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  • Why the alt-right isn’t wrong (Clinton anti alt-right speech this Thurs)

    08/24/2016 1:05:24 PM PDT · 77 of 85
    MD Expat in PA to Jewbacca
    You’re an idiot.

    And as of now, Huck has been banned or suspended.

  • Why the alt-right isn’t wrong (Clinton anti alt-right speech this Thurs)

    08/24/2016 8:03:47 AM PDT · 55 of 85
    MD Expat in PA to Huck; Jim Robinson; Admin Moderator
    As for Jews, it is my opinion that throughout history, they beg for trouble, and then they get it. Not every single Jew. But Jews. You have to admit the sustainability of anti-semitism is impressive. All delusion?

    Thanks for letting me and all of FR know that you really are an anti-Semitic Jew hater and a racist. Do you use the same screen name over at Storm Front as you do here?

    There was a time on FR when posts like yours would get a well-deserved zot.

  • Why the alt-right isn’t wrong (Clinton anti alt-right speech this Thurs)

    08/24/2016 7:29:28 AM PDT · 46 of 85
    MD Expat in PA to libertarian27; Olog-hai; DiogenesLamp; Huck
    Lots of antisemitic comments on the Disqus thread there.

    Antisemitic comments are designed to shut down the alt-right.

    libertarian27 – are you saying they are all trolls / agitprop – people only “pretending” to be part of the alt-right in order to discredit the alt-right?

    I really don’t think so. It is both naive and very dangerous to dismiss that there is a very vocal and growing segment of the “alt-right” who are anti-Semites and are sincerely Neo-Nazi’s - Storm Front types. Even Trump’s Twitter feed is infested with them and I don’t understand why he doesn’t block them.

    And they are getting more vocal and open about it; some, it could appear even here.

    Huck: Racialism is a fundamental part of the alt-right. Jews are begging for trouble, as usual. Sure, the left hates Jews. Who doesn’t? Meanwhile, take a look at the MSM, the Never-Trumpers, etc. Jews aplenty.

    Huck – perhaps I am misunderstanding your posts, but perhaps you might clarify - are you for the alt-right’s anti-Semitism or against it or are you just ambivalent to it?

    It is one thing to point out and stand up against anti-white racism, i.e. the BLM movement, Islamic extremism and “political correctness” the SJW’s, but those on the “alt-right” who veer into anti-Semitism and White Supremacy, those who’s social media and Twitter feeds praise Hitler and deny the Holocaust and blame every societal and political ill on “The Filthy Jews” - they should have no place in the Conservative movement (or IMO on FR) or in the “alt-right” unless that is really what the “alt-right” is about. And FWIW I don’t see many on the alt-right calling these neo-nazi types out. If that is the face of the “new” GOP or the new “conservative” movement, I want no part of it.

    We need to call them out and rebuke them just as we should call it out the same on the left.

  • Zendaya's 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Casting As Mary Jane Watson Sends Haters Into a Frenzy

    08/23/2016 9:28:52 AM PDT · 82 of 82
    MD Expat in PA to Smedley
    Me, I’m waiting for the female re-boot of Brokeback Mountain.

    FYI - The Portly Gazelle, that this Morning Ledger quotes as its source, is a satire site.

    “Disclaimer: All stories on this site are satire and the opinions expressed do not belong to any real people. If persons appear in the picture they have nothing to do with the story.”

  • Planned 20 mile flight? or medical emergency landing?

    08/22/2016 1:52:05 PM PDT · 65 of 95
    MD Expat in PA to MaxistheBest; Mr. K
    Not for nothing but there is no way to get from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket without either getting on a ferry or flying. I wouldn’t think the secret service would be thrilled to have her go on a ferry.

    Not to mention the vacationers if going by ferry between the islands, whose travel would be seriously disrupted.

    This is not the hill to die on. Especially considering that Donald Trump flies around on his private jet or on his private helicopter.

  • Roger Stone has reached a new low — somehow: He claims Chelsea Clinton had 4 plastic surgeries to

    08/22/2016 1:21:40 PM PDT · 59 of 137
    MD Expat in PA to M. Thatcher
    I think the Webb Hubbell stuff is looney.

    There's a definite family resemblance to both Bill Clinton's mother, Virginia, and Hillary's mother, Dorothy

    I agree. This is just not only looney but it distracts from the real issues that people need to talk about – Hillary’s mishandling of classified materials, the server, the emails, her handing of Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation’s ties to foreign donors and what they bought from her as SOS in return, what type of federal judges and SCOTUS appointments Hillary would make…..

    FWIW, there are pictures on the worldwideinterwebs that claim to show that Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump had plastic surgery too. Who cares.

  • Hillary's Diapers

    08/20/2016 4:50:18 AM PDT · 61 of 64
    MD Expat in PA to Daffynition
    Not *always* failsafe

    You do know that image is a photo shop right?

    Here is the real one that was taken in 1996.

  • Leaked document from major polling organization tells a different story: Donald is killing it!

    08/20/2016 4:21:30 AM PDT · 45 of 77
    MD Expat in PA to BookmanTheJanitor
    I was speaking about the street address listed on the PPP memo. 3020 Highwoods Blvd. in Raleigh in the address for a business called Workplace Options which is an “employee well-being provide” (whatever that is).

    The actual address for PPP is 2912 Highwoods Blvd., Suite 201 Raleigh, NC 27604 - the one on this "memo" is 3020 Highwoods Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604 which is the address for Workplace Options. It appears they offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's).

  • Leaked document from major polling organization tells a different story: Donald is killing it!

    08/20/2016 4:12:25 AM PDT · 43 of 77
    MD Expat in PA to
    This alleged secret memo was posted on by RealTrueNews which is neither, real, true or news.

    RealTrueNews is clearly a satire site at best, and most likely a misinformation liberal site created to in an attempt to make parody and try to make conservatives look stupid.

  • Handling an employment issue (Vanity)

    08/19/2016 3:38:01 PM PDT · 53 of 55
    MD Expat in PA to ConservativeMind
    You mean that unemployment won’t side with the employer, or employee?

    In my experience unemployment more often than not sides with the employee over the employer.

    I have been involved in some cases were the employee was let go for cause, not for “performance” but for misconduct or things like not showing up for work (no call/no show), repeated instances of tardiness and unless we had a long list of documentation including progressive disciplinary records, documentation that they had received a copy of the specific SOP or policy or the EE handbook with their signature on it, more often than not unemployment would side with the employee, saying that we hadn’t proved our case.

    We could have an employee who was a total screw up at work - very poor performance, low quality work, repeatedly written up for not following SOP’s or procedures or company policies and even being confrontational or hostile to their manager or co-workers (short of a physical assault) and we typically didn’t even bother contesting their unemployment claim. Some employers are more aggressive in contesting claims but we felt it wasn’t worth our time and effort unless we were very confident that we would win.

    One of the few times we won an unemployment appeal was in the case of an employee who was sent for and failed a drug and alcohol test under reasonable suspicion (he was disoriented, slurring his words and his manager and a co-worker smelled alcohol on his breath). We sent him to our EAP and he had to enter outpatient treatment before and as a condition of returning to work. He completed six weeks of counseling and weekly drug and alcohol tests and returned and a week later he nearly electrocuted himself by bypassing a safety on the machine he was working on and failed yet another drug and alcohol test at the hospital.

  • Handling an employment issue (Vanity)

    08/19/2016 3:04:30 PM PDT · 47 of 55
    MD Expat in PA to ConservativeMind
    I have someone close to me who was let go from her job for reasons that were not valid (for what was given as that reason). She is in an At Will state. Her manager has been bullying her for quite a while, but she hadn't contacted HR.

    It depends on what she means by “bullying her”. There is no law preventing a manager from being an obnoxious a-hole or just being “a mean SOB”. It would be a different matter however, if there were threats of physical violence, sexual harassment, if the manager was openly violating company policy or the law or telling her she had to or that she had cover for his or her misdeeds and threatening her with retaliation, etc. But just being a “bully”? There is really not enough information to go on to say one way or another.

