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  • Fringe Factor: 'Gaystapo' Claims Its Latest 'Victim' (Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

    07/28/2014 6:25:47 PM PDT · 11 of 13
    Lowell1775 to GeronL

    “I hear that Lesbians are not as obtrusive as homo men because they stack well”

    Lesbians are also less abrasive because they are self lubricating.

    Yeah. I had to say it.

  • Troop leader: Customs and Border agent held Boy Scout at gunpoint

    07/26/2014 8:20:57 AM PDT · 21 of 35
    Lowell1775 to wolf24

    From Steyn’s write up...

    “None of the three other volunteers have disputed Mr Fox’s version of events, and everyone seems to agree that the boy scouts were there for over four hours - and for a “crime” a CBP agent pulled out of his butt.”

    Noted for emphasis.....”CBP....pulled out of his butt”

    Yup. Poodle pounders.

  • Troop leader: Customs and Border agent held Boy Scout at gunpoint

    07/26/2014 8:11:04 AM PDT · 19 of 35
    Lowell1775 to wolf24

    The most likely explanation is the agents were LBGT poodle pounders and were power tripping on the Scouts because of the Scouts’ stance on, well....LBGT poodle pounders.

    There was undoubtedly lots of dropped soap, low fives, and throat thrusts in the locker room immediately following this incident.

    Think what such men of valor and virtue would do just to run their fingers through all that “little boy” dirty underwear in the bag search.

    I bet some of it is listed still on E-bay along with the all the pilfered cameras and laptops.

  • Obama Administration’s Border-Crisis Plan B: Use the Catholic Church

    07/11/2014 6:28:39 AM PDT · 27 of 84
    Lowell1775 to defconw

    “Some people just don’t get it.”

    You are right. I don’t get it. The Catholic Church has an overwhelming presence in Central America.

    Why aren’t they addressing the suffering there instead of at the end of a harsh 1,000 mile journey in which so many die.

    Could it be because the Church is being used as a tool by the Dark Lords of DC to destroy the last bastion of Christian liberty in the world.

    The term Lenin used was “useful idiots”.

    Nah. That couldn’t be it.

    You must be right. I just don’t get it.

  • The Growing Turf War over Who Can Fill Prescriptions

    06/08/2014 6:56:07 PM PDT · 25 of 36
    Lowell1775 to Mrs. Don-o

    Been using these guys for years. Tried others, but always came back for price and customer service.

    They sell Canadian and Brit drugs generic and name brand. Savings range from 20 to 90% over what you pay US.

    Legal and fast. Don’t know if they have your needs, but worth a check. Obviously they will not do pain killers, but anti-inflammatory arthritis should pass muster.

    Good luck.

  • I Hereby Declare: Reasserting the Principles of United States Citizenship

    06/03/2014 8:56:29 PM PDT · 24 of 27
    Lowell1775 to Rightwing Conspiratr1

    “Emperor Charles I of Austria and Karl Franz Joseph Ludwig Hubert Georg Otto Marie are the same person.”

    I had never heard or read of him referred to in this way.

    Thank you. Keeps me humble as well as off the game show Jeopardy.

    I now also know that Karl in English is Charles as well as Carl. Another “duh” moment.

    Trebeck! A few more years on Free Republic and I am coming for you.

  • I Hereby Declare: Reasserting the Principles of United States Citizenship

    06/03/2014 8:03:09 PM PDT · 8 of 27
    Lowell1775 to cripplecreek

    So does it matter that Franz Joseph was Emperor of Austria and Apostolic King of Hungary at the time and not Charles?

    It doesn’t to me, but no wonder that polyglot empire didn’t last. Their civics classes had to suck.

    A belated welcome to your Grandfather. All men who seek freedom are kin and countrymen.

  • Richard Martinez... plans to meet killer's parents as he slams pols over gun control

    05/31/2014 8:38:17 AM PDT · 38 of 66
    Lowell1775 to FR_addict

    “...he used to be a criminal defense attorney...”

    Seems like he is still defending criminals and deflecting blame to “society”. Old tricks are hard to unlearn.

    To jump off the mark like this in just a few hours, this man must have been screwed up and full of unfocused hatred long before his boy was killed.

    Now he has a focus. Preaching more discredited mechanisms and bankrupt philosophies.

    Perhaps like the the Sandy Hook kid’s father....he will get his 15 minutes of fame dancing in the boy’s blood and then the lib media will abandon him like yesterday’s news.

    People like Gabby Gifford and Jim Brady make much better martyr’s as they are wheeled out to drool for the cameras and struggle to mouth some per-rehearsed clicks and grunts like trained seals.

    Martinez could also see opportunity in his boy’s death like Mommy Trayvon, “Buzz Lightyear” Gifford did.

    I remember the McCarthy woman in NY who rode her husband’s subway shooting death into Congress. She is a dim bulb but well suited to her constituency.

    Shameless opportunists all. God save them.

