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  • Houston's Hijrah

    06/27/2016 4:34:51 PM PDT · 24 of 27
    Marcella to greeneyes

    Check personal email. Been to dental surgeon today and not in great shape.

  • Judge says the FBI can hack your computer without a warrant

    06/25/2016 9:56:18 AM PDT · 25 of 59
    Marcella to Swordmaker; greeneyes
    An extended family member works for the agency that starts with n, then s, then a - can you say telephones/and maybe now computers? I am very careful with the title I give emails so they won't be suspect titles. I am careful to disguise govn. agency names that are designated by capital letters.

    I knew we were in trouble when Obama’s agency began being able to turn off our TVs and radios. I bought a fancy battery radio that picks up short wave. Should TVs and radios be shut off, they can't shut down messages sent by short wave. I checked that out before I bought that radio.

  • Can Texas legally secede from the United States?

    06/24/2016 8:30:27 PM PDT · 118 of 226
    Marcella to greeneyes

    All my life in Texas it has been said we could secede due to the fact we were our own republic and it was written in the statehood documents we could secede if we wanted.

    I think it the situation got bad enough in the country, we might do it come hell or high water, whether legal or not.

    We are the only state that has it’s own electric grid separate from the rest of the states. We sell extra power we generate to Mexico.

    You know you can come live with me anytime and I have a vacant house you can live in free of charge.

  • I went to a Trump rally, and it was nothing like what I expected

    06/22/2016 8:08:40 AM PDT · 18 of 32
    Marcella to orchestra; Jim Robinson
    “The Woodlands”:
    The Woodlands is about 8 miles from a house I have there and I lived there a number of years until 2014 and still own that house. The Woodlands/Conroe is in Montgomery County that is about 98%+ Republican. The County has over 300,000 people. Every Republican state/federal candidate/official comes to Conroe/The Woodlands, to collect money and it is there as the Conroe/The Woodlands is an upscale area. The Conroe Republican office is open year round.

    Due to the above, Trump was guaranteed a positive crowd. Also, due to the above statistics, dissenters would have to come from Houston to protest. I don't believe they came from Montgomery County. Montgomery County has the most registered Republicans of any county in Texas. It is a secure conservative county in which to live in Texas.

    The terrible storms and flooding that happened in May and June, the worst in recorded Texas history, included Montgomery County that was one of 31 Texas counties declared a disaster county. That area is heavily treed and trees fell in numerous houses in Conroe and The Woodlands and flooding destroyed many houses. I had water on the first floor of my townhouse due to a roof leak and had to go there and get the water out. Now, I have to deal with house insurance and this is a major pain. My $4,000 Pergo floor has to be replaced.

    The Woodlands was heavily damaged just as Conroe was. So, that is Montgomery County at this time. I thought you would be interested in the background of Montgomery County and its support of Republicans and Trump. That is Trump territory.

  • Prepper Food Storage Question

    05/07/2016 9:38:17 PM PDT · 52 of 137
    Marcella to PinkChampagneonIce
    Well, Pink, I have professionally packed food that will last twenty-five years. However, I read very recently, what a fellow does for an emergency and it makes total sense.

    He buys many boxes of different type cereal so he wouldn't get tired of just one kind. And, he buys instant milk. I know from experimenting and doing it in an emergency, that adding some powdered creamer to instant milk makes it thicker and taste like regular milk.

    When buying instant milk, get the box with 1 qt. packages inside. If you buy a box with bulk instant and humidity get in the box it will turn into a brick, so get the boxes with packages inside. The cheapest price will be at Walmart as well as the cereal will be the cheapest there, too.

    Now, think about how many types cereal there are. Look at those at the grocery and you see zillions of types. You wouldn't get bored with all those choices. They don't need refrigeration and will last a super long time. You will use a quart of instant milk before it needs refrigeration and/or you can make less than a quart at a time, just make the amount you will use for that meal.

    If you have water, multiple boxed cereals, instant milk and powdered creamer, you can live a very long time.

    For meat, I have canned meat. There is not a huge amount in a can so you will use it up before it needs refrigeration and that includes canned chicken. When I was into prepping years ago, I called the Hormel company. They said if the can seal isn't broken, the meat will last forever in the can.

