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  • Last Blast to the Bishops

    10/23/2016 5:58:16 PM PDT · 50 of 50
    Mad Dawg to pgyanke
    Thank you for your efforts.

    Please pardon any virtue signaling, unasked for advice, hypocrisy, and so forth that follows. THe one part of evangelism I have under control (heh heh) is the being an earthen vessel, chamber pot, slop bucket, what have you ....

    When I pray the glorious mysteries, the thought that comes to me most often and most strongly is, “The Heavenly Court is FULL of people (okay, Persons) who love ME, who love US.

    How can I allow myself to be worried? I will do what I can where I am. Near term prospects may be terrible. Long term, though? Excellent.

  • FBI Director on the Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Personal E-Mail System

    10/19/2016 10:02:09 PM PDT · 3 of 21
    Mad Dawg to outofsalt

    Poor Mr. Comey has squandered his credibility.

  • FBI Director on the Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Personal E-Mail System

    10/19/2016 10:02:08 PM PDT · 2 of 21
    Mad Dawg to outofsalt

    Poor Mr. Comey has squandered his credibility.

  • Lothrop Stoddard and Margaret Sanger

    10/15/2016 6:50:21 AM PDT · 4 of 9
    Mad Dawg to ProgressingAmerica

    Thamks for posting this.

  • Judge Ramona Gonzalez disarms officers called to testify; police chief calls policy ‘frightening’

    10/13/2016 10:33:15 PM PDT · 9 of 26
    Mad Dawg to ThE_RiPpEr.

    We’re in trouble as a culture if the sight of a holstered handgun will render a juryman incapable,of objective thought.

  • Judge Ramona Gonzalez disarms officers called to testify; police chief calls policy ‘frightening’

    10/13/2016 10:31:18 PM PDT · 7 of 26
    Mad Dawg to Regulator

    My experience:
    When I testified I was just excused for a little while. The minute I was excused I was back on duty. I was in uniform in court because I came from being on duty and returned immediately to being on duty.

    I have no reason to believe these days that a jury gives any more credence to an LEO than to anyone else.


    10/12/2016 10:11:55 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    Mad Dawg to Tax-chick

    I paid a lot for those thoughts!

    And they’re crunchier than fried shrimp.


    10/12/2016 8:37:21 AM PDT · 8 of 17
    Mad Dawg to b4me

    Similarly: Does Truth set free or oppress? Is knowing that 2+2=4 a burden or a tool?

    Care is necessary because any proposition can be seen as limiting, even this one. If someone says, “There is no truth,” you could respond, “Is that true?” At which point all that's left is to wordlessly leave the conversation and get a drink.

    But if one says, “There is Truth,” there are some things that are true,” the implication is that there are things to which we must accommodate ourselves.

    This seems reasonable to me, a Catholic theist with a Scholastic bent. One the one hand, Reason (understood in all its richness and fullness, not as merely a sort of computing capacity) seems to reach, albeit falteringly, to the heights and depths. On the other, I am clearly temporal, my time is limited and, indeed, running out. And I am obviously imperfect, jangling and clinking, full of errors both intellectual and moral.

    So it would seem that such freedom as might be available to me is necessarily circumscribed. It is the freedom of the sonnet, not of incoherent babble.

    If this seems all high-falutin’ and airy-fairy, consider this:
    Currently loud voices say that my nature is my choice, though the choice they speak of seems to be driven by passion rather than will. If I feel myself to be of some sexual classification which does not comport with my body, very well. I am that, and the disjunction between inclination and body is not an affliction (except maybe socially) but the way things are, good because it is mine.

    Others would say that there is a human nature which is “given.” Unlike other animals I can choose to live in accordance with it or not. But my best shot at life is to know my nature and to live in accordance with it, as best I can.

    So ... to cut to the chase, when we say “free thought,” we should spend some time thinking (freely, to be sure) about what freedom is.

  • Prayer Request - My Son's Surgery (Updates at #74, #75 and #81)

    10/11/2016 4:28:47 PM PDT · 53 of 83
    Mad Dawg to Bigg Red

    May God shield him and guide those who heal.

  • In the heart of Trump country

    10/05/2016 11:33:10 PM PDT · 3 of 4
    Mad Dawg to AzNASCARfan

    Thanks for posting.
    Outstanding article for a mainstream mag. The little hints of prejudice are scarce.