    If she had concerns that she was somehow being singled out for mistreatment (particularly if it was based on her gender, age, race, etc.), being written up for things she shouldn’t have been, i.e. petty reasons and that which were not applied equally to others or that her performance reviews were unfair/inaccurate, then IMO she should have taken it up with HR.

    Yes, I know, there are quite a few here who are saying that HR is the Devil Incarnate and perhaps that’s their own experience and perspective, but that’s not the way HR works at all companies. If anything having a sit down with HR (along with her manager and perhaps that manager’s manager) would probably mean her complaints and their responses were going to be put in writing. For better or for worse, at least she’d have written documentation.

    I know that in all the years I’ve been in HR (although most of my roles have been more on the PR, HRIS admin and benefits side), I’ve also been a manager, but an employee bringing a complaint to HR at just about any company of any size that I’ve worked for, would be documented by a “record of conversation” with all the participants given an opportunity to read and add additional comments if there were disagreements as to the facts – it would be signed by everyone participating and the employee would be given a copy with the original going in their file. That’s not to say however, that’s how all companies operate.

    She has a log of contacting other management with her concerns over the past months.

    That really doesn’t help her unless there was written documentation as to those conversations. Just going to other management (or for that matter co-workers) and saying “my boss is mean to me” or “bullying me”, “treats me unfairly”, even if she has a “log” with dates and times and who she spoke to, it doesn’t mean much unless those she spoke to are willing to corroborate those conversations. And I would also point out that it seems that contacting “other management” didn’t seem to help the situation.

    And it would IMO make a difference who those other managers were. Going to a different manager not higher up in her manager’s chain of command probably wouldn’t hold as much weight as going through the channels that are typically outlined in an Employee Handbook as to how to make a complaint – although not always the case it usually goes something like – discuss with your manager > if no resolution, go to the manager’s manager > if no resolution, request a meeting with an HR rep and so on, some even allow and encourage unresolved issues be brought to the attention of a President or VP. Some larger companies even have a hotline to call at the corporate headquarters, my last employer did.

    Should she contact HR now, an attorney, or let it go?

    Again, not enough information to say. Since she was already terminated, I very much doubt HR will discuss the matter with her now and in fact they would be stupid to do so now.

    “At Will” means just that. The employer can let you go for pretty much any reason they want, even something as vague as “being a poor fit” or “being difficult to work with”, as long as it wasn’t based on reasons that would fall under “discrimination”.

    If she goes to an attorney she needs to be aware whether or not she will be billed for a consultation and at what rate, whether it is on a contingency, etc. and she should not enter an attorney/client agreement without understanding those, but she needs to be aware that it could be difficult to prove and may not be worth her time and effort or possible expense. And if she opts to go that route, she also doesn’t what hire “My Cousin Vinny” or the guy who handles car accidents – she would want to hire an attorney or firm specializing in labor law.

    IMO, she should file for unemployment which will not be denied unless the employer claims she was terminated for “Gross Misconduct” or falsely claims she quit, in which case she can appeal, and trust me, unemployment more often than not will side with the employee unless there is extensive documentation from the employer. Next she should update her resume and start looking for a new and better job.

    Although she may not see it now, this actually could be a blessing.

  • Manufacturing a Trump loss

    08/19/2016 5:24:32 AM PDT · 21 of 51
    MD Expat in PA to irishMN
    Check out the polls at at least as of yesterday Trump had 70+%, Hillary had a paltry 8 or so depending on which poll you look at.

    FWIW, is a fake site.

  • Breaking! US Swimmers can leave Brazil on one condition

    08/18/2016 6:33:10 AM PDT · 51 of 60
    MD Expat in PA to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain
    Wow. If they lied, why??? That is stupid.

    FWIW, I am not saying that they lied about being robbed, but there appears to be multiple inconsistencies in their accounts of what happened that need to be cleared up.

  • Every Joke from ‘Airplane!’ Ranked

    08/18/2016 6:16:43 AM PDT · 71 of 84
    MD Expat in PA to MarchonDC09122009
    Side by side highlight comparison of Airplane versus Zero Hour, the parody film was based on.

    That was brilliant and well done. Thanks for posting it.

  • Breaking! US Swimmers can leave Brazil on one condition

    08/18/2016 5:55:45 AM PDT · 44 of 60
    MD Expat in PA to BlackFemaleArmyCaptain
    The problem is that Lochte and team mates Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen have given conflicting accounts of what happened.

    For instance, Lochte now says the taxi wasn't pulled over by men with a badge, but that they were robbed after stopping at a gas station, NBC reported. Lochte also now says the assailant pointed a gun at him rather than putting it to his head. They also changed their story from several men (4 or 5) with guns to a single robber with a gun.

    The robbery was also not reported to the police nor to the United States Olympic Committee, claiming they were too afraid to report it because they thought they would get in “trouble”. (In trouble for what? One wouldn’t get in trouble for simply reporting a robbery unless there was something more involved); the police only became aware of it via media reports after Lochte and his mother (who was not there) gave media interviews which led to them to being officially questioned, but then later changing parts of their stories in subsequent media reports.

    And the police have been as yet unable to identify the cab driver and are asking him to come forward. And if I understand correctly, the swimmers have also given conflicting accounts of what time the robbery took place and what time they left the club and what time they arrived back at the Olympic Village - 4 AM vs 7 AM (claiming they were too drunk to remember all the details). And it has been claimed that the surveillance video from the gas station does not show the men having been there anytime on Sunday.

    Then there is the video footage of them returning to the Olympic Village after the alleged robbery, looking very relaxed and smiling, joking around and going through security with what “appears” to be their wallets and cell phones and wrist watches.

    Not sure as to why the conflicting accounts but something doesn’t seem right about it. That’s not to say they were not robbed but I question as to why and under what circumstances. A drug deal gone wrong or an attempt to pick up a hooker gone wrong?

    Not to defend the Rio police or say that Rio isn’t a violent and dangerous city where armed robberies are common and some of the police and officials corrupt, but the authorities are likely on good legal grounds to detain them for further questioning and getting the matter cleared up.

    If they lied to the police and gave false statements about what actually happened or if they lied and the robbery didn’t happen at all, they could find themselves in some deep water (pun intended).

  • Every Joke from ‘Airplane!’ Ranked

    08/18/2016 4:13:38 AM PDT · 61 of 84
    MD Expat in PA to rlmorel

    If you want to see the movie that inspired Airplane!, watch Zero Hour.!

  • What are we to makes of Snopes?

    08/16/2016 4:44:25 AM PDT · 52 of 58
    MD Expat in PA to Shimmer1 is better.


    “ is an excellent site that has become an authoritative source for information about urban legends and forwarded emails. We regard David and Barbara Mikkelson, the founders and operators of, as colleagues and professional researchers who have earned a good reputation for what they do.”

  • What are we to makes of Snopes?

    08/16/2016 4:40:10 AM PDT · 50 of 58
    MD Expat in PA to MrChips; 1rudeboy
    Snopes is an excellent resource. Especially for debunking internet hoaxes, as noted above. As for political bias? One would think FReepers would be in tune to it, and any enterprising fellow, FReeper or not, would make a good killing debunking Snopes. So far, nothing. That’s an indication.

    I agree to some extent. Snopes is far from perfect and a liberal bias in some (well a lot) of their editorial content related to politics is evident, but they do a good job of debunking internet hoaxes and exposing fake news sites. I don’t use them as a sole or primary source but as a way of further researching a story that appears to be a hoax or greatly exaggerated or coming from dubious sources.

    Here is a link to the Snopes article on Seth Rich.

    To be honest, the conspiracy theories regarding Rich’s death never passed my smell meter even before I read the Snopes article. For one thing, contrary to what / Sorcha Faal claimed, Rich was hardly a "top" DNC "official". / Sorcha Faal is so outrageous and wacky that even other wacky conspiracy leaning sites like Before It's News and Above Top Secret have disavowed him and questioned his credibility.

    Just for some balance, here are some Snopes articles that have debunked rumors or false news stories related to Trump.

    If Snopes was totally in the bag for and only propagating liberal disinformation, why would they debunk false rumors and fake stories about Trump?

