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  • Scott Walker responds to Cruz prez announcement… by bashing Jeb Bush!

    03/23/2015 4:01:57 AM PDT · 11 of 128
    mark8express to Cincinatus' Wife

    Raphael Cruz {Ted} is a foreign born {Canadian} citizen with a Communist father {Cuban} and a white mother.
    Raphael {Ted} Cruz is another mixed race foreign born individual from a broken home with suspect ties to Communism and anti American sentiment.
    He is a another junior senator and a rather loose cannon at best that has never been a state Governor and has a great dislike for the CIA,and is just another wrench in the Republican Party political apparatus.
    I believe this nation has had enough of almost qualified mutts , draft dodgers, pro communism,anti Christian,non presidential candidates.

  • NBC's Mitchell Helps Jen Psaki Blast GOP's 'Unprecedented' Letter to Iran

    03/13/2015 5:14:41 PM PDT · 22 of 31
    mark8express to Dave346

    It would appear that the Republican Party controls both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives and that the Democratic’s control nothing other than a failed presidency.
    We the people of The United States fully understand that foreign born journalists cannot be charged with treasonous acts against the United States of America , however, this does not exclude a foreign born president from being tried,and if found guilty of treason,be executed by hanging , or by a military firing squad at Fort Leavenworth,Kansas.

  • Obama, Iranian official slam GOP letter on deal (Priceless!)

    03/10/2015 2:25:34 AM PDT · 20 of 22
    mark8express to 2ndDivisionVet

    “An unusual coalition” indeed !!!
    Did we just hear the click of the “Iranian Reset Button”?.
    It would appear,to the entire world,that the “Gauntlet of Treason” has been firmly slapped across the face of the United States Republican Party,in its entirety,by two world leaders !.

  • Charlie Rangel: Current GOP Has “Big A Tradition…Of Hating Slaves And Black Folks”

    03/07/2015 3:45:04 AM PST · 21 of 36
    mark8express to 2ndDivisionVet

    ...”Dixiecrats” !!! , Seriously ?.
    Well , lets see , it would appear that the most prominent of the so called Dixiecrats was a Democrat Senator from Illinois , a Senator with a legal background built around social issues and a personal vendetta against the Constitution of the United States of America and the American People as well.
    A Senator that went out of his way to defect from the Democratic Party and became a Republican candidate for president,for the sole purpose of bringing forth a Civil War in this nation over a social issue which had already been resolved.
    The same Senator was thought to be a Christian and a savior of the Negro Race , he was neither , however, he was in fact a tyrannical social activist that brought about the brutal deaths of untold millions of Christians in this Republic through the manipulation of the Press and public ignorance.

  • Russian Fighter Jets Practice Attacking NATO Ships

    03/05/2015 5:04:42 AM PST · 19 of 19
    mark8express to WhiskeyX

    ...Seriously !!!...Look , why didn’t they practice these drills when we had six aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf at the same time ?. Mother Russia it seems woke up one morning with 36 , that’s right , thirty six nuclear submarines at its front door , it crumbled !.
    Then Berlin Wall fell and Mother Russia fell apart, and,shortly afterwards George W. Bush invited the leader of North Korea to a Bar B Q , and no , this was not a dinner invitation.
    The timeline and past events cannot be undone by anyone and to assume otherwise is a masturbatory exercise of great futility....My numbers are right and my words are true...........”Tighten UP” !!!

