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  • Prepper Food Storage Question

    05/07/2016 9:38:17 PM PDT · 52 of 137
    Marcella to PinkChampagneonIce
    Well, Pink, I have professionally packed food that will last twenty-five years. However, I read very recently, what a fellow does for an emergency and it makes total sense.

    He buys many boxes of different type cereal so he wouldn't get tired of just one kind. And, he buys instant milk. I know from experimenting and doing it in an emergency, that adding some powdered creamer to instant milk makes it thicker and taste like regular milk.

    When buying instant milk, get the box with 1 qt. packages inside. If you buy a box with bulk instant and humidity get in the box it will turn into a brick, so get the boxes with packages inside. The cheapest price will be at Walmart as well as the cereal will be the cheapest there, too.

    Now, think about how many types cereal there are. Look at those at the grocery and you see zillions of types. You wouldn't get bored with all those choices. They don't need refrigeration and will last a super long time. You will use a quart of instant milk before it needs refrigeration and/or you can make less than a quart at a time, just make the amount you will use for that meal.

    If you have water, multiple boxed cereals, instant milk and powdered creamer, you can live a very long time.

    For meat, I have canned meat. There is not a huge amount in a can so you will use it up before it needs refrigeration and that includes canned chicken. When I was into prepping years ago, I called the Hormel company. They said if the can seal isn't broken, the meat will last forever in the can.

    At some time, after I started prepping, the govn. made companies put an expiration date on cans so the company was forced to put a date on. You will see a “best by” date which means the product will be at its ultimate best taste by that date but it does not mean the product is not good after that date. Due to what Hormel told me personally, their meat is good to eat regardless of the date put on there. Of course, if the can integrity is gone, like a crack in the can, do not eat it.

  • London About To Elect Muslim Mayor — Who Defends Islamists........

    05/04/2016 8:11:43 PM PDT · 58 of 61
    Marcella to sockmonkey

    “Ping, and a question. What does your child think about this? Concerned? Apolitical?”

    My child knows more about crazy Islamists that most other people as he was held against his will by Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and kidnapped in Somalia and rescued by UN helicopter. Once Gaddafi convinced himself the son wasn’t CIA, son traveled with Gaddafi around Libya. After getting out of Libya he said Gaddafi was crazy and would kill anyone just because he could. Sharia law ruled there.

    Son was here for two weeks and just went back to London last Saturday. He says Muslims are not assimilating and have their own areas in and around London. He knows where they are and stays away from those areas. You can imagine he does not want a Muslim mayor. He lives outside London and cannot vote in that election but his business building is in downtown London unless he is somewhere around the world directing a documentary film.


    05/02/2016 10:55:13 AM PDT · 134 of 134
    Marcella to danamco

    “You are very close to the Abuse click !!!”

    This thread started in November, 2015, and I haven’t posted on it since then. I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Your Options Leading Up to a Declaration of Martial Law

    05/01/2016 8:22:59 PM PDT · 119 of 179
    Marcella to wyokostur

    “1st rule of prepping...don’t let anyone know you’re prepping.”

    I am an old woman who knows nothing.

  • Your Options Leading Up to a Declaration of Martial Law

    05/01/2016 9:57:43 AM PDT · 20 of 179
    Marcella to Tilted Irish Kilt

    In case of martial law happening due to any reason, we go Galt, disappear from view and have a good standard of living due to preps. If we had to be in view, we are so old no one would think we could exist by ourselves so think we would be ignored.

  • Your Options Leading Up to a Declaration of Martial Law

    05/01/2016 9:51:48 AM PDT · 19 of 179
    Marcella to Tilted Irish Kilt

    Obama bought a house in Dubai. After his term is over, he will move there to be with his Arab friends where he can worship Mohammad five times a day. He is leaving this country and may become the leader of the UN. This is my opinion.

  • Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely

    05/01/2016 8:35:54 AM PDT · 94 of 95
    Marcella to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    I haven't read all the posts here, but these, in my opinion, are the ones most likely to kill us, in order of the mostly likely first:

    1. Virus taking down the internet which takes out all power. Millions die.

    2. Nuclear bomb from North Korea submarine, dropped on the west coast. Many thousands killed immediately, more thousands die from radiation.

