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  • I voted for Cruz

    04/26/2016 8:56:07 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 126 replies
    I voted for Cruz in the NY primary because I thought he was the most conservative candidate. But it's over. Trump is the nominee. Any contested convention with the number of delegates Trump will have will guarantee defeat in November. I will not sit at home either and let the Clintons back into the White House without a fight. I may not have voted for Trump (yet) but he is what I have to work with to defeat the Clintons and save the Supreme Court and that's what I plan on doing starting tomorrow morning. I'm all in, and that's...
  • My Super Bowl Party that ended up uniting the Conservatives/Republicans attending (vanity)

    02/08/2016 12:13:09 AM PST · by MacMattico · 80 replies
    Each year for the past 20 we host a Super Bowl party and we invite the usual group of friends and family and allow our friends and family to bring others as long as they tell me in advance so I have enough food and drink available. This year we had an interesting mix. Before kickoff one guy said he wished they could find a way Obama could run again, and that Obama was one of the best Presidents we've ever had. My husband quickly stuffed a crab puff in my mouth, in an attempt to keep the peace. But...
  • Thank you, Michelle Obama!!

    06/05/2015 2:25:19 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 15 replies
    One of my kids would like me to thank Michelle Obama. She wants me to keep it on the low down and not give any identifying characteristics that may get said kid in trouble so I thought I'd post here. Not that no one reads FR, but I doubt kids school board does! Because Mooch changed the school lunches to basically nothing and had the vending machines stripped to carrot strips that go bad in a day, my kids sports team started selling candy and protein bars on the black market. They raised enough to go to a very prestigious...
  • My daughter brought up joining the Air Force again

    01/19/2015 11:04:04 PM PST · by MacMattico · 79 replies
    A while back I brought up that my daughter had mentioned she was researching and thinking about joining the military. About 80% of the people that responded said "not in this environment". Which I completely understand. She brought it up again tonight. I asked her why. She is a very intelligent girl and would probably get in to many colleges with scholarship money. Before when she brought it up, she didn't say why, just that she was looking. Today was different. She told me how much of her high school has turned anti-military and talk about today's soldiers and marines...
  • Does anybody have any insight into NY-24?

    10/20/2014 9:14:20 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 7 replies
    I can't stand Dan Maffei.
  • Via Every MSM outlet everywhere... and Fox

    08/28/2014 1:38:26 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 13 replies
    Obama just said on live TV it's his job to "protect every embassy and consolute in the world". Puke. Except one, right? And then lie about it and keep secrets, don't allow witnesses to speak up and have a Sec of State that says "What difference does it make?" Now he's telegraphing all of our strategic moves for the rest of his term... Taking no questions... oops, yes taking a question on his "Executive Powers"... Says he can basically do what he wants.
  • Did I just hear Bill O'Reilly correctly?

    06/23/2014 6:07:25 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 85 replies
    He said something along the lines of "I have been at odds with the right wing talk show guys at times, but it's very possible they've been right about President Obama all along." He's suppose to discuss this tomorrow. I know it's a teaser for tomorrow, but he's really never come out and said this w/ his ass-kissing-to- get- interviews with Obama technique of journalism.
  • Sad at results of Educational Testing. Any suggestions going forward? (Vanity)

    05/30/2014 9:47:04 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 48 replies
    I've brought up education issues before. I've tried to help other people's children with school difficulties and dealing with school administration. I have an Education background. My first child is a HS student and even with all of the public school problems we encounter, she enjoys her school (for the most part) and it is a small enough place where everybody pretty much knows everyone else. My daughter has nearly a 4.0 average. I went to the same school and was happy and grade obsessed. I never could understand how people thought HS was "hard". I must have been obnoxious....
  • Bundy Ranch Update