  • Media Live-Snarks Netanyahu’s Plea for Israel’s Survival

    03/03/2015 10:18:43 AM PST · 14 of 15
    mark8express to E. Pluribus Unum
    ...The Democrats response to the Prime Ministers Speech are nothing more than laughable......what a complete and utter useless group of elected officials.....the Democrats have become a complete and utter embarrassment to this great nation ,the Office of the Presidency, and to the citizens of America.
    We are a nation that does not assassinate sitting heads of state[Libya} nor do we handcuff our soldiers nor put them in situations where they do not control the field of battle.
    The wholesale destruction of our nuclear arsenal and the nauseous legislation of turning the United States Military into a homosexual,anti Christian and Godless organization does not set well with the American People.
    This administration has become the most incompetent and self serving of any administration I have seen in my entire life as they have become solely responsible for making the United States look weak and ineffectual in the eyes of the free world.
    I worked for six presidents , Clinton was not one of them and neither was Obama...thank God !!!
    I do not need the Communists in this country to tell me what a Communist is, nor do I need corrupt and anti Christian officials to instruct me on my Catholic faith and heritage ,and yes , this is still a Christian nation !!!.
  • Revealed: Brutal leader of ISIS was once a bespectacled SECRETARY working in an office...

    02/19/2015 7:38:48 AM PST · 21 of 28
    mark8express to maggief

    ...The Iraq War is over , WE WON !!!!.
    ...The orphaned and tattered remnants which remain within the lands of confusion now puff out their little chests and pretend to fight some type of self proclaimed Holy War which is laughable at best,as this is nothing more than a one sided exercise in futility, and as such should be pitied !.
    ...The massive and utter predominant Christian hoards will not descend upon these Vultures , but not because of tolerance,as you are led to believe , but rather, because Christianity has risen so very far above these worthless infidels which have now become unworthy of salvation or even death at the hands of the Worlds Christian Might !!!.

  • Michael Moore: I was taught that snipers were cowards

    01/20/2015 1:35:40 AM PST · 40 of 67
    mark8express to 2ndDivisionVet

    ...Michael Moore is loathsome and has a definite problem with his headspace and timing...perhaps he doesn’t know the three click rule...

  • US Supreme Court to Decide on Same-Sex 'Marriage'

    01/17/2015 3:54:50 PM PST · 19 of 37
    mark8express to NYer

    ...”Procreation is the essence of life”...this is an unarguable truth and any individual or organization that says otherwise is not only wrong but clinically ill.

  • France Terror: 'Hostages Taken' In Car Chase

    01/09/2015 3:21:02 AM PST · 126 of 425
    mark8express to radu

    Joan of Arc is watching and waiting for them.

  • The Mystery "Our": Whose values are the Dems talking about?

    12/31/2014 1:49:00 AM PST · 14 of 16
    mark8express to Daniel Clark

    ...This is absolutely superlative journalism...Kudos

  • JFK would back Obama, says White House

    12/17/2014 3:21:05 PM PST · 18 of 71
    mark8express to jazusamo

    ...This same old mantra of “We are all Americans” needs to stop.....They are Cubans !!! Communist Cubans if I recall correctly.
    No , all of the countries South of the United States are not Americans and its an insult to continue to call them such.

  • Ted Cruz Will Bank on the Base

    12/15/2014 3:13:52 AM PST · 12 of 130
    mark8express to Cincinatus' Wife

    ...Sooo , “Hes looking at the race very seriously”...WE are very seriously looking at his race as well !!! Apparently Rafael{Ted}Cruz and Obama have several things in common.
    He is both multi racial and foreign born[Canada}whose mother was white and whose father is a Cuban that fought with Castro in the Communist Revolution.
    Rafael{Ted}Cruz has a disdain for the CIA and probably the rest of our nations special agencies as well.
    The United States of America has a very stringent policy on who we allow to obtain a Top Secret{Cosmic} Clearance and that being said makes me wonder if this Senator from Texas could cut the muster , and NO , I don’t need a bunch of elected officials in black robes to interpret the 2nd Amendment for me , much less tell me the definition of “Native Born”.

  • A Brief History of Catholic Claims to Shakespeare

    11/28/2014 4:12:19 AM PST · 21 of 36
    mark8express to annalex

    ...It is well known that William Shakespeare did in fact translate a copy of the KJV of the Holy Bible....I own a is very old and has William Shakespeare clearly listed on the opening page...peace

  • (October 29, 2014) What did Sarah Palin mean by hinting at running for office?