    3. Nuclear bomb blast in the atmosphere in the middle of the country taking out power and millions die. Russia and China could easily do that right now.

    4. Pandemic started by terrorists bringing a bottled disease here and dispersing, thousands killed.

    5. Natural disaster from cauldron under Yellowstone exploding, wiping out most of the US from direct contact or ash cloud spreading and killing multimillion's. The east coast would survive if they could quickly devise a way to have power and grow enough food to keep them alive which is doubtful. Few people know how to grow food now. They think grocery stores grow food and have cows for milk in the back of the store along with pigs for bacon.

    6. If Iran finally gets a nuclear bomb and can deliver it here, they will do it as soon as they have it functional. I only list this one last because they can't do it now but they will definitely do it when they can to get rid of the Great Satan and get their Imam out of the well which means the end times to them.

    Most likely: Obama admits he is the Antichrist, declares martial law, his military leaders follow him, and we end up using our defensive weapons to get rid of them all since there are more of us and they can't be everywhere at once.
    To the NSA: This one paragraph is sarcasm, I have no defensive weapons (My 5 lb. Yorkie ate them), Obama is a real sweetheart of an Antichrist, and our military are concentrating on having a pleasant place for homosexual soldiers, so they aren't into military stuff, and martial law is actually marital law so same sex couples can marry.

  • Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want

    05/01/2016 5:47:38 AM PDT · 247 of 247
    Marcella to Gator113

    I already’s called an Airstream trailer. ;>)

    I could do that, too. We have a bus “house” as big as a Continental Trailway bus, and it’s one that has a slide out section to make a larger living area. Or maybe I could lash a Porta Potty on the top of the car. :o)

  • Indiana University Student Charged With Recording Women in Dorm Showers

    04/26/2016 6:42:00 AM PDT · 24 of 30
    Marcella to detective

    Men who want into women’s bathrooms, taking pictures or not, did not pass potty training.

  • Not in my bathroom!’ a coming trend?

    04/21/2016 1:35:09 PM PDT · 14 of 18
    Marcella to Sean_Anthony

    “Why is it that there are few, if any, Transgender Bathrooms in the White House...”

    In the past few days, Obama changed a bathroom in the White House to a transgender bathroom.

  • Trump voices opposition to North Carolina bathroom law

    04/21/2016 1:24:45 PM PDT · 53 of 76
    Marcella to over3Owithabrain

    I saw a news clip yesterday and I don’t remember which state it was, think a southern state, and a very large/overweight person who is a girl, says she is a boy and was dressed in boy clothes, who went to court to be able to go to boy’s bathrooms in school, and she/he won. Person looked to be high school age.

    If I had children, they would be in Catholic private school. I think boys and girls in Catholic schools would not be subjected to this.

  • Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want

    04/21/2016 9:05:30 AM PDT · 159 of 247
    Marcella to Da Bilge Troll

    “What about perverts? Can they use whatever bathroom they want?”

    Absolutely, if anyone can use any bathroom he/she/it wants.
    I am a small boned 5’4” woman which means most any man is stronger than I am. If I see a man in the bathroom when I walk in, I’m leaving and if one comes in while I am there, I’m leaving. I am considering hooking a bathroom on wheels to the back of the car. :o)

  • Chelsea Clinton Gracing Ithaca With Presence on Monday (refreshingly honest bit about Chelsea)

    04/18/2016 6:25:12 AM PDT · 6 of 16
    Marcella to simpson96
    A family member works in Cornell Un. Administration and she is to the left of Stalin. She is voting for Bernie.

    We have been up there visiting twice and you can feel the “progressive” around you until you finally drive out of there.

  • Priebus tells delegates not to change convention rules

    04/16/2016 9:13:39 PM PDT · 32 of 62
    Marcella to DannyTN

    And,the Rules Committee meets one week before the convention.