    04/14/2014 12:16:06 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 85 replies
    I can't cite my sources and I know people on FR have been talking about this all day, but I come from a family of military, fire fighters with law enforcement mixed in. Many of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends are law enforcement. With that said, many of these people are on the side of the Bundy's. I am getting bombarded with posts from retired NY State Troopers, Sheriffs from all over the country and some that I will just say are in or very close to the whole Bundy situation. They are telling me that the BLM's fallback...
  • Daughter Interested in Joining the Military

    04/07/2014 5:35:52 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 114 replies
    Wow. My daughter is 16, an A student and interested in possibly joining the military. While this fills me with great pride, and my family has a history of male members in the navy and Marine Corp, this kind of blew my mind. Not in a bad way, I guess it's just amazing, wonderful and scary all at the same time coming from MY daughter! I was wondering if anybody would like to share any and everything they know about their daughter or females in general in the military. At this point she is thinking of an eventual career in...
  • Fox News Flash on my Phone-- No Plane Debris Found at Chinese Satellite Photo site

    03/12/2014 10:13:14 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 16 replies
    This is all I have right now.
  • I miss my Dad today... But it was a good day!

    02/02/2014 4:31:54 AM PST · by MacMattico · 11 replies
    I'm not out to put down any other team, just share a story. As a little girl growing up near Syracuse, I became a huge basketball and football fan. My Dad was a huge fan and if we weren't at the game, we had the radio on and the TV turned down. If there were more then just he and I watching a game, we each had our Walkmans on to listen to the local guys, especially during football season, because they didn't bother trying to explain the rules of the game to those that just tuned in to "the...
  • NOT being "allowed" to drop a class?

    01/29/2014 1:39:54 AM PST · by MacMattico · 79 replies
    My daughter has a very bright and sweet friend that is doing horribly in Algebra II/Trigonometry in high school in NY state. She came over today and asked me if I could Tutor her in Math because she knew I had an Education degree used in a past life. I said Math wasn't my specialty, and I wouldn't be of much help. She started to cry and say she was going to fail and even though the class took all her time, she had failed her midterm miserably and had quiz grades in the low 30's! She went in for...
  • ER Visit Last Night

    12/28/2013 12:27:09 AM PST · by MacMattico · 120 replies
    Hi all, Last night I spent 8 hours in the ER and am still in pain. I'm also mad about the whole thing. Obviously, though, I'm healthy enough to type on my iPad! Any insight is appreciated. For the last 3 weeks or so I have had a dull pain right below the bottom of my ribcage on the left side. At times it would become sharp, like a stabbing pain and I would not be be able to take a deep breath during that time. I would cringe in pain during these times. After a while it would go...
  • What to do when a coach sends your kid an e-mail like this....? (Vanity)

    09/07/2013 1:13:55 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 79 replies
    I know this isn't Syria or anything of that much importance to anybody but my family. But as a Conservative I think it's important to talk about kids and how they're treated and what we expect of them. Honor roll niece is a member of an undefeated team in her sport. We go to watch her games, she is in HS and has been a Varsity starter for 3 years since 8th grade and was made a Captain this year. After she started seeing a little less playing time, she respectfully (I watched her do this) asked if there was...
  • Any AT&T iphone users or employees out there? (Vanity)

    08/05/2013 12:44:27 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 21 replies
    As some of you know, my mother passed away last Jan. By June we decided to turn off her home phone and because it was my phone number since childhood, I called AT&T and asked if I could have that number as my cell number. They said no problem but there would be a $36 fee to do so. I was fine with that. Within a week, I had my childhood phone number as my iPhone number! They had done all the work and switched me over. I never stepped into a store. In June , 2 of the 5...
  • School Supply Lists (Vanity)

    07/28/2013 3:45:35 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 202 replies
    I'm in NY and my daughter's schools just recently put out their "school supply lists" -- what students have to have for each class and supplies they "share" like tissues, whiteboard markers, colored pencils. My kids are in high school and Jr High. It cost me $206 for school supplies! And we spend about $17,000 per year per student in this district! Wayyy over taxed!! My parents couldn't have afforded this for 4 kids. I told the Superintendent this was ridiculous. She tried to steer me to a "charity" group that could help me get the supply's. I said I'm...
  • Al Gore Should Thank Fox News

