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  • No Longer a Republican

    12/25/2014 8:36:57 AM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 116 replies
    Townhall ^ | Dec 22, 2014 | Matt Barber
    I am no longer a Republican. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and their Democrat-lite, RINO Republican establishment have seen to that. They have betrayed their own constituents. They have actively turned against the American people – the very voters who granted them power to do good. Even before the gavel has sounded on the Republican-led 114th Congress, these treacherous cowards shamelessly, eagerly, it seems, squandered perhaps the one opportunity they had to stop, in his tracks, America’s first cultural Marxist, anti-American, palpably evil president.
  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry Booked at Austin Courthouse on Felony Charges Tied to Controversial Indictment

    08/19/2014 4:56:45 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 42 replies
    The Blaze ^ | Aug. 19, 2014 6:15pm | Mike Opelka
    “We will continue to aggressively defend the governor’s lawful and constitutional action…”

    08/18/2014 10:42:02 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 16 replies
    Breitbart ^ | August 17, 2014 | MICHAEL QUINN SULLIVAN
    AUSTIN, Texas -- In light of the malicious prosecution of Governor Rick Perry, Republican lawmakers are rushing to jump on the bandwagon opposing the Democrats politically motivated action. But several House Republicans loyal to liberal House Speaker, Joe Straus, bear responsibility for setting the stage leading to the indictments.
  • Dallas County names three potential sites to house 2,000 undocumented kids

    07/04/2014 10:01:48 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 17 replies
    Dallas Morning News ^ | 04 July 2014 12:12 AM | MARC RAMIREZ, MATTHEW WATKINS and JULIE FANCHER
    Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins named three possible sites Thursday to house 2,000 immigrant children he expects to arrive this month, and reactions from residents in the potential areas ranged from miffed to supportive. The three sites — D.A. Hulcy Middle School in the Red Bird area, an alternative education building in Grand Prairie and a Parkland Memorial Hospital warehouse — are those the county thinks “are the most viable to accommodate the children,” Jenkins said. “I hope as we deal with the community and move forward, the community will keep in mind this is about compassion to children, and...
  • The Insulting Phrase One Texas Democrat Says ‘GOP’ Really Stands For

    06/30/2014 1:32:57 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 31 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 06/31/2014 | Fred Lucas
    Texas Democratic lawmaker used a racially tinged Spanish insult to describe the Republican Party during the state’s Democratic convention Friday. State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, left, leaves the U.S. Federal Courthouse, May 29, 2013, in San Antonio. (Eric Gay/AP) State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer said at the Texas Democratic Convention that “GOP” stands for “gringos y otros pendejos,” the Houston Chronicle reported. The word “gringo” is sometimes used as a derogatory term to mean “white foreigner.” “Pendejo” can mean “asshole,” “fool” or “idiot.”
  • How to Fight Back Against the GOP Establishment’s Worst Treachery Yet

    06/28/2014 10:52:04 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 27 replies
    Town Hall ^ | Jun 28, 2014 | Steve Deace
    What transpired in the Mississippi Senate run-off is a red line for many conservatives across the country, because the Republican Party establishment essentially took a civil war and escalated it to a war for independence.
  • Latest filing for Cochran PAC

    06/13/2014 8:02:54 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 7 replies
    Jackson Jambalaya ^ | June 13, 2014 | Kingfish
    A few small nuggets of information popped up yesterday when the Mississippi Conservatives PAC filed its pre-runoff report with the Federal Elections Commission. The PAC supports the candidacy of Senator Thad Cochran. Brian Perry is the director.
  • President Obama is working to give Americans more

    06/12/2014 7:16:12 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 33 replies ^ | 06/12/2014 | L.Q. Cincinnatus
    Well, my friends, how does it feel to watch our Republic bleed out?
  • I do recall, the President referring to the Benghazi incident as "a bump in the road.

