Ed Schultz must be having another meltdown right about now.

  • Sarah Palin back to 'Saturday Night Live,' report says

    02/04/2015 4:40:02 PM PST · 15 of 29
    Longbow1969 to JudyinCanada
    I can’t see Lady Thatcher even entertaining the idea. I don’t envision real leaders resorting to this nonsense.

    Nor can I, but the world of messaging and the outlets one goes to in order to get ideas across has changed. You gotta be able to roll with it. They will poke fun at Palin whether she appears on the show or not. Why not show she can take some jabs, and still proudly stand up for conservatism even in the enemies venues?

  • Sarah Palin back to 'Saturday Night Live,' report says

    02/04/2015 4:35:52 PM PST · 14 of 29
    Longbow1969 to Cringing Negativism Network

    Good for her. No doubt Breitbart would have approved. SNL, among other similar outlets, shape culture. We may not like that it has such an out-sized (and mostly negative) influence but it does. Take the fight to the enemies turf and show you can hold your own. If we really want to change the direction of this country, we have to at least have an impact on the culture. Palin is witty and can show that, despite all the vitriol, she can take a few shots and still stand tall. She might even change some minds about her.

  • Huckabee brings his celebrity back to Iowa, but his presidential pitch is still in the works

    01/28/2015 4:02:18 PM PST · 12 of 12
    Longbow1969 to originalbuckeye
    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why ANYONE would vote for Huckabee. He not even remotely Conservative.

    Your mistake is assuming many/most evangelicals are really all that conservative in the first place. Huckabee represents the Pat Roberston wing of the party, of which many of those folks are perfectly happy with big government if it does the things they believe in. For example, there are plenty of evangelicals that would like a crusade against porn and would seen no problem hiring 100,000 FCC regulators to comb the Internet for adult content sites they could shut down. Other evangelical so called conservatives would like to refight the contraception battles of the 50's and would not mind going on a banning spree if they could get away with it.

    Huckabee is a folksy traditionalist on social issues, but a classic populist on others. He is no conservative. That doesn't mean he is a bad guy, just that he is not a real ideological conservative and there is no chance I'd vote for him in the primaries. Not that it would happen, but if he did win the GOP nomination I would have to vote for him against any Democrat candidate. I'd hate those options, but bad as the Huckster is he is still better than Hillary.

  • Pope Francis on Freedom of Speech: 'One Cannot Make Fun of Faith'

    01/15/2015 1:21:51 PM PST · 26 of 85
    Longbow1969 to Buckeye McFrog
    I think the Pope has just told me the next time someone cracks a Catholic joke I should go and belt him.

    Or shoot the joke teller and anyone who might have done the same. I mean, they still have the right to free expression and all, they should just expect to be gunned down if they use it. Makes perfect sense in the worldview of a leftist Jesuit.

  • Pope Francis on Freedom of Speech: 'One Cannot Make Fun of Faith'

    01/15/2015 1:02:53 PM PST · 20 of 85
    Longbow1969 to Thistooshallpass9

    Socialist Pope continues to say stupid things. News at 11.

    And please stop with the “he’s being misinterpreted, misquoted, mistranslated, or otherwise misunderstood”. His words are his words. He is a South American Jesuit leftist and the world is vastly worse off the day this man became the head of the Catholic church.

  • Vanity: Jews Returning To Israel In The End Times

    01/12/2015 11:13:06 AM PST · 12 of 22
    Longbow1969 to ConservativeMan55

    No one knows when the end times will be. Most European Jews are not going Israel. 100, 200, 500 years from now people will still be predicting “end times” even though me/you/they haven’t got the slightest clue whatsoever when it might happen. These predictions/discussions are utterly pointless.

  • Well I did it tonight....

    12/15/2014 4:33:49 PM PST · 15 of 51
    Longbow1969 to freedumb2003
    As much as that has to feel good, it also removes your opportunity to at least TRY to stop the bleeding.

    When it comes to voting, at least in a closed primary it will.

    There are like 50 3rd parties, none will ever achieve squat in our system. The last election cycle we were inundated here on FR with all the people that were going to make the Constitution Party relevant. How'd that work out? Hint: the completely irrelevant Green party got 4 times the votes as the Constitution Party did.

  • Doomsday pope warns man's greed will destroy world

    11/20/2014 3:35:01 PM PST · 34 of 64
    Longbow1969 to SkyPilot

    Are Catholics here still defending this guy?

