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  • Cheer up, Papa John’s. Obamacare gave you a good deal (Another delusional Leftie)

    11/19/2012 5:08:31 PM PST · 15 of 16
    lymelady to 2ndDivisionVet

    Translation: Things are going to get more expensive across the board, but don’t worry! We’re making Big Business pay the government for their nasty practices of cutting costs so that you don’t have to pay as much for your food. Isn’t that worth having to stretch the same amount of money you make now even further?

  • Friend: Republican Voters Swam with Democrat Sharks, Ron Paul Life-Guards Watched from Shore!

    11/07/2012 10:30:17 AM PST · 16 of 20
    lymelady to Frapster

    I voted third party, but Romney wasn’t going to have my vote, so I don’t consider it a vote eaten up. His job was to earn my vote, and he failed. My right to vote is far too precious to be automatically given to a certain political party out of fear, it must be earned.

    You can’t put a liberal in to fix a problem caused by liberalism. If someone is going to have to be held accountable for the next four years, I’d rather he be a proud liberal than a so-called conservative.

  • Libtard Gary Johnson Cost Romney FL and OH

    11/06/2012 11:15:46 PM PST · 56 of 75
    lymelady to ExxonPatrolUs

    Romney cost Romney my vote. I suspect it was the same with Johnson voters in swing states.

    When the GOP puts up a conservative I’ll check off the R box. Until then, it’s not happening. Given the choice of Kang or Kodos, I’ll take third party.

  • 'The Notebook' Director Nick Cassavetes Defends Incest By Comparing It To Gay Marriage

    09/10/2012 8:00:17 PM PDT · 11 of 30
    lymelady to chessplayer

    Sound logic. If the one is okay, why isn’t the other one? It’s all consenting adults, right?

  • Why California’s Three-Parent Law Was Inevitable

    09/10/2012 4:30:05 PM PDT · 31 of 41
    lymelady to Kozak

    Perhaps even an entire village.

  • Romney: I'll Keep Parts of Obamacare

    09/10/2012 10:26:19 AM PDT · 191 of 224
    lymelady to Chunga

    I am basing everything I’m saying off of watching Meet the Press. I pulled the clip up on New York Post just to be certain I was remembering correctly.

    I think he’ll favor free market too, and I prefer his plans to Obamacare, but in reality he’s going to have to make concessions and ultimately we’re keeping Obamacare.

    Meet the Press wanted to trap him into saying he either wanted to keep Obamacare or he wanted to hurt people. Romney skillfully used politician-speak to get out of it, partially by stating that he wants to keep some parts of what we call Obamacare. “So you would keep that as part of the federal plan.” “Oh I’m not getting rid of ALL of healthcare reform, of course, there are a number of things that I like in healthcare reform,” is in direct response to that “so you would keep that as part of the federal plan.”

    He needs to distance himself from the word “Obamacare” because of the word “Romneycare.” He knows he can’t win the conservative vote if he’s associated with it, but voicing support for aspects of the federal plan does voice support for aspects of Obamacare no matter how you slice it.

    Not necessarily a bad thing, since the piece of garbage was so bloated it actually does have some aspects of Republican health care reform slipped into it. And, he’s a very good liar. I’m sure he was lying to someone with that response. We can cross our fingers and hope that he’s lying in our favor.

  • Romney: I'll Keep Parts of Obamacare

    09/09/2012 10:48:45 PM PDT · 167 of 224
    lymelady to Chunga

    I had a very liberal sociology professor at the time and had to eventually use some creative phrasing to keep my GPA up to snuff, because he’s a liberal soc professor at a community college so no one is surprised that anything that hinted at a conservative approach could be allowed past the threshold. I worded a paper with such subtly sarcastic stabs at socialized medicine that it was too much like a glowing recommendation and I hope it will never be found again.

    He kept referring to it as healthcare reform, everyone did, and it is the version of healthcare reform that passed. I know that the Republicans had their own versions (and have had their own versions for awhile) but that’s the one that passed.

    Because that’s the one that passed, that’s the one that Romney’s talking about when he says he would keep some aspects of it. This is old news anyway, we know what his own plan involves. But, he worded things in a way that allows for some wiggle room on exactly what of those two parts he would keep. Like I said before, he had to support those two aspects. You can’t really win the presidency with a quote of “Yep, I want people with pre-existing conditions and college students under 26 to not have guaranteed access to health insurance.”

  • Romney: I'll Keep Parts of Obamacare

    09/09/2012 9:36:22 PM PDT · 151 of 224
    lymelady to tsowellfan

    You can watch the clip of Meet the Press in question and hear it. The New York Post has it if you google it.