    05/24/2014 4:25:04 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 11 replies
    ex-Navy Seal being interviewed on Fox News | 05/24/2014 | A Marine
    “THE BATTLING BOYS OF BENGHAZI” We're the battling boys of Benghazi No fame, no glory, no paparazzi. Just a fiery death in a blazing hell Defending our country we loved so well. It wasn't our job, but we answered the call, fought to the Consulate and scaled the wall. We pulled twenty Countrymen from the jaws of fate Led them to safety, and stood at the gate. Just the two of us, and foes by the score, But we stood fast to bar the door. Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied, So we fought, and we fought, and...
  • Abortion Most Consequential Issue Determining Socioeconomic Composition Of United States

    05/11/2014 1:06:55 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 7 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 11 May 2014, 1:57 AM PDT | DR. SUSAN BERRY
    A new study has concluded that, while largely ignored by the scientific community, abortion is undoubtedly the most consequential issue determining the socioeconomic and demographic composition of the United States.
  • Texas Is Permanently Shutting Abortion Clinics and the Supreme Court Can't Do Anything About It

    05/05/2014 12:44:32 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 25 replies
    National Journal ^ | May 5, 2014 | Sophie Novack
    Regardless of what the judicial system does with Texas’s antiabortion law, its on-the-ground effects are unlikely to be reversed.
  • Project Veritas' O'Keefe: Gov. Cuomo Wants to Run Group Out of NY

    01/24/2014 11:41:58 AM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 17 replies
    Newsmax ^ | Thursday, 23 Jan 2014 05:13 PM | Steve Malzberg
    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to run the conservative activist group Project Veritas out of the state, its founder James O'Keefe believes. "We got a subpoena over the last week from the Board of Labor and they're asking for every single financial transaction over the last three years," O'Keefe told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV. "I'll be happy to cooperate but there's some funny business going on, especially when there's so much corruption in the state of New York and they're going after my organization and compelling me to give them every transaction. "I'll comply but...
  • GOP Myths About Conservative Candidates

    01/13/2014 4:39:38 PM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 25 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 13 Jan 2014, 9:35 AM PDT | Mike Flynn
    The pundit class and the GOP establishment currently are engaged in massive "concern trolling" over the possibility that Republican voters will elect conservatives in party primaries. Karl Rove, the US Chamber of Commerce and other special interests have vowed to spend whatever it takes to prevent citizens from nominating the "wrong" candidates. Setting aside the conceit that these interests know better than voters who should represent them, are these concerns even valid? The establishment's argument is based on three things: 1) Rep. Todd Akin (MO), 2) Sharron Angle (NV), and 3) Christine O'Donnell (DE). Granted, these campaigns were train wrecks,...
  • Texas Primary Primer: For John Cornyn, A Stockman Surprise

    12/12/2013 1:00:05 PM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 21 replies
    KERA News ^ | December 11, 2013 | Shelley Kofler
    Tea party activists have been gunning for Sen. John Cornyn. But even they were surprised when Steve Stockman, a Republican Congressman from the Houston suburb of Friendswood, filed on the last possible day to run against Cornyn in the March Republican primary.
  • Texas Conservative Steve Stockman to Challenge Senator John Cornyn

    12/10/2013 6:27:10 AM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 19 replies
    New York times ^ | 11/10/2013 | JONATHAN MARTIN
    WASHINGTON — In a surprise move, Representative Steve Stockman of Texas, a conservative, filed just before the Monday evening deadline to challenge Senator John Cornyn, two-term incumbent, in next year’s Texas Republican primary. Mr. Stockman’s move against Mr. Cornyn, the second-ranking Senate Republican, offers the potential for yet another ideological showdown in the 2014 Republican Senate primaries.
  • Church Says Wounded Warrior Project Refused Their Money

    02/04/2013 5:30:34 PM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 16 replies
    Fox News ^ | 02/01/2013 | Todd Starnes
    A Christian church and school in Florida are devastated after they said Wounded Warrior Project refused to accept their fund raising effort because it was “religious in nature.” “We were heartbroken,” said Wallace Cooley, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church and Academy in Fort Pierce, Fla. Cooley said they had already paid a $100 registration fee to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and were about to launch the campaign when they received an email from the organization. The church had planned on taking up a special offering on the last Sunday in February and students were collecting money from...
  • Church Says Wounded Warrior Project Refused Their Money

    02/04/2013 5:30:34 PM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 48 replies
    Fox News ^ | 02/01/2013 | Todd Starnes
    A Christian church and school in Florida are devastated after they said Wounded Warrior Project refused to accept their fund raising effort because it was “religious in nature.” “We were heartbroken,” said Wallace Cooley, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church and Academy in Fort Pierce, Fla. Cooley said they had already paid a $100 registration fee to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and were about to launch the campaign when they received an email from the organization. The church had planned on taking up a special offering on the last Sunday in February and students were collecting money from...
  • Bryan Mound (Strategic Petroleum Reserve)Pre-election Releases?