  • The Secret Ex-Nazi Army That Guarded West Germany

    05/29/2014 8:23:00 PM PDT · 10 of 20
    Lowell1775 to yarddog

    “General Heinrici said that it took a year of combat to produce a really useful soldier.”

    Yup. If you live through a year of modern are either very good or very lucky. Both traits equally valuable and to be sought out in your foxhole mate.

  • The Secret Ex-Nazi Army That Guarded West Germany

    05/29/2014 8:20:22 PM PDT · 8 of 20
    Lowell1775 to ansel12

    Yes sir. Old enemies often make the suitable allies as the French did for us in the Revolution.

    The Soviets were Churchill’s nemesis until Hitler invaded Mother Rus in 1941. Then he said had Hitler invaded Hell, he would at least speak favorably of the Devil in the House of Commons.

  • The Secret Ex-Nazi Army That Guarded West Germany

    05/29/2014 7:57:35 PM PDT · 1 of 20
    "Tens of thousands of aging, poorly armed SS veterans might have been a nuisance to Soviet supply lines, but no more. Considering Soviet memories of German atrocities, one suspects that an insurgency led by ex-Nazis would have been dealt with swiftly and mercilessly."

    A chapter of history I didn't know about.

    Unlike the young author who wrote this, I personally think the old dogs would have done pretty well. No substitute for experience.

    It was not a neo-SS movement, but rather an ex-Wehrmacht in origination.

  • Auto dealer owner shoots teen who tries to steal car, deputies say

    05/29/2014 7:02:42 AM PDT · 67 of 121
    Lowell1775 to trebb

    Respond to: “...Constitution is being subverted by the Left, but also (the right) manage(s) to find their own pet “noble cause clauses” when it suits...”

    Our inalienable rights are to life liberty and PROPERTY....TJ enlarged it to a more encompassing and jingle worthy “pursuit of happiness”.

    We were quickly approaching anarchy because of the erosion of self defense over time. Thankfully, that tide has been turned.

    Likewise, property rights and defense thereof needs to be addressed. Otherwise our property becomes a 24/7 yard sale with every price zero for a fast moving perp.

    Our society continues to spiral into barbarity and anarchy at the behest of the big brother government.

    The question to debate should be “what SHOULD a man be able do” in defense of property to avoid societal anarchy and protect the rights of the real victim....not what is he/she currently permitted to do.

    We all know the answer.

  • Auto dealer owner shoots teen who tries to steal car, deputies say

    05/29/2014 6:29:06 AM PDT · 51 of 121
    Lowell1775 to yldstrk

    Responding to: “I am a real lawyer. You can’t shoot someone for stealing a car.”

    Dealer perp forgot key element of intentionally jumping in front of moving car and drilling the perp in car for trying to kill with said car. That is the common cop tactic for a righteous erasing the dash cam video. (sarc)

    This is an important legal topic and pretty confusing given the range of actions that can occur when you find someone stealing your property.

    Perps armed to not? With what? Many criminal tools (hammer, screw drivers) are deadly weapons.
    Rules are different for inside domicile vs business/out buildings.
    Can you stand in front of their car to “hold them” and they try to run you down.
    Can you shoot their tires out....or a neighbor of mine did and was not prosecuted but rather acclaimed a hero.
    etc etc etc

    As it is frequently argued, a truck can be backed up to a detached garage or barn and its contents loaded into said truck and driven off. The owner can do little unless his life is threatened.

    Does just moving to the scene of the crime armed constitute needless escalation?

    Fuzzy area that needs cleaned up to the benefit of the victim and not the thief.

    Not too many years ago self defense laws needed reconciled for the same general reason.

  • Ad comparing Tennessee legislature to Taliban drawing criticism

    05/29/2014 4:32:23 AM PDT · 8 of 17
    Lowell1775 to don-o

    The art and jingoistic style is reminiscent of campaign broadsides and cartoons in the mid to late 1800’s.

    Politics were much rougher back then and lies/slander much more difficult to respond to.

    This one is poorly done and its hysterical message will probably cause more of the uninformed to investigate what the amendment actually says than it will stampede them to the polls in opposition.

  • 20 made-up lies about Eric Cantor … and the truth (Cantor is a lawyer)

    05/29/2014 4:15:12 AM PDT · 7 of 8
    Lowell1775 to ObamahatesPACoal

    Cantor is a Golden Boy of the DC Imperium on the Potomac. Like any GOPe, he talks out both sides of his mouth on conservative issues.

    Lib talking money grubber to the K Street banditos and “Pat Buchanan virtue” to the folks back home he is defrauding.

    The thinking no longer care about his background, law pedigree or even his love of small animals.

    He was sent to DC to hack it root and branch and sow the ground with salt.

    He has not done so.


    The struggle is important. Cantor is at best irrelevant to that struggle, at worst one whom we must struggle against.

