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  • Marriott hotels placing envelopes in rooms to guilt guests into leaving gratuity

    09/15/2014 10:34:02 AM PDT · 43 of 176
    Lou L to dfwgator
    That's a valid point. Even if I wanted to tip, I wouldn't know how to do it, since it's hard to find the maid.

    I've always found that leaving $2-5 laid out neatly on my pillow, is an appropriate way to tip. The maids always see to get the idea.

  • Exclusive: Nissan faces battery plant cuts as electric car hopes fade

    09/15/2014 7:59:17 AM PDT · 15 of 44
    Lou L to HamiltonJay
    Price is the other problem, for a niche market 35k is just too high for the limitations that come with it for most people

    People are just too mean. If they were only more patriotic and would get behind manufacturers that are intending to improve the environment, maybe there'd be enough critical mass to improve the technology and the prices!

    / s

  • HHS awards more than $295 million in Affordable Care Act funds

    09/12/2014 12:51:25 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    Lou L to mdittmar
    Based on just a few casual samplings, each "healthcare center" receives anywhere from about $150,00 to just under $400,000 dollars. Most of it in the $175-250k range it seems.

    Is that money to hire workers, medical supplies and equipment, medication or some other health-related item? Because quite honestly, that money won't pay a lot of salaries, certainly not for doctors, nurses, or other highly-skilled positions. And it certainly won't buy lots of medical supplies or equipment.

    I'd have to wonder if this is all just a little "slush" money, spread around by Obama's minions just before a very important election. Call me cynical.

  • What We're Afraid to Say About Ebola

    09/12/2014 5:51:06 AM PDT · 48 of 190
    Lou L to piytar
    And this is not even the scariest bug running around right now. Sigh.

    Just curious what you think is scarier?

  • U.S. jobless claims rise unexpectedly, but still at pre-recession levels

    09/11/2014 7:52:08 AM PDT · 15 of 16
    Lou L to Buckeye McFrog

    It’s posts like yours that make me wish FR had a “like” button!

  • Here's the Complete Contents of the e-mail Sent by Levenson [Is it really racist?]

    09/08/2014 10:16:30 AM PDT · 28 of 40
    Lou L to NonValueAdded
    Mike & Mike’s (detestable) Greenie went so far as to call Levenson’s email to be far worse than anything Sterling ever said. Seems obvious the fix is in and the drums will beat until the sale is complete.

    I heard Greenie wringing his hands of this story this morning. He's really jumped (been pushed?) aboard the PC bandwagon lately, almost to the point of me turning the show off. He rushes to immediate judgements on certain topics, favoring people like Michael Sam, and making excuses when he has to include the word "Redskins," when describing the football team from Washington.

  • Meteorite Crashes to Earth in Nicaraguan Capital City Managua

    09/08/2014 10:02:11 AM PDT · 24 of 64
    Lou L to varyouga
    seems to be happening much more often recently...

    Or, we just have better ways of detecting, observing and predicting them now.

  • AP Downgrades History

    09/08/2014 7:51:10 AM PDT · 6 of 19
    Lou L to Academiadotorg
    Just out of curiosity, what events and public figures did make it in their re-write of history?
  • Decide Something, Mr. President

    09/04/2014 8:24:14 AM PDT · 12 of 14
    Lou L to Kaslin
    Nice comments. All of them are based on the presumption that the President wants to do the right thing for the United States, that he wants to protect and advance our best interests.

    After 6 years in office, I am not convinced he wants to do the right thing; he continually proves this by doing exactly the wrong thing. Whether it be a decision with 2 possible choices, or 20, he will go out of his way to pick the absolute worst choice.

  • Petition calls for peanut-free zones on planes

    09/03/2014 10:45:29 AM PDT · 54 of 181
    Lou L to Jedidah
    I know a child with peanut allergy who went into anaphylactic shock and required emergency treatment when he inadvertently touched peanut butter on a school lunch table. True story.

    If someone is truely that sensitive, there's no telling where in the world they might encounter some peanut residue, much less on a plane. They should just stay home, or arrange for some other form of travel. Certainly, they should be carrying epi-pens, and other emergency devices.