    05/05/2012 6:46:52 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 38 replies
    Around the Internet | May 5, 2012 | LQCincinnatus
    Just got the scoop from my guy who works at Bryan Mound (Strategic Petroleum Reserve). As you may know, the largest reserve site in the U.S. is located a few miles from where I work in Freeport. It hold 200+ million barrels of oil. They got a visitor from Washington D.C. authorizing the release of 80-90 million barrels across all 4 sites in the U.S. It will be sold to Exxon Mobil for the purpose of flooding the market to bring down gas prices (temporarily). Just in time for the election. The president can do this without Congress. What an...
  • Supreme Court intervenes in Texas redistricting case

    12/10/2011 12:28:14 PM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 3 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | December 9, 2011, 8:13 p.m. | David G. Savage, Washington Bureau
    Reporting from Washington— The Supreme Court granted an emergency appeal Friday night from Texas Republicans, putting on hold a redistricting map drawn by judges that would give Democrats a good chance to pick up at least three seats in the next Congress. In an unusual move, the justices announced they would schedule special arguments on Jan. 9 to decide whether Texas and other Southern states may proceed to hold elections under new redistricting plans that have not been approved under the Voting Rights Act.
  • Communion on the Moon

    08/04/2010 3:07:10 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 22 replies
    Eric Metaxas ^ | Jul 20, 2010 | Eric Metaxas
    Communion on the Moon I love this. How many of you knew? Too bad this type news doesn't travel as fast as bad. Communion on the Moon: July 20th, 1969 (This is an article by Eric Metaxas) Forty years ago two human beings changed history by walking on the surface of the moon. But what happened before Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong exited the Lunar Module is perhaps even more amazing, if only because so few people know about it. I'm talking about the fact that Buzz Aldrin took communion on the surface of the moon. Some months after his...
  • Capitol plan is a far piece from firearm prohibition

    04/15/2010 3:14:39 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 7 replies · 402+ views
    AMERICAN-STATESMAN ^ | Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | Mike Ward
    Think the metal detectors and other ramped-up security plans for the Texas Capitol will keep out unlicensed guns? Think again, officials said Wednesday. Under current state law, so-called "long guns" — rifles, shotguns and the like — will remain legal in the domed landmark if they are carried openly, in a non-threatening way. And, under an exemption approved Tuesday as a part of a new security plan, Texans with a concealed-handgun license will be able to take their pistols into the statehouse as well.
  • Suit claims lawyers cheated aging mom

    04/14/2010 2:28:12 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 9 replies · 606+ views
    San Antonio Epress News ^ | 04/12/2010 12:00 CDT | John MacCormack
    EDINBURG — As wrongful death cases go, the one that almost predictably followed the fatal fall of construction worker Antonio Rivas in McAllen in May 2002 was unremarkable in every respect but one. A lawsuit against the company that employed Rivas was quickly filed by lawyers from the Watts Law Firm on behalf of Rivas' widow, Maria Zuniga, and his aging mother, Cayetana Rivas, who lived across the Rio Grande in a small border village. In August 2003, the case was settled for $1.8 million, but that did not end the matter. Now pending in Hidalgo County is another suit,...
  • Texans Support Voter ID

    04/10/2010 3:32:17 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 24 replies · 1,498+ views
    Texas Center for Public Policy Research ^ | April 10, 2010 | Texas Center for Public Policy Research
    In a recent survey conducted by the Texas Center for Public Policy Research, 76 percent of registered voters support a state law requirement to show a photo identification to vote in an election. These results are consistent with other surveys taken by the Government Department at the University of Texas showing 69 percent of Texans in favor of Voter ID, and a Rasmussen Poll showing support as high as 88 percent. While opponents to Voter ID claim the requirement is divisive and partisan, the TCPPR survey finds broad support for Voter ID even among self-identified Democrats.
  • 73% of Texas voters oppose new health care law.

    04/10/2010 12:37:18 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 48 replies · 1,618+ views
    Texas Research Organization ^ | April 9, 2010 | Texas Research Organization
    In a recent survey conducted by the Texas Research Organization, 73 percent of respondents expressed opposition to the new law with the same percentage favoring repeal.