  • The Meat You Eat is HALAL but The USDA Won’t Label It

    08/15/2016 1:25:55 PM PDT · 60 of 61
    MD Expat in PA to bushwon; publius911; HomerBohn
    I watched the video...One of the most disturbing I have seen—right up there with the ISIS beheadings...’ where is the FDA and PETA?? This is clearly animal abuse...These savage barbarians with their horrific customs need to be sent home...

    Would that also include observant Jews?

    You might be interested to know that the Kosher slaughter method (shehitah) is the essentially the same as Halal – it is forbidden to shocked or render the animal unconscious before slaughter. Oh and PETA is against both Halal and Kosher slaughtering methods, but then again they want everyone to GO VEGAN!

    (Note: Administering electric shock to an animal prior to shehitah [kosher slaughtering] is prohibited, because it incapacitates the animal and renders it a trefah [animal unfit to eat]. It is forbidden to eat the meat of such an animal. The prohibition extends, as well, to administering an anesthetic, in the form of a drug and the like, since it may endanger the health and life of the animal and render it trefah prior to shehitah.)

    I am totally befuddled by this thread. I feel I'm in the twilight zone. If a voodoo doctor waved his hands over the food, does it make it less wholesome, does it make it unsafe to eat? Are potential pathogens increased or decreased? What is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's charge? Their Job? Is their job modified in any way by religious non-physical intervention? of the physical state of the food? What is the brouhaha about?

    The USDA does have rules regarding humane slaughter methods but exempts methods as proscribed by religious customs, both Kosher and others including Halal.

    §1902. Humane methods

    No method of slaughtering or handling in connection with slaughtering shall be deemed to comply with the public policy of the United States unless it is humane. Either of the following two methods of slaughtering and handling are hereby found to be humane:

    (a) in the case of cattle, calves, horses, mules, sheep, swine, and other livestock, all animals are rendered insensible to pain by a single blow or gunshot or an electrical, chemical or other means that is rapid and effective, before being shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut; or

    (b) by slaughtering in accordance with the ritual requirements of the Jewish faith or any other religious faith that prescribes a method of slaughter whereby the animal suffers loss of consciousness by anemia of the brain caused by the simultaneous and instantaneous severance of the carotid arteries with a sharp instrument and handling in connection with such slaughtering.

    Neither the FDA nor the USDA certifies whether a food product is Kosher or Halal. What the USDA does say is that if it is labeled as such, it must be, for Kosher “prepared under rabbinical supervision” and if Halal “must be handled according to Islamic law and under Islamic authority” but the USDA does not regulate those entities providing the religious certifications. If the question is if the animal is slaughtered using method (b) does have to be labeled as such? It would seem the answer is no. As long as other USDA requirements are met, it would be up to the food processor, slaughter house to obtain a Kosher or Halal certification from a religious org providing such. If I am not mistaken there are several rabbinical orgs that issue Kosher certifications.

    For instance:

    “The United States government is not involved in religious matters, which is why agencies such as the USDA do not certify halal or kosher foods. That must be done by religious authorities or those they sanction. USDA does inform exporters of other countries’ import standards and directs exporters to U.S. halal certifiers approved by destination countries. ISWA is among those internationally recognized halal certifiers.”

    If a label bears a Halal or Kosher statement, does FSIS have to monitor the production of the product to observe ritual slaughter of animals?

    No, the acceptability of the ritual used is the responsibility of the religious organization. How they verify the acceptability is up to the organization. FSIS inspection personnel may verify that the label is not falsified by verifying that the appropriate religious organization was contacted.,-does-fsis-have-to-monitor-the

    In other words, all the USDA cares about is if the food product is labeled as Kosher or Halal is that it was certified by "the appropriate religious organization".

  • Marine who was court-martialed after putting up Bible verse at her desk loses 1st Amendment appeal

    08/12/2016 11:36:13 AM PDT · 106 of 119
    MD Expat in PA to Libloather; lee martell; TexasGator; jazusamo; FewsOrange; napscoordinator; PJammers
    It’s quite obvious this marine had insubordination issues. Her behavior had become a distraction to the unit. She was dealt with properly.

    She had a history of insubordination; refusal to obey orders including refusing to report for duty as assigned* and refusal to wear a proper uniform while on duty as ordered (allegedly over a back injury that she claimed making her wear a C (Charlie) uniform too uncomfortable, that she had a chit exempting her from wearing one but the chit didn’t make any such an exception and this was confirmed by the medical officer) and on numerous occasions she showed open disrespect and hostility toward her commanding officers and toward her fellow Marines which caused a breakdown of military order and morale, so the court martial was over more than the posting of the Bible verses on the computer workstation - BTW in 3 different places and on a workstation that she shared with other Marines.

    And the verse she posted was “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” except she changed it to “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” and by her own admission during her court martial, was something she posted because she thought people were picking on her. Sterling told military officials that the posted passage helped her summon patience when dealing with short-tempered Marines who were frustrated with their CAC problems (her desk job was handling complaints from other Marines experiencing issues with their Common Access Cards). It was deemed to be more of an expression of hostility rather than an expression of religious faith. Furthermore, when her CO ordered her to remove the signs she refused, and when he took them down, she put them back up, but she did not go through proper channels (up the chain of command) for objecting to the CO’s order – she simply refused to obey them.

    Here is the court martial doc:

    * Failing to go to an appointed pace of duty is a general intent crime. Therefore, any mistake of fact must be both honest and reasonable While the appellant may have offered some evidence at trial that she honestly believed that DE A’s recommended limitations exempted her from standing duty, the evidence indicating that this belief was unreasonable was substantial. To begin with, the plain language of DE A makes it clear that the limitations are “recommendations.” While we recognize that medically-recommended duty limitations are routinely adopted by commanders, there is no evidence in the record to support a reasonable belief that these recommendations were “orders.” Moreover, the appellant conceded that her inability to stand duty would have been caused by her taking a medication as a proactive measure to prevent the onset of migraines. The appellant introduced evidence that the medication could produce side effects including dizziness, drowsiness, “alert issues,” and numbness in hands, feet, and tongue, and was therefore prescribed to be taken at night. However, while admitting that she normally took the medication as prescribed, the appellant insisted that she had to take the medication hours earlier on 15 September 2013 because she would be attending church services, which she believed could trigger a migraine. Therefore, because she planned to take the medication by the time her appointed duty would have commenced, she concluded that she could not report to her appointed place of duty.

    So she admitted to not taking her migraine medication as proscribed and used that as an excuse not to report to duty as ordered.

    She had no grounds to appeal the other refusal to obey orders charges on which she was convicted so she played the “Persecuted Christian Card” over the Bible (or more accurately the “Don’t Pick On Me”) verse. I’m guessing that her CO was perhaps Black so she couldn’t pull the “Black Card”.

    She was simply not Marine Corps material and it was IMO a good thing that she got booted. But with her attitude problems, she may well have a future working at the DMV. Have fun renewing your driver’s license or registration.

  • Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Being Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S

    08/12/2016 9:50:17 AM PDT · 104 of 138
    MD Expat in PA to Bratch; lastchance; massmike

    Few will take note that it is a fake/hoax article. And I bet it gets re-posted at least twice in the next week. : )

  • Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview

    08/12/2016 5:29:46 AM PDT · 115 of 117
    MD Expat in PA to bjcoop
    HR is brutal when it comes to setting salaries for people. What are their qualifications to know about market rate salaries etc? Many of them come from labor and employment relations majors and are trying to use their position to right grievances regardless of qualifications blind to race etc.

    I cannot speak for ALL HR people or for what goes on at ALL companies but at my last job I was asked to take over the “salary administration” role, in addition to my role as PR and HRIS manager. I have a background in both HR and in Benefits administration and prior to that in corporate accounting, so I’m more of a number cruncher type, a very analytical type, sort of a geek in that respect.

    For me it had nothing to do with righting grievances or ignoring qualifications but it was blind to race, age, gender. The job description, the qualifications and experience, educational level, etc. in the written job description was what dictated the salary range and either the applicants met the requirements of the job description or they didn’t. I actually found that new part of my job quite interesting and challenging and FWIW I did a very good job in that role.

