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  • The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2017 (Attn: All MSTies-on now)

    11/23/2017 7:07:35 PM PST · 33 of 35
    MD Expat in PA to kanawa
    The 2017 version has Felicia Day in it, a treat for me.

    The best of the new version so far IMO is "Star Crash". OMG!

    I watched it at my nephew's and he and his wife and I laughed and laughed.

    And Christopher Plummer? I wondered what he was thinking taking that role - was he that hard up for money?

  • The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2017 (Attn: All MSTies-on now)

    11/23/2017 7:02:57 PM PST · 32 of 35
    MD Expat in PA to kanawa
    Torgo should have won an Oscar.

    His eyebrows should have been nominated at the very least.

  • Pathetic Scam Caller Audio

    11/23/2017 6:29:06 PM PST · 21 of 22
    MD Expat in PA to wally_bert
    One of the other scams going around lately is the “utility slammers”. I dropped the land line years ago but occasionally get calls on my cell phone. I never answer any call from a number I do not recognize. If they don’t leave a message, I know it was a spam call and even sometimes when they do, but then I just delete the message and block the number.

    Any way the utility scammers, who will also sometimes come to your door as happened to me last year, claim they are from your “utility” company and tell you there is a problem with your billing, that you might be being overcharged, that they need to see your utility bill for some BS reason, or if calling, that you need to get a copy of your utility bill.

    What they do is get your gas or electric account number and use that along with your address to switch you to another gas or electric supplier, often at a much increased cost and without your knowledge.

    I’ve been getting a lot of these calls lately and they leave a message that goes something like, “I need to talk to you about an urgent matter regarding your utility bill, you must call me back before the end of the day so we can clear this matter up, and have a copy of your electric bill in front of you.” Yea, sure I will… /s

    The guy who came to my door last year was wearing coveralls that had some sort of official looking ID pinned on it that had a logo on it that looked vaguely like MetEd but wasn’t and he claimed to be “from your utility company” and said, “I need to see your electric bill because there is a problem with it.”

    I asked him 3 times what company he was actually from and he finally mumbled something like “Utico” “Unicom”?

    I told him to get the hell out of the apartment building, pointed out that there were signs posted regarding no solicitation and that I was calling the police as he was misrepresenting himself. And he left and I even followed him to make sure he got back in his car and drove off.

    I knew it was a scam right off but I had some elderly neighbors and some neighbors for whom English was not their first language, and I was concerned that they might be vulnerable to the scam.

    I hate scammers!

  • The world's WEIRDEST Christmas dinners?

  • Woman says she was bitten by emotional support dog in JetBlue check-in line

    11/14/2017 7:17:41 PM PST · 45 of 56
    MD Expat in PA to All
    If you need an “emotional support” dog or pig or chicken or bunny, or parakeet or miniature pony, whatever, to help you “feel” better, fine, but don’t expect your emotional crutch or in other words, “the pet you’ve become overly emotionally attached to because you have emotional problems”, to be considered a “service animal” or expect it to have the same sort of access as a “real” service animal, an actually highly trained and certified by a legitimate organization and well behaved service “dog”.

    I know I may piss some people off by saying this, but I think the only service dogs that should be regarded as service dogs and allowed on airplanes and in places like stores and restaurants where animals are not otherwise allowed, are those trained and certified as being seeing eye dogs for the blind and those likewise trained and certified to help paraplegics.

    And no, IMO, being epileptic, having a kid with Downs Syndrome, being Autistic, having an anxiety disorder and yes, even having PSTD, even a Veteran with PSTD, doesn’t necessitate bringing whatever animal you can slap a service animal vest that you can buy on line without any questions, anywhere and everywhere you want.

    Now days just about anything can supposedly qualify for needing a “service animal”:

    Some years ago I had a neighbor I became friendly with who was totally blind and had a seeing eye dog. And that dog was amazing. But one of the first things I learned from my neighbor was that I and others shouldn’t try to pet or distract the dog from doing his job, especially on the street, in pubic while the dog was guiding the blind person. But his dog was so highly trained that he would ignore any attempts to distract him. It was a different story when the dog was in the guy’s home and his blind person safe. It was fine to talk to the dog, pet him, even play with him and at those times he was pretty much like any other dog. But once his blind owner stood up, the dog went into back into work mode and became oblivious to me.