    01/31/2010 9:20:24 AM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 5 replies · 558+ views
    The Quorum Report ^ | January 29, 2010 | Kimberly Reeves
    January 29, 2010 5:52 PM TEA SEEKS AG OPINION TO PREVENT VIEWING OF ITS UNFILED RACE TO THE TOP EDUCATION APPLICATION Despite not competing, TEA calls application a "competitive bid document" The Texas Education Agency has sought an Attorney General’s ruling to stop reporters from seeing its completed Race to the Top application, claiming the application is a “competitive bid document” and that the state’s competitive advantage that might be compromised if it was viewed by the public. Forty states, plus the District of Columbia, applied for Race to the Top funding during the first round of the competitive $4.3...
  • A private from Ft. Hood

    11/21/2009 9:07:03 AM PST · by lqcincinnatus · 38 replies · 3,892+ views
    KPEC Houston, Texas ^ | November 21, 2009 | Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus
    November 13, 2009 at 1:09 pm On local Houston radio 2 days ago a private from Ft. Hood called into the AM talk show on 950AM. Since then the host has verified just to be sure that the man was indeed an injured soldier so as not to be fooled. Anyway, the private was with some others that were not critically hurt in a ward. He called in to offer the “difference” between the visit from President Bush vs the visit from President Obama. As you stated, no one knew President Bush was coming, he just showed up. WITH NO...
  • Soros admitted helped in the confiscation of Jewish properties

    10/17/2009 11:40:13 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 49 replies · 3,438+ views
    60 Minutes ^ | October 17, 2009 | unknown
    On Dec. 20, 1998, in the midst of his murderous speculative rampage against the currencies of Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, and other targeted Asian nations, George Soros appeared on CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes,” to explain and defend his behavior. Confronted by interviewer Steve Kroft about his experiences as a youth in Hungary, under the Nazi occupation, Soros freely admitted that he posed as the “adopted godson” of an official of the Nazi-occupation government, and helped in the confiscation of Jewish properties. “Kroft: And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps. “Soros: Right. I was 14 years...
  • Call the NFL and tell them what you think!

    10/16/2009 10:34:37 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 16 replies · 868+ views
    Fox News ^ | October 16, 2009 | LQ Cincinnatus
    Call and start the boycott. (212) 450-2000 NFL Office Number
  • Weapons failed US troops during Afghan firefight

    10/11/2009 8:31:44 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 15 replies · 1,369+ views
    MyWay ^ | Oct 11, 8:28 AM (ET) | RICHARD LARDNER
    WASHINGTON (AP) - In the chaos of an early morning assault on a remote U.S. outpost in eastern Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Erich Phillips' M4 carbine quit firing as militant forces surrounded the base. The machine gun he grabbed after tossing the rifle aside didn't work either. When the battle in the small village of Wanat ended, nine U.S. soldiers lay dead and 27 more were wounded. A detailed study of the attack by a military historian found that weapons failed repeatedly at a "critical moment" during the firefight on July 13, 2008, putting the outnumbered American troops at risk of...
  • “41″, or John Cornyn Has To Go

    09/23/2009 9:39:56 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 33 replies · 1,336+ views
    Red State ^ | Tuesday, September 22nd | Erick Erickson
    This story looks like a local one on the surface, but has implications for Senate seats across the country. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is manipulating the Senatorial primary process, and maneuvering to retain his own power in a minority party rather than trying to win a majority.
  • Celebrate 9-12

    09/12/2009 11:23:32 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 3 replies · 482+ views
    e-Sword ^ | July 4, 0000 | God
    (Eph 6:12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
  • Double fatal shooting in San Marcos may fall under Castle Doctrine

    09/05/2009 9:24:04 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 102 replies · 3,820+ views
    KVUE News ^ | Friday, September 4, 2009 | NOELLE NEWTON
    A fatal San Marcos shooting may fall under the castle doctrine. Two Luling teens are dead, one is in the hospital and another is in jail. Early Friday morning crime scene tape surrounded a home just a couple blocks away from Texas State University. Police say it's the result of a home invasion robbery carried out by four Luling teenagers. "Three of the suspects were armed, one with a handgun, two with what we were later to find out were pellet guns, but very realistic looking,” San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams said. San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams says...
  • Corpus Christi ISD Directive on Obama Address

    09/04/2009 9:39:25 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 32 replies · 2,059+ views
    Corpus Christi Independent School District, Corpus Christi, Texas ^ | September 4, 2009 | Corpus Christi Independent School District
    Dear Leaders, We appreciate your coordination of communicating the District's press release about the President's address on September 8. We ask that you communicate with your staff on the following instructional matters as well. If teachers choose to show the video in class as part of their curriculm at a later date, they must: 1. be able to tie the video to TEKS for their subject area; 2. notify parents in advance that the speech will be shown and provide information about follow-up assignments or activities; and 3. provide an opportunity for parents/students to "opt-out" if they do not wish...
  • List of Obama Czars