    Setting market rates for jobs, while not always an exact science, does rely on hard data. I had subscriptions to 3 different job/salary range databases, two of which were geared toward manufacturing. And I could, if necessary also use an outside consultant to determine the market rate for a new position if I couldn’t find a comparable in any of my databases and could also use my membership in SHRM for additional research. When grading a new job, I often used multiple sources and then averaged them out to come up with a reasonable salary grade.

    All job titles were tied to a job description and in turn, each job title was assigned to a salary range based on the most current market data based on the job description. And every two years or so we re-evaluated them and upgraded or downgraded ranges if necessary. Hourly positions both in admin and in manufacturing jobs were tied to local market rates as recruiting was local. But for some positions; upper management, executive and for higher level engineering and scientific positions, the salary range might reflect a broader and a higher range given that we may have to recruit on a national basis which may also factor in re-location expenses and industry norms for bonuses.

    I had some hiring managers who would submit to me, a new job description for a new position which I would have to review and approve, i.e. making sure the job description included all the necessary components and met our template and format for consistency and that the job title and the job description matched and made sense before assigning it to a salary range and before passing it on to the recruitment team.

    So for instance if a new job title was Manufacturing Process Engineer I but in the newly written job description, the requirements as to years of experience and education levels was equal to or more than the existing job title and the existing job description for a Manufacturing Process Engineer II, I’d reject it and work with the manager to either re-write the new job description or get them to consider that what they actually needed and were looking for was a Manufacturing Process Engineer II. Or perhaps even look at and re-evaluate the Manufacturing Process Engineer II salary grade if it was out of date.

    I also recall a job description that was submitted to me by a manger for salary grading for a Polymer Plastics Chemist. The job description as written by the manager required 10+ years of experience and a PhD as opposed to a BS and a big laundry list of achievements including holding patents for new polymer plastics formulations. When I gave the manager the commensurate salary range based on the job description he wrote and based on both local and national market data, he freaked out and said he only wanted to pay a salary at half that range because he had a budget.

    I had to tell him, (and also after consulting with the HR Director and with our outside recruiting firm for those types of specialized positions), that he’d either have to find more room in his budget or he’d have to re-write the job description and lower his expectations because it would be a waste of everyone’s time - HR’s time, the recruiter’s time and the applicant’s time, to try to recruit someone with that level of experience and with a PhD, but only offer half of what the market said that job paid.

    FWIW, we also had some hiring managers who would interview and vette qualified pre-screened applicant after applicant after applicant, sometimes having them come in for multiple interviews, sometimes for higher level positions, flying them in and putting them up in a hotel at our expense, but would then drag their feet on making a hiring decision. Then they’d come back to HR to ask us to make a job offer to a candidate that had interviewed with us 3-6 months earlier and the manager was somehow amazed and perplexed that the applicant was no longer interested or available and had already accepted another position elsewhere, but then tried to blame HR for not being able to fill the position.

    So yes, HR is always at fault and they (we) are always the bad guys or gals / s

  • Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview

    08/12/2016 2:25:19 AM PDT · 113 of 117
    MD Expat in PA to antidisestablishment
    Interesting reply. I have heard some of these restrictions, but your response is the most detailed I’ve seen. I’m just bookmarking it with my reply since I’m going back into the market soon and am getting toward that “grey” zone. Lol

    Yea, me too re: “that “grey” zone”. I’m over 50 and have been out of work since March. Some say that 50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50 but I can tell you, not so much in the current job market.

    But it is good to know your rights. There are some employers who still ask illegal job application or job interview questions or try to skirt them by ask them rather stealthily.

    FWIW there are some excellent resources on the web for writing resumes and some that even step you through the most typical interview questions including those that are way out of the box and how and to or how not to respond to them.

    If you have a spouse, or a friend or a relative willing to help, ask them to go on line and find interview questions, the tougher and more unusual the better, and then have them practice with you; with them playing the part of interviewer and you as the interviewee. It will make you more comfortable with the interview process especially if you’ve not been through it for a while.

    FWIW, I’ve been a hiring manager and I hated interviewing people for a job more so than I hated being interviewed for one myself.

    As a hiring manager I usually just wanted to know and would ask questions directly and only applicable and related to their ability to do the job and on their past experience, but sometimes the HR folks (and I have a background in HR but also mostly in PR and accounting and no, not ALL of us HR folks are crazy libs) would suggest me asking BS questions like: “If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick only three people to be stranded with, what skills and personality traits do you have that you could add to the team’s survival and what skills and personality traits would you most value among those three with whom you were stranded with and how would you deal with those with whom you disagreed.”

    My response to the HR manager who suggested this IMO very stupid question as an interview question was, “Well in a true “Lord Of The Flies” scenario, I would probably be looking for those who could make fire, build shelters and kill animals for food and those willing to kill off the very weakest and useless among us, those with no real life skills, you know like people with HR degrees.”

    Fortunately, the HR manager and I were friends and on good terms and she even admitted that it was a stupid question.

  • Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview

    08/11/2016 2:14:05 PM PDT · 112 of 117
    MD Expat in PA to E. Pluribus Unum
    You don’t have to tell the truth. There is no way they can check. It’s highly unlikely they will contact your current employer and ask, and equally unlikely that your current employer would tell them if they did.

    At my last job I responded to all job verification requests for current and former employees.

    Under our policy and on advice of our legal counsel all we would confirm for job verifications was their date of hire, their last day of work and their last job title. We would not respond to any questions such as if they left voluntarily or if they were terminated or for what reason they were let go, nor anything regarding as to their performance, their attendance or disciplinary records, safety records, performance review records or whether or not we would consider rehiring them or anything regarding their previous salary or earnings or their bonuses.

    And we would not release even that information absent a signed release from the previous employee authorizing us to release even that info. The only exception as to releasing previous earnings history was for mortgage applications and only if on an official HUD form, but again, that also had to be accompanied by a signed release by the previous employee. And we never verbally responded to any phone requests. All requests had to be made in writing and sent either via mail or fax.

  • Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview

    08/11/2016 1:52:32 PM PDT · 110 of 117
    MD Expat in PA to wbill
    And the one exception was a HR girl who was brand new and had an irrational compulsion to fill out every check box and blank space on the form that was in front of her. ("No, I'm not going to give you my Social Security Number before I even interview here.") HR VP came in on our conversation and set things straight.

    FWIW, it is illegal to ask an applicant for or require an SSN on the job application. It is also illegal to ask for on a job application or during an interview process for their age or DOB (although you can ask if they are at least 18 years old) or for their marital status, whether they have or plan to have children, if female if they are now pregnant or plan to become pregnant, among other things like their religion or ethnicity and whether they own or rent their home. You can ask on the application if the applicant is eligible to work in the US but you cannot ask for proof of citizenship or for their legal work authorization documentation prior to employment, i.e. the I-9 form which can only be completed on the first day of work and no later than the third day of employment and likewise with E-Verify.

    State law determines whether you may question applicants about their criminal records. Some states have adopted “ban the box” laws, which prohibit employers from including a question on application forms about criminal records. Some states prohibit employers from asking about arrests that didn’t lead to convictions or expunged records. Some states allow employers to consider only certain criminal convictions in making job decisions. But where you are allowed to ask on the job application about felony criminal convictions, providing false information on the application and as proved in a background check is reason not to hire, to rescind a job offer or to terminate as soon as known.

    Only after a job offer has been made in writing, can the employer ask for an SSN and DOB or a driver’s license (but only if driving is an integral part of the job such as driving a company vehicle or driving their personal vehicle as a regular part of their job – most typically for outside sales people), and only on a form separate from the job application and only if it is for the purpose of performing a background check. In which case, the person to whom the job offer has been made, signs a release for the background check to be performed and has to be provided with a document (sometimes a Consumer Credit Protection statement even if they are not doing an actual consumer credit check) that informs the person of their legal rights to dispute should their offer be rescinded based on a background check where the applicant to whom the job offer has been made disputes any incorrect information on the background check or cases where some information like prior employer or education was not able to be confirmed or a negative credit rating that is in dispute.

    At my last job we had, on advise from our legal counsel, a policy of destroying background check reports after the 1st 90 days of employment.

    An interesting tidbit.