  • The Left’s New Censorship of Free Speech: “Check Your Privilege”

    05/26/2014 9:57:19 AM PDT · 22 of 33
    Lowell1775 to Kaslin

    We have no privileges.

    We have rights.

    They can kiss my abolitionist d1#k before I kick them in their hairless lazy a$$e$.

    I guess yellow privilege is why Asian Americans didn’t need to be treated like cripples,charity cases, and riders of the short bus line for the last 4 generations (since 1964).

    But, what the heck do I know?

  • Life Lessons From Navy SEAL Training

    05/25/2014 8:37:16 PM PDT · 4 of 20
    Lowell1775 to ProtectOurFreedom


    Former Navy SEAL commander shares life lessons in rousing commencement speech

    May 23, 2014 by Cheryl Carpenter Klimek 46 Comments

    Admiral William McRaven, a 36-year veteran Navy SEAL and commander of the forces that killed Osama bin Laden, delivered a rousing commencement speech Thursday to graduates at his alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin.

    In urging students to find the courage to change the world, McRaven shared these 10 life lessons, as seen in the video below:

    1. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

    2. If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.

    3. If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.

    4. If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.

    5. If you want to change the world, don’t be afraid of the circuses.

    6. If you want to change the world sometimes you have to slide down the obstacle head first.

    7. If you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks.

    8. If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moment.

    9. If you want to change the world, start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.

    10. If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.

    For each lesson, McRaven offered a narrative of how it applied to him. The most poignant explanation came just before No. 10, when he said:

    Finally, in SEAL training there is a bell, a brass bell that hangs in the center of the compound for all the students to see.

    All you have to do to quit is ring the bell. Ring the bell and you no longer have to wake up at 5 o’clock. Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the freezing cold swims.

    Ring the bell and you no longer have to do the runs, the obstacle course, the PT — and you no longer have to endure the hardships of training.

    Just ring the bell.

    If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.

    Full speech.

  • See No Evil

    05/25/2014 9:45:25 AM PDT · 7 of 11
    Lowell1775 to wideawake

    Author could have written only the last sentence:

    “Instead, we get a universal agreement that the middle class must continue to suffer so that the Fed and financial speculators can continue to revel in the charade.”

    .........and saved a lot of ink.

    The collapse has already happened for most of us.

    Economics and finance has never been a law of God or even nature. When the market was free or mostly free, it mimicked such laws of cycle and long term balance.

    But the last 7 years prove that is no longer the case.

    They are games whose rules are changed at a whim by the few who control the “new gold” which is credit and the ability to create it.

    The system is now so rigged by artifice and obfuscation that “herd law” and “panics” no longer self regulate excess, they have become domesticated as a way to harvest profits for the insider at the expense of the outsider.

    The retail investor and small businessman have been made sheep for the periodic shearing and culling.

    Rather than a sudden epic crash, until some outside force greater than they that control the Fed and international finance intervenes such as a man made, natural or divine disaster, the death by 1,000 cuts we are witnessing can go on for decades.

    Or not.

    Tracking trends, histor and citing academic

  • The Article V Initiative: The way for the states to end Washington’s spending

    05/20/2014 11:30:53 PM PDT · 2 of 38
    Lowell1775 to kingattax

    Not to be a negative nellie, but.....if the DC Imperium on the Potomac can not be compelled to obey existing clauses, articles and will new restrictions fare any better?

  • Grover Norquist: FAIR Immigration Pledge Will Divide GOP

    05/08/2014 9:12:24 PM PDT · 11 of 19
    Lowell1775 to entropy12

    “The solution to immigrant workers should be copied
    from the most prosperous country in the world.”

    I’ll bite....who is it?

  • No Health Insurance Reps Raise Their Hands

    05/07/2014 7:43:03 PM PDT · 5 of 15
    Lowell1775 to Kaslin

    Screw em all.

    “Christian Healthcare Ministries
    (CHM) is an affordable, faith-based solution for Christians to the problems of rising health care costs and expensive health insurance policies.

    An eligible option under the national healthcare law, CHM is thousands of Christians united in sharing each other’s medical bills. In the past 20 years, members of this nonprofit ministry have shared more than $1 billion in healthcare costs...”

    The Lord has provided his faithful an exit from this Obamacare nightmare.

    $150/mo for individual
    $450/mo for family

    Not widely known, because it would crash Obamacare overnight if everyone voted with their feet.

    There are two other Christian healthcare ministries that qualify as well. Goggle them up.

  • ‘Affluenza’ teen’s family to pay victim $2M

    05/06/2014 11:55:45 AM PDT · 7 of 17
    Lowell1775 to PaulCruz2016

    Q1. “...stole....drove drunk...killed four enjoying a luxurious rehabilitation justice in this country.”

    Q2. “Two million. That won’t even cover the costs of his medical care for the next twenty years.”

    A1. “Special rights” of a plutocracy becoming a nobility. Like pre-Rev France, the laws for thee, not for me.