  • Priebus tells delegates not to change convention rules

    04/16/2016 9:09:41 PM PDT · 31 of 62
    Marcella to DannyTN
    “He is telling them not to change the rules next week. Save the rule changes for the convention. So he isn’t telling them they can’t change it before the convention vote. Just not to do it right now.”

    No. He is telling the RNC (Republican National Committee) not to change or add any rules, leave any changes to the Rules Committee at the convention. The Rules Committee at the convention is not the RNC - it is made up of elected delegates which will be Trump and Cruz delegates with maybe a few for Kasich. That is the difference between the two - RNC and Rules Committee.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 10:14:32 AM PDT · 144 of 146
    Marcella to Cboldt
    “It's a political message, and a falsehood! But hey, it works. It probably helps his chances, hurts Cruz's chances, and it also undercuts the RNC/GOP.”

    Trump is calling “unfair” to the RNC/Gop every day. He is setting up to blame them if he loses, as he will not take responsibility for any loss he suffers.

    Here is an example that shows he will never take responsibility for even a small error/mistake/misspeak:
    He called the Biblical, 2nd Corinthians, “Two Corinthians”. When that was pointed out to him, he said, “Some foreign countries call it Two Corinthians.” That is psychologically Trump - never, ever, admit a weakness, an error, a mistake, find a way to “fix” it, explain it away, so he is never wrong.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 9:47:44 AM PDT · 131 of 146
    Marcella to TexasCajun; Jim Robinson

    “Just like Trumps kids are too lazy to register to vote, Whining Donald it too lazy to read & learn the different state primary rules.”

    Rules mean things. Here is another example of rules:
    Did you see the news report/film of the Colorado man who burned his Republican registration due to supposed “rigged” treatment of his being a state delegate when he couldn’t get into the state convention as a delegate? He said he would never be a Republican again. This film was shown on major TV stations. Here is what actually happened:

    The Republican rules in Colorado are a voter can go to the precinct convention and perhaps get chosen as a delegate to the county convention. At the county convention, one may be chosen to be a delegate to the state convention.

    This man went to the precinct convention and was elected to be a delegate to the county convention. HE DID NOT GO TO THE COUNTY CONVENTION. So, he shows up at the state convention claiming to be a delegate. That is what actually happened in this case.

    Those rules are the same as Texas except Texas has a primary election and Colorado doesn’t. In Texas, vote on primary day and attend the precinct meeting at the end of voting day and perhaps get selected to attend the county convention. I ran county conventions for years. Delegates are selected there as delegates to the state convention. At the state convention, delegates are selected for the national convention.

    Rules mean things.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 9:11:14 AM PDT · 114 of 146
    Marcella to TexasCajun

    “Cheater!!! The Fix Is IN!! Not Fair! The System Is Rigged!”

    Those are the cries/whining about rules. See my post 111 for info. on rules.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 9:02:38 AM PDT · 111 of 146
    Marcella to Cboldt; Jim Robinson; libbylu

    “I think his speculation amounts to Trump being able to get 1237 votes on the first ballot, with a combination of 1100 delegated bound by state part rules, and the remainder made of delegates who are not bound to a candidate by state rules. The unbound delegates are NOT part of the delegate counting that preoccupies the press.”

    You are exactly correct. I taught election law and party rules, for ten years in the state of Texas. Party rules for state parties and the national party are not rocket science nor are they hidden in some clandestine way to defeat Trump as he seems to think they are.

    Party rules are on every state Republican Party website and the Republican National Committee rules are on their website. Below is the link to the Republican National Party rules and below that is the link to the Colorado State Republican Party rules. I link to Colorado due to the amount of vitriol from Trump and others toward that particular state party.

  • TRUMP Political Strategist: Trump Will Amass 1,237 Delegates Needed to Clinch Nomination

    04/08/2016 3:25:10 PM PDT · 34 of 51
    Marcella to 2ndDivisionVet

    New York Dates:
    New voter registration for New York state ended last month. Change of party ended last October. Only registered Republicans can vote in their primary. Hannity of Fox News says he is registered as an Independent so he cannot vote in the New York State Primary (unless he has moved out of New York state and then he couldn’t vote there anyway). :o)

  • Springfield (MA) Central High School now has gender neutral bathrooms for students, staff

    04/07/2016 12:06:28 PM PDT · 17 of 27
    Marcella to matt04

    I see a future of a bathroom hitched to the back of our car so we feel “comfortable” with our own “safe space” when we need a bathroom break. We’ll have a crossword puzzle book in there on a shelf where a phone or pad could also be.