    Do people not realize that every time we ask for such accomodations, we're adding costs and complexities to goods and services? And it's not just those allergic that will pay for this; everyone will pay for this.

    And you can also bet that this won't stop with peanut-free zones, we'll next have to consider meat-free zones, and organic-only zones, and kosher crackers, and who knows what else.

  • Improving economy won't help Dems

    09/02/2014 8:37:27 AM PDT · 15 of 16
    Lou L to SeekAndFind
    A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released earlier this month found 71 percent of people blamed Washington for the economy’s woes, and dissatisfaction mainly fell on incumbents overall, rather than on a particular party.

    Well, if satisfaction didn't fall on incumbents, on whom would it fall?

    I agree that stories like these are attempts to muddy the waters, to conflate all parties into one. This bodes better for Democrats when people are clearly unhappy with the performance of Obama and his administration. That is, since the executive branch is doing so poorly, let's just through all of Washington into the mix and see who comes out the dirtiest.

    While I agree that House Republicans haven't done much, they haven't contributed greatly to allowing Obama to rush through even more socialist laws and programs.

  • Brother, Sister Accused Of Having Sex In Church Parking Lot

    08/29/2014 5:53:27 AM PDT · 41 of 102
    Lou L to maggief

    I can tell that “she” is guilty, just by reading the description...I don’t even need to see the photo!

  • 'Air Bubble' Submarine Pursued by China Would Be Supersonic

    08/28/2014 6:44:41 AM PDT · 54 of 74
    I wonder how it would sound on SONAR?

    Not only would it make a huge swath of sound, surely easily detectable by even a child with an empty soup can and waxed thread, it would likely be acoustically blind to everything around it. All its underwater sensors, sonar, fathometer, etc. would be incapable of "hearing" anything.

    So what do you end up having? A submarine that can get from point A to point B in a hurry, all while announcing its presence by anyone with any sort of underwater technology. Once that submarine is at its "point B," it still has to go into whatever its "stealthy" mode is, and do what submarines are supposed to do.

  • Things I've learned from watching C.O.P.S.

    08/27/2014 12:05:58 PM PDT · 74 of 107
    Lou L to McGruff
    I’ve noticed for some time now that most people who get in trouble with the law are black.

    And do not wear shirts.

  • Things I've learned from watching C.O.P.S.

    08/27/2014 11:59:41 AM PDT · 71 of 107
    Lou L to thescourged1
    Button your lips, don't talk without an attorney present.

    I'm amazed at how many of them so freely give up their rights. Answering questions, willingly submitting to searches of their person or vehicle, and allowing themselves to be "detained" (with handcuffs or in a police car), before being arrested.

    I fully support police officers and what they do, but I would not offer any of that, on principal.

  • Things I've learned from watching C.O.P.S.

    08/27/2014 11:36:00 AM PDT · 47 of 107
    Lou L to walford
    I invite others to offer what they've learned about the human spirit from that show

    After first, I'll admit, I loved seeing the perps get tased, or seeing the canines turned loose on them. Now I watch though, and I almost feel sorry for some of them. Yes, they made bad decisions along the way--yes, they sought the "easy way out," either through making money illicitly, or chose to escape reality by getting involved with drugs.

    But I look at these people, grown men and women, still acting like little children. They don't take responsibility for their actions:

    I don't know how that 10-pound bag of weed got in my car, officer!

    Officer: "Why did you give them a ride if you knew they were carrying drugs on their person?"

    Perp: I don't even know that person...they just asked me for a ride across town!

    Officer: "Why are there bags of meth in your center console?"

    Perp: I lent my car to someone, and they must've put it there!"

    Officer: "But why are their bags of meth in your pants?"

    Perp: I don't even know, I didn't put them there!"

    It's the same theme, over and over again. Adults whose lives are subject to random chance and happenstance; they're never the cause, always the victim.

  • High Negative Equity Among Gen X Homeowners Causing Housing Market Gridlock

    08/26/2014 12:22:00 PM PDT · 23 of 43
    Lou L to dragnet2
    You better have a bullet proof super secure good paying job, which offers great benefits and yearly raises and ya better have a great retirement along with it.