    11/23/2014 7:01:00 AM PST · 41 of 78
    mark8express to 2ndDivisionVet

    ...Ted Cruz is no match for Sarah Palin !!!.
    Unless you’ve been living on the Moon for the past several years you will know and understand that Sarah Palin scares the hell out of the Democratic Party and the Main Stream Media in this great nation , and remains the most dynamic woman to grace our republic. I worked for six presidents and there is nothing I would rather see than Sarah Palin as the President of the United States and Condoleezza Rice as Vice President....”Bring It” !!!

  • Inhofe: Obama breaks the law ‘all the time’

    11/20/2014 7:41:01 PM PST · 22 of 22
    mark8express to Tailgunner Joe

    ...The truth is now very clear...this is nothing less than the Democrats sponsored wholesale invasion of the United States by a foreign power...this is no longer a case of amnesty nor is it about the plight of the Spanish has now come to light that this great humanitarian act is in fact a machine designed to overthrow the Republican Party within North America and as such must now be viewed in a very different light...this is how wars get started Mr President.

  • CERN scientists discover 2 new subatomic particles

    11/19/2014 8:50:17 AM PST · 16 of 24
    mark8express to All

    ...I don’t care if they name the particles Adam and Eve,its still love which holds them together...

  • Is Quantum Entanglement Real?

    11/15/2014 4:45:04 AM PST · 30 of 49
    mark8express to All

    ...Let me get this are in fact living among the stars ,traveling at self determined speeds and passing through time as you understand it to be,and yet wonder still why your measurements are slightly askew. This is indeed a fine example of being “Quantitatively Entangled”...

  • The Road to Hell is Paved With…Indifference. A Meditation on a Warning by Jesus

    11/05/2014 8:18:02 AM PST · 7 of 10
    mark8express to All

    ...the opposite of love is not hate , it is indifference...

  • In a Multiverse, What Are the Odds?

    11/04/2014 5:47:16 AM PST · 18 of 32
    mark8express to All

    ...What are the odds , indeed...
    What are the odds that the Church would celebrate the “Alteration of Mass” every Sunday morning....and what are the odds that you turn your back to this fact...and what are the odds if the total sum of all Mankind’s theoretical hyperbole is zero...
    What are the odds that the Earth is flat and what are the odds that the speed of light as well as the sound barrier can never be broken...
    ...But do not be discouraged my friends , just keep at it for a time , for time is why you are here.

  • What Christianity without hell looks like (leftist activism alert)

    11/03/2014 7:41:40 AM PST · 60 of 75
    mark8express to All

    ...A humans ability to inflict harm is nowhere near the lowly Maggots ability to cleanse a flesh wound...and yet these fleeting thoughts of immoral men attempt to consume more than just flesh , they attempt to steal your faith as well.
    Perhaps I should call them fools , but I can not. Peace

  • The Pope Would Like You to Accept Evolution and the Big Bang

    10/29/2014 6:30:14 AM PDT · 56 of 126
    mark8express to All

    ...That the Pope has a sense of humor should be refreshing to all of you...The unimaginable will forever escape your grasp which is why faith is so very important within your life.
    Mankind can not unravel the fabric of Gods Work as this knowledge is not Mankind’s to hold. That there exists a breach between faith and the observed world is apparent , however, it is but a small thing.
    Rejoice in knowing that peace and love are your gifts to ponder my friends and that your journey will be forever blessed...

  • US government, military research program helped identify experimental Ebola treatment

    08/05/2014 8:05:31 AM PDT · 9 of 14
    mark8express to SeekAndFind

    ...Accidents happen , that’s why they call them accidents , HOWEVER , it was no accident which allowed these infected people to enter the United States !!!
    It is my opinion that the person or persons that allowed their entry be arrested immediately , the pilot of the aircraft be arrested and all personnel immediately responsible for their treatment be placed in quarantine, !!!
    The Dark Ages was brought about by Jihad Infidels that sent the dead and dying bodies of infected people to the shores of Europe by the shiploads...Biological Warfare is nothing new !!!