    2.”Weregeld”. Payment in return for a life. One more sign of a culture devolving into the soulless pagan barbarity from which it rose.

    Equal rights, protection and responsibility under the law....or no law at all should be our standard.

    Sad days for freedom and justice. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Don’t let the bastards win.

  • Hillary Clinton: Gun culture ‘way out of balance’

    05/06/2014 11:21:53 AM PDT · 23 of 87
    Lowell1775 to Olog-hai

    “That’s what happens in the countries I’ve visited where there is no rule of law and no self-control and that is something that we cannot just let go without paying attention,” she said.”

    Countries, hell.....she is talking about her fricking family.

    “The old woman lied and good men died.” You ask, “What does it matter, woman?”

    A lot. It matters a lot.

  • The Tuesday List - 50 Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time

    05/06/2014 6:59:12 AM PDT · 55 of 198
    Lowell1775 to Vigilanteman

    “...the original True Grit line from John Wayne..”

    I have usually went directly to....

    “Fill your hand you sonofabitch!”

    ....said with vigor, it also meets with equal success.

  • Samsung’s record of IP theft, other ruthless business tactics, and why Apple might still lose

    05/06/2014 5:36:53 AM PDT · 19 of 38
    Lowell1775 to Swordmaker

    Snip from article demonstrating supremacist bigotry exists even among the tender vegan fruits of the Apple Tribal cult.

    “MacDailyNews Take:

    I don’t know which is worse: Samsung’s slavish copying or that there are tens of millions of dullards and/or morally-crippled consumers who would buy such obvious knockoffs. What kind of person rewards thieves, especially such obvious ones? What kind of person hands over their money to make sure that crime pays? What’s wrong with you people, exactly?.....To those people I say: Get some morals, will you, or how about at least acquiring a modicum of taste?...
    every one of us with the real thing knows that you’re carrying around a half-assed fake, you tasteless wonder.
    – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, August 6, 2012

    Sammie vs The billionaire arguing with another.
    Both should quit the whining and fight it out in the marketplace!

    Samsung should bring out a model called THE WORM just to screw with the Apple dweebs. Apple could counter with THE INCHON and flank the bastards.

    In my humble opinion.....THEY ALL BLOW.....but what the heck do I know.

  • George H.W. Bush Given Courage Award For 1990 Tax Hikes

    05/05/2014 4:27:51 PM PDT · 26 of 26
    Lowell1775 to Charles Martel

    Aye. Thanks for the reminder. I’d forgotten about that term riling the old gentleman.

    The NRA was prophetic in their banter given later events at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  • George H.W. Bush Given Courage Award For 1990 Tax Hikes

    05/05/2014 4:27:51 PM PDT · 25 of 26
    Lowell1775 to Charles Martel

    Aye. Thanks for the reminder. I’d forgotten about that term riling the old gentleman.

    The NRA was prophetic in their banter given later events at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

  • George H.W. Bush Given Courage Award For 1990 Tax Hikes

    05/05/2014 12:43:02 PM PDT · 14 of 26
    Lowell1775 to nickcarraway

    I note another recipient won as a mayor who resisted a state law on illegal immigrants. Yeah. Let’s praise and reward this type of traitorous skullduggery.

    The award should be called....

    “JFK Profiles for Elitist Betrayers of the American Dream.”

    Bushie I also tore up his NRA life membership card because the NRA fought the bans of what the old moron called “....semi-automated assault rifles and high capacity bullet clips...” The 1989 Stockton CA slaughter of children by a doped up welfare fed liberal in a gun free zone started the dance to which we are still twirling.

    Bushie I guns and taxes gaffes are what split the party and brought Reformer Perot in to garner 18.5% of the 1992 vote. The Bushie I split party also enabled draft dodging, friend fracking, and intern buggering, Bill Clinton to snake his way into the White House with only 43% of the popular vote vs Bushie’s 37.5%.

    Bushie I....among the best Democrat Presidents we ever had.

  • Russia to revive May Day workers parade on Red Square

    04/30/2014 8:20:40 PM PDT · 11 of 31
    Lowell1775 to Tailgunner Joe

    The Krauts have their torch lit parades and the Rooskies their mobile missile launcher drive bys.

    Old world culture is so quaint.

  • Cowboys And Indians Descend on Washington To Protest Pipeline

    04/29/2014 5:51:36 AM PDT · 23 of 31
    Lowell1775 to PaulCruz2016

    From article: “Most of this week’s activities will feature about 200 participants, with a larger 5,000 or so expected for a rally Saturday. The permit says the park service anticipates 150 participants.”:

    Well, the 5,000 peak is probably in their dreams unless they are giving out free firewater and doobies.

    My kid’s band booster club could turn out more than the 150 oppressed that the park service expects.

    Some protest. More like a fire drill at the local bathhouse and coffee shop on “Brokeback Mountain Day”.

    Another Marxist, made for TV news propaganda moment.