    But, he does say “I don’t want to get rid of all healthcare reform” and that translates to “I don’t want to get rid of all of Obamacare.” So, he did say it, just not explicitly. It’s just a matter of semantics. Before it was called Obamacare, it was “healthcare reform.” Romney’s being shrewd; no one can accuse him of failing as a politician.

  • Romney: I'll Keep Parts of Obamacare

    09/09/2012 9:17:46 PM PDT · 143 of 224
    lymelady to PLK

    As someone who is chronically ill, that’s one of the more worrying parts of Obamacare. Will doctors not want to take me on because I’ll lower their stats? Will doctors drop me if I’m difficult and don’t exercise enough and don’t eat exactly as I’m instructed to? I shouldn’t have to even ask that question. This is why I hate socialized medicine. Maybe it makes fiscal sense, but I don’t think it does; I think it will end in the hardest patients having difficulty finding doctors, which will be more costly in the end.

    The two specific parts Romney’s talking about keeping with his new plan are the under-26ers and the pre-existing conditions, because those are the biggest emotional ploys out of the whole thing that journalists can come up with. It’s not like he could have answered any other way.

  • Romney/Ryan or Bust! If you don't vote Romney this Nov. then you will be casting a vote for Obama

    09/08/2012 4:23:26 PM PDT · 462 of 1,012
    lymelady to OldEarlGray

    But let’s say that Ford won, and was ineffectual, who would have been put up by the Democrats in 1980? I wasn’t even born yet. I could probably research it. Right now I don’t quite have the time, but I’m sure you probably know who they might have put up. Would they have won against Reagan? Would Reagan have even won the primary?

    My point is only that the choices we make now don’t just affect the next four years, they affect the next 34, at least. Which is exactly why I don’t believe in just throwing any Republican into office that I’m told to vote for. A Democrat messing things up is bad enough, but a Republican messing things up makes it harder to get a true conservative who can actually turn things around.

  • Romney/Ryan or Bust! If you don't vote Romney this Nov. then you will be casting a vote for Obama

    09/08/2012 3:39:36 PM PDT · 447 of 1,012
    lymelady to Psalm 144

    Thank you for reminding me that you had to choose between Carter and Ford before we got Reagan. That actually does give me hope that it will get better.

    I wonder how the world would be if things had gone differently in 1976.

  • Romney/Ryan or Bust! If you don't vote Romney this Nov. then you will be casting a vote for Obama

    09/08/2012 10:37:30 AM PDT · 303 of 1,012
    lymelady to 2ndDivisionVet

    I live in Maryland so it’s not like my vote counts, but even if I was in a swing state, I’d still vote third party. I’m fed up with “anything but, we just need to make sure the next four years are safe and worry about the consequences the election after that,” it’s like having gangrene in a toe and refusing to amputate, hoping that other methods will work and it will be healed, and then the whole foot has it, but you keep pushing the alternative methods, until finally the whole leg has it and then the other leg has it and you either amputate both legs or die. It could have stopped with just losing a single toe.

    Securing the next four years isn’t enough if Romney will fail to turn things around (and I believe he will fail) because it weakens the position of the Republican candidate in 2016. They will put Obama back up, and he will win if Romney fails to get it right in the next four years. Not only will Obama win, but he’ll have another 4 years of blaming his predecessor.

    I would rather have his predecessor be “The Democrat Barry Obama” when he fails over a four-year period instead of “The Republican Mitt Romney.” I would rather see him attempt to blame Bush when Bush hasn’t been in office for 6 years, than see him say “If only you’d elected me, we wouldn’t be in this pickle! I’ve only had 2 years to clean up Romney’s mess, what do you expect?” Make no mistake, the policies in place now are going to make the next 4 years difficult no matter what. Romney won’t turn it around, because he’s not conservative, even if he’s Republican.

    This is the second election where I’ve been old enough to vote. There is only one way my voice will be heard in a state like Maryland, and it’s not by voting for Romney. That’s saying, “I will do anything to keep my toe, though it’s probably futile.” I’m voting third party because it’s the closest I can get to saying “I will do anything to stop this infection.”

  • Obama vs Romney Polls: Obama Tanks Among Women and Independents

    09/07/2012 9:37:53 AM PDT · 36 of 44
    lymelady to VRWCer

    I agree with you. It kind of kills me when I hear the same people wondering how nazi soldiers could stand by and do nothing, or how people could allow slavery to continue. If you see a human rights violation but do nothing, how are you any different? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Obama vs Romney Polls: Obama Tanks Among Women and Independents

    09/06/2012 10:09:38 PM PDT · 22 of 44
    lymelady to VRWCer

    Oh I’m pro-choice but not pro-abortion.

    You can choose to not have sex. You can choose to wear a condom. You can choose adoption. I’m all about reproductive choice, as long as you don’t kill anyone.