    I think you're spot on with that comment. Someone who works in a field that has easily transferrable skills; e.g., computer programming, project management, etc., they can probably stay in one moderately-sized city or region and maintain a steady income and mortgage.

    If you work in a field that's subject to layoffs and regular cutbacks, or have a specialty skill where movement between jobs might mean picking up and moving to a new city, it makes little sense to lock yourself into a decades-long mortgage.

    You might have to sell underwater, or in a down real estate market. Not the best for coming out ahead financially.

  • College -- Do the Math: How Opportunity Costs Multiply Tuition

    08/25/2014 1:28:39 PM PDT · 7 of 14
    Lou L to Organic Panic
    The massive assumption is that a college age student can find a job in the amnesty obamaconomy. Before or after college

    Ding, ding, ding! And we have a winner!

  • The experiment: how much tax do we really pay?

    08/22/2014 7:21:08 AM PDT · 25 of 45
    Lou L to lifeofgrace
    I decided to find out exactly what we pay in taxes.

    But, but...what about roads, bridges and police departments???

  • Holder says he understands mistrust of police as Ferguson protests dwindle

    08/21/2014 9:05:12 AM PDT · 16 of 27
    Lou L to VeniVidiVici
    Telling that the future AG of the United States let the cops search his car based on a speeding ticket stop.

    Sounds like he did that to earn some "street cred."

  • Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Care?

    08/21/2014 7:24:28 AM PDT · 38 of 43
    Lou L to Kaslin
    No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.

    --John Donne

    This is another way to look at it. There is an unrest in this country, and Ferguson is just a visible microcosm of that unrest. Many would say, myself included, certain leaders are looking to fan the flames of unrest. What if the flames of unrest in Ferguson, MO, spread to your community, to the place where you live? There will be all-out riots, and our law enforcement will be too weak in numbers to handle it all. If you're not prepared, you too will become a victim. It will be unpredictable. The "rule of law" will not exist in some places; it will become "rule by mob."

    Do you think you might be spared because "you didn't care?"

  • Manager Of Looted Store: Looters "Knew Exactly What They Wanted"

    08/20/2014 7:21:21 AM PDT · 38 of 62
    Lou L to bray
    The calculators were returned once they found out they weren’t phones.

    How much do you want to bet though, that they tried to claim they received the calculator as a "gift," and would just like to exchange it for cash?

  • Handout nation: One in 7 Americans turn to food banks

    08/18/2014 11:15:12 AM PDT · 25 of 34
    Lou L to Blood of Tyrants
    When I was in the Navy as a poor enlisted E-4, on more than one occasion I had to go to a food bank.

    To do what? Were you feeding a family? When I was in the Navy, three squares a day were always served up on the messdecks.

    And while I really don't want to get into the specifics of your particular situation, but if you were trying to feed a family, what made you think you could do that on E-4 pay?

  • White House “Did Not Know” National Guard Was Being Deployed In Ferguson

    08/18/2014 10:03:21 AM PDT · 51 of 59
    Lou L to ColdOne
    If I were Nixon, I'd tell the WH that "we sent it in an e-mail."

    Then, I'd cry "Oopsie!" and say that "our state e-mail servers must've crashed."

  • Hotel chain in Britain removes Bibles from rooms

    08/18/2014 5:31:57 AM PDT · 10 of 20
    Lou L to ilovesarah2012
    the decision to remove the Bibles was made in 2007.

    Not sure what's more disturbing--the moral spinelessness, or the ineptitude of a hotel chain and its inability to execute on a decision made 7 years ago. Really, it took 7 years for you to carry out a decision? If someone needs new towels, how long does it take to get them up to the room...5 days?

  • Breaking: PHOTOS RELEASED of Suspect Michael Brown ROBBING STORE Before Shooting

    08/15/2014 9:42:15 AM PDT · 234 of 395
    Lou L to cripplecreek
    federal oversight yesterday.

    Who would do that, the Department of Justice? Eric Holder's Department? Oh, I would feel so much better with federal oversight. / s

  • A Direct Marketer Gags on Obamacare

    08/12/2014 12:01:12 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    Lou L to Izzy Dunne
    And how come they haven't been touting the next step: "9 million", "10 million", etc.?