  • Hurricane Matthew

    10/05/2016 8:56:07 PM PDT · 679 of 761
    Mad Dawg to NautiNurse

    By the way, thanks for doing this for all of us.

  • Wikileaks announcement at 3 am EST, midnight PST

    10/04/2016 5:45:56 AM PDT · 400 of 408
    Mad Dawg to Lady Heron

    He talks about the truth and then plays us with promises of a campaign ending revelation.

    I’m disgusted. He just impeached himself.

  • Wikileaks announcement at 3 am EST, midnight PST

    10/04/2016 1:48:50 AM PDT · 235 of 408
    Mad Dawg to guido911

    This is bordering on the absurd.

  • Today's Toons 9/19/16

    09/19/2016 7:40:50 AM PDT · 12 of 16
    Mad Dawg to sparklite2; pookie18

    Are you serious?
    “Who is this who darkens counsel with words without knowledge?”

    Pookie’s Toons are the weekday breakfast of champions. This is a public service we got here.

    Thank you, Pookie, for adding meaning and purpose to an otherwise mundane and tedious morning.

  • RNC Considers 'Penalty' For Breaking Promise to Back Nominee

    09/18/2016 5:59:36 PM PDT · 46 of 64
    Mad Dawg to mandaladon
    Golly, I hope somebody from the RNC is aware of this thread.

    I want to say to him or her, as the case may be, Get a CLUE! It was the GOP leadership's cowardly, tone-deaf, and self-dealing way of dealing with the conservative voters that put you in this fix.

    IF you had cared as much about Conservative principles as you do about your position and compensation, you might not be swaggering about like tin-pot dictators threatening to punish people who don't like the mess YOU have made of things.

    Listen to these words that are coming out of my keyboard: Trump means it is no longer business as usual. You GOP Progressives have lost the thread here. After these primaries you still have the face to think it is your job to tell US what to do.

    You may tell yourself that the Trump phenomenon is about poking a stick in the Democrats’ eyes. Have you already forgotten the primaries? YOU were repudiated and rejected.

    Let me suggest this: IF you gutless wonders had backed up the GOP ticket in Virginia in 2013, sure, we might have lost anyway. But you picked up your skirts and ran into the swamp! And what WE learned was that you don't care enough about constitutional principles, about freedom, or about the rank and file to go to the mat to defend any of them, or any of us.

    So, look. Bugger off, okay? Come back when you have something other than swagger and threats.

  • Prayers Requested by trebb

    09/18/2016 11:30:55 AM PDT · 49 of 75
    Mad Dawg to trebb


  • Of Dolphins and Man: The Vast Difference between Animals and Humans

    09/16/2016 6:00:56 AM PDT · 44 of 50
    Mad Dawg to faithhopecharity

    Rocks don’t break God’s law.

    Not breaking God’s law is certainly a good thing. Not being able to break God’s law is not clearly a good thing.

    Anyway, even if pets are superior to humans in some or in every respect, they’re not humans. We’re stuck with being human. And we won’t get better by imitating cats or dogs or gerbils.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/06/2016 8:19:00 PM PDT · 110 of 110
    Mad Dawg to Izzy Dunne

    Well, you know, like HRC, Hitchens is just so much smarter than us Catholics that we get disoriented when he falls short of Clintonian perfection.

    And, it’s just a guess here, but I kind of bet that bobbling which Pope Pius he meant is not the only reason the only reason Hitchens is thought to have fabricated things here and there.

  • Hillary just walked away from her press conference due to ANOTHER COUGHING FIT!

    09/05/2016 6:16:17 PM PDT · 171 of 225
    Mad Dawg to fulltlt

    What I have learned:

    1) Not much.
    2) Different people react to drugs in different ways. I ain’t JUST the lisinopril. It’s the Lisinopril PLUS your humble servant.

    (When they gave me sodium pentothal for surgery a million years aago, my heart stopped. No kidding. When they tried me on a statin, I lost my sense of taste, got confused and so depresed I nearly committed myself to a booby hatch. Another blood pressure medication made me afraid to ride my motorcyle! Moi! Usually not smart enough to be skeered! I am the KING of weird drug reactions!)

    So when I note what might be a medication related phenom, I ALWAYS ask, “What meds are you on?” Because, you know what? Docs don’t always ask that.

  • Hillary just walked away from her press conference due to ANOTHER COUGHING FIT!