    Car bathrooms on wheels for your safety and comfort.

  • 'NeverTrumps' should support Ted Cruz

    04/02/2016 9:50:33 PM PDT · 44 of 58
    Marcella to 2ndDivisionVet

    I look for every one of your article posts and read them every one. Never stop,friend.

  • Is Hillary Cross-Eyed

    04/02/2016 12:09:25 PM PDT · 13 of 41
    Marcella to Dilbert San Diego

    “concussion; coughs a lot; waddles along when she walks; We know her voice has become very raspy recently; media have been banned from showing her boarding her airplane.”

    Almost all candidates have a raspy voice at this time and until they stop making speeches. Don’t know if she was coughing before this political season started or if it is associated with using her voice so much. When the concussion happened, she had to use special glasses to see so her eyes or one eye was affected when she fell and that right eye is permanently affected.

    She may not see well enough with the affected eye so her perception of space, depth perception, may be affected and that might make her likely to miss curbs or steps up or down. Her going up or down steps of an airplane could be very clumsy and she may use someone to help her up and down those steps.

    One bright point: If she has to go to prison, she will get medical help and not have to go up or down steps as prison cells are on one level.

  • Welcome to politics, Mr. Trump: You won Louisiana’s battle but lost the war

    03/28/2016 1:56:33 PM PDT · 176 of 192
    Marcella to SeekAndFind; Jim Robinson

    “So, did the Louisiana delegate rules change recently, or were they in place since long before the primaries started?”

    Perhaps this will help to understand delegate rules:

    The rules made at the national convention, only have to do with rules about conducting the convention, not about how delegates are selected for this election season.

    The delegate selection process is the purview of the state parties. A state party cannot change the delegate selection process in an ongoing election season. The rules about delegate selection they had before this election season started is the process they must follow.

  • Welcome to politics, Mr. Trump: You won Louisiana’s battle but lost the war

    03/28/2016 1:36:12 PM PDT · 175 of 192
    Marcella to Mastador1

    “...OR maybe he just has to be smarter and know how to play the game better.”

    If you are going to play a game, you have to know the rules to win. The rules to win an election, are in the Election Law Book and in the Republican Party rules and Democrat Party rules. Those documents are easily found - The Election Law can be found on the state’s Secretary of State website. The Republican and Democrat rules are on their individual state website.

    Because Democrats in our county did not know the laws/rules - they just did whatever they wanted since they ruled the county for many years, we learned the laws/rules and turned a county from a Democrat county to a Republican county by studying the law book and the Republican Party rules.

    Cruz knows all the laws/rules and he is following them. Trump and his chosen campaign leaders must not know the laws and rules so he blames Cruz for not being “fair” and does his usual “I will sue you for not being fair to me.”

  • Utah GOP voters having trouble voting online

    03/22/2016 5:12:51 PM PDT · 39 of 51
    Marcella to beandog

    beandog, the on line voting system would have been checked for accuracy just as every voting machine is checked by the election judge and asst. judge before they are put into service. The foul up on line would be user error.

  • Ted Cruz's big week

    03/21/2016 10:58:38 AM PDT · 123 of 144
    Marcella to GodGunsGuts
    Someone asked if you were going to contribute to FR and poster thought you would not. Since the last Freepathon I have made 10 posts (just counted them and think that is correct). Think this is the only political thread and only posted due to it being your thread. I have assigned a value of one cent to each of my posts and am keeping a record of how many I post. Perhaps you could use a system of assigning value - or not. :o)
  • Ted Cruz's big week

    03/21/2016 10:36:36 AM PDT · 122 of 144
    Marcella to Theodore R.

    “Are the primaries TX, OK, and ID? I think KS is caucus.”