    The quotes we get from Francis are sometimes identical to what you’d hear from Fidel Castro during one of his horribly long and nonsensical speeches.

    Let’s be honest. Pope Francis is a pretty hard core leftist, apparently a wanna-be environmental wacko, an enemy of individual freedom and terrible influence on millions of people.

  • Radio in VA reports Gillespie about to throw in towel (unconfirmed)

    11/07/2014 7:37:46 AM PST · 47 of 104
    Longbow1969 to wolfman23601
    This isn’t Fairfax County that is the problem, it is Virginia Beach. We used to win it by 20 points, which offset Fairyfax. McCain lost Virginia Beach, Romney won it by less than 3%, Gillespie won it by 7%. It seems to be swinging back in the right direction, but we have to run up bigger margins here (add Chesapeake and Chesterfield to the list) to win the state.

    Interesting point and I know you are very familiar with VA politics from previous posts.

    Still, Fairfax is a disaster now. Take it from someone who lives here. Even otherwise conservative people up here vote for the party of government because their careers and livelihoods depend on it. The people up here oppose any kinds of shutdowns or cuts of any kind, especially things like the sequestration defense cuts. Almost every job, in one way or the other, is connected to government. Even if a company is not a prime or sub government contracter, so many of the supporting companies make their money from providing services to them.

  • Radio in VA reports Gillespie about to throw in towel (unconfirmed)

    11/07/2014 7:32:42 AM PST · 43 of 104
    Longbow1969 to Old Retired Army Guy
    That is pretty typical of Fairfax County. They always hold their results until all the others are in. Being a Dem. stronghold of Govt. employees, I am not surprised by the results. Gillespie should be proud that he did as well as he did. I would have liked to see more of those Redskin Ads., but that is Monday morning Quarterbacking. Never expected him to win, but he should be proud he did that well.

    Yup, Fairfax is overwhelming blue now. It is like Virginia's version of Chicago in Illinois. One thing people need to understand is that holding vote counts back is not "cheating" exactly. It isn't generally manufactured votes, it's just urban areas that report slower. If it looks like the Dems might lose, they will make an extra effort to count every ballot that might otherwise not be added into the total till some days later (absentee, provisional, etc) which also slows things down.

  • Radio in VA reports Gillespie about to throw in towel (unconfirmed)

    11/07/2014 7:28:44 AM PST · 41 of 104
    Longbow1969 to randita
    I’m not a libertarian, but those people who vote libertarian are saying, “we don’t like the R or the D”. So it’s jumping to conclusions to think that any of those voters would vote for the R or the D, especially in great enough numbers to make a difference for either candidate.

    It is definitely true that Libertarians play the spoiler role in some districts/states handing victories to Democrats that Republicans would have otherwise had. However, in Virginia I don't think that dynamic is true. From everything I've heard and witnessed, Libertarian voters here draw as much or more from Democrats as they do Republicans - infact many simply wouldn't have voted for either of the two major parties. They chose to flush their votes down the crapper by voting 3rd party, but I don't think it hurt either Cuccinelli or Gillespie.

  • Breaking Twitter - Early exit polls show GOP wins in KY, AR, CO, IA, KS, GA

    11/04/2014 3:08:46 PM PST · 13 of 1,804
    Longbow1969 to Perdogg

    Who is this person Sean Noble and is there any reason to believe what he puts on his Twitter feed.

  • VOTE

    11/04/2014 7:43:47 AM PST · 69 of 92
    Longbow1969 to Cringing Negativism Network

    Done. Straight Republican ticket here in VA, and no on the bond issue.

    No line at all, which is nice because it’s a heavily Democrat district.

  • Tea Party icons urge conservative voters to turn out, help GOP take back the Senate

    11/03/2014 5:39:22 PM PST · 65 of 84
    Longbow1969 to INVAR
    Writing in a Conservative or voting for them 3rd party is NEVER a wasted vote.

    Actually that is a pure wasted vote, as all these conservative/Tea Party heavyweights are trying to get through your thick skull.

    I'm sure we probably agree on most issues, but I know the people with your type of thinking having lived in a 3rd world country where democracy is relatively new concept. You would stick with a pure candidate and never compromise even if it meant a socialist government remains in power for generations because the opposition could never settle on a candidate.