  • New Evidence Suggests That Plane Disappearance Was A Deliberate Act

    03/13/2014 6:43:19 PM PDT · 30 of 39
    mark8express to All

    ....Another purpose is the other purpose....while every news media outlet in the nation has your attention focused on the missing plane , Obama and his failed “Russian Reset”{thanks Hillary} is being overlooked, as once again, this administration embarrasses the United States of America upon the world stage....I believe Obama’s “Clinton Moment” is just around the corner and its gonna pack one hell of a punch directed solely at the Oval Office and will further tarnish its image around the world , unless of course you still think that Clinton was simply careless with his sexual deviance and the incident was not choreographed...

  • NBC Panelists Blame 'American Public' and Republicans for Sequester

    02/26/2013 9:40:27 AM PST · 10 of 14
    mark8express to chessplayer

    ...This is absolutely correct...this is the same old song and dance the media has played since he tanked the economy and damn near collapsed Wall Street...The nation will continue to suffer from his shoddy non performance and his nickle and dime advise on how to govern the country...I think his betrayal of the so called “Folks” which he banters about is pathetic and undignified of a statesman which he is not...this administration has but one goal as I see and that is to destroy the economic and moral fiber of the country as quickly as possible within the next four years and will not relent til we the people are at each others throats and panic and uprisings become the daily norm...This is how revolutions begin my friends , and if you can read the play book they are right on schedule as the Constitution is now in jeopardy once again and fear is their daily gambit!!!

  • Obama: Boy Scouts should admit gays and lesbians, opportunity should be open to all

    02/04/2013 8:36:42 AM PST · 48 of 77
    mark8express to SeekAndFind

    ...I feel so very sorry for the black christian community in America for the nations first black president was an honorable thing ,however, misplaced honor is a human fault and has been know to cause much strife and pain since the beginning of time...this gentleman has shown great animosity for christian principals which are indeed the cornerstone of America and its people...he is not a “Folk” as he portrays himself to be and uses the term only as a come on to elicit God , the poor can barely afford to put gas in their cars and buy food with what he has done to the economy in general...I was not raised to be racist ,and it hurts me deeply to see the blacks in this nation to played to this extent by someone that claims to be one of you but is not !!!...If you and I walk into the garden ,I will not step over a snake and let you be struck...I would rather be hit by the the thing than allow you to be poisoned by its venom,and this is righteousness which cannot be destroyed by any man...

  • Federal Court Hearing Today in Defense of Tulsa Police Captain Punished for Refusing..

    12/11/2012 11:37:32 AM PST · 18 of 31
    mark8express to bayouranger

    ...Once again{unfortunately}it seems as though most of the respondents have been living on the Moon for the last twenty years. Oklahoma has been a hotbed of Islamic growth and influence for quite some time now , including the undeniable signature left for all the world to see at the old Fed Bldg. This event predated 911,however,when the Islamic world saw the burning remains of Christians in Waco endorsed by the then present administration it became as a beacon to them, which guided them to even more atrocities ,and rest assured, they are watching and learning from the present administration as well.

  • Biden Likens Republicans to 'Squealing Pigs'

    08/22/2012 9:38:59 AM PDT · 23 of 32
    mark8express to Justaham

    ...This is not a drill...Do really believe this “Squealing Pig”was accidental ? It reminds me of the overt and covert lengths that a previous democratic regime employed to not only besmirch the Office of the President in the eyes of the world, but also laid the fundamental groundwork for the attack on 911...
    This “punk with a switchblade knife” mentality is seen as a weakness within the highest places of the U.S. gov. by our enemies around the world...just like they saw the smoke rising from Waco and Oklahoma and began to launch attacks at our homeland...So, what plans are now being made and what kind of hell will the next decent president inherit because of this obvious pattern of juvenile weakness.
    And by the way,good grammar wont keep me off the battle field with Old Wristbreaker held high at a full gallop.