    Texas and Oklahoma are primaries, not caucuses. Texas has picture ID required. Do not know about Oklahoma ID, however you can go to the Oklahoma Secretary of State website and find out if Oklahoma has ID of any kind required and do the same at the Kansas Secretary of State website.

  • Ted Cruz's big week

    03/21/2016 10:25:59 AM PDT · 121 of 144
    Marcella to dmz

    “caucuses...I believe, however, that the delegates are real.”

    I wondered if caucus delegates (called “its” for this post), WERE real so I went to one and took the blood pressure of a delegate “it” and it had a blood pressure reading and a pulse which is the heart beating. Sure enough, those “its” are real people. I wrote a scientific paper about this and it was published in the IT scientific magazine.

    No, I did not do the above but if I had, the results would be the same. :o)

  • Ted Cruz's big week

    03/21/2016 9:05:42 AM PDT · 54 of 144
    Marcella to GodGunsGuts

    “Also, if it is a brokered convention,...”

    No, dear GGG, it will be a “contested” convention, not a “brokered” one. Contested means there will be multiple rounds of votes taken by delegates until there is a winner with enough delegates. Brokered means the party officials will determine the winner, the delegates won’t. This will be a “contested” convention if no candidate has the required number of delegates coming into the convention.

  • Ted Cruz's big week

    03/21/2016 8:54:42 AM PDT · 27 of 144
    Marcella to napscoordinator

    “1 year and only won 3 primaries. Pretty pathetic.”

    No, he has won eight primaries/caucuses.

  • Donald Trump Must Beware of Trojan Horse Convention Delegates (alert!)

    03/20/2016 10:32:47 PM PDT · 18 of 88
    Marcella to GLDNGUN

    “If he really heard this secretly, why would he reveal it publicly? “

    There is nothing secret about this maneuver. It happens at the state convention when delegates to the national convention are voted on by the delegates. So, it will happen at your state convention if your state party officials set that in motion. It is entirely legal and sometimes is used.

  • No Opiates for the Masses?

    03/20/2016 1:28:52 PM PDT · 66 of 94
    Marcella to Kaslin
    “I am very cautious in taking medicines like these and would take them only if absolutely necessary. I definitely would not be want to hooked.”

    When it is too painful to put on clothes and one can't walk, one does not think of addition to a med. It was the little pill, amitriptyline, that shut down much of the excess electricity being produced in my brain. That excess electricity was causing all my muscles to stay in spasm. The hydrocodone dulled the rest of the pain, and I could function.

    I never feel drugged up, not sleepy during the day, etc., and I take two hydrocodone every day. That is 60 pills a month. I would not take any pill that stopped me from functioning. I was drunk one time in my life by drinking a margarita that had two shots of alcohol in it and I did not know it had two shots. I never want to be like that again. My husband thought it was funny, but I did not.

    Here is a story:
    When I was training for my EMT license, I had to work in an emergency room. I was with the emergency room doctor and a patient came in. The patient said she had a migraine headache and needed pills. The doc said we now had a shot that would stop the headache and he would give her that shot. She turned down the shot, and left. Doc said she only wanted pills, did not have headache, or she would have taken the shot. So, people do want those pills, and will do whatever to get them.

    I take them so I can walk and am not in pain every minute of every day. My word to the government, is, leave my pills alone.

  • No Opiates for the Masses?

    03/20/2016 10:40:02 AM PDT · 51 of 94
    Marcella to Kaslin
    I changed doctors this past week due to the woman doctor I had did not want to renew my hydrocodone prescription - she wanted me to go to a pain management doctor. I had been with her two years after moving to this area. Undoubtedly, she did not want to take a chance with these new rules, and she was not going to renew that prescription.

    I was not going to go to a pain doctor again, start at the beginning again, because I had already been to a neurologist and pain management doctor some years ago. I have diagnosed Myofascial pain syndrome with Fibromyalgia diagnosed by this neurologist and pain management doctor.