    This is a 2 party system. Period. If you don't like it, take it up with the ghosts of the founders. This a winner take all setup with no chance of coalition government. That means your ONLY chance of getting the candidate you really want is in the primaries, and your just going to have to face the fact that in most cases the majority of the right/center right/squishy moderate right/etc simply don't share your view of which candidate to nominate.

    In a general election in our system, your vote is not an affirmative endorsement of anyone or anything, it is simply a choice between the only 2 candidates that have any chance of winning. That's just the way it is whether you like it or not.

    There are 50 some odd 3rd parties which will never amount to squat other than play spoiler now and again. So you can write in or vote for some 3rd party, but you are simply flushing your vote down the toilet by doing so.

    I guess you could go try to round up Alan Keyes. I'm sure he is available to run 3rd party again or lose another Senate race by 40 points.

  • Mainstream GOP sees tipping point vs. insurgent candidates (Tea Party Are Losers)

    11/03/2014 11:26:44 AM PST · 60 of 131
    Longbow1969 to Yashcheritsiy
    After the 2014 election, the top priority needs to be the organisation of a new Party and the wooing of conservative standard-bearers to it.

    There are like 50 3rd parties already, just join one. As long as you know voting for one of them is like flushing your ballot down the toilet.

    The article is nonsense anyway. It is true that some of the Tea Party candidates for statewide office were defeated by more establishment/mainstream options in the primaries, but the Tea Party still makes a huge difference in pushing the party to the right and forcing Republicans in a more conservative direction. This is especially true on a local level, and those local Tea Party winners gain experience and will go on to be better statewide candidates down the road.

    It is pretty safe to just ignore all the "Tea Party is dead" stories. This stuff is just wishful thinking by much of the national media.

  • VOTE tomorrow!

    11/03/2014 9:03:08 AM PST · 14 of 47
    Longbow1969 to MrNJ

    Correct. Even if you have to walk over broken glass to do it, vote Republican tomorrow. Ignore the whiners, the crybabies who didn’t get their favorite pure candidate, those would try to convince you to flush your vote down the toilet on 3rd parties/write in’s, etc.

    A general election, in our winner take all system with no chance of coalition government, is a choice between the more palatable of the 2 candidates that can win. Even if one candidate offers you 0% of what you want and another offers only 20%, the 20% is the better option. Also remember the single most important vote cast is that of Majority Leader (or Speaker in the House). Every Democrat will vote for either Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. No matter how milquetoast the GOP leadership is, it’s better than Reid or Pelosi - and anything with an (R) by their name is going to vote against Reid/Pelosi for leadership.

  • Left-leaning "friends" on social media (Vanity)

    10/30/2014 3:16:39 PM PDT · 45 of 105
    Longbow1969 to Tired of Taxes

    Don’t use the FB you’ve set up to connect with family and friends for politics. In the end, it’s just not worth it.

    You can always create a second FB account for that purpose and to post comments in places that require it.

  • Per Twitter: Tillis campaign saying internals show tie

    10/29/2014 5:17:02 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    Longbow1969 to AuH2ORepublican

    Yeah, good point.

  • Per Twitter: Tillis campaign saying internals show tie

    10/29/2014 4:34:27 PM PDT · 7 of 11
    Longbow1969 to LS

    It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that when a campaign releases their internals in a general election, they are in trouble. Then again in this case, I see a Marist poll that shows a tie race as well - so maybe this is an exception to that rule.

  • Ouija Believe It?

    10/29/2014 4:20:23 PM PDT · 39 of 69
    Longbow1969 to Oberon
    Personally, I think the board and planchette are just plastic and cardboard. It's the people connected to them that invite the presence of the demonic. Something equally frightening could be done with a pen and a pad of paper, if one were to sit down with them and invite a "spirit" to do the writing.

    Another good post on this subject. The board is just a conduit. It just happens to be a conveniently well designed one, and one that lends itself easily to a person or people manipulating the planchette to convince themselves or others that contact was achieved. Most of the time it's BS and nothing really happens. But some tiny % of the time, for reasons we can't fully understand, evil will reach out and attempt to worm it's way into our world by deceiving some weakened soul into giving it roots here.

  • Ouija Believe It?

    10/29/2014 4:10:08 PM PDT · 35 of 69
    Longbow1969 to edpc
    The board itself does nothing. If one was hidden in your house without your knowledge, your domicile would not suddenly become haunted. A person’s belief in the board’s claimed abilities opens them to the possibility of influence by malevolent forces.