    At some time, after I started prepping, the govn. made companies put an expiration date on cans so the company was forced to put a date on. You will see a “best by” date which means the product will be at its ultimate best taste by that date but it does not mean the product is not good after that date. Due to what Hormel told me personally, their meat is good to eat regardless of the date put on there. Of course, if the can integrity is gone, like a crack in the can, do not eat it.

  • London About To Elect Muslim Mayor — Who Defends Islamists........

    05/04/2016 8:11:43 PM PDT · 58 of 61
    Marcella to sockmonkey

    “Ping, and a question. What does your child think about this? Concerned? Apolitical?”

    My child knows more about crazy Islamists that most other people as he was held against his will by Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and kidnapped in Somalia and rescued by UN helicopter. Once Gaddafi convinced himself the son wasn’t CIA, son traveled with Gaddafi around Libya. After getting out of Libya he said Gaddafi was crazy and would kill anyone just because he could. Sharia law ruled there.

    Son was here for two weeks and just went back to London last Saturday. He says Muslims are not assimilating and have their own areas in and around London. He knows where they are and stays away from those areas. You can imagine he does not want a Muslim mayor. He lives outside London and cannot vote in that election but his business building is in downtown London unless he is somewhere around the world directing a documentary film.


    05/02/2016 10:55:13 AM PDT · 134 of 134
    Marcella to danamco

    “You are very close to the Abuse click !!!”

    This thread started in November, 2015, and I haven’t posted on it since then. I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Your Options Leading Up to a Declaration of Martial Law

    05/01/2016 8:22:59 PM PDT · 119 of 184
    Marcella to wyokostur

    “1st rule of prepping...don’t let anyone know you’re prepping.”

    I am an old woman who knows nothing.

  • Your Options Leading Up to a Declaration of Martial Law

    05/01/2016 9:57:43 AM PDT · 20 of 184
    Marcella to Tilted Irish Kilt

    In case of martial law happening due to any reason, we go Galt, disappear from view and have a good standard of living due to preps. If we had to be in view, we are so old no one would think we could exist by ourselves so think we would be ignored.

  • Your Options Leading Up to a Declaration of Martial Law

    05/01/2016 9:51:48 AM PDT · 19 of 184
    Marcella to Tilted Irish Kilt

    Obama bought a house in Dubai. After his term is over, he will move there to be with his Arab friends where he can worship Mohammad five times a day. He is leaving this country and may become the leader of the UN. This is my opinion.

  • Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely

    05/01/2016 8:35:54 AM PDT · 94 of 95
    Marcella to Tolerance Sucks Rocks
    I haven't read all the posts here, but these, in my opinion, are the ones most likely to kill us, in order of the mostly likely first:

    1. Virus taking down the internet which takes out all power. Millions die.

    2. Nuclear bomb from North Korea submarine, dropped on the west coast. Many thousands killed immediately, more thousands die from radiation.

    3. Nuclear bomb blast in the atmosphere in the middle of the country taking out power and millions die. Russia and China could easily do that right now.

    4. Pandemic started by terrorists bringing a bottled disease here and dispersing, thousands killed.

    5. Natural disaster from cauldron under Yellowstone exploding, wiping out most of the US from direct contact or ash cloud spreading and killing multimillion's. The east coast would survive if they could quickly devise a way to have power and grow enough food to keep them alive which is doubtful. Few people know how to grow food now. They think grocery stores grow food and have cows for milk in the back of the store along with pigs for bacon.

    6. If Iran finally gets a nuclear bomb and can deliver it here, they will do it as soon as they have it functional. I only list this one last because they can't do it now but they will definitely do it when they can to get rid of the Great Satan and get their Imam out of the well which means the end times to them.

    Most likely: Obama admits he is the Antichrist, declares martial law, his military leaders follow him, and we end up using our defensive weapons to get rid of them all since there are more of us and they can't be everywhere at once.
    To the NSA: This one paragraph is sarcasm, I have no defensive weapons (My 5 lb. Yorkie ate them), Obama is a real sweetheart of an Antichrist, and our military are concentrating on having a pleasant place for homosexual soldiers, so they aren't into military stuff, and martial law is actually marital law so same sex couples can marry.

  • Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want

    05/01/2016 5:47:38 AM PDT · 247 of 247
    Marcella to Gator113

    I already’s called an Airstream trailer. ;>)

    I could do that, too. We have a bus “house” as big as a Continental Trailway bus, and it’s one that has a slide out section to make a larger living area. Or maybe I could lash a Porta Potty on the top of the car. :o)

  • Indiana University Student Charged With Recording Women in Dorm Showers

    04/26/2016 6:42:00 AM PDT · 24 of 30
    Marcella to detective

    Men who want into women’s bathrooms, taking pictures or not, did not pass potty training.

  • Not in my bathroom!’ a coming trend?

    04/21/2016 1:35:09 PM PDT · 14 of 18
    Marcella to Sean_Anthony

    “Why is it that there are few, if any, Transgender Bathrooms in the White House...”

    In the past few days, Obama changed a bathroom in the White House to a transgender bathroom.

  • Trump voices opposition to North Carolina bathroom law

    04/21/2016 1:24:45 PM PDT · 53 of 76
    Marcella to over3Owithabrain

    I saw a news clip yesterday and I don’t remember which state it was, think a southern state, and a very large/overweight person who is a girl, says she is a boy and was dressed in boy clothes, who went to court to be able to go to boy’s bathrooms in school, and she/he won. Person looked to be high school age.

    If I had children, they would be in Catholic private school. I think boys and girls in Catholic schools would not be subjected to this.

  • Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want

    04/21/2016 9:05:30 AM PDT · 159 of 247
    Marcella to Da Bilge Troll

    “What about perverts? Can they use whatever bathroom they want?”

    Absolutely, if anyone can use any bathroom he/she/it wants.
    I am a small boned 5’4” woman which means most any man is stronger than I am. If I see a man in the bathroom when I walk in, I’m leaving and if one comes in while I am there, I’m leaving. I am considering hooking a bathroom on wheels to the back of the car. :o)

  • Chelsea Clinton Gracing Ithaca With Presence on Monday (refreshingly honest bit about Chelsea)

    04/18/2016 6:25:12 AM PDT · 6 of 16
    Marcella to simpson96
    A family member works in Cornell Un. Administration and she is to the left of Stalin. She is voting for Bernie.

    We have been up there visiting twice and you can feel the “progressive” around you until you finally drive out of there.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 10:14:32 AM PDT · 144 of 146
    Marcella to Cboldt
    “It's a political message, and a falsehood! But hey, it works. It probably helps his chances, hurts Cruz's chances, and it also undercuts the RNC/GOP.”

    Trump is calling “unfair” to the RNC/Gop every day. He is setting up to blame them if he loses, as he will not take responsibility for any loss he suffers.

    Here is an example that shows he will never take responsibility for even a small error/mistake/misspeak:
    He called the Biblical, 2nd Corinthians, “Two Corinthians”. When that was pointed out to him, he said, “Some foreign countries call it Two Corinthians.” That is psychologically Trump - never, ever, admit a weakness, an error, a mistake, find a way to “fix” it, explain it away, so he is never wrong.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 9:47:44 AM PDT · 131 of 146
    Marcella to TexasCajun; Jim Robinson

    “Just like Trumps kids are too lazy to register to vote, Whining Donald it too lazy to read & learn the different state primary rules.”

    Rules mean things. Here is another example of rules:
    Did you see the news report/film of the Colorado man who burned his Republican registration due to supposed “rigged” treatment of his being a state delegate when he couldn’t get into the state convention as a delegate? He said he would never be a Republican again. This film was shown on major TV stations. Here is what actually happened:

    The Republican rules in Colorado are a voter can go to the precinct convention and perhaps get chosen as a delegate to the county convention. At the county convention, one may be chosen to be a delegate to the state convention.

    This man went to the precinct convention and was elected to be a delegate to the county convention. HE DID NOT GO TO THE COUNTY CONVENTION. So, he shows up at the state convention claiming to be a delegate. That is what actually happened in this case.

    Those rules are the same as Texas except Texas has a primary election and Colorado doesn’t. In Texas, vote on primary day and attend the precinct meeting at the end of voting day and perhaps get selected to attend the county convention. I ran county conventions for years. Delegates are selected there as delegates to the state convention. At the state convention, delegates are selected for the national convention.

    Rules mean things.

  • RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

    04/13/2016 9:11:14 AM PDT · 114 of 146
    Marcella to TexasCajun

    “Cheater!!! The Fix Is IN!! Not Fair! The System Is Rigged!”

    Those are the cries/whining about rules. See my post 111 for info. on rules.