    09/05/2016 6:10:37 PM PDT · 168 of 225
    Mad Dawg to BwanaNdege


  • Please say a prayer and wish 3DJoy well.

    09/05/2016 5:10:37 PM PDT · 89 of 328
    Mad Dawg to lysie; 3D-JOY

    Little prayer offered. And thanks for toughing it out.

  • Hillary just walked away from her press conference due to ANOTHER COUGHING FIT!

    09/05/2016 5:09:00 PM PDT · 123 of 225
    Mad Dawg to zeebee

    The girl has got to quit smokin’ that marry JEE wanna, is whut it is.

  • Hillary just walked away from her press conference due to ANOTHER COUGHING FIT!

    09/05/2016 4:22:17 PM PDT · 28 of 225
    Mad Dawg to Popman

    Lisinopril can do that. I’d cough until I saw stars.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/04/2016 8:01:07 PM PDT · 108 of 110
    Mad Dawg to Izzy Dunne; xzins; Salvation
  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/04/2016 7:27:36 PM PDT · 107 of 110
    Mad Dawg to 353FMG
    Nice question.

    In principle, the pastor does. But there are a bunch of inputs.

    — In a small city like mine, in which there is a lot of interaction and cooperation among parishes, synagogues, etc., we get together and see who is doing what. So, e.g. Parish A does ministry X, so other churches will help out with hours or donations, while Parish B has a good Haiti program, so other groups will help us. (Our diocese has a connection to Haiti and we have a parish and a school which depend on Charlottesville Catholic parishes for much of their budget.) And a lot of members of a lot of churches, etc. will help out at the Salvation Army.

    — In addition, motivated members of many different, ahem,
    “faith communities” gather each year to identify a community need and a solution and then make a proposal to the county and city boards.

    — Our parish is humongous. There are things going on that I can't keep track of. It's so cool to see a bunch of folks around a table outside the “church proper” between it and the big meeting room. And it turns out to be this year's Catholic Student Ministry project on ... whatever, or a bunch of people who want to help this or that neighborhood or something.

    — Also our parish is unique in a couple of ways. First it's a Dominican Parish,with an associated priory. So there's an emphasis on preaching and teaching, modo Dominicano. Then it is not a parish with a “territory.” Rather it is “the University Parish” of UVa. So it has a main mission which, one way or another, touches on almost everything that goes on, especially from September to May.

    I mention this to show the differing sorts of inputs that go into what a parish ends up doing WRT “outreach.”

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/04/2016 6:13:55 PM PDT · 105 of 110
    Mad Dawg to 353FMG

    1) We mention the jubless and the homeless often in our intercessions.

    2) There are limits on what parishes can do. Even a large parish can’t address every need.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/04/2016 9:12:31 AM PDT · 93 of 110
    Mad Dawg to blackpacific

    There you go.

    Those who haven’t worked out what “God is love,” means will tend to miss the importance of that. St. Teresa was evangelizing.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 6:59:16 PM PDT · 89 of 110
    Mad Dawg to Salvation
    Dear sister.

    You know I am the worst sort of Dominican and Catholic: a convert and a “philosophical theologian.” Yet, I am what I am.

    Blessed Teresa saw deeply BECAUSE she saw the needy right in front of her. There is a demographic aspect to contraception and abortion. Even secular sociologists have to deal with that.

    But, by the Grace, we see more deeply. To abuse, to desecrate life in the very womb, is to strike at the core: Be fruitful and multiply.

    The Serpent said, “You shall not surely die,” when our first parents rejected the source of Life.

    God said, “You have chosen death. You may have it in abundance. But I will not be frustrated. I will make the death you chose the path to life.”

    We must, as Saint Teresa did, understand each “phrase” of this conversation. God WILL prevail. But the cost is dreadful.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 6:47:20 PM PDT · 88 of 110
    Mad Dawg to thecodont

    And you too.

    We so much need blessings.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 6:35:57 PM PDT · 86 of 110
    Mad Dawg to xzins



    The New-Agers think that the Faith has no mysticism, no wonder. But, “Seeing, they do not see.” Hand clasping hand in a hospital ... if your eyes are open you will see skyrockets.

    The guy I habitually go to for confession always ends the thing with, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.”
    And, of course, I respond, “And his mercies endure forever.”

    I suffer from almost crippling depression. I am old. I see disability and death coming. And loneliness.

    Yet I say, “Who with open eyes can deny the wonders of the Lord who lifts up the lowly?”