    In all seriousness, I imagine it’s the “Pro-life personal, pro-choice political” people. People who think it’s morally reprehensible but want it to be legal, like cheating on your wife. But if it’s a baby, why do you want it to be legal? And if it’s not a baby, why not pro-abortion?

    I will grant that a lot of these people want to make abortion rare and believe that social programs will help more pregnant women carry to term and sex ed will prevent more pregnancies. If they truly believe that logistically the best way to eliminate abortion is not through legislation but through outreach programs (including private charities), I can understand that. But I can’t understand the “Well I would never do it because it’s murder, but I want other women to be able to do it,” argument.

  • Planned Parenthood hands out anti-Romney condoms

    09/06/2012 7:37:00 PM PDT · 18 of 21
    lymelady to kenavi

    Wait, that’s true. How do they get away with this?

  • Barney Frank Calls Gay Republican Group “Uncle Toms”

    09/06/2012 7:04:54 PM PDT · 23 of 42
    lymelady to RightOnline

    I agree with you.

    I’m also kind of loving how big that Democratic tent is. They love gay people...who vote the right way. Are you gay but not a Democrat? Who told you that gay people were allowed to have their own opinions on things? Only straight people are allowed to think for themselves, duh.

  • This is personal (E-Mail from DWS)

    09/06/2012 4:55:00 PM PDT · 8 of 31
    lymelady to 2ndDivisionVet

    I’ve been chronically ill since I was 8 years old. I’ve known from the time I was a teenager how dangerous socialized medicine is to someone in my position. One look at England is all she needs to see in order to understand how dangerous this is to her.

    Unfortunately, she’s going to find out the hard way, and the rest of us are paying for it.

  • [dissenters] Catholics for Choice argues religious freedom only applies to private actions

    09/06/2012 4:01:49 PM PDT · 22 of 26
    lymelady to NKP_Vet

    See, but you and I ARE Catholics for Choice.

    These particular individuals can CHOOSE to convert to another religion that is more in line with their beliefs. I won’t stop them, promise!

  • Sandra Fluke: Ryan “Would Allow Women to Die in Emergency Rooms”

    09/06/2012 2:01:59 PM PDT · 64 of 67
    lymelady to okie01

    As someone who is chronically ill, Obamacare is a nightmare come true. I’m dreading the day the government decides there is no value in treating me.

    I once told a socialized healthcare fanatic that I think the only ethical thing to do when you have socialized healthcare is to deny the old and the infirm first when the money runs out, because it’s the most cost-effective way to do things and you have an obligation to treat the most people for the least amount of money when it’s being financed with taxes. He was just appalled. “No, no, you can’t do that! Governments can’t do that! That’s not fair!”
    “Oh yeah? What stops them?”

    He couldn’t answer that.

  • Sandra Fluke: Ryan “Would Allow Women to Die in Emergency Rooms”

    09/06/2012 10:13:45 AM PDT · 61 of 67
    lymelady to NYer

    I remember that time that Paul Ryan and my church worked together to control my access to my medicine.

    Oh wait. No, I don’t. Because it didn’t happen. Huh.

    Oh but I remember those scores of women who died in emergency rooms because of...wait. No. That didn’t happen either.

    Man. It’s hard trying to pretend that there’s a war on me, waged by people who supposedly only see me as a walking uterus. So say the people who take any issue related to my uterus and go “WAR ON WOMEN!” as if my anatomy is my biggest concern in life. It’s not like people are trying to make it harder to screen for breast cancer, or telling me that in order to succeed I need to be open to the idea of killing any child I conceive, or telling me I can’t carry a handgun to protect myself unless I can prove that there is a specific threat to me (and even then good luck getting a permit, and even then it will be revoked as soon as there’s enough time without incident). My financial security isn’t jeopardized by the increasing tax burden on me, that desperately tries to pay off a debt taken out (supposedly on my behalf but I never see the benefits) without my permission. I don’t have to worry that when I have children, they’ll be saddled with the same debt, and have to care for me because even though I’ve paid into social security (so that money is lost to me forever) it will be gone by the time I’m unable to work anymore and I won’t have half as much in savings as I would have if I’d been able to save and invest that money on my own. I’m not concerned that one party is trying its hardest to turn me into a leech, and lowering the defense budget while we have enemies who are looking to hurt us and I have my future children and grandchildren to worry about, and God forbid I move to a border state that offers more protection to dangerous illegal immigrants than it does to me as a property owner.

    Mostly all I have to worry about as a woman is that the government won’t force my employer to buy one medication for me. It’s a vapid life, I know, but after all, I’m a woman. What can you expect me to worry about?