    Lord knows that I would never defend Obamacare, but one reason the numbers aren't going up dramatically is that I believe the "open enrollment" period has ended. Until October (ish), you wouldn't be able to purchase insurance without a major life event; e.g., job loss, marriage, divorce, etc.

    The statistics I would like to see is this: tell me how many people previously without insurance now have insurance? How many of those people are actually paying premiums for a new policy? How many of those paying for a policy are seeking (and receiving) healthcare as a result?

    It would be icing on the cake, but I'd like to know what they're paying for co-pays, how much their deductibles are, and what they pay for services like prescriptions, eye care, dental, and so forth.

  • Ebola virus kills Spanish priest

    08/12/2014 8:00:13 AM PDT · 13 of 14
    Lou L to Covenantor
    Yup, have to agree with you. If the underlying reason was observation and testing I’m sure CDC has in its inventory a whizbang movable isolation chamber and field lab. Europe is accessible for more refined assay of air transported samples which are much easier controlled. Once again, people aren't looking to countries with socialized medicine programs to combat life-threatening diseases, they're depending on the US.
  • Jimmy Carter: The Only Way to Fix Gaza is by Giving Hamas Everything It Wants

    08/06/2014 12:46:57 PM PDT · 47 of 52
    Lou L to SeekAndFind
    C'mon, moved "up" to only the second-worst President of all time, behind our current POTUS. Don't blow it now with statements like that!
  • Inside “Gamechanger Salon,” The Left’s Action Network

    08/06/2014 12:27:00 PM PDT · 16 of 28
    Lou L to kcvl
    Gamechanger Salon is a members-only Google group

    You can bet that if this were a conservative group or affiliated with the Tea Party, the content and its membership would be "leaked" in a damning fashion.

  • SI's Peter King Can't Stand the Sight of Redskins Fans Wearing Their Team Gear

    08/05/2014 12:37:48 PM PDT · 13 of 29
    Lou L to God luvs America
    the professionals at ESPN (Schefter, Mortensen, Caplan) make peter king look like a rank amateur....

    Eh, I don't get too excited about ESPN making Time/SI look bad; ESPN (ABC) has their share of left-wing pundits as well, who have suddenly got on the "R-word" bandwagon. This includes Mike Greenberg, of "Mike & Mike" fame.

  • We Know How to Stop Ebola says CDC Chief

    08/05/2014 8:06:48 AM PDT · 16 of 36
    Lou L to Oberon
    No, it's not a viable option among civilized people, but just stopping Ebola is exactly that simple.

    I don't think it's necessary to kill all Ebola patients, but it is necessary to isolate them until the disease runs its course. Any medical personnel treating these patients must take measures to keep themselves from contracting the disease. These countries cannot afford to lose experienced medical personnel to a virus.

    If the patient dies, the body must be handled and buried in such a way that its handlers (typically family members) do not contract the disease.

  • We Know How to Stop Ebola says CDC Chief

    08/05/2014 7:58:36 AM PDT · 15 of 36
    Lou L to Iron Munro
    When is the last time the federal government got anything right?

    I find it amusing that the same government that couldn't accomplish the relatively trivial tasks required to roll out a website or perform routine backups of e-mail servers, is now fully competent and capable of eradicating a highly-contaigous virus.

    This is the reason people are skeptical of the government, certainly of this administration.

  • Obama's Unprecedented Impeachment Dare (Shows His Arrogance)

    08/05/2014 6:29:44 AM PDT · 14 of 27
    Lou L to yldstrk
    obama’s behavior is childish and immature. Once elected a President is supposed reunify the people and serve as President of all understanding that not all wanted him. This dude has acted like a spoiled baby the entire time.

    And this is why his opposition doesn't know how to handle him. They give him all the benefits of the office of President, and expect him to give a little in return. Instead of a genteel, collegial, and mutual relationship, Obama acts like a petulant child. He has no shame, so he'd never apologize, never accept responsibility, nor ever, ever consider resignation.

  • Five Myths About Impeachment

    08/04/2014 12:06:35 PM PDT · 39 of 54
    Lou L to thackney
    Demonstrating the willingness to stand up to a tyrant is not a win for the tyrant.