    Some applicants object to filling out a job application if they have already submitted their resume, stating that “my resume already has all that information on it”. But on a job application, there is typically a statement just above the signature line stating something like, “I certify that all answers and statements on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that, should this application contain any false or misleading information, my application may be rejected or my employment with this company terminated.” Since a resume has no such statement, absent a job application with the signed statement, an employer may not be able to rescind a job offer or terminate an employee for providing false information as to prior employment and or education or criminal background.

  • Muslim Flight Attendant Who Wouldn't Serve Booze Sues

    08/11/2016 11:31:40 AM PDT · 43 of 46
    MD Expat in PA to simpson96; Little Pig
    She wasn’t muslim when she took the job. She converted after the fact, and learned of the alcohol prohibition even later.

    If that is true that the airline granted her request not to serve alcohol under a “religious accommodation” and continued to allow it for two years as some sources are saying, then the airline could be found in the wrong for firing her based on a single co-worker’s complaint. Unless of course the co-worker’s complaint and the Muslim woman’s work performance had more to do with her termination than her not serving alcohol...

    Employers are “supposed” to grant “reasonable” religious accommodations unless it causes an undue hardship on business operations or an undue economic cost.

    I worked for a pharmaceutical company in Baltimore and we had a woman working in IT who was an Orthodox Jew. She was granted a religious accommodation that allowed her to work a modified work schedule; she worked longer hours Monday through Thursday so she could leave early on Friday afternoons in order to get home before sundown especially during the winter months. She also was exempted from working on Saturdays (and IT sometimes did maintenance during weekends, but she would work on Sunday’s if asked or required) and she was allowed to take off work on Jewish holidays (although she IIRC had the option of taking Jewish holidays off using her PTO or opt not be paid). But in that case her religious accommodation request was made when she applied for the job and she didn’t refuse to perform any of the integral functions of her job, just an accommodation as to her working hours.

    The potential problem here as I see it, and of course saying this without more information, is that if the airline granted the exemption and then rescinded it, they may not be in a good position legally. They probably should have not have granted or fought the accommodation request in the first place IMO, sounds like it was not well thought out.

    Here are two stories that as someone working in HR/PR I found interesting and demonstrates the wide range of religious accommodation requests employers can face. In the first one the EEOC and jury ruled in favor of the employee and awarded him a half million (which personally I found ridiculous). I couldn’t find the disposition of the second case that IMO, the man should have been allowed not to wear the offending 666 sticker or let him write a “smiley face” on it or “+665”. I will also mention that in both cases the accommodations didn’t have to do with refusing to perform integral job functions although in the biometric time clock case, as a PR manager I can say it would cause additional work and would be a PITA to have a single employee (or anyone just wanting to be a PITA) to refuse to use the timeclock and submit paper time sheets.

    Religious Objections to Biometric Scanning: Jury Verdict for Employee Is a Cautionary Tale for Employers

    Would You Fire Someone For Refusing To Wear A "666" Sticker?

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this article by Eugene Volokh but am posting it as it mentions this FA, along with other cases.

    When does your religion legally excuse you from doing part of your job?

  • Is Hillary Clinton DYING? Leak exposes medical secret

    08/10/2016 12:16:28 PM PDT · 156 of 157
    MD Expat in PA to little jeremiah
    “And lastly, the “I advised her to travel with a medical team” does not sound like something any doctor would write in someone’s medical record.”

    If the person was Hitlery Clinton, a doctor might advise that.

    Sorry. That just doesn’t pass the smell test. No doctor IMO would ever write something so vague in a patient’s medical record no matter who the patient was. What sort of “medical team”? What sort of medical personnel? If travel was really an issue and a concern any doctor of any salt would suggest not traveling.

    As I said up thread, the document looks nothing like what a doctor would write and submit to a patient’s - any patient’s medical record. Note that lack of specifics as to medications and their dosages, note the absence of any vital signs taken at the time of the appointment.

    Y’all have been punk’d. By whom and why remains a question.

  • Olympic Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky Prays “The Hail Mary” Before Every Race

    08/10/2016 7:58:26 AM PDT · 200 of 345
    MD Expat in PA to Elsie; Hot Tabasco; NYer
    Re post #185 - Really Elsie? You are comparing Katie Ledecky to the Hamas terrorist suicide bomber Reem al Riyashi? That’s really low and a cheap shot, even for you.

    What a perfect way to destroy a wonderful thread.........You ever wonder why people such as me who believe in a God refuse to attach themselves to any religious affiliation?

    Yep. Not only that but it probably drives some to become non-believers.

    To put a better and hopefully an end to this tread, here is Katie receiving her 2nd Gold Metal and singing the words to our National Anthem.

    Ledecky receives her second gold medal of the Rio Games

  • Is Hillary Clinton DYING? Leak exposes medical secret

    08/10/2016 2:52:34 AM PDT · 145 of 157
    MD Expat in PA to SteveO87
    I am a physician and I can’t remember ever putting the patient’s SS# on their medical chart. Usually they are just identified by birthdate or medical record/account number. i think this is a fake.

    From my understanding of HIPAA, it could be a violation to have a full SSN on a printed document like that. SSN’s are still used in electronic recordkeeping databases and for coordination of claims submissions to insurance companies (and FWIU, under HIPAA a patient has the right to refuse providing their SSN to a medical provider) but a full SSN is restricted to only those with a need to know basis, i.e. the billing department and at most would display as xxx-xx-1234, only the last 4 digits being visible or printable. Because of concerns over confidentiality and of identity theft, HHS/HIPAA has been pushing for the elimination of using SSN’s as identifiers on medical records.

    But aside from the SSN question, I also find it not credible as a real office visit note for several other reasons and as you are a physician, perhaps you could weigh in.

    It notes current medications but only in vague terms – not the actual name of any of the medications nor their present dosages. Likewise, it mentions increasing dosages of “anti-depressants” and “anti-anxiety medications” but again, does not name the medications specifically nor what the dosage were increased to.

    Next someone with the conditions mentioned, particularly Subcortical Vascular Dementia would be treated by a neurologist not an internist. An internist may treat other issues and conditions but I would think, would coordinate care and would likely consult with her neurologist (who would I think also be named in the office visit note) before changing medications especially if the patient’s chief complaint was “dizziness, fatigue, “mini-seizures” and memory loss.

    Finally, the records make no mention of her vital signs – BP, heart rate, temperature, weight, etc. which are always part of every visit and even a routine or follow up office visit and would be if I am not mistaken, always be noted. A doctor would also note their general observations of the patient – was she alert, what was the doctor’s overall impression of the patient’s physical appearance and demeanor.

    And lastly, the “I advised her to travel with a medical team” does not sound like something any doctor would write in someone’s medical record.

    Just for purposes of illustrating and providing some examples of what doctor visit notes should actually contain:

    Sample Outpatient Notes

  • Anyone else getting weird call from MapSupport?


    08/09/2016 10:51:34 AM PDT · 114 of 173
    MD Expat in PA to Covenantor
    That is one sour, nasty looking harridan holding the letter up. Must be the Human Resource manager who has to take crap from every single Dr. in the group.

    Link to story from where the photo originates.

  • Is This Hillary Clinton’s “Medical Handler”? – Dr. Oladotun A Okunola M.D.?…

    08/09/2016 4:10:35 AM PDT · 270 of 407
    MD Expat in PA to cynwoody; Enchante
    If I'm trying to destroy Hillary by posting her medical records, why would I bother to cover up her SSN? On the other hand, if I'm just making up her medical records, my lack of knowledge of her SSN is a problem, right? So, being a good citizen, I redact it. Wasn't that considerate of me?

    It doesn’t ring true to me, and I have seen a lot of medical documents. I am suspicious that it is not a legitimate document.

    It does not look legitimate to me either, the wording and the terminology is not something I would expect a doctor to write. I would also add that putting an SSN on a document like that would likely be a HIPPA violation.

    It is true that many medical insurers still use SSN’s as unique identifiers. HIPPA initially mandated a move away from using SSN’s but it proved problematic especially in transmission of enrollment data (EDI) between employers and insurers. But in a medical provider’s office, under HIPPA, access to a patient SSN is limited to those with a need to know basis – typically only to those involved with billing to insurance companies. It would be highly unusual if not a HIPPA violation to put an SSN on a document like that.