  • Mennonites: we are willing to die rather than betray girl to court-appointed lesbian ‘mother’

    09/05/2012 4:02:23 PM PDT · 28 of 77
    lymelady to NYer

    This is a very sad case, and unfortunately Lisa Miller undermined everything she fought for when she accepted child support from Janet Jenkins.

    If you accept the idea that your partner has a parental responsibility, you accept that your partner has potential parental rights. It would have been easy as pie to argue that because Janet had never legally adopted the baby even after Lisa asked her to, she had voided her parental rights and responsibilities, but accepting the child support money completely undid that argument and is enough to convince me that Lisa Miller is being at least a little bit selfish and unreliable. Actions have consequences and unfortunately they’re all hitting a little girl harder than the women who knowingly dragged her into this mess.

  • Millions View Story Mom Rejecting Abortion of Disabled Baby

    05/18/2012 4:04:28 PM PDT · 7 of 8
    lymelady to G Larry

    That’s so sad. And the resentment your co-worker must feel towards him! That doesn’t go away, knowing that the man you married wanted to kill your baby girl, who is now a full-grown woman leading her own life. I hope he’s learned a valuable lesson...and I hope that their daughter doesn’t know. I’d be crushed if I found out my dad wanted me dead before I was born for such a stupid reason.

    My best friend’s mom was told by all of her doctors that she needed to have an abortion because my best friend would be disabled to a point where her quality of life would be nothing; they mentioned extra limbs, a third eye, etc. to try and scare her. Perfectly beautiful baby girl. She’s had some health problems. I’m so glad her mom chose life.

  • Professors: Babies Don’t Know They’re Killed in Abortions

    05/07/2012 5:16:27 PM PDT · 25 of 85
    lymelady to wagglebee

    Whatever it takes to justify something that makes life more this case, killing infants with genetic anomalies that weren’t caught in time for an abortion to be carried out. We’ve come right back to ancient Greece in such an undeniable way, and yet people still turn a blind eye to it because it’s convenient to be able to kill children who are too burdensome.

  • Mockery Made of 9/11 Tribunal

    05/07/2012 4:00:57 PM PDT · 21 of 21
    lymelady to Kaslin

    Man, I just keep hoping that’s her way to try and get women to dress as promiscuously as possible without her clients being able to accuse her of doing so, so that they get to hire another lawyer in her place and make it stretch out longer.

    I know it probably isn’t but I keep hoping!

  • Obama Campaign Blasts Mitt Romney for Initial Silence After Supporter Says President...'Treason’

    05/07/2012 3:54:46 PM PDT · 34 of 155
    lymelady to kristinn

    Remember all those times Obama publicly denounced the people who called for Bush to be tried for treason while he was in office?


    Oh wait. That’s because he didn’t.

  • Should eugenics become a “fundamental human right”?

    05/07/2012 1:21:05 PM PDT · 22 of 23
    lymelady to SCalGal

    Sorry, I made it sound like I’m talking about your friend, she clearly was ready to love her baby despite the Downs diagnosis. It just reminded me of parents who make a different choice and regret it because of the test being wrong.

  • Should eugenics become a “fundamental human right”?

    05/07/2012 1:18:54 PM PDT · 21 of 23
    lymelady to SCalGal

    I have a hard time feeling sympathy for parents who abort based on a positive test result and then find out it was a false positive. I had someone tell me “that must be the saddest thing ever,” and she’s right; she’s right because the parents have to face what they did. They have to face the fact that they killed their child who they loved up until they found out about a genetic defect. If you can’t love your child because she’s not going to be as low-maintenance as you would like her to be, you should consider not being a parent at all.

  • Loyola University eliminates the sale of bottled water on campus

    05/07/2012 8:15:31 AM PDT · 30 of 57
    lymelady to ETL

    Ah, but if people will buy it, why not sell it? Supply and demand. Kids with coolers and a bit of sense can start making money hand over fist by buying the 24-packs in grocery stores and re-selling single bottles to kids on campus. The poor school will lose money to young entrepreneurs; wait, this is starting to sound awesome.

    I actually only drink bottled water, but that’s because water tastes terrible to me and the bottled stuff tastes more like the plastic it’s been sitting in than pipes. I’m perfectly happy to drink juice or soda instead (extremely healthy, I know, but at least that’s probably worth $2-3). I’m happy to shell out for something that tastes better to me. It’s also more convenient; nothing to clean! Nothing to carry around with you well after you’re done drinking. It would annoy me if I had something I enjoyed and was willing to pay for taken away because someone wanted to raise awareness and reduce the environmental footprint.

    But, I do agree that it seems ridiculous to pay good money for something that’s 3 cents from your tap. So I say as I drink a bottle of water that is both tolerable and convenient.