  • Get rid of the right to bear arms (NYT article on revising the Constitution)

    07/09/2012 8:20:19 AM PDT · 89 of 135
    mark8express to darrellmaurina

    ...The age of the Drive By indeed...It has become apparent that taking “Pot Shots” at the Constitution of the United States has now become fashionable by certain so called journalists within our own borders. Freedom of speech does grant such journalistic license , however , the writer must always keep in mind that countless millions of Americans have pledged their life to defend this grand document and that it is also the duty of all citizens to protect it as well.
    The”drive by”was imported into this nation by those which have no allegiance to the Constitution nor to the American flag which many consider to be a living entity as well.
    Great care and diligence must always be exercised when attempting to equate personal loss and blame,however,prudence and sound logic dictate that treading upon that which gives you liberty is never wholesome nor wise and often times viewed as bigotry,which is repugnant to every race and creed within the confines of this great nation...and after all , why do I need a gun when I got “Old Wrist Breaker”.

  • Professor: Alabama immigration law like ‘anti-Jewish actions taken by Adolf Hitler & Nazi Germany’

    07/08/2012 8:12:41 PM PDT · 21 of 24
    mark8express to oliverdarcy

    ...It seems as though the learned professor has yet to accumulate a working knowledge of factual history, he does however, appear to be very prejudicial if not racist in his obvious victimized state...furthermore, with a name like that what the hell would he know about gutting a pig ?

  • Ted Nugent: ‘Best’ if South had won Civil War

    07/07/2012 8:22:45 AM PDT · 95 of 273
    mark8express to raulgomez05

    ...You will know them by the fruits they bare...Many years and then many more years ago there was such a thing know as the Circus Maximus. It revolved around one key theme which was the act of Christians killing other Christians...The Civil war indeed !...That there have been many wars since the Circus Maximus is true , and now it would seem that many of these other wars also involved Christians killing other Christians...or , has the learned public been blinded once again by spectacle and politic and lost the ability to actually see that which has taken place before their very eyes.
    That there is a very powerful and controlling entity upon the planet should be apparent,however,there are many among us that still adamantly refuse to accept this factual reality but instead rely solely upon the dribble fed to them by total strangers and those that inhabit higher office.
    What you as a Christian must do is to bring forward those events of the past and see them anew in the bright light of today...What was then seen as crystal clear and undeniable truth now appears dull and tarnished within this new light,just as those heroic efforts and sacrifice made by our ancestors now become only so much joy and amusement for those that mean us harm. BEWARE !
    So, you see the Civil war between the North and South as a battle against slavery when in fact it was only a newer episode of the Circus Maximus and once again the spectacle of Christians killing other Christians. This war was the first of many with the same predictable justifications and outcome,so,before you comment please dig a little deeper.
    All were victims of these so called wars and it is your duty as a Christian to never let this kind of tragedy take place from now till the end of time...Now is not the time to turn our swords against one another, as there are many others today that are more benefiting of its sting.

  • Scientists Announce Discovery of ‘God Particle’

    07/04/2012 6:43:03 AM PDT · 17 of 27
    mark8express to Eleutheria5

    ...Light Indeed !!! Here is a bit of light which will allow you to see more clearly. It seems that Charles Darwin once thought that he too could unravel Gods Fabric Of Life which in fact cannot be unraveled. That Darwin was brilliant and a true credit to the church is apparent,in that he eventually returned to God and the church and renounced all of his theories on evolution. His mission was scientific,but, his intent was to be drawn closer to God which is exactly what you see taking place once again within the scientific community.
    Though the bulk of today’s scientist will adamantly reject any connection between their work and the search for God,this is precisely what you see, and the Beauty of this fact lies within their own theories and aspirations.
    Relativity was explained to you eons ago and was never hidden,however,it was apparently rediscovered by another great mind of the time who was the father of data mining.
    So once again,they bask in the light of yet another self anointed miracle even though their thimble of knowledge is even yet half full, which will forever leave their thirst for Earth Bound physics remaining to be quenched.