    08/27/2009 11:57:23 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 33 replies · 3,364+ views
    The 912 Project ^ | August 20, 2009 | The 912 Project
    List of Obama's Czars August 21, 2009 - 5:26 ET As of July 20, 2009: • The Brainroom counts 32 czars in the Obama administration, based on media reports from reputable sources that have identified the official in question as a czar. • In addition, President Obama has said that he will create the position of cyber czar, and there have been media reports that there could be a health insurance czar and a copyright czar. When and if those positions are filled, that would bring the total to 35. • Since czar isn't an official job title, the number...
  • CtW Investment Group Calls on Whole Foods Board to Remove Chair and CEO John Mackey

    08/26/2009 5:22:29 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 79 replies · 2,379+ views
    CtW Investment Group ^ | August 24, 2009 | William Patterson CtW Investment Group
    CtW Investment Group Calls on Whole Foods Board to Remove Chair and CEO John Mackey FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, August 25, 2009 CONTACT: Per Olstad, (202) 721-6027 The CtW Investment Group called on the Whole Foods Market (NYSE:WFMI) board to remove CEO John Mackey as Chairman and to begin the process of naming a new CEO in a letter to Whole Foods’ lead independent director, Dr. John Elstrott, yesterday afternoon. Citing the risk to Whole Foods’ brand reputation caused by Mr. Mackey’s editorial opposing President Obama’s proposed healthcare reform, CtW urged the board to take immediate action to prevent continued...
  • Quiet Reflection on Sunday Service

    08/23/2009 12:48:34 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 4 replies · 392+ views
    The Holy Bible ^ | August 23, 2009 | God (not the President)
    Does the story sound like déjà vu all over again? (1Sa 8:1) And it came to pass, when Samuel was old, that he made his sons judges over Israel. (1Sa 8:2) Now the name of his firstborn was Joel; and the name of his second, Abiah: they were judges in Beersheba. (1Sa 8:3) And his sons walked not in his ways, but turned aside after lucre, and took bribes, and perverted judgment. (1Sa 8:4) Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah, (1Sa 8:5) And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and...
  • Dinner with Obama.

    07/13/2009 7:08:36 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 8 replies · 1,001+ views
    unknown ^ | July 19, 2009 | unknown
    I dreamed I was invited to the White House for a private dinner with the President. I was a respected businessman, with a factory that produces memory chips for computers and portable electronics. My invitation to dinner with an American President was an honor. I checked my coat, was greeted by the Chief of Staff, and joined the President in a yellow dining room. We sat across from each other at a table draped in white linen. The Great Seal was embossed on the china. Uniformed staff served our dinner. The meal was served, and I was startled when my...
  • Former POW to take in city’s July 4th parade - Lost Battalion Staff Sergeant Dan Buzzo

    07/05/2009 11:10:30 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 5 replies · 1,542+ views
    The Gazette-Enterprise ^ | July 3, 2009 | Ron Maloney
    SEGUIN — For some of us, Independence Day is more important than for others. But back in 1942, it all nearly came to naught for the forward observer with the first Texas military unit to ever see combat on foreign soil. One of the very first to see action in World War II and the most decorated military unit in the history of the Lone Star state, Buzzo’s unit, the second battalion of the 131st Field Artillery, was surrendered and captured at Java on March 8, 1942. Of some 900 men taken prisoner at Java, about 670 were shipped to...
  • Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    06/22/2009 10:17:26 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 25 replies · 1,027+ views
    International Bonhoeffer Society ^ | June 22, 2009 | LQCincinnatus
    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.—Dietrich Bonhoeffer Question. Silence in the face of murder in the streets of Tehran and a government killing our citizens and soldiers. Vocal support for democratic elections and unseen consequences.
  • Twitter provides instant news on protests in Iran.