  • Keira Knightley Regrets Being Atheist (Not Really)

    05/07/2012 7:44:53 AM PDT · 70 of 78
    lymelady to crosshairs

    I don’t know any like that, but I tend not to get into arguments about Catholics not being real Christians with other Catholics :D

    If I meet one though, I’ll be sure to update my “anecdotal evidence” list. I’m not being sarcastic, I really don’t like Christians who behave that way, regardless of denomination, because it’s blatantly against the Bible. When any Christian behaves like that, it gives us all a bad name.

  • Keira Knightley Regrets Being Atheist (Not Really)

    05/06/2012 12:34:18 PM PDT · 37 of 78
    lymelady to InHisService

    There was no mention of Catholicism specifically. I’m pretty used to the Catholic-bashing, but in this case it was just the general “Christian,” and while Catholics fall into that category, I wouldn’t call it anti-Catholic even if she really did mean to slight anyone who’s Christian.

    She’s two years older than I am, and the Monica Lewinsky thing was a pretty big deal. I’m guessing she knows about the scandal, especially since the Europeans tend to think Clinton is the savior of the world (unless they think Obama is the savior of the world) and make a huge deal about how puritanical Americans are for trying to impeach Clinton for his escapades (they willfully fail to understand that he committed perjury). But I am betting she knows nothing about Newt and just took the guy’s word on how Newt behaves (and if she doesn’t know anything about Newt, she certainly doesn’t know what denomination he belongs to).

    I’m not trying to say she’s fantastic and how dare anyone criticize her, because she is definitely a liberal who thinks America is a backwards conservative wasteland. She’s far too willing to take anything that supports that viewpoint at face value, because she’s a sheep. I just think she’s been taken out of context in this case.

  • Keira Knightley Regrets Being Atheist (Not Really)

    05/06/2012 11:38:52 AM PDT · 21 of 78
    lymelady to InHisService

    She’s still bashing Republicans, but she’s not quite as bad as people are making her out to be. The full quote in context makes it clear that she’s making fun of the idea that because you ask God for forgiveness, that makes what you did okay...and there are plenty of “Christians” who act that way. I know a few born-again Christians who absolutely believe that they can sin as much as they want as long as they ask God for forgiveness (but with intent to sin again).

    “CRONENBERG: Except he’s got the right-wing Christian out: “I asked god for forgiveness and he said okay.” [laughs] If you’re a Christian right-wing Republican, then that might make it okay. But the thing is, Newt was the guy who was attacking Bill Clinton for his Monica Lewinsky moment while he himself was having an extramarital affair. So the hypocrisy is rather thick at that point.

    KNIGHTLEY: Absolutely extraordinary . . . If only I wasn’t an atheist, I could get away with anything. You’d just ask for forgiveness and then you’d be forgiven. It sounds much better than having to live with guilt.”

    So, snarky? Absolutely, but I highly doubt she was referring to all Christians, just the hypocrites. But maybe I’m wrong and she just hates all Christians.


    05/04/2012 9:04:19 PM PDT · 55 of 59
    lymelady to jonno

    “My bet is that were any of you injured, she wouldn’t think twice about doing a fireman-carry to safety for any of you sad pukes.”

    Agreed, and thank you!

  • Are Hannity, Rush, and the big talkers playing us for $$$? (vanity)

    05/01/2012 10:10:54 PM PDT · 66 of 132
    lymelady to teg_76

    Rush readily admits it’s a business for him.’s really in all of their best interests for Democrats to win, because they make the big money when people are unhappy with the current leadership. If Democrats win, people become dissatisfied with Democrats/liberals and tune in to conservative (or Republican) broadcasting.

  • Seven Ways Abortion has Changed the U.S.

    04/30/2012 5:15:05 PM PDT · 12 of 12
    lymelady to DNA.2012

    I don’t consider those falsehoods at all because I know plenty of young men who think that way. I know literally two men my age who are pro-life.

    With abortion, young men can have as much sex as they want and then tell women who get pregnant, “Well you can have an abortion, I’ll pay for it.” And they do (or in one case I’ve seen, they’ll chip in for half of it. Just so all things are fair!). I know one young woman who had an abortion because her boyfriend threatened to kill her if she didn’t. I know another one whose boyfriend left her because she refused to have an abortion; she can’t get any child support out of him and probably never will.

    One of the greatest tragedies of abortion, once you get past all of the dead babies, is that fathers are denied the right to protect their children. What greater instinct does a father have? I would never deny this, and it is a tragedy. But that doesn’t mean that all women who get abortions are entirely responsible and their partners were poor wronged men who had no say in the matter. Plenty of those poor wronged men were the ones pushing for it in the first place. Abortion has created a culture of not only death but also irresponsibility, and you can’t possibly believe that 19-25 year old guys aren’t enchanted by the idea of sex without responsibilities. Legal abortion magically removes all the responsibilities of sex from those young men and places 100% of the burden on their female partners.