    This kind of poser BS is so common and transparent anymore, I can’t see how it has any effect whatsoever other than to pi$$ me off.

  • Power in numbers: China has more ships than Japan

    04/28/2014 8:30:45 AM PDT · 7 of 7
    Lowell1775 to Forward the Light Brigade

    “In a naval war—my money is still on Japan. Tradition is important in the naval service. Italy under Benito had the ships but not the Naval traditions to beat the UK.” got it. The one thing the Chinese will always lack is Japanese. :->

    My uncle fought in China Burma WWII and Korea. He used to say he would rather fight ten Chinese than one Japanese....but also said that is exactly how they came at you...10 to 1.

    China will be able to run amuck for a few weeks or months, but as the US and Japan coalesce and concentrate their forces...the roll-back will begin pretty quickly.

    The quality and elan of the Japanese and US navies are still far and away ahead of the Chinese.

    The risk is, we will lose ships...and we aren’t the country we were in WWII. A Nimitz or Los Angeles class vessel is still a mortal man of war and will sink. Either will be a national tragedy that would make the loss of a space shuttle feel like a fender bender., the Chinese are a proud people and might well go nuclear rather than lose.

    And another ringer in the wash is if the neo-Ruskies coordinate a threat to Europe at the same time. Well, our war and 1/2 navy won’t be enough. 1941 deja vue all over again.

    These are very interesting times.

  • Hell Freezes Over: Paul Krugman, Bill Kristol Agree That Cliven Bundy’s A Law-Breaking Jerk

    04/27/2014 12:51:54 PM PDT · 12 of 39
    Lowell1775 to 2ndDivisionVet

    Despite their pretensions of intellectualism, both are cultural inbreds with no expertise or understanding in this matter whatsoever.

    They are east coast city boy dip$hits opining on the west’s free range cattle culture tradition and current issues. In other words....ignorant and ignorant of their ignorance. As hopeless as they are useless.


    04/27/2014 7:28:27 AM PDT · 29 of 53
    Lowell1775 to jjotto

    “The US government seized dozens if not hundreds of US companies during WWII.”


    Knew this type of thing happened. This NYT article made me curious on the stats of the time. Do you have any further examples or links or book titles to aid me?

    My typical google tactics seem to come up zip to the point I am wondering if this NLRB era in our history is being “censored for our own protection”.



    04/27/2014 6:35:48 AM PDT · 23 of 53
    Lowell1775 to rabidralph

    “Monty Ward seized...”

    I am wondering how critical Montgomery Ward mail order and retail stores were to the war effort? (sarcasm)

    Would a lock out of MW labor by MW management have delayed D-Day or the Manhattan Project?

    Reading as much of the story as I could, looks like the CEO and directors may not have been greasing the right palms...and OMG...actually took a stand for property rights.

    That had to be stopped. No doubt about it.

  • The 11 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

    04/24/2014 10:46:45 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    Lowell1775 to SeekAndFind

    From article....”The U.K. is planning on reducing the size of its armed forces by 20% between 2010 and 2018...”

    Given Putin’s new posture....that plan is probably in rewrite as we read this.

    I am wondering what will happen if Scotland votes for independence.

  • Why No One Ever Invades Switzerland...

    04/24/2014 10:15:09 AM PDT · 50 of 63
    Lowell1775 to okie01

    “Switzerland was also a place where Hitler’s Germany could do business with other countries, through Swiss intermediaries. Belligerents often find such an arrangement handy to have around.”

    You nailed it.

    Same story with Sweden and Spain in WWII. As with Switzerland, the benefits of honoring their neutrality outweighed the cost of a war to secure them.

    The cost of a Swiss campaign would have been very high given the hostile terrain coupled with the large and well armed/trained citizen army.

    Better use of men and material elsewhere at the time.

    If I recall right, the Swiss also cooperated with the Nazi’s and allowed scheduled military trains to cross their country to and from Germany and Italy. Think they may have also have maintained a solid trade back and forth including war materials.

    What a deal.

  • Why The Feds Chickened Out On A Nevada Ranch

    04/13/2014 5:57:59 AM PDT · 216 of 298
    Lowell1775 to andyk

    “They (the Feds) left at a time and place of their choosing.”

    They left with a$$ spanked.

    Think of it like the British march back from Concorde.
    The centrists were stopped well short of their goal by armed citizens and then retreated humiliated.

    To paraphrase Churchill....or plagiarize him....It is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is, however, the end of the beginning.

    The people have learned that played wisely and maturely, they are feared by the Feds, even if only meekly supported by state and local officials.

    There will be a next time. Here or somewhere else. Both sides will continue to test.

    But for the first time in a long time, the people stood and the Feds folded.


    Who do you think is having a few brewski’s and back slapping each other today?

    Of course, Mormons don’t drink. Oh well, you get my point.

    Be happy. It is a good day for freedom.