    07/19/2013 2:29:45 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 12 replies
    It's 5:10am Friday. The Fox News weather chick just announced, in a somewhat distressed voice, that we've globally had the highest average June temperature on record and the four highest average June temperatures of all time have occurred since 1998. She did get in there at the last minute that "all time" means since they started keeping track in 1880. And I'm sure the temperature taking devises all over the world were oh so technologically advanced that we can depend on those stats from 1880 on. Just what was the average June temperature in Mongolia or The Amazon in 1880?...
  • High School "Service Hours"

    05/04/2013 9:54:14 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 77 replies
    So it seems daughters school is stressing "service hours" (volunteer hours) as the only way to get into a decent college. Daughter has high grades in every class, has a full course load, band, two varsity sports and a couple of clubs. More then I ever did and I went to a respectable institution of higher learning! And... Gasp... May even have to get a job in a year or so when she wants that car she keeps talking about! But no! Not enough! Now the school demands, and backs it up with college admissions material, that kids must have...
  • Does anybody know what the NY/NJ Fugitive Task Force does?

    04/19/2013 12:41:50 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 23 replies
    They just pulled up and took the guy away that was living at the house next door while he worked on it for the new owners.
  • Dear Governor Cuomo..

    03/15/2013 6:04:10 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 17 replies
    Governor Cuomo, I am sitting in an Applebee's in upstate NY trying to be respectful to the office you hold while at the same time feeling enraged at your gun grabbing, anti-second amendment laws. You see, just as you went way over board after Sandy Hook, I'm wondering do you care about what happened last night not to far from where I am sitting? My daughter is adopted from China. Why is this fact important ? My other daughter and husband had other things to do tonight so we decided to go to Applebee's to watch the SU/Georgetown game. We...
  • Homeschooling (Vanity)

    03/11/2013 8:11:33 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 58 replies
    I never thought of Homeschooling as a viable alternative, but now I'm at my wits end with my daughter's HS. This was my HS in the late 80's and I thought it was great. I went to a good college and got good grades. But now their policies having to do with grading are all over the place, two specific subject teachers seem totally out of their element, and I asked and was even told by the Principal that there are certain things he would change, but he can't go against the union contract! My daughter missed a whole week...
  • Catching my daughter's teacher lying to me... (vanity)(sorry a little long)

    02/07/2013 2:51:33 AM PST · by MacMattico · 92 replies
    I guess just looking for a little advice-- and reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. My daughter has an overall HS average in the 90's. A 74 showed up on her report card, in a subject I am quite familiar with. I was not happy with this grade, as I have actually taught this subject before and was available daily for extra help. I thought the responsible thing for me to do was to have my daughter approach the teacher, ask for help, go over her grades with her. I couldn't wait for this so I e-mailed the teacher...
  • Any mortgage Professionals?

    02/04/2013 4:10:14 AM PST · by MacMattico · 25 replies
    Ok, I know all the downfalls of cosigning, but I'm willing to take the chance because it's such a good deal. I wouldn't want to make the payments but if it came to that I could. Relative has $40,000 down to purchase a house that is a great deal at $105,000. I've known the people that lived their for years, their upkeep of the house is immaculate. They need to move out of state quickly for a job, hence the low cost. Problem is relative has between a 575-606 credit score! This from "youthful indiscretions" over 5 years ago. This...
  • Dick's Sporting Goods and Herb Phillipson's returning Guns to Manufacturer NOW (Syracuse, NY)

    01/19/2013 4:47:52 PM PST · by MacMattico · 54 replies
    I am not an expert on gun types, although I have shot many and know the ones I have shot, so don't kill the messenger if I mess this thread up! My husband went to Dicks Sporting Goods and Herb Phillipson's in search of a Mossberg 702 or a Rueger 10 Flash 22, both 22 calibre's with 10 round clips and both stores were all out. He asked if there was a run on what my husband called "a gun he wished to buy for his daughter." Both store managers told him their corporate offices made them send all of...
  • Please Pray For My Mom... and Advice-- Is this the Obama Death Panel in action? (Sad update #118)