    Correct and well stated.

    99% of Ouija stories out there are BS - just like the vast majority of tales of hauntings and the like are not to be believed as most are nonsense. Saying that, there is always a risk with these conduits that an unlucky person, particularly someone who has weakened their spiritual defenses against wickedness (in ways that we really can't understand), will open themselves up and invite an evil into their lives that initially masquerades as something harmless or perhaps beneficial.

    The bible is pretty clear about avoiding this kind of stuff for a reason.

  • O'Reilly Cites 'Stunning' MRC Study on Nets Ignoring Midterms; Carville Tries to Dismiss It

    10/29/2014 11:41:11 AM PDT · 76 of 83
    Longbow1969 to Albion Wilde

    Let the media ignore the mid terms. That’s probably a good thing. This is an off year election in the 6th year of a relatively unpopular presidency (which seems to be at a low point), so the voters that actually take the time to show up at the polls will probably be voting more Republican. Low turnout should be good for us this cycle.

  • Fed ends 'QE' bond-buying economic stimulus program

    10/29/2014 11:32:18 AM PDT · 13 of 16
    Longbow1969 to Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America
    ...as justification for Martial Law and suspension of the election didn’t occur to you?

    There is precisely zero chance that is going to happen.

    And at least so far the markets seem to be shrugging it off.

  • Fed ends 'QE' bond-buying economic stimulus program

    10/29/2014 11:13:29 AM PDT · 6 of 16
    Longbow1969 to Buckeye McFrog
    otta trigger a worldwide economic collapse before that election, dontcha know...

    Are you suggesting such a collapse would benefit Obama? Pretty sure a worldwide economic collapse before the election is the last thing Democrats want right now.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/29/2014 8:23:06 AM PDT · 134 of 134
    Longbow1969 to BerryDingle
    Horse Petunias! It's a moot point now, but you know as well as I do, according to liberal twisted logic, it's not whether the charges are true, it's the seriousness of the charge. He will always be the candidate who was "accused".

    Nonsense. By your logic anyone can be accused of cheating on their spouse and driven from office. If that were the case Gloria Allred could find a former associate of EVERY conservative and claim they had an affair with her/him. That would never work because most of the conservative targets would simply laugh off the allegations because they were so utterly untrue.

    Anyone with nothing to hide would survive these accusations - and often emerge stronger. The people that don't survive these types of charges are politicians with something to hide which they can't defend. Herman Cain was the latter. In the end it doesn't matter since Cain was never a serious candidate in the first place.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 7:51:17 PM PDT · 105 of 134
    Longbow1969 to Mariner
    That said, I know that means she, and the GOP Candidate will lose in 2016.

    But the Dim that comes out of that caldron can't be any worse that what we have now and is more likely to be like the last 4 years of Bill Clinton.

    This is some of the dumbest analysis I've seen anytime recently.

    How on earth do you divine that the Democrat that comes out of Republicans/conservatives splitting their vote between 2 tickets would result in a liberal more like Bill Clinton? If anything, a divided right/center-right would allow an even more leftist Democrat candidate to win the Presidency - because the Democrats sure as heck won't be so stupid as to split their vote which will allow them to elect someone even worse than Obama.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 7:42:27 PM PDT · 102 of 134
    Longbow1969 to BerryDingle
    I sure do, you saw what they did to Herman Caine. The pulled an Axlerod/Allred smear on him.

    First, Herman Cain was never a serious candidate, he was running a book tour financed by suckers who contributed to his presidential campaign.

    Second, he was brought down by an attention seeking bottom feeder looking for media attention by the name of Gloria Allred. And that would not have been possible if Cain hadn't had a Mistress or more on the side. If Herman had done nothing wrong he wouldn't have withdrawn - in fact, if Cain had done nothing wrong the accusations would have strengthened him and allowed for the sale of more books.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 6:59:50 PM PDT · 78 of 134
    Longbow1969 to Resettozero

    No idea yet. Let’s see what the landscape looks like after the mid terms and into 2015. Some of my favorites right now would be Scott Walker (assuming he wins his race next week), Ted Cruz, and perhaps Susana Martinez (who will win her upcoming election).