    The poor, blind secularists. They can barely see the wonder of a clover blossom with its intoxicating sweetness. They are blind to a caress freely given to a dying leper.

    As it happens, I am colorblind. I understand what a defect in vision is, and what its cost is. But if I have to choose between missing the beauty of the season of fall and missing the beauty of a heart bared for piercing ... I count my fate a blessing.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 6:22:53 PM PDT · 83 of 110
    Mad Dawg to xzins

    I just love the way humans find a way to distill good tasting stuff from whatever’s around. And, yes: Tequila has a wonderful taste. Srsly. A desert succulent plant, by the wonder of phosotsynthesis, makes enough sugar for yeasts to make alcohol. And after the violence, as you might say, of distillation, the desert wildness remains in the spirit.

    We have so much to be grateful for ... in a dazzled way. Not just agave ... but tequila! How generous God is!

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 5:16:21 PM PDT · 77 of 110
    Mad Dawg to Alberta's Child; blackpacific; xzins
    This is what “the world” does not understand:

    For worldlings, numbers matter. So many lived; so many had their pain narcotized; so many streets were cleared of the stinking dying and dead. The higher the numbers, the ore praiseworthy the mission.

    To the world we say, “Not one person was fed, freed from prison, clothed, housed, succored, or healed on Good Friday. Only the utter failure of the Cross could turn the world upside down and evil into good.

    Sure, like the Little Sisters of the Poor — but maybe more rigorously, the Missionaries of Charity do some good that worldlings recognize. But CHIEF among their victories is to stop, to bathe, to comfort and soothe the dying — so that they do not die alone and unloved.

    The worldlings look for pleasure, profit, and utility. Therefore they kill the unwanted unborn and the expensive handicapped and elderly. But the members of the crucified Body look for the Love which triumphs not in spite of defeat but through it.

    It is as clear and crisp an opposition as one might wish for. One crucified man says to another, “Today you will be with me in Paradise,” and the worldlings scoff. They, after all, had proclaimed their utilitarian view: If you be the Son of God, come down from the Cross.

    When I was a hospital chaplain, a woman was dying. Alone with her, I took her hand, as she still breathed. Alone with her, I released the hand of a corpse. Then the useful people came in and made their notes and pronouncements. And I was fine with that. I know those are good things to do.

    But I had held her hand. And this was a residency for which I paid tuition. So I paid for the privilege, while the useful people drew a salary.

    I commend, I love the doctors and nurses. But I still maintain that for a few minutes I had the better job.

    xzins knows what I'm talking about.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 4:50:54 PM PDT · 76 of 110
    Mad Dawg to xzins


    It’s the tequila.


  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 3:01:32 PM PDT · 72 of 110
    Mad Dawg to Izzy Dunne; xzins
    Those links don't seem to be evidence. They seem to be other people making similar charges. Repeating charges doesn't provide evidence.

    The “Petition”, especially, is interesting. Referring to Hitchens, it offers a view of the saint that has her living in poverty and extreme conditions so that she can funnel money to the rich Vatican while “imposing” her religious views” in a quest for conversions.

    So, she gave up the security, comparative comfort, and regularity of the life of a teaching sister to beg for herself and the poorest of the poor — so that they ight have a few minutes of respectful and loving care before they died.

    While she ran this con — if we are to believe Hitchens and the rest — her organization grew in 47 years from 13 to 4,000 — all, we are to believe, so that she could impose conversion on the people nobody cared about while running a convert and Hillary-like slush fund for the Vatican.

    Not only evil but devilishly crafty, she conned intellectuals and pious people from all over the world and prompted the conversion of Malcolm Muggeridge. But atheists, the Muslims of Kosovo, and the killers of the unborn are too wily to be taken in. They see that it is far, far better that the dying poor be abandoned on the streets ... anything to prevent living the Cross in a way that someone might notice.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 10:54:41 AM PDT · 61 of 110
    Mad Dawg to xzins

    Yes, it has to.

    Compare and contrast Hillary to Blessed Teresa. Or remember what Progressive feminists said about about Clinton’s sins: Utterly irrelevant because they protect abortion.

    We are in a time of division, of separation, as in sheep from goats. I am afraid.

  • Why the Left Hates Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    09/03/2016 8:45:00 AM PDT · 28 of 110
    Mad Dawg to xzins

    Her clear and persistent opposition to abortion also fuels the hatred.