    01/06/2013 12:00:02 AM PST · by MacMattico · 155 replies
    Please say a Prayer for my mother. I don't think I've ever asked some one to pray for some one else before, but she's in a tough spot. If it is her time to go it will hurt terribly, but as Catholics and the fact that she is the most caring, loving person I have ever met, I know we will meet again in a better place. I'm also extremely upset with the hospital, and I don't want this to happen to others. On the day after Christmas, my mother was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with Pneumonia. They...
  • Dropping a Class (Vanity)

    11/19/2012 1:19:23 AM PST · by MacMattico · 104 replies
    With all of the problems going on in the world, this is trivial, hence the vanity post. But an example of what's going on in our schools and who thinks they control our kids. My niece signed up for what should have been a simple, easy "A" grade HS class. Purely an elective, having nothing to do with requirements or career. Turns out the teacher is a real piece of work. He's intimidating and creepy. (My nieces words.) I asked if anything had happened to make her feel "creepy" and she just said she doesn't like the feeling she gets...
  • I'm stepping out of the circular firing squad... (vanity)

    11/07/2012 12:46:11 AM PST · by MacMattico · 86 replies
    You know what? We lost the Presidency by 1% and the Senate by a little more. Allen West and Mia Love lost, but I'm not going to be part of the "blame Mitt" crowd that two days ago thought he was great. And if you couldn't vote for the "moderate Mormon" then pat yourself on the back-- you didn't vote for the loser. But you helped the communist thug to stay in charge and run wild. With that said, we need to stop blaming each other and separating our party and unite against the true villains-- a viscous, lying Chicago...
  • Interesting stats about Harts Location, NH

    11/05/2012 11:36:11 PM PST · by MacMattico · 3 replies
    Libs are making a big deal that Romney lost the small locale 23-9. But on a closer look we also see the Republican Governor candidate lost 22-9, and Guinta, Republican for House lost 23-9, same as Romney. The most recent polls have the Governors race virtually tied and has Guinta UP by 7 state wide. So it looks like we're dealing with a tiny little liberal town. This at least will help me sleep better! It'd be great if Guinta and Romney were both up 7 in NH! I know Bush won this area before, but in such a small...
  • Ha! Did you hear the guy just interviewed by Greta?

    10/29/2012 8:30:47 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 28 replies
    Did anyone just hear the guy on Greta? (She's still doing Fox coverage of the storm.) The guy road out the storm and told Greta "I'm on the Coast and I've got food, ice, water and my 2nd Amendment." I don't think anybody will be looting his house tonight!
  • Is Nate Silver always right?

    10/29/2012 2:04:08 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 41 replies
    For those DU lurkers reading this they'll probably squeal with delight at this thread, but is Nate Silver's record of political predictions really as great as is posted all over the Internet? I know he's with the NY slimes now, but he did predict the house going R in 2010, albeit only with 45 seats changing sides. (low prediction R) and 2008 he was really on, although that was much easier to call. It's killing me because I'm on pins and needles. I like to think with Gallup and Rasmussen actually in agreement Romney is up, but what am I...
  • Newt Gingrich on Greta

    10/25/2012 10:45:24 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 17 replies
    Did anyone watch Greta tonight? Newt predicted Romney win with over 300 Electoral votes, GOP to take the Senate. Gingrich said R/R will win Wisconsin, Greta, from Wisconsin, educated at U of W says she's believed that sence Ryan was put on the ticket. (I watch her most nights,this is the first time I've heard her admit this.) Newt based his predictions on polls, talking to those on the ground, and his own years of experience. Also thinks Romney will more then likely take PA and Ohio.
  • Soledad O'brien Focus Group (vanity)