  • ‘The lord of all horses’: Much-loved Lord of the Rings horse Shadowfax dies

    04/11/2014 10:44:41 AM PDT · 9 of 11
    Lowell1775 to 1rudeboy

    Thanks for posting.

    It would have been nice had they told some backstory on the horse and his owner(s).
    How old was he?
    What was his lineage and purpose?
    Show horse?
    Full time Performer?
    Did he sire any descendants?

    But, nah....too much like reporting.

  • More jobs killing new business growth (Reads like something out of Pravda)

    04/09/2014 6:23:53 AM PDT · 24 of 25
    Lowell1775 to The Working Man

    “I’d like to see a breakdown by state and county of this number please”

    The source. Kauffman Foundation. Lots of data for the hound in you.

    I work with small biz’s as advisor from time to time as part of an angel investor group. What I am seeing is the dwindling of new starts/deals as people who had the skills, time, or capital to start a biz have been tapped out by the 2007-2014 depression/recession.

    There was a burst of new businesses in the period 2008-2010 as jobs losses peaked. Those that could afford to start a new biz, by and large have. Many depend their savings, retirement and energy and then slip into the dependent class. I see this a great deal in boomers who have another 10 to 15 years of productive life in them...but Obama has crushed it out of them. No jobs. Hostile start-up environment. Retire early or disability.

    The engine is running dry.

    The recent stats I am working with show failure rates for new businesses is in the first 5 years is 75%.....only 1 in 4 survive that long. Profits have collapsed as well with many surviving businesses paying for themselves, but paying the owner very little to nothing.

    You won’t see this on CNN or Fox News Business reports.

  • Poll: John Wayne 7th Most Popular Star; Beats Clooney, Streep, Damon, Penn

    04/03/2014 9:34:39 PM PDT · 44 of 132
    Lowell1775 to Mears

    “John Wayne was also one-dimensional. He was John Wayne playing John Wayne—over and over and over again.Only the wardrobe changed.”

    Most box office top liners “act” themselves, just themselves in different situations.

    Duke was/is the Hollywood characterization of the penultimate American man for his time.

    Therefore quite logical to be Duke whether in his role as Ringo, Ethan Edwards, Cole Thorton, Crocket, or Rooster Cogburn. It sold and continues to sell.

    That he plays so well for nearly 80 years now, is a testament to the timeless appeal of that American male persona.

    Manhood defined: First ask “what would Jesus do?”. Then go about doing it like John Wayne. Strong. Certain. Selflessly.

  • The 7 Reasons America Became A Great Power

    04/03/2014 10:48:45 AM PDT · 35 of 38
    Lowell1775 to Sherman Logan

    I agree. It was a unique blend of peoples, resources, distance, and geo-politics at the time that enabled us to to pull it all off.

    In shorthand, I always describe the gentlemen Tidewater Anglican/Cavalier types (now Episcopalians) and Puritan/dissenters providing most of the money, respectability, leadership and intellect while the Calvinist/Knoxite Presbyterian/Congregationalists provided the much of the mob and muscle.

    Would that diversity gave us such strength today.

  • The 7 Reasons America Became A Great Power

    04/03/2014 9:25:25 AM PDT · 29 of 38
    Lowell1775 to Last Dakotan; Sherman Logan; TexasFreeper2009; LS

    “...a Christian, mostly Protestant religious foundation”

    Not just Protestant...but a very specific flavor. Backwoods hillbilly hardcore and hardscrabble. At the time, Ulster Presbyterianism.

    40%+/- of Washington’s enlisted troops and the Over the Mountain Men in the Carolinas were of the same ilk just as example.

    “A Hessian captain, fighting on behalf of the British, told a friend in Germany in 1778, “call this war, dearest friend, by whatsoever name you may, only call it not an American Revolution, it is nothing more nor less than an Irish-Scotch Presbyterian Rebellion.”

    More in Journal of American Revolution.

    Google Scottish Enlightenment (Adam Smith) and Scots Reformation (John Knox) if you seek the kernels of our liberties and American character.

  • The 7 Reasons America Became A Great Power

    04/03/2014 9:25:25 AM PDT · 28 of 38
    Lowell1775 to Last Dakotan; Sherman Logan; TexasFreeper2009; LS

    “...a Christian, mostly Protestant religious foundation”

    Not just Protestant...but a very specific flavor. Backwoods hillbilly hardcore and hardscrabble. At the time, Ulster Presbyterianism.

    40%+/- of Washington’s enlisted troops and the Over the Mountain Men in the Carolinas were of the same ilk just as example.

    “A Hessian captain, fighting on behalf of the British, told a friend in Germany in 1778, “call this war, dearest friend, by whatsoever name you may, only call it not an American Revolution, it is nothing more nor less than an Irish-Scotch Presbyterian Rebellion.”

    More in Journal of American Revolution.

    Google Scottish Enlightenment (Adam Smith) and Scots Reformation (John Knox) if you seek the kernels of our liberties and American character.