  • New Bill Will Make Drinking Coffee While Driving a Criminal Act

    08/08/2016 1:31:02 PM PDT · 95 of 99
    MD Expat in PA to IYAS9YAS
    The problem is, they already have laws on the books for that. It's called inattentive or distracted driving. There's no reason to create new laws. Cell-phones, eating, drinking, applying make-up, etc..., are all covered under distracted driving.

    I agree with you. And I also hate the idea of expanding or creating new laws. I was just pointing out that this proposed legislation doesn’t sound quite as draconian as the article makes it sound.

    But from what I understand, under most current state laws and specifically in NJ, if a police officer observes distracting driving (aside from using a cell phone where it is illegal), but he has not observed the driver driving dangerously (yet). i.e. driving erratically, drifting in and out of lanes, etc., the officer has no reason to pull them over, and unless I am wrong, the driver can only be charged/ticketed with distracted driving if there is an accident or a moving violation as a result, after the fact.

    Of course, it would be much better if people just used common sense. The problem is not people simply drinking coffee or water or soda while driving but doing things while driving that truly distracts them - texting being the biggest cause and or using their smart phones to post on social media and now, most recently playing Pokemon Go.

    Applying makeup or doing their hair (or tweezing their eyebrows) or reading a newspaper or a map or in some cases eating (eating ramen noodles with chop sticks for instance) are also stupid things to do while driving. It seems that some people are always in a hurry and are trying to multi-task while driving. The solution is to get up earlier and do those things at home and not behind the wheel of a car.

  • New Bill Will Make Drinking Coffee While Driving a Criminal Act

    08/08/2016 9:18:30 AM PDT · 93 of 99
    MD Expat in PA to CGASMIA68; Cletus.D.Yokel; IYAS9YAS; Java4Jay
    One day I was driving southbound on I-95 between White Marsh and Baltimore during rush hour (and although heavy, traffic was still going about 65 MPH) and I saw in my rear view mirror that the woman behind me was flossing her teeth. Yes. Flossing her teeth - using both hands and looking in her rear view mirror while doing so. The only reason I saw what she was doing so clearly was that she was tailgating me, and by tail gaiting, I mean pretty much riding right up on my bumper at the time.

    Another time, also on I-95 between Baltimore and DC, a guy passed me but was nearly still in my lane when he did, he came close to sideswiping me, and when I looked over he was eating what appeared to be a bowl of ramen noodles with chop sticks. And no. He was not Asian. I also saw a guy with a newspaper spread out over his steering wheel on that same stretch of I-95, merrily driving in the center lane at +65MPH while reading his newspaper.

    Not long ago I was stopped a red light and as I observed in my rear view as she nearly ran into me, the woman behind me was using tweezers to pluck her eyebrows and other facial hair like on her chin. That we were stopped was not the problem but that she kept doing so after the light turned green and we started moving was more than a bit “concerning”.

    And don’t even get me started on the people who have their faces buried in their smartphones while driving. It can wait.

    From this article:

    Wisniewski clarified that he is not hoping to crack down on drivers drinking various beverages specifically, but that putting cream in your coffee while driving or stirring it is a different story.

    That actually makes some sense and makes this sound not quite as crazy as it is perhaps made out to be.

    I have drunk coffee and soda and water while driving. But I also recall going through a drive through at a Burger King one time to get a cup of coffee on my way to work and I asked for two creams and two sweeteners and was given two of those creamer cups and several packets of sweetener along with my coffee. I pulled over and stopped while still in the parking lot in order to take the lid off my coffee cup, adding the creamer, the sweetener and stirring it and then putting the lid back on before getting on the road. Doing that while driving would have been both stupid and dangerous IMO.

    The same goes for eating while driving. It’s something I admit to having done, but I have to also admit that it is or can be a distraction – driving down the highway, reaching into a bag of McDonalds, pulling out the hamburger, trying to unwrap it while driving and without it falling apart and eating it without the grease and condiments dripping and getting all over the car and my clothes; and the French fries – not perhaps so bad unless you’re are trying to open those little ketchup packs and dipping your fries into them while driving.

    There is something to be said for “keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel”. Even a druggie like Jim Morrison seemed to know that. : )

  • Freeper help requested - opossum in the walls

    08/07/2016 12:17:18 PM PDT · 75 of 122
    MD Expat in PA to papineau
    I used to get squirrels in the attic of my old house in Baltimore. And when I say attic, it wasn’t a full attic; as it was a cottage style house it was just unfinished spaced behind the walls in the eves on the second floor. Anyway the squirrels made mess of things up there, tearing up the insulation, chewing on wires, shredding boxes of papers that we had stored and of course pooping and pi$$ing all over everything and making a terrible ruckus.

    Fortunately, my next door neighbor knew a part time professional animal trapper and all around good ole boy and redneck (and I mean that in a good way) named Lester who I affectionately nicknamed “Lester-Lester The Squirrel Molester”.

    He’d set live traps baited with peanuts covered in peanut butter and every few days come back to remove them and set new traps until the squirrels were all gone. He said he took them far out into the country near where he lived and let them go, but quite frankly I wouldn’t have cared if he was making stew and hats out of them – I just wanted them gone. : )

    I used to occasionally see a possum or two late at night in the back yard (and raccoons and foxes too). Late one night our Husky cornered a possum behind the garage and my husband said it scared the bejeezus out of both him and the dog – baring its teeth and making horrible demon possessed hissing and growling sounds. After my husband and I separated and he moved out, I saw a possum on the back patio several times but I assumed, like the neighborhood raccoons, it was just trying to get into the trash cans.

    Then just before Easter, while in the kitchen, I started smelling what I can only describe as a dumpster on a hot summer day. I checked the garbage, I checked the refrigerator and behind it, I checked the basement, I checked everywhere but couldn’t tell where the smell was coming from but it kept getting worse and worse. It got so bad that the cats wouldn’t come into the kitchen and I couldn’t bear to be in or cook in there either.

    Then I noticed the smell outside on the patio near the kitchen sliding glass door and sure enough, the plywood that covered an opening to the crawl space under the kitchen addition had been chewed through. And this “crawl space” was not really a crawl space that any human could crawl under but evidently a possum could.

    I pulled it open and shone a flashlight and way to the very back I saw a motionless pile of grey and white fur and an unimaginable stench (I’ve never smelled a rotting human corpse but can’t imagine it being much worse) and figured out it was a dead possum. So I called Lester right away, on the Saturday morning between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. He couldn’t come out right away but said he would as soon as he could and sure enough he did. That night and during a driving rain storm.

    He couldn’t of course go in and get it because the crawl space was not accessible but he used a long pole with a hook on it and did his best to drag out what was left of the decomposing critter (it came out in multiple chunks) and put the remains in a heavy contractor trash bag. Then he threw in hands full of lime as far back as he could to cover the stench. He said this was not optimal as he’d usually use an industrial strength disinfectant and then cover completely with lime, but was the best he could do but said the smell should dissipate in a day or two. I asked him how much I owned him and he said, “Well I reccon’ $50 should do it”. I gave him $100. Lester-Lester The Squirrel Molester was my hero.

    My advice would be to call a professional but if you can trap it (or them) yourself go for it but be careful. Just because it’s rare for them to have rabies, a bite could cause a serious infection. Also as to releasing them somewhere else, check on that. I may be illegal to do so in some areas – on someone else’s private property or in say a public park.

    And my next piece of advice is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Trust me. You do not want one to die behind one of your walls. You also want to if you can, try to remove any droppings and disinfect the areas where the possum has been living.

    Lastly, they are not an endangered species – just saying.

  • 9 Pieces of Obsolete Tech That Just Won't Die

    08/07/2016 6:16:53 AM PDT · 174 of 200
    MD Expat in PA to Lurkina.n.Learnin
    Are they speaking of the people that break into your home and steal your checks? How do you write a check without an account?

    It may refer to people who don’t have bank accounts and so have to receive paper paychecks, etc. as opposed to via direct deposit.