    I take four pills due to this diagnosis and those pills keep me moving and one is hydrocodone. At the time of my diagnosis, I had such body pain I could not dress, stayed in a robe all day. Just bending a slight amount to brush my teeth made my back muscles ripple with terrible pain. Then, my feet had stabbing, burning pain and I could not walk. At that point, I went to a neurologist, I thought I was in serious trouble. He said he could help with some pills. Within three days, I was outside washing my car.

    I made an appt. with my significant other's (Bob) doctor and went to him Thursday of last week. I took papers documenting my diagnosis, plus he has known Bob for many years, so doc knew I was not a druggie coming in for a fix, and he wrote a prescription for hydrocodone and the other medicines I needed refilled.

    I was relieved when I left there that I had a doctor with common sense who prescribes for the individual patient, not a doctor looking for a way out of prescribing a medicine the government doesn't like. I think wimpy doctors like the woman doctor, are going to stop writing those prescriptions. Let the patient suffer rather than take chance the CDC might check up on them.

  • Hammer Blows: The Left, Israel, Obama - An Interview with David Horowitz

    03/17/2016 6:22:42 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    Marcella to SJackson
    Let me know how you feel after you have read some of it. Glad you got it.

    I have started writing poetry and the pure thinking of those men inspire me. I've also been studying the poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson, T S Eliot, Robert Frost, Ralph Emerson, and others. This is poetry of days gone by just as are the great philosophers.

    My significant other had a tooth ache a few days ago, so I wrote a poem entitled, “TOOTH” as a joke. He took it to the dentist, (he does have to have a root canal) and dentist laughed and loved it, and is having it framed.
    Here it is:


    Pain – Oh, No!
    Maybe it will go away (or decay).
    What to do, wait and hope or give in to dismay.

    Used Orajel to no avail.
    It is throbbing now, too much pain to allow.
    Call the dentist, only option now.

    How much pain do you have, on a scale to ten being worse.
    What a question to ask, it hurts like hell now, a living curse.
    Emergency appointment or I will be in a death hearse.

    Pills? Take pills? Live with this for days before pills remove infection.
    Root canal after that, the worst of the worst, dread the injection.
    Nitrous oxide, yes, give it to me, no objection.

    Floating now, what is he doing in my mouth?
    I feel something but my brain has gone south.
    It’s over you say. Let me out of here, never to come another day.

    Unless another tooth pain comes my way.

    Marci Derrick

  • Hammer Blows: The Left, Israel, Obama - An Interview with David Horowitz

    03/17/2016 4:49:46 PM PDT · 9 of 11
    Marcella to SJackson
    I went to Houston to meet David Horowitz after he wrote “Radical Son” and listened to his life story. Have a signed copy of that book. His style at that time was dress casually and speak as though he is sitting in an easy chair and telling you what he did in the past and why he is committed to liberty and self actualization, as in serious thinking, to assure this country stays aware of radicals trying to change it.

    At this time I am reading “Plato: Five Dialogues” (with Socrates), and reading Aristotle's “Nicomachean Ethics”. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, lived in the time period of 469-322 BC. Socrates taught Plato and Plato taught Aristotle.

    All three men are like David Horowitz - thinking about mankind and striving toward the highest good mankind can achieve. Horowitz had to think himself out of the radical groups he was in and come to the realization he was harming mankind and he had to change.

    I recommend “Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics”, Amazon, translation by Robert Bartlett and Susan Collins, $10.65 Prime, for an easy to read, glorious description of Highest Human Good, Moral Virtue, Courage, Moderation, Liberality, Greatness of Soul, Truthfulness, Gentleness, Ambition, etc, etc. You will be glad you read it and you won't be the same in a good way. It will help you get through the political angst going on today.

  • Lent, 2016 - Fasting on ALL Fridays and Lent

    03/11/2016 8:56:35 PM PST · 16 of 17
    Marcella to Salvation

    “The first of seven pages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

    And there is a footnote number at the end of each entry. Look at the bottom of that page for that number and there is the scripture to look up that documents the validity of the assertion of that rule/law. I saw some scripture quoted in some of those but not where it is in the Bible. The footnote gives that information.