  • The 7 Reasons America Became A Great Power

    04/03/2014 7:09:02 AM PDT · 21 of 38
    Lowell1775 to staytrue

    “...the USA really rose to power after the WWII smashed up everyone else.”

    The world’s industrial numbers were overwhelmingly American by 1871. We were just the quiet guy in the bar while all the noisy dwarves bragged and squabbled.

  • The 7 Reasons America Became A Great Power

    04/03/2014 7:09:02 AM PDT · 20 of 38
    Lowell1775 to Ray76; Sherman Logan; TexasFreeper2009

    “....clarify what is meant by “Protestant religious foundation vs Christianity...”

    Not just protestant, but a very particular flavor. Hard scrabble hard core backwoods hillbilly flavor.

    “A Hessian captain, fighting on behalf of the British, told a friend in Germany in 1778, “call this war, dearest friend, by whatsoever name you may, only call it not an American Revolution, it is nothing more nor less than an Irish-Scotch Presbyterian Rebellion.”

    40%+/- of Washington’s duration troops were first or second generation Ulster Scots as were the Over the Mountain Men in Carolinas as well.

    Read more in The Journal of the American Revolution.

    Google American Revolution and Presbyterianism for the full effect of the Scottish Reformation (John Knox)and Scots Age of Enlightenment (Adam Smith for example) on America’s founding and intended character.

  • The Political Party Elites Have Spoken: It’s Bush vs. Clinton in 2016

    03/31/2014 10:09:59 AM PDT · 63 of 168
    Lowell1775 to yoe

    Experience with Bush I and Bush II tell you who he would appoint and what his sucky half Dem policies will be.

    Post should be titled....” GOP elites meet and decide Hillary in 2016”

    Bush I....split party with Perot over taxes and guns....tore up NRA membership spanked.

    Bob Dole.....Mr. Viagra thought it was his turn. It wasn’t. Got spanked.

    Bush II....Patriot Act, torture, pro semi rifle ban...barely squeaked by REALLY weak Gore and Kerry. Left country in fiscal crisis with 2 1/2 a$$ed wars. Left in disgrace.

    McCain. Need I say more? His butt is still throbbing from the reaming.

    Romney. Couldn’t beat worst prez in US history. Spanked.

    Yeah. Let the GOP elite pimp the next GOP disaster.

    Remember. GOP will have controlled House and Senate for 2 years acting like the people voted FOR THEM vs AGAINST the Dems. Plus Obama will veto anything they do that isn’t from the socialist playbook.

    The GOP will be hated by us even more by then.

    The country needs led from the brink of destruction, not managed through hospice.

    Jeb Bush, for his name alone, will have higher negatives than Chamberlain did in 1940.

    Hillary will even get to run on “Bills record” of balanced budget, 8 years of peace, vibrant economy....I am getting ill just thinking of the lies and spin....Oh Lord save us.

    But what the heck do I know?

  • Obama Disarms, Leaving U.S. Exposed To Its Enemies

    03/28/2014 6:52:37 PM PDT · 13 of 39
    Lowell1775 to jazusamo

    It has become obvious during the weeks of the Ukraine crisis, that the pro-Soviet parties eviscerated the military during their administration. The Uke’s can now muster barely 7,000 combat ready troops against the Ruskie 30k-100k (depends on who you believe) that assemble along their eastern border.

    We see the same strategy being played out here in the US. The administration undermines the US military as a disciplined cohesive force. They are setting us up for future impotency and further deliberate humiliation if not catastrophe.

    Can any of our current leadership even find Corregidor or Bataan let alone remember what they signify? We can be beaten. Victory is not an American right absent preparation.

    Gays, women, and non-citizen immigrants are exalted while being a destructive, divisive, demoralizing, and destabilizing influence. Our Judeo-Christian Lord is purged from the lore, legend and moral tradition of our ranks. At the same time the combat navy is retired wholesale and our strategic nukes decommissioned as the balance become increasingly obsolete.

    Now we strip the inventory of its offensive reach for our surface combat ships and the anti-armor hammer of the tactical air assets.

    Yes, the Tomahawk is becoming obsolete...low and slow at 550kts and carrying only a 3,900 pound warhead. But it needs replaced, not eliminated. You don’t go to war with an empty ships magazine. Otherwise, only a carrier can deliver a conventional punch. Those are being reduced to 10, not enough to maintain 3 carrier task force groups on rotation.

    Our Marines also say they can no longer seize and hold a defended shore.

    The American way of war is to overwhelm with firepower and drown our enemies in a flood of men, metal and materials.

    That war winning ability is now no more regardless of who leads. It is outsourced to China or neutered by radical emasculation of the warrior class.

    A long noble defeat against superior numbers and arms makes a great historical read (Army of Northern Virginia for example), but a miserable foreign policy for the last best hope of mankind.

    But then what the heck do I know.