    He told me that I could offer his dog a juicy sirloin steak but that he wouldn’t even sniff it unless he told him it was OK. But don’t get me wrong, he loved his dog and treated him very well as the dog was his only way, as someone who couldn’t see, to navigate the outside world, but he wasn’t exactly a pet either. He also told me about having to be screened first, then having to go to the Seeing Eye in Morristown, N.J. for several weeks to receive training himself, before even being accepted and then matched with one of their dogs. That was a “service dog”.

    Two years ago when my niece’s step son graduated from HS, seated next to me was a woman with a ratty looking Chihuahua with a bright pink vest that said “service animal”. The only disability I observed this woman having was being morbidly obese (although able to walk) and being very loud and obnoxious. And several times during the graduation ceremonies the Chihuahua was yapping and jumping on and off of the woman’s lap, at one point trying to jump into mine and scratching my leg in the process. When I shot the woman a dirty look, she yelled at me saying “he’s a service dog and you can’t stop him or me from being here!”

    Just a week ago I was shopping a Lowes and some guy had a ratty looking mutt on a very long leash and the dog was being allowed run up to people, skiff and lick them, jump on them, was totally out of control, and when someone with a young child who the dog nearly knocked over said something to the effect of, “please keep your dog under control”, the man said, “he’s my service dog” and walked away.

    Unfortunately, this sort of abuse and perversion of what service dogs were originally intended for and the stupid ADA laws regarding service dogs that says that one cannot question if someone claims their Llama is a “service animal”, makes it hard for people with actual service dogs to be accepted.

    Although while I respect the service man shown in the beginning for his service to our nation, I don’t think having battle scars, having been wounded…oh… whatever…I would certainly give him a pass for having a “service dog” over most like the obese woman at my great nephew’s graduation or the man at the Lowes, but then again my dad came home from the South Pacific after WWII.

    He had been wounded near the end of the war and nearly died, saw over 2/3 of his unit killed in that final battle, saw stuff he rarely would speak of but some things that haunted him to his dying day, like his best friend being shot by “friendly fire” and his dying, gasping his last breath in my father’s arms, seeing first hand, the atrocities committed by the Japanese against civilians including women and children in the Philippians, while clearing out a building in Manilla of any remaining Japanese forces, shooting and killing, who turned out to be an unarmed Japanese officer who may have been trying to surrender, and finding on his dead body, a wallet with photographs of his wife and children and a Catholic prayer card.

    He had friends who fought in D-Day and a friend who was part of the US forces first going into one of the Nazi concentration camps and seeing first hand the nearly dead and skeletal survivors, the hastily made mass graves as the Nazis tried to cover up what they had been doing and those caught begging for mercy, claiming they were just following orders.

    When my dad came home, he like a lot of WWII combat vets, had a hard time adjusting. Today they call it PSTD, back then they called it shell shocked or battle fatigued. My dad told me that for about 6 months after he came home he went on a drinking binge, got into several bar fights, could have, probably would have gotten arrested on several occasion if not for being a combat vet and knowing friendly cops sympathetic to him and other vets, couldn’t and didn’t even want to get a job.

    But one day his mother set him straight, told him it was time to stop feeling sorry for himself, time to go to church on Sundays instead of sleeping off a Saturday night hangover, time to get a job, find a nice girl to marry, start and family and get on with his life. And that is exactly what he and many others like him did. And they didn’t need an emotional support animal to do it. The greatest generation….

    End of rant. Carry on.

  • Coffee puzzle leaves Twitter totally stumped – which cup would be filled up first?

    11/11/2017 12:29:44 PM PST · 184 of 192
    MD Expat in PA to Robert A. Cook, PE


  • The Edmund Fitzgerald: With the Gales of November Remembered

    11/11/2017 12:20:25 PM PST · 60 of 77
    MD Expat in PA to NOBO2012
    I like this video made for the song.

    In the opening it shows an actual news report about the wreck, some actual footage of the ship at the beginning, (not sure about the film in the middle showing a ship in heavy seas, of what ship and where and when that is from) but then real video of the ship’s discovery, radio recordings, and at the end, all the names, ages, occupations and home towns and photos of the 29 men lost. : (

    The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

  • Coffee puzzle leaves Twitter totally stumped – which cup would be filled up first?