    This is the breakdown that this piece is referring to. This culture has led young men (and women, but you already seem to have a grasp on that) to treat children as “the enemy” and abortion as salvation. This has led to a breakdown and general disregard for the family unit, as young people are no longer expected to become a family. They are expected to remain individuals and given license to kill to keep it that way.

  • British court rules Catholic midwives can be forced to participate in abortions

    02/29/2012 9:00:10 PM PST · 14 of 20
    lymelady to Morgana

    That’s unfortunate but doesn’t surprise me. They need to fight it as far as they can, and then quit when that fails. It’s coming here any day now. Heck, it’s already here.

  • Why was it so hard for Dems even to start health care debate?

    11/23/2009 11:36:33 AM PST · 88 of 90
    lymelady to Democrat_media

    I don’t want the government to say they have to give free services to anyone. I’m quite happy with insurance companies being able to charge whatever they want. I’m not happy with government restrictions that make it so I can’t shop around for insurance, and I’m not happy when there is zero insurance available in an area if you have certain pre-existing conditions; of course, if we were allowed to cross state lines on that, people would be able to find plans that would take them and it wouldn’t be an issue. Basically; I’m against current government intrusion on the free market and while they won’t own up to being the ones who put that block in place, part of this bill at one point involved getting rid of some of those blocks. It is a really long bill and it’s possible I misinterpreted that part, but I don’t believe I have since no one on either side denies that.

    I’m pretty against most government programs. But I do like that you assume that because I don’t want the government keeping me from buying insurance in certain places based on location, it means I like government programs. That’s some twisted logic there.

    Now as for pre-existing conditions, I don’t mind people having to pay more for it. I pay more for my insurance because I have a pre-existing condition. But to be unable to find anyone who will sell you any insurance because you were born with a heart condition or developed cancer out of nowhere or had a heart attack while between insurance plans (and please don’t tell me that a healthy person should rush into any insurance deal at all without taking the time to research companies and policies just to be safe)? That’s not just frustrating, that is a level of life-threatening right there. You sound like Nancy Pelosi justifying jailtime for people who don’t buy insurance; “They’re deadbeats who should have bought insurance but didn’t, so that puts all the burden on us.” It’s easy to get around the “They’ll just stop paying once it’s over” thingy by making these people sign a contract to keep the plan for an amount of time that would protect the insurance companies from this sort of thing; a long term high-expense contract is an incentive to get a cheaper plan while healthy, but allows for individuals to purchase it if they find they need it at a time when they didn’t have a plan already. There are plans offered already for pre-existing conditions, but they’re not available to everyone because of government interference. They are generally more expensive (unless they’re group plans) because of the higher risk.

    By the way, the HIPAA regulations are some of the regulations you’re talking about that the “Democrats” put into place that made it difficult for insurance companies, and those passed while Republicans had control of Congress. Does that make them okay and were those Republicans protecting us against government infringement, or was it okay to get rid of the ones who made that possible? The hospitals are also paying for the deadbeats who have pre-existing conditions and can’t get insurance. Something to consider.

    Sidenote: When you’re talking to Democrats, don’t forget to leave out that taxing drug companies and medical device makers takes away money from the research done to make medical advances like curing cancer. When a politician makes a big to do about curing AIDS and then supports this bill, he or she is a hypocrite. It’s not just insurance companies and wealthy folks taking a hit on this proposed bill.

  • Why was it so hard for Dems even to start health care debate?

    11/22/2009 1:09:34 AM PST · 74 of 90
    lymelady to Democrat_media

    I am also very tired, so I’m not going to get to reply to everything again.

    Once more.

    I’m not bashing the GOP as a whole. I just don’t feel that I should have to vote for someone just because he or she is a Republican if I don’t agree that he or she will be any better than a Democrat.

    I see a difference between parties with ideology but not as people. They’re all politicians, so you can’t trust any of them. They’re all doing what they tell themselves is best, and they probably all truly believe it. Democrats do not as a whole see themselves as socialists, and that is precisely the problem with socialism. It’s insidious. That is why it’s so hard to fight. I would say there are Republicans with socialistic tendencies; how many of them tonight voted correctly now, but voted for the bailout a little over a year ago? Democrats are more inclined to it, but we’ve had our share.

    Voting to debate something is not the same as voting for it. Several Democrats have spoken out against the bill as it stands. If they cut out a good chunk of it, I’d support it too; heck yeah I want better access to shop around insurance companies, and I might even like it if insurance companies had to take people with pre-existing conditions. Even if Americans don’t like this bill, many still want reform, and debate gives them a chance to hack bits off and add new things on and reconsider it with their own input in the process.