    10/22/2012 8:34:44 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 15 replies
    I just caught the end of Soledad O'Brien's focus group. She said something like "I know your vote is private so you don't have to share it. But how many of you decided?" Just about everyone raised their hand. I bet she knew it was decided Romney! Who joins a focus group but doesn't want to share their vote??!!!
  • I love Raul Ibanez!!! (Vanity)

    10/10/2012 8:31:41 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 28 replies
    That is all.
  • Romney Just Got A Lot Sexier (vanity)

    10/03/2012 11:30:41 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 41 replies
    Call me sexist, I could care less. Some women can be such airheads. Men have their own issues, so don't hit me with the "Women shouldn't Vote" stuff! Anyway, I am a women and could never understand why Romney was down by so many points with women. A group of women I know aren't all Sandra Fluke, pay for my contraception bimbos; but they were "on the fence". I'm talking about a rather large group of (usually) reasonable women. After the debate I made nearly twenty phone calls. All of the women I spoke with thought Romney did great. 16...
  • Residential Capital Going Bankrupt (Vanity)

    10/03/2012 7:10:27 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 11 replies
    I just received a letter from Residential Capital, parent company of my mortgage company (GMACMortgage) that says for several months they have been persueing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This letter said they were informing motgagees in case they "had a claim" and then just went on with a bunch of spin how everything is fine. Smart FRiends, is everything fine? I don't have any mortgage issues so I don't see how it can really effect me, maybe I'm just naive. Is this just old news I was unaware of? Yes, I know there's been a mortgage crisis but is Residential Capital...
  • Beyond Giving Every Kid A Trophy... Playing to Lose! (Vanity)

    09/21/2012 3:01:27 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 39 replies
    I feel really bad for my niece. Last year, she made her school's competitive Varsity Volleyball team as a Freshman, plays club, and has already been looked at by college scouts. A sports scholarship would really help her family out. Here's the thing: she's stuck at this school and they've recently changed their "focus in sports" to one of where everybody gets to play. My niece was an excellent OH (outside hitter), but other kids want to play outside hitter, so she doesn't play that position much anymore. She's very tall and can play middle well, but that's not always...
  • A little note on that 47% that pays no taxes... (vanity)

    09/18/2012 7:58:30 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 43 replies
    I volunteer in a place where many of those "47 percenters" come in for various aid, services, etc. I'd say between 5 and 10 percent of those that show up really are in need, which can really get to me because the other 90% are a bunch of freeloaders. But it's that 10% that keeps me going back. We offer refreshments at this site, and it's amazing that the 10% in need can get up and pour their own juice or lemon aid, and say thank you, but the 90% want it hand delivered! Anyway, there is a whole segment...
  • It's Romney, 16-4 (Vanity)

    09/12/2012 7:51:35 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 46 replies
    Four years ago this week, my daughter's 5th grade class took a poll and Obama led McCain in the Presidential race 14- 7. I knew this wasn't a good sign for McCain as even here in upstate NY the annual 5th grade class poll is as accurate as they come. They had picked the winner with almost 100% accuracy since FDR, when this highly scientific poll began (ha ha). They got in wrong with JFK, but my dad always claimed no, they got it right, just to many dead people were allowed to vote in Illinois. Fast forward to yesterday....
  • Real Conservatives Can't Vote Romney/Ryan

    09/05/2012 2:47:19 AM PDT · by MacMattico · 166 replies
    I love Free Republic. I enjoy posting and reading other peoples insights and ideas. But I'm troubled and confused by the fact that while we all post and read daily the horrible things that Barack Obama is doing to our great nation, we are encouraged to "sit this one out" or vote third party. I understand Mr. Robinson owns this site and agree with his views on probably most every subject. I appreciate the stand he has taken and how he has always been true to his beliefs. He has provided an outlet that is invaluable to the Conservative community....
  • Yes, I did it. (vanity)