    I particularly hope Walker wins again as I think he could be a great Presidential candidate. While not perfect and admittedly a little dry at times, he still comes across as an appealing happy warrior, has gone to war with big labor and won, almost always keeps his composure under fire, etc.

    Cruz I think is our true revolutionary who will continue honing his political skills and preparing himself for a run for President. With Cruz, I think it will all depend on just how bad things get in the next 2 years. He’s the kind of guy who’s moment may come after an economic implosion since the American people are otherwise too hooked on government for such a solid conservative. If it gets like 1979 bad, I can see that being the perfect storm to elect him.

    We have plenty of good conservatives, but it’s way too early to be settling on a ticket just yet. At this point it is easier to identify those you don’t see as plausible candidates, and folks who have lost their last election aren’t usually good bets.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 6:41:37 PM PDT · 58 of 134
    Longbow1969 to BerryDingle
    I'd love to see a Palin/West ticket. That would scare the beltway so bad you would hear the knees chattering all the way to the west coast.

    You think a ticket that combines 2 people who lost their last elections would scare Democrats - and one of those candidates didn't even finish out her term as Governor?

    West, I think, has a real electoral future. He is charismatic, direct, and you know he is tough as nails - especially considering the vicious attacks he takes for being a conservative minority. Unfortunately, he needs to win something again first before having a real shot as a candidate on a national ticket.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 6:21:08 PM PDT · 38 of 134
    Longbow1969 to Resettozero

    All I can say is, don’t get your hopes up.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 6:18:05 PM PDT · 37 of 134
    Longbow1969 to Cringing Negativism Network
    But Romney was a definite problem. With his resources, and the party fighting Palin at the same time, I think she recognized she would have lost last time.

    Nonsense. Romney was about as popular amongst the grass roots, activist base (aka primary voters) as diarrhea. 2012 had one of the weakest fields of Republican primary candidates in our lifetime, which is the only reason Romney won the nomination. The "lead" changed after almost every debate and we even had a candidate, Herman Cain, running a glorified book tour (who laughably led the pack for awhile). If Palin didn't think she could beat out that anemic competition then, there is no reason to believe she could win out in what will be a stronger field this time around.

    No one can be 100% sure what the future holds, but I think your odds of winning Powerball are higher than Palin actually running for President of the United States.

  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 6:06:21 PM PDT · 28 of 134
    Longbow1969 to aMorePerfectUnion
    Probably time for Trump to make the same statement. Neither will run.


  • Sarah Palin: I May Run Again

    10/28/2014 6:03:40 PM PDT · 26 of 134
    Longbow1969 to Cringing Negativism Network
    Step up, and actually run this time.

    Talking about running for office to annoy critics will not be judged by the majority of voters as a very good reason to seek high office.

    She's almost certainly not going to run for President because she knows her odds of winning are slim to none. I do hope her ardent supporters don't savage every other conservative candidate in the hopes of clearing the field for her - like they did in 2012, only to be shocked that she isn't actually running.

  • Senior Obama administration official reportedly calls Netanyahu chicken (bleep) [coward too]

    10/28/2014 5:11:25 PM PDT · 62 of 92
    Longbow1969 to EarlyBird
    Destroy Hamas? Do you really think that that would have went over well on the world stage?

    And yet he is viewed as a monster on the world stage anyway. He had the support of his population to deal much harsher with Hamas and he took nearly every ceasefire opportunity presented to him. In fact, his handling of that conflict infuriated many in his coalition who believe his policy of "quiet for quiet" simply guarantees another conflict in Gaza a couple years down the road.

    Here is an article that discusses the objections of many on the right to what they perceive as Bibi's lack of aggressiveness in dealing with Hamas:

    Israelis Angry With Netanyahu Over Gaza Ceasefires


    There are plenty of others if you care to look.

    Again, my point was simply that Bibi is regarded as this tough guy military hawk in the US and West in general - while in Israel many, particularly on the right, view him as overly cautious in dealing with Hamas, Iran, etc.

    My post was not about whether his decisions were wise or not, simply that the perception here is not what it is in Israel.

  • Senior Obama administration official reportedly calls Netanyahu chicken (bleep) [coward too]

    10/28/2014 4:55:01 PM PDT · 55 of 92
    Longbow1969 to EarlyBird
    There are a lot of assertions in your post. Do you care to back them up with any factual evidence?

