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  • Newly found John McCain tape he is busted, his career a total lie.

    08/21/2018 3:08:34 PM PDT · 78 of 80
    Manly Warrior to LukeL

    Okay, got it. Yes, indeed there is a select breed of man who chooses the hard road when he could as easily pick the couch and frat party, or regular CS or CSS units.

    However, warriors are not ignorant of the risks- the further up the spear point you go, the greater the risk to a degree. While some folks choose specialties and earn the right to wear scrolls, tabs badges and other distinguishing accouterments, all face the potential of being “that guy”.

    The average Joe or Jill in any uniform, but just as at risk some days as the Spartans types.

    In fact, I found that after several tours with sparky units, going back to a “regular” unit seemed to have more risks than not. Less proficiency with weapons, plans that are well thought out, less than ideal support and intel and situational awareness and certainly less aplomb in carrying out the “mundane” tasks that make any and every mission a success.

    Usually, the “famous” types were avoided if at all possible.

  • Newly found John McCain tape he is busted, his career a total lie.

    08/21/2018 11:14:07 AM PDT · 33 of 80
    Manly Warrior to LukeL

    Goodness! I didn’t KNOW I could have picked and chosen!

    Hmm. I had a bad feeling about the one where I got blown up a bit. Who do I see about filing for an arrears declination of mission? Would I have to give up the PH and disability or would that add to it, seeing I didn’t know I had a choice ( sarc, of course)?

  • An Afghan ‘Viceroy?’ Blackwater founder pushes new plan to ‘privatize’ war

    08/20/2018 7:11:08 AM PDT · 16 of 25
    Manly Warrior to SleeperCatcher

    Seems to me that we are in a circular problem.

    Maybe we need a non-partisan, external review of the why, the what and the how regarding AFG.

    Answer these questions:

    Why are we there (still)? Is it a national security concern or just “because that is what we have been doing for 17 years”? Is the reason we are there still valid?

    What happens if we withdraw militarily and leave AFG to the Afghanis but retain influence via non military means? Will the military vacuum be filled with internal people/groups or will other foreign powers ( China, RUS etc) step in to gain influence? If so, so what?

    What is the cost/benefit ( people, money, economic, influence, security) 5, 10, 20, 50 years out to or for the US if we exercise any of the options at hand?

    Are there other ways and means to effect the ends that we accept as necessary ( and are those ends truly necessary)?

    One thing I learned, in my tenure in the Army and in follow on associated “work”, is that you cannot change peoples minds/behaviors by force unless you kill them. They will retreat into the darkness only to reappear when you are not looking and where you are not looking. You may not be able to change their minds/behaviors even with love and friendship- espc. if they live to hate and kill you and yours based on a political or religious ideology. containment may be the best COA in the end. Kill any who appear outside the perimeter.

    IRQ is a perfect example. We changed the situation in the 2003-2004 period, effected democratic principles and saw political change begin to reshape the fabric- then, as if by magic ( well, political malfeasance) ISIS pops up when we have removed the specter of military retaliation/force (thanks, Mr. Obama and Sec Clinton/Kerry).

    We hung around EUR and JAP for 70 years, but 8 years was enough for IRQ? There’s your crime. Iran and the USSR are the same in both situations.

  • Water-worlds are common: Exoplanets may contain vast amounts of water

    08/19/2018 5:34:22 PM PDT · 29 of 32
    Manly Warrior to LibWhacker

    That excerpt sounds all nice and “science”- but it is theory and not exactly proven, even if commonly accepted. As far as the “clouds” I see in the expanse of the heavens- I would think that thousands upon millions of heavenly bodies appear cloud like from distance- and from observing nearer heavenly bodies like planets and stars, my science is as valid as the “animation” that followed the excerpt of yours. I can testify that I see objects in the heavens with my small reflector or naked eyes, and that it is repeatable and testable on any given cloudless night. As far as the theories of planet factories and icy snowflakes and millions of years, all of that is “facts not in evidence” yer’ honor. Sorry, fitting tidbits of anecdotal information to a narrative does not make facts. While not a flat earth type, I am indeed a your universe guy who questions most everything the mainstream pumps out. Although the astronomy shows have really cool graphics, they are indeed, just entertainment for the most part. Golly, everything they purport is based on more belief than any other religion.


  • Governor Bullock (MT) to CNN: 'I would' support semiautomatic ban

    08/19/2018 5:19:20 PM PDT · 59 of 70
    Manly Warrior to Simon Green

    Semi-automatic firearms are indeed used in most shootings(legal or criminal) for two reasons, one, they are indeed the most effective weapon for self defense and two, they are the most popular type of firearm, espc. in handguns, with modern sporting rifles (AR15s etc) being a very close second if not already overtaken bolt action repeaters for long arms overall.