    The effect of a clearly sacrificial woman opposing the sacrament of the left is too great for them to ignore. They have to try to take her down.

  • The Critical Danger of Unbelief

    08/31/2016 8:12:32 AM PDT · 48 of 82
    Mad Dawg to Tax-chick

    MonoSodium Glutamate RULES!

    (I’m sick and I need help.) ;-)


    08/29/2016 9:07:39 PM PDT · 50 of 110
    Mad Dawg to GuavaCheesePuff
    Two things:

    1)As Sowell says, we should always ask, “Compared to what?” Compared to the heavenly kingdom not yet seen on earth, the US is pretty terrible.
    Compared to current Islamic nations, Venezuela where women are having themselves sterilized for fear of conceiving children they cannot feed, to Pakistan or Afghanistan, to Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa ... we may not look “good,” but we sho’ ‘nuff look better.

    2) This guy and that football player can diss the country in media read, heard, and seen around the world — and not be executed or locked up under the prison. The US they hate secures their right to express their hatred.

    Yet they hate it. But they do not leave. Why not? Is there no place less deserving if hatred? If not, they need to think about that.

  • Prayer Request for my Neighbor

    08/29/2016 7:13:41 PM PDT · 14 of 28
    Mad Dawg to dsc

    Prayers for mercy and life.

  • Is There Such a Thing as Pure Evil? Here's What St. Thomas Says

    08/29/2016 9:49:25 AM PDT · 17 of 32
    Mad Dawg to lacrew

    The “formal” discussion, as I see it, leaves open the possibility of being thoroughly MORALLY evil. The “will” is a good in itself. We think plants have no will, and animals don't think well, so their will is weak ... if they can really be said to have one.

    So, the will, which somehow is a part of our being “above” plants and beasts, is in itself a good. In that sense the felon represents SOME good, so something less than pure evil.

    Where it gets interesting for me is that I think there's the possibility of a kind of suicide of the will.
    If I don't exercise, I will grow weak.
    Further, I can actively do things (eat badly, jump off high walls, tell people to hold my beer and watch this) which will make me weaker still.

    In my experience on both sides of the pshrink’s divan, just “knowing what's going on,” is rarely enough for health. One has to PRACTICE healthy thought patterns; one has to form new habits of reaction. The best exemplars of, say, AA are those who have “worked the program” for a decade or more. They are, in a sense, reprogrammed.

    So, I can imagine that some, even if at birth they had the potential to develop normally and with at least moral aspirations, might destroy or severely injure their capacity to choose and to do good. Habits of vice are deeply ingrained.

    Since he's in the news, Carlos Danger is a fun case. At this point we have to ask if he is capable of choosing NOT to sext. For years, I bit my nails unconsciously. Does he send pictures of his privates with a similarly inattentive compulsion? Does he actively CHOOSE to do this disgusting and imprudent thing? Or is he more like an addict who seems unable to divert his focus from his behavior and who will make elaborate, persistent, and even wily schemes to gratify his compulsion?

    Is he really CHOOSING this behavior? Or is he FAILING to choose to avoid it? I don't know, I really don't. I'll say this: Addicts don't strike me as “free.” If there's any freedom there, it's like a small ember buried under ashes. It will take clearing away, blowing on, and careful tending if it's ever to be a fire again.

    So while the scheme of moral evils making use of good “faculties” is the right way to approach the problem, it doesn't make everything easy to understand all the way down. And that's before we get to people who seem to be congenital psychopaths.

  • Is There Such a Thing as Pure Evil? Here's What St. Thomas Says

    08/29/2016 9:04:26 AM PDT · 14 of 32
    Mad Dawg to Salvation

    I like to say that the Cross, viewed in anticipation, is a clear evil and requires a multitude of persistent and deliberate sins.

    Viewed in retrospect, the Cross proclaims the deeply powerful and redemptive character of Divine Love ... so great that it turns evil to good.

    God can make it good that evil was chosen and done. Now THAT’s power on a more than cosmic level.

  • Is There Such a Thing as Pure Evil? Here's What St. Thomas Says

    08/29/2016 8:59:41 AM PDT · 13 of 32
    Mad Dawg to 48th SPS Crusader
    I think I get where you are coming from.

    But the “formal” response is that this person could talk, digest, enjoy simple pleasures, think, and generally show many of the simple skills and “goods” of being a human person.