    If that tyrant, along with his complicit media paint a picture that it's just "extremist Republican and Tea Party sour grapes..." it's not much of a win for those that impeached him.

    The eGOP has for too long, allowed themselves to be trampled on by Obama. Simply put, they don't know how to effectively communicate or describe how the President's agenda is bad for the United States. They don't know how to challenge his anti-Constitutional actions, and they don't know how to stay on-message.. The GOP is disjointed; its message is never crisp, never repeatable, never fully orchestrated to achieve a goal.

    While I'm in agreement that impeachment is long overdue, I worry that a symbolic action by the House will be painted as overly partisan, and that failure to obtain 67 votes in the Senate play to Obama's advantage.

  • Five Myths About Impeachment

    08/04/2014 11:43:57 AM PDT · 37 of 54
    Lou L to thackney
    Impeachment does not mean removal from office. It means being brought to "trial" for consideration of removal.

    Unfortunately, impeachment without removal is almost a political "win" for the President. Certainly for a Democrat President, anyway. It is true that Bill Clinton was disbarred, and probably paid some civil fines, but I don't think he's hurting or caring too much about his legacy. The same would hold true for Obama.

    Surely, our Founding Fathers had a President like Obama in mind when they gave instructions on how to legally impeach and remove. How do we both impeach and remove in today's partisan environment?

  • Fast food workers prepare to escalate wage demands (Let's destroy the few remaining jobs!)

    07/25/2014 6:45:55 AM PDT · 19 of 37
    Lou L to E. Pluribus Unum
    "We want to talk about building leadership, power and doing whatever it takes depending on what city they're in and what the moment calls for," said Fells,"

    As I just commented on Yahoo!, translated, this means:

    "We want to use this 'issue' to build our Democrat power base, to elect more Democrats into Congress and in other positions in order to legislate higher wages and other anti-business lawas and regulations. If necessary, we're prepared to walk out on our jobs, stage sit-ins and astro-turf protests, antagonize and threaten would-be customers from eating at these establishments. If that doesn't work, we'll riot, smash windows, and firebomb these restaurants until they shut down completely, or comply with our extortion negotiation tactics."

  • Let Students Discharge College Debts In Bankruptcy? Yes, But...

    07/25/2014 6:17:35 AM PDT · 11 of 47
    Lou L to Wyatt's Torch
    I’m still trying to figure out how to short the student loan market...

    Buy the banks that hold the loans?

    Or, are they too big to fail? Haven't we seen this act once before?

  • I Hate Ayn Rand — But Here's Why my Fellow Conservatives Love Her

    07/25/2014 6:14:49 AM PDT · 67 of 102
    Lou L to nickcarraway
    I've read Ayn Rand since my early 20's, including reading and re-reading Atlas Shrugged on multiple occasions.

    There are elements of conservatism within her novels and her overarching philosophy that we should celebrate. Her grasp on the two primary economic systems, capitalism and socialism/communism leaves no room for question. As a human rights issue, as a contrast between freedom and slavery, and as a contrast between good and evil is pretty much unquestionable.

    We don't have to buy into all that Rand preaches to find the good--the great--in some of it, perhaps a great majority of it. We shouldn't fall into the trap that liberals set of having to accept everything a person is for, else there's nothing of merit to be found. We can pick and choose. We can say, "Yes, I like her views on economics, but I don't care for her views on organized religion or right to life issues."

  • Algeria airliner missing on Sahara route from Burkina Faso

    07/24/2014 5:18:24 AM PDT · 34 of 43
    Lou L to 9YearLurker
    I’m embarrassed to type that I didn’t know there was a country named Burkina Faso.

    You and me, both.

  • A Leading Ebola Doctor Just Contracted The Virus

    07/23/2014 1:09:43 PM PDT · 42 of 56
    Lou L to discostu
    You can’t effectively treat patients and behave like they’re level 4 bio hazards at the same time.

    But these patients ARE Level 4 bio-hazards. How many top doctors investigating this disease can we afford to potentially lose? While I'm not a doctor, I think you can offer effective treatment but at the same time, protect yourself.