  • MEDIA LIES EXPOSED – Mother with crying baby at Trump rally: “Trump NEVER kicked me or my child out”

    08/06/2016 11:15:03 AM PDT · 45 of 49
    MD Expat in PA to kristinn; maggief; bimboeruption
    Google is your Friend...There’s PLENTY about her there.

    All pointing back to the same link-less Facebook statement.

    And all, including the article, are pointing back to the same Red Alert Politics article. I am not saying it isn’t true, but I am always a bit suspicious about some of what I would call “clickbait sites” and the sites that quote them verbatim with or without attribution or any fact checking or independent fact checking of their own.

    Here’s a Devan Cierra Ebert, but I don’t see a public statement.

    I have a FB account and could open the link but I didn’t see any such statement either. It could be that she removed it or hid it from public view or never posted it as “public” and only shared with friends, one of whom cut and pasted the text of the post and sent it to Red Alert Politics (although that doesn’t make much sense since she addressed it to Trump).

    I don’t post much on FB but when I do it is to “friends” only.

  • Restaurant Slammed With Bad Reviews After Employee Posts Anti-Trump Message

    08/06/2016 4:26:41 AM PDT · 37 of 37
    MD Expat in PA to Extremely Extreme Extremist; VanDeKoik; Gamecock
    As opposed to the business that decided to troll the public with a political agenda?

    In the restaurant’s defense, an empolyee bashed Trump on his FB page. He listed the restaurant on his page as his employer, and the trolls attacked. It’s not like the restaurant trolled Trump.

    It had nothing to do with the restaurant. They didn’t make the post nor did they make any comment on it. The post was made by an employee on his personal FB page, but then the negative comments moved from his personal page to the restaurant’s FB page and then on to Yelp with people, most likely people who had never set foot in the place live alone ever having eaten there, giving the place horrible reviews and making offensive comments, only because the employee had the restaurant listed as his employer.

    It is wrong when liberals do it but that it doesn’t make it right when others (we) do the same. It would be different if the restaurant had made the post, and it would have in that case been fair to comment on a stupid comment made by the business, but I still don’t like when people, no matter who they are for what their motivations are, create false/fake reviews.

    That is one of the reasons I don’t take much stock in Yelp or Amazon, etc. reviews and tend to ignore the way over the top negative along with the way over the top glowing reviews. But at least on Amazon the reviews are noted if they are by certified purchasers.

    And also people wonder why so many employers put social media policies in place.

    If I owned a business, rule #1 (aside from not making political or inflammatory statements on any of my business’s accounts or posting on social media while at work) would be:

    “Because we fully support the 1st Amendment and support your Constitutionally protected right to express your opinions, please do not list us as your employer on any of your social media accounts. It is not a matter of whether I as a business owner and your boss agree with you or not, but a matter that your views, while they may or may not necessarily represent the views of this business or its owners - we are simply not in the business of refuting or defending them”.

  • Is Khizr Khan Practicing Law With No License? (vanity)

    08/06/2016 4:10:34 AM PDT · 39 of 40
    MD Expat in PA to Ray76
    Who is the Khan in Henna Khan????

    I think you are reading way too much into this and wasting way too much time on it. Khan is a very common surname of people of Pakistani descent much like Patel is a very common surname of people of Indian descent.

    While I cannot say for sure, this appears to be Henna Haque, shown on page 14 of this school’s newsletter, pictured with her husband Murtaza Haque and their daughters, Rania and Amira.

    I think it’s fairly safe to assume that she took the surname Haque when she married her husband and that Khan was her maiden name. But again having that maiden surname does not mean any relationship, either a family or a professional connection with Khizr Khan.

    In my opinion (and forgive me for mixing metaphors) you are chasing down an empty rabbit hole with this and there are much bigger fish to fry.

  • Tinder men are not all they seem: Male users of the app have low self-esteem

    08/05/2016 9:24:08 AM PDT · 24 of 26
    MD Expat in PA to Mr. K
    I notice those muzzie beards are getting to be really a trend in advertising

    It’s a hipster thing. It was also perhaps, for some, made popular by these guys.

    Beards were even more popular in the mid-19th century than they are now.

  • The big Khan con

  • Is Khizr Khan Practicing Law With No License? (vanity)

    08/05/2016 2:59:58 AM PDT · 33 of 40
    MD Expat in PA to Ray76
    There is a law firm in the same New York City building, one floor away, named Khan & Yau, P.C.

    What is interesting is that there does not appear to be any Khan associated with the firm

    * Henna Haque Esq.

    Henna Haque is also known as Henna Kahn. So Haque is either her married name, i.e. she changed her legal name after she started the firm when her last name was Khan and changed to Haque when she got married or visa versa - Khan was her married name when she started the firm and she reverted back to her maiden name after a divorce.

  • Is Khizr Khan Practicing Law With No License? (vanity)

    08/05/2016 2:35:08 AM PDT · 32 of 40
    MD Expat in PA to TigerClaws
    This bio says he is a "legal consultant."

    Everipedia is not a reputable site. Anyone can create a page and add or edit information, even more so than Wikipeadia because there is no moderation, no requirement to footnote sources, no trail of who makes and when edits are made. The founders of the site refer to it as a “thugged-out Wikipedia”. It is highly doubtful that Khan created or has anything to do with that Everipedia page.

    FWIW I also got a virus warning going to that Everipedia page.

    Q: It’s a crowdsourcing platform so anyone can insert data in. How do you guys verify the legitimacy of the information?

    Mahbod: Well, one cool thing is, even though the site at this point is very big, the number of people adding information is still not that big. So at this point, we can still just manually look at everyone. For example, when you sign up for an account, after you’ve added 15 pieces of information, it stops you. You can’t use your account anymore until we go and review what you’ve done. Every day 10 or 20 people sign up and start adding stuff and we just look at all of them anyway.

    Sam: As more people join until it becomes harder to look at activities, they also become interested in monitoring the website itself. So it’s kind of like a self-perpetuating system.

  • Flooding snarls Baltimore area

    08/04/2016 4:24:42 AM PDT · 45 of 45
    MD Expat in PA to 60Gunner
    No problem and I thank you for responding and for apologizing. And I apologize to you as well. I really do not wish you or anyone else ill, especially because of a natural disaster.

    But it is one of the things here on FR that frustrates me – that some folks, those from other parts of the country would make light of such a thing happing in another part and assume that the people affected, in some way had it coming to them because they are perceived to all be liberals or must be “Amish” (another thing I get tired of hearing).

    It is akin to likening all of Washington State and all of the people living there based on Seattle, Oregon based on Portland, all of California based on LA and San Francisco, all of New York based on NYC (or parts of NYC), all of New Jersey based on Newark, all of Wisconsin based on Madison, all of Michigan based on Detroit, all of Texas based on Austin, etc.

    I live in south central PA now because of a job change and to be closer to my family who lives here now, but I grew up and spent the majority of my life in the Baltimore area and lived in Baltimore City for quite a number of years. Does Baltimore have a lot of problems – yes. Are the Democratic politicians to blame for causing and making matters worse – yes. Do they get re-elected – yes. Sad, because Baltimore is more than just the rioters of last year and is not representative of all the people of Baltimore nor of all the surrounding area nor of all of the rest of the state.

    I also knew and still know quite a number of good people, and a number of other conservative people while living there - a minority - yes - but not completely extinct. One was my neighbor who lived across the street from me at the house in NE Baltimore that I owned and were I lived for over 15 years. He started a neighborhood watch and community org. to try to keep our neighborhood safe and stable. He was very conservative and a gun owner, a hunter and fisherman, and he and his wife were terrific people - the type of people who would not hesitate to help a neighbor in need or look out for several of our elderly neighbors. Having for a few years volunteered for the Baltimore GOP, believe it or not I even got to know a few black conservatives.

    I watched a news report on WBAL out of Baltimore which is on my cable here in York PA. One woman who was interviewed lost her business and her home (she lived over her store on Main Street in one of the buildings that has been deemed to be in danger of collapse and will have to be demolished) and her car. She said she was grateful to God that she and so many others made it out alive and as to the car? She said that after losing her business and her home, the car was an afterthought, the easiest (she hopes) to replace.