    Yes, read the Israeli papers - all of the major ones I mean. Look at the polling. Do you doubt Bibi could have crushed Hamas? Yet he didn't. The Israeli public overwhelmingly wanted him to finish off Hamas and his poll numbers plummeted when failed to do.

    If you read my post with any level of thoroughness, you'd see that I said Bibi's decisions may have been wise - but the idea in the West that he is a military hawk is just not shared by those on the right in Israel whom many of us here would identify with.

  • Senior Obama administration official reportedly calls Netanyahu chicken (bleep) [coward too]

    10/28/2014 4:32:09 PM PDT · 47 of 92
    Longbow1969 to SJackson

    The strange thing is that here in the US and the West in general Bibi is regarded as this tough-as-nails hawk, but in Israel many on the right agree with the sentiments expressed by these Obama officials.

    Netanyahu had an opportunity and complete public backing (during the conflict) to crush Hamas, yet he didn’t do it. Worse to many, it appears he is perfectly happy letting Hamas fester in Gaza rather than take them out.

    On Iran, it probably is too late. Bibi talked a big game, but at this stage it does in fact appear he was bluffing.

    Ofcourse Netanyahu is vastly better than anyone in the Obama administration when it comes to these issues - and perhaps he has made wise decisions in not going all out against terrorists and rogue states, but Bibi as a political leader isn’t quite the tough guy he is perceived to be in the West.

    There are many on the right in Israel who aren’t happy at all with how he has dealt with Hamas in Gaza, particularly how willing he was (over and over again) to accept a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities without a complete victory. Much of the violence has simply moved to the West Bank now, and many question whether degrading Hamas rather than destroying them was particularly worthwhile.

  • Pat Buchanan: The Price of Papal Popularity

    10/21/2014 4:11:34 PM PDT · 12 of 17
    Longbow1969 to NKP_Vet

    Are there still Catholics here that defend this Pope Francis?

    It wasn’t terribly unpredictable that a South American Jesuit would be a quasi socialist leftwing disaster. The damage that this Pope will likely do over the years he reigns will be enormous.

    What’s next for this Pope? Hauling out a Buddy Jesus to put a fresh face on the church and belittle the traditionalists.

    Are there still people here claiming Pope Francis is just being misinterpreted, misunderstood, misquoted, etc, etc. Perhaps they’ve finally run out of excuses for this guy.

  • "Anti-Petrodollar" CEO Of French Energy Giant Total Dies In Freak Plane Crash In Moscow

    10/20/2014 5:33:18 PM PDT · 16 of 39
    Longbow1969 to RummyChick

    Zerohedge - a good site with interesting information, but endlessly bearish and almost as conspiratorial as InfoWars.

    If you take Zerohedge too seriously you’d have completely missed out on years of stock market run up, have piles of gold under your mattress (and have lost money on it), believe RT is a legitimate news source, that the world is revolving around some petrodollar conspiracy that Russia, China and the likes of Iran are heroically trying to break up (which ZH seems to believe is coming at any moment), and otherwise believe that all US wars are a result of trying to prevent anyone from going away from fiat currency (which they strongly insinuate is a Jewish plot).

    Again, good site for the ugly side of supposedly rosy BLS numbers, but hard to take too seriously much of the time.

  • On the Cusp of a Great American Awakening?

    10/15/2014 5:02:10 PM PDT · 13 of 37
    Longbow1969 to Kaslin

    Smart as Rush is, I’m afraid he is over-thinking things.

    The problem is not just with the “American people and the electorate”, it’s with human beings. The fact of the matter is most people everywhere are political followers, always have been and always will be. Additionally, most people everywhere are politically ignorant, again, always have been and always will be. That doesn’t mean stupid, it means politically uninterested, naive and easily demagogued.

    The very concept of understanding the “American people and the electorate” is impossible because it is ever changing - rapidly at some points in history.

    Democracy of all kinds are messy systems, but still generally better than anything else. Unfortunately democracies, like other systems of governance, don’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever. Perhaps the best we can hope for is as our system eventually implodes, a very charismatic conservative leader or set of leaders (founding father types) are able to captivate the imagination of the masses, perhaps run a benevolent dictatorship for a short time to rewrite the constitution in such a way that federal socialism and judiciary power grabs are made impossible, and then return as quickly as possible back to being a democratic republic. Unfortunately, you never know who or what will motivate the masses - it is just as likely a majority of Americans will fall for the shtick of some radical leftists if/when the economy falls to ruins.