    He may have had a deeply corrupted will and utterly foul notions of what others owed him and he owed them. It may have been unlikely to the point of unimaginable that he could or ever would understand the evil he had done and embraced — much less turn from it. But, as you might say, he did that evil with “goods,” goods like intelligence, focus, physical strength, and the faculty of choice.

    All of these goods were horribly distorted, tainted, fouled by his misuse of them. But that they were there to be misused was, in itself, good.

    However despicable and contemptible a sinner may become, there is, I think, an inescapable tragic aspect to sin because to the destruction of wonderful capacities.

  • Is There Such a Thing as Pure Evil? Here's What St. Thomas Says

    08/29/2016 8:48:17 AM PDT · 11 of 32
    Mad Dawg to Biggirl
    I hope this isn't silly of me, but ... simple examples of one way to consider "necessary evil":

    Pain, in itself, is an evil ... even though it can lead to goods.

    Before effective anesthetics, setting a broken collar bone could be incredibly painful. Believe me, I know. But NOT setting it would be ... terrible.

    So, the evil pain of the setting was, ceteris paribus, necessary. -> necessary evil.

    Part of the confusion can be the blurring of specifically moral evil with other sorts of evil. The pain, an evil in itself, is not moral. The act of promoting healing is morally good.

    In war, collateral damage, if it's truly not the object of an action, is an evil but not, in itself, of moral evil. If the war is otherwise just and conducted justly, the evil of collateral damage is understood as an unintended concomitant ... a necessary evil.

    I hope that's neither pompous not fatuous.

  • We Don’t Know What We Are Talking About When We talk about Religion

    08/28/2016 8:31:59 PM PDT · 16 of 21
    Mad Dawg to Lorianne

    Not bad for a popular essay.

    I met a Japanese exchange student, years ago. She was a Baptist. When I asked about her parents “religion,” she answered, “They practice the Tea Ceremony.”

  • We Don’t Know What We Are Talking About When We talk about Religion

    08/28/2016 8:30:04 PM PDT · 15 of 21
    Mad Dawg to Byron_the_Aussie

    Hey! Be gentle with us philsophers! ;-)

    The question a out religion, knowledge or faith, is actually kind of important. If you think as many Muslims do, that all you can know or need to know about righteousness is that Allah says it’s just — and he could say that about anything, then there’s very little possibility of common ground or even a reliable accommodation among different “persuasions.” (This wouod be the “faith” view.)

    If, on the other hand you think that nearly everyone can work out basic principles of justice because of the common endowment of reason — even if revelation refines, guides, and, well, reveals thinks humans couldn’t work out on their own, then there are likely to be commonalities on which we can work out a modus vivendi. (This would be the epistemic or knowledge view.)

    So it’s not all bibble-babble.

  • Comradely capitalism: How America accidentally nationalised its mortgage market

    08/28/2016 8:20:17 PM PDT · 10 of 19
    Mad Dawg to Zeneta

    Stipulate that you’re correct.

    Can anything be done? Complexity favors elites. Look at federal laws generally and the progressive income tax in particular.

    Is there a way to resist or to dial back complexity of this kind?

  • If You’re Looking for a Book on Prayer, Get This One First

    08/26/2016 3:07:08 PM PDT · 108 of 110
    Mad Dawg to Nifster

    And still teaches us.

  • If You’re Looking for a Book on Prayer, Get This One First

    08/26/2016 8:23:23 AM PDT · 101 of 110
    Mad Dawg to Nifster

    Okay intercession falls under petition, as does penitence. And wordless adoration is, or at least implies, thanksgiving.

    Some of us Catholics pray almost the entire Psalter every 4 weeks. My experience, having done this for decades, is that a psalm or a chunk of a Psalm will come unbidden but aptly to my alleged mind.

    So, yeah, one can and many do pray rote prayers unconsciously. “We do not know how to pray as we ought.” But I don’t think they’re worthless. I may pray distractedly today what comes to my lips with power and urgency tomorrow. (Also, passages from scripture used as hymns or prayers are part of our daily practice.)

  • If You’re Looking for a Book on Prayer, Get This One First

    08/26/2016 6:45:53 AM PDT · 96 of 110
    Mad Dawg to knarf


    Anybody who thinks Catholics all think alike should watch when, say, Benedictines, Dominicans, Franciscans, amd Jesuits get together.

    (Mostly we tease each other.)