    You’re also judging a lot of things on votes that haven’t happened yet. They may come to pass, but they haven’t yet, so how can you judge them on something they haven’t done yet?

  • Why was it so hard for Dems even to start health care debate?

    11/21/2009 11:46:57 PM PST · 72 of 90
    lymelady to Democrat_media

    You are very fun. You still seem to confuse me having a problem with certain politicians with me having a problem with the entire party and refusing to vote for any Republicans whatsoever. May I ask if you actually read anything I wrote?

    Even if we go with your numbers, 14% is a lot, because that 14% is enough to reflect on your party. As I said (if you read) you are only as strong as your weakest link. I doubt many people refused to vote solely based on 14% of Republicans, they probably just didn’t vote that 14% of Republicans back into office. Which, incidentally, could explain tonight’s 100%.

    Also, voting for debate and voting for the bill are two different things. I’ve already said tonight that Republicans did the right thing, and that all of them did the right thing and that it was great. I never once bashed the ones who voted the way they did tonight, although I have criticized some of them in the past and I keep an eye on them.

    The threat is not one party or the other. The current threat is this bill which is a Democrat bill, but there will always be threats and they can come from either party. God is the only Entity in existence who deserves this much faith, and I’m sorry if I don’t put my faith in politicians, but I don’t, they are human beings.

    You cannot argue that the Republican party is so great and say they share no blame for the current situation, because if they are that great, the Democrats never would have won that many seats. Either they are great and thus responsible for their failures or they are not responsible for their failures and it is a mere coincidence that they voted correctly tonight. This double standard of yours isn’t very generous to your own party, as it reduces them to an infantile group whose self esteem must be protected like so many of the ninnies being raised in this country right now. You want the party that stands for responsibility to not take any responsibility for the situation and I’m sorry but that’s unfair to them. They are certainly not our enemy, but it would be wrong to ignore where we are weak.

  • Why You Should be Very Worried About the Government Health Recommendations

    11/21/2009 11:03:04 PM PST · 6 of 9
    lymelady to aaronopine

    Mammograms make a little bit of sense since it involves exposing your breasts to radiation; I think this is based on a study that found a link to mammograms and breast cancer. They’re working on safer machines. I don’t know where they’re going with pap smears.

    But of course the people making those safer devices will be taxed under this bill.

    And of course instead of leaving it up to women to decide this study isn’t founded and it’s worth the risk to get the mammograms, the government can control your health entirely.

    The same people who screamed that the government was evil and controlling during the Bush administration are now willing to let the government have direct control over their health. The ones who yell “My body, my choice!” just hand it over willingly to the government. It’s very depressing.

  • Why was it so hard for Dems even to start health care debate?

    11/21/2009 10:46:56 PM PST · 69 of 90
    lymelady to Democrat_media

    Oh I do like the insinuation that because I would not vote for someone who specifically is a RINO, I will bash the entire GOP. Like I said, I’m not an all or nothing gal; I judge politicians on an individual level. Including Democrats.

    You seem to be the opposite; you tell me I must believe all Democrats are socialists/marxists. I agree some are, but certainly not all of them. You tell me if I decide not to vote for a Republican because of his merit (or lack thereof), I’m bashing the GOP. Life is not black and white, and again, blind loyalty is a dangerous thing.

    I disagree with your numbers, by the way. That’s my right. If it’s audacity to judge people based on their actions and vote accordingly, well, I’m proud to be audacious. The bottom line: many Republican politicians over the years have taken the liberal stance on issues they should not have. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so this fight against the Democrats won’t be very strong if your leaders elected to serve the public are Democrats in Republican clothing, will it?

    And this is hardly the biggest vote ever. This is the most threatening vote on the table right now and we’re in huge trouble if it passes, but we’ve faced worse, and we’ve certainly voted on things that were bigger in a good way.

    You can try to shame me into obedience all you want, but I am an American and I am no political party’s tool. I’m a conservative and if the Republicans I’m looking at are not acting like conservatives, there is no way I will help them represent me.

  • My 3-Year Old Granddaughter has gotten worse (Updates @ #91, #176, 231)

    11/21/2009 9:20:39 PM PST · 243 of 287
    lymelady to Jeff Chandler

    My prayers are with her and your whole family.

  • Why was it so hard for Dems even to start health care debate?

    11/21/2009 9:12:45 PM PST · 66 of 90
    lymelady to Democrat_media


    No, nothing is perfect. But just as nothing is perfect, nothing is entirely evil, beyond Satan. Democrats and Republicans both have flaws, and for years, a huge flaw with a large number of Republican politicians is that they were RINOs. They were not true conservatives.