    Oh, by the way, Gov, don’t your officers at every level in your state carry semi-automatic sidearms on their person and either semi or select fire long arms in their patrol cars? If they (SA or SF) arms are suitable for the police and of course military, then they are indeed suitable for the mainstream militia/private citizen.

    Silly you. Facts are for adults.

  • The Universe Is Disappearing, And There's Nothing We Can Do To Stop It

    08/19/2018 8:55:59 AM PDT · 93 of 118
    Manly Warrior to EdnaMode

    An inquiring mind wants to know- what is beyond the edge of the “fabric” of the universe?

  • Zullo:2 top intel people in 2 branches: "open secret" Obama NOT born in US!

    08/19/2018 8:42:56 AM PDT · 120 of 233
    Manly Warrior to 2ndDivisionVet


    But if Obama wasn’t eligible ( and he isn’t by many standards), then Ted isn’t either. While many of us understand the need to elect staunch conservatives, we must not forfeit principles of law either.

    There are more substantial claims to native born status than either of these- It was obvious that McCain, born in Panama of two US parents on official duty to that nation is a natural born son, as are tens of thousands of other children of US diplomats and military/naval personnel serving overseas) even if he is utterly worthless as a politician.

    If Ted indeed was born to Canadian citizen parents, then only a very liberal self serving view of the 14th would agree that he is a Natural Citizen of the US, as would be any child (anchor baby) of any form of legal or illegal alien in the US.

    Quite certain that the Founders did not intend for that outcome in any manner.

    Of course, the argument will continue and be divisive.

    Some history/international practice tells us that citizenship follows the father blood ( the Harry/Meghan discussion etc- if Meghan dropped a child in the US, she foreswore her US citizenship to marry Harry, then would the prince be a US citizen? Would he be eligible by virtue of birth on US Soil to be president? Is he under the jurisdiction of the US ( not meaning subject to the laws of the nation or state, but entitled and obligated to duty to the nation? (It is accepted that a foreign person cannot be forced to fight for other than his country- but they may volunteer- as enlisted only, not commissioned)). So even if Obama was born on some portion of US soil, he would be a British subject ( since Kenya was a Brit colony/protectorate at that time).

    What webs are woven!

    I am glad we have a president who is without controversy in at least this area!


  • Water-worlds are common: Exoplanets may contain vast amounts of water

    08/19/2018 8:20:53 AM PDT · 23 of 32
    Manly Warrior to Technocrat

    Wait a sec- we have H, H2 (some H3 probably) and O, O2, O3, and H2O floating around in our atmosphere, why is it not all combined into H2O)? Surely our atmosphere is not saturated with H2O ( meaning 100% relative humidity) and the rest is just excess components.

    Oh, that’s right, it requires a catalyst ( a reason) to combine.

    Will random H and O in space ( isn’t it a vacuum- meaning pretty much empty of gaseous matter) combine spontaneously? I doubt it.
    Is gaseous matter like H and O and N etc not found primarily(perhaps exclusively) in atmospheres surrounding gravitationally massive bodies?

    If there is no catalyst (energy) to initiate the H+H+O reaction and w/o H and O in proper ratios, won’t it just hang out and be happy independent atoms/molecules?

    Somethings got to “cause” any and all actions/reactions, no?

  • 'Little Red' 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 found after 50 years, could be worth millions

    08/18/2018 5:50:12 AM PDT · 16 of 125
    Manly Warrior to Balding_Eagle

    I think they know what thread they are on.

    While ‘things” have some monetary or nostalgic value, they, like all temporal “things” are eaten by moth and rust and eventually are dust. This wreck of a car, while worth money, is an example of how earthly treasures fail, and we really ought to be storing up treasures in heaven.

    But, hey, in the meantime, many folks enjoy them, hopefully not to the exclusion of real treasures tough.

    I suppose it depends on where one’s heart is, as the Lord states, that is where your treasure will be.

  • An Open Letter to Admiral William McRaven

    08/17/2018 6:43:39 PM PDT · 16 of 31
    Manly Warrior to pboyington

    Well stated, Captain. I hope this letter gets wide circulation.

  • Yes, Revoking John Brennan’s Security Clearance Raises Constitutional Concerns

    08/17/2018 7:04:00 AM PDT · 76 of 112
    Manly Warrior to C19fan

    While having a current classification is common, even after one leaves govt service, accessing classified data or being briefed of on classified matters is another.