    Never forget the “American people and the electorate” voted for FDR four times. FDR was a true socialist, just read his Second Bill of Rights for confirmation of what he really believed.

    For now we hold on to what we can, cast ballots against the worst politicians (which will almost always be the Democrat), and push very hard through the primary system to make the GOP, the only other viable party, more conservative. At the same time we must identify skilled, charismatic conservative politicians who actually stand for something and wait for our chance. Times change. As events unfold the best you can do is put your best guys/gals forward and hope to be at the right place at the right time, catch a big wave of public excitement and reshape the landscape with a big push towards conservatism.

    For a more reliably lasting democratic republic, my feeling is we need to move away from the concept of universal suffrage. At minimum, if one is living off government handouts they should not be able to vote themselves some more goodies. This concept alone, which would be hugely unpopular at this particular moment in time, might one day be accepted by enough productive people with the means to make it part of any constitutional changes going forward.

  • Fresh Gaza hostilities likely Wednesday. IDF to expand counteraction for Hamas rockets

    08/26/2014 1:44:46 PM PDT · 12 of 14
    Longbow1969 to BeauBo
    Or maybe Debka was just blowing it out their butt...


    DEBKA is rarely right. It's been posted here and elsewhere for years as a source and has almost become something of a joke. I'd say DEBKA is a few people sitting around making educated guesses - and mostly bad ones.

    It's been very obvious that Bibi did not want to send troops into Gaza for any longer than he had too. The tunnels was all he felt he could do without major casualties. As of today another cease fire deal has been inked and Bibi's poll numbers have tanked.

    People on this forum and generally in the US have this idea that Netanyahu is this war hawk tough guy, but in reality he is very cautious and tends to be more of a "speak loudly and look for the easiest way out" camp. Many in Israel consider this fight against Hamas as having been a loss. Netanyahu may pay a steep price for letting things end this way since Hamas can legitimately claim some small achievements as far as border crossings, fishing rights, etc.

  • Ferguson fallout: Obama opens door to ‘reexamining’ military gear program for local police

    08/18/2014 5:30:50 PM PDT · 42 of 60
    Longbow1969 to BunnySlippers
    we have some people here on FR who do not like the militarization of the police. It’s necessary.

    At least in urban and heavily minority areas it is. These zones of government dependency are powder kegs caused by the misery and soul/family destroying handout mentality.

    Conservatives have different opinions on this "militarization" issue, but this Ferguson situation has nothing to do with it. These blacks are not rioting, looting and burning down their own neighborhoods because of some "militarization" problem. If anything, these thugs and criminals have proven that police, at least in certain areas, needs as much firepower as possible.

  • Palin backs Tea Party favorite Joe Miller for Alaska GOP Senate nod

    08/15/2014 3:00:47 PM PDT · 12 of 36
    Longbow1969 to Syncro

    No thanks. Miller ran a terrible campaign last time and I see no reason to think he is anyway prepared to defeat Begich in what could be a tough general election. At least he has now said he will support the eventual nominee.

  • Fresh Gaza hostilities likely Wednesday. IDF to expand counteraction for Hamas rockets

    08/13/2014 4:07:58 PM PDT · 10 of 14
    Longbow1969 to GeronL
    Destroy Hamas and ISIS could be running Gaza

    Yup, I think that is one concern. My guess is Israel will do what it normally does under such situations - find out all it can about the ISIS types (or anyone more radical than Hamas) and passes the information on to Egyptian intelligence with the intention that they in turn will give it to Hamas. Hamas is pretty brutal about killing any actual rivals, so they are just as likely to use every shred of information they can get to kill ISIS flag wavers.

    As said, nothing is what it appears in the Middle East.

  • Fresh Gaza hostilities likely Wednesday. IDF to expand counteraction for Hamas rockets

    08/13/2014 4:00:01 PM PDT · 8 of 14
    Longbow1969 to BeauBo
    Let’s see if Debka is right, calling a near term ramp up of aggressiveness against Hamas after this cease fire.

    While there is some tit for tat right now as the previous ceasefire expired, it looks to me like the gist of the DEBKA article was dead wrong. It appears that Israel is generally looking to agree to a new 5 day ceasefire. Situation is still fluid as I type this.

    So far, I have been disappointed by the lack of a strategic victory against Hamas.