    It is not being a “so-called conservative” to call people out on not staying true to the people who voted them into office. Why are there so many Democrats in office? Because certain Republicans didn’t do their jobs. They betrayed the trust that conservatives and even moderates placed in them. Why should they be re-elected? If you keep electing the lesser of two evils, eventually it’ll be as evil as the greater of two evils was at the beginning because they know they can get away with it because of that big fat (R) stay in office free card.

    No, not all of them are like that, and tonight they did a stunning job. They had to, but they did. And are you sure they would have all done it if the message had not been sent by the voters who refused to vote RINOs back into office? I’d like to think they would. I admire a lot of them. I trust them to the extent that you can trust a politician. But we’ll never know.

    Blind loyalty to leaders who are clearly unfit to serve this country may characterize Democrats (and doesn’t their refusal to criticize their own annoy you?), but I won’t let it characterize me.

  • Children's Author Judy Blume Seeks Donations to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

    05/05/2009 6:59:48 PM PDT · 40 of 55
    lymelady to wagglebee

    Thanks for not killing me mom, I made a donation to the people who wanted you to.

    I guess if you wish you’d never been born and want to stuff that feeling in your mother’s face, it’s the perfect gift!

    I really can’t see any other message than, “I wish I’d never been born, I’m a mistake, and here’s redemption in your name by saving some other kid from the fate that has befallen me.”

  • Pope Benedict strongly rebukes Pelosi over abortion(new details)

    02/18/2009 1:28:54 PM PST · 49 of 80
    lymelady to MrB

    It could also be said that the culture that allows the most defenseless of our children to be slaughtered for convenience encourages de-humanizing anyone inconvenient, including the poor.

    So go ahead and talk about the fate of the poor in this global economic downturn, Mr. O’Brien, because you support the policies which kill off innocent human beings. When your pro-choice government starts deciding that the poor are a cancer that must be eradicated, don’t be surprised.

  • Crash Blamed On Geese; But Was It Really A Failed Bush-Cheney Plot?

    01/16/2009 8:18:51 PM PST · 6 of 19
    lymelady to MrLuigi

    For the first time in history, birds got caught in an defies physics that the plane hit the water the way it did.

  • Obama President for the next 40 years? Oh, he|| no!.

    01/16/2009 7:40:14 PM PST · 4 of 41
    lymelady to jetxnet

    I would honestly love it if this passed but Obama was so awful, a conservative Republican won 2012 and ended up having multiple terms.

    That would be so delicious.

    But no, I’m a fan of the 22nd.

  • PETA's latest idiotic demand - fish are 'sea kittens'

    01/08/2009 12:05:11 PM PST · 4 of 76
    lymelady to PROCON

    I would order more. I mean, I’m allergic to fish, but I’d bring an epi pen if they started calling it sea kittens.

    That sounds adorable!

  • A Boss That Tells it Like it Is (Taxation Letter)

    01/06/2009 7:07:18 PM PST · 44 of 52
    lymelady to WoofDog123

    I recall a thread recently where people were angry at people being fired for voting for Prop 8 in CA.

    Retaliation for your vote; it’s okay when we do it.

    One reason I don’t have bumper stickers on my car. The bigger reason being that if I had a conservative sticker on my car, it would be keyed the moment I turned my back.

  • Answers to "pro-choice" thinking

    01/06/2009 6:17:39 PM PST · 49 of 50
    lymelady to Notary Sojac

    Absolutely. While I would prefer to save all people, it’s just pragmatic to save 95% as opposed to 0%, especially since with that 95% protected, that works to help solidify public opinion on the value of the unborn. Meanwhile, I would continue to support programs that got to the root of why women aborted, instead of focusing solely on legislation, to help women choose life, even in that last 3% from rape cases. That leaves what, 1-2% done in cases of life endangerment, which medical technology will hopefully rectify in my lifetime.

  • Answers to "pro-choice" thinking

    01/06/2009 5:21:50 PM PST · 47 of 50
    lymelady to Notary Sojac

    Except that the entire pro-life movement does not say “no in case of rape or incest.” A good portion wants to allow it. It’s a very divisive issue internally, but I wouldn’t even say most anti-abortion people are against an exception for rape and incest based on statistics, so I’d hardly say they have uncompromising hostility to any justification of rape or incest. Or any hostility at all. Most pro-life people are very understanding of it, but they still disagree.

    When you think about it, singling out rape is really unsympathetic to other women who abort. I know rape is horrific, but the pro-choice argument is that abortion is not an easy choice. I agree with them, it’s not an easy choice. So what makes the struggles of most of the women who abort less important than those of a rape victim? Why set up a block for them and not the rape victim without any physiological reason?

    The rape argument is an emotional appeal. Very few abortions are for rape victims and it puts rape victims on a pedestal.

    So perhaps it’s an asset in that they’re able to use it to further exploit victims, but I honestly don’t want any part in that.