    11/11/2017 5:44:14 AM PST · 102 of 192
    MD Expat in PA to taterjay
  • Coffee puzzle leaves Twitter totally stumped – which cup would be filled up first?

    11/11/2017 5:41:33 AM PST · 97 of 192
    MD Expat in PA to Daffynition

    It is not only plumbers. When I moved in September, the Comcast installer was working on getting my cable and internet connected. I walked into the living room to see a very large crack staring back at me. I wasn’t sure if it was the San Andreas Fault, the Continental Divide, the Grand Canyon or something much farther away because I was very close to seeing (his) Uranus.

  • Coffee puzzle leaves Twitter totally stumped – which cup would be filled up first?

    11/11/2017 5:25:40 AM PST · 76 of 192
    MD Expat in PA to exDemMom

    Ha! You and I think alike.

  • Coffee puzzle leaves Twitter totally stumped – which cup would be filled up first?

    11/11/2017 5:24:47 AM PST · 74 of 192
    MD Expat in PA to Daffynition

    Some plumbers could also be crack detectives. : )

  • Coffee puzzle leaves Twitter totally stumped – which cup would be filled up first?

    11/11/2017 5:19:24 AM PST · 66 of 192
    MD Expat in PA to mairdie
    So I’m not an engineer or an expert in fluid dynamics, but this is what I’m seeing.

    The tubes leading to the vessel on the left will fill first because it is at the lowest point, but because the tube leading to the tube to cup 4 is blocked cup 4 will not get any coffee. And the vessel on the left will fill until it reaches the tube to cup 9 but that is also blocked so no coffee in cup 9.

    Then the coffee in the main vessel will reach the higher tube to the upper and lower vessels on the right. The tube to cup 7 is lower and will fill first but it is also blocked so no coffee for cup 7.

    After the blocked tube to cup 7 is filled and the level rises to the tube to leading to cup 5 is reached, eventually cup 5 will get the coffee.

    But here’s the thing. The tube coming off the vessel on the right has a 90-degree angle to a tube of a much smaller diameter, so I would suspect, depending on the volume and rate of coffee being poured in at the top, that it might overflow at the top before it actually fills cup 5.

    Am I wrong? Are there any engineers or plumbers here that can weigh in?

  • Oklahoma woman who married mother pleads guilty to incest

    11/11/2017 4:55:13 AM PST · 33 of 40
    MD Expat in PA to Extremely Extreme Extremist
    It sounds like this has more to do with benefit and tax and insurance fraud that it had to do with incest.

    Court records show 26-year-old Misty Spann of Duncan pleaded guilty Tuesday in Stephens County District Court. Under the deal, she was sentenced to 10 years of probation.

    I’m guessing she copped to the lessor charge of incest rather than risk a trial and possible conviction on fraud with a risk of doing actual jail time.

    KOCO 5 reported Patricia’s marriages to her children were “all ploys to manipulate state laws.”

    “Misty and Patricia told me they got married to basically defraud the state in order to receive more benefits under health care. That sort of thing,” Detective Justin Smith told KOCO 5.

    Smith said the mother-daughter-duo was attempting to adopt a child and believed their marriage would shorten the process.

  • A round-of-applause for kevin spacey

    11/07/2017 7:35:30 AM PST · 96 of 136
    MD Expat in PA to HLPhat
    Re: that link you posted. OMG! No words other than …. sickening!

    FWIW, while Milo tries to spin that pedophilia only involves prepubescent “children” and is something he claims to be against, but says that it isn’t “pedophilia” if the “child” has have gone through puberty, those who are “sexually mature”.

    But it needs to be noted that puberty in boys can start as early as 9 years old and as late as 16 and takes around 2 years from the onset to a physically maturity of sexual organs. So a boy that starts puberty a 9 or 10 may only be 12 or 13 when reaching a physical sexual maturity, perhaps not all at that age are yet able to grow a heavy beard or have yet a deep voice, but their sexual organs are “mature”.

    But at 11, 12, 13, 14 years old…. they are certainly not emotional mature and without question, not old enough to consent to a sexual relationship with an adult. Again, Milo in his very own words and what got him fired from Breitbart, is fine with having sex with a 13-year-old boy as long as he is not “prepubescent”.