    Perhaps you are assuming incorrectly that Israel actually wants to destroy Hamas. I would suggest that Israel is far more interested, at this time anyway, at just degrading them and leaving them to govern and provide services in Gaza. I think the outcome they'd like is to continue squeezing them along with Egypt and let Hamas flame out on their own and have the PA return triumphantly.

    In my opinion, Debka will sometimes indulge in this, or be used for this purpose, perhaps by some political or intelligence organizations.

    I think they just make stuff up. Over the years they have proven to be not only wrong, but spectacularly wrong over and over again. You and I know nothing is as it seems in the Middle East, and it seems to be that DEBKA often simply fabricates nonsense out of thin air - and when they sometimes get something right it is no more than the same educated guesses we could make.

    We'll all watch and see how things develop.

  • Fresh Gaza hostilities likely Wednesday. IDF to expand counteraction for Hamas rockets

    08/12/2014 4:10:02 PM PDT · 5 of 14
    Longbow1969 to BeauBo

    Why does anybody link to or bother with DEBKA. They just make stuff up out of thin air. This may or may not be true, flip a coin. At the moment it looks much more like Israel wants to do a deal to end the Gaza conflict.

  • In Ukraine, Separatist Commander 'Strelkov' Seems To Be Getting Frustrated

    08/09/2014 2:11:16 PM PDT · 4 of 28
    Longbow1969 to Tailgunner Joe

    Uh-oh, our resident Putinista’s aren’t going to like this.

    Looks like their darling “separatists” are falling apart - even with Russian weapons (including heavy anti aircraft batteries)crossing the border into their hands.

    If this “separatist” movement were so popular with Ukrainian ethnic Russians, you’d think they’d do more. Perhaps they see plainly that this insurgency isn’t home grown at all - just a Russian intelligence/military creation to keep the Ukraine destabilized.

    I wonder if our Putinista crowd is actively rooting for a Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine?

  • Worse may yet lie ahead [Israel and Hamas]

    07/22/2014 4:45:14 PM PDT · 19 of 38
    Longbow1969 to alloysteel
    Until the Hamas irregulars have received enough punishment so they actually feel the effects, there shall be no cease-fire.

    The problem for Hamas is that they simply weren't and still aren't very popular. They have been in a position of weakness due to a total lack of support due to their inability to govern. Gazans have been so disillusioned with Hamas that they were forced to accept a very junior role in a unity government with the PA they despise.

    So sure, they will get an immediate bump in public opinion for fighting the common enemy, but once that passes they will have not only lost long term public support without some major Israeli concessions, they will also have been seriously degraded and weaker than ever.

    Combine this with the fact that their neighbor Egypt is no longer friendly to them (infact the new Egyptian government hates Hamas) which prevents their easy resupply and from their point of view it is now or never, do or die. This attitude basically suits Israel fine for the moment, as well as Egypt, the PA (who would like to see them further neutered), and a few others.

    Hamas, at this point, can only hope world opinion turns enough against Israel enough to force them to call off their offensive while Hamas can still fire rockets. If Hamas can and does still fire some rockets after Israel backs off, they can at least claim some kind of moral victory.

  • Why Russia buys Putin’s lies

    07/21/2014 8:20:30 PM PDT · 12 of 70
    Longbow1969 to Tailgunner Joe

    Well, we have some people right here on FR who buy Putin’s propaganda. Not surprising that many Russians do as well.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu Had to Tell John Kerry "This is Not Vietnam"

    07/21/2014 5:06:16 PM PDT · 61 of 67
    Longbow1969 to tcrlaf
    You will note how quiet Official Russia has been about the Palestinians, this time around? Other than a few statements calling for “Peace”, nothing major at all, no UN resolutions, etc...

    We fundamentally disagree on this Ukraine/Russia issue along with the downing of the Malaysian jet, but I do believe you are correct about this point (and it is a very important one with long term ramifications). As I recall Israel didn't really back the US position (at least not strongly) in the Ukraine, and Russia seems to have gone very quiet on the Gaza conflict instead of typically demanding Israel accept pretty much any cease fire on the table.

    Now I am not 100% sure about this, and it's also possible Russia is a little busy at the moment - but my sense is your assessment may be correct here. I do think Russia is trying to pick off some of our allies - at a minimum so they can break our monopoly at selling these countries weapons.