  • A Leading Ebola Doctor Just Contracted The Virus

    07/23/2014 10:08:10 AM PDT · 16 of 56
    Lou L to Gay State Conservative
    It's my understand that the disease is so virulent that it routinely affects doctors and nurses who treat victims

    Ebola as it's known today is virulent, but it's only passed through an exchange of bodily fluids with the victim. If a healthcare professional is treating people with hemorrhagic fever symptoms in this region and they don't take proper procedures to protect themselves, I'd question how much they really know about the disease.

    If the doctors or nurses took those precautions, and were still infected, the disease may be spreading through another vector.

  • A ruling that could doom ObamaCare

    07/23/2014 7:32:59 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    Lou L to SeekAndFind
    A less-prestigious federal appeals court

    How do they measure the prestige of a particular appeals court? I understand that the USSC would have the highest prestige, but aren't all others beneath it pretty much the same?

  • GLAAD Study Finds Lack Of LGBT Images, Offensive Content In Films From 7 Studios

    07/22/2014 9:16:14 AM PDT · 18 of 39
    Lou L to TigerClaws
    Drunken sorority college girl experience 30 years ago?

    While the "drunken sorority girl experience" is often portrayed as common in popular culture, it was a relatively insignificant experience 20 years ago; 30 years ago it was practically unheard would've been relegated to a freak show.

    It was only after watching several seasons of "Friends," and "Will and Grace" and their positive portrayals of LGBT people did the Left acquire enough moral superiority to claim that LGBT folks are just like the rest of us.

  • Now IRS Reports EVEN MORE Computer Crashes, Doesn’t Know If Emails Still Exist

    07/21/2014 10:21:31 AM PDT · 12 of 39
    Lou L to Red Badger

    If there were lots of mail server crashes, there would’ve been lots of unhappy users. Surely, those users reported their issues to a help desk somewhere, and surely those reports would’ve been logged as a trouble ticket. Pull those trouble tickets, and pull those maintenance logs. Now.

  • CDC study finds there are far fewer homosexuals in US than many think

    07/18/2014 6:13:00 AM PDT · 6 of 61
    Lou L to wagglebee
    Last year, a CDC study of gay men in America found that approximately two-thirds of gay men who have HIV/AIDS engage in sex without using a condom.

    Surely the majority of homosexuals must know there's a higher incidence of HIV and AIDS among their population; to have such a high percentage of non-condom use (despite the targeted campaigns for condom use), they are deliberately playing "Russian Roulette" with their "love" lives.

  • Pope Francis Calls On U.S. To Welcome Illegal Immigrants

    07/16/2014 10:21:28 AM PDT · 102 of 135
    Lou L to Resettozero
    If I were a decent artist, I'd draw a picture of an older, more mature and wealthy woman being assaulted by a bunch of 15 and 16 year-old MS-13 thugs...the woman would be labeled, "Mrs. United States." The Pope would be off to one side, telling the woman, "Be nice to these young boys and treat them well."

    I'm Catholic, but this is what it feels like.

  • Pope Francis Calls On U.S. To Welcome Illegal Immigrants

    07/16/2014 7:42:19 AM PDT · 64 of 135
    Lou L to Resettozero

    He really ought to call on those Latin American countries to foster an environment more conducive to human rights, so they wouldn’t have to risk life and limb coming to mooch here.

  • Hey, Obama! Where's my mortgage payment? [... now says: 'He lied about everything'

    07/15/2014 6:53:58 AM PDT · 34 of 56
    Lou L to Red Badger
    Peggy, I'm glad you came to your senses. Word of advice however...the next time some politician promises you the sun, moon and the stars, and flowing honey and manna, and eternal bliss--please ask yourself, how can they possibly give you all that at no expense, no cost and no intrusion on you?

    There's no such thing as a free lunch. Never has been, and never will be.

  • How Does Cutting Taxes Increase Cost?

    07/14/2014 8:09:20 AM PDT · 12 of 15
    Lou L to MosesKnows
    I responded to a Yahoo news' story just last week, saying the same thing. Some liberal troll was claiming our costs for two wars, "Bush tax cuts," yada, yada, yada...

    It costs nothing to tell taxpayers that they'll be taxed less; costs only increase when you spend more.