    I would think that when one political appointee is replaced with another, the current admin would void any and all abilities to access any official matters- else wise the foxes are in the chicken house.

    Example- after retirement I was involved in counter-explosive/IED research for a university/Army Research Lab collaboration. Some events required secret clearance- my Army clearance was not expired ( Secret=10ys, TS + =5yrs or less).

    The ARL simply pulled by clearance to their desk and activated it for specific tasks.

    Unless Brennan etc were doing official duties either as a govt contractor or as a fedgov employee, their former but not expired clearances mean nothing. Anyone in the administration who provided access to classified material, even if at a low level ( like FOUO) is in breach of their NDA..... So, what info was he or they privy to, and who gave them access?

    Those are the traitors.

  • The Most Defenseless

    08/16/2018 5:25:25 PM PDT · 10 of 10
    Manly Warrior to Alberta's Child

    My my.

  • The U.S. Navy Is Having a Hell of a Time Dismantling the USS Enterprise

    08/16/2018 11:16:11 AM PDT · 34 of 83
    Manly Warrior to PeterPrinciple

    Is she worn out? Replace the reactors or whatever, return her to duty. Probably cheaper.

  • ISIS Member Wanted in Murder in Iraq Is Arrested in Sacramento, U.S. Says

    08/16/2018 4:22:15 AM PDT · 13 of 25
    Manly Warrior to reaganaut1

    AQ in IRQ? Nah, can’t be. Nope, we invaded IRQ on a false premise, AQ WAS NOT in IRQ they said….

  • Ninth Circuit Returns to Form, Upholds Bizarre California Gun Regulation(Micro stamp)

    08/15/2018 1:04:20 PM PDT · 35 of 38
    Manly Warrior to Lurkinanloomin

    Many will not waste time with this process which does not work to any reliable degree nor does it prevent or solve crimes. Plus, liability to the manufacturer if someone alters a so equipped firearm.

    So, firearm minded Californians will simply have to bite the bullet and EITHER EFFECT POLITICAL CHANGE IN THEIR STATE OR FIND ANOTHER. I’d rather see them stay there for other sundry reasons as well.

  • Arizona father accused of killing man who tried to enter teen daughter's restroom stall

    08/15/2018 8:46:04 AM PDT · 69 of 90
    Manly Warrior to Osage Orange

    Okay, transpose the clauses and you get the same words, same meaning. Come on fellas!

    Diana Jackson, Melvin Harris’ finance, says he and his 16 year old....

  • Arizona father accused of killing man who tried to enter teen daughter's restroom stall

    08/15/2018 8:42:32 AM PDT · 67 of 90
    Manly Warrior to qaz123

    Likely the judge would not allow it to be said....and most attorneys like their Mercedes more than they like the truth....

  • Arizona father accused of killing man who tried to enter teen daughter's restroom stall

    08/15/2018 8:39:09 AM PDT · 65 of 90
    Manly Warrior to Little Ray

    Depends on AZ laws. Talking to a man is not a crime, even if it is not a friendly discussion.

    If Armstrong ( the dead guy) struck Harris first, then it was he who was the aggressor, Harris would every right to defend himself (or flee), dealers’ choice. However, once Harris had Armstrong defeated and kicked/stomped him to death, then Harris is well past countervailing force required to stop an attack- most states laws allow blow for blow until the aggressor /other party is done or unable to respond.

    Going beyond that point is a crime, hence Murder 2.

  • Ft. Campbell Gates Closed

    08/15/2018 4:58:42 AM PDT · 43 of 62
    Manly Warrior to radu

    DOD Police attend the gates, and post 2009 all gates have active and passive measures to stop such run-away drivers- usually in the form of a channelized gate arrangement (passive) then an active barrier that any gate guard can activate from his station- usually a pneumatic gate some distance inside the installation that pop up on command. All designs are of course, location dependent. Stand off is key, and some bases/forts etc do not have much capability for appropriate standoff systems. Not having been to Campbell in a long time, I do not know what systems they are using, but it looks like someone/all of them failed to punch the button in a timely manner....

  • Scientists find way to make mineral which can remove CO2 from atmosphere

    08/15/2018 4:37:05 AM PDT · 66 of 114
    Manly Warrior to Innovative

    Smirk. Manufacturing something always costs more in energy or in this case, adsorption, than it produces, so , a net add to the CO2 “issue”. They really are mad. But is sells well with the general population that believes the initial li at the outset.