    Regarding fasting: We are 81 and 83 years of age and we eat less on a fast day. A real fast would likely find us on the floor unconscious. Besides, we take so much medicine we have to eat before we take the bucket of pills we have to take. If we travel to stay overnight somewhere, it takes a day just to load the medicine in the car. :o)

  • Lent, 2016 - Fasting on ALL Fridays and Lent

    03/11/2016 7:09:55 PM PST · 14 of 17
    Marcella to Salvation

    So, there is this long article on here about fasting on ALL Fridays and Lent.

    I have the latest “Catechism Of The Catholic Church”. If one can lift it due to it being so big/heavy, answers abound there if one knows how to use it.

    Look in the back and find listed whatever you want to know about. Let’s use “baptism” for instance. You will be directed to the pages having to do with baptism. I think people read that and quit.

    They don’t follow through to look at the footnotes that direct you to the exact scripture(s) in the Bible that is the bedrock for the method of baptism used in the Catholic Church.

    All Catholic “rules/laws” have their start in scripture and that scripture is notated in the footnote of every “rule/law”.

    My opinion is, if people would go to the source book of “rules/laws”, “The Catechism Of The Catholic Church”, and read the scripture defining a rule/law, many long articles arguing one way or the other about a rule/law, would not be necessary.

    Divine Law, church rule - scripture by any other name is still scripture and that is where truth is.

    This is Friday and we had flounder fish for dinner. It is a way to remind us of Jesus Christ as is every other Catholic law/rule we observe.

  • Not an Opus

    03/09/2016 3:17:28 PM PST · 53 of 84
    Marcella to Marcella


  • Opus

    03/09/2016 3:14:02 PM PST · 94 of 97
    Marcella to Marcella


  • The GOP is doing its damnedest to lose this election

    03/03/2016 10:46:43 AM PST · 6 of 397
    Marcella to Jim Robinson

    See your Freepmail.


    02/11/2016 8:28:36 AM PST · 33 of 59
    Marcella to greeneyes; TEXOKIE; Tilted Irish Kilt; sockmonkey; Nepeta; Silentgypsy; ApplegateRanch; Ellendra; ..
    STRANGE HAPPENING - THEN IT BECAME CLEAR I received the magazine, "Shape", in November. I did not order that magazine and thought it was probably a freebie that company wanted me to buy. I received another one in December, and wondered why that happened. In January, I received that magazine again and later that month, also received the "Cosmopolitan" magazine. I did not order that, either.

    Yesterday, I went to those magazines separately on line and I had an account number that was the same on both websites. Those magazines are paid for and will not expire for TWO YEARS.

    JRandomFreeper, Johnny, paid for those magazines for two years. JOHNNY WILL BE AT MY HOUSE TWICE A MONTH FOR TWO YEARS. Yes, I cried when I realized he did this.

    He bought the "Shape" magazine in October, two days after my birthday. He bought the "Cosmopolitan" magazine in December, for a Christmas gift.

    No, he did not tell me he did this. He wanted it to be a surprise and it certainly was and I will have him in my house twice a month for two years. That is so like Johnny.

    I wanted all of you to know what he did.

  • Meet Quasimodo, 1 of just 13 dogs with short spine syndrome (German shepherd)

    02/05/2016 9:17:59 AM PST · 43 of 44
    Marcella to chrisinoc; All
    This post is not about the German Shepherd, bless his heart, but about a Dallas news report this morning. In Richardson, Texas, a Bobcat jumped into a yard and there were two Yorkies in the yard. The Bobcat ATE one of the Yorkies.

    The home owner has a security camera in the backyard and there it was on film, showing the Bobcat eating the Yorkie. The husband said it was the wife's Yorkie and it was terrible to see it on film. The other Yorkie was okay.

    I have a Yorkie and when I read that, I picked her up and hugged her. I could see a mental picture of a wild animal eating my Yorkie.

    Unfortunately, the little eaten Yorkie cannot be brought back. Sometimes we are just fine and the next minute disaster happens.