    08/03/2012 11:03:19 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 95 replies
    I did it. I'm ready for the flames. I put a Romney bumper sticker on my car. But no cash from me until/if a decent VP is chosen. I'm in upstate NY. I was ready for the comments as I had to travel all over today. Eight people made comments, and one that made my gaydar go off gave me an "I don't think so girlfriend" look. Of the eight that spoke, one screamed out "Obama!" which just made me laugh, and the remaining 7 said, to sum up "Yeah, Obamas got to go." One said it with a sigh...
  • OMG So Far I Think This Olympic Opening Ceremony Sucks! (vanity)

    07/27/2012 6:17:36 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 41 replies
    The best part, which I think wasn't intended, was when they praised the NHS and then showed the little kids in their hospital beds and all the evil characters of British literature showed up! Says a lot about NHS! Mary Poppins had to save them-- a fantasy!
  • Can this happen in dealing with Obamacare?

    06/28/2012 11:39:22 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 56 replies
    Eric Cantor has scheduled a "repeal Obamacare" vote for July 11th. Because the mandate was defined as a tax, can the House simply repeal the tax, as they have the power of taxation? Would this effectively cancel the mandate, causing the bill to implode on itself?
  • Public Sector Unions Should Get This Message Loud and Clear

    06/28/2012 8:14:10 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 3 replies
    As some of you know, my husband is in a public sector union working for a medium size city. He had no choice in joining the Union if he wanted his job. I have been telling his coworkers that if Obamacare is found Constitutional, you wait and see the city will drop your health coverage that you have given up pay raises to keep (and yes, they do pay a competitive with the private sector portion of their health insurance.) Even though most if not all of these people vote Republican, I was kind of laughed off. After all, it...
  • Should I buy this house? (vanity, but important to me!)

    05/13/2012 12:49:41 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 93 replies
    Hi, My Dad passed away a few years ago and my Mom, it has recently been determined, needs round the clock care so must go into a nursing home. My father's Grandmother, then single due to her husbands death, bought this home in 1902 (I have the original deed) after having to sell their farm and lived there, renting to boarders to make money. She later saved up to buy another home and rented out rooms there during the Depression, all on her own. When she passed away, each of her daughters were given a home, which they fixed up...
  • Softball Question (vanity)

    05/02/2012 4:35:14 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 39 replies
    Hi, with all those I chatted with about sports in the last few days or others I have a question, and as the mom of the girl involved I don't want to go off half crazy. My daughter was put in to play second base, starting. She's in jr high and plays at the JV level. She's normally a Pitcher but was obviously not Pitching. That's no excuse but here's what happened : (note: they ended up winning the game so that was good.). The score was 2-1 and the coach yelled out to check the runner back and go...
  • Bob Beckel Just said F*** on the air live and tried to blame Hannity!

    04/16/2012 7:05:10 PM PDT · by MacMattico · 109 replies
    Typical liberal. Blames someone else!
  • The Catholic (Santorum or Gingrich) vs. the Mormon (vanity)

    01/03/2012 10:45:00 PM PST · by MacMattico · 113 replies
    Would we have thought that possible a while ago? As a Catholic, I'm quite proud! I don't hate Mormons, but how can any reasonable individual believe what Mormons believe? I am very happy for Rick Santorum today, and glad Newt is going after Romney. I know Romney's religion hasn't come up, but it will in any general election. Really, he has freedom to believe what he wants but it should be vetted if that's what will kill his candidacy in the general.
  • They're still counting-- go Santorum up by 109 votes with 96% in !!!! Go RICK!!! (Vanity)

    01/03/2012 8:55:32 PM PST · by MacMattico · 50 replies
    That is all!!
  • Report cards out again, and, yes, I'm complaining again (vanity)

    11/18/2011 1:45:25 AM PST · by MacMattico · 87 replies
    So my student gets the report card today and quite frankly expects her high 90 gpa to continue. All of the grades I've seen have been high. She wanted to keep her average, each quarter, above a 90 to receive a special award at the end of the year for never having a quarterly average below 90 in the past 4 years. It's a big deal to the kids, I know it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it's important to them. Two years ago, I found grading errors (averaging and such) and had to complain...