    And many people here on FR seem to be OK with that because … well he’s carrying our alt-right badge sort of nonsense. We even have some here now posting from or praising The Daily Stormer and similarly aligned 4-chan sites. Disgusting.

    Perhaps the question that needs to be asked is if you are a parent of a 13-year-old boy, would you allow Milo to spend any time alone with him? Would you invite Milo to babysit your children, especially your boys? Would you ask Milo to be a leader of your Boy Scout Troop, taken them on overnight camping trips?

    FWIW, if I can’t trust you with my child or my pet for that matter, I sure as Hell will not trust you in other matters.

    And FWIW Milo is not a conservative, he hates conservatives as much as he does leftists. He also hates women (breeders). He hides behind a cloak of pretending to support traditional values and traditional institutions yet uses crass and vulgar language and often obscene imagery.

    For example, when an artist on the left did some art pieces using animal blood it was deemed satanic. But when Milo does it, it is brave.

    Are we also now to be accepting of dressing in drag and evoking a man’s ejaculation?

    And if Milo is the only one we conservatives have left to turn to in order to get our message across, I am afraid to say that we’ve already lost.

    It is a misnomer and very dangerous to beleive that the enemy of my enemy is always my friend. Conservatives used to stand for principles. I don’t see that so much anymore.

  • A round-of-applause for kevin spacey

    11/07/2017 5:22:49 AM PST · 93 of 136
    MD Expat in PA to HLPhat; bagster
    Milo in his own words:

    I would say, that situation I am describing on Joe Rogan show I was very definitely a predator on both occasions. As offensive as some people would find that I don’t much care. That was certainly my experience.

    The law is probably about right, that’s probably roughly the right age. I think it’s probably about okay, but there are certainly people who are capable of giving consent at a younger age, I certainly consider myself to be one of them.

    You’re misunderstanding what pedophilia means. Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13-years-old who is sexually mature. Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty. Pedophilia is attraction to people who don’t have functioning sex organs yet. Who have not gone through puberty.

    Some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, the sort of coming of age relationships, the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable and sort of a rock where they can’t speak to their parents.

    You don’t understand what pedophilia is if you are saying I’m defending it because I’m certainly not.

    I did say that there are relationships between younger men and older men that can help a young gay man escape from a lack of support or understanding at home. That's perfectly true and every gay man knows it. But I was not talking about anything illegal and I was not referring to pre-pubescent boys.

    So if I read this correct, Milo is fine with a much older adult male homosexual helping a 13-year-old who is in his opinion, “sexually mature” to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable and sort of a rock where they can’t speak to their parents.

    And to think that Jerry Sandusky is in jail for doing the same thing?

  • Papa Johns to white supremacists: Don’t buy our pizza

    11/07/2017 4:58:17 AM PST · 56 of 57
    MD Expat in PA to Glad2bnuts; snarkytart
    The Alternative Right is the people who were in the TEA party, lifelong Republicans that are tired of being backstabbed by lamestream Pubbies, and libertarian minded independents. It is not the KKK or the White Supremacist movement. With that said, how about La Raza, or BLM, they are more like the KKK than any other group on the Right.

    While not a large demographic, the actual and very real white supremacists, neo-Nazis and KKK types have adopted and high jacked the term Alt-Right and the TEA party, lifelong Republicans, etc. should distance themselves from them.

    how does anyone know wth is posted on the daily stormer? I’ve never even heard of that website.

    I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it. I won’t post a link to the Daily Stormer but you can look up for yourself. Very vile stuff, very anti-Semitic, unabashedly pro-Nazi, not at all conservative as I’ve always understood American Conservatism, and certainly not pro-American. Their followers on Twitter have posted some very vile images including shoving people into ovens, and not just Jews but that is always their favorite target.

    The Daily Stormer is so vile in fact that FWIU, it had been Jim’s policy to delete posts and ban posters linking to it.

    If I owned a business, I certainly would not want the endorsement of the Daily Stormer, nor them proclaiming my product as their “official” anything.

    John Schnatter is one of the good guys.