    We had such a disaster happen yesterday. Bob's granddaughter is a sophomore in high school and a professional, at her age, horse trainer and has many trophies to her credit. She owns two horses who won all those trophies. Her desire is to be a Vet and she is a straight A student so she can do that.

    Well, yesterday she was in the stall of one of the horses and had something in her hand to give the horse. The horse accidentally bit down on her right hand index finger - she is right handed. He bit down to the bone but did not break the bone or tendon in the finger. She was taken to an emergency room and kept in the hospital over night. She will not lose her finger but will not be able to use it for some time as the tendon is swollen and the tissue, skin, has to heal.

    Making matters worse, just the day before she became the first chair saxophone player in the school symphony. Now, there is no way for her to play the saxophone until the finger heals.

    She was fine one moment and the next moment almost lost her finger. Thank God, the finger was not completely bitten off.

  • The voter rebellion is on! Who should lead: Cruz or Trump? Both?

    02/04/2016 9:12:45 AM PST · 267 of 315
    Marcella to All; Gator113
    Onyx said: "IIRC (if I remember correctly), that suggestion (asking Freepers not to contribute) came from the wise, duplicitious [sic] elder, Marcella. I know, I know, Marcella kicked-in $20 for your Chinese dinner. Guilt trip, no doubt. “Bless her heart.”"

    I have sent a Freepmail to onyx and Jim saying she did not remember correctly when she said I was the one asking Freepers not to contribute. I would never do that.
    Marcella, the elder

  • Playing with Fire, Republican Bigwigs Want to Take Out Cruz

    01/26/2016 1:30:54 PM PST · 36 of 60
    Marcella to 2ndDivisionVet; Jim Robinson

    The crazy extra symbols are so bad and they are really terrible in this article, I have to click through to the original article on that website to read every article posted even if the whole article is on here.

    When I make a post, I do not use contraction of words, such as, “don’t”. I type, “I do not” instead and I take the contractions out of any quotes of others I post. I will see if this post has extra symbols in the contraction. This really needs to be fixed some way, some how.

  • Dear FRiends, We need your continuing support to keep FR going strong. [FReepathon thread XXVI]

    01/26/2016 1:01:58 PM PST · 52 of 164
    Marcella to humblegunner

    “I see that Texas is kicking the butts of all the lesser states.”

    I noticed that. What has happened to California that seems to always lead Texas? Did it fall into the ocean - finally? Except for Frisco, CA?

  • Dear FRiends, We need your continuing support to keep FR going strong. [FReepathon thread XXVI]

    01/26/2016 11:20:07 AM PST · 35 of 164
    Marcella to Jim Robinson
    I am not posting on political threads but FR is more than political threads. Plus, you still need to eat Chinese food every FReepathon so I am making my usual Chinese food donation. :o)
  • Consistent Conservatives - - A gathering place for believers in true conservative principles

    01/25/2016 3:21:42 PM PST · 597 of 750
    Marcella to Gator113

    I have stopped posting on political threads.

  • Consistent Conservatives - - A gathering place for believers in true conservative principles

    01/24/2016 8:55:22 PM PST · 227 of 750
    Marcella to brothers4thID
    “I am on that site supporting my fellow Cruz voters. I have not said anything nasty about Jom Robinson. However, the fact remains that people who refuse to compromise their conservative ideals -even in a hypothetical situation - were banned. That is troubling to more than a few of us.”

    Exactly. I do not feel free to post on political threads after long time Freepers were banned for saying they would not vote for Trump if he was the nominee. It was very hard for me when these long time Freepers were banned during the same time period my friend and great Freeper, Johnny, died. It seemed everything was coming apart.

  • Consistent Conservatives - - A gathering place for believers in true conservative principles

    01/24/2016 8:36:44 PM PST · 208 of 750
    Marcella to RushIsMyTeddyBear; onyx

    “What they say about Onyx is sickening.”

    Onyx is a genuine jewel as her name indicates. I saw that post and certainly do not agree with that.

    People make inappropriate comments on every posting board, here and otherwise. Freedom of speech is important but it also allows for problem speech.

    Due to the problem speech, I have given up posting on political threads.