  • Russia Violates U.S. Airspace--Russian nuclear bombers violated U.S. airspace

    06/28/2012 9:40:22 PM PDT · 14 of 49
    mark8express to Ooh-Ah

    ...Interesting that very little coverage could be found on this several day exercise in the MSM , and what I did find was pictures of the older Bear class bombers and not the newer and more sophisticated hardware. So , does anyone recall what happened to mother Russia when we simultaneously parked all of those subs on their back door ? Thats right , they fell , and by the way, 1983 was put in checkmate.

  • Supreme Court has insulted our intelligence with its decision: we’ll give them ours in November

    06/25/2012 10:49:31 AM PDT · 29 of 49
    mark8express to jmaroneps37

    .....There is only one person on the court that should not have been allowed to vote , but then again I am not a wise Latina. That more than a third of its members do not follow Jesus Christ is also of no importance to the MSM. Perhaps one day soon there will also be a disproportional number of gays and Muslims on this so called court then we will truly be a great nation again. LOL

  • Does the active duty and Air National Guard/reserve screen officers for mental defect?

    12/21/2011 6:31:36 PM PST · 63 of 131
    mark8express to Racehorse

    Why of course they do...its called a “Signature Block”.

  • Perry “retires” early, begins collecting state pension

    12/17/2011 2:34:59 AM PST · 111 of 154
    mark8express to All

    The honor bestowed by Texas,toward its military veterans is not a topic to be sullied by cheap and infantile propaganda.
    The sons and daughters of Texas,that have honorably served in the United States military,are given retirement points for their service to the nation.
    I didn’t see Gov{Captain}Perry seek a student deferment as some of the other contenders have , and I don’t recall it ever being fashionable to assassinate someones character because they were a veteran , unless of course you are from the other side.
    I have been a follower for many,many years of Free Republic and the often slack jaw, inappropriate and damn right insulting half truths and subjective innuendo are sometimes a bit too cannibalistic,unless of course,you are from the other side,and do indeed,”eat your own”.
    The Soviets at one time spent twenty five percent of their defense budget on propaganda directed toward the citizens of this great nation and it has taken a toll on many....I aint buyin it,so go peddle your wares elsewhere.
    God Bless the Great Republic of Texas, and God Bless our Veterans that have won their meager benefits. “Tighten Up”

  • Perry links himself to military, cites record

    12/15/2011 5:25:57 AM PST · 32 of 44
    mark8express to All

    ...How very refreshing it is to read another article about Rick Perry...After having to wade through all of the anti christian and the daily pro Democrat stealth babel,I finally get to read something positive about the true number one contender for President.
    If Rick Perry doesn’t win that simply means two things, the first being that another gerrymandered Democrat election has taken place and the Democrats win,and secondly,if the GOP wins ,and it is not Rick Perry then the Democrats have still won the election...either way ,they win.
    I trust Rick Perry,and all others need to take a bow.

  • Perry Ground Game: An Old-Fashioned Bus Tour

    12/13/2011 7:20:45 AM PST · 62 of 92
    mark8express to All

    ...Rick Perry is the breath of fresh air needed in the United States of America. I worked for you and six presidents,none of which was Clinton or Obama and I will vote for Perry. The foreign press will try to change your mind,as they always do, always attempting to annihilate the best qualified while drawing your attention to their chosen Useful Idiot. I know why Communism failed ,and I know that George W. Bush stands head and shoulders above the likes of Lincoln,Clinton or Obama , and if you don’t believe that last statement then you my friend have been living on the Moon for the past twenty years...Tighten Up !!!

  • George W. Bush, Occupy Wall Street at Goldman Sachs ("Arrest George Bush" they chanted)

    11/03/2011 6:19:24 AM PDT · 11 of 12
    mark8express to 2ndDivisionVet

    ...Well , you know what they say,”If it looks like it and smells like it”......I believe the Occupy movement is merely a Test Bed and its true ambitions are to mobilize and empower those with like mind set to bring about yet another Democratic victory in 2012....All that is left to do is simply change their present protest signs into those which reflect their true and obvious political beliefs....same players , same stage.