    The CEO of Papa John’s Says the United States Is Becoming 19th Century Germany

  • Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies

    11/07/2017 4:14:17 AM PST · 37 of 42
    MD Expat in PA to RegulatorCountry
    Is Weinstein a Scientologist?

    No. But he certainly uses the same Scientology tactics; using PI’s to spy and even pretend to befriend, digging up of any dirt they can find to discredit accusers, and if there isn’t any, make some up, secret recordings, and of course the harassment, the threats. That’s right out of the Scientology playbook although I can’t say they invented it.

    I hope that Leah Remini and Mike Rinder and other ex- Scientologists who have spoken out, have good personal security including concealed carry as should the women who have come forward against Weinstein and other scum like him.

    Leah Remini Interviewed Danny Masterson’s Alleged Rape Victims For Her A&E Scientology Show

    We’re told that earlier this year, Remini and her co-star Mike Rinder met with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, which expressed concerns about the episode airing while it is considering whether or not to file charges against Masterson. Remini, not wanting to jeopardize the investigation, asked A&E not to air the episode, and the network agreed.

    I don’t trust the LAPD to go after Scientologists nor do I trust them to go after Weinstein. Too much power and too much money involved.

  • Larry David: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Tasteless (SNL)

    11/06/2017 3:37:54 PM PST · 61 of 65
    MD Expat in PA to Gay State Conservative
    I am one of perhaps a dozen people in the English speaking world who has never watched "Seinfeld" but an episode about Schindler's List????

    If you’ve never seen any Seinfeld episodes, it would seem a strange topic for a comedy. IMO, the episode wasn’t so much making fun of the movie Schindler’s List nor of the Holocaust as much as it was pointing out, in a comedic way, the way some people viewed the movie with a near religious zeal. In the episode, among other intersecting plot lines, as there are always intersecting plot lines, Jerry’s parents have come from their retirement home in Florida to visit Jerry and are staying at his apartment but putting a crimp into his relationship with his new girlfriend; they can’t get any alone time together because his parents are always showing up and interrupting. And everyone is asking Jerry if he’s seen Schindler’s List and when he says no, is admonished that he “Must!” go see it.

    So he and his girlfriend go to see it but they end up in the back row of the dark movie theater, and being sort of like hormonal teenagers, they start making out before the movie starts but keep making out after the movie starts. And Jerry’s arch nemesis, the postman and neighbor Newman, sees them and rats him out to his parents.

    But Seinfeld was after all, a “show about nothing”. At lot of it, while often over the top and greatly exaggerated, really boiled down to everyday things happening to every day people, especially every day New York things and people or lampooned normal conventions and in retrospect, poked fun of a lot of political correctness.

    One of my favorite episodes takes place in a big shopping mall garage where Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, leave the mall but then can’t find where they’ve parked the car in this huge garage. That actually happened to me and some friends once and we, much like in the episode we wandered around for what seemed like hours trying to find it. It doesn’t sound like something that would make for a half hour of comedy but it worked and was really funny.

    Speaking political correctness:

    Kramer won't wear an AIDS ribbon

    Seinfeld — Native American (Full Scene)

    There are two kinds of people, those who love Seinfeld and those who hate it. Well, three if you count those who have never seen it but then – “No Soup For You!”

  • Larry David: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Tasteless (SNL)

    11/06/2017 1:41:18 PM PST · 49 of 65
    MD Expat in PA to nickcarraway
    From David Zucker who would later make the movie Airplane!

    The Kentucky Fried Movie - Cleopatra Schwartz

  • Larry David: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Tasteless (SNL)

    11/06/2017 1:36:05 PM PST · 48 of 65
    MD Expat in PA to Blue Jays; bagster
    It was a comedy bit about his poor pick-up lines with women. It was not about religion. Let’s not melt like snowflakes, people.

    Exactly. I just watched it on YouTube. I didn’t find it objectionable, not hysterically funny, but not offensive.

    Jerry Seinfeld has said that he won’t play college campus gigs anymore because political correctness has made it pretty much impossible to tell any jokes that won’t offend some snowflake or another. Mel Brooks has said that he couldn’t have made Blazing Saddles today.

    Indian chief scene from Blazing Saddles

    Of course some probably find this offensive.

    Springtime For Hitler The Producers

    I also thought the ‘Schindler’s List’ episode of Seinfeld was pretty funny.