  • Legality of the Crimean Referendum: Legal Analysis

    03/23/2014 12:37:07 PM PDT · 33 of 162
    Lowell1775 to annalex

    So much for the concept of self-rule and self determination. Those pesky constitutions and lawyers getting in the way.

    The EU legal beagles seem to advocate the forced containment of peoples and nations. By the same standard every modern nation in Europe and the Western Hemisphere would “illegal”.

    Crimea is Russian again by virtue forced colonization and ethnic cleansing over 500 years, the right of conquest, and now a popular vote (sham or otherwise) of the majority Rus.

    To combine and paraphrase what so many pragmatists through history have pointed out with the tip or their lance/sword/bayonet/naval battle task force.

    “They have made their decision. Now let them enforce it if they can.”

    Absent the hand of God, what is called right, written as history, or called settled law is always defined in the end by the best defensive positions or the heaviest divisions in attack at a ratio of 3 to 1.

    Europe lacks both in the Crimea. They have become toothless old men and we are lead by a sunken chested capon.

    But, what the heck do I know.

  • Rand Paul: A Modern-Day Horatius in the Fight to Protect

    03/23/2014 9:38:57 AM PDT · 10 of 14
    Lowell1775 to Kaslin

    Without google...but paraphrasing a rhyming story my father and grandfather demanded we memorize as kids.

    “With the enemy thundering toward the city, forth steps brave Horatius.

    To all men death comes soon or late, and what better way to meet one’s fate than in some fearsome struggle against impossible odds, for the ashes of your fathers and the temple of your God. In yon straight path ten thousand may well be stopped by three. Now who will stand on either hand and hold the bridge with me?

    Then freemen in freemens’ struggle spared neither land nor gold, nor son nor wife, nor limb nor life, in the brave days of old. Then none was for a party, then all were for the state. Then the great man helped the poor,and the poor man loved the great, then lands were fairly portioned and spoils were fairly sold. Freemen were like brothers in the brave days of old.

    When the good man mends his armor and trims his helmet’s plume. When the good wife’s shuttle goes merrily flashing through the loom. With weeping and with laughter still is the story told, how well Horatius held the bridge in the brave days of old.

    Be that man or if not him, his friends. Let others run. Always hold the bridge.”

    Dad just finished 6th grade in a one room school house in the hills of WV. His father a lay preacher and self taught school teacher who hadn’t gotten that far.

    But they knew what was important for their boys to know. Virtue. Courage. Loyalty. Being a or even THE essential man when needed.

    In college I learned this was from a well known poem “Horatius at the Bridge” from a collection of poems called the “Lays of Ancient Rome”. Dad/Gramps have obviously taken some liberties with the language and my memory blurs with the years....but still, what would you expect a freeman to do.

    I hope Rand Paul, or Cruz, or Perry, or someone yet unknown is our Horatius. Our William Wallace.

    With the right leadership, there are far more than three who will hold the path with them.

    It may well be that Jesus is that man now. His day may have come.

  • Fighting the Great War

    03/23/2014 7:49:38 AM PDT · 9 of 26
    Lowell1775 to rktman

    We should have stayed at home. Then no memorial needed.

    Uh-Oh....I sense an irrelevant an alternate history rant overtaking me!

    Had Prez Wilson (a racist New Jersey psychotic castrato) kept his word and us OUT OF THE WAR.....

    1. The Western and Central Powers would have probably fought to a mutually exhausting and honorable stalemate....Brits, Frogs, and Krauts would have cooperated to contain, then roll-back the Marxist nightmare in Russia saving 10 millions upon 10 millions AND no Hitler....savings 10 millions upon 10 millions more. There might still be nice, not Nazi, Germans in the Ukraine from the Brest-Livtosk Treaty!

    2. Ottoman Empire would have gradually unwound, if at all, along proper tribal lines instead of the nonsensical imperial lines carved up by Brits and Frogs for their pet Arab lackeys. NO MID-EAST NIGHTMARE TODAY. Unlikely the Muslim faith would become as “mission focused” and radicalized as today. Zionist Jews would have continued their gradual movement into Modern Israel over decades as they had been. They would be supported by the still living/unliquidated Jewish merchant and middle classes of Europe and not the US Government.

    3. “Same same” with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A gradual devolution to immateriality. No Balkan Wars in the 90’s.

    4. US and European powers would be united in opposition to a rising Imperial Japan which would have been quickly neutered. A contained Sino-Japanese war AND no Stalin (see #1) would mean NO Mao-Tse-Sung and no Pearl Harbor/Pacific war

    5. Progressivism and FedGov growth would have lacked the fertile launch pad of Wilsonian war jingoism and structures.

    6. It goes on....You fill in the blank for even more benefits had the Doughboys stayed “Over here”, instead of bleeding for British and French imperial interests “Over there”.

    WWI is a powerful, yet seldom mentioned example example of how the US meddling in others’ affairs turns out REALLY badly for everybody including US.

    OK. My Pat Buchanan moment is past.

    And.....what the heck do I know.