    06/16/2009 12:41:33 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 28 replies · 1,369+ views
    Twitter ^ | June 16, 2009 | iranianphoenix
    iranianphoenix: @fashionpirate now you know why the American ancestors gave their descendants 2nd amendment - protect 2nd amendment! #IranElection less than 20 seconds ago from web
  • Proposing an amendment to the Constitution removing presidential term limit

    06/15/2009 9:28:30 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 92 replies · 3,423+ views
    Thomas ^ | June 15, 2009 | Rep. SERRANO NY
    HJ 5 IH 111th CONGRESS 1st Session H. J. RES. 5 Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES January 6, 2009 Mr. SERRANO introduced the following joint resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as...
  • Congress Sends FDA Tobacco Bill to Obama

    06/12/2009 3:06:06 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 56 replies · 2,477+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | June 12, 2009 | FAWN JOHNSON
    WASHINGTON -- A bill allowing the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco is on the way to the White House for President Barack Obama's signature. A day after the Senate overwhelmingly approved the measure, the House passed it Friday on a 307-97 vote. (See related article.) Mr. Obama said the legislation gives the government much greater power to regulate tobacco "truly defines change in Washington." The president spoke in the Rose Garden Friday and promised to sign the bill. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Thursday that her agency looked forward to implementing it.
  • Second Lost Document Found in Capitol Basement Excerpt Casts Light on Current Marxist Slide

    06/11/2009 11:15:54 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 4 replies · 1,181+ views
    Capitol Archieves ^ | June 11, 2009 | F. Fathers
    Section. 8. The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; To borrow Money on the credit of the United States; To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes; To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States; To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of...
  • Forgotten Document Found in Capitol Basement Basis for Destruction of Current Administration

    06/10/2009 8:28:16 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 43 replies · 3,674+ views
    Library of Congress ^ | June 10, 2009 | T. Jefferson
    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,...
  • A long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing the Object to reduce them under absolute Despotism.

    06/09/2009 7:55:12 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 11 replies · 1,252+ views
    US ^ | July 4, 1776 | Thomas Jefferson
    When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,...
  • US releases Iraqi Shia terror group leader

    06/09/2009 10:01:57 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 26 replies · 3,122+ views
    The Long war Journal ^ | June 9, 2009 1:12 AM | Bill Roggio
    The US military has released a senior member of a deadly terror group backed by Iran that has been directly implicated in the kidnapping and murder of five US soldiers in Karbala during a complex operation in early 2007. Laith al Qazali was freed last weekend "as part of a reconciliation effort" as well as an attempt to secure the release of captive British hostages, according to a report in The New York Times. Laith is the brother of Qais Qazali, the commander of the Qazali network, which is better known as the Asaib al Haq, or the League of...
  • Adolf Hitler: Up Close

    06/04/2009 4:05:07 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 9 replies · 643+ views
    Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images ^ | Feb 17, 1939 | Hugo Jaeger
    Hitler Among the Cars, 1939 Adolf Hitler tours the 1939 International Auto Exhibition in Berlin. Three years before, at another Berlin auto show, Hitler announced that Porsche would design the "People's Car," or Volkswagen, an affordable, practical vehicle for the working German family.
  • Marine Aviator's Memorial Day Wave Off

    05/28/2009 2:20:23 PM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 39 replies · 2,856+ views
    The Patriot Post ^ | May 28, 2009 | Mark Alexander
    "Only under the administration of a former 'community organizer,' a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine, who never served a day of his life in uniform, could a 20-year retired Marine Corps Officer be prohibited from visiting the Arlington National Cemetery resting place of his father, a 30-year retired Marine Corps Officer with distinguished combat service, on the most hallowed of days for our fallen and deceased military servicemen and women -- Memorial Day."
  • H.R. 1207 will open up the Fed to Congressional oversight.

    05/01/2009 11:57:36 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 7 replies · 609+ views
    House of Representatives ^ | April 30, 2009 | Ron Paul
    Dear Friends, As we reflect on President Obama's first 100 days in office, the hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street and the just passed budget, a staggering $3.4 trillion boondoggle, I wanted to share some good news with you. As I write, H.R. 1207, my bill to audit the Federal Reserve, currently has 110 cosponsors in the House of Representatives. This piece of legislation is perhaps the most important of my career, and I thank you for your continued support in sending me back to Congress to fight for it. A broad coalition of Representatives...
  • Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist

    04/27/2009 6:59:22 AM PDT · by lqcincinnatus · 82 replies · 3,180+ views
    Global Politician ^ | April, 27, 2009 | Dr. Sam Vaknin
    Dr. Vaknin has written extensively about narcissism. Dr. Vaknin States "I must confess I was impressed by Sen.Barack Obama from the first time I saw him. At first I was excited to see a black candidate. He looked youthful, spoke well, appeared to be confident - a wholesome presidential package. I was put off soon, not just because of his shallowness but also because there was an air of haughtiness in his demeanor that was unsettling. His posture and his body language were louder than his empty words. Obama's speeches are unlike any political speech we have heard in American...