    Another woman interviewed had just gotten married and she and her husband had recently moved into an apartment on Main Street Ellicott City. They also cannot get back in because of the danger of collapse and said that all she really wanted to do was get to her papers so she could get her name changed and perhaps retrieve a few wedding gifts and a few other personal belongings that have a personal significance to her and her husband.

    And many of the small business owners - the shop keepers and restaurant owners are trying to help their employees find temporary or permanent employment elsewhere.

  • Flooding snarls Baltimore area

    08/03/2016 12:06:36 PM PDT · 43 of 45
    MD Expat in PA to Vision
    Amazing video. Demonstrates just how fast the water rose.

    Here is an interesting and frightening graphic. Over 3” of rain fell in the 1st 30 minutes.

    9-11 calls here also:

  • Hannah Ferguson admits filming Carl's Jr. ads is not sexy

    08/03/2016 8:49:00 AM PDT · 41 of 59
    MD Expat in PA to Anitius Severinus Boethius
    That’s not making the food look bad. Everyone even slightly familiar with show business knows that actors in commercials, TV shows and movies use a spit bucket for takes involving eating. Otherwise you often couldn’t finish the scenes.

    Exactly. She was not dissing the company or their burgers, it is just how food commercials are filmed. One also has to keep in mind that the food is sometimes sitting around under hot lights for hours and or may have been made to look better by using various tricks of the trade and substances that are not necessarily edible.

  • Flooding snarls Baltimore area

    07/31/2016 10:46:53 AM PDT · 23 of 45
    MD Expat in PA to thesligoduffyflynns

    I saw a report on WBAL earlier this morning that some businesses on Main Street in Ellicott City “hope” to be back open by Christmas. I hope they have good insurance but it may not be enough to cover all their losses. And there is also going to have to be many street repairs and repairs to utilities. As I understand several gas mains were ruptured in the flooding.

  • The Tyranny Of Pop Music

    07/31/2016 10:37:14 AM PDT · 102 of 107
    MD Expat in PA

    Rush-The Spirit Of Radio (Lyrics)

    Begin the day with a friendly voice
    A companion, unobtrusive
    Plays the song that’s so elusive
    And the magic music makes your morning mood

    Off on your way, hit the open road
    There is magic at your fingers
    For the spirit ever lingers
    Undemanding contact in your happy solitude

    Invisible airwaves crackle with life
    Bright antennae bristle with the energy
    Emotional feedback on timeless wavelength
    Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free

    All this machinery making modern music
    Can still be open-hearted
    Not so coldly charted it’s really just
    A question of your honesty, yeah, your honesty

    One likes to believe in the freedom of music
    But glittering prizes and endless compromises
    Shatter the illusion of integrity, yeah

    Invisible airwaves crackle with life
    Bright antennae bristle with the energy
    Emotional feedback on timeless wavelength
    Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free

    For the words of the prophets were written on the studio wall
    Concert hall
    And echoes with the sound of salesmen
    Of salesmen, of salesmen


    07/31/2016 10:05:20 AM PDT · 19 of 21
    MD Expat in PA to spintreebob
    My personal opinion: Vets like me who suffered no injury in Vietnam should not get any VA healthcare. Half of PTSD is due to alcohol and drugs and is not the fault of the military. Those who have true service connected issues should receive the benefit.

    I agree with you. VA benefits should be for service related injuries or service related illnesses only. If that were the case the VA could (and of course without the bureaucracy and corruption) afford top of the line care and treatment for injured vets. While PTDS is real in some cases, I also think some use it as an excuse not to work and to receive benefits. And some went into the military with pre-existing mental health issues and drug and alcohol problems or developed them much later in life.

    My late father was a WWII vet and used a combination of private insurance and Medicare after he turned 65.

    But he would still go to the VA once every couple of months to see a VA doctor. Why? To get his insulin and insulin needles for free at the VA. His diabetes was in no way service related but he held the opinion – “they owe me”. One day I had to correct him and let him know that I and other taxpayers were paying for his VA provided “free” insulin.

  • Trump University Vs. Big Education

    07/31/2016 9:47:45 AM PDT · 6 of 6
    MD Expat in PA to inchworm
    I just want to point out and clarify a few things in your post.

    Liberals have blasted Trump University and the marketability of its degree.

    Trump University did not offer any “degrees”. While it had in its name “university” is was not one. I’m not even sure they offered anything but a certificate of completion if even that. Completing the seminars did not give students what they would need to sit for real estate license exam for instance, nor did completion count for CEC’s (continuing education credits) for real estate agents, CPA’s, etc.

    Seems to me like TU programs, albeit unconventional, offer business programs with street smart practical value.

    Trump University did not offer “business programs”. They were seminars and they were solely focused on how to make money in real estate investing. They were really no different than those you hear advertised on TV and radio given by hosts of those popular Flipping” shows on cable.

    Some enrollees have complained about quality, cost and feelings of disenchantment.

    Those who complained, and no - not everyone complained, claimed among other things was that the initial one-day seminar was more focused on high pressure upselling tactics to get them to buy the next level of much more expensive seminars and then the next one - the 3-day one also spent a lot of time upselling the Gold Elite program. The other complaint was that the people teaching the seminars in many cases had no background in real estate, that they were not as had been promised “handpicked by Trump himself”, and some who purchased the Gold Elite program, never got to meet with their “mentors” or the information provided was either worthless or boilerplate stuff not nearly worth what was charged. The claims and complaints can perhaps be disputed IMO some of them have valid claims.

    Now lets (sp. “let’s”) compare this to big education run by liberals, and millions of students lured into programs with worthless degrees taught by Liberals with triple figure salaries to run their academic machines. Programs where students thought they would be getting high quality jobs after taking out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans leave many students poor and unemployed. How worthless are all those degrees in classical studies, sociology, philosophy, etc? Looks to me like the real widespread defrauding of our impressionable youth is occurring by big Liberal education, but they get a free pass from the press and courts -of course!!

    You make a good point. However, it is a mistake IMO to compare the Trump University real estate seminars to getting 4-year college degree or an advanced degree even if in something “worthless” as you say, like classical studies, sociology, philosophy.

    FWIW, my great niece graduated and received her BA in Education with a focus on History. She got several scholarships and grants and while she got some money in the form of student loans, she is also working a nearly full time in retail to quickly pay them off. She is currently working on getting her Masters in History. Much of the cost of that however is greatly reduced by her working at the college, a small local collage BTW, as a research assistant. She recently spent a month working in Bermuda for the National museum there, nearly all expenses paid as part of a research project focusing on early colonial sea trade.

    With her BA in Education and her Masters in History, she can qualify for and can probably get a secondary school teaching job somewhere, but what she really wants to do is work at a museum as a curator or in research (she’s already worked as a volunteer at two local museums in their archives departments in between working and going to school), and eventually get her PhD and then teach at the university level and also write history books. She is under no illusions that she will ever get rich doing this but this is her passion and she’s smart enough to have not incurred much debt along the way.

    Meanwhile her younger step brother recently graduated from a vo-tech high school – his focus was on IT, something he is passionate about. He is currently completing his IT networking certifications and just landed his first job as an entry level IT support tech for a rather large local company.

    His father graduated from HS and attended a commercial vo-tech school learning the HVAC trade and has made a very nice and high paying career as a commercial HVAC service manager and he is passionate about his work.

    My best friend’s son dropped out of college some years ago and for years worked managing a local seafood restaurant. But then he went back to school at a Catholic university, somehow managed to get some scholarships and grants and he majored in Philosophy. We both thought at the time that this was a complete waste of time. Seriously? What is he going to do with a degree in philosophy?

    He is now at Saint Mary’s Seminary training to be a Catholic Priest.

    My point is that while yes, there are some worthless degrees’, women’s studies being one I can think of off the top of my head, but there is also nothing wrong with getting a degree in classical studies, sociology, philosophy. We need more emphasis on vo-tech training but just as not everyone is suited to or benefits from going on to get 4-year degree, not everyone is suited to going into a trade. We need IT people and HVAC mechanics, skilled tradesmen, but we also need teachers, historians, writers and yes, even a few philosophers.